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Co. Fermanagh Freeholders 1829

Registrations of Freeholders, County of Fermanagh

A list of all such Persons as have lodged applications with the Clerk of the peace for said County, in order to entitle them to Register their Freeholds at the next Session to be holden for that purpose at Enniskillen on the 3rd and at Newtownbutler on the 10th June next, under an Act passed in the 10th year of the reign of his present Majesty, entitled “An Act to amend certain Acts of Parliament of Ireland, relative to the election of members to serve in Parliament, and to regulate the qualification of persons entitled to vote, at the Election of Knights of the Shire in Ireland.”

Transcribed by Robyn from the Enniskillen Chronicle and Erne Packet 14 May 1829. (Please note, while care has been taken with transcribing I have noticed that there are also a number of spelling errors in the original but have transcribed as is.)

ADAM NIXON, Clerk Peace.

No.Name of Applicant & ResidenceDescription of Freehold & TownlandBarony
1Wm. BEATTY, Carrickmacusker otherwise BackwoodHouse and land, Carrickmacusker, otherwise BackwoodM. Staphena
2John H. NOBLE, CoolgartnaleagueDitto, CoolgartnaleagueTyrkennedy
3Robert ARMSTRONG, DrumcunnisLand, DrumcunnisDitto
4Ancrew CROZIER, BallinamallardLand and 4 house, tenmts, BallinamallardDitto
5Blaney BLEAKLEY, IrvinestownHouses and land, Townhill & TullinagarnanLurg
6James HENDERSON, dittoHouse and Tenement, TownhillDitto
7Patrick HUMPHRYS, DrumcawHouse and land, DrumcawDitto
8Michael HUMPHRYS, DroganHouse and land, RosininDitto
9Patrick ROGERS, IrvinestownHouses and land, Townhill and DromoreDitto
10William TROTTER, dittoHouse and lands, Burfettshill & TownhillDitto
11William TROTTER, dittoHouse and tenement, TownhillDitto
12Oswald STURDY, dittoHouses and land, TownhillDitto
13Henry IRVINE, LetterHouse and land, LetterDittoq
14Felix McQUADE, IrvinestownHouse, tenement & land, Townhill and TullingarnanDitto
15Francis BLEAKLEY, dittoHouse, tenement and land, Townhill and BurfordshillDitto
16Henry McDERMOTT, DrumcawLand, DrumcawDitto
17Charles WALKER, IrvinestownHouse and tenement, TownhillDitto
18Henry IRVINE, DorovilleHouses and land, MonighanDitto
19George ARMSTRONG, IrvinestownHouse and tenement, EnniskilleTyrkennedy
20Robert GINN, dittoHouse and land, Milltate & HurfordshillLurg
21Felix GALLAGHER, dittoHouse and tenement, TownhillDitto
22Park KENNEDY, Brockagh co. TyrHouses and land, DrumhunnyDitto
23William GRAHAM, IrvinestownLand, BurfordshillDitto
24Thos. AIKENS, Portadown, Co. ArmaghHouse and land, TownhillDitto
25Thos. KENNEDY, Brockagh, Co. TyroneHouses and land, CarraghagraneDitto
26Gerald JOHNSTON, IrvnestownLand, tenement and houses, TownhillDitto
27Robert ROBINSON, LiscreevanHouses and lands, LiscreevanDitto
28Pattison JOLLY, DrumbowDitto, DrumbowDitto
29Alexander AIKENS, IrvinestownHouse, tenement and Land, Townhill and MullybreslandDitto
30George FORDE, BeachoHouse and land, BeachoTyrkennedy
31Andw. CROZIER, BallinamallardHouses and lands, Ballamallinard & CraghanDitto
32Armour KIRK, CassidyHouses and land, CosDitto
33William BROWN, DrumbulkinHouse and land, DrumbulkinDitto
34John BROWN, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
35Wm. HENDERSON, Kesh hillDitto, dittoDitto
36James VEITCH, DrumbulkinHouses and land, dittoDitto
37Robert ARMSTRONG, DrumcunnisHouses and land, DrumcunnisDitto
38Corry E. BEATTY, BallinamallardDitto, Ballinamallard, Sydare and Brownrigg’s tenementDitto
39John WOOD, EnniskillenHouse and tenement, EnniskillenMagheraboy
40John IRVINE, DrumloneHouse and land,DrumloneM. Staphena
41Alex. LIVINGSTON, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
42George LAIRD, jun. GiltaghDitto, GiltaghDitto
43Wm. IRVINE, DrumloneHouse and land, DrumloneM. Staphena
44Arthur THOMPSON, EnniskillenHouse and tenmnt, Main St, EnniskillenTyrkennedy
45John F. GALLOGLY, ToneystickHouses and land, ToneystickDitto
46James McDONALD, DrumgivryHouses and lands, TedLurg
47John McGRATH, GlenvannonHouses and lands, GlenvannonDitto
48John NOBLE, DromoreHouses and lands, Big Dromore and Little DromreDitto
49Thomas JOHNSTON, ShallonyHouses and land, ShallonyDitto
50Wm. SWANSTON, AughavoreLand, InnisklandDitto
51Edward SWANSTON, PettigoHouses and land, PrucklissDitto
52Hugh SWANSTON, AughoreLand, dittoDitto
53Thomas LAW, CarnHouses and land, CarnDitto
54James LAW, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
55John KEYS, RahallDitto, RahallDitto
56Thomas KEYS, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
57Robert ROWE, CorlaveDitto, CorlaveDitto
58Francis DALY, dittoDitto, Corlave and DromoreDitto
59Edward BOYD, dittoDitto, CorlaveDitto
60Thomas FRAZER, MullaghmeenDitto, MullaghmeenDitto
61Jas. STEPHENSON, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
62Thomas STEPHENSON, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
63Wm. MOFFITT, DrumschoolDitto, DrumschoolDitto
64Andrew MOFFITT, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
65James IRVINE, KnockrowDitto, KnockrowDitto
66Francis JOHNSTON, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
67Arthur JOHNSTON, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
68Charles JOHNSTON, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
69James JOHNSTON, ShallonyDitto, ShallonyDitto
70Wm. ARMSTRONG, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
71Christopher COWAN, StrabaneLands, ClonkeenDitto
72Robert COWAN, ClonkeenHouses and land, dittoDitto
73Robert COWAN, ClonkeenHouses and land, dittoDitto
74Wm. FLETCHER, DrumadrevyDitto, DrumadrevyDitto
75John FLETCHER, sen DrumadrevyDitto, Drumadrevyditto
76John FLETCHER, jun. dittoDitto, dittoDitto
77Edward CLINDINING, RushinDitto, RushinDitto
78Robt. GUINESS, Drumard RockDitto, Drumard RockDitto
79James GUNNIS, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
80Andw. CLENDENING, sen. RushinDitto, RushinDitto
81James CLENDINNING, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
82Andrew CLENDINNING, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
83John KEYS, MoynaghanDitto, MoynaghanDitto
84Wm. HOEY, GlenrossLands, DrumchennyDitto
85James DANE, MoynaghanHouses and land, MoynaghanDitto
86John MEANES, MoynaghanDitto, dittoDitto
87Andrew KEYS, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
88John McMULKIN, DrumshaneDitto, Drumshane & CoolanessDitto
89George FRAZER, CoolanessDitto, Collaness & DrumschoolDitto
90Thomas KEEYS, dittoDitto, CoolanessDitto
91John KEYS, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
92John ROBINSON, CulleaghmoreDitto, CulleaghmoreDitto
93Armar THOMPSON, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
94John NOBLE, SleavbaneDitto, SleavbandDitto
95Thomas HUMPHREYS, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
96Charles ARMSTRONG, TulnaguinHouses and lands, Sleavbane and town of IrvinestownDitto
97Thomas KEYS, TulnaguigyDitto, TulnaguigyDitto
98Henry KEYS, TullnaguigyHouses and lands, TullnaguigyDitto
99James KEYS, dittoDitto, DrumbulkinDitto
100William GRAHAM, TullinaguigayHouses and land, TullinaguigyDitto
101John JOHNSTONE, TulnaguigyDitto, TulnaguigyDitto
102Adam KEYS, TulnaguigayDitto, dittoDitto
103Richard IRVINE, GlassmullaghDitto, GlassmullaghDitto
104Gerrard IRVINE, GlassmullaghDitto, dittoDitto
105Heslott IRVINE, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
106William PORTER, TedDitto, TedDitto
107Thomas McGOLRICK, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
108Charles WOODS, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
109James WOODS, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
110John CHARLTON, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
111Cornelius KEON, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
112Michael McDONALD, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
113James BIRNEY, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
114Thomas KEYS, DrumbulkinDitto, DrumbulkinDitto
115James, KEYS, dittoDitto, ditto
116George KEYS, dittoDitto, dittoLurg
117Hugh KEYS, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
118Thomas KEYS, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
119Charles KEYS, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
120John KEYS, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
121William BELL, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
122Samuel KEYS, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
123John BELL, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
124James BELL, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
125James BELL, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
126Christopher KENNEDY, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
127Francis POTTERS, dittoHouses and lands, dittoDitto
128John POTTERS, dittoHouses and land, dittoDitto
129Francis MURPHY, TempoeDitto, Tempo and EdenmoreTyrkennedy
130Richd. KIRKPATRICK, EnniskillenHouses & tenement, Main-st, EnniskillenMagheraboy
131Henry CHITTICK, TerwinyHouse and land, TerwinnyLurg
132William ARMSTRONG, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
133Edward ARMSTRONG, dittoDitto, dittoditto
134Michael HUMPHRYS, DroganHouses & Land, Doonan & MullaghbruckDitto
135John McMILKIN, LisnarickDitto Lisnarick, Drumshane & CoolanesDitto
136Adam BETTY, dittoDitto, Lisnarick, Drumarky & DrumshaneDitto
137Edward MORAN, LegnameltigHouse and land, LegnameltigLurg
138Edward MACKEY, RossquireDitto, RossquireDitto
139William IRVINE, RockfieldLand, DrumsluseDitto
140Francis JOHNSTON, DrumsluseLand, DrumsluseDitto
141James JOHNSTON, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
142Christ. GRAHAM, GobloskHouses and land, Drumall and SkeyDitto
143William GRAHAM, DrumallHouse and land, DrumallDitto
144Robert GRAHAM, EnniskillenHouses and land, Drumall and DoonanDitto
145Phibbs McGREGOR, DrumallHouse and land, DrumallDitto
