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1880 Education Exams, Male Students

Transcribed by Teena from the Northern Whig Friday 15 Oct. 1880

Portora Royal School, Enniskillen, County Fermanagh. The alma mater of Dr. Charles NELSON, Dr. Brian NELSON, Oscar WILDE, Henry Francis LYTE and Samuel BECKETT by Rosemary Nelson

The Intermediate Education Examinations

We have received from the Intermediate Education Beard the official list, issued yesterday, of the results of the examinations held in 1880. The list contains the names of students who have obtained exhibitions and prizes, as also of those who have simply passed, together with the number of marks awarded. The names of exhibitioners and prize-takers have already appeared in our columns, and we now annex the names of those in our district who have passed in two or more divisions, one at least of these being the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 5th. <sic>

Boys – Junior Grade

John ALEXANDER, Academical Institution, Londonderry
John S. F. M’CANCE, Academical Institution, Belfast
John WILSON, Royal School, Raphoe
Michael P. DELANY Christian Schools, Omagh
John O’FLAHERTY, St. Malachy’s College, Belfast
Robert M. FRASER, Royal Academical Institution, Belfast
William H. WRAY, The Academy, Cookstown
Patrick M’FADDEN, Diocesan Seminary, Letterkenny
Henry POPE, Royal School, Raphoe
Patrick KENNY, St. Colman’s College, Violet Hill, Newry
John S. MORROW, Mercantile Academy, Belfast
William M’CALL, St. Malachy’s College, Belfast
Wm. Wallace MARTIN, Royal Academical Institution, Belfast
Edmund M’N. WOODS, Intermediate School, Ballymena
Elrington F. S. M’KAY, Portora Royal School, Enniskillen
C. WOOD, Cathedral School, Armagh
Joseph MURRAY, St. Malachy’s College, Belfast
William D. HILL, Royal Academical Institution, Belfast
Robert MONTGOMERY, Royal Academical Institution, Belfast
James CHAMBERS, Royal Academical Institution, Belfast
James STIRLING, Royal Academical Institution, Belfast
Charles A. RADLEY, Friends School, Prospect Hill, Lisburn
Thomas M’N. WARD, The Academy, Portadown
Charles E. QUIN, Newry Collegiate School
John BURNS, Christian Schools, Belfast
Daniel P. GALLAGHER, National School, Eliza street, Belfast
John MULLAN, Christian Schools, Belfast
Robert A. MILLS, Sullivan School, Holywood
Robert FULTON, The Academy, Strabane
Matthew MURRAY, Christian Schools, Belfast
William J. WADSWORTH, Portora Royal School, Enniskillen
Richard D, BOLTON, Royal School, Armagh
Charles M. STACK, Portora Royal School, Enniskillen
Christopher WOODNEY, Banbridge Academy
John S. DICK, Intermediate School, Boardmills
George C. DOBBIN, Royal School, Dungannon
Neal DEVENNY, Diocesan Seminary, Letterkenny
William ANDERSON, Model School, Ballymena
John COLLINS, Christian Schools, Belfast
John N. HARTE, Christian Schools, Belfast
John J. O’HARE, Christian Schools, Belfast
Michael BURKE, Christian Schools, Belfast
Hugh F. HERON, Belmont Academy, Strandtown, Belfast
James M’CARTIN, Christian Schools, Belfast
Michael MURPHY, Castlemahon, Newcastle W.
Robert MILLING, Royal Academical Institution, Belfast
Michael J. HARTE, Christian Schools, Belfast
George A. HENRY, St. Malachy’s College, Belfast
John C. LINTON, The Academical Institution, Coleraine
Michael O’DONOHOE, Knocktemple, Virginia
Joseph P. O’BRIEN, Christian Schools, Belfast
Thomas WARDELL, Friends School, Prospect Hill, Lisburn
William M. ELLIOTT, Methodist College, Belfast
Edward W. ADAIR, Academical Institution, Coleraine
George ROBERTSON, Mercantile Academy, Belfast
Patrick J. DIAMOND, St. Macarten’s Seminary, Monaghan
John G. BROWN, Royal School, Armagh
William E. P. COTTER, Royal Academical Institution, Belfast
William M’MASTER, Intermediate School, Omagh
Francis J. GILLIGAN St. Malachy’s College, Belfast
Spencer L. BINGHAM, Royal School, Armagh
Bernard DUFFY, Diocesan Seminary, Letterkenny
Daniel LAGAN, Fallagloon, Maghera, Co. Derry
Arthur M’VICKER, Foyle College, Londonderry
Josias W. LUNDY, Grammar school, Carrickmacross
John A. C. LAMONT, Endowed school, Bangor
Robert STEWART Intermediate school, Ballymoney
John M’NALLY, Christian schools, Belfast
Charles P. R, JAMES, Rockmount House, Dundrum (Co. Down?)
