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Co. Monaghan Assizes

Transcribed by Teena from the Belfast Commercial Chronicle, Dublin Evening Post, Newry Telegraph and Saunders Newsletter.

16 Aug. 1810

Mary SHEALS for stealing an ass the property of Redmond M’MAHON of Maghtry. Not guilty.

Robert M’CUDDEN for private distilling. Not guilty.

William JONES and Mary JONES for receiving stolen goods. William JONES, guilty; Mary acquitted.

John DALY for conspiring to murder James O’CALLAGHAN of Cullaville, Esq. on the 20th October last. Guilty – Death – recommended to mercy by the jury.

James M’COURT, Bryan M’MURNAGHAN and Frank BRYAN for private distilling. Not guilty.

Nicholas M’CONNIN convicted of same offence, to be imprisoned 3 months.

Edward M’ARDLE private distilling. Guilty

Michael MURTOGH for a burglary and felony of the house of Daniel M’CARTEN of Tullynataey on the 18th Mar. 1807. Not guilty.

Isaac LAW for stealing two heifers from Tobias M’KENNA of Drumfurn on the 6th May last. Not guilty.

Bernard O’NEILL charged with stealing a pig, the property of Edward CALLAN of Lurgan, on the 2nd April last. Not guilty.

Bryan M’MAHON charged with stealing a cow, the property of Jane BENNETT of Tullybrack on the 19th June last. Guilty.

Catherine KIRK, alias Catty the Rake, charged with stealing a purse and five ten-penny tokens from Catherine M’MAHON on the 6th Aug. last. Not guilty.

20 Mar. 1811

James M’CARVILLE and Terence M’CARVILLE indicted for the murder of Thomas M’CARVILLE on the 4th Sept. last, at Urcher. Guilty of manslaughter to be burned in the hand and imprisoned 1 year.

Martha HOEY, Mathew VALLELY and Catharine DUFFY charged with the murder of John RAY, a dragoon, on the 24th August last, at Monaghan. Guilty of manslaughter – HOEY to be imprisoned 6 months, VALLELY, 3 months and DUFFY 1 year and all to be burned in the hand and to give security to keep the peace.

Mary TYRRELL, alias CUNNINGHAM, for stealing ten yards of corduroy, at Ballybay on the 2nd March. Guilty – to be transported for 7 years.

John CASEY, alias MAGUIRE, for stealing two hanks of linen yarn, the property of Francis CALLAGHAN at Glasslough, on the 17th August. Guilty to be transported for 7 years.

Patrick M’CANN for a rape Susan TRENOR at Kildoagh on the 16th Feb. Acquitted, prosecutrix not attending.

Henry TAYLOR, for handing to Elizabeth GRAHAM, a spinster, a cake mixed with French flies, that she might eat thereof, with intent to deprive her of her reason. Not guilty.

Dennis FAWLS for a rape on Bridget BRADY on 23rd Sept. last, at Comber. Not guilty.

Patrick M’GINNES presented by the grand jury as a vagrant. Ordered to be transported.

John BURKE and George FULLER for stealing a pocket book and bank notes from Wm. WILLIAMSON at Clones on the 28th Feb. Guilty – to be transported for 10 years.

Hugh NUGENT presented by the grand jury as a vagrant. This presentment he traversed. Ordered to be transported for 7 years.

21 Mar. 1812

John WARRINGTON for the murder of Thomas M’CRACKEN at Clasdaw on 29th August last. Guilty – order to be hanged on Monday the 16th, respited to Monday the 30th inst.

Thomas CARTWRIGHT for burglary in the dwelling house Alex. M’FADIAN of Drum on the 25th January last. Guilty, to be hanged 4th of May.

Andrew BROWN for stealing bank notes the property of John VERNER. Not guilty.

James FINEGAN for stealing notes the property of Patrick REILLY. Not guilty.

Patrick CHRISTY for a rape on Catherine DUFFY. Not guilty.

John CARROLL and Catharine CARROLL for receiving stolen goods. Not guilty.

Hugh FOWLEY for highway robbery. Not guilty.

Alex. GREENLIE for horse stealing. Not guilty.

Owen MURPHY for cow stealing. Not guilty, ordered to give security to keep the peace.

Patrick M’KENNA convicted of a riot and assault, to be imprisoned 1 month.

John HILLIS for horse stealing. Not guilty.

7 Aug. 1817

Edward M‘GALE indicted for a burglary and a robbery of Wm. MITCHELL’S and for administering an oath to said Wm. MITCHELL, not to enter any protest to any person or his house would be burnt. Acquitted.

Hugh KER for burglary and felony in the dwelling house of John BREHY. Not guilty.

John GALLAGHER for stealing a mare, the property of James CLARKE. Guilty,  death.

Bernard FOX, Pat. GORMLY, Henry CASSIDY, Felix SHORT, Philip CASSIDY, Pat. DUFFY, Francis FOX, Francis CASSIDY, Hugh CASSIDY, Owen CASSIDY Sr., Owen CASSIDY Jr,. were severally indicted for burglariously and feloniously breaking into the dwelling house of Owen CANAGHER and stealing thereout 45£ 10s. in money, a silver watch, a large quantity of yarn, 5 cwt. of oatmeal and other goods.

