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Co. Monaghan Freeholders & Tenants 1842

Transcribed by Teena from the Northern Standard.

17 Dec. 1842

Rental of lands to be sold in the Parish of Aughnamullen, Barony of Cremorne, County of Monaghan.

The Fee and Inheritance of the townland of Aughnaskew. Situate within three miles of Ballybay, on the west side of the road from Ballybay to Shircock. These lands have been laid out in 1838, into compact farms by strait lines and good fences.

Tenants’ Names / Yearly Rent (all tenures are ‘At will’)

1 Owen M’GINNISS, £7 2s.
2 John LENNAN sen., £13 16s.
3 James LENNAN, £15 5s. 1d.
4 Michael LENNAN, £12 10s.
5  Henry LENNAN, £10 11s.
6 John LENNAN, £9 6s.
7 Francis CONLAN, £10 9s.

Total Yearly Rents, £78 19s.

These lands will be sold from the 1st November last, free and clear of all rent, except the tithe rent charge, amounting at present to £2 10s. 8d. yearly. Application to be made to Mr. Alexander FLEMING, Monaghan, who will receive proposals, and give every information. Dated Monaghan 12th Dec. 1843.

County of Monaghan Alphabetical list of notices of voters delivered to the clerk of the peace, or his deputy, for the division of Castleblaney. Applying to be registered at Carrickmacross, December sessions, 1842.

No. Name, Residence of Applicant, Description (occupation)

1 ARCHIBALD Joseph, Deescart, farmer
2 ANDERSON Roger, Mullintornan, do
3 BYRNE Patrick, Clonsedy, do
4 BELL James, Mullacroghery, do
5 BABINGTON William, Knocknecran east, do
6 BABINGTON Samuel, Knockneckran west, do
7 CONNOR Bryan, Corrygartha, farmer
8 COURTNEY John, Corlea, Magheracloone, do
9 COURTNEY Miles, same, do
10 CROSBY James, Drumbroan, do
11 CARROLL Patt, Tulleneseagh, do
12 CONNOR James, Lisdrumturk, do
13 DONELLY John, Derrylege, do
14 DUFF James, Lisnakeeney, do
15 DAWSON Richard T. J., Forkhill, Esquire
16 EAKINS John, Greaghwillian, farmer
17 EAKINS John, Shancoagh, do
18 FINN Bernard, Barndonagh,do
19 GRAHAM Nathaniel, Barndonagh, do
20 GIBSON Rev. Thomas, Donogue, clerk
21 GULSHENON Henry, Ballycartlan, farmer
22 HOLLAND John Thomas, Farths, gent.
23 KEENAN Patt, Dromgerries, farmer
24 LARKIN Edward,Corcreeagh, do
25 LUNDY Richard, Ardragh, do
26 LARKIN Edward, Corvally, do
27 M’MAHON Ross, Greaghdromisk, do
28 M’ENANY Peter, Aghnalert, do
29 M’NAMORIG Anthony, Knocknecran east, farmer
30 MARTIN Francis, Skalkill, farmer
31 MARTIN Patt, Mullinclavin, do
32 M’MAHON Patrick, sen., Drumloughbeg do
33 M’MAHON James, Leeg, do
34 MARTIN Felix, Doagh, do
35 NELSON Samuel, Corvally, do
36 PHILLIPS William, Shancoagh, do
37 STRONG Robert, Greaghwillian, do
38 SMITH Edward, Corrybracken, do
39 SWINBURNE John, Carrickmacross, shopkeeper
40 WARD Patrick, Lavigilduff, farmer
41 WAINRIGHT Samuel, Ballymacney, land surveyor

Applying to be registered at Castleblayney;

