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Co. Cavan News Australia, NSW &c.

With our Sincere Thanks to Trove and the National Library of Australia.

County Cavan Emigrants in the News of Australia, New South Wales &c.

Escaped Prisoners

All notices included this statement –

Principal Superintendent of Convicts – Sydney
The undermentioned prisoners having absconded from the individuals and employments set against their names respectively, and some of them being at large with stolen certificates, and tickets of leave, all Constables and others are hereby required and commanded to use their utmost exertions in apprehending and lodging them in safe custody. Any person harbouring, or employing, any of the said absentees, will be prosecuted as the law directs

1 Nov. 1822
Patrick DUFFY per John Barry; aged 26; nat. of C. of Cavan; 5 ft. 8½ in; grey eyes; brown hair;pale complexion, from Mr. A. BYRNE’S clearing party.

9 Jan. 1823
Wm. BRADY (BRADLEY); Almorah, 33, County Cavan, 5 ft. 1¼, hazel eyes, brown hair, fair ruddy comp, Emu Plains.

5 Jun. 1823
Owen FARRELL; Mary (1), 54, Cavan, 5 ft. 11, haz. eyes, blk to gr. hair, dark rud. comp. late overseer of Mr. BELL’S Clearing Party.

27 Jan. 1824
Charles M’GOWEN; Daphne; 20, County Cavan, 4 feet 9 and a half inches, blue eyes, sandy flaxen hair, fair pale complexion, Mr. Wm. CAMPBELL’S clearing party.

27 May 1824
Patrick HAGERTY; Recovery (2), 27, Cavan, five feet 8 and a quarter inches, blue eyes, black hair, florid comp. Pat. SHEE’S gang. Rooty Hill.

14 Apr. 1825
McGUIRE, James; Recovery (2); 24, County Cavan, 5 feet 3, dark grey eyes, brown hair, pale complexion, road gang, Newcastle.

26 May 1825
FITZPATRICK Pat.; Hoogly; 27, County Cavan, 4 feet 7 and a half, grey bluish eyes, brown to grey hair, brown complexion, servant to Mr. A. E. HAYES, Sydney.

7 Jul. 1825
TIMMON Francis, per Asia (4) 18, County Cavan, 5 feet 5 ¼ in., blue eyes, brown hair, brown complexion, Government Servant to Mr. Street, Sydney.

22 Apr. 1826
DOYLE James; Asia (4); 17, County Cavan, 5 feet 3, blue eyes, dark brown hair, pale comp. from Carters Barracks.

9 Sept. 1826
DOUGHTY Clement; Medina; Labourer, 23, County Cavan, 5 feet 11¼, grey eyes, red hair, red freckled complexion, from Hyde Park Barrack.
M’CABE Phillip; Dick; Labourer, 27, County Cavan, 5 feet 6, grey eyes, black hair, dark complexion, from the Sloop Hawkesbury Packet on his way to Newcastle.

30 Dec. 1826
CARROLL John, or James; Countess Harcourt; ploughman, 38, County Cavan, 5 feet 8¾, grey eyes, brown hair, brown comp. from Grose Farm.

29 Jan. 1827
JONES Perrett; Asia; labourer, 20, County Cavan, 5 feet 10, blue eyes, flaxen hair, fresh, freckled comp. from No. 4 Iron gang, Castlehill.

13 Mar. 1827
BRERTON John; Lord Sidmouth; carpenter, 36, County Cavan, 5 feet 6, hazle eyes, brown hair, dark complexion, from Hyde Park Barracks.

2 May. 1827
JONES Perrott; Asia (1); labourer, 20, County Cavan, 5 feet 10, blue eyes, sandy hair, fresh, freckled comp from No. 4 Iron Gang; 3rd time of absconding.

10 Dec. 1827
KELLAR or KEELAN Pat.; Isabella; labourer, 35, Cavan, 5 feet 4 ½, blue eyes, sandy hair, pale comp. from No. 6 road Gang.

26 May 1828
McGEE Patrick or Henry; Regalia; 18, labourer, Cavan, 5 feet 1, dark grey eyes, brown hair, pock-pitted comp. from No. 20 road gang.

