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Co. Londonderry News Australia, NSW &c.

It is with our gratitude to Trove and the National Library of Australia for permission to republish to our web-site, extracts from their newspapers online.

County Londonderry related persons in the news of New South Wales, Australia &c.

Escaped Convicts & Deserters – these notices transcribed transcribed by Teena from the ‘New South Wales Government Gazette’, ‘The Sydney Gazette’, ‘New South Wales Advertiser’ or ‘Hobart Town Gazette’

Principal Superintendent of Convicts. Sydney (all convict notices begin with this statement)

The undermentioned Prisoners having absconded from the Individuals and Employments set against their Names respectively, and some of them being at large with stolen Certificates and Tickets of Leave, all Constables and others are hereby required and commanded to use their utmost exertions in apprehending and lodging them in safe custody. Any Person harbouring or employing any of the said Absentees, will be prosecuted as the Law directs

29 Sept. 1825
M’NALLY Michael Chapman, 31, County Derry, 5 feet 5¾ in., hazle eyes, brown hair, fair pale complexion, from Hyde Park Barrack.

3 Dec. 1827
LOCHRY Hugh, Medina, ploughman, 23, Londonderry, 5 feet 5 ½ in., blue eyes, flaxen hair, fresh comp. from Hyde Park Barrack.

15 Aug. 1832
KING James or Joseph, ‘Ocean’, 45, Carpenter, Londonderry, 6 feet 2 in., hazel eyes, black to grey hair, dark ruddy comp, from No, 2 Iron Gang,

12 Sept. 1832
WILSON John, No. 32-952, ‘Captain Cooke’, 22, Groom, Londonderry, 5 feet 6¼, blue eyes, brown hair, brown comp. nose large,tree on upper part right arm, tree, J. Mc L. on lower part, double heart and dart on left wrist, mermaid on upper part left arm, from Mr. Benjamin BEDFORD. Charged with robbery.

24 Oct. 1832
McLOUGHLIN Philip, No. 32-1310, John, 19, Cooper’s boy, Derry, 5 feet 3 in., hazel eyes, brown hair, dark ruddy comp, from escort to Myrtle Creek.

23 Jan. 1833
Elizabeth MASSA, ‘Midas’, 44, Milk, makes butter and cheese, Londonderry, 4 feet 11¾, hazel to grey eyes, dark brown hair, sallow pock-pitted comp. from Mr. C. GOLD, Sydney.

6 Mar. 1833
SMITH John, No. 39-2593, Burrell, 34, labourer, Londonderry, 5 feet 2¾, hazel eyes, brown hair, ruddy freckled complexion, large diagonal scar right side upper lip, scar on left jaw, from No. 10 Road Party

5 Jun. 1833
MESSER Elizabeth, 42, ‘Midas (1)’, country servant, Londonderry, 4 feet 11¼ in., dark brown hair, hazel grey eyes, sallow pock-pitted comp. from William PHILLIPS, since 19th May

26 Jun. 1833
CONAGHAN Bernard, 23, Lord Melville (3), No. 30-1681, Derry County, servant, 5 feet ?in., dark ruddy freckled comp. brown hair, blue eyes, small diagonal scar over inner part left eyebrow, since the 28th May.

22 Jan. 1834
NORRIS Robert, ‘Bussorah Merchant (2)’, 28, Londonderry, stableman, 5 feet 4 in. sallow comp. fair hair, grey eyes, small diagonal scar on left cheek, and another on centre of forehead, 2nd time of absconding, from Parramatta Barracks, since 14th January.

16 Jul. 1834
McCREA Jane, ‘Hooghley,’ 31-376, 24, Londonderry, dress- maker, 5 feet 1 in. ruddy fair freckled comp. brown hair, dark hazel eyes, from Mr. LEVY, Brickfield hill, since 14th July.

4 Feb. 1835
GRAHAME Mary, ‘Princess Charlotte’, 27-1444, 55, Londonderry, house servant, 5 feet 1½ inch, sallow and freckled comp., brown hair, grey eyes, from Isaac MOORE her husband, since 28th January.

11 May 1836
M’LOUGHLIN alias M’CREEDY Margaret, ‘Surry (6)’, 33-134, 27, Londonderry, laundry and housemaid, 5 feet, ruddy, comp., brown hair, bluish eyes, hairy mole on left cheek bone, C B on upper right arm, mole on upper lip, scar under lip, from G. CARNABY, Sydney, since May 2.

13 Jul. 1836
O’BRIEN William, alias WOOD James, ‘Fairlie’, 34-269, 25, Londonderry seaman, 5 feet 5¾ inches, ruddy freckled comp., brown hair, blue eyes, slight scar on right cheek, scar back of ball of right thumb, large scar palm of left, scar back of left thumb, from D. PATON, Goulburn, since June 24.

7 Jun. 1837
SMITH John, ‘Burrell (1)’, 30-2593, 39, Londonderry, labourer reaps and milks, 5 feet 2 ¾ inches, ruddy and freckled comp., brown hair, hazel eyes, large diagonal scar on right side upper lip, scar on left jaw, from Hyde Park Barracks, since June 2.

27 Sept. 1837
BALL Jane, ‘Burrell (2)’, 32-228, 44, County Londonderry, allwork and laundress, 4 feet 9 inches, sallow and freckled comp., black hair, dark chestnut eyes, scar under left side of chin, scar back of right hand, from J. TOEL, Sydney, since Sept. 25th .

29 Aug. 1838
DOGHERTY John, ‘Waterloo (4)’, 23, Londonderry, town-laborer, 5 feet 5½ inches, ruddy comp., sandy brown hair, blue eyes, scar under right ear, another back of neck, crucifix and other marks on breast, other marks lower right arm, crucifix and H inside lower left arm, from Goggs, Invermein since August 13th .

