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Love - Leckpatrick, Camus and Donagheady Parishes

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Love - Leckpatrick, Camus and Donagheady Parishes, mainly

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Burial Information

Camus Juxta Mourne (Strabane) Parish church          
9 Jan 1837 William Love otp aged 29 buried
4 Mar 1846 Maxwell Love otp aged 12 buried


Grange Burial Ground
In Loving Memory of Elizabeth Love, who died 26 October 1939 and her husband Lindsay Love, who died 12th January 1894, both of GORTIVEA, Bready, and their only son George, who died in Canada 10th June 1935.

In affectionate remembrance of Robert Mathers Love (Bobbie), Dearly beloved child of, John James and Mary Jane Love, who died 14th Sept. 1892, and was interred here. Also, the above, John James Love, of Nursery Avenue, COLERAINE ,and formerly of TAMEYCLARE. Who died 23rd July 1917, and his wife Mary jane, who died 4th January 1919.


Erected, by Alexander Love formerly, of ALTREST now BALLYMENA, in memory of his wife, Mary Love, who died 9th Nov. 1838, aged 63 years.


In, Memory of, James Love ARDMORE, and his wife Margaret Love, and their son William James, also their daughters, Margaret HALL and Elizabe


Erected 1893, by, Alexander Love, ARDMORE, In memory of, Isabella Love, died February 4th 1863, aged 75 years, also, James Love, died July 20th 1863, aged 76 years, also the above named, Alexander Love, who died 7th March 1903 aged 78 years


Here lye, Body of Joh, (John Love?) e who depar, ted, this life Ma, h (March?) the 31 1760 aged, ?7 years also,he b, y (the body?) of Victor Love ho, parte (departed?).


In, loving memory, of, David Love, also his wife Jane, and their family, James John, Anne Jane, Victor, also their daughter in law, Catherine, and their son David, also their daughter, Isabella.


In, Loving Memory, of Victor Love, FOYLESIDE, died 1st April 1904, Aged 67 years.
Also his wife, mary MOOREHEAD, died 7th July 1919, aged 75 years, also their son, Joseph McDonnell, died Nov. 1874, aged 14 months, also Eliza DILL, wife of Victor M Love, died 19th April 1936, aged 48 years


In, Loving Memory of, Victor Love CREAGHCOR, died 16th Dec 1887, aged 76 years, also his wife Mary Jane, died 3rd Dec 1898, aged 84 years,also their son David, died in 1867 aged 9 years, and their daughter Isabella, died 30th jan 1917, aged 61 years.
Obelisk- And their daughter, Matilda Love, died 25 Dec 1923, aged 71 years, also, their eldest son, John, died 27th Dec 1918, aged 80 years


Ear lyeth the body of, Loue who departed this, life Jan 1 the year 1738, er lyeth the body of Al, an, Love who departed, is life May th 27th 1763 aged, ?2 years also the body of Da, D Love who departed th, life May 11th 1773 agd 40 ye, so the body of Jane(?) Love, vife of the R Joseph, ve who departed this, the 27th June 1783 aged.


Erected, in memory of, Robert Love, Late of ARDMORE in theis County, who died 5th of April 1869, aged 76 years


Sacred, to the memory of James Love of LONDONDERRY, who died 11 September 1852, aged 28 years, also, Elizabeth Love, who died 20th July 1847, aged 15 years


Sacred, to the memory of, Joseph Love Junr. LONDONDERRY, who died 3rd February 1865, aged 24 years. Also Emma McMorris Love, who died 30 march 1865, aged 2 months. Joseph Alexander Love, died 29th September 1869 aged 7 years



First Presbyterian church Strabane
7 May 1830 Mary, dau of John Love & his wife Rebecca Nickle, Camus bap
18 Feb 1907 Eileen Frances Margaret, dau of Robert Love & Caroline Stewart of Carricklee, bap


Second Presbyterian church Strabane
12 May 1872 Mary Jane, dau of Robert Love & Magaret McCrea, bap
14 Jul 1875 Wm John, son of above, bap

Ardstraw Presbyterian Church
1837 Joseph, son of John & Jane Love, Urney, bap
30 Jan 1842 William?, son of James & Jane Love, bap
4 Mar 1860 Elizabeth, dau of James Love & Mary nee Duncan of Ballyfolliard, bap
16 Sep 1862 Samuel, son of above bap
10 Mar 1844 Samuel, son of William Love & Margaret nee Hamilton married Mary McClintock dau of Thomas McClintock & Matilda nee Blair - Listymore


