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Minterburn Co. Tyrone

Minterburn, Muinter Birn,Munterburn & Minterbirn, County Tyrone

Note of transcriber – this work is a compilation of names of people associated with the area of Minterburn. The majority of the available data is related to Minterburn Presbyterian Church. If you would like to contribute data to this page please contact Teena.

Minterburn – is a hamlet, which is located in the townland of Lismullandown (Lismulladown, Lismulnadown (Lios Maoildúin) in the parish of Aghaloo and the Barony of Dungannon Lower. There are 385 acres in Lismulladown. It is still the name of a district in the adjoining barony of Trough, in the county of Monaghan and the name is preserved in that of a Presbyterian parish which was founded & built in 1657.

Minterburn Presbyterian Church & Graveyard
137 Minterburn Road Lismulla, Caledon Co Tyrone UK BT68 4XL


This congregation being in the parish of Aghaloo, in Tyrone, was originally known by that name. The first minister was Mr. John ABERNETHY, who was ejected in 1661. He then removed to Brigh. He was succeeded by Mr. Joshua FISHER, who had been licensed by the Presbytery of Antrim in 1675 and who settled here shortly afterwards. He retired from this at the Revolution, supplied Ballymena for a time and was finally settled at Donoughmore, near Raphoe. In September, 1691, we find the commissioner of this congregation, named Timothy GREER, supplicating for supplies at 10 shillings a day till they obtained a minister. Mr. William AMBROSE was ordained here by the Presbytery of Down in 1693. In 1714 this congregation was divided. Part went to form an erection at Trugh, or Glennan; part worshipped at Minterburn, whilst part continued at Kinnaird or Lisluney, the original settlement. Mr. AMBROSE died towards the end of the year 1714. He was succeeded by Mr. Alexander MOOR, who was ordained here on the 8th October 1716. He died on the 8th July 1724 and his
tombstone is still said to be in Benburb churchyard. He appears to have been succeeded by Mr. William RAY, but some obscurity rests on this part of the history of the congregation.

After this great disputes prevailed. In 1743 the result of a poll between 2 rival candidates, Messrs. Alexander CUMIN and Adam DUFFIN, was reported to the Synod, but neither party succeeded. After much contention Mr. John KER was at length ordained here by the Presbytery of Tyrone on the 9th October 1745. He died in this charge on the 11th Dec. 1778. He was succeeded by Mr. Robert ROGERS, who was ordained here on the 12th Nov. 1782 and who removed to Corboy in March 1785. The next minister was Mr. Hugh BOYLAN, who was ordained here on the 15th Nov. 1785. He died here on the 9th Oct. 1807, leaving a widow and family. He was succeeded by Mr. Andrew SHANNON, who was ordained here on the 20th Dec. 1808 and died on the 22nd Feb. 1811. The next minister was Mr. Robert CUNNINGHAM,
who was ordained here on the 24th Sept. 1812. He died in this charge on the 29th June 1828 and was succeeded by Mr. James COLLINS, who was ordained here on the 26th May 1829. Mr. COLLINS died on the 23rd Dec. 1849 and was succeeded by Mr. Alexander GRAY*, who was installed here on the 17th Dec. 1850. Mr. GRAY (now LL.D.) removed to Belfast in May, 1865 and was succeeded by Mr. Andrew James WILSON, who was ordained here on the 26th Sept. 1865. On the 27th Sept., 1883, Mr. WILSON resigned this charge on his removal to Malone and was succeeded by Mr. Daniel MANDERSON, who was ordained here on the 8th Jan. 1884.

The following Ministers Graduated at the University of Glasgow;
Mr. Alexander GRAY
Mr. Andrew SHANNON

Mr. Mary BOYLAN is recorded as being on the Widow’s fund for Minterburn on 29th Jun. 1819.

General Synod Meeting at Dungannon

Reported 26th June 1781

It is the opinion of this Synod that the Pby. (presbytery) Tyrone cannot proceed to the setlement of that Cong. (congregation) untill Justice be done Mrs. KER & her demands satisfied from the last setlement untill the decease of the late Mr KER. And this Synod order this minute to be read in the Cong(regation) of Minterburn accompanied with a warm recommendation to that people, to see speedy Justice done to Mrs. KER and this Synod appoint Mess. CAMPBELL, MULLIGAN, HARRIS, MOORHEAD & MILLER, as a Committee to meet at Minterburn the 2 Tuesday in Aug. next to setle the affairs in that Cong. (congregation) as to them shall seem best and this Synod authorise said Committee to call Mess. KENNEDY, STITT & SMITH of the Pby. (presbytery) of Tyrone to attend said Committee to give information in that affair. And at Lurgan on 25 June 1782 it was reported that “they had condescended to compromise their differences.“

Minterburn Sunday School;

report from the report of the Hibernian Sunday School Society –

Dear Sir

The Minterburn Sunday School commenced in the summer of 1813 and though the season was far advanced before we got it carried into effect and had many difficulties to surmount, yet the attendance and success were very considerable;- we had in a few weeks upwards of 200 regularly attending children.