146Luke BETTY, LisnarickHouses and land, Lisnarick, Muckross, and DrumarkeyDitto
147Christ. BETTY, LisnarickHouse & land, Lismarick & DrumpeenDitto
148John JOHNSTON, DrumallDitto, DrumallDitto
149John ANDERSON, CantitrinellDitto, CantitrinellDitto
150John ANDERSON, DringDitto, DringDitto
151Kitt CROZIER, DrumarkeyHouses and land, DrumarkeyLurg
152John CROZIER, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
153John JOHNSTON, dittoHouse and land, dittoDitto
154Chas. HAMILTON, jun. DooninDitto, Doonin Kaeckinness & LargandoyTyrkennedy
155Chas. HAMILTON, sen. DittoDitto, DooninDitto
156John HALL, Gloster-street City of DublinHouses and tnements, in the town of EnniskillenDitto
157William HALL, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
158Joseph WHITLEY, EnniskillenDitto, DittoDitto
159George LEARD, sen. GiltaghHouse and land, GiltaghM. Staphena
160Thos. SCARLET, Killyrover oths. LittlehillDitto, Killyrover, otherwise LittlehallDitto
161Edward FISHER, AughanureHouses, lands and tenements, town of Maguiresbridge and AughanureDitto
162James KIRKPATRICK, MusnaughtHouse and land, MusnaughtTyrkennedy
163Wm. KIRKPATRICK, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
164Andrew MURPHY, DrummaratDitto, DrummaratM. Staphena
165John NIXON, GarvohillDitto, GarvohillDitto
166Wm. NIXON, dittoHouse and lands, dittoDitto
167Wm. HOGG, DrumerinHouse and land, DrumerinDitto
168Wm. HOGG, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
169James FORSTER, CarrantroneDitto, CarrantroneDitto
170George DUGAN, CleghtateLands, MulnaseorthyDitto
171John ARMSTRONG, GortgorranHouse and land, GortgorranDitto
172Alex. CAROTHERS, GiltaghDitto, GiltaghDitto
173Wm. CAROTHERS, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
174Hugh MONTGOMERY, sen. DrolesDitto, DrolesDitto
175Alex. MONTGOMERY, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
176Alex. CORRY, Carrick MacmayDitto, Carrick McMayTyrkennedy
177James MOFFATT, CamgartDitto, CamgartDitto
178Galbraith MOFFATT, RatoranLand, DrumcorDitto
179Owen MURPHY, EnniskillenHouses and tenements, Main-street & Paget’s-lane, EnniskillenDitto
180John BEATTY, DrumdergHouse and land, DrumdergDitto
181James BEATTY, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
182Wm. BEATTY, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
183David BEATTY, dittoLand, dittoDitto
184John WALSH, GarveryHouse and land, GarveryDitto
185Terence MARTIN, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
186Robert GRAHAM, DrummackHouse and lands, Drummack & CorrardM. Staphena
187John GRAHAM, DrumcramphHouse and land, DrumcramphDitto
188George NOBLE, BallyreaghDitto, BallyreaghTyrkennedy
189Patrick CAMPBELL, RossorryHouses and tenements, Main-st EnniskillenDitto
190Terence McMANUS, CaranoghHouse and land, CaranoghDitto
191Daniel SLAVIN, BallynamoneyHouses and land, BallynamonyDitto
192Denis MULHERN, EnniskillenHouse and tenement in Pudding-land EnniskillenDitto
193James BRYANS, LisnaskeaDwelling house, LisnaskeaM. Staphena
194Antony LUCY, MoybroneHouse and land, MoybroneGlenawly
195Baptist G. FRITH, EnniskillenHouse & Tnement, Main-st Enniskillen,Magheraboy
196John ARMSTRONG, Ballinamallard, Sydare & DrumbulkinTyrkennedy
197Andrew IRVINE, Tattenafree, TullyreaghM. Staphena
198William LLOYD, PortoraHouse and tenement, PortoraMagheraboy
199William FITZGERALD, EnniskillenDitto, enniskillenTyrkennedy
200William NOBLE, Kilgartnaleague, Sydare and DrumcunnisDitto
201John ELLIOTT, FerneyHouse and land, FearucyDitto
202James HENDERSON, CorranDitto, CorranDitto
203William CORREGAN, CorrenDitto, CorrenDitto
204Henry CAMBLE, CorranDitto, CorranDitto
205Robert HUES, TullcolrickDitto, TullcolrickLurg
206John GRAHAM, KnockmanoulDitto, KnockmanoulTyrkennedy
207Elliott JOHNSTON, CorranDitto, CorranDitto
208James JOHNSTON, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
209Randal STAFFORD, Tully, co. CavanLands, Sheaney, Correclare, Corgortin and CoolkilmoreGlenawley
210James FRITH, CrossDitto, CrossTyrkennedy
211Robert JUSTON, DrumsillaghHouse and lands, DrumsillaghMagheraboy
212Arthur TORTTER, PortoraHouse and tenement, PortoraDitto
213Francis ARMSTRONG, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
214John LEONARD, dittoHouse and land, dittoDitto
215Gabriel SPENCE, RetonaLand, RetonaDitto
216Samuel McDONALD, MoyglassDitto, AghnagleekGlenawley
217James ARMSTRONG, DrumbulkinHouse and land, DrumbulkinTyrkennedy
218William ARMSTRONG, Flowerdale otherwise SedareDitto, Crockatigal Saloon & DrumbulkinLurg and Tyrkennedy
219Edward ARMSTRONG, dittoDitto, SedareTyrkennedy
220James GAMBLE, EnniskillenHouse and tenement EnniskillenMagheraboy
221Noble GRAHAM, LakaghbayHouse and land, LackaghbayTyrkennedy
222John HENDERSON, CrumconnisDitto, DrumconnisDitto
223John BEATTY, CappyLand, DrumderrigDitto
224Wm. BETTY, jun. DrumsloeHouse and land, DrumconnisDitto
225j. CRAWFORD, Deerpark Co LeitrimLands, DerrykeehanDitto
226Alex. ARMSTRONG, DrumreanyHouses and lands, DrumreanyDitto
227Loddy CRAWFORD, WarternarryDitto, WarternerryDitto
228James CRAWFORD, dittohouse and land, dittoDitto
229William CRAWFORD, EnniskillenHouse and tenement, EnniskillenDitto
230Arthur CORRIGAN, CrumreanyHouse and land, DrumreanyDitto
231William BEATTY, DrumsloeHouses and lands, town of Ballinamallard and townland of CorranDitto
232Robert HENDERSON, DrumconnisHouse and land, DrumconnisDitto
233Joseph ARMSTRONG, DrumacooranDittoGlenawley
234Hugh GARDINER, GiltaghDitto, GiltaghM. Staphena
235John BURGESS, LackaghboyDitto, LackaghboyTyrkennedy
236James WILSON, KillyvillyDitto, KillyvillyDitto
237Wm. MORRISON, CorranDitto, CorranDitto
238Frans. GRAHAM, KnockmanowlDitto, KnockmanowlDitto
239John GRAHAM, KnockmanoulDitto, dittoDitto
240Peter MOFFIT, DrumherkHouses and lands, Drumhirk, Drumsillagh and AughavooryGlenawley and M. Stephena
241Wm. MULDOON, sen. EnniskillenHouses and land, DrumhoneyLurg
242Robert SOMERVILLE, TullyraneHouse and land, TullyraneTyrkennedy
243George SOMERVILLE, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
244Michell HURST, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
245Wm. HURST, jun. TullyrainDitto, dittoDitto
246Francis McBRIAN, GarveryDitto, GarveryDitto
247Thomas WILSON, BallylucasLands, Garvery and Carrick McMayDitto
248James WHARRY, FeddinsLand, BallyreaghDitto
249George SCARLET, KillygranyHouse and land, KillygranyDitto
250Edward MORRISON, CorrenDitto, CorrenDitto
251George MORRISON, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
252Edward HURST, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
253Andrew CROSIER, BallinamallardDitto, Ballinamallard and CroghamDitto
254James BLAKELY, DruminchinDitto, DruminichinLurg
255Henry ROBINSON, LiscreevanDitto, LiscreevanDitto
256Wm. JOHNSTON, DrumchrinDitto, DrumchrinDitto
257Robt. RAMSAY, BallindullaghDitto, BallindullaghDitto
258Wm. JOHNSTON, MoneykeeDitto, MoneykeeDitto
259John WILSON, KnockroeDitto, KnockroeDitto
260Wm. IRVINE, Outer BallindullaghDitto, Outer BallindullaghDitto
261Gerard IRVINE, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
262William ELLIS, LettermonyDitto, LettermonyTyrkennedy
263John BLACK, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
264James JOHNSTON, MoneykeeDitto, MoneykeeLurg
265Archd. JOHNSTON, IrvinestownHouse and tenement, TownhillDitto
266Noble McGREGOR, LerrermoneyHouse and land, LettermonyTyrkennedy
267James ELLIOTT, DrumduffDitto, DrumduffLurg
268Wm. BREEN, AhaleagueHouse and tenement, TownhillDitto
269James SCOTT, IrvinestownHouse and tenement, TownhillDitto
270John FIELDS, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
271Edward ROGERS, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
272John MAGUIRE, dittoDitto, Townhill and ArreblerowDitto
273Hugh McGRATH, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
274John NEVILLE, dittoDitto, TownhillDitto
275James ARMSTRONG, DrumchrinHouse and land, DrumchrinDitto
276Thomas IRVINE, DrumsaraDitto, DrumsaraDitto
277James O’BRIEN, IrvinestownHouses and tenements, TownhillDitto
278James McQUADE, GlencoonraHouse and land, GlencoonraTyrkennedy
279Edward BREEN, AhalagueDitto, AhalagueLurg
280Wm H. HETHERINGTON, IrvinestownDitto, DrumbowDitto
281Jas. IRVINE, Outer BallindullaghDitto, Outer BallindullaghDitto
282William HOEY, DrumhunnyDitto, DrumhunnyDitto
283George BLAKELY, DruminchinDitto, DruminchinDitto
284Andrew ELLIOTT, CleenaghanHouse and Land, CleenaghanTyrkennedy
285George HURST, TullyraneDitto, TullyraneDitto
286Anthony HURST, TullyranteDitto, TullyraneDitto
287Gerard SOMERVILLE, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
288Wm. HURST, sen. DittoDitto, dittoDitto
289Christ. ROBINSON, CleenaghanDitto, CleenaghanDitto
290Joseph ROBINSON, CrumcreenHouses and Lands, Drumcreen & CleenaghanDitto
291Thomas ROBINSON, CleenaghanHouse and land, CleenaghanDitto
292Andrew WILSON, WarteraerryHouses and lands, Warternarry, Derry hillagh and LissonDitto
293Joseph ANDERSON, CooltrainHouse and land, CooltrainDitto
294George WOODS, ClonaweelDitto, ConaweelGlenawly
295Wm ARMSTRONG, DerrinimDitto, DerrinimDitto
296Robert ARMSTRONG. DittoDitto, DerrinimDitto
297James ARMSTRONG, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
298Edwd/ MONTGOMERY, DerrigiffDitto, DerrigiffDitto
299James MONTGOMERY, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
300John FLANIGAN, DerrileckDitto, DerrileckDitto
301Hugh MONTGOMERY, DerriscobeDitto, DerriscobeGlenawly
302John PORTTEUS, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
303Rev. James OVENS, Mt Charles county DonegallLand, DrummageevarDitto
304Thomas EWET, DrumcalgyHouse and land, DrumcalgyDitto
305Robert RUTLEDGE, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
306Archibald EWET, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
307Francis McCAWLEY, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
308William NIXON, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
309John GRAHAM, sen. DrumkeenDitto, DrumkeenDitto