29 May 1828
NEWLAND William, or John NEWMAN, No. 28-752; Mangles; 43, tailor, County Cavan, 5 feet 6¾, hazle eyes, brown to grey hair, florid comp. from No. 1 iron gang.

6 Jan. 1829
RALL Michael; Mangles; 18, groom, Cavan, 5 feet 2½, hazle eyes, brown hair, ruddy comp. from Mr. Thomas ROSE, Appin.

20 Jan 1829
COSGROVE Michael; per Recovery; 23, carter, Cavan, 5 feet 4 in., dark grey eyes, brown hair, fair freckled comp., from Bridge party; 3rd time of running.

26 May 1829
CLARKE Patrick, No. 28-806; Mangles; 28, groom, Cavan, 5 feet 3½, hazle eyes, brown hair, ruddy freckled comp .from No, 1 Iron gang. 3rd time of running.

12 Mar. 1832
MAHONEY John, No. 28-298, ship Marquis Huntly, 23, a cook, County Cavan, 5 feet 3½ in., hazle eyes, brown hair, sallow pock- pitted comp. from No. 21 Road Gang. 2nd time of running.

28 Mar. 1832
MULVANEY Patrick or Thomas, No. 31-253, per Edward, 31, farmer’s man, Cavan, 5 feet 4¼ in., hazle grey eyes, light brown hair, ruddy freckled and pock-pitted comp, from No. 25 Road Gang.

6 Jun. 1832
FITZPATRICK Bridget, per Brothers, 29, washerwoman, county Cavan, 5 feet 2½ in., blue eyes, dark brown hair, ruddy comp. from her husband, John CROWLEY, of Sydney.

REILLEY Catherine, No, 31-380, ship Hooghley, 21, kitchen maid, Cavan, 5 feet 1 in., grey eyes, brown hair, pale pock-pitted comp. from Mr. James HOLMES, Sydney.

5 Sept. 1832
LEONARD Patrick, No. 29-373, per Sophia, 40, ploughman, County Cavan, 5 feet 3¾ in., light blue eyes, brown hair, ruddy, freckled and pock-pitted, comp. scar under the left side of mouth, from No. 20 Road Gang.

12 Sept. 1832
BENSON Mary, No. 31-278, per Palambam, 26, laundress, Cavan, 5 feet 3 in., hazel grey eyes, brown hair, ruddy freckled comp. Scar over right breast, from Colonel SHADFORTH, Sydney.

24 Oct. 1832
WARD Esther, No, 32-288, per Southwark, 30, dairymaid, county of Cavan, 5 feet 3 in., hazel grey eyes, brown hair, ruddy comp. mole on left cheek, scar back of middle finger left hand, from Elizabeth HANLEY, Sydney.

26 Dec. 1832
Eliza REYNOLDS, or CUDDY, ship Lady Rowena, 24, servant girl, Cavan, 5 feet 3 in., blue eyes, dark brown hair, ruddy freckled comp. from Female Factory, 3rd class, under Colonial sentence.

26 Jun. 1833
SMITH Edward, 27, per Waterloo, No. 31-590, Cavan County, labourer, 5 feet 4¾ in., ruddy freckled and pock-pitted comp. brown hair, hazel grey eyes, sandy whiskers, from Escort to Gang, since the 11th instant

17 Jul. 1833
SMITH Edward, 27, ship Dunvegan Castle (2) No. 32-2643, County of Cavan, Ploughman, 5 feet 8 in., brown hair, light blue eyes, brown comp. scar above left breast, arms hairy, from Hubert Johnston, since 8th instant

7 Aug. 1833
BRADY John, per Waterloo, No. 31-587, 24, County Cavan, labourer, 5 feet 6¾ in., brown hair, brown to blue eyes, ruddy much freckled complexion, irregular scar right side lower lip, long slight perpendicular scar right side of mouth, from No. 3 Road Gang, since 24th July

6 Nov. 1833
MUSTARD Mary, No.33-352, 39, ship Caroline, Cavan, all work, 4 feet 11¾ in., hazel eyes, brown to grey hair, fair ruddy and little pock-pitted comp. from Bridget Kennelly, since 1st instant

11 Dec 1833
PERKINS Mary Ann, No. 33-285, 36, ship Diana, County Cavan, a cook, 4 feet 10 in., hazel eyes, dark brown hair, sallow comp. front teeth of upper jaw much apart, little fingers of both hands
crooked, scar top of right forefinger, from William Wilson, since 9th instant

above notices compiled by Teena from the Gazette’s of New South Wales; Sydney and Hobart Town.

