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KYLE Surname

The following articles transcribed by Teena from the Belfast Newsletter, Dublin Evening Post, Hibernian Journal, Newry Telegraph and Saunders Newsletter, unless otherwise noted.

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4 Oct 1776
died – By a fall from his horse Mr. Henry KYLE a late student of Trinity College

18 Feb. 1784 theft
Strabane Jan 13th – On Tues. evening last Lieut. COCHRAN and CRAIG, with a party of Strabane volunteers,in consequence of their having received information, that sundry goods, that day, had been feloniously carried out of different shops in this town, in the hurray of the market, by some person or persons, went in pursuit of a gang of robbers who have infested this neighbourhood for some time and apprehended in the house of Charles M’AULEY in Woodend John KYLE, Margaret KYLE, and Bridget GALLAGHER, having in their custody a bundle containing blankets, coatings &c. which they could not give a satisfactory account of; Whereupon they were brought before John BARCLAY Esq. provost, who on examining, found part of the goods to be the property of Mr. Wm. CRAWFORD of this town and committed them to Omagh jail to take their trial at next assizes.

1 March 1784 “We the undersigned freeholders in the County of Down
Your memorialists cannot find words strong enough to express their gratitude to his Majesty and the Parliament of this Kingdom, for the Blessings they enjoy under his Majesty’s most auspicious Government and our present happy constitution as legally settled under the glorious revolution of 1688.
Robert KYLE

23 Aug. 1784
At a vestry held in St. Ann’s vestry room, Dublin, on the 17th of Aug. 1784. by particular desire of the Right Hon. the Lord Mayor and Magistrates to take into consideration the late riots and outrages committed in this City, (Dublin) and the propriety of entering into an association of the inhabitants, for the preservation of the public peace.

11 Nov. 1784
A caution whereas Susanna TRAYNOR, Drumcondra, has circulated about this City (Dublin) and its vicinage, that she is the wife of John KYLE of the City quay, Clerk. Lest the public should be misled by the false insinuations of said woman and on that account give her credit, I avow said assertion of Susanna TRAYNOR, is groundless and that I will not pay one shilling on her account, of which I give this public notice.
Dated this 8th Nov. 1784

Whereas an advertisement has appeared in Saunders Newsletter signed by John KYLE disavowing his marriage with my daughter, I now, in order to convince the public of the villainy of such an affection, do hereby give the printed certificate of said, word for word, the original of which is in my possession. Drumcondra, Esther TRENOR 9 Nov. 1784

This is to certify that John KYLE and Susanna TRENOR were joined together in holy matrimony, according to the Canonical rights of the church or Ireland as by law established. Given under my hand this 3rd day of November 1784
Patrick FAY

18 June 1785 – To be sold
To be sold by auction by order of the assignee of Mr. John KYLE merchant, a bankrupt, per Robert CROWE, upholder and auctioneer on Wed. 22nd June 1785
The interest in the lease of the house, with the household furniture, china, glass and house linen of said KYLE, at his Dwelling house, No. 8, George’s street, George’s quay. The lease is a term of 21 years from September next, at the small yearly rent of 30£ per annum. It is fitted up with all necessary fixtures,such as marble and stone, chimney pieces, bath stove grates, brass locks, partitions and shelves, the whole newly painted and papered and cost him a fine of 50£, besides he laid out much more in useful improvements. It’s vicinity to the new custom house and its being at present, situated in the line of business, make it an object worthy of attention. The sale begins each day at 11 o’clock. A person attends to show the concerns. The lease to be sold on the 1st day of the sale at 1 o’clock. The particulars of the furniture in hand bills.

10 Aug.1786- appointment
John SLADE Esq. of Hillsborough is appointed collector of Lisburn in the room of Robert KYLE Esq. who is removed to Donaghadee.

27 Feb. 1787
At a general meeting of the inhabitants of Colerain and Killowen held in the town hall 2 Feb. 1787
Arthur KYLE

24 Jan. 1789 To be sold
To be sold a lease of lives renewable for ever, of a thousand acres of mountain and 46 acres of arable land, the same more or less, being part of the cartron? of land called Glencullen in the parish of Kilcommon and 40 acres of profitable land, being part of the quarter-land called Emlaghbeg, in the parish of Kilmore. All which lands are situate, lying and being in the half barony Erris, in the co. Mayo and are the property of the heirs of the Rev Mr. Robert HIGINBOTHOM, late of Colerain, subject to the payment of 12£ yearly rent and 12 shillings receivers fees, and a year’s rent at the fall of every life. The premises are now set 40£ yearly profit rent and supposed be set under value. Three good lives at present in being. Proposals post paid only for purchasing the interest of said lease, directed to the Rev. Mr. KYLE, at Laurel hill, near Colerain, will be duly answered. No preference promised. Secrecy if required.