John L. M’CANDLESS, Royal school, Raphoe
William J. M’KEOWN, Christian Schools, Belfast
Samuel MILLIN, Royal Academical Institution, Belfast
John J. KENNY, High street, Enniskillen
John MENARY, Cathedral school, Armagh
William Dickson LEE, Royal Academical Institution, Belfast
Henry BREEN, Portora Royal School, Enniskillen
George A. BUCHANAN, Royal school, Armagh
Louis G. F. MACRORY, Royal school, Armagh
Joseph A. M’MAHON, Christian school, Armagh
James R. STEEN, Academical Institution, Londonderry
Thomas QUINN, Sullivan Upper School, Holywood
Philip KILROY, St. Patrick’s College, Cavan
Thomas C. ALLEN, Academical Institution, Londonderry
Patrick GALLAGHER, Christian Schools, Belfast
Robert J. ROSS, Royal Academical Institution, Belfast
David H. GIBSON, The Academy, Cookstown
Frederick A. CRAIG, Academical Institution, Londonderry
John O’DRISCOLL, Christian Schools, Belfast
William J. ANDERSON, The Academy, Cookstown
Joseph MULLEN, Macarten’s Seminary, Monaghan
George M. GWEEN, Gracehill Academy, Ballymena
David Frederick KELLY, Rainey intermediate school, Magherafelt
Alfred Wm. ESLER, Methodist College, Belfast
Alfred G. W. HARREL, Church of Ireland Coll. School, Belfast
Alexander G. CRAWFORD, Academical Institution, Coleraine
Thomas C. G. MACKINTOSH, Intermediate School, Newtownards
Robert L. SMITH, Foyle College, Londonderry
James HENDRICK, Mercantile Academy, Belfast
Francis P. MURPHY, Christian Schools, Belfast
Francis DONNELLAN, St. Macarten’s Seminary, Monaghan
James Joseph O’SHEA, Christian Schools, Belfast
Samuel DONNELLY, Christian Schools, Belfast
Warren BAXTER, Academical Institution, Coleraine
Denis HANNIGAN, St. Columb’s College, Londonderry
Robert W. SMYTH, Royal School, Raphoe
Robert D. MEGAW, Intermediate School, Ballymoney
John M’LAUGHLIN, Portora Royal School, Enniskillen
Thomas J. S. HARBISON, The Academy, Cookstown
S. W. ENTRICAN, The Academy, Strabane
M. J. M’HUGH, Town Hall street, Enniskillen
William M’CARTNEY, Endowed School, Bangor
John W. M’MURRAY, Royal Academical Institution, Belfast
Cecil R. TOPPING, Royal Academical Institution, Belfast
John M. ROBERTS, Royal School, Armagh
Maurice CARROLL, Castlemahon, Newcastle W.
