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Will - Valuation of Reverand John Love's Holdings

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Will - Valuation of Reverand John Love's Holdings
7th September 1917

There is an inland Revenue Residuary Account dated 7/9/ 1917 valuing the late Rev'd John Love's holdings of stocks,shares, debentures and cash.

His administrator was Lieut Col. Robert Lindsay Love (Retired) of 24 Bloomfield Court Maida Vale (?), brother of testator.

Description of Asset valuation cash and property converted into money

stocks 957.6.10 of 5% war stock held in England 899.11.0 part thereof in Ireland 103.15.8
shares 300 5%
debentures of the Rhodesian Rachray? Ltd 240
cash in hand 27.1.5.
cash at bank 51.15.11
other personal property (Annuities payable by the Presbyterian Church in Ireland 26.6.11

toatal 1139.11.8 105.4.3

Lieut. Col. Love subsequently acknowledged by letter dated 5/1/1918 that it was a true account.

Outgoings 160.5.3 leaving a nett deficit of cash of 55.1.0 for tax purposes and a nett residue of 41084.10.0 chargeable to tax.

Other outgoings due to customs+ Excise, Solicitors, funeral expenss + administration cost amount to 111.0.7.

These charges were met by the sale of 140.6.11 of 5% war stock. at the time of his death (7/9/1917) Rev John Love, a bachelor, second son of Rev James Love, resided at the Retreat, Armagh.

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