8 Nov. 1796 Trinity College
Students signed an address to the Rev. Dr. BURROWES regretting his departure
Samuel KYLE

13 Feb.1799 Trinity College
Samuel KYLE commenced Master of Arts

2 Dec. 1817 Insolvent Debtors
We hereby give notice that our petitions have been presented to and our schedules and oaths filed in his Majesty’s court of King’s Bench in Ireland, in order to our being discharged out of custody and from the demands of our creditors, pursuant to an Act of Parliament made in the 53rd year of his present Majesty’s reign entitled “An Act for the Relief of insolvent Debtors in Ireland” and of an Act of Parliament made in the 54th year of his present Majesty reign entitled “An Act to amend the Act made in the last session of Parliament for the relief of Insolvent debtors in Ireland” and we further give notice and declare that we are ready and willing to be fully examined touching the justice of our conduct to each and every one of our creditors. And take notice that the matter of our said petitions will be taken into consideration in the said court on Tue. the 23rd December next, at the hour of 10 o’clock in the forenoon in order to our being discharged out of custody and from the demands of our Creditors.
Dated this 1st of Dec. 1817
Frederick KYLE confined in the Four Courts Marshalsea

The following are the creditors of Frederick KYLE;

(all in the county of Tyrone)
James M’CLEAN and his endorsees
George BROWN
Rev. Charles Cob BERESFORD and his endorsees
William KYLE and his endorsees
(Dublin Evening Post)

22 June 1819 – Insolvent Debtor

I hereby give notice that my petition hath been presented to and schedule and oath filed in his Majesty’s court of petty sessions of the Peace to be held at Dungannon, Co.Tyrone in order to my being discharged out of custody and from the demands of my creditors, pursuant to Act Parliament, made in the 53rd year of his present Majesty’s Reign, entitled “An Act for the Relief of Insolvent Debtors in Ireland” and of an Act of Parliament made in the 54th year of his present Majesty’s reign……

And I further give notice and declare that I am ready and willing to be fully examined touching the justice of my conduct to each and every one of my creditors in order to my being discharged out of custody, and from the demands of Creditors

And take Notice, that the matter of my said Petition will be taken into consideration at the said court of Quarter s.dops, a Sessions of the Peace to be held at Dungannon Monday the 12th July next, the hour of 10 o’clock in the forenoon, dated this 21 June 1819
Arthur KYLE – Confined in the Gaol of Omagh

creditors of Arthur KYLE;

David WHITE, Omagh. detaining Creditor
Prudence EDWARDS Woodbrook, another detaining creditor Isaac GRAHAM Strabane another detaining creditor
Jane COOPER Aghnahoo
Samuel KYLE residence unknown
Sam. CALDWELL of Killiter
Ralph CAMPBELL Mahunaguagh
James FARQUHAR Strabane
Jas. M’SORLY, Goink
Denis M’SORLY and Michael M’GARRITY Aughnabull
Roger M’SORLY Kilstrol
Charles M’SORLY Meachy?
Roland BELL Castlyon
Robert NELSON Carnkenny
Henry M’HUGH Dergbridge
John ELLIOTT Aghnahoo
George RUTLEDGE Garvetagh
Robert MORTLAND (MORELAND?) Coolna(cor?)maght
Charles JOHNSTON Cu_?uff
H- – iet (?) and Charles COOPER, Aughnahoo
Hugh HAMILTON (unreadable location)
James CARSWELL or CORSWELL residence unknown
John KIDD Dungiven
George GIVAN Drumgiven

8 May 1821
I hereby give notice that my petition hath been presented to and schedule and oath filed in his Majesty’s court of King’s Bench…..<etc. quoting 3 Acts of Parliament>

