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Will - Reverand Joseph Love

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Will - Reverand Joseph Love, 15 August 1884

On the alphabetical list there is a reference to a plain copy of a will signed 15 August 1884 (T 12171) of Reverand Joseph Love, Lislaird. Copy probate of will of Rev'd Joseph Love late of Lislairn? in the Co. of Tyrone dec'd.

In the name of God, Amen. I, Joseph Love of Lislaird?, parish of Termonamongan and County Tyrone Presbyterian Minister, being of sound disposing mind, do make this my last will and testament.

I thank God that of his goodness he has enabled me to leave so much to my wife and family. The particulars of my wordly affairs are particularized on the 2nd leaf at the present date and if I live shall be altered from time to time according to the sums and investments.

To my dear wife Jane I leave the widow's fund and to live if she pleases where she is until the end of her natural life. If she prefers to leave Lislain? she may take with her whatever part of the household furniture she may choose. If she die before 12 years shall expire after my decease I bequeath what shall remain of the widow's fund to my surviving sons, their heirs and assigns; James, John, Robert L and George C Love share and share alike.[This John and George C. both followed their father into the Presbyterian Ministry].

My books may be divided as my sons shall deem best. It is my wish that my stock, crops etc shall be valued after my decease and if my son James would like to live in Lislaird I leave him a life interest in my farm, stock and furniture etc. to be left by him at his decease to his surviving brothers, their heirs and assigns share and share alike.

It is my wish that whatever money I may die possessed of, be divided into 4 equal parts and given share and share alike to my sons their sons and assigns. In consequence of the mental infirmity of my son James I appoint my sons John and George, my trustees of his share of the property and whatever is necessary in addition to his own income for clothing etc to be taken from the interest of his money. I require the following sums to be paid out of my property.

If my niece Isabella McCorkell shall marry agreeable to her friends or remain unmarried she is to be part the sum of 40 sterling.

I bequeath the sum of 50 sterling to the fund for building a Manse for my successor in the Ministry of the presbyterian Cogregation of Killeter alias Maghernageeragh.

I appoint my sons John and George joint executors of this my last Will and Testament. It is my fervent prayer that my wife and children may so live that we may all meet at the Right hand of our Redeemer, Amen.

Signed and delivered in the presence of the Testator and in the presence of each other this 15th day of August 1884.

Joseph Love, Andrew Gaily and Nehemiah Roulston (witnesses).

The following is the money I am possessed of and its investment at May 21st 1884

Port and Harbour Comm 400 @4%
8 Belfast Bank Shares value at present 352
58 Ulster Bank Shares value at present 638 Mr Math. Caldwell Maghernageeragh

300 @5% Mr Charles Caldwell Maghernageeragh

100 @ 5% Mr John Caldwell Meenahoney,Donoughmore

140 @5% Mr Sam Townly at present in Liverpool

40 @5% Mr William Caldwell Maghernageeragh

60 @4% Castlederg Tramway share to the amount of 100 @5% for(35 years) do. ordinary shares to the amount of 10 @ 5% for 35 years

26 to be paid to the 2 brothers of John Orr and to Willis Meechan. If they come not to claim it it is to be paid by jan 1st 1886.

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