Thomas S. KILLEN, Royal Academical Institution, Belfast
James M’GURK, Christian Schools, Belfast
Ralph Hall REID, Foyle College, Londonderry
Walter D. HOGG, Mercantile Academy, Belfast
James THOMPSON. St. Malachy’s College, Belfast
Peter M’KEEGAN, Christian Schools, Belfast
William H. SHAW, Newcastle Academy, Belfast
Thomas CARROLL, East Bridge street, Enniskillen
Purdon DICKSON, Collegiate school, Newry
Thomas BARNHILL, The Academy, Strabane
William M’N. WILSON, Methodist College, Belfast
Silas JOHNSTON, Intermediate School, Ballymoney
James M’K. MARTIN, Royal School, Dungannon
William D. LAMBE, Grange O’Neiland School, Portadown
Malcolm RITCHIE, Belmont Academy, Strandtown, Belfast
James PYPER, Belmont Academy, Strandtown, Belfast
Patrick M’DANIEL, St. Malachy’s College, Belfast
Alexander REA, Christian Brother’s school, Belfast
Samuel LINDSAY, Royal Academical Institution, Belfast
Charles R. R. STACK, Royal School, Armagh
John A. BAIRD, The Academy, Strabane
Patrick MULGREW, Christian Schools, Belfast
Hugh M’CAFFREY, St Colman’s College, Violet Hill, Newry
Robt. J. MUNN, Academical Institution, Coleraine
Charles DONNELLY, St. Malachy’s College, Belfast
Edward HALL, Christian Schools, Belfast
Alaster C. M’DONNELL, Royal School, Armagh
Joseph RUDELL, Grange O’Neiland school, Portadown
Thomas PICTON, Christian Schools Belfast
John T. KAMCKE, Royal Academical Institution, Belfast
David C. OSBORNE, Academical Institution, Londonderry
Augustus Wm. CLARKE, Chichester Park, Antrim Rd. Belfast
James GOODMAN, Intermediate school, Lisburn
Samuel J. BENNETT, Intermediate school, Lisburn
Richard James DELAHUNTY, Christian Schools, Belfast
Joseph DELANY, Christian Schools, Omagh
Henry DALZELL, Grange O’Neiland School, Portadown
David M. BELL, Moneymore
Malcolm MAUNSELL, Royal School, Armagh
James M’GREEVY, Christian Schools, Belfast
David A. KERR, Mercantile Academy, Belfast
Richard C. HERON, Belmont Academy, Strandtown, Belfast
Samuel H. B. ALLISON, Academical Institution, Londonderry
Charles C. MALLON, N.S. Eliza Street, Belfast
David W. M. TURPIN, Methodist College, Belfast
Jeremiah M’VEAGH,St. Malachy’s College, Belfast
Alexander S.S. STEWART, Rainey intermediate school, Magherafelt
Robert REID, High School, Downpatrick
Hugh IRWIN, Kileevan School, Newbliss
Norman PIRRIE, Royal Academical Institution, Belfast
James F. St.J. ANNESLEY, Royal school, Armagh
Hugh M’ILRATH, Banbridge Academy, Banbridge
James A. M’ILVEEN, The Academy, Portadown
John B. LUSK, Intermediate School, Ballymoney
Thomas LEDLIE, Royal Academical Institution, Belfast
William T. COWAN, Intermediate School, Antrim
Robert H. SWINARTON, Friends school, Prospect Hill, Lisburn
Frederick HENRY, Endowed School, Bangor
Horatio F. N. SCOTT, Portora Royal School, Enniskillen
Francis HUGHES, Christian Schools, Belfast
Edward C. SCULLARD, Mercantile Academy, Belfast
James BARDON, Christian Schools, Belfast
James MAYBEN, Royal Academical Institution, Belfast
Daniel HENDERSON, Intermediate School, Castleblayney
James PETTICREW, Intermediate School, Ballymoney
James M’CLAY, the Academy, Strabane
James MAHONY, Christian Schools, Belfast
Charles R. TILLIE, Academical Institution, Londonderry
Edward De COURCY, Christian Schools, Belfast
John A. DAVIDSON, Intermediate School, Antrim
Gilbert M. IRVINE, Academical Institution, Coleraine
