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Co. Donegal Crossroads Presbyterian Church

Crossroads Presbyterian Church County Donegal

The Death records are provided free, however, if you find them useful, a small donation to Crossroads Presbyterian Church, County Donegal would be gratefully appreciated. This information is for personal use only and must not be reproduced for commercial purposes. For the Births and Marriages;

Transcribers Note- There was also a Crossroads Presbyterian Church at Belfast and another, near Omagh. The compiled articles from the newspapers, could be from one of these other locations. Often the County the church was located in is not mentioned.

Deaths at Crossroads Presbyterian Church (1780-90) Garshooey, Allsaints Civil Parish, County Donegal

Deaths 1854 – 1895


1878 Jun.3ALLISONCatherineBogay

1878 Mar. 5ALLISONJamesBogay

1868 Dec. 2ALLISONJohnLeitrim

1874 ? ALLISONMargaret

1874 Apr. 14ALLISONMary JaneBogay

1880 Jul. 11ALLISONSarah AnnneBogay

1864 Sep. 4ANDREWSRachelBallyarrell

1869 Sep. 7ANDREWSStewartGarshooey

1879 May 20BARNESElizabethMonglass

1856 Mar. 29BARNESWilliamGroarty

1859 Apr. ?BELLJane

1874 ? BOAKJamesKildrum

1863 Apr. 14BOAKW.Kildrum

1867 Aug. 13BRADLEYElizabethGortinlieve

1864 Mar. 28BRADLEYMarthaDrumbarnet

1863 Feb. 8BRETTONEllenGarshooey

1885 Jun. 18BROWNDanielUpper Kildrum

1855 Nov. 19BURNSElizabethCastruse

1860 Jan. 9BURNSSarahGarshooey

1860 ? BURNSSarah (infant)Garshooey

1864 Oct. 15CALDWELLEllen MaryGarshooey

1879 Jul. 2CALDWELLHenryGarshooey

1868 Oct. 7CALDWELLJamesGarshooey

1862 Jul. 5CALDWELLJames C.Garshooey

1856 Nov. 7CAMPBELLGeorgeBunnamayne

1878 Jan. 31CAMPBELLJohnCastruse

1877 Aug. 16CANNINGElizabeth (Betty Glen)Garshooey

1856 Mar. 27CANNINGJamesCastruse

1887 Jun. 29CHAMBERSElizabeth RuthBogay

1869 Jul. 3CHAMBERSJohnKildrum

1855 Sep. 10CHAMBERSSarahKildrum

1880 Dec. 25CHAMBERSWilliamKildrum

1876 Oct. 15CLARKEElizabethGortlush

1867 Aug. 22CLARKEWilliamPortlough

1879 Apr. 27COLHOUNCatherineLeitrim

1881 Aug. 29COLHOUNDavidLegnaduff

1877 May 12CRAIGJohnAshgrove

1861 Dec. 23CRAIGMaryAshgrove

1869 Jul 3CRAIGRachelAshgrove

1879 Mar. 28CROCKETTAlexanderDrumashear

1864 Jul. 18CROCKETTAlexander (sen)Drumashear

1866 May 9CROCKETTGeorgeDrumashear

1863 Jun. 27CURRYCharlesCastruse

1863 Feb. 20CURRYThomasGarshooey

1869 Apr. 25DARCUSEllenCastruse

1872 Nov. 10DELAPAlexanderCorncamble

1868 Oct. ?DELAPJosephCorncamble

1864 Dec. 22DELAPWilliam AlexCorncamble

1875 Aug. 19DONAGHYDavidLeitrim

1860 Sep. 21DONAGHYMaryLeitrim

1882 Nov. 4DONAGHYWilliamLeitrim

1880 Jun. 10DUNLOPAnnListical

1887 ? DUNLOPWilliam

1870 Apr. 3DUNNMary (sen)Altaghderry

1877 Mar. 8EDMISTONCatherineDunmore

1879 Jun. 26EDMISTONWilliamArdnamoghill

1876 Jun. 9ELLIOTMargaretMonglass

1875 Jun. 19ELLIOTSarah AnneMonglass