This appeared to be a case of great enormity, accompanied with force and ill-treatment of the prosecutor, who was an old man, but whose wife swore positively to the identity of the four first, who were found guilty and sentenced to be executed on 25th August. Felix HORT was first admitted as an approver, but upon his examination before the grand jury, he prevaricated and denied any knowledge of the matter.

Bills of indictment were ordered to be sent against him and he was convicted. Philip CASSIDY and Pat. DUFFY were acquitted, the bills against the others were ignored by the grand jury.

Henry DERMOT for stealing a quantity of potatoes, the goods of Henry DOYLE. Not guilty.

James FITZSIMMONS for burglary and felony in the dwelling house of John CAGILL. Not guilty.

Patrick REILLY for burglary and felony in the dwelling house of Pat. FAIRELLY and taking a sum of money thereout. Not guilty.

Laurence COFFEY indicted for stealing oatmeal. Not guilty.

Elizabeth WATERS for stealing 40 yards of linen cloth out of the bleach yard of John JACKSON at Crieve, his property and for receiving said goods, knowing them to be stolen. In this case it appeared by James DIGNUM, who was called as a witness for the prisoner, that she bought the piece of linen from him. He was ordered by the court to be indicted, but on further investigation it appeared he bought the piece from a man in the market of Castleblaney. Both were acquitted.

Alexander ARCHER for a burglary and felony in the dwelling house of Thomas CRABB at Skerrymore. Guilty of stealing to the value of 4s. 6d – to be burned in the hand and imprisoned 4 months.

Robert NORTH for stealing a sheep the property of Thos. M’MURRAY. Not guilty.

Mary BRANAGAN for larceny and John FONT for receiving. Acquitted.

Mary WILSON for stealing bank notes, goods of James HUGHES, pleaded guilty. Transported for 7 years.

John M‘CABE for stealing a heifer the property of John M’COOEY. Not guilty.

James M’GARAGHTY for like, the property of Moses LESLIE. Not guilty.

William MURPHY guilty of petty larceny. To be burned in the hand and imprisoned 6 months.

Rose MONAGHAN, for like, same sentence.

Terence M’KEIRNEY and Catharine M’KEIRNEY for maliciously wounding a cow, the property Mary MOORHEAD. Not guilty.

Bernard CARROLL stealing a sheep, the property of Edw. M’KENNA. Not guilty.

Edward M’CAGHY for burglary and felony of meal, butter and potatoes, out of the dwelling house of Mary M’KENNA. Not guilty of burglary, but found guilty of the felony at large – transportation.

Ezekiel ARCHER for stealing a cock and three hens. Guilty, to be burned in the hand and imprisoned 3 months.

John KANE for stealing a cow, the property of James KERR. Guilty, but recommended by grand jury – transported for 7 years.

Nogher M’CAFFREY for stealing a cow, the property of Arthur M’QUENDER. Not guilty.

James M’KENNA for stealing a heifer, the property of Peter M’KEDNA. Not guilty.

William BARNWELL, Charles CORRIGAN, Pat. MONAGHAN, Owen MONAGHAN, for a burglary and felony in the dwelling house of Pat. HEENY at Lige, on the 14th July last, and taking thereout a variety of goods, his property. Guilty – to be executed on Monday 18th August.

James BARNWELL, for burglary and felony in the dwelling house Thomas FINLAY on 6th June last, at Pullis. Not guilty.

Owen TRAYNOR and Patrick TRAYNOR for burglary in the dwelling house of Walter STEELE Esq. at Monalty, on 11th May last, with intent to commit a felony, also for stealing 4 cwt. of potatoes, his property, on 13th April last, pleaded guilty. Burned in the hand and imprisoned 4 months.

Peter GARTLAND for stealing a cow, the property of Alex. ARMSTRONG. Not guilty – to give security to be of good behaviour.

Edward SLOEY for stealing 20 clamps of turf, the property of John ARMSTRONG. Not guilty.

Bernard BRANNIN for burglary and felony in the dwelling house of John JOHNSTONE at Larah on 2nd April last. Not guilty of the burglary, but guilty of stealing 100 yards of linen, a watch, and other property of said JOHNSTONE, value 2s. 6d  – To be transported for 7 years.

Patrick TREANOR and James M’KENNA for stealing two heifers, the property of Laurence M’KENNA. Guilty, but recommended by the grand jury to be transported.

Pat. DEVLIN for stealing flax – Not guilty.

A. M’DONALD for stealing a cock – Not guilty.

Peter M’CAM for stealing one cwt. of potatoes, the property of Lord Blayney. Not guilty

Thomas and Pat. KEARNEY for stealing fowls. – Not guilty.