JOHN   DUNGANNON 1846 - 5-497
JOHN   STRABANE 1846 - 10-355
MARTHA   CASTLEDERG 1846 - 3-461
WILLIAM   DUNGANNON 1846 - 5-413
JANE   STRABANE 1847 - 10-321
ANNE   OMAGH 1848 - 9-407
MARGARET   OMAGH 1848 - 9-449
JAMES   CASTLEDERG 1848 - 3-469
MARY   STRABANE 1849   10-324
ROBERT   LURGAN 1849 - 7-597
WILLIAM   OMAGH 1849 - 9-522
DAVID   PARSONTOWN 1849 - 9-560
ANNABELLA   OMAGH 1850 - 9-528
FANNY   CASTLEDERG 1850 - 3-528
JAMES   DUNGANNON 1850 - 5-496
JOHN   ARMAGH 1850 - 1-318
MARGARET   OMAGH 1850 - 9-499
MARY   OMAGH 1850 - 9-428
ROBERT   OMAGH 1850 - 9-433
SUSAN   STRABANE 1850 - 10-324
ELIZA ANNE OMAGH 1851 - 9-396
HUGH   STRABANE 1851 - 10-199
JOHN   ARMAGH 1851 - 1-372
THOMAS   CASTLEDERG 1851 - 3-448
JAMES   LURGAN 1852 - 7-521
ANDREW   CASTLEDERG 1853 - 3-468
JANE   OMAGH 1853 - 9-478
MARY   STRABANE 1853 - 10-214
JAMES   OMAGH 1854 - 9-441
JOHN   ARMAGH 1854 - 1-417
MARTHA   LURGAN 1854 - 7-554
CATHERINE   ARMAGH 1855 - 1-228
MARY   OMAGH 1855 - 9-423
MARY   OMAGH 1855 - 9-446
WILLIAM   OMAGH 1855 - 9-443
SARAH   CASTLEDERG 1856 - 3-476
JOHN   STRABANE 1857 - 10-292
ELIZA   DUNGANNON 1858 - 5-583
JANE   COOKSTOWN 1859 - 4-235
MATHEW   STRABANE 1859 - 10-262
NANCY   STRABANE 1859 - 10-232
ISABELLA   STRABANE 1860 - 10-272
JOSEPH   STRABANE 1860 - 10-260
MARY JANE STRABANE 1860 - 10-316
ROBERT   STRABANE 1860 - 10-268
JANE   ARMAGH 1860 - 1-412
MARY   MAGHERAFELT 1860 - 7-682
JOSEPH   STRABANE 1861 - 10-319
MARGARET   STRABANE 1862 - 10-203
MARY   MAGHERAFELT 1863 - 7-557
JANE   STRABANE 1864 - 7-373
JOSEPH   STRABANE 1864 - 7-357
JOHN   ARMAGH 1864 - Jun-48
SARAH   CASTLEDERG 1864 - Jul-33
MARY   LONDONDERRY 1865 - 7-179
ISABELLA   ARMAGH 1865 - 16-107
JOSEPH   ARMAGH 1865 - Jan-95
MARY   MAGHERAFELT 1866 - 16-1019
ROBERT   COOKSTOWN 1868 - 16-617
JANE   MAGHERAFELT 1870 - 6-903
JANE   MAGHERAFELT 1874 - 11-871
THOMAS   ARMAGH 1876 - Jan-86


ANNIE   LURGAN 1864 -668  
MALE   MAGHERAF. 1864 -609  
DAVID   STRABANE 1864 - 17-346
ELIZA   STRABANE 1865 - 7-386
GILBERT   STRABANE 1865 - 7-390
MARY   STRABANE 1865 - 2-420
ANDREW   MAGHERAF. 1865 -790  
EMILY   COOKSTOWN 1865 -498  
ROBERT   DUNGANNON 1865 -557  
THOMAS   LURGAN 1865 -696  
WILLIAM   MAGHERAF. 1865 -736  
MALE   ARMAGH 1865 -39  
ELLEN   ARMAGH 1866 -78  
ANDREW   STRABANE 1866 - 12-345
FRANCES   LURGAN 1866 -757  
HENRY   MAGHERAF. 1866 -838  
ISABELLA   MAGHERAF. 1866 -869  
MALE   MAGHERAF. 1866 -865  
MARGARET   MAGHERAF. 1867 -778  
MARY ANN MAGHERAF. 1867 -919  
SAMUEL   LURGAN 1867 -871  
SARAH   MAGHERAF. 1867 -778  
FEMALE   OMAGH 1867 - 12-286
ANDREW   IRVINESTOWN 1868 - 17-158
ANDREW   STRABANE 1868 - 17-333
BIDDY   STRABANE 1868 - 2-391
JOSEPH   COOKSTOWN 1868 -606  
ELIZABETH   LURGAN 1868 - 11-752
JOHN   STRABANE 1868 - 2-387
MATILDA   OMAGH 1868 - 12-265
ROBERT JOHN OMAGH 1868 17 - 289  
ROBERT   LURGAN 1868 -691  
ISABELLA   OMAGH 1869 - 17-266
MATILDA   NEWTOWNLIM. 1869 - 6-1021
MALE   CASTLEDERG 1869 - Feb-25
MARY   LURGAN 1869 -764  
JOHN   COOKSTOWN 1870 -602  
MARGARET   OMAGH 1870 - 17-283
ELIZA   STRABANE 1870 - 12-348
TRIMBLE   STRABANE 1870 - 7-417
PATRICK   STRABANE 1870 - 7-402
REBECCA   STRABANE 1870 - 2-520
WILLIAM   LURGAN 1871 -739  
EMILY   ARMAGH 1872 -45  
MARY   COOKSTOWN 1872 -572  
RACHAEL   MAGHERAF. 1872 -842  