1866 Jan. 18ELLIOTWilliamMonglass

1863 Mar. 24FINLEY (sen)MargaretCloon

1874 ? FISHERWilliamLower Portlough

1880 Dec. 31GALLAGHERCatherineCastlethird

1863 Jan. 20GALLAGHERGeorgeGarshooey

1871 Nov. 13GALLAGHERJamesRoosky

1869 Nov. 12GALLAGHERJaneDrumbarnet

1862 May 10GALLAGHERMargaretRoosky

1862 Feb. 11GALLAGHERSarah JaneRoosky

1869 Sep. 20GALLAGHERThomasChurchtown

1856 Dec. 15GAMBLEMaryCastruse

1887 Mar. 19GILILLAN DonaKillea

1870 May 20GILLILANDJaneTirroddy

1864 Mar. 29GILLILANDJohnGarshooey

1870 Aug. 23GILLILANDJohnTirroddy

1895 Sep. 26GILLILANDMarthaGarshooey

1880 Dec. 2GLENMrs JamesMoneymore

1887 Jan. 15GLENNJamesMoneymore

1879 Aug. 21GORDONWilliamCastruse

1873 May 23GORMANJaneKildrum

1868 Mar. 8GORMANJohnGarshooey

1867 Dec. 16GORMANSamuel (infant)Derry

1871 Jun. 11GRERHANNWilliamMolellan

1885 Apr. 7GRESHAMAndrewMolellan

1885 May 4GRESHAMMrs.Molellan

1854 Oct. 29HAMILTONCatherineKildrum

1865 Jan. 18HAMILTONDavidKildrum

1866 Aug. 7HAMILTONHansKildrum

1861 Nov. 11HAMILTONJamesKildrum

1863 Apr. 27HAMILTONJoseph (sen)Kildrum

1883 Jun. 2HANNAHJosephCastruse

1875 Apr. 21HANNAHMrs. JoeUpper Castruse

1871 Nov. 14HAYDavidBohullion

1865 Jan. 5HAYIsabellaBohullion

1876 Jan. 23HAYJohnBohullion

1858 Mar.12HAYMaryUpper Bohullion

1874 May ?HENDERSONSarahBallyarrell

1874 Oct. 10IRWINGeorgeGarshooey

1875 Nov. 11IRWINJohnKildrum

1875 Nov. 9IRWINMargaretKildrum

1875 Nov. 12IRWINMary AnneKildrum

1875 Nov. 1IRWINSarahKildrum

1884 Apr. 22IRWINSarahGarshooey

1873 Jan. 16KILGOREMargaretGarshooey

1887 Apr. 23KILLENDavidGortinlieve

1875 Dec. 21LOGANEllenGlasgow

1887 Apr. 15MACKYMaryMolellan

1867 Oct. 16MARSHALLJamesGarshooey

1865 May 16MARSHALLJohnSherrifs Mountain

1859 Nov. 7MASONRebekahBunnamayne

1884 Jul. 17McBRIDEAnne JaneToulett

1873 Jun. 16McCLURESam (Rev)

1880 May 20McCOCHRANWilliamCastruse

1855 Apr. 24McCRABBWilliamRoosky

1860 ? McFARLANDAnne (infant)Cloon

1858 Mar. ?McFARLANDJamesCloon

1860 Dec. 19McFARLANDMargaretCloon

1869 May 28McFARLANDRobert (jnr)Cloon

1881 Jan. 11McGOWANIsabellaCalhame

1861 Dec. 22McGOWANMaryCastruse

1860 Feb. 17McGOWANSarahCastruse

1875 Oct. 25McKEANRobertKildrum

1877 Jan. 3McMILLANMrs. JohnBogay

1867 Jul. 5MILLERCatherineCarrowreagh

1873 Feb. 19MILLERJamesBogay

1878 Jul. 9MILLERJamesDrumbarnet

1866 Oct. 12MILLERMargaretCarrowreagh

1887 Jun. 2MILLERMay JaneBogay

1864 Jan. 21MONTEITHAnnieTirroddy

1873 ? MORRISONElizabethKildrum

1876 Dec. 8MORRISONJamesKildrum

1871 Sep. 7MORRISONJohnKildrum

1881 Aug. 29MORRISONJohn EdwardKildrum

1868 Nov. 13MORRISONMary A.Kildrum

1863 Nov. 19MORRISONRobertKildrum

1882 Dec. 25MORRISONSarah JaneKildrum

1881 Oct. 1MORRISONThomasKildrum

1856 Mar. 1MORRISONWilliamKildrum

1887 May 28MOTHERWELLMargaretMonglass

1859 Dec. 27MOTHERWELLWilliam A.Monglass