The progress of the children for the time was amazing; many who scarcely knew the letters, upon coming to us, are now able to spell distinctly and others who could spell words of 3 or 4 syllables imperfectly, can now read pretty accurately in the New Testament. The eagerness for instruction on the part of the youth was greater than anything I ever witnessed. When the days were short, we were obliged to commence very early and the poor little creatures would have their breakfast taken by daylight and be standing about the Meeting-house at sunrise.

I proposed small premiums to the children, which had a tendency to excite a very laudable spirit of emulation amongst them. I will give you an instance of it;- At the time we gave up school, which was about Christmas, I gave notice that it was our intention to recommence on Easter Sunday, if the weather would permit and to keep the children to their books during the interval. I proposed a single Testament as a premium to the person, who should repeat most accurately the greatest portion of the Gospel by Saint John. We accordingly met on the day appointed and to my astonishment 2 children, a boy and his sister, William and Eliza Anne POTTER repeated the whole 21 chapters so distinctly, that I could not possibly discriminate which of the 2 were entitled to the premium. I accordingly gave a Testament to each of them. There was another very small lad of about 10 years old, who repeated the first 14 chapters and many others, 5 and 6 at the beginning of the book.

1825 – Tithe Applotment Book

Index of Names – Lismulladown


1851 – Griffiths Valuation

Index of Names – Lismulladown


News Articles related to Minterburn

2 Jan. 1832 Presbyterian Congregation Minterburn
The Earl of Caledon with that liberality for which he is so much and deservedly esteemed, has been kind enough to contribute £300 to the rebuilding of the Presbyterian Meeting-House of Minterburn, in connexion with the General Synod of Ulster.

17 Nov. 1835 Congregation of Creggan
On the 15th ult. the ancient and respectable Congregation of Creggan, in connection with the General Synod of Ulster (from which the Congregation of Newtownhamilton is now entirely disannexed), subscribed a unanimous call, or invitation, for the Rev. Thomas M’WILLIAMS, a licentiate of the Presbytery of Tyrone, to become their Minister, which call the Presbytery of Monaghan (under whose care the Congregation now is), at their late meeting, duly forwarded to his Presbytery for presentation; and he has been pleased to accept of the same. Mr. M’WILLIAMS is of a respectable family and connection in the Congregation of Minterburn, near Caledon and is represented to be a young man possessed of high literary attainments, of genuine and unaffected piety and a gifted, zealous, and popular Preacher.

12 Dec. 1835
On Sabbath the 22nd ult. a sermon was preached by the Rev. Dr. COOKE, Belfast, in the Presbyterian Meeting-house, Minterburn near Caledon, after which a collection was taken up to assist in paying off the debt incurred by the re-building of the house. His discourse was listened to with deep attention by all present and it is hoped, produced a lasting impression on the hearts of many who had the pleasure of hearing it. The collectors on the occasion were the Earl of Caledon, William J. ALEXANDER Esq. and Henry L, PRENTICE Esq. J.P. assisted by three members of the Congregation. Nath. WAYNE, Alexander PRINGLE and James IRWIN Esqrs. and notwithstanding the severity of the day, a numerous congregation assembled and nearly 40£ was contributed.

6 Nov. 1841 died
On the 28th ult. at his residence, Ramakit, near Caledon, Mr. David WILKIN in the 85th year of age. He was for many years an elder in the Presbyterian Congregation of Minterburn, in connection with the late General Synod of Ulster.

28 Apr. 1847 Death by Destitution
Urged by the pressing necessity of hunger, a boy named Bernard CAMPBELL, living in the townland of Shantavney, near Ballygawley, lately left home to seek employment, but, after an ineffectual and fruitless search in several localities, much disappointed and greatly worn down and reduced, was endeavouring to return home on Tuesday, the I3th inst. and when about 1 mile out of Caledon, near Minterburn, being no longer able to bear up, he, at length, sank down on the road-side. A farmer, at the time, chancing to see his condition and rightly guessing the cause from his weak and debilitated appearance, immediately brought him some food, which, at first, he was scarce able to take. With care, however, and by degrees, he greatly revived and, after he had eaten the food appeared to be a good deal strengthened and determined to proceed on his journey. Not far from the place, however, the next morning, was found his dead body, lying on the road. A post mortem examination was subsequently held and the Coroner, on finding some undigested food in the stomach, gave his opinion, that he did not die from want of food. At the inquest, a respectable and intelligent jury, taking all the circumstances together and looking at the facts of the case, agreed in saying, that the undigested food found in the stomach must be that which he received from the farmer, a short time before his death and that he must have had a long fast previously, which, and his lean and haggard appearance, all went to prove, that the want of sufficient nourishment brought him to the grave. The unanimous verdict of the jury, therefore, was, “Death by Destitution.”

