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Will - David Love of Milltown, Ardstraw Parish

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Will - David Love of Milltown, Ardstraw Parish
9 Dec. 1845

PRONI D/1495/2/27.


In the name of God Amen, I David Love of Milltown in the parish of Ardstraw and County of Tyrone being weak in body but perfect in mind and memory do make this my last Will and Testament in the manner following.

First I commend my soul to god trusting he will pardon my sins________________ sake and allow my body to be decently buried in the graveyard of Grange. (note- this is the cemetary north of Strabane but south of Creaghor mentioned in the will)

Secondly, I bequeath to NANCY CLARKE, daughter of JAMES CLARKE and my sister ISABELLA LOVE, otherwise CLARKE, twenty pounds sterling to be paid to her five years after my death and if she does not survive, I allow that sum to be paid to her sister ISABELLA and also thirty pounds to JOHN LINDSAY of Drumshum(?), in the County of Donegal to be paid to him six years after my death and if he does not survive I allow said sum to be paid to MARGARET ARMSTRONG or her husband. Said bequests are made to discharge two bequests which were made by my father but were not paid.

Thirdly, I allow my executors to make money on my flax and oats and sell as much as will pay all expenses incurred at my death and funeral, doctor's bills and other incidental charges during my sickness and to dispose at six months credit of my crop, stock and farming utensils and all my household furniture of every description saving whatever is hereafter bequeathed in order to pay my debts and if the proceeds do not meet the demands, I allow my executors to let my farm in Milltown for 9 or 10 years and that the said income will be applied to liquidate the debt against said farm and that the remainder will be agreeably divided between JOHN MONTEITH of Milltown and ANDREW LAIRD of Urbereagh and I sincerely trust my views on this point will meet the approbation of my creditors and that they will bear with patience and encourage my executors to discharge my debts honourably and honestly which is my hearts desire and at the expiration of 9 or 10 years that my farm will be equally divided between JOHN LOVE of Birnaghs and DAVID LOVE of Creaghor and when DAVID LOVE son of JOHN LOVE of Birnaghs and VICTOR LOVE son to DAVID LOVE of Creaghor arrive at the age of twenty-one years that the said JOHN LOVE and DAVID LOVE shall peaceably give up their respective holdings of my farm in Milltown to their respective sons my legatees, Namely DAVID LOVE of Birnaghs and VICTOR LOVE of Creaghor free of all demands and encumbrances whatever on said farm and that they will pay renewal fines, yearly rents and all taxes and other charges as they become due and that the said legatees will pay unto the following persons the respective sums attached to their respective names two years after they get into possession of the Milltown farm, share and share alike. vz,£10 to DAVID LOVE son to GEORGE LOVE of Gortavey, £10 to the eldest son of VICTOR LOVE JR of Creaghor and £10 to the eldest daughter of ANDREW LAIRD of Urbereagh and if the said legatees do not live to enjoy said farm the above sum to be paid by their successors in equal shares to the same named individuals or their legatees.

Fourthly I bequeath to DAVID LOVE of Creagor my trunk, my books, my gun and all my regimentals, but my sword and sash I bequeath to DAVID LOVE of Birnaghs.I allow my executors to buy a suit of mourning to my sister NANCY of Milltown, one to MRS. MACLIM of Newtownstewart and one to MRS. JOHN HOOD of Newtownstewart. I also request or allow my executors to buy JANE MADDEN a suit of mourning and a new mantle for her services to me and one and a new cloak and two pounds to SALLY BARNET when she leaves the house and I also allow SALLY BARNET her bedstead and bedding which________in my house and allow my executors to pay ANDREW MACLIM of Newtownstewart £10 for the trouble he and his wife had with me during my stay at his house under the care of the doctor.
And as JOHN MONTEITH of Milltown and JOHN LOVE of Birnaghs have bailed DAVID LOVE of Creaghor in the sum of £40 to JOESPH LITHGO of Carland that the said DAVID LOVE is not to exercise what I have bequeathed him until he satisfies and sets at liberty the said sureties of the said £40.

Fifthly I allow my executors to let the farm at Milltown to the advantage of my brother JOHN's children who are in America namely JOHN and JAMES LOVE and SARAH LOVE otherwise GLASSON for two years to assist in paying their expenses in applying for and crossing to it and they will give up quiet possession to them or to their legal authority by my executors exercising from them a clear discharge of all demand
and now appoint JAMES ANDERSON of Tiveny, JAMES STEWART of Birnaghts and JOHN MONTEITH of Milltown my trustees and executors and having confidence in them that they will act in strict conformity to the terms of my will.

I revoke all others and certify and confirm this my last Will and Testament and subscribing my name this 9th day of December, one thousand eight hundred and forty-five in the presence of those my witnesses.

Wm Noble, David Love, John Meaghy (?) Samuel Crawford ,George Kincaid ,Diocese of Derry

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