1 ARMSTRONG Robert, Drumcreehan, farmer
2 BRANEGAN Stephen, Lismagumshin, do
3 BOYD Alexander, Killcrow, do
4 BOYD Stewart, Killcrow, do
5 BREAKY John, Drumskelt, gentleman
6 BRADFORD Moses sr., Ednanea, farmer
7 CRAIG George, Drumhilla, gentleman
8 CASEY John, Annyube, farmer
9 FARLOW George, Derrynaglug, do
10 FARQUAHER William, Moysnatt, do
11 HEGAN William jun., Tattybrack, do
12 JOHNSTON James, Ballygreeney, do
13 JEBB Henry, Mullygarry, do
14 LEWERS Robert, Ballybay, shopkeeper
15 M’CREA George, Glassdromin, farmer
16 M’CLELLAND John, Dooskey, do
17 MARTIN Thomas, Drumskelt, do
18 MITCHELL John, Lurgahamla, do
19 MITCHELL Thomas, Leagh, do
20 ROWLAND William, Lisgorran, do
21 STEWART Thomas, Gallagh, do
22 STEWART John, same, do
23 STEENSON Samuel, Terrygreehan, do
24 SHANNON John, Annaniece, do
25 STEENSON William, Agheralane do
26 TOPPIN John, Listraor, do
27 WILSON John, Arnnaglogh, do
28 WHITESTONE Rev. John Thos., Killygola Glebe, clerk
29 WHITESTONE Rev. John Thomas, same

Alphabetical list of notices of voters delivered to the clerk of the peace, or his deputy, for the division of Monaghan

1 BERNARD Arthur, Drumbrain house, farmer
2 BROWN Samuel, Cortolvin, do
3 CHARLETON Clement, Tully, do
4 DUFFY Patt, Annagoes, do
5 DUFFY, Hugh, Garron, do
6 DUFFY Edward, Annagoes, do
7 FLEMING Joseph, Coragh, do
8 GORDEN Alexander, Tamlat, do
9 HAIR James, Rooskey, do
10 HEWETT John, Monaghan, gentleman
11 HENDERSON Hugh. Leagh, farmer
12 JOHNSTON Samuel, Stramore, do
13 LAMB Thomas, Drumdescow, do
14 M’KENNA John, Drumbriston, do d
15 M’KENNA Thomas, Drumfirniska, do
16 MOORE Archibald, Drumhirk, do
17 M’KENNA Thomas, Drumfernesky,
18 M’CABE Michael, Nart. do
19 M’KENNA Miles, Corlat, do
20 ROACH Patrick jun., Garron, do
21 SCHOLES James, Foremass, do
22 TRAYNOR James, Tonaclave, do
23 TEMPLE Robert, Tullyard, do
24 TRAYNOR James, Tonyclave, do
25 TRAYNOR Patt, Monaghan, yarn dealer
26 WRIGHT William, Mullyhara, farmer
27 WRIGHT Thomas, Emyvale, do
28 WRIGHT William, Drumlue, do
29 WATSON Samuel, Killyhonan, do
30 WATSON Samuel, same, do
31 WRIGHT John Charles, Clinto, Esq.
32 YOUNG Rev. John R., Killymarron, clerk

Public Meeting

We, the undersigned tenants of the Earl of Clonmell, request a meeting of all the tenants of the aforesaid nobleman on his estate in the County of Monaghan, in Monaghan, on Thursday the 22nd day of December, instant, at eleven o’clock in the forenoon, for the purpose of taking into consideration the most effectual means of laying before his Lordship the distressed condition of his tenantry and of imploring him to take the state of their affairs into his serious consideration by a reduction of rents &c &c.

Edmond MALON
William KEENAN
Edward M’ENTEE
Michael SLAVIN
William SMYTH
John MOOREHEAD, surgeon,
John ELLIOTT, Presbyterian minister
Michael M’NIFF. (?)
James LAMB
Mathew and John TRAYNOR
Andrew M’QUAID
Michael M’GINNIS
Widow COX
Andrew MONE
Michael M’DONALD
Terence COYLE
Michael KELLY
Michael M’QUAID
Lawrence M’CRAREN
Francis M’CRAREN
Michael M’CRAREN