William     24 Strabane 1865     Vol. 7 page 284 Film #101633  
David     52 Strabane 1866     Vol. 7 page 250 Film #101650  
Joseph     82 Strabane 1867     Vol. 7 page 233 Film #101667  
Jane     53 Strabane 1868     Vol. 2 page 249 Film #101678  
Robert     76 Strabane 1869     Vol. 7 page 267 Film #101699  
Martha     75 Strabane 1870     Vol. 17 page 238 Film #101725  
Margaret     51 Strabane 1872     Vol 7 page 251      
Ellen     48 Strabane 1873     Vol. 12 page 207      
Andrew     70 Strabane 1874     Vol. 17 page 237      
James John   27 Strabane 1874     Vol. 7 page 262      
Joseph M’Donald   1 Strabane 1874     Vol. 17 page 238      
Sarah     90 Strabane 1874     Vol. 17 page 238      
Mary     70 Strabane 1875     Vol. 2 page 332      
Robert     60 Strabane 1877     Vol. 17 page 242      
George     78 Strabane 1879 June 01-Apr Vol. 2 page 285      
David     14 Strabane 1879 Dec.1/4   Vol. 2 page 254      
Catherine     87 Strabane 1880 Mar.1/4   Vol. 2 page 332      
Isabella     35 Strabane 1881 Sept.1/4   Vol. 2 page 211      
Ann     72 Strabane 1882 Dec. 01-Apr Vol. 2 page 248      
Joseph     0 Strabane 1882 Dec. 01-Apr Vol. 2 page 245      
William Sproule   21 Strabane 1885 Mar. 01-Apr Vol. 2 page 251      
Margaret     88 Strabane 1885 Dec. 01-Apr Vol. 2 page 220      
Elizabeth     76 Strabane 1886 June 01-Apr Vol. 2 page 260      
Andrew     18 Strabane 1886 Dec. 01-Apr Vol. 2 page 219      
Victor     76 Strabane 1887 Dec. 01-Apr Vol. 2 page 216      
Martha     78 Strabane 1888 June 01-Apr Vol. 2 page 243      
James     0 Strabane 1888 Dec. 01-Apr Vol. 2 page 206      
Peggy     67 Strabane 1890 Mar.1/4   Vol. 2 page 287      
John     81 Strabane 1892 Mar. 01-Apr Vol. 2 page 312      
Mary     65 Strabane 1892 June 01-Apr Vol. 2 page 244      
Robert Meathers   11 Strabane 1892 Dec. 01-Apr Vol. 2 page 205      
Isabella     22 Strabane 1893 Dec. 01-Apr Vol. 2 page 215      
Lindsay     43 Strabane 1894 Mar. 01-Apr Vol. 2 page 281      
Mary     83 Strabane 1895 Mar. 01-Apr Vol. 2 page 271      
Elizabeth     60 Strabane 1895 June 01-Apr Vol. 2 page 246      
Isabella     54 Strabane 1895 Sept. 01-Apr Vol. 2 page 201      
Bella Jane Gregg 2 Strabane 1897 Dec. 01-Apr Vol. 2 page 206      

Various Vitals

*14 Dec 1831 bap. John son of John LOVE & Elizabeth (farmer, Donagheady)
*24 Feb 1833 bap. John son of William LOVE & Rose (labourer, Donagheady)
*4 Oct 1835 bap Sarah Jane illegitimate dau of Joseph LOVE & Margaret GIBSON (Carpernter, Donagheady)
* 30 June 1836 John (d. 28 Mar 1896) to John LOVE (d 11 Feb 1882) & Margaret FLEMING (d 14 Nov 1884)
* 12 July 1839 Jane (died 15 Mar 1891) dau of John LOVE & Marg. FLEMING
2 Feb 1840 bap James LOVE father Andrew LOVE labourer of Clochoyle
28 Nov. 1841 James son of John LOVE & Margaret FLEMING
10 Jan 1845 Mary Ellen (d 23 Dec 1862) dau of John LOVE & Marg. FLEMING
??? 15 Dec 1864 David son of John LOVE,farmer and Eliza ROBINSON of Greystone ??? check date*****
20 Jan 1865 Mary dau of Joseph LOVE and Isabella LYNCH (Menaghill)
13 ? Apr 1865 male son to John LOVE & Rebecca ELLIOTT (Tivenny?)
20 June 1865 Elizabeth to Robert LOVE & Sarah BEGLEY (Gorticrum)
16 Aug 1866 Andrew (bap 6 Oct 1866)son of Joseph LOVE & Isabella LYNCH (Menaghill)
15 Dec 1866 David son of John LOVE & Elizabeth ROBINSON (Greystone)
4 Jan 1868 John son of Joseph LOVE & Isabella LYNCH (Menaghill)
17 Mar 1868 Biddy dau to Robert LOVE & Sarah BEGLEY (Gorticrum
22 Nov 1868 Andrew son of James LOVE & Sarah HAMILTON (Gortmessan)
28 Apr 1894 Walker Ellis son of James LOVE & Margaret ELLIS
4 Jan 1895 Marriott Joseph son of Joseph LOVE & Margaret DUNN(Cavancreagh)
18 June 1896 David Herbet son of Joseph LOVE & Margaret DUNN (Cavancreagh)
24 June 1901 Micheal son of William John LOVE & Mary DEVINE (Strabane)
15 Nov 1901 Annie Margaret Elizabeth to Joseph Love & Margaret Dunn(Cavancreagh)
10 June 1904 Samuel son of William John LOVE & Mary DEVINE (Strabane)
16 Mar 1905 Elizabeth Kees to William LOVE & Martha IRWIN (Gortevea)