25 Dec. 1849 Death of the Rev. James COLLINS, Minterburn
It is to day our melancholy duty to record the death, on the 23rd inst., of the Rev. James COLLINS, of Minterburn, in the 51st year of his age and the 21st of his ministry. He preached as usual, on Sabbath, the 16th and on the evening of that day became suddenly ill. Paralysis ensued the following day and he sank gradually until he expired. He has thus been cut down in the midst of life and health, leaving behind him a large family of young children and a deeply-attached congregation. Mr. COLLINS was a man of most amiable dispositions and gained the affections of all who knew him. His pulpit services were chaste, yet popular. He took a leading part in the Presbytery of which he was a member and possessed the confidence of all his brethren. His death has spread a mantle of sorrow over a large portion of the community and coming so suddenly and unexpectedly it well fitted to remind us that “in the midst of life we are in death.”

16 Sept. 1850 married
September 6th at Minterburn, by the Rev. J. Kinnear, of Lower Clennanees, John VANCE Esq. of the city of New York, United States, to Margaret, eldest daughter of Alexander PRINGLE Esq. of Bleton’s Walls, near Caledon, Co. Tyrone

20 Dec. 1850 – Installed
On Tuesday, the 17th instant, the Presbytery of Dungannon met in Minterburn for the purpose of installing the Rev. Alexander GRAY as pastor over that congregation.

Front View Minterburn Old Primary School, Caledon
Photograph by the Ulster Architectural Heritage Society
Side View Minterburn Old Primary School, Caledon
Photograph by the Ulster Architectural Heritage Society

3 Apr. 1852 Soiree
On the evening of the 31st Ult., a soiree was held in the Presbyterian Church of Minterburn, to aid in purchasing a Congregational Sabbath School library. The Rev. Alex. GREY A.M., Pastor of Minterburn, occupied the Chair. The above very spacious and beautiful Church was brilliantly illuminated with chandeliers, beautifully and tastefully decorated for the occasion and filled with a most respectable audience. After tea had been liberally supplied by the ladies of the Congregation, the Chairman, after some appropriate observations, introduced the Rev. D. COOLE, of Knappa, who delivered a most powerful and eloquent speech on the subject of Christian union. He was followed by the Rev. H. MONTGOMERY of Benburb, on the subject of Christian missions. The Rev. Mr. Armstrong, Wesleyan Minister of Aughnacloy, was the next speaker. His speech was both humorous and instructive Mr. Henry EDWARDS, being next called on, made a short but excellent speech upon the subject of temperance. The last speaker was Mr, J. W. MACKIE, who concluded by proposing a vote of thanks to the ladles, which was put and carried unanimously. The Chairman then said he could not allow the meeting to separate without thanking all parties present, for their kindness to him and his Congregation. Indeed he could not feel too grateful for the great kindness which he had received personally, from all sects and classes, since he came to the neighborhood. In the course of the evening a few choice pieces of sacred music were sung in excellent style, Mr, MENA of the Caledon Church choir, assisted by Mr. LESTER, of Dyan and other friends, kindly lending their services. The meeting separated a late hour, much pleased with the entire proceedings.

25 Sept. 1852 married
Sept. 16th in Carlan Presbyterian Church, the Rev. Alex. GREY, A.M., Pastor of Minterburn to Mary Elizabeth, daughter of the late Thomas DUNN Esq. Surgeon in the Royal Navy

16 Oct. 1852 Marriage
On the 1st inst., in the Presbyterian Church of Minterburn by the Rev. Alexander Gray A.M., Mr. David DICKSON Benburb to Miss Agnes LESLIE, Minterburn.

2 Sept. 1853 Marriage
Aug. 30th in Minterburn, Mr. William Wood CRAIG, of Gorastown Farm, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, to Helen, eldest daughter of Mr. Robert MACKIE, Cumber House, Caledon.

18 Nov. 1853 Marriage
Nov. 10th at St. James Church Taunton, by the Rev. W. Redfern, James B. SAMPSON Esq. of Gravesend, Kent to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of the late Rev. COLLINS, of Minterburn County Tyrone, Ireland

9 Feb. 1854 died
On the 30th ult, at his residence, Aughavey, Alexander GRAY Esq. late of Thorne Lodge, county Tyrone and father to the Rev. GRAY of Minterburn.