1877 Sep. 20NAUGHTNancy M.Garshooey

1863 Sep. 7NEELYAnnieMonreagh

1862 Mar. 25NEELYMatthewCangriagh

1879 Jan.13NEELYWilliamTaughboy

1864 Aug. 22NICHOLLJohn (Sen)Tirroddy

1865 Apr. 11NichollSarahTirroddy

1859 Feb. 12OSBOURNEJamesAltaghderry

1882 May 18PARKJaneGarshooey

1856 Mar. 23PARKHILLHamiltonDrumbarnet

1882 May 3PATTONJosephCastruse

1856 Mar. 13PLATTJohnBunnamayne (Alais Derry)

1855 Sep. 9PORTERIsabellaCastruse

1874 May ?PORTERJames

1877 May 1PORTERJohnLeitrim

1884 Oct. 15PORTERWm. AndrewLeitrim

1863 Feb. 5RANKINElizabethCastruse

1872 Oct. 4RANKINJaneGarshooey

1870 Mar. 12RANKINJohnCastruse

1887 Jul. ?RANKINMarthaKildrum

1870 Mar. 5RANKINMatthewCastruse

1870 Apr. 27RANKINWilliamRoosky

1878 Jun. 20RANKINWilliamCastruse

1887 Feb. 23REIDCatherineCorncamble

1871 Nov. 30REIDJohnCorncamble

1863 Mar. 31ROBINSONElizabethBunnamayne

1879 Nov. 9ROBINSONJohnBohullion

1872 Mar. 5ROBINSONMaryBunnamayne

1867 Apr. 20ROBINSONSamuelBunnamayne

1882 Apr. 20RODGERSAnnieGarshooey

1879 Nov. 16RODGERSCatherineGarshooey

1870 Jul. 6RodgersElizaGarshooey

1875 Oct. 31RODGERS

1858 Nov. 12RODGERSW. JamesTullyannan

1857 Feb. 7ROGERSJohnKildrum

1856 Mar. 5ROGERSRobertTullyannan

1860 Aug. 25ROGERSSusannaKildrum

1866 Jun. 8SCOTTElizabethLegnaduff

1875 Jan. 27SCOTTMargaretLegnaduff

1870 Apr. 29SCOTTRobert (Sen)Legnaduff

1884 Mar. 26SIMPSONThomas RobertKildrum

1859 Apr. 27SMILEYJohnCrossroads

1863 Aug. 12SMILEYJohnCloon

1873 Apr. 21SMILEYMargaretCloon

1859 Sep. 26SMILEYWilliamCrossroads

1876 Mar. 24SMYTHSarah AnneListicall

1880 Jan. 3STEELMargaretCrossroads

1887 Dec. 21STEELMayRoughan

1880 May 4STEELThomasCrossroads

1861 May 4STEELEAdamRoughan

1873 May 17STEELEElizabethCrossroads

1861 Mar. 13STEELEMargaretRoughan

1872 Jan. 28TAYLORAnneCloghfin

1875 ? WALKEREliza JaneDrumlougher

1868 May 6WALKERJamesDrumlougher

1874 Oct. 24WALKERRebekahDrumlougher

1877 Feb. 4WALKERWilliamDrumlougher

1873 ? WALLACECatherine

1864 Mar. 3WALLACEMargaretKildrum

1870 Mar. 27WALLACESamuelCloon

1856 Jul. 18WATTMrs.Ballyarrell

1887 Mar. 24WILLSSarahCastruse

1870 Mar. 26WILSONAgnesGortlush

1879 May 17WILSONAndrewRoosky

1883 May 14WILSONAnneCorncamble

1882 Jan. 26WILSONBoydGortlush

1883 Jan. 2WILSONElizaPortlough

1875 Jul. 14WILSONGeorgeAltaghderry

1884 Jun. 22WILSONJamesGortlush

1865 Nov. 10WILSONJames (Sen)Portlough

1878 Jun. 21WILSONJaneRoosky

1872 Mar. 2WILSONJohnRoosky

1865 Mar. 1WILSONJoshuaPortlough

1862 Apr. 22WILSONMaryRoosky

1867 Jan. 28WILSONMaryPortlough

1882 Dec. 31WILSONMaryPortlough

1863 Jun. 6WILSONThomasRoosky

1875 Sep. 8WILSONThomasPortlough

1885 Jun. 19WILSONWilliamRoosky

1862 ? WRIGHTEllenCreeve

1879 Nov. 26WRIGHTJohnCreeve

Articles from the News

transcribed by Teena from the Belfast Mercury, Londonderry Standard & Londonderry Sentinel, unless otherwise noted.