30 Jan. 1839
AGNEW Henry, ‘Saint Vincent’ 36, County Derry, Ellis Koffen, laborer, 5 feet 5¼ inches, brown comp., brown hair, hazel eyes, dark speck in right eye, two small moles inside right arm, from John BRAY Junior, Goulburn, since Jan. 16.

24 July 1839
WEER Eliza, ‘Margaret(2)’, County Londonderry, house maid, 6 feet 1 inch,ruddy comp., brown hair, hazel eyes, nose large, two red natural marks right side of same, brown natural mark back of right arm, from Peter RAWLINS, Sydney, since July 16.

8 Jan. 1840
Report of a deserter from the 50th Regiment of Foot; dated at Sydney, this 30th day of December, 1839.
Name – James M’GOGHY
Age – 30 years.
Size – Five feet 7¼ inches
Complexion- Fresh and freckled
Colour – Hair – Reddish
Colour Eyes – Grey
No Peculiar Marks by which his identity may be ascertained
Date of Desertion – 26th

December 1839
From whence Deserted – Sydney
Date of enlistment – 9th February 1831
Place of enlistment – Londonderry
Parish where born – Cumber.
County – Londonderry
Former Trade or Occupation – Weaver
Dress at the time of Desertion – Regimentals.
Took all his Regimental necessaries with him.
Nicholas WODEHODSE, H. M. 50th Queen’s Own Regiment, Colonel

29 Jan. 1840
DOHERTY William alias Christopher EATON, ‘Royal Sovereign (1)’, 37, Londonderry, farm servant, 5 feet 6¾ inches, yellow and little pock-pitted comp., dark brown hair, hazel eyes, scar over inner corner of left eyebrow, scar back of little finger of left hand, from Hyde Park Barracks, since January 22nd

30 Nov.1841
Police Office, Wellington, 22nd Nov. 1841.
Whereas the Individual, whose description is annexed, did, on the 20th instant, effect his escape from the custody of a Constable while on Escort to Bathurst, being at the time under a Warrant of Commitment, by William Odell RAYMOND Esq., J. P., for Felony, and is supposed to have gone in the direction of Sydney. Notice is hereby given, in order that all Constables and others concerned may use their exertions to lodge him in safe custody.

Name, Robert KIRKPATRICK, native place, county of Londonderry, Ireland; age, about 23 years, height, 5 feet 5 inches or 5 feet 6 inches; complexion dark, hair black, eyes dark, marked on one of his arms thus, RK within a circle, was dressed when he made his escape, in blue jacket, fustian trousers, blue shirt, with coloured handkerchief on neck. By order of the Bench, William TURNER Clerk of Petty Sessions

30 Dec.1842
DEMPSEY Stephen, ‘William Jardine’, 32, county Londonderry, soldier &c, 5 feet 7¾ inches, sallow and freckled comp, dark brown mixed with grey hair, hazel eyes, lost a front upper tooth, small diagonal scar over left eyebrow, and on left cheek, D under left arm, rather faint, woman, NSSM and scar on knuckle of left thumb, mark of a bile inside left leg, scar on right shin, from New Military Barracks. South Head Road, since 27th inst.

21 Mar. 1845
MADDLE or SCOTT, Peggy ‘Whitby’, 1839, 45, county Londonderry, thorough servant and laundress,5 feet 1½ inch, ruddy and freckled comp., grey hair, grey eyes, scar above left cheek bone, mark of a bile under left jaw, another in side right wrist, from J. BLAXLAND Esq., Newington, Parramatta, since the 3rd instant.

18 May 1847
Report of a Deserter from the Detachment of the 58th Regiment stationed at Melbourne. 3rd May 1847
Name – Daniel DAMOND age, 26 years and one month; height, 5 feet 6¼ inches; complexion ruddy, eyes grey, hair fair, marks none, town or parish – Arigale Co. Londonderry former trade or occupation – labourer – date of desertion 28th April 1847 place of desertion,- Williams Town, Port Phillip; red shell jacket, no waistcoat, trowsers, Regimental black. General remarks – None
Charles DUSING, Capt. 58th Regt.

2 Nov. 1847
HIGGENS John, ‘Pekoe’, 1840, 25, County of Londonderry, laborer, 5 feet, 5 ½ inches, dark ruddy and freckled complexion, and slightly pock-pitted, dark brown hair, dark chestnut eyes, eyebrows partially meeting, scar over the right, long diagonal scar on right breast, blue ring on middle finger of right hand, scar on fore finger of left hand; from General Hospital Sydney, since the 23rd instant.

9 March 1849
Moses HUTCHINSON ‘Middlesex’, 1840, 32, County Londonderry, laborer and soldier, height 5 feet 7 inches, dark sallow and freckled comp., brown “hair, hazel eyes, perpendicular scarp top of left side of forehead, small diagonal scar left side of upper lip, mermaid, IxMHIxHMTD on upper right arm, breast and arms hairy, scar back of left thumb, another on forefinger of left hand, from escort and ticket of leave, Scone, since the 9th March 1848 (committed, charged with robbery)

6 Sept. 1850
George WILLIAMSON, ‘Barrosa’, 61, county Londonderry, carter, 5 feet 11¼ inches, dark sallow comp., brown mixed with grey hair, bluish eyes, very long visage scar on back of left side of head, breast hairy, lost nearly all the fingers of right hand by being burnt disabled in same, lost top of third finger of left hand, little finger of same crooked; from Ticket of Leave, Carcoar, since May 1850.