17 Mar. 1854 Marriage
Mar. 10th in Minterburn Presbyterian Church by Rev. Alexander Gray A.M., Mr. Thomas BEST third son of of Mr. John BEST, Lismullydown, to Sarah second daughter of the late Mr. James M’CLURY, Mullicarnon, Caledon, County Tyrone

19 Sept. 1856 Marriage
Sept. 2nd in Minterburn, Mr. William GIVENS, of Annahoe, Ballygauley, to Sarah Ann, fifth daughter of late Mr. Samuel JOHNSTON, of Drummond Cottage, Aughnacloy

19 Oct 1857 Marriage
On the 13th instant, at the Presbyterian Church Minterburn, by the Rev. Alexander Grey A M., Mr. George M’WILLIAMS of Belfast, to Ann, second daughter of Alexander PRINGLE Esq. Bolton Walls, Caledon

26 Aug. 1858 Marriage
August 11th in the Presbyterian Church of Minterburn, by the Rev. Alex. Gray, A M., Wm. PARKE Esq., Petersburgh, Virginia, U.S. to Mary, eldest daughter of John PRINGLE Esq. Ballynahone, Co. Monaghan

18 Mar. 1859 Marriage
March 10th in the Presbyterian Church of Minterburn, by the Rev. A. Gray, assisted by the Rev. Robert Wallace, Glennan, Mr. James McCOY Desert, County Monaghan to Sarah youngest daughter of the late William HOEY Esq. Dyan, Caledon.

28 Jul. 1859 – died
On the 22nd instant at Belfast, Jane Maria, second daughter of the late Rev. James COLLINS of Minterburn, Caledon.

10 Dec. 1859 – Severe Accident
On Monday night last Mr. David BARBER of Mullaghmore, near Caledon, was returning home and near Minterburn his horse shied, when Mr. BARBER fell from his gig and was severely hurt. He was placed in a neighbouring house and when Dr. BLAKELY arrived from Aughnacloy he found several large cuts in the head and the nose quite broken. The patient was removed to his own house next day, and he continues in a very doubtful state. Mr. BARBER is a very extensive farmer and cattle dealer.

7 Apr. 1860 married
February 14th at Crockett, Texas, United States, by the Rev. Mr. King, James, eldest son the late Rev. Jas. COLLINS Minterburn, Caledon to Harriett daughter of W. B. STOKES Esq. solicitor, of same place.

17 Oct. 1860 married
On the 5th instant in the Presbyterian Church, Minterburn by the Rev. A Gray. assisted by the Rev J M’Bride, brother-in-law to the bridegroom, Alexander PRINGLE Esq. Bessbrook Mills, Newry to Miss MACKIE. Comber House, Caledon

3 Nov. 1860 married
Oct 25th Minterburn Presbyterian Church by the Rev. J. Gray, Mr. George PALMER Ardginny House, co. Monaghan. to Margaret eldest daughter the late Mr. Wm. HOEY, Dyan co. Tyrone.

11 Jan. 1861 died
January 5th at the Manse, Minterburn, Mary Elizabeth, wife of the Rev. Alexander GRAY, and daughter of the late Dr. Thomas DUNN, Surgeon, R.N.

30 Jan. 1862 married
January 23rd in the Presbyterian Church Caledon, by the Rev. A. M’Cullagh, assisted the Rev. A. Gray. Minterburn, William WILSON Esq , Aughrbuoy, Glasslough to Elizabeth, second daughter of John WILKIN Esq. Tanaghlane Caledon.

13 Mar. 1863 Marriage
March 5th in the Presbyterian Church of Minterburn, by the Rev. Alex. Gray A.M., George HOEY Esq. Dyan, Caledon to Mary Jane, daughter of Andrew WRIGHT Esq. Kilmore

12 Mar. 1864 Mark of Respect
His new neighbours, on learning that Mr. John M’KIGNY had come to reside on his farm at Minterburn, voluntarily assembled with 18 well-equipped ploughs and turned over, in very superior style, all the land he intends cropping this season. In the evening. Mr. M’KIGNY entertained a very large number of his neighbouring farmers – Charles A. PRINGLE Esq. Bolton’s Walls, occupying the chair. Suitable toasts were proposed and eloquently responded to. The company separated at a late hour wishing all happiness and prosperity to their new neighbour.

22 Jul. 1864 Died
July 14th at Minterburn, Caledon, co. Tyrone, Mr. John FLEMING aged 67 years

24 Dec. 1864 Marriage
Dec. 20th in the Presbyterian Church, Rutland Square, Dublin, by the Rev. Dr. Kirkpatrick, Mr. Joseph Clarke COLLINS, third son of the late Rev. Jas. COLLINS, Minterburn, Caledon to Sarah Amelia, second daughter of David MOORE Esq. Ph. D. Glasnevin, Dublin.