18 Mar 1817 Widon LOVE to Spencer INCH @ Camus
Tuesday 8 Sept. 1835 Mary, daughter of James Love, merchant of Omagh married Thomas McGowan, merchant of Omagh,
* 29 Apr 1839 Joseph LOVE to Margaret GIBSON
1831- James LOVE witnessed marriage of Andrew DUNN & Nancy HALL Donagheady Church
10 June 1844 Samuel Love son of William Love and Margaret HAMILTON, married Mary McCLINTOCK, dau of Thomas McCLINTOCK and Matilda BLAIR, of Liskeymore
11 Sept 1846 William LOVE a flaxdresser of Beckenore? father John LOVE to Mary Jane STEENSON?
14 Oct 1846 John LOVE father Samuel LOVE farmer of Ballyfolliard to Francis WILSON @ Ardstraw.
27 Jan 1847 Jane LOVE father William LOVE of Lystimore Urney to William THOMPSON
25 Jan 1849 Mary LOVE father Samuel LOVE of Ballyshortt? to Samuel KEATTY @ Ardstraw
15 Feb 1850 Susan LOVE father James LOVE farmer of Urney to James PORTER @ Claudy Ardstraw
12 Dec 1850 Robert LOVE father Joseph of Ballygarron? to Mary Anne HUNTER @ Drumragh
16 Nov 1851 Hugh LOVE father Thomas LOVE farmer of Benowen to Litticia GRIFFEN @ Donagheady
8 Sept 1853 Mary LOVE father John LOVE of Straquellen? to John FLEMING @ Camus
31 Mar 1854 Elizabeth LOVE father Alexander LOVE of Templemore Derry to James GRAYSON
30 Mar 1857 John LOVE father Joseph farmer of Greystone to Elizabeth ROBINSON of Moneykinon father James ROBINSON @ Donemana Meeting House.
4 Jan 1859 Nancy LOVE father Victor LOVE of Creaghor to Josias RANKIN @Donagheady
15? July 1859 Mathew LOVE father Robert Love of Clonteigh Donegal to Ann Jane RODGERS
24/09/1862 LOVE, John married IRWIN, Anne Jane
14 June 1860 Robert LOVE father George LOVE of Ardmore to Ellen DOWNING @ Donagheady
30 Aug 1860 Joseph LOVE whitesmith of Londonderry father Joseph to Emma McMORRIS @ Donagheady
14 Sept 1860 Mary Jane LOVE father John LOVE of Sion Mills to Samuel NEILLEY @ Leckpatrick
8 Nov 1860 Isabella LOVE father James LOVE farmer of Ardmore to John McCORKLE @ Donagheady
4 Dec 1861 Joseph LOVE father John LOVE of Tamnabready to Marjorie ARTHURS @ meeting house Ardstraw
22 Nov 1862 Margaret LOVE (minor) father John LOVE to George MACKELWELL @ Camus
7 Apr 1864 Jane LOVE father Samuel LOVE of Ballyfolliard to Charles RAMSAY @ Ardstraw
27 Apr 1864 Joseph LOVE widower, clergyman of Lislaird father James LOVE farmer to Jane STEWART
19 Jan 1865 Caty Ann LOVE father Andrew LOVE of Keeny? to James McCORKLE
25 Nov 1869 Isabella LOVE father maxwell LOVE of Aughafad to William IRWINE of Aughafad @ Meeting house Donemana

* From Derry Journal 14/11/1884
LOVE and ELLIS - Nov 10th in the Parish Church Donegheady, by Rev.C.M.MONTIETH curate.
Mr. James LOVE of Gortmellon, to Margaret youngest daughter of the late Mr David ELLIS of Benowen
8 Sept 1892 Joseph LOVE of Cavancreagh father John LOVE farmer to Margaret DUNN Ballykelly Derry father Andrew DUNN @ Drumachose Methodist Church.