15 Aug.1851
James EARLY, ‘Mount Stuart Elphinstone’, 32, county Londonderry, calico printer, 5 feet 3¾ inches, ruddy and slightly pock-pitted comp., sandy hair, light grey eyes, raised mole and round scar centre of forehead, scar outside each eye, red whiskers, several small round moles lower part of left arm and wrist, scar round top of little finger of left hand, from Ticket of leave, Moreton Bay, since June 1851

Advertisements, Deaths, Marriages, & News

Wed. 18 June 1834 Notice is hereby given, that the Letters addressed to the individuals enumerated in the undermentioned List are detained in the General Post Office, the Sea Postage chargeable thereon, as regulated by Act of Council, not having been paid, and that in accordance with instructions from His Excellency the Governor, the whole will be destroyed unopened, at the expiration of 3 Months from the present date, unless the required sum be previously lodged to ensure their despatch ( 29th May, 1834 New South Wales Government Gazette)

ASTIDOFF Mr. J. W., care of Mr. A. M’KELLOP, innholder, Colerain, Londonderry

The Sydney Monitor 11 Mar. 1835 – death
On the 27th of September last, in Dublin, Henry, the 5th son of David CHAMBERS Esq. of Magherafelt, in the County of Londonderry, aged 26 years.

The Sydney Monitor and Commercial Advertiser 14 Nov. 1838 – Advertisement
Bathurst street Juvenile School
Mr. William Horatio WALSH, Emigrant per ship Parland, begs to intimate to Parents and Guardians of children for the South-eastern division of Sydney, that he intends to continue the School lately taught by Mr. R. Campbell, in a room in the rear of Mr. Richard Lynch’s house, Bathurst street, corner of Pitt street. Mr WALSH has submitted the numerous testimonials which he bears from Clergymen and other respectable persons in the north of Ireland to the Rev. Thomas DOUGALL, Patron of this School who has already expressed his entire approbation of the same.

Mr. W. H. W. has had considerable experience as a Teacher, in the north of Ireland, having for many years conducted a School in the County of Londonderry, on the Lancasterian system adopted by the Kildare Place Society for the education of the poor of Ireland.

Mr. W. H. W. hopes by punctuality and attention to hours, and unwearied diligence in the discharge of the arduous duties of his office, to give satisfaction to those Parents and Guardians who commit children to his care.

The School will reopen on Monday the 19th instant at 9 o’clock a.m., the hours of attendance being the same as usual; the fees of the School must be paid in advance, the rates as formerly, viz – 6s. 6d. for beginners; 8s. 8d. for reading and writing; 10s. 10d. for arithmetic in all its branches.
P. S.- Mr. W. H. W. has been accustomed to teach the modern improved female hand, now so universally adopted in the mother Country; he would teach this much admired hand to private families at after hours or open a select evening class, should he meet with encouragement such is the system, that the most cramp and stiff writer can, in a very short period be brought to write a neat, free, and legible hand. Sydney 13th Nov. 1838.

Commercial Journal and Advertiser Sydney 17 Aug. 1839 – Advertisement
Wanted by a respectable young man, a partner for life who is required to be respectable and not more than 35 years of age. The advertiser is 32 years of age, a native of Moneymore county of Londonderry Ireland; of sober and moral habits, and respectable demeanour; his only reason for thus addressing and expressing his wants and wishes is solely on account of his being of a bashful disposition and consequently, not having an opportunity of introducing himself in any other way. The strictest, secrecy may be relied on. Letters (post-paid) to be addressed to Mr. SCOTT to be left at the Oxford Arms, Bridge street.

The Sydney Herald (NSW) 9 Dec. 1839 – died
At Adderton, Parramatta, on the 7th instant, of influenza, in the thirtieth year of her age, Helen Sarah, wife of Captain MOFFATT J. P., and late of the 17th Regiment; only daughter of the late Captain James CHURCH, of Bellaghy, Co. Derry Ireland.

The Colonist Sydney 4 Apr. 1840 – death
On Saturday, the 28th ultimo, at Leitrim near Sydney, the residence of her brother David, Mary 3rd daughter of David CHAMBERS Esq. lately of Magerofelt in the county of Londonderry in Ireland

The Colonist (Sydney, NSW) 1 Jul. 1840 marriage
On the 30th June, by the Rev. Wm. McIntyre, the Rev. James FULLERTON, fourth son of the late Rev. Archibald FULLERTON, County Derry, Ireland, to Mary, second daughter of the late James JENKINS Esq., Oakefield House, Sydney.

9 Dec. 1840 Letters detained at the Post Office Sydney,
THOMPSON Martha, Londonderry, Ireland

Sydney Free Press 17 Jul 1841 – Emigration
The Herald, which arrived on Thursday last, brought 383 emigrants, under the superintendence of Dr. WARK. When near the Equator, she fell in with a vessel which reported having seen the day before, the ‘Helen’, from Liverpool with emigrants, bound to Sydney, the arrival of which vessel may, therefore, be daily expected. The Herald’s emigrants have all arrived in good health and the general cleanliness of the vessel reflects great credit on the captain, surgeon and officers; particularly as there are a great number of children, amounting to nearly 100 on board of her. The emigrants themselves have expressed their approbation of the treatment they have received, in a vote of thanks which was passed at a meeting a few days prior to their arrival. These emigrants are principally from the County of Londonderry in Ireland, with a few Scotch mechanics and shepherds, who can be well recommended. The Herald has only been 14 weeks on her passage and we are happy to say that Captain COUBRO has always been most fortunate in making trips to this colony in about the same time. One seaman, 2 male emigrants, 2 girls, and 10 infants have died during the voyage.