James KEARNEY and Thomas M’GAHAN for stealing a horse, the property of John HENRY and maliciously killing him. Seven others were indicted in this number on the evidence John RAVERTY, an approver, but who appeared to be so depraved a wretch, the court directed the jury to acquit the prisoners. These prisoners were also indicted for setting fire to said HENRY’S house, but were also acquitted, there being no other evidence but the approver, John RAVERTY.

Jane CALDWELL for stealing a watch from Peter CARROLL. Not guilty.

James COYLE for stealing a silver spoon, the property of Philip M’KENNA. Not guilty.

R. CAMPBELL, Samuel BROWN, Terence M’KERNEY and James MOORE for illicit distillation. – To be imprisoned and fined 10£.

Thomas BURNS for passing a forged Bank of Ireland note to James JACKSON at Clones. Not guilty.

Terence SHALE and William LENNON for burglar in the dwelling house of John LINDSAY and stealing thereout twenty yards of linen and other articles, his property. Admitted to give bail.

Edw. M’MAHON for stealing a plough and chains, the property Charles O’NEILL. Not guilty.

Thomas KENNEDY was charged with having in his possession forged stamps. Trial put off by the crown. Prisoner admitted to bail to appear at next assizes.

Catharine DUFFEY and Ann DONNELLY charged with stealing from Thomas M’GUINNESS a quantity of bank notes and other property, value 38£ at Monaghan on the 14th July last. DUFFEY, not guilty; DONNELLY, guilty – to be transported 7 years.

13 Mar. 1832

Patrick WARD was indicted for the wilful murder of James M’CABE, near Carrickmacross on 6th July last.

Owen CORRIGAN, examined by Mr. Sergeant PERRIN K.C.  – Knew James M’CABE; recollects the night he came by his death; it was in the summer before last; saw him the evening he was murdered; was in Carrickmacross the day in question; left Carrickmacross a little before sun-set; stopped at one REILLY’S, on the road going home, about a mile from Carrickmacross; REILLY is since dead; met James DUFFY, Brien KERNAGHAN and Patrick WARD at REILLY’S house; came out of REILLY’S with them; there were people passing the road from Shercock; after he left REILLY’S, saw a man of the name of HANLON lying on the road; deceased came up to them on the road, and bade M’ANALLY a good evening; Brien KERNAGHAN then gave deceased a foot and a slap, and knocked him down; witness made a short turn on the road to get away; on witness looking back, he saw the prisoner, James DUFFY and Brien KERNAGHAN  lifting up their hands, as if throwing stones at deceased; witness did not go far on the road until he was overtaken by James DUFFY; DUFFY took a book out of his pocket and swore witness never to reveal what he saw on this night, except to the clergy; it was on Thursday deceased was beat and heard of his death on Monday following.

Cross-examined by Mr. SCRIVEN – Did not see prisoner do anything to deceased; Brien KERNAGHAN knocked him down; prisoner remained at home until deceased died; was examined before a magistrate; did swear that he knew nothing about this transaction; did so, because he was afraid of his life.

By the Court – Did swear to Mr. MITCHELL that he did not know the men; witness had two reasons for doing so; he was afraid of his life and his little property being destroyed; after this he told his Bishop, and he told him to reveal it the magistrate and punish the guilty, or save the innocent; did then tell Mr. MITCHELL what he knew.

John M’NALLY, examined – Left Carrickmacross about sun-set on the day of the murder; witness was joined on the road by Patrick WARD, the prisoner; Brian KERNAGHAN raised deceased with foot and slap; the prisoners DUFFY and CORRIGAN were present; DUFFY and KERNAGHAN lifted stones and threw them where deceased and witness were standing; DUFFY handed witness a book and swore him that he should never disclose what took place on this night; the prisoner was beside DUFFY at the time; witness swore as they desired him and was very glad to get away.

Cross-examined – Did go to the inquest at the instance of Mr. IRWIN and Mr. DUDGEON; witness told M’CABE’S wife he had been at the place where her husband was beat; was examined at inquest and then swore that he did not know any of the men; was examined afterwards before a magistrate and denied it also; went a second time before Mr. MITCHELL and denied that he knew the persons.

By the court – There was not any of the party drunk on this night: KERNAGHAN and CORRIGAN live in the same townland with witness.

Patrick MACKEN and Mary KERNAGHAN were the next witnesses examined, but nothing material was elicited from them.

Margaret M’CABE – Is wife of the deceased, J. M’CABE; he will be three years dead next July; he was in the employment of Mr. FINN, bog agent to Mr. SHIRLEY; left the house the day he was beaten after breakfast; did not see him until 10 or 11 o’clock next day at KERNAGHAN’S house, where she found him lying in a corner on straw; Mr. AIKEN’S son brought a horse and put deceased on his back and sat behind him; witness led the horse; it was on Thursday her husband was beat and on Monday following he died; her husband could not speak to her.

Surgeon Robert PACK deposed that he visited the deceased the Saturday previous to his death and found him quite insensible; examined his body at the inquest and is positive that the deceased came by his death in consequence of a blow of a blunt instrument on the head, which broke his skull. There no defence.