310Thomas GRAHAM, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
311John GRAHAM, jun. dittoDitto, dittoDitto
312George PEARCE, dittoHouse & lands, DudernaghDitto
313Cromwell PEARCE, dittoHouse & land, Dudernagh & GarveryDitto
314James JOHNSTON, dittoHouse and land, DudernaghDitto
315Wm. BROWNLEE, sen. GardrumDitto, GardrumDitto
316Samuel DEVLIN, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
317Henry FAUSSETT, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
318Wm. BROWNLEE, dittoHouse & lands, Gardrum & DrumageevarDitto
319Robert BROWNLEE, dittoDitto, Gardrum & AughadarraghanDitto
320James FAUSSETT, dittoHouse and land, GardrumDitto
321Edward BOYD, GortahurkDitto, GortahurkDitto
322Alexander FAUSSETT, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
323James BENSON, LetterbreenHouse & lands, Letterbreen & DerryscobeDitto
324Robert BROWN, LesruddyHouse and land, LisruddyDitto
325Stephen SLACK, AughadaraganDitto, AughadarraghanDitto
326Carlton CARTHCART, ClonaveelDitto, ClonaveelFitto
327Wm. BUSHFIELD, DrumsillaghmoreDitto, DrumsillaghmoreDitto
328Henry BUSHFIELD, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
329Simon ARMSTRONG, MoykeelLand, Glasmullagh & LanacranDitto
330Jason WILSON, RehollandHouse & lands, Reholland & FormillGlenawly and Lurg
331William JOHNSTON, DrumlahyDitto, DrumlagbyGlenawly
332James KITTSON, DrummaraDitto, DrummaraMagheraboy
333Thos. PORTEOUS, DrummadownDitto, DrummadownDitto
334William TROTTER, MullycavitLand, MoyadaDitto
335John KEON, jun. CornahiltaHouse and land, CornahiltaDitto
336John HOWDEN, FaidenDitto, FaidenDitto
337James GOARLY, DrumskimlyDitto, DrumskimlyDitto
338John GOARLY, DrumscamlyDitto, DrumscamlyDitto
339Archd, McKENEY, KnockmoreHouse & land, Knockmore & DummanureDitto
340William, McKENNY, DrummanureHouse and land, DrummanureDitto
341Edward STINSON, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
342Andrew FLANAGAN, AughaheeranDitto, AughaheeranDitto
343Andrew FERGUSON, ConnaherDITTO, ConnaherDitto
344John MAGUIRE, MullynaskeaghDitto, MullynaskeaghDitto
345Edward OVENS, GlenlevinDitto, GlenlevinDitto
346James THOMPSON, KilduffLand, LeglandDitto
347John DANE, jun. ConnaugherHouses and land, CannaugherDitto
348Robert PORTEOUS, DrummadownHouse and land, DrumscamlyDitto
349Terence KEON, KillybegDitto, KillybegDitto
350William WHITAKER, BeaghDitto, BeaghDitto
351Alex. STINSON, DrummanureDitto, DrummanureDitto
352George WHITAKER, BeaghDitto, BeaghDitto
353Ralph ACHISON, SraniffDitto, StraniffDitto
354Hugh KITTSON, DrummaraDitto, DrummaraDitto
355George KITTSON, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
356James FERGUSON, CornahiltaDitto, CornahiltaDitto
357George CROOKS, CosbystownLand, Cosbystown, Beaugh & KnockbetDitto
358James MOORE, GlenlavinHouse and lands, Churchhill & GlenlevinDitto
359Thomas FALLIS, DrumskinlyHouse and Land, Drumskimly, Rusculton & DrummanureDitto
360George ELLIOTT, RoscultenDitto, RoscultenDitto
361John McBRIEN, DrummadillerHouse and lands, Drumadiller and Under ArdeesDitto
362Moses McBRIEN, DerrivaryDitto, Derryvary and TunnynoranDitto
363John LANE, ConnaugherHouse and land, ConnaugherDitto
364Robert HUSTON, StraniffDitto, StraniffDitto
365Jas. RUTHERFORD, DrumskimlyDitto, DrumskimlyDitto
366John DANE, sen. Connagher DaneHouses and land, Connagher DaneDitto
367David RUTHERFORD, DrumskimlyHouse and land, DrumskimlyDitto
368Robert STINSON, DrummanureDitto, DrummanureDitto
369John NIXON, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
370Alex ACHESON, DrummadunianDitto, TullynoranDitto
371John KEON, CornahiltaDitto, CornahiltaDitto
372Edward NIXON, DrummanureDitto, DrummanureDitto
373James HALL, DromoreDitto, DromoreDitto
374John McKENNY, DrummanureDitto, DrummanureDitto
375Gabriel RUTHERFORD, DrumscamlyDitto, DrumscamlyDitto
376Francis KEON, CornahiltaDitto, CornahiltaDitto
377Geo. RUTHERFORD, DrumscamlyDitto, DrumscamlyDitto
378Gilly DEVITT, DrummadillerLand, TubbridonGlenawly
379John ACHISON, BugganHouse and land, BugganMagheraboy
380William HOWDEN, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
381Thomas SCOTT, RuscultinDitto, RuscultinDitto
382William ETON, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
383John STRONG, RoscultinDitto, RoscultinDitto
384Christ. BUCHANNON, GortgallLand, dittoDitto
385John FAUSSETT, RuscultinHouse and land, RuscultinDitto
386William THOMPSON, RooskeyLand, GlenlevinDitto
387Charles LANE, ConnaugherHouse and land, ConnaugherDitto
388John THOMPSON, RooskeyDitto, RooskeyDitto
389William BAILY, ConnaugherDitto, ConnaugherDitto
390James CRAIG, SandhillDitto, SandhillDitto
391Thomas GRAHAM, SandhillDitto, dittoDitto
392Christopher ARMSTRONG, StraniffDitto, StraniffDitto
393Hugh ACHISON, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
394Edward FALLIS, DerryvaryDitto, DerryvaryDitto
395Phillip MURPHY, KeadueDitto, KeadueDitto
396John GOARLY, DrumskimlyDitto, DrumskimlyDitto
397John ETON, DerrygonnellyLand, StratoreDitto
398Mathew FERRIS, DunnydoonHouse and land, Dunnydoon & TaboughDitto
399William ACHISON, MeenagleraghDitto, Meenagleragh and ConnaugherDitto
400James KITTSON, DerrygonnellyDitto, DerrygonnellyDitto
401William BRITTAIN, AughaheeranDitto, AughaheeranDitto
402Henry LWONNARD, DrummadillerDitto, DrumadillerDitto
403William HENDERSON, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
404John PORTTEUS, AughaheeranDitto, AughaheeranDitto
405Peter McCAFFRY, DresdernanDitto, DresdernanDitto
406William JOHNSTON, KilgarrowDitto, KilgarrowDitto
407Felix CARROLL, AughalaheeranDitto, AughaheeranDitto
408Gerard HOWDEN, KilgarrowDitto, KilgarrowDitto
409William FALLIS, DerrivaryDitto, Derrivary and DrummanureDitto
410EDWARD rogers, TulnagoanDitto, TulnagoanDitto
411Patrick McDERMOTT, TurnadollDitto, TurnadollDitto
412Walter SCOTT, GlenwinnyDitto, GlenwinnyDitto
413John RANKIN, TullydevonishDitto, TullydevonishDitto
414Alan RUTHERFORD, DrumscamleyDitto, DrumscamlyDitto
415Edward COOKE, EnniskillenLand, Crieve HillTyrkennedy
416Francis CAMPBELL, DrumcullionHouse and land DrumcullionDitto
417Robert CAMPBELL, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
418Bryan McHUGH, EnniskillenHouse and the appurtenances, Pudding-lane in the town of EnniskillenDitto
419Nicholas MULHERN, dittoHouses tenements and appurtenances, town of EnniskillenMagheraboy
420James BOYD, AghamoreLand, AghamoreM. Staphena
421James BOARDMAN, CoolbegHouse and land, CoolbegDitto
422James MURPHY, TulleneevanDitto, TulleneevanDitto
423John WOODS, dittoLand, dittoDitto
424William GRAHAM, CoolarnLands, Derrymany and CoolarnKnockninny & M. Staphena
425Arthur GRAHAM, dittoHouse and land, CoolarnM. Staphena
426Robert ANDERSON, LessaneaDitto, LessanealDitto
427Robert ANDERSON, LessanealHouse, garden & offices, dittoDitto
428George ARMSTRONG, DrumguffHouse and land, DrumguffDitto
429Thomas ARMSTRONG, CoshvoshDitto, CoshvoshDitto
430John ARMSTRONG, dittoLand, dittoDitto
431Henry LESLIE, ForpheyLand, Derrymany & InniscullardDitto
432John SUMMERS, Moat LandsHouse and land, Cornowshee?, otherwise Moat LandMagherastaphena
433George LLOYD, LerawDitto, LerawDitto
434Arthur SMITH, DerryteeDitto, Drumgoon & GledstownDitto
435Thomas CREIGHTON, KingstownLands, Corradilla, Cornashe and TullynagoneDitto
436Lawrence STORY, MullaneeneyHouse and land, MullaneneyKnockninny
437George ARNOLD, ToneyLand, ToneyM. Staphena
438James MOORE, DrumcullionHouse and land, DrumcullionDitto
439Wm. ARMSTRONG, DerryburdeenLand, DerryburdeenDitto
440James NOBLE, Sligo Co. SligoLands, Cienress & MoneymakimDitto
441Thoms MOFFITT, TonewallHouse and land, ToneywallKnockninny
442James CROOKE, EnniskillenHouse and tenement, EnniskillenTyrkennedy
443Andrew MOFFITT, TonewallHouse and land, ToneywallKnockninny
444Patrick TUBMAN, ClanturkilDitto, Clanturkil and ToneywallDitto
445Alex. AUCHENLECK, GarquaghDitto, FarquaghDitto
446William AUCHENLECK, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
447Thomas McBRIEN, LisnaskeaHouse and offices, town or Lisnaskea or LisanealM. Staphana
448Jno HALL, 5Miletown Co. TyroneLand, RossmacoleDitto
449William MOFFITT, RatonarDitto, dittoDitto
450John PATTERSON, ForpheyHouse and land, ForpheyDitto
451Thomas FORSTER, AughnacloyDitto, AughnacloyKnockninny
452John RUTLEDGE, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
453James BREDEN, GreaghDitto, GreaghM. Staphana
454Francis STORY, MullaneeneyDitto, JullaneenyKnockninny
455Rev. John Williamson, Kinlough Co. LeitrimDitto, GraanMagheraboy
456Geo. McDONALD, DrumsillaghHouse and lands, Drumsillagh & BrughasDitto
457Samuel CLARKE, NewtownbutlerTenement & houses to. NewtownbutlerCoole
458William SEERY, DrumloneHouse and land, DrumloneM. Staphana
459William FLANAGAN, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
460Jas. RUTLEDGE, Toppet MountainDitto, Toppet MountainTyrkennedy
461Thomas RUTLEDGE, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
462William HURST, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
463George HURST, BallyreaghDitto, BallyreaghDitto
464James SMYTH, TyraltonDitto, TyraltonDitto
465Bernard KELLY, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
466William LITTLE, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
467James CAMPBELL, EnniskillenHouse & tenement Maint St. EnniskillenDitto
468William GRAHAM, BallintarsonHouse and land, KnockmanoulDitto
469Henry BEATTY, DerrybruskHouses and tenements, EnniskilleMagheraboy
470Edward REXTER/BEXTER?, TonystickHouse and tenement, Tonystick and DrumclayTyrkennedy
471Henry GRAHAM, ArdnacaraHouse and land, Gola & ArdnacarruM. Staphana
472Joseph WHITLEY, EnniskillenHouse and tenement, EnniskillenTyrkennedy
473Robert WELSH, dittoHouse and tenement, EnniskillenMagheraboy
474William PLAIR/PHAIR?, DrummannyHouse and land, DrummannyGlenawly
475Richard BALL, EnniskillenHouse, tenement, garden, back-house and yard, town of EnniskillenTyrkennedy