The Sydney Monitor and Commercial Advertiser 15 Nov. 1841 – Advertisement
Mr. Thomas GRAHAM, Son to the Reverend John GRAHAM M.A., Magilligan Glebe, County Londonderry who arrived in the ship ‘Larne’ on Saturday, the 6th instant, will hear of his cousin. Mr. Andrew GRAHAM who arrived in the ship ‘Lord Western’ in October 1840. Address, if by letter, Post Office, Newcastle

6 Dec 1842 Letters detained at the Post Office – James RAYMOND, Postmaster General
GALLOWAY John Robert, Londonderry, Ireland

29 Jul. 1843
The “Great Northern”, steamer, was launched at Derry in Ireland, at the close of last year, in the presence of at least 20,000 spectators from all parts of the country, and of many from England and Scotland. Even so anxious were the Donegal grand jury, assembled at Lifford, to be present that they obtained leave on a special application to the Judge for that purpose. At 8 o’clock the workmens hammers were first heard, the wedges were driven and the last obstruction being removed the mountain of wood majestically glided into the water. Immediately a salvo was fired from various pieces of cannon stationed on the wharfs and the utmost excitement and congratulations succeeded. The ‘Great Northern’ is the largest vessel ever built in Ireland.

Her dimensions are 220 feet in length, 37 feet beam and 26 feet deep in the hold; burthen 1,750 tons, B.M. She is to be fully rigged as a 50 gun frigate, the length of mainmast to be 90 feet, and 33 inches diameter, mainyard 79 feet and 22½ inches diameter in the slings, foremast 83 feet and the mizenmast 76 feet; she will be able to spread 6400 yards of canvass. There are three decks, the upper one to be left entirely clear for action and to be pierced for 44 guns; the windlass and capstan gear will be placed betwixt decks. She is to be propelled by Smith’s Archimedian screw, which will
be 12 feet diameter and 14 feet pitch, but the length will be only 7 feet. It is to make 83 revolutions per minute. The gearing consists of a cogwheel 20 feet  diameter, working into a smaller wheel of 5 feet diameter, upon whose axis is the shaft of the screw. The engine power consists of two cylinders, 68 inches in diameter, 4 feet 6 inches strokes and to make 22 strokes per minute; nominal power about 373 horses. There are 4 air pumps, 19 inches diameter and 4 feet 6 inches stroke and cylindrical boilers. The engines are to be placed close abaft the vessel, leaving the midships clear for passengers.

The Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty have adopted the design of a magnificent war steam-vessel, with propelling engines of 800 horse power. The dimensions are as follows; length between the perpendicular, 225 feet; length of keel for tonnage,196 feet 10¼ inches; breadth, extreme, 42 feet; depth in hold, 27 feet; burden in tons, 1,847. She will exceed the ‘Trafalgar’ by 20 feet 6 inches in length of the decks and by 26 feet 5 inches in the length of the keel for tonnage. The depth in hold will also exceed that of the ‘Trafalgar’ by 3 feet 10 inches. (Adelaide Observer S.A.)

Southern Australian (Adelaide, SA) 6 Oct. 1843
Dr. SMITH, in his life of St. Columba, gives the following interesting account of his labours and trials;
He was descended from the kings of Ireland, which was his
native country. At the age of 28, he founded the monastery
ot Darmagh, now Derry, in Ireland. He afterwards visited
the continent of Europe, where his labours were so acceptable that Sigbert, king ot France, made him large offers to induce him to remain in his dominions; to which Columba replied, ” I, who have resigned my own property for Christ, ought not to grasp at that of others.”

After his return to Ireland, he cast a compassionate eye on the islands of Scotland, which lav in the darkness of Paganism, and in the year 563, he crossed over in a wicker boat, covered with hides, and settled in the island of Iona. This was the origin of the Culdees, on whom was pronounced a censure, which is their highest praise, that they taught only what they could learn from the prophetical, evangelical and apostolical writings.
Columba here endured incredible hardships. The infuriate Druids, who pretended to magic, opposed him as the destroyer of their superstition. “When do you sail,” said one of them to Columba. “On the third day,” replied Columba, “if God will, and I live.” “I will raise storms and cover yon with darkness”, cried the Druid Broichan. “All things” replied the Christian, “are under the control of the omnipotent God, and I am guided by him.” Columba displayed an extraordinary spirit of devotion and diligence in his ministry. He studied the scriptures with intense application and required his disciples to prove every doctrine by producing texts from the inspired word. Hence they were preserved from the growing corruptions of popery, and were, for many ages, the asylum of truth and pure religion, when other parts of the British Isles were grovelling in darkness and superstition. Columba died on the sabbath, in the place of worship, on the 9th of June 597, in his 77th year. A copy of the gospels transcribed by his hand, was extant a few years ago at Derry in Ireland.

Tue. 10 Oct. 1843 – Letters detained at the Post Office
EWING Mrs. Isabella, Bishop street, Londonderry.

The Sydney Morning Herald Sat. 15 Jun. 1844 – Marriage
On the 4th January last, in St. Mark’s Church, Armagh by the Rev. Silver Oliver, Rector of Loughgall, John Moore TITTLE, Esq. of Farmhill in the county of Londonderry to Sophia, 4th daughter of the late William HARDY of Loughgall House, Esq. (grandfather of Mr. William HARDY of this city, solicitor)

Sydney Morning Herald (NSW) 19 Apr. 1845 – Marriage
By special license on the 15th instant, at St. Mary’s Cathedral, by the Rev. Mr. Bourgeios, Mr. Stephen MEHAN, late of the city of Londonderry, Ireland, to Miss Ellen COVENY, of York street, Sydney.

The Australian (Sydney) Thur. 25 June 1846 – Death
WATT, Mr John, at Coleraine, County Londonderry, Ireland, aged 110 years, father to Mr Hercules WATT of Phillip street Sydney, in January 1846

The Australian Sat. 24 April 1847 – Married
USSHER Samuel James, Esq., 5th son of the late Rev. Dr. Henry USSHER of Ramelton, County of Donegal Ireland to Margaret Lillias, youngest daughter of David CHAMBERS, Esq. formerly of Magherafelt, in the county of Londonderry in Ireland and now of Macquarie street, in the city of Sydney, New South Wales, on Wed. the 21st April, 1847, in St. James Church Sydney, by the Right Reverend the Lord Bishop of Australia.