22 June 1865 William LOVE bachelor age 24 Pay clerk for merchant drowned Starbane
4 June 1866 David LOVE married age 52 Creaghcorr James John LOVE present
3 Apr 1867 Joseph LOVE carpenter married age 82 Margaret LOVE present Cullion ?
16 Jan 1868 Jane LOVE widow age 53 David LOVE present Creaghcorr
5 Apr 1869 Robert LOVE married age 76 farmer Ardmore
27 Nov 1870 Martha LOVE widow age 75 Elizabeth LOVE present Rabstown Urney


* From Derry Journal 14/11/1884
LOVE and ELLIS - Nov 10th in the Parish Church Donegheady, by Rev. C.M. MONTIETH curate. Mr. James LOVE of Gortmellon, to Margaret youngest daughter of the late Mr David ELLIS of Benowen
* 11 Dec 1885 Margaret LOVE burial age 89 Dunamanagh
17 Dec 1891 John LOVE widower age 81 labourer Strabane Workhouse
30 Apr 1895 Elizabeth LOVE married age 60 farmer's wife Joseph LOVE present Cavancreagh



A David Love offered Abercorn 3 pounds in 1764 for the privilege of making bricks on an additional one acre of farm land.
David Love of Tamnaclare was involved in a land dispute in 1774. Victor Love of Foyleside represented the people in 1878 concerning the building of a church at Magheramason. Victor Love's farm in Cloghboy cost more than 1,000 pounds when he bought it in 1887.

Exchecquer Bill 9-11-1729 amended 23-11-1730 answers.

John Harvey of Glendomot Co.Derry, gent, who married Agnes Maxwell, daughter of William Maxwell of Strabane, Co.Tyrone, merchant V John Love and John Wilson both of Strabane, merchants. The 2 executors of will dated 9-4-1709 of said William Maxwell, which they have proved in the Prerogative Court. William ..... of Strabane, merchant, husband of Marecca Maxwell lately dead, another daughter of said William Maxwell. William Kennedy husband of Girvad Kennedy deceased by Jane Maxwell, deceased another daughter of said William James Rogers, administrator of said Jane defts. Suit is about property of Maxwell, large extracts of his will are given. William Harvey his grandson, son of plaintiffs died about 1710. Pltf’s marriage settlement was dated 12-10-1698. His wife then had 3 unmarried sisters, viz. Rebecca, married before 1709, Jane married 1711, Mary the youngest died soon after her father. Note - another deft. Is William Maxwell, son of testator. There is some confusion between William Maxwell and William Kennedy.

Chancery Bill 14-11-1688. Catherine Lecky, alias Motherwell, alias Hamilton, widow and administratrix of James Lecky and also widow and executrix in will of John Motherwell, both of Strabane, Co.Tyrone V Lecky etc Mentions - John Love, brother-in-law of said James Lecky and Love’s wife ?, Henry Campsie and wife Jenette and Robert Lennox and wife Agnes, daughter of said James Lecky, Alexander Lecky and wife Alice Thomas Lecky of Carrickmaquigly, John Lecky of Glasgow.
P.9444 - Derry grant 25-11-1684 of admin. Of Robert Love of Cooly in Donagheda Parish in Co.Tyrone, deceased, made to his wife Catherine Granger alais Love in trust for herself and for his 5 minor children, not named. Above is the only Love interest intestate grant before 1800 in Derry. No Love administration bond in Derry. Earliest Derry inventory of letter L is 1744. The Derry intestate records is very defective.

P.9445 - Vol.10 p161 #3309 Memorial Registered 17-10-1712 of deed dated 9-7-1712, from George M’Ghee of Strabane, Apothacary, and his wife Rebecca, sister of Patrick Hamilton, deceased, granting to John Love, Hugh Brown, John Wilson, David Bradly, Andrew Carson and Robert Askin, all of Strabane Co.Tyrone a plot of ground 81ft. By 29ft. With the new meeting house built on it in the upper end of said Strabane town, bounded at front by the high street, on south-east by John McClenehan, on northeast by a back street and on northwest by Walter Mortimer, forever in consideration of surrender of a lease of which there is 23yrs to run, granted to them by said Pat Hamilton of a house now let to James Knox and called the Old Meeting House. Witnesses Francis Forgy, gent and James Johnston, Apothacary, both of Strabane, John Gay of Omagh, merchant and Hugh Brown. Memorials signed by both M’Ghee’s.

Ref. D/623/A/43 toA/44. No 78. 2.1.1778

James Hamilton (Agent in Strabane) to the Earl of Abercorn in London .

Shaw who went to Menagh Hill the 23rd December to get possession of James Cunningham’s farm came here yesterday and told me that Cunningham declared that he would not give up till he was forced out by law; he told me they had put him off with fair promises and appointed him to be there last Tuesday, that then Cunningham preremptorily (?nbs) refused giving up; James Baird of Tavanaclare brother in law of Cunningham came about an hour after Shawleft me, to tell me that Shaw offered to sell his right to him for 30 guineas, that he though it a great deal too much, but that he followed me into this town, in order to agree with him if possible; I told Baird his agreeing with Shaw would answer no end; in this way my Lord they go on, and the settlement is delayed; I know of no others who refuse going out but Samuel Monteeth of Tullywhisker, William White of Desart and Robert Drew of Ballymagorry,Monteeth is very poor, has had little these many years, and quite unable to manage land at present; his reason is impaired, which I find is a disorder of the family.
Exchecquer Bill 23 /1/1727 - no answer
John Campbell, Jn. Kerr, Jane Carr, Andrew Carr, Jn. Wilson, John Love and Thos Mathewson, all of Orbreagh alias Urbelreagh in Ardstraw Manor in Co.Tyrone V Rev. Dr.Andrew Hamilton, Rich.Hamilton, Alex McCausland & Robt. McCausland, all 4 executors of will of Oliver McCausland, late of Strabane, Co.Tyrone esq. Deceased owner in 1714 of a lease from the See of Derry of the Manor of Ardstraw. Oliver McCausland, a minor, younger son of legattee of said Oliver Jn.McCausland. Wm. Taylor son-in-law to said Alex McCausland and agent to said Oliver.

