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  • Deaths at Grosse Isle Quebec, Canada 3rd-23rd October 1847

Deaths at Grosse Isle Quebec, Canada 3rd-23rd October 1847

Transcribed by Carol Simmons from the Morning Chronicle, Quebec 28 Oct. 1847, page 3

*transcribers note – blanks space – no place given on original document


From the 3rd to the 9th October.

Name / Age / Vessel / From (Port of Departure)

Sam Corkett 30 Superior Londonderry
Mich Moran 8 Emigrant Liverpool
Thos. McBride 60 Superior Londonderry
Mary Kalleher 18 Saguenay Cork
Ann Smith 20 Minerva Dublin
Brid. Hair 23 Champion Liverpool
John Patterson 45 Superior Londonderry
Brid. Masterson 40 Emigrant Liverpool
Pat Cluskey 22 Manchester Liverpool
Pat Daily 7 Albion Cork
Donald McLean 23 Emigrant Liverpool
Mich. Moran 40 Emigrant Liverpool
Ann Bennan 22 Emigrant Liverpool
Peter Coyle 8 Emigrant Liverpool
Cath. Maher 37 Wellington Liverpool
Cath. Donahoe 23 Wellington Liverpool
Jerry Connors 44 Henrietta Mary
John Harrold 17 Henrietta Mary
James McCormick 7 Washington Liverpool
Richd. Kegan 14 Bridgetown Liverpool
Mary Lavan 30 Emigrant Liverpool
Dan Williamson 65 Emigrant Liverpool
Dan Hanley 8 Ganges Liverpool
Peter McGuire 19 Superior Londonderry
John McCabe 11 Superior Londonderry
Peter Keenan 12 Superior Londonderry
Mary Rooney 50 Superior Londonderry
Brid. McLoughlin 50 Emigrant Liverpool
John Sheridan 52 Wellington Liverpool
John Taylor 61 Maria Somes Cork
Eliza Taylor 22 Maria Somes Cork
Robt. Smith 2 Sir R Pell Liverpool
Mich. Brenan 3 Emigrant Liverpool
Hon. Sullivan 19 Triton Liverpool
Samuel Palmer 46 A Policeman
Mary Calvery 25 Isabella Killala
Alex McCraig 52 Eliza Glasgow
Margt McCraig 42 Eliza Glasgow
John Vaughan 23 Emigrant Liverpool
Ann Lynch 50 Asia Cork
Margt. Hyland 36 Emigrant Liverpool
Elizabeth White 63 Emigrant Liverpool
Eliza. Claig 63 Emigrant Liverpool
Margt. Taylor 23 Maria Somes Cork
Elizabeth Hickey 5 Maria Somes Cork
Hugh Hitherington 40 Dykes Sligo
Helen Graham 13 Lady Campbell Dublin
Martha Graham 4 Lady Campbell Dublin
Brid. Doolin 30 Ann Kenney Waterford
Barn. McKillan 40 John Munn Liverpool
Brid. Burke 19 Champion Liverpool
Jas. McKee 23 Superior Londonderry
Jas. Meehan 60 Superior Londonderry
Jas. Slatery 55 Samson
Hugh Carmier 49 Wellington Liverpool
John Finley 19 Champion Liverpool
Ann Levery 34 Marinus Dublin
Denis Shea 40 Henrietta Mary
Mary McCormick 30 Superior Londonderry
Eliza Beady 14 Wellington Liverpool
Margt. Brenan 5 Emigrant Liverpool

From the 10th to the 16th October.

James Bryans 28 Sir R. Peel Liverpool
Cath. Kane 7 Marinus Dublin
Jent. McPherson 32 Eliza Glasgow
Pat Cullen 6 Champion Liverpool
Danl. McGarity 8 Julius Caesar Liverpool
Cath. Masterson 1 Emigrant Liverpool
Mary Scott 30 Douce Davie Liverpool
Thad. Sullivan 2 Henrietta Mary
Edw. Gilroy 50 Argyie Liverpool
Jas. Brennan 36 Emigrant Liverpool
Thos. Timlin 6 Emigrant Liverpool
Pat Walsh 26 Sir R Peel Liverpool
Rose Williamson 19 Emigrant Liverpool
Barb Watt 23 Bridgetown Liverpool
Wm. Polk 22 A clerk of Mr Ray
Marg Dailey 46 John Munn Liverpool
Ann Dooley 22 Washington Liverpool
Robt. Gillis 26 Blonde Glasgow
Alex Mc Craig 11 Eliza Glasgow
Cath. Harold 50 Henrietta Mary
Mary Mulvey 22 Messenger
John Donaho 27 Saguenay Cork
Cath. Cough 3 Virginius Liverpool
Mich. Murphy 24 Avon Cok
Jas. Dollery 24 Washington Liverpool
Cath. Connors 21 Sarah Milledge
Dan Galvin 21 Emigrant Liverpool
Cath. McLoughlin 50 Emigrant Liverpool
Ann Mitchell 40 Wellington Liverpool
Matilda Dixon 31 Superior Londonderry
Eliza Johnstone 27 Leander
Hon. Sullivan 28 Henrietta Mary
Mary Cullen 40 Superior Londonderry

From the 17th to the 23rd October.

Mary Rooney 21 Emigrant Liverpool
Pat Connors 35 Sarah Milledge
Bed. Manione 30 Sarah Milledge
John Cox 33 Wellington Liverpool
M. A. Scott 4 Superior Londonderry
Cath. Cenahan 2 Emigrant Liverpool
Pat Garney 40 Emigrant Liverpool
John Graham 28 Argyle Liverpool
Cath. Ryan 7 Virginia Liverpool
Mary Hogan 21 Virgin Liverpool
Rog. McGowan 33 Industry Dublin
Hony Colgan 19 Industry Dublin
Judy Barnes 30 Wellington Liverpool
Wm. Lindsay 24 A Policeman of Quebec

The source for the transcription is Google Newspapers

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