476Richard BALL, dittoShop and rooms, dittoDitto
477Henry WEST, TyraltonHouse and land, TyraltonDitto
478Robert STORRY, CarrantroneHouse and land, TyraltonDitto
479Stewart FORSTER, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
480Robert ARMSTRONG, ModenaDitto, ModenaTyrkennedy
481James ELLIOTT, MullysellogaLands, RenaleaM. Staphana
482Ter, GALLAGHER, Carrick McMayHouse and land, Carrick McMayDitto
483James WALSH, GarveryDitto, GarveryDitto
484John LEVINGSTON, KillyvillyDitto, KillyvillyDitto
485James WILSON, dittoDitton, dittoDitto
486John ELLIOTT, DrumloneDitto, DrumloneM. Staphana
487James NIXON, Toppit mountain otherwise MullynockDitto, Toppet mountain otherwise MullynockTyrkennedy
488James FAIR, FeddensLand, Toppet MountainDitto
489Robt. Levingston, ToppetmountainHouse and land, dittoDitto
490John Rutledge, TyraltonDitto, TyraltonDitto
491Guy BEATTY, BighDitto, BighDitto
492Bernard CAMPBELL, TonaghLand, TonaghMagheraboy
493Thomas McSARRY, WhitehillLand, dittoDitto
494John FODOGHAN, BrougherDitto, BrougherTyrkennedy
495Francis CASHEL, DrummakinDitto, DrummakinDitto
496John McQUAID, GlennDitto, GlennDitto
497Wm. THOMPSON, TullyulloughDitto, TullyulloughDitto
498James THOMPSON, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
499Hugh ELLIOTT, CleenaghanDitto, CleenaghanDitto
500James McCAWLEY, EdenmoreDitto, EdenmoreDitto
501George MITCHEL, StragoleDitto, StragoleDitto
502James WARNOCK, LeamDitto, LeamDitto
503Alexander LITTLE, KilnamraherDitto, KilnanraherDitto
504Owen DURNIN, CooleranDitto, CooleranDitto
505Philip DURNIN, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
506Robert CAMBLE, DerrykeehanDitto, DerrykeehanDitto
507Robert JOHNSTON, dittoHouse and lands, dittoDitto
508John CRAWFORD, BirtycloughDitto, Birtyclough & DrumgayDitto
509Philip Macusker, BallydoolaghHouse and land, BallydoolaghDitto
510Redmond Macusker, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
511James WILSON, BallydoolaghDitto, BallydoolaghDitto
512David CAMBLE, DerrykeehanDitto, DerrykeehanDitto
513Cormick KERR, ShankillHouse and lands, Derryhillagh and GortmessonDitto
514James ANDERSON, CooltrainHouse and lands, CooltrainDitto
515Christ. WILSON, DerrykeehanHouse & lands, Derrykeehan & WaternerryDitto
516Chas. BLEAKLY jun. MullaghmeenHouse and land, MullaghmeenDitto
517Henry BLEAKLY, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
518Edward CURRY, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
519Charles BLEAKLY, sen. DittoDitto, dittoDitto
520Joseph BLEAKLY, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
521Thomas BLEAKLY, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
522John Maguire, ShankillHouses & tenements, town of EnniskillenDitto
523Edward GUTHRIDGE, DrummeeLand, DrummhoaMagheraboy
524John PARKER, EnniskillenHouses & tenements, town of EnniskillenTyrkennedy
525Hugh COPELAND, dittoHouses and lands, CorranDitto
526John IRVINE, dittoHouse and tenement, town of EnniskillenDitto
527Samuel BEATTY, dittoHouses & tenements, dittoDitto
528Robert TOPPIN, TonystickHouse & tenement, TonystickDitto
529Thomas LOWRY, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
530John BALL, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
531Arthur MAYNES, WindmillhillDitto, town of EnniskillenMagheraboy
532Robert BROWNING, EnniskillenDitto, dittoTyrkennedy
533Mathew DOHERTY, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
534Terence INGOLDSBY, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
535Samuel FRITH, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
536Thomas KERNAGHAN, dittoHouses, lands & tenements, town of Enniskillen and DrumcullenMagheraboy
537William GAMBLE, dittoHouse & tenement, TonystickTyrkennedy
538John BEATTY, dittoDitto, town of EnniskillenDitto
539Christy WATSON, dittoHouses & tenements, town of Enniskillen and TonystickDitto
540Guy BLEAKLY, TonystickHouses & tenement & land, town of Enniskillen and MullaghmeenDitto
541James FERGUSON, TonystickHouse and tenement, TonystickTyrkennedy
542John COPELAND, EnniskillenHouses & tenements, EnniskillenMagheraboy & Tyrkennedy
543Lieut. James BEATTY, TonystickHouse and land, TonystickTyrkennedy
544William JOHNSTON, EnniskillenHouses & tenements, EnniskillenMagheraboy
545Alexander BLEAKLY, dittoHouse & tenement, dittoDitto
546James MAGUIRE, KinarlowHouses & tenements, dittoDitto
547William SHAW, EnniskillenDitto, dittoTyrkennedy
548John McHUGH, WindmillhillHouse & tenement, WindmillhillMagheraboy
549William KITTSON, EnniskillenDitto, EnniskillenDitto
550Robert CLEGG, dittoHouses & tenements, dittoMagheraboy & Tyrkennedy
551John BULL, dittoHouse & tenement, dittoMagheraboy
552Joseph CLEGG, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
553James DAVIS, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
554Thomas MAGUIRE, dittoDitto, dittoTyrkennedy
555James ANNON, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
556Henry BUSBY, dittoHouses & tenements, dittoDitto
557Finlay BUCHANAN, dittoHouse & tenement, dittoDitto
558Thomas CUE, dittoDitto, dittoMagheraboy
559James CREDEN, dittoHouses & tenements, dittoDitto
560Charles BLAND, dittoHouse and tenement, dittoDitto
561Patrick DEVITT, dittoDitto, dittoTyrkennedy
562Rev. Ephrim STENVENSON, dittoDitto, dittoMagheraboy
563John McFARLAND, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
564William LETTIMER, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
565Edward McDONALD, dittoDitto, dittoTyrkennedy
566Exham MORONY, TonystickHouses and tenements, TonystickDitto
567Edward REXTER, dittoHouse and tenement, dittoDitto
568Peter DOYLE, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
569Thomas BUSBY, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
570Patrick HARMAN, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
571John QUINTON, EnniskillenDitto, TonystickDitto
572David BLEAKLY, dittoDitto, town of EnniskillenDitto
573Robert CURTIS, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
574Thomas MAGUIRE, WindmillhillDitto, WindmillhillMagheraboy
575William MAGUIRE, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
576Barny KELLY, enniskillenHouse and land, town of Enniskillen and ColeshillDitto
577James CAMBLE, dittoHouse and tenement, town of EnniskillenTyrkennedy
578John SENEY, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
579David CARSON, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
580Richard HURLES, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
581Hugh McBRIEN, dittoHouses and tenements, dittoDitto
582John BLACK, dittoHouse and tenement, dittoDitto
583John BELL, dittoHouse, offices & garden, dittoMagheraboy
584Thomas STRONG, RoscultonHouses and land, RiscultonDitto
585James HUNTER, TunnyglaskinHouse and land, TunnyglaskinTyrkennedy
586Philip MAGUIRE, DrumsillaghDitto, DrumsillaghMagheraboy
587John BROWNING, dittoHouse and lands, dittoDitto
588James AIKEN, PettigoHouse and grazing, TallyhemmonLurg
589Thomas GRAHAM, DrumkeenHouse and land, DrumkeenGlenawly
590John MACUSKER, BallydoolaghHouse and land, BallydoolaghTyrkennedy
591Owen CORY, WindmillhillHouse and tenement, WindmillhillMagheraboy
592Francis OWENS, EnniskillenHouses and tenements, town of EnniskillenDitto
593Richard OWENS, dittoHouse and tenement, dittoTyrkennedy
594John BEATTY, no recruiting in Enniskillen of the 27th Regt.House and land, BiaghDitto
595James SCOTT, TonystickHouse and tenement, TonystickDitto
596Andrew BEATTY, BighHouse and land, BighDitto
597Domk. MACUSKER, BallydoolaghDitto, BallydoolaghDitto
598James ELLIOTT, TyraltonDitto, TyraltonDitto
599William ELLIOTT, TempoHouses and land, Tempo and CullionDitto
600Patrick McGUIRE, BeighHouse and land, BeighDitto
601James ARMSTRONG, TempoTenement and land, Tempo & EdenmoreDitto
602Thomas WELDONHouse & Land, BeighDitto
603Hugh DONNELLY, KillecullowHouse and lands, EdenmoreDitto
604Andrew McMANUS, TempoHouse and land, Tempo and EdenmoreDitto
605Daniel SHEENAN, TatinwierHouses and lands, Tatinwier & DrumackinDitto
606Thomas McMANUS, dittoHouse and land, TatinwierDitto
607Robert ALLINGHAM, LustybegLand, CaldraghLurg
608John MILES, DrumrushHouses and land, DrumrushDitto
609John CHITTICK, BracklanHouse and land, BracklanDitto
610Thomas IRVINE, EdernyHouses and lands, Ederny & DrumkeenDitto
611Christ. ARMSTRONG, DrumcloonyHouse and land, DrumcloonyDitto
612Edwards SWANSTON, PettigoLand and grazing, Pruckless?Ditto
613Robert JOHNSTON, LawryHouse and land, LawryDitto
614William BURNSIDE, Bow IslandDitto, Ardshankle, Bow IslandDitto
615George ALLINGHAM, sen. DittoHouse and lands, Cordwood and Old OrchardDitto
616Charles MOORE, BrookhillHouse and land, BrookhillDitto
617Robert BURNSIDE, Bow IslandDitto, Ardshancell, Bow IslandDitto
618Andrew BRUICE, RosharbourDitto, RosharborDitto
619Thomas WACHOTT, Drumleagfield, Co DonegalDitto, DrumgownaDitto
620George ALLINGHAM, Bow islandDitto, CordwoodDitto
621George SMYTH, PettigoDitto, SpringtownDitto
622John IRVINE, LeitterDotto, LeitterDitto
623James MOORE, BrookhillDitto, BrookhillDitto
624Edward CAMBLE, EdenivighLands, Edenivegh and GlassmulloghDitto
625John McCREA, ClonaweelHouses and land, LurganboyDitto
626John McHUGH, LurganboyHouse and land, LurganboyDitto
627Thomas MARTIN, TullyDitto, TullyClonkelly
628Samuel MARTIN, GolanLand, MullousteyDitto
629Owen FODAGHAN?, DeremeenHouse and land, DeremeenDitto
630William HURST, KilareanLand, KilareanTyrkennedy
631George RANKIN, LetterbreenLands, LetterbreenGlenawly
632Terrence MAGUIRE, ScrabbaghHouse and land, ScrabbaghMagheraboy
633William DRENNAR, KeelaghanDitto, KeelaghanDitto
634Daniel MAGUIRE, ScrabbaghDitto, ScrabbaghDitto
635John JOHNSTON, MullylevinDitto, MullylevinDitto
636Thos. JOHNSTON, LurgandarraghDitto, LurgandaraghDitto
637Robert JOHNSTON, MullylevinDitto, MullavinDitto
638John JOHNSTON, jun. DrumcreenLand, DrumcreenTyrkennedy
639John ROBERTSON, ClenaghanDitto, ClenaghanDitto
640William McCLELAND, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