Exchecquer Bill 30-6-1727 - no answer.

Robt. Caldwell, John Love, Jn McCarter, Wm.Moore, Jn Orr, Thos Smith, Jas Carr, Jn Alexander, Margt McCrea & Jas Andeson all of Kilstroud in Ardstraw Manor Co.Tyrone. W.Hamilton & M’Causland & Taylor as above that Oliver M’Causland senior on 24-2-1714 leased to Plts, Robert Campbell, John Love, Jn Mc? W.Moore, J.Orr ? Smith, J.Alexander & M.McCrea & Andrew M? , Mary Grieve, which last 2 have assigned as above - suit as above.
Note:- There are several other bills against the same fefts. Dated 23/6, 27/6, 20/7, abd 27Jan 1727 only last has answers

John Harvey of Glendamot, Co.Londonderry, gent V John Love and John Wilson, executors of will dated 9-4-1709 of William Maxwell of Strabane, merchant, deceased, both of Strabane Co.Tyrone, merchants, William Aughenleck of same, merchant, husband of Rebecca, a daughter of said William Maxwell, James Rogers, administrator of Jane, another daughter of William Maxwell pltn. In 1698, married. Agnes another daughter of William Maxwell. A great deal of information about the Maxwell family, nothing above Love. Pre will made 9-4-1709 proved 15-6-1709 William Maxwell of Strabane, merchant, exec. John Wilson and John Love, both of Strabane Co.Tyrone.


12 Feb 1787 - at Burt in the 88th year of his age the Rev. Andrew FERGUSON

- a few days ago in the Oldtown of Letterkenny, Samuel LOVE aged upwards of 100 years. He was bred a weaver and has within these 80 years wrought at the support of himself and family. He had 3 wives, by whom he had 49 children, 95 grand-children 20 great grand-children.


LOVE listings from the Irish Flax Growers, 1796 in Co Tyrone:
Love, Archibald Cappagh
Love, Ephraim Donaghedy
Love, Gilbert Ardstraw
Love, James Ardstraw
Love, James Clogherny
Love, James Drumragh
Love, James Termonmaguirk
Love, James Urney
Love, John Donacavey
Love, John Drumragh
Love, Robert Ardstraw
Love, Robert Donaghedy
Love, Robert Drumragh
Love, Samuel Ardstraw
Love, Samuel Drumragh
Love, Thomas Urney
Love, Victor Donaghedy
Love, William Urney


Distribution of the Love Surname
Number of occurances in the Flax Growers (1796)
Number of occurances in the Tithe Applotment Books (1824 - 34)



A. J. Love Ardstraw Carnkenny & Tiveny 1834
A. Tom Love Ardstraw Crew & Tiveny 1834
Andrew J. Love Ardstraw Tiveny 1834
David Love Ardstraw Birnaghs & Milltown 1834
Eaphrim Love Clogherny Aney 1826
Edward Love Kilskeery Drumsonas Lendrum 1826
James Love Ardstraw Ballyfoillard, Lislafferty, Listymore & Brucklass 1834
James Love Drumragh Kilmore 1830
James Love Termonmahuril Ballintrain 1825
John Love Artea Ballimulderg Beg 1825
John Love Camus Camus 1829
John Love Tullyniskan Farlagh 1826
Joseph Love Pomeroy Gortavoy 1829
Matthew Love Artea Caraloon 1825
Maxwell Love Camus Dergalt 1828
Patrick Love Ardstraw Brucklass 1834
Patrick Love Kilskeery Drumsonas Lendrum 1826
Robert Love Ardstraw Ballyfoillard & Listymore 1834
Samuel Love Ardstraw Ballyfoillard 1834
Samuel Love junior & senior Ardstraw Crew 1834
Thomas Love Ardstraw Crew 1834
Thomas Love Cappagh Common 1827
William Love Ardstraw Crew, Urblereagh & Listymore 1834
William Love Termonmaguirk Derrore Town 1825

Land Valuations

Revision Book ref VAL/12B/42/26A    
Starting directly after Griffiths in May 1860
House, Land Outbuildings 41 acres 2 roods 35 perches  
May 1860 Joseph Love from the Duke of Abercorn  
1862 to John Love  
1897 to Joseph Love  
1903 James Colhoun purchased property from John and Joseph Love  
1922 James Colhoun  

