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Co. Tyrone Sensations

News Articles with the headings of a “County Tyrone Sensation”

( transcriber’s note- as time permits this page will be updated.)

County Tyrone Sensation – Gallery in Danger
9 Jul.1906 Panic in Church (by special telegram)

Stewartstown, Sunday Night.
This afternoon at six o’clock a retreat which has been conducted in Mullanhoe Catholic Church by Rev. Fathers ROCHE and BINGHAM, two distinguished members of the Redemptorist order, was being closed and the church, which is not of modern origin, being erected over a century ago, contained about three thousand of a congregation. The first part the rosary had been recited when some members raised an alarm of fire, while others shouted the gallery had given way, and the immense congregation, in a moment, became panic-stricken. All in a body rushed for the doors.

Men, women and children toppled over one another and the rush was so great that the church doors became blocked. The scene that followed, both outside and inside, was indescribable. There was a large number of people who were unable to gain admission, who were terror-stricken with the noise of the gallery and assert that it must have given way. Many of those outside who had children and friends within, believing the result to be disastrous, fainted. Fortunately no one was killed. The service was subsequently concluded in the graveyard and another portion on the ground floor of the church. (Belfast Morning News)

County Tyrone Sensation – Confession of a Murder

26 Nov. 1907

Considerable sensation has been aroused by the statement made by an inmate of Downpatrick asylum, named Thomas RICE, relative to the murder of Daniel MALLON near Moy, about four years ago. RICE, who has been interviewed at Downpatrick Asylum by Head constable M’LAUGHLIN, alleges that he is the man who committed the murder. He has had no peace of mind, he says and gives a detailed account of the occurrence. He adds that immediately after the deed, having given away to drinking, he became a patient in Omagh asylum and having been discharged, was recommitted about a month ago and sent to Downpatrick.

He states that on the day of the occurrence he went to Benburb, where he drank freely. That night he proceeded to return to Moy and he alleges that, being attacked by two men, he drew the knife to defend himself, and made his escape. Further on he encountered another group of men, and one of them he alleges, made for him and he adds that he stabbed the person who did so and ran off, being pursued, but escaped, and next day in Castle-Caulfield he heard that this person had died. He gave the knife to a girl that worked in a factory, whose name he mentions. The police, it is stated, as a result of their inquiries, have obtained particulars which correspond with RICE’S statements. (Irish Independent)

County Tyrone Sensation “Revival of Supposed Corpse”
26 Mar. 1909

A Curious Story which was Circulated but had no Foundation.

The following bogus paragraph went the rounds of the Belfast newspapers on Wednesday. A sensational incident occurred on the 22nd inst. in the townland of Brantry, convenient to County Tyrone. It appears that a middle-aged woman named Mrs. M’HUGH had been in delicate health for some time past, and had been attended by a couple of doctors. On the 21st instant, she suddenly took a fainting fit and to all appearance, died. Her son made the usual preparations with the undertaker for the funeral, which was to have taken place on Tuesday, and the night of the 21st inst. a number of the friends and neighbours attended the “wake.” On the 22nd inst. some persons were sitting near the bedside and the woman’s son noticed a sudden twitching of the supposed corpse’s face, and immediately afterwards she opened her eyes, turned on her side and asked for a drink of water. For a time those present were horror-stricken, but soon the woman’s wants were attended to and in a short time she was able to sit up in bed and partake of a cup of tea. She is now progressing favourably after her trance of 24 hours. The occurrence has created quite a sensation in the district and is the general topic of conversation.

The “Irish Daily Telegraph” published the following on Thursday;
With reference to the report relative to a sensational incident supposed to have occurred at Brantry, near Aughnacloy, Co. Tyrone on Monday, during the progress of a wake, a special representative of the “Irish Daily Telegraph,” who proceeded yesterday to the townland in question, wires that the corpse revival story is absolutely without foundation. Mrs. M’HUGH with whom and her son, a fine strapping young fellow of about 22, (says our representative) had a lengthened interview at their comfortable farmhouse in Legane townland, in the Brantry Electoral Division of Dungannon Poor-law Union, was completely at a loss to know how the extraordinary story originated.

“Do I look like one who has been a corpse?” she asked, with a laugh. “No” she continued, “there hasn’t been any corpse here since my husband died, 17 years ago and there has been neither a wake, nor horror-stricken mourners, as far I am aware. Someone has done it for a bit of ‘scoff’, she added, “because there is not a healthier woman between Aughnacloy and Dungannon.”

Mrs. M’HUGH’S son could not believe that such a story could be circulated and it had to be shown to him in cold type, before he could understand the situation. “I never heard of such a yarn”, he remarked. “It simply beats Banagher.”

Inquiries were next made at Ballymagran dispensary, half a mile distant from Mrs. M’HUGH’S 40 acre farm, and Miss DONNELLY, caretaker, who knew everyone in the three electoral divisions comprising the whole district, was quite positive there was no other Mrs. M’HUGH living within 10 miles of Brantry. “I know Mrs M’HUGH well” said Miss DONNELLY “and had there been any fainting fit, any doctors attending, any arrangements for funeral, or any wake, or undertaker, any sudden twitching of supposed corpse’s face, or any request for a drink of water, I would have heard it, as we live close to each other.

As to the sensation in the district, it is the first we have heard of it. Mr. and Mrs. DOWNEY, whose farm adjoins that of Mrs. M’HUGH told the same story.

In Caledon and Aughnacloy nothing was known of the affair. We regret that we published the erroneous story which was received in good faith from our Middletown (Co. Armagh) correspondent, by whom we were assured that it was correct. (Tyrone Constitution)

Compiled & transcribed by Teena from the noted resources.