5 May 1865 Resigned
At a meeting of the Dungannon Presbytery, held on the 1st instant, the Rev. Alex. GRAY A M., resigned the charge of the congregation of Minterburn, having accepted a call from the congregation of College Square North, Belfast.

30 Sept. 1865 Ordained
On Tuesday last, the Presbytery of Dungannon met in Minterburn to ordain the Rev. Andrew James WILSON to the pastoral charge of that old and respectable congregation.

30 Nov. 1865 Marriage
November 28th at the Presbyterian Church, Minterburn, by the Rev. A. J. Wilson, Mr. John ANDERSON, Tullynavern to Miss Martha REID, Carycastle.

21 Mar. 1866 Marriage
March 16th in the Presbyterian Church, Minterburn by the Rev. A. J. Wilson, Mr. Wm. M’CLEERY, Mullicamon to Miss Mary Anne CUMMINS, Bohard

2 Mar. 1867 Marriage
February 22nd in the Presbyterian Church Minterburn, by the Rev. A. J. Wilson, Mr. Robert MORRISON of Bohara to Eliza second daughter of Mr. John CAMPBELL of Legane

8 Mar. 1867 Married
March 5th in the Presbyterian Church Minterburn by the Rev. A. J. Wilson, Mr. James PARR of Con, county Armagh to Miss Jane AIKEN, Tanagh

1 May 1867 Married
April (23?) in the Presbyterian Church Minterburn by the Rev. A. J. Wilson, Mr. W H. PARKINSON of Caledon Demesne, to Margaret eldest daughter of Mr. David NELSON of Ards

18 May 1867 Marriage
May 13th at the Presbyterian Church Minterburn by the Rev. A. J. Wilson, Mr John TAGGART to Margaret eldest daughter of Mr. James MEHAFFY of Tanaghlane.

28 Mar. 1868 Married
March 20th at the Presbyterian Church Minterburn by the Rev. J. Wilson, Mr. John HADDEN, Cumber, to Lily Jane, eldest daughter of Mr. James HADDEN, The Mount, Dunmacmay

7 Dec. 1868 married
December 3rd in the Presbyterian Church Minterburn by the Rev. A. J. Wilson, assisted by the Rev. J. Stinson, of Ballymagrane, Mr. Geo. EWING of Killygiven, to Matilda, daughter of Mr. George M’KEOWN of Mullintorr, Calendon

20 Mar. 1869 married
March 12, at the Presbyterian Church Minterburn by the Rev. A. J. Wilson, Mr. George MOFFAT, Desert, to Jane, daughter Mr. James GLENN, Rahaghey.

27 Mar. 1869 Married

March 23rd at the Minterburn Presbyterian Church by the Rev. A. J. Wilson, Mr. James MILLIGAN of Anaharille, to Martha, daughter of Mr. William MORRISON, of Kilmore


March 25th at the Minterburn Presbyterian Church by the Rev. A. J. Wilson, Mr. James POTTER of Ards, to Priscilla, daughter of the late Mr. William LESLIE, of Mullineal.

4 Sept. 1869 Married
Sept. 2nd in the Presbyterian Church, Carryduff, by the Rev. A. J. WILSON B.A., Minterburn, brother of the bride, assisted by the Rev. Samuel Hamilton, Sainttield, Mr. William CLARKE of London, to Anna Maria, daughter of Mr. A. WILSON Saintfield

18 Mar. 1870 Married
March 10, at the Presbyterian Church Minterburn by the Rev. A. J. Wilson, Mr William HENDERSON, Cortynan, to Sarah, daughter of John M’KEOWN Mollinton.

26 Aug. 1870 Married
August 18th at the Presbyterian Church Minterburn, by the Rev. A. J. Wilson, Mr George BAIRD Kilaclay, to Margaret, daughter of Mr James WRIGHT, Ballabuoy, Caledon

10 Nov. 1870 Married
On the 27th ult., at the Presbyterian Church Minterburn, William, eldest son of James WILSON, Dyan Hill, Caledon, to Rebecca Rea, youngest daughter of the late John JOHNSTON, Mullintorr

17 Feb. 1871 Married
Feb. 9th at the Presbyterian Church Minterburn, Mr. Nathaniel MONTGOMERY of Armagh, to Anne daughter of Mr. John POTTER, Ards, Caledon.