And I further give notice and declare that I am ready and willing to be fully examined touching the justice of my conduct to each and every one of my creditors in order to my being discharged out of custody and from the demands of my creditors. And take notice, that the matter of my said petition will be taken into consideration by the said court of Monday the 28th May next, at the hour of 10 o’clock in the forenoon
dated this 7th May 1821
Arthur KYLE confined in the Four Courts Marshalsea

The following are the Creditors (and their respective endorsees and assigns) of Arthur KYLE;

Samuel CADWELL (?)
Roger and C. M’SORLEY
Henry M’HUGH
Robert MURDAND (?)
Hubert KYLE
William BARRON
Reverend William HAWKSHAW
H.R. and C. COOPER
George GIVEN
all above of the County Tyrone
Samuel KYLE, residence unknown
James M’SORLEY, Crevlin, Denis M’SORLEY and Michael M’GERAGHTY, Aughnabull County Donegal

1820’s there was a Henry KYLE, an Auctioneer, in Co. Tyrone and holding auctions at Commercial Buildings Coffee room, Dublin

2 Nov. 1824 Petitions of Insolvent Debtors to be heard at Omagh Monday 15th Nov. inst.
William KYLE of Brackey, pensioner and farmer

30 Mar. 1826 Co. Tyrone assizes published
Sproul KYLE for attempting to take the life of Francis M’ALEER presenting and snapping 2 guns at him – to give security to appear at sessions (Enniskillen Chronicle and Erne Packet)

3 Dec. 1828 from The Pilot
A list of the names of the contributors to the fund raised in Norfolk County and Borough, in the State of Virginia, (USA) in aid of the cause of civil and religious liberty in Ireland, the places of origin in Ireland of themselves, or their families, and the sums they respectively contributed
Jeremiah KYLE – Tyrone

15 Jan. 1830
At Ramelton, on the 30th ult., Samuel KYLE Esq., Lieutenant, R.N age 45 yrs

11 Feb 1830
In the Fort Stewart Church on the 2nd inst. by the Rev. Andrew Christy, Mr. Robt. K. BRANDON near Kesh, Co. Fermanagh, to Mary Anne, daughter of Wm. KYLE Esq. of Brackey, Co. Tyrone.

18 Mar. 1830 Irish Academy
At the Annual stated Meeting of the Royal Irish Academy, held pursuant to Charter on the 10th March, at the Royal Irish Academy House, Grafton street, the following Members were elected as the Council and Officers for the ensuing Year; to Council
Rev. Samuel KYLE D.D. Provost T.C.D. (to committee of Science)

14 June 1831 MARRIED
On Friday last, at the Church of Grange Gorman, near Dublin, John LITTLE Esq. of Stewardstown,<sic> to Emily, youngest daughter of the late Samuel KYLE Esq. of Baggot street Dublin and niece to Robt. KYLE Esq. of Laurel hill Coleraine.

7 Aug. 1835 Breach of Promise of Marriage
In the Record court the case of Miss Jane BURNETT a. Mr. James KYLE created much interest. The lady is almost 20 years of age and possessed of many attractions; she was very fashionably dressed. The defendant is a respectable farmer, apparently the lady’s senior by 40 years. The damages were laid at £1,000.

The first witness was Catharine M’CANN – Lived as a servant with plaintiff’s father about 2 years ago; saw defendant KYLE, coming back and forward to Mr. BURNETT’S; always observed Mr. KYLE paying great attention to Jane BURNETT; heard KYLE say he would make Miss BURNETT mistress of all he had.
Cross- examined – It was not in the house she heard KYLE make the promise; it was a little way from the house; they had gone out with him; it was after night.

Arthur MENAGH – Has often seen KYLE in Miss BURNETT’S company in her father’s house; went with the runaway party to LAUGHLIN’S house on 27th Feb.; heard a conversation between KYLE and Mr. BURNETT about the fortune the latter would give his daughter; at another time was in BURNETT’S house, when defendant asked Jane to go home with him; she said if she did he would send her home again next day; KYLE said, on his honour he would not; this occurred about 3 weeks before the runaway, and after the conversation with her father about fortune.

Cross-examination – On the night of 27th Feb. (that of the runaway,) was sent for by some of the BURNETT’S; when he came to BURNETT’S, the supper was over; they had no drink,  only a glass of peppermint was taken by witness; the horses they went away upon were BURNETT’S on the way to LAUGHLIN’S they stopped to drink at one M’ANULTY’S; M’ANULTY asked witness was it a marriage or a runaway; witness said it was not a marriage yet, but he thought it would be one; KYLE was not dressed for a wedding, he was in his every day clothes.