641Peter HOEY, DrumcreenDitto, DrumcreenDitto
642Peter GARDINER, CleenahanDitto, CleenaghanDitto
643James CONOLY, DrumrougliasHouse and land, DrumbroughasM. Staphens
644John ARMSTRONG, DrumcreenLand, DrumcreenTyrkennedy
645John JOHNSTON, sen. DrumcreenDitto, dittoDitto
646Andrew HOEY, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
647Gilbert DEVIT, DerrigonnellyDitto, TiberdanGlenawly
648Thomas ROBINSON, ClenaghanDitto, CleanaghanTyrkennedy
649Andrew LUCY, MoybroneHouse and land, MoybroneGlenawly
650Robert GRAHAM, KnockmanowlLand, KnockmanowlTyrkennedy
651Thomas GRAHAM, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
652James GRAHAM, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
653Geo. WHITTAKER, DrumcullenLands, FearneyDitto
654Thomas DAVIES, ShankhillHouse and land, ShankhillMagheraboy
655Samuel BALFOUR, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
656Mathew WILKIN, RandleshcogDitto, dittoDitto
657William BIERS, ShankhillDitto, dittoDitto
658Terence CORRY, EnniskillenHouse, town of EnniskillenDitto
659Thomas HALL, LeabolyHouse and land, LeabolyM. Staphena
660John ANDERSON, CooltrainDitto, CooltrainTyrkennedy
661Geo. COULTER, RossmackawnyDitto, RossmackawinyGlenawly
662John PRICE, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
663Thomas PRICE, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
664James, BROWN, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
665John CARSON, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
666James CARSON, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
667William BREEN, MoleadLand, Relagh GarrowTyrkennedy
668Henry BREEN, Relagh GarrowHouse and land. DittoDitto
669Robert BREEN, Relagh GarraghDitto, dittoDitto
670John ROBINSON, DerryraghanDitto, DerryraghanDitto
671John SMYTH, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
672John SMYTH, sen. DittoDitto, dittoDitto
673Edward CASSIDY, GlengeshDitto, GlengeshDitto
674Wm. NIXON, Toppett MountainDitto, Toppet MountainDitto
675John LITTLE, RamaleaDitto, RamaleaDitto
676Robert GARDINER, GiltaghDitto, GiltaghM. Staphena
677Robert BLEAKLY, EnniskillenLand, CorryanneDitto
678Stephen JOHNSTON, DerrykeheenHouse and land, DerrykeheenTyrkennedy
679John THOMPSON, RatoranHouses and lands, Ratoran & BallareaghTyrkennedy
680John WILSON, DerryhillaghDitto, DerryhillaghDitto
681James GRAHAM, GortmessonDitto, GortmessonDitto
682Wm. WILSON, jun. DerryhillaghDitto, DerryhillaghDitto
683John WILSON, dittoHouse and lands, Derryhillagh & LissonDitto
684Joseph COULTER, BelladoolaghHouse and land, BelladoolaghDitto
685William COULTER, BreachoHouse & lands, Breacho & BeladoolaghDitto
686Edward WILSON, DerryhillaghHouse and land, DerryhillaghDitto
687Thomas WOODS, BreachoDitto, BreachoDitto
688John TOUCHBURN, DrumgarrowHouse & lands, Drumgarrow & CavanaleckDitto
689William TROTTER, CrottLand, CrottMagheraboy
690Ewd. Brien, Stranagummer Co TyroneDitto, RosscorrTyrkennedy
691Robert MIHAN, EnniskillenLands and premises, SilverhillMagheraboy
692Charles CONNER, DrumboyHouse and Lands, DrumboyGlenawly
693Thomas McCAWEL, KnockennessHouse and land, KnockennessTyrkennedy
694James ANDERSON, CooltrainDitto, CooltrainDitto
695Joseph HENDERSON, BaraDitto, BaraDitto
696Edward BEGGS, BallinamallardHouse & tenement, BallinamallardDitto
697John FANCETT, LeguageaLands, Leguagay, Nedanegh, Drumlion & TullynasrahanGlenawly & Magheraboy
698Geo. HENDERSON, BallinamallardHouse and tenement, BallinamallardTyrkennedy
699David JOHNSTON, BelleekHouse land and tenement, BelleekLurg
700Wm. FREEBORN, BallaghadoheyHouses and lands, Graffy & BallaghadoheyDitto
701Gerard SOMERVILLE, TullyrainHouses and tenements, TullyrainTyrkennedy
702George BREEN, DrummuryLand, Relagh GarrowDitto
703Henry COPELAND, LisbellawLands, Tattehar and MullebrillDitto
704John WARMAN, dittoLand, Mount DrumDitto
705George RUTLEDGE, CarrickeelDitto, ShankoDitto
706Robert CLARKE, DerrihoneyHouse and land, DerrihoneyDitto
707John HALL, TattimacallLand, TattinmacallDitto
708William CLARKE, DerrihoneyHouse and land, DerrihoneyDitto
709James THOMPSON, ShankoLand, ShankoDitto
710Thomas WILSON, LisbellawHouses, gardens and land, Lisbellaw and TatenamallardDitto
711John MASON, dittoLand house and garden, Fauchard and LisbellawDitto
712John SCOTT, dittoLands, Gauchard and MullybrillDitto
713John LINDSAY, AuchenacloyLands, Balligelagh alias TattimacallDitto
714George ARMSTRONG, CreevehillLands, LisreaghDitto
715Joseph ALEXANDER, CloonLand, CloonDitto
716John NIXON, GolanLands, DerrimeenClonkelly
717John KIDNEY, FerneyHouses tenements and lands, FerucyTyrkennedy
718Humphry McANARAN, DramsloeHouse and lands, DrumsloeDitto
719Robert JOHNSTON, DrumhoneyHouses and land, DrumhoneyLurg
720James COPELAND. LisbellawLand, Fanchard and MullibrillTyrkennedy
721William GUINNESS, DrumrainHouses and land, DrumrainLurg
722William MULDOON, EnniskillenLands, DrumhonyDitto
723John HUMPHRYS, ClareviewLand, dittoDitto
724Christopher MULDDON, FargrumDitto, DrumraneDitto
725Andrew KNOX, MullinrodyDitto, Red, Mullinrody & SlebaunDitto
726James SCALLEN, FeddinsHouse and land, Feddins and MuckrassDitto
727Edward BRIEN, SaloonLand, SaloonTyrkennedy
728William BREEN, dittoHouse and land, dittoDitto
729George HURST, sen. CreaghanDitto and lands, CreaghanDitto
730William GILDEA, RoscorDitto and land, RoscorDitto
731William HENDERSON, SydareHouses and land, Enniskillen and DrumcunnisDitto
732JosephHENDERSON, BaraHouse and land, BaraDitto
733Thomas ARMSTRONG, SydareHouses and lands, SydareDitto
734Mathew GORRELL, RoscorHouse and lands, RoscorDitto
735William GORRELL, sen. dittoHouse and land, dittoDitto
736Robert GORRELL, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
737John GORRELL, jun. dittoDitto, dittoDitto
738William MOSGROVE, SheridanhillDitto, SheridanhillDitto
739Edward KENNYDY, RoscorDitto, RoscorDitto
740John HURST, CreaghanDitto, CreaghanDitto
741John GRAHAM, CleenaghanDitto, CleenaghanDitto
742Edward SCOTT, ScrabaghHouse & farm ScrabaghMagheraboy
743Thomas ELLIOTT, CastlenedreaDitto, SastlenedreaDitto
744George CROOK, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
745John W. BEATTY, TavermoreFarm of land, KnockneshannenDitto
746Phillip SCOTT, CasheladreaHouse and tenement, Rushyhill in the town of CashiladreaDitto
747John BEATTY, TavermoreHouse and farm, CastlenedreaDitto
748James McCLEAN, TrevaghHouse and farm, CastlenedreaDitto
749Robert SPEER, LackHouse and land, Lack and CroneignbunLurg
750William JOHNSTON, IrvinestownHouse and tenement, TownhillDitto
750 ½Thomas AIKENS, SheridanhillHouse and land, Sheridan HillTyrkennedy
751George IRVINE, Drumsharvey Co TyroneLand, SeemuldoonLurg
752George MARSHALL, TymacspirdHouse and land, TyrmacspirdDitto
753David MARSHALL, CrumlinDitto, CrumlinDitto
754Frank MAGIRE, SeemuldoonDitto, SeemuldoonDitto
755John MARSHALL, TyrmacspirdDitto, TyrmacspirdDitto
756Francis CORRIGAN, AhalagueDitto AhalagueDitto
757Edward, BREEN, dittoHouses and land, SaloonTyrkennedy
758Archibald ARMSTRONG, dittoHouse and land, AhalagueLurg
759Wm. MARSHALL, jun. TyrmacspirdDitto, TyrmacspirdDitto
760Robert DAVID, TirwinyDitto, TirwinyDitto
761Ter. DONELLY, CarraghagraneDitto, CarraghagraneDitto
762Wm. MARSHALL, TurmacspirdHouses and land, TyrmacspirdDitto
763Michael MAGIRE, SeemuldoonHouse and land, SeemuldoonDitto
764Thomas MARSHALL, TyrmacspirdDitto, TyrmacspirtDitto
765Frank BREEN, AhalogueDitto, AhalagueDitto
766Peter DONNELLY, CarraghagraneDitto, CarraghagraneDitto
767John RAMSEY, BallingullaghDitto, BallindullaghDitto
768William MARSHALL, TyrmascpirdDitto, TyrmacspirdDitto
769John BROWN, AhalagueDitto, AhalagueDitto
770Jas. SUMMERVILLE, DrumgownaDitto, DrumgownaDitto
771Chas HETHERINGTON, BallindullaghDitto, BallindullaghDitto
772James MARSHALL, TyrmacspirdDitto, TyrmacspirdDitto
773George MARSHALL, AhalagueDitto, dittoDitto
774George LEGBORN, AhalagueDitto, AhalagneDitto
775Arthur JOHNSTON, AhalacartenDitto, AhalacartenDitto
776Grank DONNELLY, CorraghagraneDitto, CarraghgraneDitto
777John GINN, IrvinestownHouse and tenement, TownhillDitto
778Thomas MARSHALL, TyrmacspirdHouse and land TyrmacspirdDitto
779John JOHNSTON, AhalacartenDitto, AhalacartenDitto
780George ARMSTRONG, IrvinestownDitto Miltate and TownhillDitto
781James SHAW, CrievehillDitto, CrievehillTyrkennedy
782William HAMILTON, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
783Galbraith HAMILTON, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
784James JOHNSTON, dittoLand, dittoDitto
785Charles WILSON, dittoHouse and land, dittoDitto
786Roger KEARY, KillespenanDitto, KillespenanCoole
787Philip McDONAGH, CorsenaghDitto, CorsenaghClonkelly
788John DONEGAN, KillespenanDitto, KillespenanCoole
789Peter KEARY, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
790William LIDDLE, KilhilardDitto, KilhlardDitto
791Noble LIDDLE, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
792Alexander MORTON, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
793John EBBITT, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
794Joseph EBBITT, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
795George FORSTER, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
796James NIXON, DerebegDitto, DerrebegDitto
797James FLEMING, BlenishDitto, BlenishDitto
798Bernard MAGUIRE, KilnacranDitto, KilnacrauClankelly
799James MAGUIRE, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
800Patrick MAGUIRE, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
801Patrick McELGUN, sen. DittoDitto, dittoDitto
802Patrick McELGUN, jun. dittoDitto, dittoDitto
803James ALLEN, CorsenaghDitto, CorsenaghDitto
804Michael MAGUIRE, BohasettDitto, BohasettDitto
805Edward GOODWIN, LurganboyHouses, tenements and land, Newtownbutler and DrumwuillaCoole
806Tobert LUNNIN, ClentymullenHouse and Land, ClentymullenGlenawly
807James LUNNIN, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
808Andrew MOFFITT, LemamoileLand, Drumean and LisbleckDitto