News  & Vitals

23 May 1829
Our readers will remember that an Englishman was some time since, arrested at Boulogne-sur-Mur for circulating base-sovereigns in that place and at Calais. On the 16th instant,, he was tried before the court at St. Omer and condemned to be sent to the galleys for seven years, with pillory and branding at Boulogne.

His name appears to be Thomas MURPHY, 65 years of age, native of Cavan in Ireland; he stated himself to be a cattle dealer. He landed at Calais on the 20th July, went on 22nd to Boulogue and was there arrested on the 24th for passing, in different public-houses four base sovereigns, forty-three of which were found on his person. He appears to have had fifty-eight of them on landing but those passed at Calais have not been discovered. The pieces were of copper gilt, bore the date1822 and were so well executed that foreigners could scarcely detect them. – Paris Paper

8 Oct. 1840
If Patrick MACINTEE a native of the Co Cavan Ireland, who left Dundalk Gaol, in183? and who arrived in this Colony per ship Roslyn will call or send to the Immigrant Barracks Sydney he will hear of his wife and 2 children.

28 Sept. 1841 Twenty Pounds Reward
This is to inform the public that James MOORE, sawyer, Dapto, Illawarra, under contract with Mr. Peter LARKIN absconded from his employ last February, taking with him Mary STEWART my lawful married wife, 20 years of age, emigrant per ship Lord Western. She had a character signed by Mrs. PENTLAND in Liskeard, county Cavan, Ireland. Any one employing or harbouring them will be prosecuted according to law and any one who may give me information as to where they may be found, shall receive a reward to Twenty Pounds on applying to me.
Alexander STEWART Sydney
N. B. Supposed to be in the neighbourhood of Broulee, or Goulburn, passing under a false name.

13 Jan. 1842 Married
Yesterday, the 12th instant, by special license, at St. Mary’s Cathedral Sydney, by the Rev. M. Brennan, Mr. Patrick McCARRON nephew to the late Rev. B. McGURRIN of the united parishes of Kildallan and Farnmaragan in the County Cavan Ireland to Miss Mary JENNINGS County of Galway, both of Liverpool.

14 Jun. 1842 List of ship letters detained in the General Post Office, in consequence of the sea postage required thereon not having been paid.
ATKIN John W. Co. Cavan Ireland

19 Jul. 1842
By special license yesterday at St. Mary’s Church Sydney by the Rev. Mr. Hogan, Miss Maria Catherine O’CONNELL youngest daughter of Mr. James O’CONNELL Lislea Virginia Co. Cavan to Mr. M. O’REILLY eldest son of Mr. Thomas O’REILLY Parramatta, formerly of Maybollog Co. Cavan Ireland.

26 Sept. 1842 married
At Molong district of Wellington, by special license on the 14th Sept. by the Rev. C. Woodward, B.C.L., William, 3rd son of Perrott M. THORNTON Esq. of Aughaweena, County of Cavan Ireland, to Ellen relict of the late Thomas BUTTANSHAW Esq. R.N. ( in the ‘Australian’ this surname is spelt BATTANSHAW)

5 Sept. 1843 Notice
If John SMITH, native of the Co Cavan Ireland, sentence 7 years per ship Roslyn Castle, year 1832, clerk by profession, will leave his address ” To Mr. Hill, Post Office” he will hear of something to his advantage.

14 Nov. 1845 Married
On the 11th instant, at the Scots Church Pitt street by the Rev. Dr. Fullerton, Mr. H. L. BLACK youngest son of the late William BLACK Esq. Cavan, Ireland to Agnes, eldest daughter of Richard WHYTE Esq. Prestonpans, Scotland.