1 Sept. 1871 Married
Aug. 29th at the Presbyterian Church Minterburn by the Rev. A. J. Wilson, Robert son Mr. John REID, Carycastle to Mary daughter of Mr. Hugh KELLY, Tanagh, Caledon

4 Feb. 1871 Married
Jan 31st at the Presbyterian Church Minterburn by the Rev. J. Stinson, Ballymagrane, assisted by the Rev. A. J. Wilson, James son of Mr. John MENEELY Drummeam, Aughnacloy to Margaret daughter of Mr. John SMYTH, Tanagh, Caledon

31 Aug. 1872 Married
August 23rd in the Presbyterian Church Minterburn, Ralph James, eldest son of Thomas TODD Esq. Glascar Newry, to Susan eldest daughter of David BARBOUR Esq., Mullaghmore

1 Nov. 1875 Married

Oct. 28th at the Presbyterian Church Minterburn, by the Rev. A. J. Wilson, Mr. Edward BAKER, Mullen Spinning Mills, to Jane, only daughter of Mr. Robert POTTER Ballagh, Caledon.


Oct. 28th at the Presbyterian Church Minterburn, by the Rev. A. J. Wilson, Mr. James R. WRIGHT, Killymorgan, Ballygawley, son of Mr. James WRIGHT, Tullysimon, Caledon to Susan Jane daughter of Mr. THOMPSON, Cavanbuoy, Caledon.

12 May 1876
Apr 20th at the residence of the bride’s brother, John D. COLLINS, Germantown, Philadelphia, the Rev. E. P. Cowan, Hugh R. HILTON Topeka, Kansas, to Maria, youngest daughter of the late Rev. James COLLINS, Minterburn, Caledon, county Tyrone.

24 Feb. 1877 Married
February 21st at Minterburn Presbyterian Church by the Rev. A. J. Wilson, John VERNER Holywood, late of Portadown, to Maggie, youngest daughter of James ALLEN Esq. Carrckcastle, Dungannon.

24 Aug. 1877 married
Aug. 21st in the Presbyterian Church Minterburn by the Rev. A. J. Wilson, Mr. Robert KELLY Knocknacloy, to Matilda Jane daughter of John WRIGHT, Tullyrimond, Caledon

21 Dec. 1878 Death
A small farmer named Robert CAMPBELL from near Minterburn, came into Aughnacloy market Wednesday. He left town after dark, but never reached home. His body was found on Thursday morning on the side of the road, about 2 miles from Aughnacloy quite stiff and cold. An inquest will be held.

19 Jun. 1879 Married
June 18, at Minterburn Presbyterian Church by the Rev. A. J. Wilson, James SIMPSON, Belfast to Sara Malcolmson, second daughter of David BARBOUR, Mullaghmore, Caledon.

12 Feb. 1880 Married
February 11th in the Raffery Presbyterian Church by the Rev. A. J. Wilson, of Minterburn, brother of the bride, assisted by the Rev. Samuel Hamilton of Saintfield, John M’CONNELL, of High street, Comber, to Harriet, daughter of Andrew WILSON of Saintfield.

10 Nov. 1881 Married
November 8th in the Presbyterian Church, Ballygowan by the Rev. T.S. Woods, assisted by the Rev. A. J. Wilson, Minterburn, brother-in-law of the bride, John Holmes CAMPBELL, Brookhill, Lisburn, only son of Wm. CAMPBELL, Guiness House, Caledon to Alice Maud, youngest daughter of William THOMPSON, Saintfield.

1883 The Will of Rev. Alexander GRAY*

The Rev. Alexander GRAY, on the 10th Oct. 1883 made his will as follows;
I devise and bequeath to my wife Harriet Alicia all the household furniture, plate, fixtures &c. &c. of which, she was possessed previously to her marriage with me and to which I became entitled ‘jure mariti’, for her absolute use and so far as my testamentary power extends over my real and personal estate, of which she was in possession before marriage or may be in possession at the time of my decease, I now exercise in bequeathing it to her absolutely and hereby order that no claims be made upon it, by any of my kindred or relations. I devise and bequeath all my personal estate and real, if any consisting, of books, pictures, clocks, watches, policies of life assurance, money in bank, together with all the household furniture, of every kind possessed by me before marriage, or purchased subsequently with my own money, to the Rev. William REID Presbyterian minister of Moneymore; John S. CATHCART Esq. gentleman Belfast; Mr Thomas M’KEE Tullybuoy, Moneymore and my son Alexander GRAY B.A. Inspector R.I.C.; upon trust to dispose of it in the manner following;

1. To give all my furniture, pictures, books, watches, clocks, beds, bedding, &c. to my son Alexander absolutely, should he be alive at the time of my decease and if not alive, then to my sister Mrs Martha M’KEE of Tullybuoy to be disposed of by her in any way she may think fit