Revision Book ref. VAL/12B/42/26B        
Ref8a 1863 Joseph Love from William Colhoun House.  
  1875 Joseph Love handed tenancy to Joseph Huey    
Ref 10a 1880-1889 John Love from Duke of Abercorn house, outbuildings and land 37 acres 3 roods 5 perches  
  1895-1903 James Love    
  1911 to William Woods    
  1915 to John ONeill (Put out for non payment of rent)    
  1919 to Sarah Woods    
  1922 House in ruins. Part of it is still roofed and used as a shelter for animals.(surveyors note)    
Ref 7 1889-1893 John Love, house, outbuildings and land 26 acres 1 rood 35 perches plus 3 acres 1 rood 30 perches
Not shown after 1893
Ref 9a   John Love herds house, outbuilding and land 14 acres and 35
perches Not shown after 1893


1846 Directory relating to the Village of Newtownstewart which is within the Parish of Ardstraw in County Tyrone (roughly half-way between Strabane and Omagh) and found the following:-


"Robert LOVE, Blacksmith"
In the town of Omagh, (1846 Directory) I found the following
"James LOVE, The Diamond"
"Sarah LOVE, Main Street"
"Sarah LOVE, Main Street"
"James LOVE, Diamond"
"Sarah LOVE, Main Street"
SURGEONS- In 1881 Directory for Omagh
William Sproule Love listed under 1 Castle Street, Omagh.

Peter O`NEIL (the child of)Charles O`NEIL of CASTLE? LAW (two seperate words) OMAGH. aged 6 months in the COUNTY OF TYRONE, has been successfully vaccinated.Dated 25th July 1873.
WILLIAM S.LOVE medical officer of the OMAGH dispensary district signed the certificate.

*24 Dec 1655 Robert LOVE had his illegitimate child baptized, Robert Love at Derry Cathedral. Mother was Agnes MATHEWS

*1709- John Love and John WILSON were executors for the will of William Maxwell dated 9 Apr 1709

*1712- deed from George McGEE to John Love for a lot in Strabane for a new Presby. church.

*Urblereagh Adstraw Parish- John LOVE, John NILSON, and Thomas MATHEWSON had leases assigned to them from Malcolm HENRY, Margaret WILSON, James YOUNG, Joseph WILLY, and Nathan CARR- These people had leases from Oliver McCAUSLAND dating back to 24 Feb 1714 They had sued to get the leases clarified and after turning them over to John LOVE, NILSON & MATHEWSON-
they left for America.

*John Love an executor for the will of John FENTON dated 8 Aug 1721. John FENTON was a farmer of Ballycolman Urney parish.

*deed dated 9 Nov 1737 , John Love son of deceased John Love sells property to William WHITE. The property was on the south side of the river Mourne in Ballycolman. Also covers his tenement building between Front Street and extending down to the Mourne River (Strabane). On one side was Hugh BROWN and on the other, Claud SCOTT. Another property shows in the deed a 60 ft frontage, near what was known then as Strabane Cross. On one side John KNOX, and the other side, Richard CLARKE. The extended back to a garden possessed by Henry NOBLE.. The original deed to John Love was granted by George HAMILTON knight, in 1676.
**This was actually a lease they called "FUEFARM".

**1767 Robert Love of Cloghboy- Perogative will index wife was Elizabeth ALLEN dau of Joseph ALLEN she dies in 1790.



LOVE names from the 1901 census film. Donaghedy Parish

Parish Donaghedy, Townland Ardmore:-
James Love Head 78 Widower   Tyrone
Bessie Love Dau 43 Not Mar   Tyrone
Maggie H Love Dau. 41 N/M   Tyrone
Alexander Love Head   N/M retired farmer Tyrone
William J Nephew   N/M farmer  


Parish Donaghedy, Townland Cloghboy:-
Andrew Love Head 34 Widower Ag.Lab Tyrone


Parish Donaghedy, Townland Creagheor:-
John Love Head 62 N/M farmer Tyrone
Matilda Love Sis 45 N/M   Tyrone
Bella Love Sis. 42 N/M   Tyrone
Victor Love Head 60 N/M Farmer Tyrone
David Love Bro. 54 N/M Farmer Tyrone
Bella Love Sis. 39 N/M   Tyrone


Parish Donaghedy, Townland Gortavea:-
Elizabeth Love Head 40 Widow Farmer Tyrone
Mary Jane Love Dau. 30 N/M   Tyrone
Martha Love Dau. 10     Tyrone
George Love Son 8     Tyrone
Victor Love Head 64     Tyrone
Mary Love Wife 60     Tyrone
Bella Boyd Dau. 22 N/M   Tyrone
Victor Jnr Son 16 N/M   Tyrone


Parish Donaghedy, Townland Gortmesson:-
Joseph Love Head 62 Widower Ag. Lab Tyrone
Mary Montgomery Dau. 37 Widow   Tyrone
Annie Love Dau. 24 N/M Seamstress Tyrone
William Love Son 22 N/M Ag.Lab Tryone
Joseph Montgomery G.Son 5     Tyrone
Mary Ann Montgomery G.Dau 4     Tyrone