809Charles MAGUIRE, KilnamealDitto, KillekehanDitto
810Rodger MAGUIRE, dittoDitto, dittoditto
811William LUNNIN, ClentymullinHouse and land, ClentymullinDitto
812Robert LUNNIN, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
813Thomas PARKER, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
814William PARKER, ditt6oDitto, dittoDitto
815Andrew WILSON, LismooleyDitto, LismoleyDitto
816Wm. ANDERSON, Lower DrumduffDitto, Lower DrumduffDitto
817John BROWN, CrummerRent Charge, RosmakaweneryDitto
818James BROWN, RosmackaweneyHouse and land, RosmackaweneyDitto
819Henry BRINES, StragownaDitto, StragownaDitto
820William BREADEY, LisderryDitto, LisderryDitto
821Thomas BRADY, dittoDitto, LisdirraDitto
822James BREADY, LisdirraLand, dittoDitto
823John BRACKEN, LisderryHouse and land, LisderyDitto
824Thomas BELL, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
825Oliver WALLACE, GortmaconelDitto, GortmaconelDitto
826James CARSON, RosmackaweneyDitto, RosmacaweneyDitto
827Edward CARSON, ClentymullinDitto, ClentymullinDitto
828William BURGES, DerinsDitto, DerinsDitto
829John LANG, KilnakellyDitto, KilnakellyKnockninny
830William TRIMBLE, LisbleakeDitto, LisblakeGlenawly
831John TRIMBLE, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
832John TRIMBLE, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
833Peter THOMPSON, DrummackabranaherLand, CrockenroeDitto
834Edward THOMPSON, dittoHouse and land, DummackabranaherDitto
835Hugh THOMPSON, DrumminislandDitto, DruminislandDitto
836Thomas REED, GortafeeDitto, GortafeeDitto
837John BUCHANAN, DrumanyDitto, DrumanyDitto
838Robert GADDIS, DrumduffDitto, GortuskellyDitto
839William GADDIS, dittoDitto, DrumduffDitto
840John GADDIS, SeumsillaghDitto, DrumsillaghDitto
841William HOWE, DrumderrigDitto, MonyauraganDitto
842Peter PARRY(FARRY?), ColchhillDitto, Colch-hillDitto
843Alexander WILSON, GortnakellyDitto, GortnakellyDitto
844William HOWE, DrumderrigDitto, MonyauraganDitto
845Thomas GORDON, EdenmoreDitto, EdenmoreDitto
846John CARSON, RosmackaweneyDitto, RossmackaweneyDitto
847Henry CRAFORD, TullahonaDitto, TullahoneyDitto
848Jno CUNNINGHAM, ClenatumpherDitto, ClenatumpherDitto
849Andrew CHAMBERS, LismoolyDitto, LismoolyDitto
850Hugh JOHNSTON, TullahonaDitto, CoahanDitto
851Henry GADDIS, CoolacrimDitto, CoolacrimDitto
852Guy TAYLOR, KilnakellyDitto, KilnakellyKnockninny
853John McCORRY, TemaneltDitto, TemaneltDitto
854Robert WILLIS, GortgullinanDitto, GortgullinanGlenawly
855John TAYLOR, KilnakellyDitto, KilnakellyKnockninny
856Andrew THOMPSON, ColleycrumDitto, CollycrumGlenawly
857Edward WILLIS, AughterorkDitto, AughenterorkDitto
858William ELLIOTT, GortatoleDitto, GortowelDitto
859Robert ELLIOTT, RossoyHeld by grazing, ClianaghDitto
860Thomas ELLIOTT, MullaghbawnHouse and land, MullaghbawnDitto
861Edward LITTLE, mullaghbaneTenement, EnniskillenMagheraboy
862George WILLIS, LeginHouse and land, leginKnockninny
863George PATTERSON, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
864Richard DICKISON, GillyhelmDitto, GillyholmMagheraboy
865Exham MORONY, ToneystickHouse, ToneystickTyrkennedy
866Charles McCUSKER, GortalaghanHouse and land, GortalaghanDitto
867John SWIFT, EnniskillenHouse, town of EnniskillenMagheraboy
868Wm. GRAHAM, KnockmanowlHouse and land, KnockmanowlTyrkennedy
869John BREEN, MoleadDitto, MoleadGlenawly
870Thos. GRAHAM, KnockmanouleDitto, KnockmanoleTyrkennedy
871John WOODS, BreachoDitto, BreachoDitto
872Robert HILLARD, DerryheighanHouse & lands, Derryheighan & BreachoDitto
873William LEADLY, BertycluffHouse and land, BertycluffDitto
874Thomas DICKSON, Ballyshannon county DonegalLand, LetterkeenLurg
875William DICKSON, Templenew county DonegalDitto, ScrabbaghMagheraboy
876John BETTY (BOTTY?), Aughnacloy co TyroneLands, Clareview & KilleeLurg and Newporton
877John JOYCE, DerrywarroughLand, DerrywarroughGlenawly
878Bryan MAGUIRE, DrumgampHouse and land, DrumgampDitto
879Charles SCALLAN, GortlaughanDitto, GortlaughanTyrkennedy
880Patrick TREASY, Dresternan and TullymoreDitto, Dresternan and TullymoreMagheraboy
881Patk. DONNELLY, CarraghagraneDitto, CarraghagraneLurg
882Owen DONNELLY, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
883Thomas LITTLE, ModenaDitto, ModenaTyrkennedy
884George CAMPBELL, DooraDitto, DorraLurg
885Guy BEATTY, CornaguiltaghDitto, CornaguiltaghTyrkennedy
886William ARMSTRONG, CooleranDitto, CoolcranDitto
887Charles PHILLIPS, CarnaguiltaghDitto, CarnaguiltughDitto
888William BEATTY, ——–Ditto, CleranaghDitto
889John BEATTY, ClarinaghDitto, ClarinaghDitto
890Robert, BEACOM, DrumbortyDitto, DrumbortyLurg
891John GIBSON, TempoHouse, tenement and land, Tempo and TolnaglogTyrkennedy
892William HALL, DrumlughtHouse and land, DrumlughtM. Staphena
893Joseph ARMSTRONG, TyraltonDitto, TyraltonTyrkennedy
894James DAVIS, EnniklillenHouse and tenement, town of EnniskillenMagheraboy
895George BEATTY, CurrinHouse and land, CurrinM. Staphena
896John MORTON, GlassmullaghLand, GlassmullaghKnockninny
897Edward ELLIOTT, DrumcallonDitto, DrumcalloouDitto
898William LATIMERE, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
899Edward DONAGHO, DernagoreDitto, DernagoreDitto
900Francis McMANUS, MuilanDitto, MuilanDitto
901Mathew FINLAY, KilamackenDitto, KilamackenDitto
902Patrick McCORRY, KillycrampDitto, KillycrampDitto
903Alexander BALFOUR, TymoreHouses and lands, TymoreDitto
904John BALFOUR, dittoLand, dittoditto
905Robt. JOHNSTON, Clones Co Mon.House and land, DrumshennickDitto
906John WALSH, CloncorDitto, CloncorClonkelly
907Samuel COULSON, ClonumphlarHouses and land, ClonumphlarDitto
908Francis FORSTER, DrumedyHouse and land, DrumedyDitto
909John RODDY, Clones Co Mon.Ditto, Cargan and ClonumphlarDitto
910John FORSTER, DrumedyDitto, DrumedyDitto
911Robert WALSH, jun. CloncorHouses and land, CloncorDitto
912Thomas WIGGINS, KnoxHouse and land, KnoxDitto
913Robert BLEAKLY, BosallaghDitto, TyravilleDitto
914Charles Cr IRVINE, JohnstownLand, Gurtinoreditto
915Robert WALSH, CloncorHouses and land, CloncorClonkelly
916William McILLRAY, StralulstranDitto, StralulstranDitto
917Thomas JOHNSTON, KillylackyHouse and land, KillylackyDitto
918John MOFFIT, KnoxLand, KnoxDitto
919Richard JOHNSTON, DrumsooHouse and land, DrumoseoDitto
920Christ. BLEAKLEY, DirnawiltDitto, DirnawiltDitto
921James JOHNSTON, MullilobogDitto MullilobogDitto
922William KENEDY, LackeyDitto, LackeyDitto
923Philip MOAN, GreacashelLand, GreacashellDitto
924James McDONNELL, KeeranmoreHouse & land, Keeranmore & DerrymeenDitto
925Fras. JOHNSTON, Mounty DarbyLands, KimeronDitto
926James WALSH, CloncorHouse and land, CloncorDitto
927Wm. BEATTY, Carrickmacusker, otherwise Back WoodDitto, Carrickmacusker otherwise Back WoodM. Staphena
928Wm. RYAN, MaguiresbridgeHouse and garden, Tattinderry and MaguiresbridgeDitto
929Richard RYAN, dittoDitto, Maguiresbridge & TattenderryDitto
930Samuel MORTON, dittoHouses and garden, TetendarryDitto
931Wm. FORSTER, MaguiresbridgeLands, Crincraunell & BrookeboroughDitto
932George WILLIS, DrumbroghesHouse and land, DrumbroghesDitto
933Alex. AUCHINLECK, FarkaughDitto, TarkaughKnockninny
934David PATTON, KinmeenDitto, KinmeenDitto
935Adam FLANAGAN, LeginDitto, LeginDitto
936Alexander ACHESON, CorrardDitto, CorrardM. Staphena
937Charles McALO*N, DrumconDitto, DrumconDitto
938James HAIRE, CorrynueyDitto, CorrnueyDitto
939James HALL, LeabolyDitto LeabolyDitto
940Charles CASSIDY, DrumheriffDitto, DrumheriffDitto
941Jas. CARBERY, MaguiresbridgeLands, Crincanel & DrumgoonDitto
942James KETTLE, DerryaddHouse and land, DerryaddCoule
943Thomas KETTLE, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
944Patt MORRIS, Drmloneditto, DrmloneDitto
945Thomas MURRAY, DerraddDitto, DerryaddDitto
946George KETTLE, Dittoditto, dittoDitto
947John KETTLE, Gorteranaditto, Gortgranaditto
948Francis GRAHAM, DerryaddDitto, DerryaddDitto
949Christopher GRAHAM, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
950John FA**ETT, AnginaoreLand, DrinloneDitto
951William BRYANS, DeraleeHouse and land, DeraleeDitto
952Edward McALGON, Longhrish otherwise DeraleeDitto, Longhrish otherwise DeraleeDitto
953Francis KETTLE, DerryaddDitto, DerryaddDitto
954Hugh RIDDALL, Clinistan co Mon.Land, GabadillaDitto
955David GUMLEY, Beltarbet Co. CavanHouses and land, GubDitto
956Alexander ALLEN, GoldseloseHouse and land, KilgarrettDitto
957William BROOK, AughanhenchDitto, AugnahenchDitto
958William ALLEN, GoldscloseLand, LurganboyDitto
959Alexander ALLEN, KilgarrettHouses and lands, Kilgarrett & DrumrallaDitto
960Robert ALLEN, dittoHouses and land, Kilgarrett & DrumallaDitto
961Alexander ALLEN, KilgarrettDitto, Drumralla & KilgarrettDitto
962James LAYNG, DrumrallaghLands, DrumrallaghDitto
963Ellio* ALLEN, dittoLands, DrumrallaghDitto
964Thomas BYRANS, DrumcaughHouse and land, DrumcaughDitto
965Samuel BYRANS, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
966Owen McDONALD, CullenbawnDitto, CullenbawnDitto
967John ROBINSON, DerrycanonDitto, DerrycanonDitto
968James GARNER, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
969Edward BUSHELL, CorsentionDitto, CorsentionDitto
970William LIDDLE, GortgranaDitto, GordgranaDitto
971Cromlin BUSHELL, GarooskyDitto, GarooskyDitto
972James BEVIS, Drumcaugh otherwise ClownyDitto, Drumcaugh otherwise ClownyDitto
973Robert GARNER, GortgranaDitto, GortgranaDitto
974Hugh McCANN, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
975Edward BRYANS, DeraleeDitto, DeraleeDitto
976Alexander McDONALD, FormassDitto, FormassDitto
977Wm. HENDERSON, GortgranaDitto, GortgranaDitto
978Robert CLINGLING, Loughrish otherwise DeraleeDitto, Loughrish otherwise DeraleeDitto
979William BRYANS, DrumloneDitto, DrumloneDitto
980Arch. ARMSTRONG, BallyjullaghLand, DrumsastryDitto
981John KETTLE, DerryaddHouse and land, derryaddDitto
982Alexander KETTLE, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