2. to pay over to my son Alexander £1000 (one thousand pounds) sterling for his absolute use & I direct my trustees to invest the remainder of the money amounting to about £1200 (twelve hundred pounds) in any securities they may consider solvent, for the use and benefit of my son, Thomas Dunne GRAY, allowing him to receive the interest or income of said investment, but preserving the capital intact, which capital, on the death of Thomas Dunne GRAY, is to be handed over absolutely to my son Alexander, if then living and if not living, then to the lawful issue of his body, at such times and in such manner as the surviving trustees may think fit. But in the latter case, that is, in the event of my son Alexander dying before his brother Thomas, I empower and direct the surviving trustees to direct £150 (one hundred and fifty pounds) sterling from the sums herein allocated, to the issue of Alexander, to be divided in equal shares between Robert GRAY of Aughavey, my brother and Sarah NESBITT of Ballygorey and Martha M’KEE of Tullybuoy, my sister, or their legal representatives.

Furthermore, should my son Alexander die without issue, I intrust my trustees on the death of my son Thomas, to divide and dispose of the capital herein bequeathed to him, in the manner following; namely to hand over to my sister Mrs Thomas M’KEE or her legal representative £500 (five hundred pounds) sterling and the residue of the capital freed from use and incumbrance through the death of the said Thomas Dunne GRAY, in equal shares to Thomas GRAY now in America; William John GRAY now in Australia; Robert GRAY of Aughavey, my brothers, and James NESBITT of Ballygoney, my brother-in-law, their heirs, executors, administrators, or assigns.

I direct that my body be interred in Minterburn beside that of my late wife and that my funeral be strictly private. It is my wish and earnest desire that my son, Thomas, live either with his brother Alexander, or his aunt M’KEE, my sister, that £10 (ten pounds) annually be expended in clothing him, and the remainder of the interest derivable from the money herein bequeathed to him, be handed over half yearly, to whichsoever of the parties my son Alexander, or my sister Mrs M’KEE, he may elect to live with, or to both, in just proportion should he elect to live with them alternately. (from The Law Reports (Ireland), Vol. 21)

9 Feb. 1888 Funeral of the Rev. Dr. GRAY
The remains of the Rev. Dr. GRAY were removed yesterday morning from the Manse, College Square North, for interment at Minterburn, near Caledon. In accordance with the wishes of the deceased’s family, the funeral was private. At eight o’clock a short service was conducted in the Manse by Rev. George SHAW and Rev. Alex. FERGUSON. Twenty minutes later the funeral procession set out for the Great Northern terminus, where, notwithstanding the strictly private character of the interment, a large number of gentlemen had assembled to pay the last mournful tribute of respect and affection, to the deceased minister.
The following, among others, were present; Rev. Dr. CRAWFORD, Rev. Robert MORGAN, Rev. John MECREDY, Rev. J. C. FERRIS, Rev. George BELL
Rev. George MAGILL, Mr. William DAVIS D.I, R.I.C., Dr. WYLIE, Mr. James M’CONNELL &c., &c.
The remains were conveyed by train to Tynan Station and thence by road to their last resting place at Minterburn, Dr. GRAY’S former ministerial charge. At Caledon, the cortege was joined by Rev. Dr. THOMPSON and other local gentlemen, who accompanied it the remainder of the way. Entering the village of Minterburn, a large number of members of Dr. GRAY’S old congregation and the children of the schools awaited the procession, which they escorted to the church. Rev. George MAGILL and Rev. Dr. THOMPSON jointly conducted the funeral services at the grave. The 90th psalm was sung, after which Rev. Mr. MAGILL read and commented on the 15th chapter of 1st corinthians, dwelling eloquently and impressively on the subject of the resurrection and concluding with a most touching and comforting allusion to the last moments of his friend Dr. GRAY. The remains were then committed to the earth and the ceremony concluded. The grave was literally covered with beautiful wreaths of white flowers and immortelies,(?) sent by loving friends, among whom were the following – The Sabbath-school teachers of College Square Church, the Session and Committee, officers of R.I.C. in Belfast, Miss J. FERGUSON, College Square church choir, Miss E. TAYLOR, Mr. and Mrs. James BARR, Miss RITCHIE, Mrs. M’KIBBON’S sabbath school class, Dr. and Miss BRADY, Mr. Hugh CAIRNS, Mr. and Mrs. W. O. RITCHIE, Mr. and Mrs. James M’CONNELL, Mr. and Mrs. John S. CATHCART, Mrs. Francis M’CONNELL, Mrs. COOTE, Dr. and Mrs. BINGHAM, Mr. A. GRAY R I.C. and Miss TAYLER.
At the request of the family of the deceased and by appointment of the Presbytery, Rev. George MAGILL will preach a funeral sermon next Sabbath in College Square North Church. We may add that the church of Minterburn, in which Dr. GRAY preached so faithfully for such a lengthened period, was yesterday draped in black.