Walter F. WALSH, Portora Royal School, Enniskillen
Samuel W. SKEEN (?), Royal School, Dungannon
Thomas GAW, Christian Schools, Belfast
Robert H. CLARKE, Academy, Banbridge
Charles L. M’CORRY, Christian Schools, Belfast
John S. B. M’MURRAY, Academical Institution, Coleraine
Richardson HALL, Grange O’Neiland School, Portadown
Robert KEEGAN, St. Patrick’s College, Armagh
Thomas J. ANDREWS, Academical Institution, Coleraine
William R. M’D. PARR, Intermediate school, Newtownards
Robert James PORTER Collegiate School, Newry
John B. MOORE, Royal School, Cavan
William P. MOODY, The Academy, Strabane
Patrick M’SHERRY, Christian Schools, Belfast
Grattan Robert CRONYN, Foyle College, Londonderry
Charles William M’GONIGLE, St. Malachy’s College, Belfast
Ignatius HUGHES, St. Patrick’s College, Armagh
Frederick HYLAND, Christian Schools, Belfast
James BOYD, St. Colman’s College, Violet Hill, Newry
Richard M. C. A. BURKE, Royal School, Cavan
William H. C. CLARKE, Royal School, Raphoe
John H. S. RUSSELL, Royal School, Armagh
Aylmer F. MARTIN, Portora Royal School, Enniskillen
William DUFF, High Street, Downpatrick
Thomas MULHERN, Diocesan Seminary, Letterkenny
William LYLE, Royal School, Raphoe
Thomas J. KIRKPATRICK, Grange O’Neiland School, Portadown
George COCHRANE, The Parsonage, Ballyshannon
Daniel JAMISON, Academy, Belfast
Thomas KANE, Grange O’Neiland School, Portadown
Wm. WEIR, Royal School, Raphoe
Thomas H. RAMSAY, Friends school, Prospect Hill, Lisburn
Peter GANNON, St. Patrick’s College, Armagh
Thomas COCHRANE, The Parsonage, Ballyshannon
Joseph DUGAN, Intermediate School, Newtownards
Arthur O’NEILL, Christian Schools, Newry
William MILLEN, St. Malachy’s College, Belfast
Robert THOMPSON, Intermediate School, Ballymoney
Henry N. WALKER, Foyle College, Londonderry
John MAGEE, N.S., Eliza street, Belfast
Benjamin BELL, Friends School, Prospect Hill, Lisburn
James C. B. GRAHAM, Intermediate School, Omagh
George NICHOLSON, Royal School, Armagh
Thomas DOWDALL, Christian Schools. Belfast
Robert H. DRENNAN, Academical Institution, Coleraine
Robert JOHNSTON, The Academy, Strabane
Robert M. SCOTT, Intermediate School, Ballymena
Daniel J. MAGEE, Christian Schools, Omagh
Richard J. CAMPBELL, Intermediate School, Ballymoney
John GALLAGHER, Diocesan Seminary, Letterkenny
Hugh DICKSON, Intermediate School, Newtownards
John DOYLE, St. Martin’s seminary, Monaghan
John MONTGOMERY, Royal School, Raphoe
Wm. KING, Diocesan School, Ballymena
Arthur H. H. JONES, Royal School, Armagh
Patrick SMYTH, Eliza street National School, Belfast
William G. CONNOLLY, Academical Institution, Coleraine
John WYLIE, Mercantile Academy, Belfast
Hampden E. TENER, The Academy, Cookstown
Frederick R. KEATLEY, Endowed School, Bangor
Peter MULLAGHAN, St. Malachy’s College, Belfast
James MURPHY, Christian Schools, Newry
Francis KANE, Christian Schools, Belfast
John M. HERON, Belmont Academy, Belfast
Tate D’ARCY, The Academy, Portadown
Stewart M’N. L. A. GAUSSEN, Rainey intermediate school, Magherafelt
James H. HASLETT, Royal Academical Institution, Belfast
James SMITH, Academical Institution. Coleraine
Joseph A. LOWE, Portora Royal School, Enniskillen
George J. JOHNSTON, Royal School, Dungannon
William A. PRIMROSE, Collegiate School, Newry
Edwin HEGAN, Collegiate School, Newry