Re-examined -Could not say that KYLE was drunk the evening of the runaway.
John LAUGHLIN – Is married to Aliss BURNETT’S elder sister; recollects Saturday 28th February; KYLE, MENAGH and Miss BURNETT and her brother came to his house early that morning; KYLE and Jane BURNETT were riding; asked Jane what was the matter, when KYLE said, “hold your tongue, John, it is a runaway”; marriage always follows a runaway; they remained in witness’s house until Sunday evening; when they arrived KYLE was perfectly sober; on Sunday evening witness accompanied Jane BURNETT and KYLE to his (KYLE’S) father’s; the old man kissed Jane and welcomed her there, saying there was no other woman he would rather have for a wife for his son; at this time defendant said it would have been much better if they had remained at Miss BURNETT’S father’s house until they had married; before witness leff the house, defendant brought a check of one of the Belfast Banks for £1,400 and showed it to witness; on Monday night KYLE , witness, and Miss BURNETT, with one or two others, went together to BURNETT’S house; on this occasion KYLE said he would return next day with his brother-in-law (DAVISON) and have the match made; KYLE and DAVISONdid come; DAVISON said, I suppose, BURNETT, you will give £500 with your daughter;” BURNETT said he would give as large a fortune as ever was given in Barney (the townland in which they lived); BURNETT produced a bond for £250 and said he would give that; DAVISON said, “Will you not make it £300 or more”; BURNETT said, if it was money they wanted, he would make it £300 or more; both KYLE and DAVISON said that would be sufficient;

Cross – examined – Is married to Miss BURNETT’S eldest sister; got £150 fortune with his wife; did not know whether Miss BURNETT had run away with KYLE, or KYLE with Miss BURNETT; when defendant was at witness’s house he said he would marry the plaintiff; could not say whether Miss BURNETT was in love with defendant or not.

John M’LAREN – Is uncle to plaintiff, and his wife is cousin to Mr. KYLE; recollects meeting defendant at BURNETT’S house; after they left told defendant as they were all friends, he did not wish defendant to make a fool of the girl; he (KYLE) said he was serious, and had no such wish as to make a fool of her.

Richard FORBES – Is an elder of the Rev. Mr. BROWN’S congregation; about 3 days after the runaway called on KYLE and told him Mr. BROWN was ready to marry them; this was by the directions of Mr. BROWN; KYLE said it was hard to ask him to marry, and his father so very ill.

Mr. W. M’CULLOUGH – Is the manager of the Provincial Bank of Ireland at Omagh; Witness being asked how much money defendant had in the Bank, appealed to the court to know whether he was bound to answer the question, when his Lordship said he was. Witness stated defendant had £1,300 lodged in the Bank at Omagh.

Mr. DEERING addressed the court for the defendant – He said his client was nearly 60 years of age, while the plaintiff was not more than 20. It would appear that the lady had not been in the slightest degree injured; the breath of calumny had never touched her character; it would, therefore, have been more creditable to her friends had she not been dragged into a court of justice. It was clear her own feelings had never been consulted; and he would ask the Jury what loss had such a beautiful young lady sustained, in not being married to such a man as his client? She was a match for the finest man in the country. There could have been no wish on her part for the marriage, and he would say that few could be guilty of so far debasing themselves, as to force such a girl into the arms of an old dolt. The fact was, it was an object of the deepest design on the part of the lady’s friends. They thought defendant was a fine match for their daughter; they knew he was rich; they wanted the money, little caring for the happiness of the girl. Plaintiff’s father kept a public house on the road side; Defendant had to pass it on has way to the mill, and it was quite clear that he had been invited into the house, induced to drink until he knew not what he did and then the runaway was planned, and the party set off on BURNETT’S own horses. Why, if something unfair was not intended, did they runaway at all? Plaintiff’s family were not against the match, nor were there any persons to prevent the defendant from doing as he liked. Would it, therefore, be believed, if he had been in his sober senses, he would have run off with a wife in his dirty clothes, and no way prepared for such an excursion?

Mr. DEERING here commented on the evidence, and contended that no real promise of marriage had been proved.
The learned counsel concluded by saying that they left the case entirely with the Jury – it was not their intention to call a witness.