The Sydney Morning Herald 26 April 1848 – Death
At his residence in Hyde Park Sydney, on Monday the 24th of April instant, David CHAMBERS sen., Esq., late of the county of Londonderry in Ireland aged 74 years.

The Melbourne Daily News (Vic.) 25 May 1849 – Advertisement
I “William TAGGART, formerly of Coleraine, in the County of Londonderry, in that part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland called Ireland, but now of Queen’s street, in the City of Melbourne, gentleman, one of the Attorneys of Her Majesty’s Court of Exchequer, in Ireland, aforesaid, do hereby give notice, that I intend on Monday, the 4th day of June next, being the last day of the present term, to apply to be admitted an Attorney, Solicitor, and Proctor of the Honourable Court, and that my name and admission may be enrolled by the proper officer of the said Court. Dated this 21th May, 1849. William TAGGART

7 Dec. 1849 Letters detained at the Post Office Sydney
OSBORNE James, Londonderry.

South Australian Register Adelaide, S.A. 16 Aug. 1850

A Derry paper states that there has been an increase of 1,539 in the number of emigrants who left that port during the quarter ending in March in the present year, as compared with the numbers recorded in the corresponding quarter last year, the number being respectively 354 and 1,893.

Mr Alexander Robert STEWART, for many years representative of the county of Londonderry in Parliament, died recently at Rockhill Letterkenny, the residence of his brother.

18 Oct. 1851 Adelaide Observer – Letters detained for Sea Fare – KANE, James,  Londonderry Ireland

South Australian Register Adelaide S.A. 24 Dec. 1851 – Married
On Tuesday, 23rd Dec. at Trinity Church, by the Rev. The Dean of Adelaide, Albemarle Bertie CATOR Esq. only son of Admiral CATOR to Henrietta, eldest daughter of Nathaniel Alexander KNOX Esq. late of the county of Londonderry.

The Argus (Melbourne, Vic.) 12 Nov. 1852 – Advertisement & Sale
If this should meet the eye of Thomas WILSON late of Derrycheer, county Londonderry, Ireland, emigrant per the ‘Maria’, he is requested by his brothers to communicate with
Mr McFARLAND, solicitor, Melbourne.

Sales of Encumbered Estates
The business in the Encumbered Estates Court is again increasing, no less than 14 new petitions have been filed last week, some of them affecting properties of considerable value;
and it is a remarkable fact that most of the inheritors are petitioners for the sale of their own estates. Mr. John BOYLE is the petitioner for the sale of his property in the counties of Londonderry and Antrim, estimated at an annual profit rent of about 1,500£ charged with encumbrances to the extent of 25,000£.

The Argus (Melbourne, Vic.) 8 Aug. 1853 – Advertisement
Should this meet the eye of Wm. YOUNG of Knocklochrim County Londonderry Ireland, he will hear of friends by calling at M’WHINNY and BLYTHE’S, (10?) Lonsdale street West.

The Banner (Melbourne, Vic. ) 16 Sept. 1853 – Married
On Thursday the 15th by the Rev. Irving Hetherington, Scots Church, Melbourne, the Rev. Thomas HERON, East Melbourne, son of the Rev. Thomas HERON Co. Londonderry Ireland, to Jessie Anne 3rd daughter of John MacPHERSON Esq. Helena House Collingwood

The Argus (Melbourne, Vic.) 16 June 1854 – Death
At Coleraine county of Londonderry Ireland, on the 5th Feb. 1854, of scarlatina, in the 10th year of her age, Mary Jane, the eldest and beloved daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Isaac KEITH, of the same place and granddaughter of Mrs. GILMOUR of Little Lonsdale street east, Melbourne, Victoria.

The Argus (Melbourne Vic.) 26 Jun 1854 – Advertisement
Henry CONWELL and Henry KEVIN from County Londonderry Ireland, are requested to make known their addess to Captain Chisholm, Melbourne.

The Argus (Melbourne, Vic.) 17 Feb, 1855 – Advertisement
Wanted If Mr. Joseph DUNLOP from County Londonderry Ireland, would send his address to Mary HAMILTON, Williamstown, he would oblige his nephew, William WILSON

The Argus (Melbourne, Vic.) 19 Oct. 1855 – Married
On the 3rd July 1855, at the Parish Church of Aghadowey by the Rev. Robert Alexander, Rector, assisted by the Rev. Mr Reddy, Thomas B. PAYNE Esq. of Maretimo Melbourne, in the colony of Victoria to Rosa, eldest daughter of Curtis HEMPHILL, Esq. of Greenfield, in the County of Londonderry.

The Argus (Melbourne, Vic.) 23 Oct. 1855 – Married
On the 1st inst, by special license in St. Stephen’s Church Richmond, Melbourne, by the Rev. C. T. Perks, Joseph Johnston CLARKE Esq., of Mayhard Co. Londonderry Ireland, to Charlotte Elizabeth, daughter of the late Launcelot KELLY, Esq. barrack- master, Kinsale, Co. Cork Ireland.

Geelong Advertiser and Intelligencer (Vic.) 23 Nov. 1855 – Married
By license at St. Peter’s Church, Melbourne, the 17th instant, by the Rev. John Barlow, Henry, eldest son of Mr. Benjamin LINARD, of Old Kent Road, Surrey, London, to Margaret, youngest daughter of the late Mr. James MULLIN of Newtown Limavady, Co. Londonderry.

The Argus (Melbourne, Vic.) 5 Dec. 1855 – Death
On the 1st instant, at the residence of her father, Emerald Hill, aged 19 years, Sarah, eldest daughter of Mr. William KELLY formerly of Bellaghy,Co. Londonderry Ireland.

The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW) 23 March 1857 – Death
On the 21st instant, at his residence, in Parramatta street, Sydney, New South Wales, William McLAUGHLIN Esq. surgeon, of Cloughlin Co. Londonderry in Ireland. A gentleman widely esteemed for his extensive benevolence, conjoined with professional attainments of the highest order.

