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Game Certificates

24 Sept. 1806
A list of names, places and abode of the several persons who have taken out certificates for killing game, agreeable to the Act of Parliament, from the distributor for Dungannon in the County of Tyrone, between the 25th March and 12th Sept. 1806. Certified by me, George KERR, distributor of Stamps for Dungannon

Date / Number / Name / Residence

Apr. 3rd – 1 James ADAMS Esq., Tullydoey
Apr. 11th – 2 William CURRY Esq., Aughnacloy
Apr. 16th – 3 Thomas SHARP Esq., City Armagh
May 9th – 4 Rev. David SHUTER, Ballinderry
Jul. 17th -5 John PRINGLE Esq., Calledon
__ – 6 Archy SCOTT, deputation as game-keeper to Earl Caledon
Aug. 11th – 7 Rev. Nathaniel SMITH, Stewartstown
Aug. 17th – 8 Edward MOORE Esq., Aughnacloy
Aug. 21st – 9 Hugh HUNTER Esq., Mountjoy
__ – 10 John Charles HUNTER Esq., Stewartstown
__ – 11 Thomas MOORE Esq., Bawn
Sep. 11th – 12 William MURRAY Esq., Dungannon
Sep. 12th – 13 Robert TENNANT gent., Stagnmore

17 Oct. 1816
List of the names, places, abode &c. of several persons who have taken out certificates for killing game, agreeably to the Act of Parliament, from the distributor for the County Tyrone at Omagh, between 25th Mar. and 1st Oct. 1816.

Earl Blessington, Mountjoy park
Hugh STEWART, Greenhill
Jones CRAWFORD, Newtown-Stewart
Arthur RICHARDSON, Clonfeacle
Rev. Thomas STACK, Omagh
Samuel M’CLINTOCK, Seskinore
James GALBRAITH, Dungannon
Samuel G. ROGERS, Riverland
Rev. G. KING, Longfield
Thomas HOUSTON, Omagh
Thomas P. MAGEE, Erginaught
Walter John QUIN, Omagh
Alexander CAMPBELL, Omagh
Charles STACK, Omagh
Waring MAXWELL, County Down
William PEEPLES, Aughnacloy
Nathaniel MEANS, Rahaghy
Captain JENKINS, Mountjoy park
Ensign CAMACK, 83rd Regiment, Omagh
Lieutenant BREHAN, 83rd Regiment, Omagh
Lieutenant NORTH, 44th Regiment, Omagh
Lieutenant GREER, 44th Regiment, Omagh
William SPARROW, Ardunshin

Game-keepers to the Marquis of Abercorn

Game-keepers to the Earl of Blessington
Edward FOY

Owen DONNELLY – Game-keeper to A. RICHARDSON
James M‘CALLIN – Game keeper to the Rev. J. LOWRY
John DONNELLY – Game-keeper

Distributor for Omagh in the County Tyrone – George BUCHANAN

List of the names, places of abode, &c. of the several persons who have taken out certificates for killing game, agreeably to Act of Parliament from the distributor for the town of Cookstown between 25th Mar. and 5th Oct. 1816. Distributor of Stamps for Cookstown – Joseph RODGERS

John ALLEN, Cookstown
James CAULFIELD, Bellmont
Monck EAGLESON, Dartress
James Trail HALL, Arboe
Frederick LINDSAY, Loughry
James LOWRY, Rockdale
Rev. John M. STAPLES, Lissan
Colonel William STEWART, Killymoon
Rev. Richard STEWART, Killymoon
Thomas STAPLES, Lissan

25 Sept. 1819
List of the names, places of abode &c of those who have taken out certificates for killing game, agreeably to the Act of Parliament, from the distributor for the County of Tyrone between 25 Mar. and 20 Aug. 1819.
Certified by George BUCHANAN, Distributor of Stamps for Tyrone.

Right Hon. the Earl Blessington, Mountjoy Forest
Hugh STEWART Esq., Greenhill
Jones CRAWFORD, Newtownstewart
Robert BATESON, Mountfield Lodge
Rev. Thomas STACK, Omagh
Charles STACK, Omagh
James GALBRAITH Esq., Omagh
James WILSON, Esq., Omagh
Rev. J. PILKINGTON, Upper Langfield
Arthur Wolf RICHARDSON Esq., Clonfeacle House
Edward MOORE Esq., Aughnacloy
Richard MARSHALL Esq., Omagh
James HAMILTON Esq., Surgeon the Royal Navy, Newtownstewart
John H. CAMPBELL Esq., Cottage near Newtownstewart

William PEEBLES Esq., Dungannon

James CUNNINGHAM, game-keeper to the Earl of Blessington
Andrew GRAHAM, ditto
Hugh NOUGHER, ditto

John ROUSE, game-keeper to the Earl of Abercorn
John M’CROSSEN, ditto
William JOHNSON, ditto

John BLACK, game-keeper to the Right Hon. Sir J. STEWART
James M’CALLIN, game-keeper to the Earl of Belmore
John MIMNAGE, game-keeper to Sir James GALBRAITH

22 Oct. 1818
The names and residences of such persons have taken out game certificates in the Donegal since the 25th March, 1818, Ralph YOUNG. Distributor of Stamps County Donegal

Captain STEVENSON, Raphoe
Walter HUNTER, Raphoe
Rev. James JONES Jr., Raphoe
Charles STYLE, Grove-hill
Richard CHAMBERS, Lifford
Ralph YOUNG, Letterkenny
James STEWART, Fortstewarl
Thomas OLPHERTS, Ballyconnell
James WATT Jr., Ramelton
William DELAP, Ray
Robert M’COY, Tullybeg
Patrick BURNS, game-keeper to Sir Samuel HAYES Bart. Drumboe
John TREDENNICK, Fort william
Sir William Augustus SMITH, knight, Buancrana
Doctor George SMITH, Buncrana
James WILSON, Factory Cottage, Buncrana.

28 Sep. 1819

A list of the names, places of abode &c. of the several who have taken out certificates for killing game agreeable to Act of Parliament, from the distributor for the County of Armagh, between the 5th May and the 4th September 1819 Certified by me, for A.T. KELLY., Matthew BELL, distributor of stamps for Armagh.

Charles Ravenhill WRIGHT, 29th Regiment, Armagh
Rev. Nathaniel Smith MADDEN, Co. Armagh
Rev. Francis Gervais CECIL, Co. Tyrone
Lee M’KINSTREY Esq., Keady, Co. Armagh
William BISSETT Esq., Kilmore, do.
Hugh Lyons MONTGOMERY Esq., Carrick, do.
Her, George EVANS, Seago, do.
Thomas EVANS Esq., Armagh, do.
Henry Leslie PRENTICE, do.
Henry Nelson SMITH Esq., Charlemont, do.
James VERNER jun. Esq Church-hill do.
John CARDWELL Esq., Tullyeliner, (?) do.
Samuel PHELPS, Charlemont, do.
James JOHNSTON jun. Esq.,Nappagh, do.
James M’KEAN Esq., Armagh, do.
James MARSHALL Curfeaghan, do.
Colonel Charles WALLER (?) Charlemont, do.
Charles BROWNLOW Esq. M. P., Lurgan, do,
John BROWNLOW Esq., Brownlow’s Derry, do.

Transcribed & compiled from the Belfast Commercial Chronicle and the Dublin Evening Post.