Baron SMITH in giving his charge, recapitulated the chief parts of the evidence. His address appeared to favour the plaintiff. The jury found for the plaintiff, £125 damages and 6d. Costs.

Londonderry Standard 6 Sept. 1843
Templemoyle Agricultural Seminary
The annual examination of the pupils attending this most useful Institution was held on the 28th and 29th ult. at the Seminary, and, notwithstanding the weather was very unfavourable, attracted a considerable number of visitors.

Grammar 1st class 2nd division
was listed 2nd out of 10 pupils, Wm. James KYLE of Mournebegg, Castlederg Tyrone

Botany 1st class
3rd William James KYLE of Mournebegg, Castlederg Tyrone

15 Mar.1849 Aggravated Assault A great Affray
Tyrone assizes
John MEENAGH and James MEENAGH , for assaulting Isabella KYLE, Rameckan, on the 22nd August last, the former with a reaping hook, the latter aiding and abetting, with intent to do her grievous bodily harm.

James KYLE, examined – l was hoeing turnips ground at Rameckan, on the 22nd August last, when the prisoners came through ground, carrying bundles of grass; told them they must cease trespassing or I would take proceedings against them; James MEENAGH said would go through me and, throwing down the bundle of grass, made at me with a hook; I did not wait till he got at me, but grappled with him; John then made at me, and the only way I had to have myself was by holding James between John and me; my sister Isabella came in to save me, crying, “Boys, don’t maim other,” when John struck her over the eye with a hook, inflicting a severe wound on her, by which she was confined to the house for some time afterwards.

Mr. M’CROSSAN, Solicitor, was permitted to put few a few questions to the witness, from which it appeared that the fight arose from a dispute about right of way; that there was a general melee; and that the MEENAGH’S had entered a cross-case against the KYLES, which was expected to have come on these assizes. Mr. M’CROSSAN stated he expected the cross case would have been taken up by the Crown, and under this impression he had not fed(?) Counsel and was taken by surprise. It was for this reason the Court permitted him to act for the MEENAGH’S .

Isabella KYLE, examined – She corroborated her brother’s evidence, and said the blow she received over her eye was inflicted by John MEENAGH with a hook, and was aimed at her; she was laid up for six weeks afterwards by it.

Dr. CLEMENTS -Attended Isabella KYLE during her illness, from a fracture of the frontal bone; several pieces of the bone came away; there was great danger until the operation of trepanning was performed; the wound appeared to have been inflicted with a reaping hook.

for the defence;
Anne Casey was examined – Saw the beginning of the fight; the MEENAGH’S were coming through the field, with bundles of grass on their backs; James KYLE came after them from the turnip field, and tumbling the grass from James MEENAGH’S back, caught him by the cuff of the neck and swung him round; John KYLE then came up and knocked down John MEENAGH; Ellen, Nancy, and Bell KYLE then came up and beat John while he was on the ground, the two former with stones, the latter with a stick; saw Bell KYLE bleeding, but did not see who gave her the wound.

Pat M’KERNON, examined – The affray began by James KYLE coming after the MEENAGH’S, throwing the bundle of grass off James MEENAGH’S back, and then knocking him down.

Pat MEENAGH , examined – corroborated the evidence of CASEY and M’KERNON about the origin of the affray, and stated there were six of the KYLEs laying on John and James MEENAGH, who were dreadfully beaten; would not have known James he was so covered with blood from wounds on the head, and his ears, which were split in two, apparently by kicks; he did not do anything till after harvest; John MEENAGH got a dreadful beating; he got a blow on the head, which swelled up the size of fist, and that’s a wonderful lump. (great laughter.) The Court may laugh, but it was a most extraordinary thing. (renewed laughter.) John MEENAGH Guilty; James MEENAGH ,Not Guilty. The latter was discharged, and the sentence upon John was deferred until the other case should be heard.

16 May 1849 Died
May 7, at his residence, Sandymount, William HINCHY Esq., in the 61st year of his age and on the 8th instant Rebecca KYLE his wife, eldest daughter of the late Thomas KYLE Esq . of Dungiven, and niece to the late Right Rev. Dr. Samuel KYLE, Lord Bishop of Cork and Cloyne. (Derry Journal)

19 Sept. 1856 Married
Sept. 17th at York Street Church, Kingstown, by the Rev. Dr. Kirkpatrick, John KYLE Esq.. of the Hon. East India Company’s Service, to Mary, fifth and youngest daughter of the late J. MORROW Esq., Crevagh, Dngannon, County Tyrone.