4 Dec. 1845 Death
At her residence George street Sydney, on Tuesday 2nd instant, Maria wife of Mr Alexander ALLERON Ironmonger, aged 40 years, native of Killishandria Co. Cavan Ireland, after a lingering illness of 6 months, leaving behind her a husband and 6 children to lament their loss.

7 Feb. 1846 melancholy accident Hunter River District News Dungog
A most melancholy accident occurred in this neighbourhood on Saturday night last. As Mr. William NEWELL settler in this district, was returning home with a loaded dray and within a quarter of a mile of his house, the wheel of the dray came in contact with a dead tree, when it fell forward and struck Mr. NEWELL with such violence that instant death was the result. An investigation was held yesterday before Thomas COOK Esq. J.P., and Dr. M’KINLAY J.P. who came to the conclusion that the cause of death was wholly accidental. The deceased emigrated to this colony about 4 years ago from Co. Cavan, Ireland

27 Jun. 1846 died
At 119 King street, in this city, (Sydney) on Wednesday, 24th June inst., Patrick CANAVAN aged 30 years, a native of Cavan, Ireland and a member of St. Patrick’s Total Abstinence Benefit Society, Sydney. His loss is much lamented by his friends and numerous acquaintance.

20 Aug. 1846 Married
This morning, by the Rev. Dr. M Garvie, Mr. James SPINKS late of the county Cavan, Ireland to Mrs. Elizabeth ASTON.

7 Nov. 1846 Notice
If Nancy GORDON formerly MAXWELL should be living in this Colony, she is requested to communicate with her brother Samuel MAXWELL of the 11th Regiment stationed at Launceton. The said Nancy GORDON with her husband arrived as emigrants 4 or 5 years ago, from Killencare (?) Drummacara, Co. Cavan Ireland

6 Feb. 1847 List of letters detained at this office for sea postage, due under the Act of Governor and Council, 2nd Vic.; No.17 and to be paid before the letters can be forwarded.
FITZPATRICK Edward, Co Cavan, Ireland

21 Apr. 1847 Married
On the 15th instant, at the Metropolitan Church of St. Mary Sydney, by the Rev. Mr. Fine, Mr. James DWYER of the Golden Fleece, Marulan, Co. Argyle to Miss Jane PERRY of Sydney, and late of the Co. Cavan Ireland

24 May 1847 married
On the 20th instant at the Wesleyan Chapel, Melbourne by the Rev. E Sweetman, Mr Irwin BYRNE of Clonervy, County Cavan, Ireland to Miss Elizabeth BEITH of Campbelltown, Argyleshire, Scotland.

23 Jun. 1847 died
On the 27th of December last at Arvagh, County of Cavan, Ireland, Samuel KECK Esquire, youngest son of the late Captain KECK, Barrack Master of Feathard, Tipperary and brother of Henry KECK Esquire, Governor of the Gaol, Darlinghurst.

21 Dec. 1847 Notice
Should this meet the eye of John ELLIOTT who was transported at the Lent Assizes in the county of Cavan Ireland in the year 1836 and now supposed to be in New South Wales, he is requested to communicate with Michael Huson STEVENS Esquire, Solicitor. 105, Steven’s Green South, Dublin or with R. E.SCOTT Esquire J.P., Scotts House, near Clunes, County of Monaghan or with T. W. COOTE Esquire, Banker. Coote Hill as his uncle, James ELLIOTT Farmer and Grazier, of Auchadrumsee, County of Monaghan, departed this life on the 11th day of June in the present year.

8 Jul. 1848 Notice
If Terence MALLI(N?) of Annaharnitz Co. Cavan and Patrick CLARKE of Beagh near the same place, will call at the office of this Paper, they will receive some intelligence from their friends at home.

25 Apr. 1849
Mr. William LITTLE, late of Killeshandra county Cavan Ireland, who arrived in the colony a few years since and was last heard of from Sydney, will hear of something very much to his advantage by making application to William WILLOUGHBY Collins street Melbourne. April 1849

3 May 1849
MR. William LITTLE, late of Killeshandra, Co. Cavan, Ireland, who arrived in the colony a few years since and was last heard of from Sydney, will hear of something very much to his advantage by making application to William WILLOUGHBY, Collins street, Melbourne.