Parish Donaghedy, Townland Gortmonly:-
Robert Love Head 55 Farmer & Blacksmith N/M Tyrone
Margaret Love Sis. 60   N/M Tyrone


Parish Donaghedy, Townland Magheramason:-
James Love Head 53 Church Sexton   Tyrone
Sarah Love Wife 50     Tyrone
John Love Head 64 Ag.Lab   Tyrone
Mary Love Wife 59 Housekeeper   Donegall
Mary Love G.Dau. 10     Londonderry
George Nolin Love G.Son       Tyrone


Parish Donaghedy, Townland Magherareagh:-
Martha Love Servant 26 Farm & Domestic Serv. N/M Tyrone


Parish Donaghedy, Townland Castlemellan:-
John Love   50 Widower Farmer Co.Tyrone

Parish Donaghedy, Townland Cavancreagh:-
Joseph Love Head 38 Farmer   Tyrone
Margaret Love Wife 37     Derry
Marri? Joseph Love Son 6     Tyrone
David H Love Son 4     Tyrone

Parish Donaghedy, Townland Gortmellan:-
James Love Head 41 Farmer   Tyrone
Margaret Love Wife 40     Tyrone
Margaret Love Dau. 15     Tyrone
David Love Son 14     Tyrone
Lizzie Love Dau. 11     Tyrone
James Love Son 9     Tyrone
Walker Love Son 6     Tyrone
Annie Love Dau. 4     Tyrone
Albert Love Son 1     Tyrone


Parish Donaghedy, Townland Mountcastle:-
James Love Head 47 Carpenter   Derry
Elizabeth Love Wife 48     Tyrone
Mary Love Dau. 18 Seamstress   Tyrone
Martha Love Dau. 16 Seamstress   Tyrone
Robert J. Love Son 15     Tyrone
Lizzie Love Dau. 12     Tyrone
Maggie Love Dau. 12     Tyrone


Passengers by the Brig WEST POINT, T. Holden Master, from Londonderry to New York, 23 November, 1811. James Love Donagheda
Robert Love Donagheda
ship Experiment Apr 25, 1805 Hugh Love 2nd mate
Ship Westpoint Londonderry to NY arr NY before Nov 23, 1811 James Love, of Donagheda
Robert Love, of Donagheda
George M'Eliver, of Donagheda
Ship Marcus Hull from Londonderry , arr NY June 15, 1816 Alexander Love
Ship Sally Philadelphia from Londonderry June 21, 1805 M Love age 35 spinster, Omagh
Ann Love age 9, spinster, "
Mary, age 4 "
Superior, to Philadelphia 1853 Ann Love age 18 Strabane
Ship Marcus Hill from Londonderry arr NY Nov 14, 1815 Samuel Love
Anne Love

David Love offered Abercorn 3 pounds in 1764 for the privilege of making bricks on an additional one acre of farm land.
David Love of Tamnaclare was involved in a land dispute in 1774.
Victor Love of Foyleside represented the people in 1878 concerning the building of a church at Magheramason.
Victor Love's farm in Cloghboy cost more than 1,000 pounds when he bought it in 1887.

Love, Andrew Thomas L100 S164
Family Name: Love
Forename: Andrew Thomas
Document Type: Will
Document Status: Transcript
Year of Will: 1837
Where Proved/Granted: Derry Diocese
Family Name: Sproule
Forename: A.
Address: Fury Hill
NA Reference: IWR/1837/F/427
Document ID: 39489
Love, George L100 P235
Family Name: Love
Forename: George
Document Type: Will
Document Status: Transcript
Year of Will: 1831
Where Proved/Granted: Derry Diocese
Family Name: Poston
Forename: Robert
Address: Derrycleer
NA Reference: IWR/1831/F/520
Love, John L100 G650
Family Name: Love
Forename: John
Document Type: Will
Document Status: Transcript
Year of Will: 1829
Where Proved/Granted: Derry Diocese
Family Name: Green
Forename: James
Address: Omagh
NA Reference: IWR/1829/F/262
Love, Thomas L100 H000
Family Name: Love
Forename: Thomas
Document Type: Will
Document Status: Transcript
Year of Will: 1834
Where Proved/Granted: Derry Diocese
Family Name: Huey
Forename: Robert
Address: Erginah
NA Reference: IWR/1834/F/573
Ramsay, Benjamin R520 W425
Family Name: Ramsay
Forename: Benjamin
Document Type: Will
Document Status: Transcript
Year of Will: 1829
Where Proved/Granted: Armagh Diocese
Family Name: Wilson
Forename: John
Address: Dungannon
NA Reference: IWR/1829/F/462
Wilson, John W425 W314
Family Name: Wilson
Forename: John
Document Type: Will
Document Status: Transcript
Year of Will: 1828
Where Proved/Granted: Armagh Diocese
Family Name: Whitfield
Forename: Jacob
Address: Moy, Co. Tyrone
NA Reference: IWR/1828/F/40


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