983John McCORMICK, Glasdrumond, oths. MulnaburtlinDitto, Glasdrumond otherwise MulnaburtlinM. Staphena
984Michael McDONAUGH, DrumhaughlinA farm arable and pasture with houses and tu*ary, DrumbaughlinDitto
985Andrew BRESLIN, dittoTwo farms with houses, dittoDitto
986William THOMPSON, CoffinnanLands, Corryane, drumbaughlin, CoffinnanDitto
987James MACARTNY, Enniscrothy Co. WexfordDitto, Drumherk, Claraghy, Tattendillar and town of BrookeboroughGlenawly & M. Staphena
988William NICHOL, LisadierneyHouse and farm, lisadierneyM. Staphena
989Patrick MARTIN, Corrard, LisnaskeaDitto, CorrardDitto
990Jas. GREENLEESE, HenrystughanHouse and land, HenrystughanDitto
991Robt THOMPSON, HenrystughanHouse and farm, HenrystughanDitto
992Thomas GREENLEESE, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
993Joseph TRIMBLE, Clogher, Co. TyroneLands, Drumchon, Coranuey, Corrard, and LisadierneyDitto
994John GARDNER, LisadernyHouse and land, LisadernyDitto
995Jugh McALLOON, Drumchon, LisnaskeaDitto, DrumshonDitto
996Michael BANNON, Corranuey, LisnaskeaHouse and farm, CorranueyDitto
997Edward MAGUIRE, DrumbarryHouse and land, DrumbarryClonkelly
998Jas. MAGUIRE, KnockmakigganDitto, KockmakigganDitto
999Robert ALLEN, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
1000George ARMSTRONG, CaramoreDitto, CaramoreDitto
1001Arthur FOSTER, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
1002James ALLEN, GoldscoseLand, CurrenaghDitto
1003John THOMPSON, GorthamanDitto, GorthamanDitto
1004Robert NICKLE, KilridHouse and land, KilridDitto
1005Redmond McBRYAN, DeravoreHouses and land, DeravoreKnockninny
1006ANDW. Johnston, DrumshemuchDitto, DrumshemuchDitto
1007Robert BEATTY, CoolcrannellLand, Tanitygarman otherwise TonitygarmahClonkelly
1008Jas. DUNBAR, sen, MaguiresbridgeHouses and lands, Maguiresbridge and CoolerannellM. Staphena
1009Gerrard DUNBAR, dittoDitto, Maguiresbridge, Gledstown, Tattenderry and LisdrumDitto
1010Robert ARMSTRONG, KilrootDitto, Kilroot and KnockmekigginClonkelly
1011John ROBINSON, FeaughHouse and land, FeaughCoole
1012Henry DUNDAS, RoscorLand, Slush HillM. Staphena
1013John DEVIN, CorlannenDitto, Mullaghmore & CoolaneDitto
1014Samuel GRAYDON, CroncrannellLands, DrumliffDitto
1015Thos. McNEECE, GledstownTenements, GledstownDitto
1016Geo. CHARTERS, CoruashannelLand, CornashannelDitto
1017James ELLIOTT, AughadrumseeHouses and land, AughadrumseeClonkelly
1018Michael ELLIOTT,House and land, TatnagolanDitto
1019John ELLIOTT, DrumswordsHouse and lands, Drumswords and TatnageeraghDitto
1020Robert BLEAKLY, BowsallaghDitto, BowsallaghDitto
1021Walter SCOTT, EmerueHouse and land, EmerueTyrkennedy
1022John LITTLE, FogleshHouses and land, LisnaloaghagongeDitto
1023Thomas BERNEY, clk. Clogher county TyroneLand, MoyglassMagheraboy
1024Jas. Bruce POWELL, 5 MiletownDitto, dittoDitto
1025Patrick D*IGHAN, AltawarkHouse and land, AltawardM. Staphena
1026Thomas HOGG, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
1027James McELROY, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
1028Archibald ANDERSON, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
1029Edward ANDERSON, dittoDitto, dittoditto
1030James McELROY, dittoHouse and land, dittoDitto
1031William He*on, dittoHouse and land, dittoDitto
1032William ANDERSON, CoonanDitto, Altawark & CoonanDitto
1033Robert LITTLE, AghaiterDitto, AghaiterDitto
1034Thomas LITTLE, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
1035Archibald LITTLE, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
1036William KINWELL, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
1037James BEATY, AghavooryDitto, AghavooryDitto
1038John LANN. DittoDitto, dittoDitto
1039James MOOR, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
1040William LYNN, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
1041Archd. CAROTHERS, AnnagranDitto, AnnagranDitto
1042Andrew BEATY, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
1043Rev. * McWILLIAMS, ArdmoreDitto, ArdmoreDitto
1044William HARPER, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
1045John HARPER, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
1046William SUMNERS, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
1047Robt. DOWLY HEARN, BrookboroDitto, dittoDitto
1048Alexander CLARKE, dittoLand, AughnacloyDitto
1049William ARNET, AghacramphillHouse and land, AghacramphillDitto
1050Hugh RIDDLE, ArdmonyDitto, ArdmonyDitto
1051Hugh BOGUE, BrobohanDitto, BrobohanDitto
1052John ARMSTRONG, BrookboroHouses and land, Brookborough and LismaloreDitto
1053James READ, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
1504Gabriel WILSON, dittoHouses and lands, dittoDitto
1055John ARMSTRONG, dittoDitto, Brookeborough & AugnacloyDitto
1056James MORRISON, dittoHouse & land, Brookboro’ & LisolvinDitto
1057James ARMSTRONG, dittoDitto, Brookborough and AughnacloyDitto
1058John MAYNE, dittoHouse, tenement and land, dittoDitto
1059Richard SCHOLES, dittoHouse and land, BrookboroughDitto
1060William ARMSTRONG, dittoHouse, tenement and land, Brookborough and AughnacloyDitto
1061John WOODS, dittoHouse, land and tenement, Brookboro’Ditto
1062Robert LITTLE, TyrennyHouse & land, Brookboro’ & LisolvinDitto
1063George FOWLER, BrookboroughDitto, BrookboroughDitto
1064* ARMSTRONG, dittoHouse land and tenement, dittoDitto
1065William ARMSTRONG, dittoHouse, tenement and land, Brookborough and LurganMagherastaph-ena
1066John WEST, dittoHouses and land, Brookborough, Lismalore and LissolvinDitto
1067Owen CALLAGHANE, BrobrohanHouse and land BrobrohanDitto
1068James COWEN, BrobahanDitto, BrobohanDitto
1069Thomas HALL, DressogeDitto, BuihillDitto
1070Antony COAR, BuihillDitto, dittoDitto
1071Wm. ARMSTRONG, BallyreaghDitto, BallyreaghDitto
1072Francis ARMSTRONG, dittoHouse and lands, Ballyreagh, Achnacloy and LargyDitto
1073James BUCHANAN, BohattenHouse and land, BohattenDitto
1074James HARPER, BrendrumDitto, BrendrumDitto
1075John McELROY, Crock McManusDitto, Crock McManusDitto
1076Michael McELROY, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
1077George HUEY, CorlackyDitto, CorlackyDitto
1078Andrew HUEY, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
1079Thomas JORDAN, dittoHouse and lands, dittoDitto
1080James BEATY, CurlaughHouse and land, CurlaughDitto
1081John BEATY, CurlaughHouse and land, CurlaughDitto
1082James BURNSIDE, CorloughDitto, CorloughDitto
1083Thomas BURNSIDE, CurloughDitto, CurlaughDitto
1084James FORD, CornarooslinDitto, CornarooslinDitto
1085William CAROTHERS, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
1086Christopher CAROTHERS, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
1087Henry McILLROY, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
1088John BURNSIDE, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
1089James THOMPSON, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
1090George BAXTER, CoonanHouse and lands, CoonanDitto
1091John BAXTER, dittoHouse and lands, dittoDitto
1092Robert WHITELY, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
1093William LENDRUM, AghaiterDitto, CleenDitto
1094James TAYLOR, CranbrookDitto, CranDitto
1095Henry HERBERT, CleenDitto, CleenDitto
1096Edward BEATY, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
1097Charles THOMPSON, ColebrookeHouse and lands, Cliffeny & TattenleeDitto
1098John THOMPSON, ColebrookeDitto, CliffenyDitto
1099James BREDIN, CavansHouse and land, Cliffeny and CavansDitto
1100Andrew BREDIN, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
1101Thomas BREDIN, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
1102Charles THOMPSON, CleffanyDitto, CleffanyDitto
1103Francis COULTER, CrocknagrallyDitto, CrocknagrallyDitto
1104Denis BONGE, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
1105Abraham KENEDY, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
1106Robert DELAP, CoolrakellyDitto, CoolrakellyDitto
1107Irwin THOMPSON, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
1108John THOMPSON, CleffanyHouses and land, Coolrakelly otherwise EdnasapDitto
1109Thomas THOMPSON, CornakessaHouse and land, CornakessaDitto
1110Andrew DIXON, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
1111Thomas BREADEN, CavansDitto, CavansDitto
1112James ARMSTRONG, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
1113Richard CROOKE, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
1114Andrew BREADEN, dittoDitto, Cavans and RafintonDitto
1115James BREADEN, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
1116Richd. THOMPSON, CavanaleckDitto, CavanaleckDitto
1117Edward COOKE, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
1118Edward COOKE, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
1119Edward COOKE, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
1120James MONTGOMERY, CavanlackDitto, CavanlackDitto
1121William COOK, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
1122Joseph COOK, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
1123James THOMPSON, dittoDitt, dittoDitto
1124Oliver KIDD, CorrylongfordDitto, CurrylongfordDitto
1125Joseph DELAP, CurrylongfordHouse and lands, CurrylongfordDitto
1126Robert MITCHELL, ComaghyHouse and land, ComaghyDitto
1127John KEYS, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
1128Antony MITCHELL, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
1129Gilbert LITTLE, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
1130William KEYS, LongfieldDitto, ComaghyDitto
1131James FALLAS, CreaghDitto, CreaghDitto
1132John THOMPSON, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
1133Thomas THOMPSON, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
1134John TRIMBLE, CarrickapolinDitto, CarrickapolinDitto
1135William TRIMBLE, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
1136Joseph ORR, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
1137Archibald BEATY, CarnagiltaDitto, CarnagiltaTyrkennedy
1138Edward NOBLE, CoolcoghillDitto, CoolcoghillM. Staphena
1139James MAGUIRE, CornamucklaDitto, CornamucklaDitto