Gilbert V. CRAIG, Foyle College, Londonderry
William Edward PATERSON, Larchfield Cottage, Dundrum
Joseph BRENNAN, Town Hall street, Enniskillen
Horace Augustus WALLER, Foyle College, Londonderry
Henry P. NICHOLSON, Church of Ireland Collegiate School, Belfast
Robert O. HOGG, Commercial and Grammar school, Belfast
William H. GIBBON, Belmont Academy, Belfast
William S. MORGAN, Magheross School, Carrickmacross
Henry G. DAVIES, Friends school, Prospect Hill, Lisburn
John PATTON, Academical Institution, Londonderry
Thomas MURPHY, St. Patrick’s College, Armagh
Frederick BIRNEY, St. Malachy’s College, Belfast
John Ranken REED, Methodist College, Belfast
John PATTON, The Academy, Strabane
Thos. G. HERD, Church of Ireland Collegiate School, Belfast
Wm. C. RADCLIFFE, Collegiate School, Rathfriland
William James TAYLOR, Carnately, Ballymoney
Pierce FEGAN, Day school, Rostrevor
Samuel M’NAUGHTON, Academy, Banbridge
Samuel LEDDY, St. Malachy’s College, Belfast
John CARR, Academical Institution, Coleraine
Bernard MONAHAN, Banaho N. S., Crosskeys, Cavan
Joseph H. STEWART, the Academy, Strabane
James ROSSON, Academical Institution, Londonderry
Thomas HENRY, Intermediate School, Antrim
John TRODDEN, Christian schools, Armagh
James F. M’CAULEY, St. Malachy’s College, Belfast
George MAGEE, Erasmus Smiths school Stranorlar
James ORR, Intermediate School, Larne
Nathaniel LEEPER, Academical Institution, Coleraine
Francis P. M’MAHON, Christian Schools, Armagh
Francis T. GAGE, Royal School, Armagh
William J. MAGUIRE, St. Malachy’s College, Belfast
Joseph S. MARSHALL, Classical School, Carrickmore, Co. Tyrone
William B. STEWART, Ballynahinch
Charles LANGAN, Diocesan Seminary, Letterkenny
Alexander Digby JOHNS, Foyle College, Londonderry
Frederick H. WILSON, the Academy Cookstown
Cuthbert THOMPSON, Academical Institution, Londonderry
James COLVILLE, Belmont Academy, Belfast
John H. BELL, Academical Institution, Coleraine
Bernard Tate CREERY, Foyle College, Londonderry
Nathaniel O. M’CONNELL, Saintfield. P.O.
Frederick F. N. IRVIN, Royal School, Dungannon
Joseph O’HARE, Christian Schools. Armagh
Owen M’ENTEE, Shambles, Monaghan
William M’D. PORTER, The Academy, Cookstown
Samuel CLUGSTON, Academical Institution, Coleraine
James WARD, Tullyvin Endowed School, Cootehill
Henry D. JOHNSON, Church of Ireland Collegiate School, Belfast
Bernard MEEHAN, National School, Eliza street, Belfast
Samuel M’CLURE, Academical Institution, Londonderry
Edward ROBINSON, The Academy, Portadown
William R. V. P. PERRY, The Grange, Ballymena
George G. M. HEGAN, Foyle College, Londonderry
James GILMORE, Academical Institution, Londonderry
William WATTERSON, Rathfriland
Robert H. TEGGART, Methodist College, Belfast
Robert H. OWEN, Royal School, Armagh
William H. M’LEAN, Mercantile Academy, Belfast
William BOYD, Ballynahinch
James M’M. ANDERSON, Foyle College, Londonderry
Charles H. BRYCE, Academical Institution, Coleraine
Patrick M’KENNA, Belmore Street, Enniskillen
George J. SMYTH, Church of Ireland Collegiate School, Belfast
Richard TAYLOR, Grange O’Neiland School, Portadown
Robert HOGG, Mercantile Academy, Belfast
James GREY, Intermediate School, Antrim
James MARTIN, St. Coleman’s College, Violet Hill, Newry
Walter MITCHELL, Gracehill Academy, Ballymena
Wm. P. DOWGLASS, Royal School, Armagh