25 Aug. 1855 Married
On the 16th instant, in the Crossroads Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. J. W. Wilson, Robert EDWARDS Esq, Drumgowan, Burt, to Catherine Ellen, eldest daughter of Caldwell MOTHERWELL Esq., Monglass, near Derry.

26 Mar. 1857 Married
On the 19th instant, at the Crossroads Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. Matthew Wilson, Mr, John STEEL Aghadowey, to Rebecca Ann, daughter of Mr. Caldwell MOTHERWELL Meenglass Bogay.

5 Apr. 1858 Married
On the 25th ult., at Crossroads Presbyterian Church by the Rev. S. M’Clure, Mr. Thomas M’CAIN, St. Johnston, to Anne Jane, daughter of Mr. Joseph DELAP, Corncammon

8 Apr. 1858 Crossroads Presbyterian Church
Contractors willing to undertake repairs of the above-named house of Worship, are requested to send their tender to the Rev. S. M’CLURE, Altaghaderry, Carrigans, before or on the 17th instant. The plan and specifications may seen at Mr. M’CLURE’S residence.

17 Apr. 1860 Married
April 12th at Crossroads Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. Dr. Denham, Mr. Robert CRAWFORD of Belfast  to Martha, youngest daughter of the late David GILLILAND Esq. Kildrum, Londonderry. (Banner of Ulster)

1 Jun. 1860 Married
May 24 (?) in Crossroads Presbyterian Church by the Rev. H. M’Clure, Mr. William LOCKHART, Ballylinn, to Miss Sarah Jane FISHER, Ballyoury.

24 Aug. 1860 Married
August 16, in Crossroads Presbyterian Church by the Rev. S. M’Clure A. B., Mr. William M’lNTYRE, Donnybrewer to Miss Jane MORRISON Kildrum.

15 Aug. 1863  Sudden Death
On Wednesday morning, about half past eight o’clock, as Mr. John SMILEY, of the Cloon was driving his car up Bishop street, when opposite the Bishop’s Palace, he was observed to fall back on the car. He was at once removed to the house of Mrs. GILLESPIE, Bishop’s gate, where medical assistance was immediately procured, but he had expired before being removed off the car. The deceased, who was 73 years of age, bore an excellent character and was for many years, a ruling elder in the Crossroads Presbyterian congregation.

9 Jul. 1864 Married
June 30 in Crossroads Presbyterian Church by the Rev. S. M’Clure, Mr. William OVENS to Anne, third daughter of the late Mr. Thomas WILSON, Ruskey, County Donegal.

19 Oct. 1864 Married
October 6 at the Crossroads Presbyterian Church by the Rev. S. M’Clure A.B., Mr. James CULBERT Ardagh, to Eliza, daughter Mr. Joseph DELAP, Corncammon.

19 Jul. 1865 Married
July 18, in Crossroads Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. Richard Smyth A.M., Mr. Joseph SMILEY Londonderry to Maria, daughter of Mr. George KENNEDY, Killaloo, Londonderry

21 Nov. 1868 Married
Nov. 19, at Crossroads Presbyterian Church by the Rev. Samuel M’Clure A.B., Mr. John MILLER, Carroreagh to Rebecca, eldest daughter of Mr. William EDMISTON, Ardnamohil

1 Apr. 1870 Married
March 25, in Crossroads Presbyterian Church by Rev. S. M’Clure, Mr. David CALDWELL, Gortnessy to Rebekah, daughter of the late Mr. Henry CLARKE, Portlough

17 Mar. 1871 Married
March 16, at the Crossroads Presbyterian Church by the Rev. Matthew Wilson, minister of Second Derry, Hugh, only son of Mr. Hugh CONWAY to Fanny, eldest daughter of Mr. Thomas M’GUIRE both of this city. (city of Londonderry)

10 May 1871 Married
May 4, in Crossroads Presbyterian Church by the Rev. Samuel M’Clure A.B. (pastor loci), Mr. Boyd WILSON of Portlough to Rachel, youngest daughter of Mr Wm. MOORE, Toolet, Burt.