5 Jan. 1859 Death
October 6th at Melbourne, Australia, of colonial fever, Arthur S. W. KYLE, only child of the Rev. Robert Wood KYLE, incumbent of Trinity church, Guernsey and nephew of Henry KYLE Esq. of Laurel Hill, Colerain.

8 Nov. 1862 Birth
Nov. 2nd at Greenmount, Craigavad, the wife of Mr. George W. KYLE, of a daughter.

15 Jan. 1868 Married
Jan. 10th in the Third Presbyterian Church, Ballymena by the Rev. S. J. Moore, Mr. Andrew TODD, Ballymena, to Jane, younger daughter of M. KYLE Esq., Millbrook, Ballymena.

6 May 1868 Married
April 30th in St. Mary’s Church, Cheltenham by the Rev. E. A. Litton, late Fellow of Oriel, uncle of the bride, Robert KYLE Esq., eldest son of Henry KYLE Esq., Laurel Hill, Coleraine, high-sheriff, Co. Londonderry, to Kathleen, second daughter of W. W. CARUS-WILSON Esq., Casterton Hall, Westmoreland.

13 Oct. 1869 Death
October 10th at 132 Argyle Street, Belfast, Jane, wife of Mr. Walter KYLE, aged 53 years.

27 May 1870 Married
May 24th in the Presbyterian Church, Cookstown by the Rev. J. P. Wilson, Mr. George KYLE, Mullarodden, Co. Tyrone, to Lizzie, second daughter of Mr. Wm. MATTHEWS, Grange, Cookstown.

23 Dec. 1871 Married
December 18th at Rathmullan by  the Rev. H. Cochrane, Mr. James KYLE eldest son of Mr. William KYLE of Rathmullan to Mary, daughter Mr. Bernard M’BRIDE, Rossgull, County Donegal

28 Jun. 1872 Married
June 6th at the Ottawa Street Wesleyan Church, Montreal, by the Rev. S. Hunter, Edward, youngest son of the late John C. KYLE, Esq, of Londonderry, to Mary, youngest daughter of John EUARD Esq. of that city.

22 Apr. 1878 Death of Henry KYLE, Esq. J.P.

It is with extreme regret we announce the death of Mr. KYLE, Laurel Hill, Coleraine. Mr. KYLE succumbed to a long and painful illness on Saturday week, at the age of sixty seven years. He had been Deputy vice chairman of the Coleraine Board of Guardians since 1854, chairman of Coleraine Dispensary Committee and was an active, able, and painstaking magistrate.He served as High sheriff for the County of Londonderry in the year 1868, and was recently appointed a Deputy-Lieutenant on the recommendation of Sir Hervey BRUCE Bart., Lieutenant of the county. His relations with his tenantry were of the most cordial and intimate character, and his social qualities gained for him esteem and respect of all with whom he came in contact. Though of a retiring disposition, his invariable kindness and urbanity rendered him one of the most popular of our resident gentry, and his loss will be keenly felt by the people of Coleraine and the surrounding neighbourhood. He will be especially missed by the humbler residents in Killowen, who were always able to reckon upon a true friend and benefactor. On Saturday the remain were interred in the family burying ground Killowen.

8 Dec. 1879 Birth
December 5th at 67 Riga Street, Belfast, the wife of Samuel KYLE, a son.

Available at the PRONI (Public Records Office Northern Ireland)
note- Some of these may have no genealogical value

T2563 – Ross Henderson (depositor) papers
Dates 1903-1968
Session book for Newtownstewart United Presbyterian Church, Co. Tyrone and family pedigrees of the KYLE family of Brackey, Co. Tyrone and JOHNSTON family of Lisnaden, Dromore, Co. Tyrone.

T3482/3 McFARLAND and KYLE documents
Dates c.1850-1886
Rent receipts, dog licences and tithe payment receipts of James and Jane McFARLAND and William KYLE, Omagh area, Co. Tyrone

T3482/3/1 – T3482/3/7 – One of seven papers including rent receipts
Dates c.1850-1886
One of seven papers including rent receipts, dog licenses and tithe payment receipts of James and Jane McFARLAND and William (?KYLE), Omagh area, Co. Tyrone.