3 Jul. 1857
Enquiry having been made of the Government respecting the undermentioned individual, to whom certain property has been bequeathed, any person possessing information relative to the party alluded to, will please to communicate with the undersigned:

Samuel O’HARA, per “Minerva” (2) 1818, a native of Londonderry, Ireland was living at Port Macquarie in the year 1828.

The Argus (Melbourne, Vic.) 18 August 1857 – Advertisement
Thomas HARTES formerly of New Row, Coleraine County Londonderry Ireland, a letter for you at this office

The Argus (Melbourne, Vic.) 16 Sept. 1857 – Deaths
Death – On the 11th July, at the British American Hotel, Mount Korong, John McNULTY age 31 years native county Tyrone Ireland New York papers please copy.
Death – On the 7th inst., at Bourke street, Melbourne, Thomas MCREYNOLDS formerly of Dungirvin Co. Londonderry Ireland, aged 27 years.

Empire (Sydney) 8 June 1858 – Death
At Campbelltown, on the 3rd June, Mr. David WATSON aged 46 years, formerly of Kilrea, Co.Londonderry, Ireland and for 15 years schoolmaster and clerk of St. Peter’s Church, Campbelltown.

Mount Alexander Mail (Vic.) 13 Oct. 1858 – Married
At Castlemaine, on the 5th inst., by the Rev. E. Day, Mr Michael McCLELLAND late of Maghera, Co. Londonderry Ireland to Miss Jane WOOD, Drumeldrie, Fifeshire, Scotland.

The Sydney Morning Herald 24 Nov. 1858 – Married
On the 16th Aug. at Dublin, Sir William MACKENZIE of Coul, Bart., to Agnes, 2nd daughter of R. T. SMYTH Esq. of Ardmore, County of Londonderry.

The Maitland Mercury and Hunter River General Advertiser
28 Dec. 1858
Fatal Accident at a Theatre in Ireland
Mr. CHICKENS, proprietor of a small circus at present traveling in the county of Londonderry, came by his death last week, while performing in Newtownlimavady, by incautiously handling a lamp with naphtha, which was overturned on his person and, instantly igniting, enveloped him in flames. The audience, becoming panic struck, allowed the unfortunate man to rush from the tent in a state of distraction. He was observed by a young man in the street, who immediately stripped off his coat and throwing it round him, extinguished the flames. Medical assistance was instantly at hand but the injury was so great that it baffled the surgeon’s skill, and the unfortunate man sank gradually, till death put an end to his sufferings.

The Argus (Melbourne, Vic.) 15 Mar. 1859 – Advertisement
It this should meet the eye of James WUSTON formerly of county Londonderry Ireland, he will find out his brother Joseph by writing to Mr RAE University Stables, North Melbourne

The Argus (Melbourne, Vic.) 16 March 1859 – Advertisement
If this should meet the eye of JAMES HUSTON formerly of county Londonderry Ireland, he will find out his brother Joseph by writing to Mr, RAE, University Stables, North Melbourne

Bendigo Advertiser (Vic.) 9 Dec. 1859 – Death
On the 8th instant, at Myer’s Flat, Andrew ALLEN storekeeper, late of Magharafelt County Londonderry Ireland. Home papers please copy.

Oct. 11 1866 Ecclesiastical
10 Oct. 1866 (before a full court)
In re; James WHITTAKER, deceased.
This was the petition of Robert WATSON and Christopher WATSON of Londonderry, in Ireland, laborers, next of kin of the sald James WHITTAKER.

The petition set out that the said Jas. WHITTAKER had acquired property in this province; that in August, 1859 he was lost in the steamer Admella; that the curator of Intestate Estates had, under an order of the court dated October 1859, collected and managed the estate since that time; that the deceased died unmarried and without lawful issue; that the father of the said James WHITTAKER died leaving a widow, who afterwards intermarried with James WATSON, of Lemamere in Ireland, and that the said James WATSON and his wife died leaving three children; one died in infancy, one is the petitioner Robert Alexander WATSON, the other married and went to America, where he died, leaving two children, James and Christopher WATSON, the first of whom is in India and the second is the petitioner. The two petitioners Robert Alexander WATSON and Christopher WATSON appointed Mr. William James CRAWFORD, manager of the Union Bank, as their attorney, through whom the petition was presented.

The prayer of the petition was that the curator might be ordered to pay to Robert Alexander WATSON two fourths, and to Christopher WATSON one-fourth of the proceeds of the personal estate of the said James WHITTAKER, or that letters of administration should be granted to Mr. W. J. CRAWFORD

Mr. THRUPP appeared for the petitioners and made the various affidavits in support of the allegations contained in the petition. Mr. STOW Q.C., appeared for the curator and thought there should be a reference to enquire into the facts, or a suit should be instituted for the purpose of establishing a right to the property. He referred to the affidavits which had been read by Mr. THRUPP and remarked on the absence of any dates.

There was no date of the marriage of James WHITTAKER, the father of deceased to his wife, Nancy WHITTAKER, otherwise McCLOSKIE and there was nothing to show that he was not married to someone else before he
married Nancy McCLOSKIE.

The court also thought there was no evidence of that fact, or that the James WHITTAKER spoken of in the affidavits was the James WHITTAKER, deceased.

Mr. THRUPP replied and submitted that he had completely proved every link as to the identity of James WHITTAKER, the deceased. He had shown that the deceased had relatives of the name of WATSON in Ireland. and that he left this colony to go to Ireland to see them, and it would be a strange coincidence that there should be two James WHITTAKER, and that both should have relatives in Ireland named WATSON and that they should both have gone to Ireland at the same time and met them there. He then again referred to those portions of the affidavits which he submitted proved the
identity. He, however, admitted that perhaps he had not sufficient evidence to show that deceased’s father was a bachelor at the time he married Nancy McCLOSKIE. A lengthy discussion ensued between their Honors and the learned counsel engaged, and ultimately the case was allowed to stand over, the petitioners being allowed to apply again on the same proceedings. Costs of the curator to be allowed out of the estate.

