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Co. Londonderry Assizes Mar. 1837

Transcribed by Jane from The Northern Whig 30 March 1837

Londonderry Assizes

Tuesday, March 21.

The following gentlemen were sworn on the Grand Inquest of the County and City of Londonderry, before the High Sheriffs, Henry DAREUS and Archibald M’CORKELL, Esqrs. : –

Sir R. A. FERGUSON, Bart., M.P., Foreman

Right Hon. G. R. DAWSON


Conolly GAGE

Thomas SCOTT





Stewart BRUCE

Richard HUNTER

William BROWN


Acheson LYLE

Richard YOUNG






R. Leslie OGILBY


Thursday, March 23

At half-past eleven, Judge MOORE entered the Crown Court, when the Grand Jury were re-sworn. His Lordship then proceeded to address them as follows: –

“Mr. Foreman, and Gentlemen of the City and County of Londonderry Grand Jury — Inspecting the criminal calendar, in my long experience, I have seldom met with one so light, whether considered numerically, or with regard to individual crime. It requires no observation from me, except one case of incendiarism, the only instance of the Rockite system I have been able to trace in this part of the country. It will be for you to decide, whether the evidence will sustain the charge. I have to congratulate you on the small number of bail cases. In other Counties, the calendar was no guide to the business to be done, as the Judges often found double the business that they had been led to believe when making out the circuit. The lightness of the calendar was to be ascribed, in a great measure, to the quick and excellent discharge of the duties of the Recorder of Derry, which has lightened the labour of the Judges here so much, and enabled them to proceed with the public business with despatch, and certainty of the extent of the criminal calendar.”

John SEBERRY was then put forward, charged with having in possession two silver forks, which were stolen from Mr. John GROTTY’s hotel, Coleraine. Not guilty.

Betty MECHAN was indicted for exposing an infant child, Prisoner pleaded guilty.

Thomas M’CLENNON, for assaulting John HAMILL and Bernard HAMILL. Acquitted.

Patrick DONNOLLY was indicted for having in possession 55 lbs. of sheet lead, the property of Hugh BELLAS, Coleraine. Not guilty.

Patrick GILLESPIE, indicted for stealing two Bank notes, valued £6, the property of W. FERGUSON. Guilty, but recommended to mercy by the prosecutor, as having previously borne a good character.

James PAUL was indicted for stealing carpenters’ tools, the property of Gabriel CUNNINGHAM; and John TAYLOR, for having the above in his possession. Guilty.

John WEIR was indicted for making, uttering, and issuing base coin. Guilty of having in possession.

John SMITH, indicted for receiving two sheep, knowing them to be stolen. Guilty.

Friday, March 24.

Joseph M’KEOWN was indicted for a common assault on the person of Joseph DOHERTY. Guilty, but discharged, on payment of a recompense to the prosecutor, proportionate to the injury received.

James M’ANULLA, Nellie M’ANULLA, James M’CAIGNEY, Neal M’CAIGNEY, and Patrick M’CAIGNEY, were indicted for assaulting George WELSH, when returning from the fair of Magherafelt. The M’ANULLAs guilty – the M’CAIGNEYs not guilty.

Saturday, March 25.

Mary M’CAY, for exposing a child. Guilty; to be imprisoned one month.

Mary WILSON, Ann KANE, Eliza FULLERTON, Sarah MILLAN, Jane M’MANUS, Jane DOHERTY, and Rose CUNNINGHAM, were indicted for vagrancy. Guilty; seven years’ transportation.

Orange Processions

Edward MARTIN was indicted for illegally walking in procession on the 12th July last, to celebrate the battle of Aughrim. Guilty; to be imprisoned one fortnight, and to find securities to keep the peace, himself in 20l., and two others in 5l. each.

William TORRENS, David COSKER, Thos. COLLEY, and Robert HASTY, were indicted for walking in procession, at Kilrea, on the 12th of July. TORRENS, COSKER, and COLLEY, found guilty, and sentenced to be imprisoned for one month, and to find securities to keep the peace, themselves in 50l., and two others in 10l. each. HASTY was acquitted.

George HUNTER was indicted for a riot, on the 12th July, at Garvagh. Guilty; to be imprisoned for three months, and to find securities to keep the peace, himself in 50l., and two others in 10l. each.

John GRAY, John CRAIG, John MITCHELL, Andrew CAMPBELL, John M’CRACKEN, David GLEN and William IRVIN, were indicted for walking in procession at Newtownlemavady on the 12th July last. Guilty; John CRAIG to be imprisoned six months, to pay a fine of 5l., and find security to keep the peace, himself in 50l., and two others in 10l. each; John MITCHELL, to be imprisoned for four months and find the same security; Andrew CAMPBELL, same sentence; John M’CRACKEN, David GLEN, GRAY, and IRVIN, each to one month’s imprisonment, and the like security.

‘Prentice Boy Procession

Robert KITCHEN, James LAVENS, Robert ADAMS, John COLHOUN, Isaac BELL, Robert IRWIN, William IRWIN, Thomas BARCLAY, Andrew BARR, David FAIRLEY, Rowley PEYLEY, Archibald M’LAUGHLIN, Alexander LYNCH, Michael WALLACE, and John TOWERS, were arraigned for having, in the city of Derry, on the morning of the 19th December last, walked in a procession, with music, playing party tunes, in celebration of the shutting of the gates of Derry, contrary to the statute. –

The Jury returned a verdict of Guilty against FAIRLEY, and of Not guilty as to COLHOUN and BARR. The Judge sentenced the traverser FAIRLEY to two months’ imprisonment. The trial of the others was postponed.