T3300/10/1 – Pedigree of the KYLE family, Creeduff, Bracky and Mourne Beg, Co. Tyrone Dates c.1600-1973

T3300/10 – KYLE and JOHNSTON Pedigrees
Dates 1973
Pedigrees of the related families of KYLE of Creeduff, Bracky and Mourne Beg, Co. Tyrone, and JOHNSTON family of Dromore, Rakeeranbeg and Killybrack, Co. Tyrone, c.1600-1973 ([see also T2563)

T2563/1A – Family Pedigree
Dates c.1600-1966
Family Pedigree. “This Chart was prepared by Dr. G. Van B. GILMOUR of Dublin in 1956”. KYLE Family, Brackey, Co. Tyrone.

T1947/4 – Kyle family, Bracky, Co. Tyrone. Pedigree from 1600

T1947/3 – Typescript transcript of legal brief in the dispute
Dates 1863
between KYLE v. O’CONNOR relating to the KYLE interest in Mournbeg corn mill, Co. Tyrone. It traces the title from 1683.

T1947/2 – James KYLE of Mourne Beg, Co. Tyrone
Dates 1 Aug. 173?
James KYLE of Mourne Beg, Co. Tyrone and others to John McCLINTOCK Trintaugh [sec.] Co. Donegal. Copy bargain and sale. Consid. £380 and £190.

In trust for Robert LOWRY (Loughans, Co. Tyrone) Corn mill and land, Bracky, Co. Tyrone.

T1041/42 – Frederick & Robert KYLE, Moinbeg, John MATHEWS
Dates 25 Nov.1829
Frederick & Robert KYLE, Moinbeg, John MATHEWS, Lisnacloon, James GUY, Moinbeg, William, Robert, James & John KYLE, all of Creduff, William KYLE, sen. Creduff to Hugh GUY, Castlederg, all in Co. Tyr.
Lease of quarries from 1 Nov. 1829 for 21 years.
Rent £8 p.a. Manor of Hastings, Co. Tyr.

T1041/31 Sir John Stewart HAMILTON Bart.
oldest Dates 29 October 1792
Sir John Stewart HAMILTON, Bart. (eldest son and heir at law of William HAMILTON, Dunymanagh, co. Tyr.) 1st pt. John BATEMAN, Castlegore, Co. Tyr. & his wife Rt. Hon. Olivia BATEMAN orse EDWARDS Countess of Ross; 2nd pt. James KYLE, Moinbeg, Co. Tyr.; 3rd pt. & Robert KYLE, Creeduff, Co. Tyr.

Copy Renewal of lease of mill, quarries and 7ac. for lives renewable for ever (new lives – Eleanor, dau. of James KYLE (lessee), Frederick, son of John KYLE, Omagh, and John, son of John MATTHEWS, Lisnacloon, Co. Tyr,)
Considn. £11.14s.10 1/2 d. Rent: £21 + dues. Moinbeg, Co. Tyr.

T810/14 Volume comprising transcripts of documents (various locations)

(724) Will and Grant of Probate of the Last Will and Testament of Robert KYLE, Esquire, decd., late of Laurel Hill Co. Londonderry, 9 Feb. 1832.

(736) Renewal, Toties Quoties, Executors Heyland to Robert KYLE, 1 April 1809.

(738) Grant of Probate of the Last Will and Testament and one Codicil of Henry KYLE, J. P. D. L., late of Laurel Hill, Coleraine in Co. Londonderry 18 May 1878.

(739) Will and Grant of Probate of Ann Elizabeth KYLE, Principal Registry, 26 Nov. 1920.

T810/8 Volume comprising transcripts of documents (various locations)
Dates 1663-1909
(369) Lease, George KYLE to John CARSE 18 March 1741.
(370) Portions of Lease, Robert KYLE to Gawin PATTERSON 1 May 1753.
MIC13/2 Passenger Book of Cooke’s of Derry. Copy Dates 1847-1849
List of passengers per ship ‘Portland’ for St. John, New Brunswick, burthen per register 541 tons: Captain Stalker.
from Castlederg including families of McCORMICK, McHUGH, BUSTARD, GALLEN, and KYLE.