1140Edward DELAP, CavanagarvenDitto, CavanagarvenDitto
1141Thomas BREADE, Corcrievy county TyroneHouses and land, CarntroneDitto
1142Frederick IRVINE, DrumbrocasHouse and land, DrumbrocasDitto
1143Wm. N. IRVINE, DrumbrochasDitto, DrumbrochasDitto
1144Jeremiah IRVINE, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
1145George READ, DerintonyDitto, DerintonyDitto
1146James READ, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
1147George CARROTHERS, DerrintonyDitto, dittoDitto
1148George COOKE, DerintonyDitto, dittoDitto
1149James REED, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
1150Thomas BOGUE, DerrycrumDitto, Derrycrum and CoonenDitto
1151Terence BOGUE, dittoDitto, Derrycrum and EsnasillogDitto
1152Edward DOUGHERTY, ———-Ditto, DrumgoonDitto
1153William SCHOLES, DerryheelyDitto, DerryheelyDitto
1154Bernard McELROY, DerrycullinDitto, DerrycullinDitto
1155James PAWL, DernavoghyDitto, DernavoghyDitto
1156Wm. LITTLE, Breakley co. TyroneDitto, DrumcreenTyrkennedy
1157John GRAYDON, DrumhoyDitto, DrumhoyM. Staphena
1158Samuel ARMSTRONG, DressogueDitto, DressogueDitto
1159James JOHNSTON, EdengilhornDitto, EdengilhornDitto
1160David KYLE, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
1161Terence GAVIN, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
1162Laurence PHILLIPS, EsnasillogDitto, EsnasillogDitto
1163John RUTLEGE, FoidraDitto, FoidraDitto
1164George CARROTHERS, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
1165Alexander NOBLE, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
1166John BLEAKLEY, FoidraghDitto, FoidraghDitto
1167William BLEAKLEY, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
1168Robert McMIN, GrogyDitto, GrogyDitto
1169William HAMILTON, dittoHouse and lands, dittoDitto
1170Hugh FOSTER, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
1171John McMAHON, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
1172James HOGG, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
1173Edward GARDINER, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
1174Antony KIDD, dittoDitto, Grogy and CurrylongfordDitto
1175Patrick McNAMARA, dittoHouse and land, GrogyDitto
1176Maxwell BRISON, GroogyHouse and lands, Groogy and AltawarkDitto
1177James BRISON, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
1178James ASKIN, dittoHouse and land, GroogyDitto
1179Samuel SIMERAL, GrogyDitto, GrogyDitto
1180Antony KIDD, dittoHouse and lands, Grogy and CurrylongfordDitto
1181Robert FOSTER, GortinHouse and land, GortinDitto
1182William FOSTER, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
1183Wm. ARMSTRONG, TattykeeranDitto, dittoDitto
1184John MOORE, GortinDitto, dittoDitto
1185Tague MURPHY, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
1186James BREDIN, GreaghDitto, GreaghDitto
1187Phillip DUNDASS, KillartryDitto, GolaDitto
1188Henry BREDIN, DrummorisHouses and lands, Greagh, Lisnaskea, and DrummorisDitto
1189Robt. THOMPSON, HenrysuchanHouse and land, HenrystuchanDitto
1190James BEATTY, OwenskerryDitto, Owenskerry & KillerbrinDitto
1191Walter REA, dittoDitto, OwenskerryDitto
1192Thomas JOHNSTON, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
1193Alexander REA, dittoHouse and lands, dittoDitto
1194George REA, dittoHouse and land, dittoDitto
1195Samuel LOWRY, MullafadDitto, MullafadDitto
1196Henry TEEL, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
1197Pat DONELLY, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
1198Hugh REED, dittoDitto,dittoDitto
1199Hugh NEVIN, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
1200Fras. McCARTNEY, MontgibohanDitto, MontgibohanDitto
1201John ARMSTRONG, BallyhillLand, MongibohanDitto
1202William BREDEN, MillhillHouse and land, Mill hillDitto
1203James IRWIN, MaguiresbridgeHouse, MaguiresbridgeDitto
1204Thomas BAKER, LismaloreHouse and land, LismaloreDitto
1205James JONES, dittoHouse and lands, Lismalore & Crock McManusDitto
1206James GALBRAITH, LisboyHouse and land, LisboyDitto
1207John thos. GALBRAITH, EnniskillenHouse and land, Lisboy, Cooederny and CranDitto
1208James FARMER, LisboyHouse and land, LisboyDitto
1209Robert WRIGHT, LongfieldDitto, LongfieldDitto
1210Richard KENWELL, dittoDitto, Longfield and KillybaneDitto
1211Robert MITCHELL, LeitrimDitto, LeitrimDitto
1212Patrick KEENAN, StripeDitto, StripeDitto
1213Thos. MACARTNEY, SkeogHouses and lands, Skeog, Brendrum and KillturkM. Staphena and Clonkelly
1214Archibald LITTLE, ShillinmoreHouse and land, ShillenmoreTyrkennedy
1215John LITTLE, dittoHouses and land, KillnabrohanDitto
1216Philip McCAFFREY, SlushhillHouse and land, CrockanargainM. Staphena
1217James McCAFFREY, dittoDitto, Slush-hillDitto
1218Michael JOHNSTON, RawDitto, RawDitto
1219Christopher JOHNSTON, dittoLand, dittoDitto
1220Joseph BROWNE, RamultHouse & land, Ramult & TattymuckleDitto
1221Alexander BAMFORD, dittoDitto, Ramult & BobottenDitto
1222Alexander BROWN, dittoDitto, RamultDitto
1223John HARPOUR, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
1224George LUCY, dittoLand, Rafentonditto
1225William LUCY, DoogaryHouses and land, Rafenton, Doogary, Dernalester otherwise TattenbegleshDitto
1226Edw. ARMSTRONG, KilnashanbolaDitto, Ranafely and DrumbaughliaDitto
1227Charles HALL, RannafeleyHouse and land, RannafeleyM. Stephena
1228George BEATTY, KillycarryDitto, KillycarryDitto
1229Richard BEATTY, dittoLand, dittoDitto
1230Thomas MITCHELL, KillybaneHouse and land, KillybaneDitto
1231Berbard BOGUE, KarracloghamHouse and land, KerracloghanDitto
1232James BERNEY, Gortmore, Co. TyroneLand, dittoDitto
1233Richard BEATTY, KillarbrinHouse and land, KallarbrinDitto
1234Alexander LITTLE, KilnabroganDitto, NilnabroghanTyrkennedy
1235Andrew HUEY, KillarbrinDitto, KillarbrinM. Staphena
1236Robert COOKE, KillirbrinDitto, KillirbrinDitto
1237James BEATY, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
1238John BEATY, Killykeeranditto, KillykeeranDitto
1239Edward BREDEN, ForthillDitto, dittoDitto
1240John BEATY, KillykeeranDitto, dittoDitto
1241Thomas McCOY, TattynuckleDitto, TattynuckleDitto
1242Thomas MOOR, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
1243James AIKEN, TattenbodaghDitto, TattenbodaghDitto
1244Henry BOGUE, LurganbanDitto, dittoDitto
1245John TIERNY, TattenbodaghDitto, dittoDitto
1246Hugh MARTIN, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
1247James BAXTER, CoonanHouse and lands, dittoDitto
1248Wm. WHITE, TattenbodaghHouse and land, dittoDitto
1249Antony KENEDY, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
1250Henry JONES, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
1251James PRIMROSE, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
1252James FEE, TattykeeranDitto, TattykeeranDitto
1253Wm. ARMSTRONG, dittoHouse & Lands, Tattykeeran & TattenfreeDitto
1254David ARMSTRONG, dittoHouse and land, TattykeeranDitto
1255Andrew IRVINE, dittoHouses and lands, Tattenfree, Tatnalee and TullyreaghDitto
1256Andrew IRWIN, dittoHouse and land, TattenfreeDitto
1257Robert IRVINE, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
1258George IRVINE, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
1259Robert DIXON, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
1260Adam LITTLE, TyrennyDitto, TyrennyDitto
1261Christ. BURNSIDE, TyrennyDitto, TyrennyDitto
1262William LITTLE, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
1263James NEELY, TattynuckleDitto, TattynuckleDitto
1264Edward MARTIN, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
1265James DELAP, dittoHouse and lands, dittoDitto
1266James DELAP, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
1267James DAWSON, TattymuckleHouse and land, TattynuckleDitto
1268James JORDAN, BunlocherHouses & lands, Tattenbar & BunlocherDitto
1269Henry JAMES, TattenbarHouse and land, TattenbarDitto
1270John JORDIN, dittoHouses & lands, Tuttenbar & BunlochanDitto
1271James BEATY, TYuullykenyHouse and land, TullykenyDitto
1272John BEATY, dittoHouse and lands, TyrehanDitto
1273John SIMERAL, TyrehanHouse and land, TyrehanDitto
1274James McELROY, terehanDitto, TerehanDitto
1275John HALL, FivemiletownHouses and lands, Tyrehan, Tattenbodagh and TempoM. Staphena & Tyrkennedy
1276James LITTLE, TulnagoanHouse and land, TulnagoanM. Staphena
1277Daniel HEARNE, BrookboroughLand, TattendillarDitto
1278Mathew ARMSTRONG, GortinLand, TullyreaghDitto
1279Thos. CREIGHTON, KingstownHouses and lands, Tulnagoan, Moatland and CuradillerDitto
1280Thomas LITTLE, EnglishHouse and land, TattyreaghDitto
1281Robert COWAN, TattyreaghDitto, dittoDitto
1282John THOMPSON, TullyreaghDitto, TullyreaghDitto
1283George CARROTHERS, TresnaDitto, TresnaDitto
1284James IRWIN, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
1285Robert BIRNEY, TerehanDitto, TerehanDitto
1286Robert DIXON, TullyreaghDitto, TullyreaghDitto
1287John MONTGOMERY, TyrehanDitto, TyrehanDitto
1288Robert LITTLE, TulnagoanDitto, TulnagoanDitto
1289James BURNSIDE, TatenheglishDitto, TatnaheglishDitto
1290James MAQUIRE, TatnaleeDdtto, TatnaleeDitto
1291Patt CASSIDY, AshbrawlyLand, AshbrawlyDitto
1292George LLOYD, LisnaskeaHouse and land, LisnaskeaDitto
1293Hen. MONTGOMERY, DrumgoonLand, AghamoreDitto
1294Wm. AUCHINLECK, FarkaughHouse and land, FarkaughKnockninny
1295Lawrence STORY, MulnaneenyDitto, MalnaneenyDitto
1296Thomas McMANUS, StoneparkeDitto, Stone parkDitto
1297Francis STORY, MulnaneenyDitto, MylnaneenyDitto
1298Thomas MOFFITT, TunnawallDitto, TunnawallDitto
1299Andw. JOHNSTON, DrumshemuckDitto, DrumshemuckDitto
1300George DOWNEY, BallaughDitto, BallaughClonkelly
1301William COULTER, keeranbegDitto, Keeranbeg and BallaughDitto
1302James DOWNEY, BallaughDitto, BallaughDitto
1303Andrew DOWNEY, dittoDitto, dittoDitto
1304John MOORE, DrumralloghDitto, DrumralloughCoole
1305Thos. BEATTY, NewtownbutlerHouse, tenements and lands, town of Newtownbutler and KilmackbrackCoole and Clonkelly
1306Robt. CLENDINNING, KyllycarnonHouse and land, KyllycarnonDitto