The Brisbane Courier (Qld.) 10 Sept. 1869 marriage
ADAMS – STEWART – On the 9th September, at the Wickham terrace Presbyterian Church, Brisbane, by the Rev. James Love, Mr. John ADAMS, Highfields, Toowoomba, to Malila, fourth daughter of Mr. John STEWART, Tullynure, Moneymore, Co. Derry, Ireland.

15 Oct. 1869
In the Supreme Court of New South Wales.
Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction
In the goods of Andrew MOODY, late of Groongal, in the Murrumbidgee District, in the Colony of New South. Wales carrier, deceased.
NOTICE is hereby given, that at the expiration of fourteen days from the publication hereof, application will be made to this Honorable Court in its Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction that letters of administration of the goods, chattels, credits, and effects of the above named Andrew MOODY, deceased, may be granted to George MAIR, of Groongal, in the Murrumbidgee District, in the Colony of New South Wales, Esquire the Attorney duly appointed for that purpose by Thomas MOODY, of Cashel, in the parish of Macosquin, in the county of Londonderry, in Ireland, former, the father and next of kin of the said deceased. Dated 14 Oct 1869
Proctor for the said George Mair
130, Pitt street, Sydney.

9 Jan. 1872
In the Supreme Court of New South Wales.
Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction
In the goods of James HUMPHREY, late of Kiandra, in the Colony of New South Wales, Esquire, deceased.
NOTICE is hereby given, that at the expiration of fourteen days from the publication of this notice, application will be made to this Honorable Court, in its Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction, that letters of administration of all and singular the goods, chattels, credits, and effects of the above named deceased in the Colony of New South Wales, may be granted to Randolph Charles Want and James William Johnson, both of Sydney, in the Colony of New South Wales, gentlemen, the attorneys appointed for that purpose by Margaret Ann HUMPHREYS of Kemaconnell, in the County of Londonderry, Ireland, the widow of the above named deceased. Dated 4 Jan. 1872.
SYDNEY ALFRED WANT, Proctor for the said Randolph Charles WANT and James William JOHNSON
142 Pitt street Sydney.

The South Australian Advertiser (Adelaide, SA) 12 Aug. 1875 died
HAYDEN – On the 2nd June at Londonderry, Ireland, from the accidental discharge of a gun, James HAYDEN Esq., aged 53.

Tuesday 14 Mar. 1876
In the Supreme Court of New South Wales.
Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction
In the goods of Robert CALLAGHAN, late of Limavady, in the County of Londonderry, in Ireland, butcher, deceased, intestate.

NOTICES is hereby given, that at the expiration of 14 days from the publication hereof, application will be made to the Supreme Court of New South Wales, in its Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction, that letters of administration (with copy exemplification of letters of administration annexed) of the goods, chattels, credits, and effects of the above named deceased, may be granted to William Frederick M’CARTHY , of Sydney, in the Colony of New South Wales, solicitor the duly constituted attorney of the next of kin of the said deceased. Dated 13 March 1876.
THOMAS ROBERTSON, Proctor for the said applicant
Pitt street North Sydney

The Brisbane Courier (Qld) 13 Apr. 1878 – marriage
MILLER -NICHOLSON – On the 10th April, by the Rev. Colin McCulloch, Andrew D. MILLER to Annie, eldest daughter of Adam NICHOLSON, Coleraine, Co. Derry, Ireland.

10 May. 1879 – died
ADAMS On the 4th May, at 2 Union street, Emerald-hill, Joseph ADAMS, aged fifty-eight years, formerly of Londonderry, Ireland. His end was peace.

The Sydney Daily Telegraph 11 Sept. 1879 marriage
BOYLAN- BELFORD – August 27, at the Sacred Heart
Church, Darlinghurst, by the Rev. Joseph Collins, James
third son of the late Patrick BOYLAN, Co. Meath. Ireland, to Annie Mary, eldest daughter of the late James BELFORD, printer, Sydney and granddaughter, of the late Edward M’IVOR city of Londonderry, Ireland.

Friday 28 May 1880
In the Supreme Court of New South Wales.
Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction
In the estate and effects of John Ellis YORK, late of Sydney, in the Colony of New South Wales, labourer on Railway, deceased, intestate.

NOTICE is hereby given, that after the expiration of fourteen days from the publication hereof, application will be made to the Supreme Court of New South Wales, in its Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction, that letters of administration of the goods, chattels, credits, and effects of the above named deceased might be granted to Henry YORK,  junior of Sydney, in the Colony aforesaid as the true and lawful attorney of Henry YORK, senior, of Eden in the county of Londonderry, in Ireland, the father and one of the next of kin of the said deceased. Dated 26 May 1880.
GANNON & M’LAUGHLIN, Proctors for Administrator,
Temple Court, Sydney.

The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW) 14 Apr. 1883 – Marriage
NICHOLLS – MILLER – March 28th 1883, at the residence of the bride by the Rev Henry Macready, Joseph, eldest son of James NICHOLLS of Sydney, to Charlotte, fourth daughter of the late Jas. MILLER of County Derry, Ireland

The Telegraph (Brisbane, Qld.) 16 Oct. 1884 Marriage
ROBINSON – ADAMS – On the 8th October, at the Wesleyan Church, Nundah, by the Rev. W. Lucas, Henry Walton, third son of Mr. James ROBINSON of Nudgee, to Essie, third daughter of Mr. Alexander ADAMS, Kilrea, Co. Derry, Ireland.