LR1/161/2 – Emily Kyle LITTLE, Co. Tyrone, Record Number EC7243, Box 161. Dates 1806-1924

LR1/591/3 – T. KYLE, Co. Tyrone, Record Number EC909, Box 591. Dates 1879-1906

D4240 5 letters of Robert KYLE of Coleraine Dates 1803-1815

D2892/1/1 Passenger book – Londonderry to Philadelphia, New Orleans, Quebec and St. John Dates February 1847-1849
List of passengers booking for the ship ‘Hartford’ (Captain Sanneman) for Philadelphia 16th Mar. -24th Apr. 1847
Roseanna KYLE, Beragh, Co. Tyrone and family Jane, Margaret and Catherine 9 years

Bookings cancelled on the List of passengers booking for the ship ‘John Clarke’ (Captain Disbrow) for St. Johns, New Brunswick 13 Apr.-21 May 1847
Charles and Matty KYLE, Castlederg, Co. Tyrone and Letty 13 years

(not sure of the ship or where this next Kyle is from?)
Dolly KYLE, Castlederg and children Susan 13 years, Rose, Eliza 11, Dolly 9 and John 7

Bookings cancelled List of passengers booking for the ship Superior (Captain Mason) for Quebec 5th -16th Jul. 1847
Robert KYLE, Omagh

D2738/1/12 Title Mortgage between John LITTLE Esq. of Stewartstown
Dates 20 Nov. 1832
Mortgage between John LITTLE Esq. of Stewartstown, Co. Tyrone of the 1st part, his wife Emily H. LITTLE of the 2nd part and Ellen KYLE, widow of Laurelhill, William HASLETT, merchant, of Londonderry and Samuel Wright KNOX Esq. of Coleraine, all of Co. Londonderry, of the third part, of land in Stewartstown, Co. Tyrone, Consideration £1,972.10.

D1769/17/4 Level – Sub-series Title- Briefs, conveyances and working papers
Dates 1839-1933
Box containing various Briefs, etc.
Albert KYLE Omagh, Co. Tyrone, a Shareholder v Workman Clark & Co. Abt 1927

D1741/51 Lease for 31 yrs. with covenants. Rent
Dates 21 March 1864
Lease for 31 yrs. with covenants. Rent £13. On reverse is surrender of property dated 26th Oct. 1888. James LOWRY, Rockdale, Co. Tyrone.
James and David KYLE, Brackey, Co. Tyrone. 19a. 2r. 7p.

D1118/14/K/19 Dates 1898
Joseph KYLE of Terrydoo Clyde (Co. Londonderry) farmer, letters of administration

D1132/10/11/36 LOWRY to Robert KYLE of Limehill, eviction
Dates 1881 <there is a Limehill is in Co. Tyrone>
D1170/1 Estate papers of the KYLE family, Laurel Hill, Co. Londonderry Dates 1788 – 1898

D530/22 Various Letters – 12 Nov. 1766 John McATYER
Dates 1766 – c.1785
1st letter – 12 June 1793 Rev. Arthur KYLE, Laurel Hill, Coleraine to James SHIPBOY, Belfast. <there are 6 total>

D236/488/3 Dates March 1882 – Dec. 1882
Copy out letter book of James CROSSLE and his son, James CROSSLE Jr. As agent for the Verner Estate in Co.’s Armagh, Monaghan, & Tyrone

Dear Sir,
the wife of William KYLE of Tulnaven, who is now in the workhouse has four small children, which she cannot support. She gets an occasional day’s work but that is not sufficient. It will be much cheaper to allow her outdoor relief rather than force her into the workhouse. Please arrange tomorrow to have her allowed 2s 6d a week for the next three months. By that time the potatoes which the neighbours are assisting her to plant will be nearly fit for digging.

You should also see that the DIVINES have outdoor relief too. On behalf of the electoral Division I approve of 1s 6d a week for McCUSKER (?) 2s 6d a week for KYLE and 4s 0d a week for DIVINE. This latter should be only for a month and renewed if necessary

BG/8/A/2 Minute book (manuscript) Dates Mar. 1846-Jul. 1851
Castlederg Division (poor law)
20 July 1849 Payments include: Henry KYLE for dressing woollen cloth £1 17s. 11d.
5 Oct.1849 Payments to: Henry KYLE for dressing frieze cloth 13s 6d.