2 Jun. 1849 died
At the residence of his father, on the 24th December 1848, Perrott Tristram THORNTON Captain in H.M. 12th Regiment, and eldest son of Perrott M. THORNTON Esquire, Grenville Co. Cavan Ireland

16 Oct. 1869 A Convent of Mercy in Ballyjamesduff Co. Cavan
A community of 6 nuns of the Order of Mercy have lately arrived in Ballyjamesduff from Worcester, where they were for some years engaged in educating the poor Irish Catholic children of that town, whose parents were employed at extensive, works, which were abandoned on the failure of Overend, Gurney, and Company. That catastrophe caused the Irish labourers to seek their daily bread elsewhere and at the same time, so narrowed the “sphere of usefulness” of these ‘religieuses; as to induce them to seek a larger field for their labours, which they have found in Ballyjamesduff, where the Most Rev. Dr. CONATY has given them every encouragement towards the establishment of a branch of their Order there. The Rev. Mother (Mrs. MAGUIRE) was formerly Superioress of St. Paul’s Convent, Belfast. (Advocate – Melbourne, Vic.)

23 Jun. 1883 A correspondent, writing to the Nation from Baileboro’ says;
“Two families named CLARKE have been evicted in the townland of Drumanespic, on the estate of Mr. WARRING, about 3 miles from Bailieboro. The evicting party consisted of a sheriff’s bailiff and a small body of police. Both houses having been cleared of their contents, and the doors locked, the wretched families, 13 souls in all, were left shivering in the cold, without a roof to shelter them from the falling rain. The father of one of the families was dangerously ill at the time and fears of his recovery are entertained, owing to the shock and disturbance caused by the evictions. The farms are situated on the northern slope of a pointed hill and owing to their steepness and barrenness, are unfit for cultivation in many places, while the soil is of the poorest and most unproductive quality. While health and strength remained, these farmers were noted in their neighbourhood for industry and frugality. The rent charged them by the landlord was 25s. per acre.” (Advocate)

7 Mar. 1896 Evictions in Cavan
An eviction took place at Virginia, a few days ago (writes a correspondent of the Dublin Freeman, Jan. 25) at a place called Edenburt, near Virginia road station. A poor man named Paddy DONOGHOE and his family were thrown out on the road on one of the most miserably cold and stormy days that we have had this season. About 4 days ago an ejectment decree was taken out against DONOGHOE. According to DONOGHOE’S statement, the ejectment was held over for some time and it was believed there would be a settlement. Then came on the eviction.

DONOGHOE’S wife, an old woman, was lying on her death bed at the time and the doctor would not give a certificate for her removal. The rest of the family were turned out, only one daughter was left to mind the sick women. After the sheriff’s party had gone the family retook possession. The old woman died and 2 daughters, the father and a sick boy remained on in possession. They could not be got out until the other day.

There was not a petty sessions court held in Virginia from that until this, that those poor creatures were not up at for trespass on their own lands and fined heavily. In fact, one of those poor girls is scarcely out of gaol for the last 3 years and sometimes both are in. The final act of the drama came on at last, on the 13th, when the sub-sheriff, the bailiff and the usual retinue of police, came on. Then one of the most heart rendering scenes imaginable took place. Poor old DONOGHOE was taken out of his sick bed with nothing but his shirt on and thrown out in the street. One of the doctors present was humane enough to order them to bring him back and get his clothes on, A poor, delicate boy, who has been an invalid all his life and a simpleton and for whom a medical certificate could not be got his removal for the last 3 years, was taken and thrown out on the street, where his sisters had to stay with him the whole of that night, as the house, a fairly good one, was pulled down, the timber of the roof cut down and carted away to another evicted farm near by, in charge of emergency men. One poor girl was dragged off to gaol in the most brutal manner by the police and would not be allowed even a drink of milk that a friendly neighbour tried to give her, while the other poor girl was running through the fields in the most distracted manner, shouting and tearing her hair, with the police after her, chasing her off the land the same as if they were hunting the goats. (Freeman’s Journal Sydney, NSW)

Compiled by Teena from the Australasian Chronicle, Port Phillip Gazette Sydney Morning Herald, The Sydney Gazette and NSW Advertiser. (unless otherwise noticced)