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Co. Cavan News 1830

15 Jan. 1830 – married
In Belnaleck Church, the Rev. Mr. Hales, son of the Rev. Dr. HALES, of Killisandra to Anne eldest daughter of Jas. DENHAM Esq. Fairwood park in the County Cavan and grand-daughter of Sir Wm. Richardson

24 Feb. 1830 – married
On Sunday the 21st instant, Edgworth town, by the Rev. Felix Slevin P.P. Thomas CONTY of Merchant’s quay to Ellen youngest daughter of the late William DEASE Esq. of Oakfort, Co. Cavan.

26 Feb. 1830 – property sale
James CATHREW Executor of Edward Andrew ROBINSON deceased, Custodee – Plaintiff
James O’REILLY – Defendant.
Whereas by an order, made in this cause, bearing date the 22nd February instant the Lord Treasurer’s Remembrancer is required to (?) by Public Cant, to the highest and fairest bidder, that part of the lands of Lonnogs, in the county Cavan, containing 36 Acres or thereabouts, formerly in the tenure of Owen M’CALIE deceased and afterwards in the occupation of Rose M’CALIE part of the premises granted in Custodian in this Cause, for 3 years, from the 25th day March next, if the plaintiff’s interest shall so long continue. Now, I do hereby give notice, that I will, on Saturday, the 13th day March next, at the hour of 2 o’clock in the afternoon, at the Lord Treasurer’s Remembrancer’s Office, King’s Inns quay, proceed to let said premises for said term, pursuant to said order.

19 Mar. 1830 Co. Cavan Assizes

Henry MAXWELL M. P. Foreman
Nathaniel SNEYD
Sir R. Adair HODSON
Samuel MOORE
Richard BELL
Richard SCOTT
Richard FOX
G. M. KNIFE <sic>

Trial of a Yeoman for Murder

John GIBSON, a bugleman in the Ballyjamesduff Yeomanry Corps, was indicted for the murder of Hugh BRADY on 7th May last. Deceased was returning from the fair of Ballyjamesduff, when he lost his life. EWARD a policeman and BARRY a yeoman, had been tried for the offence at last assizes and were acquitted, after which the prisoner, who was one of the party, surrendered himself.

Thomas DONOGHOE examined – knew Hugh BRADY; recollects the fair of Ballyjamesduff on 7th May; witness was going home from the fair, when he saw three men coming downs the road towards him in dark clothes; identifies the prisoner, GIBSON, as one of the three men; prisoner had a pistol; the second man had a bayonet, the other a staff; there were two men coming down the road after them; when the three men came down to witness, he heard one of the three men say to one of the two men, that were coming after them “I’ll shoot you”, he repeated the word three times; the pistol was discharged, and he saw a man fall; to the best of his belief it was GIBSON that fired the pistol; after the man fell, witness stopped on the road until the three men came up, when he leaped over the ditch into the field; another shot was fired by EWARD, one of the three men at witness; he was in the field, about four or five perches from EWARD; witness ran off; he received no injury.

Cross-examined – He was examined at last assizes; he prosecuted EDWARD <sic> and BARRY; they were acquitted.

Owen McMAHON, – Hugh BRADY and two daughters accompanied him home from the fair; when they got about two miles from Ballyjamesduff, three men passed them, one had a pistol, the other a bayonet, the third a staff; GIBSON, the prisoner, carried a pistol; the men walked on; witness and his party came up to them; not a word passed; he heard BARRY say, “John fire” upon which GIBSON discharged a pistol shot at BRADY, who instantly fell and died about ten minutes after; BARRY stabbed witness under the right breast with a bayonet; witness is a prisoner in the gaol; the reason was he identified BARRY, who afterwards swore an assault against witness, for which he was convicted and sentenced to 12 months imprisonment; witness did strike BARRY with a staff, after he stabbed him with the bayonet; it was for that he was convicted.

John SHIRDAN – was on the road when he met three men coming from Ballyjamesduff; the prisoner was one of them; when witness was coming towards them, one of the three desired witness to wheel to one side of the road, and said, “do you see that my boy”, at the same time shewing a pistol; he presented it at witness; this was about 100 perches from the spot where BRADY fell.

Dr. WYLEY examined the body of Hugh BRADY; he received a ball over his left collar bone which caused his death; he also examined a wound on Owen McMAHON; he received a stab under the arm with a sharp instrument; it was not dangerous;

Cross-examined – He dressed several persons after the fair, amongst others BARRY, his nose was fractured, his right eye closed and his left very much injured. BARRY informed him that he received the wounds on the road leaving the fair. This closed the case for the crown.