Thomas H. MURPHY, Church of Ireland Collegiate School, Belfast
Thomas BEATTY, Intermediate School, Ballymoney
Edwin J. M’COMBE, Ballygorian Rathfriland, Co. Down
Thos. O’KANE, St. Columb’s College, Londonderry
Louis WHEELER, Church of Ireland Collegiate School, Belfast
Henry DINSMORE, The Academy, Cookstown
Edmund F. JAMISON, Intermediate School, Newtownards
John B. SMITH, Academy, Banbridge
Andrew CAMPBELL, St. Columb’s College, Londonderry
Joseph LYNCH, Christian School, Armagh
Alex. A. ROBINSON, Academical Institution, Coleraine
James B. FORSYTH, Academical Institution, Coleraine
William LOVE, Academical Institution, Londonderry
William LOGAN, Intermediate School, Newtownstewart
Thomas B. WALLACE, Royal Academical Institution, Belfast
Robert F. STUART, Collegiate School, Newry
David RUTLEDGE, Academical institution, Londonderry
William EKIN, The Academy, Cookstown

Boys – Middle Grade

Patrick FOX, St. Patrick’s College, Armagh
Arthur FRAME Intermediate School Newtownards
William LOWRY, Royal Academical Institution, Belfast
William S. T. FOLEY, Portora Royal School, Enniskillen
William R. DAWSON, Royal School, Dungannon
William J. DAWSON, Lurgan College
Charles A. JOHNSON, Church of Ireland Collegiate School, Belfast
Henry N. H. JOYNT, Portora Royal School, Enniskillen
Wm. F. C. S. CORRY, Methodist College, Belfast
Wm. G. HUGHES, Church of Ireland Collegiate School, Belfast
Wm. GALLAGHER, Diocesan Seminary, Letterkenny
John A. KEOGH, St. Malachy’s College, Belfast
Robert W. GRIBBON, Belmont Academy, Belfast (J. Ex. ’79)
Maurice S. M’KAY, Portora Royal School, Enniskillen
Jas. CURRAGH, Academy, Banbridge (J. Ex. ’79)
Wm. A. CLARKE, Intermediate School, Newtownards
Charles M. JOHNS, Royal School, Armagh
Thomas STEWART, Mercantile Academy, Belfast
H. DOHERTY, Diocesan Seminary, Letterkenny
Richard DORIS, Christian Schools, Belfast
Frederick T. TROUTON, Royal School, Dungannon
John ROBINSON, St. Malachy’s College, Belfast
Arthur W. S. M’COMISKEY, High School, Downpatrick
William S. CRAWFORD, Royal School, Armagh
John M. LITTLEJOHN, Academical Institution, Coleraine
Richard M. WILSON, Royal School, Armagh
Guy S. L’ESTRANGE, Royal School, Armagh
Joseph J. ROONEY, St, Malachy’s College, Belfast
Daniel P. LUNDY, St. Malachy’s College, Belfast
Roger CASEMENT, Royal School, Armagh
James M’CARRON, St. Macarten’s Seminary, Monaghan
George H. FORD-HUTCHINSON, Foyle College, Derry
William John FEGAN, Royal School, Cavan
Robert G. MALCOLM, The Academy, Strabane
James C. MARKS, Royal School, Armagh
Thomas STINSON, Intermediate School, Aughnacloy
William A. GREER, Annadale, Belfast
John J. G. BALLENTINE, High street, Ballymena
James C. SMYTH, Royal Academical Institution, Belfast
Alexander C. BROWN, Methodist College, Belfast
Andrew A. V. HOGG, Royal School, Cavan
Alexander GILLESPIE, Foyle College, Londonderry
Bernard CALLAGHAN, Diocesan Seminary, Letterkenny
James LOUDON, Royal Academical Institution, Belfast
Richard E. THOMPSON, Royal School, Raphoe
Joseph DUNN, Intermediate School, Newtownards
Samuel G. CONNOR, Academical Institution, Coleraine
Alexander OGILVY, Academical Institution, Coleraine
James MOORE, Benbawn Endowed School, Cootehill
Edward O. HURLEY, Academical Institution, Coleraine
Francis S. SWINEY, Royal School, Dungannon
Richard K. BROWN, Academical Institution, Coleraine