26 May 1871 Married
May 25, at Crossroads Presbyterian Church by the Rev. M. Wilson, Mr. William WALSH, Waterside to Sophia A., daughter of the late Mr. Thomas WARDLAW, of this city. (city of Londonderry)

4 May 1872 Married
May 2, in Crossroads Presbyterian Church by the Rev. S. M’Clure, Mr. Andrew GILLILAND, Corncammon, to Jane, daughter of the late Mr. David M’CORMICK, Colemaciltrain

25 Nov. 1872 Married
November 19, in Crossroads Presbyterian Church by the Rev. S. M’Clure, Mr. Samuel HOLMES, Ballymagroarty to Eliza, daughter of Mr. James DUNNE, Glentown.

24 Jun. 1873 The Funeral of the late Rev. Samuel M’CLURE, Crossroads

On Thursday last, at eleven o’clock, the mortal remains of this much esteemed minister of the Presbyterian Church were conveyed to their last resting place in the graveyard connected with Crossroads Presbyterian Church. There was a large and very respectable concourse of people, some of them from long distances, present at the interment. The Presbytery of Derry, to which Mr. M’CLURE belonged, was represented by the Rev. William M’CLURE, Rev. M. WILSON, Rev. Robert ROSS, Rev. H. P. CHARLTON, Rev. David MITCHELL, Rev. Thomas CROSKERY, Rev. John CAMAC, Rev. John BELL, Rev. John B. M’BRIDE and professors WITHEROW and M’GAW.

Of other ministers present we observed Rev. William SCOTT, Newtowncunningham; Rev. Joseph M’CONAGHIE of St. Johnston, Rev. S. A. BELLIS LL.D., Ramelton; Rev. J. BEATTY Roseyards; Rev. Alexander FIELD, Dervock; Rev. P. PETTIGREW, Faughanvale; Rev. Joseph CORKEY Glendermott; Rev. Samuel PATTON Waterside; Rev. John M”CARTER Waterside; Rev. R. M’MORRIS of Manorcunningham, Rev. R. W. RUSSELL Strabane; Rev. R.(?) D. MACKAY; professor LEABODY; the Rev, Edward BOWEN, rector of Taughboyne and the Rev. Mr FOSTER of Killea.

The three brothers-in-law of Mr M’CLURE, the Rev. professor SMYTH D.D., the Rev. Jackson SMYTH of Armagh and Rev. Robert SMYTH of Donoghmore, were also present. The remains were borne on the shoulders of members of the session and committee from the manse to the church, where the Rev. William M’CLURE of Derry, delivered an exceedingly touching and appropriate address to a large congregation. He also conducted service in Crossroads Church yesterday and addressed the congregation with special reference to their great bereavement.

4 Nov. 1876 Married
At the Crossroads Presbyterian Church (near Londonderry) on the 24th ult., by the Rev. Hugh Irwin, John MILLER, Killea, to Mary Jane, eldest daughter of the late William MOORE, Ardverness, Coleraine (Coleraine Chronicle)

3 Mar. 1877 Married
€”February 15, at Crossroads Presbyterian Church by the Rev. Hugh Irwin, David GLASS Esq., Toolette, to Catherine HAMILTON, Kildrum, eldest daughter Samuel HAMILTON Esq. of Portland, Conn. America.

30 Nov. 1878 Married
November 29, at Crossroads Presbyterian Church by the Rev. William Clarke, J. P. M’ARTHUR, Belfast to Maggie Rainey, of Moness, Burt, daughter of the late William BAIRD Esq. M.D. Aughtermoy, Donemanagh

22 Nov. 1879 Married
November 20, in Crossroads Presbyterian Church by the Rev. Matthew Wilson, Thomas Roger M’CAUSLAND, Woodlands, Raphoe to Jane, eldest daughter of George FOSTER Creevagh.

26 Feb. 1881 Married
February 17,  in Crossroads Presbyterian Church by the Rev. H. Irwin B.A., Mr. Samuel WALSH, Glebe, Glendermott to Miss M. J. M’KEAN daughter of the late Robert M’KEAN, Kildrum

28 Dec. 1881 Married
December 25, at Crossroads Presbyterian Church by the Rev. Matthew Wilson, George FOSTER  jun., Creevagh to Jane CUNNINGHAM, Londonderry.

7 Sep. 1883 Married
September 4, at Crossroads Presbyterian Church by the Rev. Hugh Irwin, John CAMPBELL Victoria, Australia, to Jane, eldest daughter of the late John CAMPBELL, Castruse, Co. Donegal. (Derry Journal)

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