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My sister is looking at our family tree and we found our Grandmother born in Brakville, Tyrone, Ireland.

Catherine D. Sheldon born: 10/26/1891, married Joseph John Wieger born: 1889

Catherine's Mother Sarah McGrath Born: 11/30/1867, married James Sheldon born: 1861, moved to the US.

Catherine's Grandmother Catherine McCann born: 1842 +/- married John McGrath born: 1842 +/-

Added: August 13, 2021
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I am seeking information regarding by ancestry line which has hit a wall in Tyrone County, Ulster.

My Great (x6) Grandfather, Roger (maybe Rodger) McPike was born in Tyrone circa 1735. I have no information regarding his time in Ulster.

He relocated to the USA before 1765 and married a woman named Sarah Drake McPike in 1765 in or around the state of Virginia.

His place of death is listed as Natchitoches, Louisana, a state which is located in the southern part of the United States on the Gulf of Mexico.

If there are any sources which I could research or suggestions as to where to go for information, I would be very grateful.

I was once married to a many from Belfast and spent four years in your country and had the pleasure of visiting Tyrone on a couple of occasions. I wished I had known the information regarding my ancestors during that time.

Thank you!
Gail M. Tucker
Independence, Missouri, USA

Added: August 7, 2021
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Looking for record of George Forsythe of Fintona,(Killyliss) actually looking for ancestors of him and his wife Rebecca. Both born around 1797.

Added: July 23, 2021
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Hi was hoping maby someone might be able to help me. I’m looking for my grans side of the family her name was Margaret Ann Martin I’m sure her son was 13-6-1913/14 her mother’s name was Bridget not sure if maiden name but she married a Robert Gibson

She had an older brother Joseph Martin really don’t know much at all as far as I’m led to believe bridget & Robert, my gran and the rest of her younger brothers & sisters(Gibson) lived at 10 Churchill cottages before they came to Scotland if anyone has any info of this family would be greatly appreciated my mother was helping me but she passed in 2018 I know it’s not a lot of info but it’s all I’ve got to go on

Thank Sarah

Added: July 20, 2021
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This website is a great resource! I have been able to trace several of my ancestors back to Co. Tyrone. My evidence based records of those that emigrated to Victoria, Australia are from their adopted homeland and not Tyrone. If anyone has come across or has any information which can confirm these Australian records it would be greatly appreciated:

Robert ALEXANDER (Segully, Longfield East) b. ~1834, emigrated 1855 aboard the Victoria Regia. Parents John & Rebecca (TURNER).

Sarah BEATTY (Willmount, Longfield West) b. ~1838 emigrated with her Father 1856 aboard the Almora. Father Charles Beatty. Married Robert Alexander in Victoria 1857.

Alexander YOUNG (Edenafogry or Edenafogery, Donacavey) b. ~1834 Cannot find his emigration records however was married in Victoria in 1861. Parents: John YOUNG and Isabella (OSBORNE)

Thank You. Byron

Added: July 3, 2021
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HI!! I am looking for the family of:

John McKenna born 1834 who married either a Bridget Gormely or Bridget McCrory. Sixmilecross or Omagh or Armagh but definitely County Tyrone.

They had Patrick Joseph McKenna born between 1856-1862 and he left for America in 1881ish. (I am unaware if there are siblings) Settled in Philadelphia. Patrick came back to the area to get his girl Matilda McCutcheon born February 2, 1860.

They had many children in Philadelphia:

Sara, Catherine, James, Mary, John Patrick, Matilda Marie, Robert Joseph, Joseph Leo, Agnes Rose, Rose Mary, Madeline J, REv. Francis Aloysius


Added: July 2, 2021
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Searching for information for family of Andrew Lee born August 1 1815 in Clooney Northern Ireland. Information I have he was from Kilconaghan Londonderry. Went to Canada in 1833. Settled in Annapolis county Nova Scotia and married Nancy Clark.

Added: June 24, 2021
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I'm very into County Tyrone! Thank you.

Added: June 21, 2021
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