South Australian Register 28 Dec. 1885 Marriage
PATTERSON – HOLMES – On the 15th December, at Chalmers Manse by Rev. D. Paton, M.A., B.D., Thomas J. PATTERSON, late of Londonderry, Ireland, to Bella Mary, second daughter of James HOLMES Esq., Ballinacar, Co. Donegal and niece of Charles ROBINSON Esq., Murlog Lodge, Lifford, Ireland.

Weekly Times (Melbourne, Vic.) 22 Jan. 1887 – death
On the 16th ult., the Rev. James B. RENTOUL D.D., Garvagh, county Londonderry, Ireland, aged eighty- five.

Leader (Melbourne, Vic.) 25 Aug. 1888 – died
DONNELL – On the 21st July, at Addington, Christ-church, New Zealand, John DONNELL, painter, late of Londonderry, Ireland, brother of Henry DONNELL of Echua, carpenter.

The Telegraph (Brisbane, Qld.) 1 Jul. 1890 – marriage
SMILEY – ADAMS – On June 25, at Warner street Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. D. F. Mitchell, John Henry, eldest surviving son of Henry SMILEY Esq., Arthur street, New Farm, to Kate, fourth daughter of Alexander ADAMS Esq., Kilred, <sic> County Derry, Ireland.

Friday 23 Jan. 1891
In the Supreme Court of New South Wales.
Probate Jurisdiction
In the will of Harman COCHRANE, late a surgeon in the Royal Navy, deceased.

NOTICE is hereby given that after the expiration of fourteen
days from the publication hereof in the New South Wales Government Gazette, application will be made to this Honorable Court in its Probate Jurisdiction, that administration, with the will (sealed copy) annexed, of all and singular the goods, chattels, credits, and effects of the above named deceased, who departed this life in or about the year 1828, may be granted to Henry Burton Bradley, of Sydney, in the Colony aforesaid, solicitor, the attorney of Isabella CLINTON, of Garoagh, in the county of Londonderry, in Ireland, spinster. Dated 22 Jan 1891.
H. H. B. BRADLEY, Proctor for Applicant, 60 Margaret street Sydney

The Telegraph (Brisbane, Qld) 3 Feb. 1894 – Marriage
FORSTER – JUDGE – On January 24, at St. Stephen’s Cathedral, by the Rev. D. Fouhy, Peter Joseph, youngest son of Mr. G. FORSTER , of Lulda, Coorparoo, to Mary Teresa, youngest daughter of Mr. Hugh JUDGE, Londonderry, Ireland.

The Age (Melbourne, Vic.) 30 Jan. 1900 – death
BRADFORD –  At Delagoa Bay, South Africa of fever, Alfred (Fred), second son of the late Andrew BRADFORD County Derry, Ireland and dearly loved brother of J. R. BRADFORD , of this city.

The World’s News (Sydney, NSW ) 19 Mar. 1904
Violent assaults in Derry (Ireland) are attributed by the magistrates to the extensive drinking of methylated spirits among the working classes.

Wednesday 13 Mar. 1912
Pursuant to the order of the Supreme Court of New South Wales, in its Equitable Jurisdiction, made herein on the 27 October last, in the matter of the will of James CONNOR, deceased, between Charles HIDGCOCK , plaintiff, and Robert John CONNOR, defendant, No. 4,221 of 1,911: The persons claiming to be children of Hugh CONNOR, now deceased, formerly of Dunglady, in the county of Londonderry, Ireland, who left Liverpool, England, for Australia, in the ship “Boomerang,” on or about the 5 Feb. 1851 living on the 8 June 1809, or the legal personal representatives of such of the said children (if any) as have died since the 8 June 1900, are hereby required, on or before the 1 June 1912, to send in particulars of their claim to be such children or legal personal representatives to the Master in Equity, Chancery square, Sydney, or in default thereof the Court will proceed with the disposal of the estate of the said deceased, to the exclusion of such children or representatives (if any). Dated 5 March 1912.
H. P. OWEN, Master in Equity
C. W. Alexander Solicitor for Plaintiff Hay.
By his Agents Pigot & Stinson 2 Castlereagh street Sydney.

The Argus (Melbourne, Vic.) 16 Apr. 1916 death
McALISTER – On the 16th April 1916, at his residence, No. 3 Cooraminta street, East Brunswick, Patrick (Mac), the dearly beloved husband of Mary, eldest son of the late Henry and Nancy McALISTER, Kilrea, County Derry, Ireland. (Late representative A.M.P. Society.) By request no flowers.
“Requiescat in pace.”

Friday 30 Aug. 1929
In the Supreme Court of New South Wales. Probate Jurisdiction
In the estate of Kate DARRAGH, late of Movanagh, in the County of Londonderry, Ireland, spinster, deceased, intestate.
PURSUANT to the Wills, Probate and Administration Act, 1898, and the Testators Family Maintenance and Guardianship of Infants Act, 1916:
Notice is hereby given that every creditor and any other person having any claim against the estate of Kate DARRAGH, the above named deceased, who died on the 11 Feb 1928, and letters of administration of whose estate were resealed with the Seal of the Supreme Court of New South Wales, in its Probate Jurisdiction, on the 16 May 1929 to Walter John ENRIDHT the attorney for the administrator, are hereby required to send particulars in writing of such claim to the said Walter John Enright, to the care of the undersigned, at their offices hereunder mentioned, on or before the 25 Oct. 1929, at the expiration of which time the said Walter John Enright will proceed to distribute the assets of the said deceased amongst the persons entitled thereto having regard only to the claims of which he has notice and notice is hereby further given that the said Walter John Enright will not be liable for the assets or any part thereof so distributed to any person of whose claim he should not have had notice at the time of such distribution. Dated 27 Aug 1929.
W. J. ENBIGHT and SKILTON, Proctors
By their Agents West Maitland
Taylor and Kearney 77 Castlereagh street Sydney
G27 £1 12s.

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