Minterburn Road, Lismulladown (Heading south-east)
Photograph by Kenneth Allen

15 Oct. 1888 Died
October 13th at 65 and 67 Glenalpin Street, Belfast, Sarah Jane Nicholson, second and dearly beloved daughter of James and Mary JELLY. The remains will be removed for interment in Minterburn, Caledon, tomorrow (Tuesday) morning at eight o’clock. Friends will please accept this intimation.

13 Nov. 1888 Married
January 12th at the Armagh Road Presbyterian Church, Portadown by the Rev. J. J. C. Breakey A.B, Lisburn, assisted the Rev. R. Jeffrey A.B., Portadown and Rev. D. Manderson A.B., Minterburn, brother-in-law of the bridegroom, Mat. B. MACKENZIE A.B, M.D., Lisburn, to Maggie Annie, second daughter of Robert HAMMOND, Cremorne, Lisburn.

2 Mar. 1889 The Funeral of Mrs. WRIGHT
It is our painful duty to record the demise of this estimable lady, which took place at her residence, Ballyfaddy, Dyan, on Friday, 22nd February, aged 58 years; and who is deeply and sincerely lamented, not only by the family, to whom she was so lovingly attached, but by a large circle of relations and friends. On Monday the 25th, 12 o’clock, the oak coffin, containing the remains, which was richly mounted with solid brass mounting, was placed in the hearse there and conveyed to their last resting place in the family burying ground in Minterburn Presbyterian churchyard. The chief mourners were;

Mr. Francis WRIGHT, husband of deceasedMr. J. PATTERSON J.P.Mr. Dixon PATTERSON and Mr. Robt. PATTERSON, brothers of deceasedMr. John EDWARDS, Mr. HAZLETT, sons-in-law
Mr. M’KIM, Mr. F. M’KEOWN, Mr. John M”KEOWN, Dr. PATTERSON, nephews.

In addition to the many carriages, there was a long line of vehicles, numbering about 100, one of the largest corteges seen in the locality for many years. Nothing could more truly testify the esteem and respect which the deceased was held among all classes of the community than the immense assemblage of people which followed the remains to the grave. Of the deceased it may be truly said that she had a deep and heartfelt love of the saviour and resting alone on his finished work, calmly and peacefully passed away to be “forever with the Lord.” Rev. Mr. WILSON, of Belfast, the former minister of the place, delivered a most touching and impressive address suitable for the occasion. The funeral arrangements were conducted by Mr. J. HILLOCK, Armagh.(Ulster Gazette)

29 Nov. 1889 Death
November 16th at the residence of her brother-in-law, Mr. Hugh HILTON, Topeka, Kansas, U.S., Mrs. Annie D. OTTS, fourth daughter of the late Rev .James COLLINS, Minterburn, Caledon.

21 Dec. 1889 Married
December 20, Minterburn Presbyterian Church by the Rev. A. J. Wilson, Malone, assisted by the Rev. D. Manderson. Minterburn, Richard GRAY, Dundalk, to Tillie, the daughter of Henderson HOEY, Dyan House, Caledon

11 June. 1892 Death
June 9th at Emy Mills, Emyvale, James CLOW, in his 73rd year. Remains will be removed for interment at Minterburn, this day (Saturday), at twelve o’clook noon, passing through Caledon about one o’clock.

28 Apr. 1892 Death
April 26th at Dunmackmay, Aughnacloy, Margaret, relict of the late James HADDEN. Her remains will be removed for interment in the family burying ground, Minterburn, this Thursday morning at eleven o’clock. Friends will please accept this, the only intimation.

7 Sept. 1892 Death
September 1st at his father’s residence, Minterburn, Caledon, County Tyrone. Robert, eldest and dearly beloved son of John and Annie BEST aged 41(?) years. American papers please copy.

3 Nov. 1908 Interesting Conditions of Will, Co. Tyrone Case at Dublin

The case of OSWALD vs. PRINGLE came before the Master of the Rolls at Dublin on Monday on a summons to administer the personal estate of the late Mr. Charles A. PRINGLE , of Boltonswall, Co. Tyrone. The deceased, who died in 1906, bequeathed his property to his wife for life and after her death devised his farm at Boltonswall to his son Thomas, on the conditions that he should subscribe to Minterburn Presbyterian minister, as his ancestors had done for the last two centuries and that he should also cause the old horn to be occasionally sounded at the dinner hour, as of yore, and allow any members of his family who required change of air and rest, to come and reside a while at Boltonswall. He left his farm at Tannaghlane to his son Alexander and directed his executors to make suitable provision for his daughter. Disputes having arisen between members of the family, as to their rights under the will, the executors deemed it best to have the personal estate administered through the court. His Lordship made the usual order for inquiries and accounts.

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