James M’C. WILLIAMSON, Academical Institution, Coleraine
William M’FEEHY St. Columb’s College, Londonderry
James K. O’CONNOR, St. Malachy’s College, Belfast
Alexander HERRY, St. Patrick’s College, Armagh
John O’CONNOR, Royal School, Armagh
John KEERS, Intermediate School, Ballymoney
James BEGGS, Bridge Street, Lisburn
Patrick SODEN, St. Patrick’s College, Cavan
Patrick O’KANE, St. Columb’s College, Derry
J. LARKIN, Rainey’s School, Magherafelt
James G. M’AFEE, Rosebank, Holywood, Co. Down
Nathaniel S. LITTLE, The Academy, Cookstown
Robert M’CAHAN, Academical Institution, Coleraine
John RUSKE, Belfast Academy, Belfast
William J. CURRAN, Royal Academical Institution, Belfast
Frederick W. POLLOCK, Lurgan College
Robert WILSON, Academical Institution, Londonderry
Alfred THOMPSON, Foyle College, Londonderry
James STEWART, Royal School, Raphoe
Luke SMITH, St. Patrick’s College, Cavan
Patrick M’KEEFRY, St. Columb’s College, Derry
Daniel M’GENNIS, St. Malachy’s College, Belfast
W. R. ORR, Intermediate School, Omagh
Robert SAUNDERSON, Church of Ireland Collegiate School, Belfast
Patrick CAMPBELL, St. Patrick’s College, Armagh
Robert BELL, Academy Intermediate School, Lisburn
Chas. M’CAY, the Academy, Strabane
Terence BRADY, St. Patrick’s College Day School, Cavan
Alexander M’AFEE, Intermediate School, Ballymoney
Bernard REDAHAN, St. Mary’s, Moyne, Arvan, Cavan
William R. MILLER, Foyle College, Londonderry
Hugh Croft BROWN, Glenmore, Lisburn
Thomas HAMILTON, the Academy, Strabane
Alexander M’DOWELL, St. Malachy’s College, Belfast
John D. CAMPBELL, Academical Institution, Coleraine
Robert John TWEED, Intermediate School, Ballymoney

Boys – Senior Grade

Stanley FERGUSON, Lurgan College
James John POLLOCK, 16 High street, Ballymoney
Thomas H. M’KINNEY, The Academy, Portadown
John M. OMELVENA, Camlough, Belfast
Edward M’FADDEN, Diocesan Seminary, Letterkenny
Peter MULLOY, Diocesan Seminary, Letterkenny
John H. COOKE, Royal School, Enniskillen
Hugh GILDEA, Diocesan Seminary, Letterkenny
Francis CONVERY, St. Malachy’s College Belfast
Francis C. M. HENRY, St. Malachy’s College, Belfast
William H. SHUTER, Royal School, Dungannon
S. B. THOMPSON, Intermediate School, Ballymoney
Allan E. MAHOOD, Portora Royal School, Enniskillen
Anthony M’GILL, Diocesan Seminary, Letterkenny
Marcus H. QUARRY, Methodist College, Belfast
Henry KING, Royal School, Armagh
James CANNON, Diocesan Seminary, Letterkenny
Joseph RAYMOND, St. Macarten’s Seminary, Monaghan
John M’FADDEN Diocesan Seminary, Letterkenny
Hugh DUNLEAVY, Diocesan Seminary, Letterkenny
William MICHAEL, Intermediate School, Ballymoney
J .O’BRIEN, St. Columb’s College, Londonderry
J. BROWN, Royal School, Dungannon
William S. CLUGSTON, Intermediate School, Boardmills
John C. SULLIVAN, Royal Academical Institution, Belfast
Wm. J. WARNOCK, Intermediate School, Ballymoney
Thomas L. BURNETT, Royal Academical Institution, Belfast
Hugh M’CABE, St. Patrick’s College, Cavan
Percy D. W. C. GAUSSEN, Intermediate School, Magherafelt
William J. B. LITTLE, The Academy, Cookstown
Francis J. O’CONNOR, Christian Schools, Omagh
James A. KEARNEY, St. Columb’s College, Londonderry
John M’ALARNEY, St. Malachy’s College, Belfast
Stuart C. ROSS, Foyle College, Derry
Joseph GARDNER, Ballyvilly, Pharis, Ballymoney
Hugh M. KNOX, Ballycraigogle, Stranocum