For the Defense

H. J. S. NIXON, a Magistrate, was in the fair about five or six in the evening; it was in a riotous state; witness sent for 2 or 3 of the police and desired them to prime and load; witness sent to Virginia for a reinforcement of police; he desired R. MORROW, permanent sergeant of the yeomanry corps to arm 10 or a dozen steady yeomanry that he could depend upon, to assist witness and the three policemen, and that he would take the ringleaders, and quell the riot; MORROW told witness the treatment the yeomanry and their friends received. Witness went on to say that in consequence of what MORROW said, he desired him to get a man to carry a note to the Chief constable, stationed in Virginia, to get all his disposable force; MORROW was unable to procure a man and horse, and asked witness to send one of the police with the note; witness wrote a note to the Chief constable at Virginia, which he gave to MORROW to send by a policeman; on the specific terms that the policeman should be protected by the yeomanry the entire way; about this time, the fighting had subsided; about 8 or 10 of the police came from Virginia; Ballyjamesduff lies about four miles and a half from Virginia; witness knows BARRY and EWARD, that were tried at last assizes; he saw BARRY after the return of the party; there were marks of violence on his face and head.

Robert MORROW, sergeant of the Ballyduff yeomanry, saw last witness at the fair, from whom he received a note; he dispatched EWARD, one of the police and two yeomen, BARRY and prisoner, with the note.

Cross-examined – the riot was over about half past five; at that time they were started; prisoner had a staff when he started; the policeman had his fusee (?) and BARRY a short gun; BARRY, on his way to Virginia, got a bayonet.

William EWARD, one of the parties who had been tried and acquitted was next examined – He stated that he carried the note from Mr. NIXON to Virginia; when they went half way, he saw people on the road following them; he and the yeomen were going at a quick pace; four of those that were behind overtook them and came in front; Wm. BARRY was behind witness; one of the four said to his companions, here is one of them; that man struck BARRY across the nose with a large bludgeon; he and his two comrades conceived their lives were in danger; the prisoner didn’t fire a shot; there were two shots fired.

Cross-examined – Witness had not his fire arms but he had a pistol; he was desired to go in coloured clothes; that was the reason he took the pistol; the people behind him on the road were running; the four men that came up when BARRY was struck had sticks; the people behind were distant from the first about five perches; these four appeared to have come from the rest; BRADY was killed.

The Counsel asked who shot the man? The witness paused, when Judge VANDELEUR intimated to the counsel not to press the question; the consequences arising from it were easily anticipated.

William BARRY, the second of the party who had been tried for this transaction, was examined as to the facts sworn to by the last witness.

Judge VANDELEUR summed up the evidence. His Lordship was of opinion that the capital charge could not be sustained; and it was for the jury to consider whether it was a case of manslaughter or justifiable homicide. The jury returned a verdict of acquittal.

23 Mar. 1830 – property sale

In the Matter of George MONTGOMERY Esq., a Lunatic.
to be set at such term as may be agreed upon the Manor Mills of Ballyconnell, with a house and 7 acres of good arable land attached thereto part of the Lunatic’s Estate in the County Cavan. Those Mills have been lately rebuilt and fitted up on the most approved plan. The oat-mill is capable of manufacturing 30 tons of oatmeal per week. The wheat mill, with kilns and stores, is fitted with every requisite for manufacturing flour. It is intended to erect 2 additional kilns attached to these mills and proposals for the concern with, or without, the additional kilns, will be received by Mr. Edward WHITLEY, Agent and Receiver of the Lunatic’s Estate, Ballyconnell; Messrs. ALEXANDER and John FARIS Solicitors, 10 Hardwick street and Mr. Alexander Stewart, solicitor, 67, Marlborough street, Dublin.

30 March 1830 – death
At Ballynagh County Cavan, the Rev. James POLLOCK aged 82 years. This gentleman was 52 years a Curate in the Diocese of Kilmore. He lived in the administration of 4 Bishops.

20 Apr 1830 – married
April 14th , in St. George’s Church, by the Rev. Mr. Short, John ANDERSON Esq. only son of the late Rev. W. ANDERSON of Oak-hill, county Cavan, to Isabella, daughter of John LOMBARD, Esq. county Cork.

21st April 1830 – death
On the 18th instant, in Bride street, aged 61, Mrs. Elizabeth HARTLEY relict of Mr, Edward HARTLEY late of Stradone, county Cavan.

22nd April 1830 death
on the 8th instant, at Red Hills House, James, second son of Francis WHYTE Esq. of Red Hills, County Cavan, aged 22 years

27 April 1830- coroners inquest

On the 14th instant an inquest was held at Ballieborough by Mr. IRVINE the coroner for Co. Cavan on the body of Pat. COLLIVAN, one of the persons who was shot in the affray in that town on the 12th inst. The jury were one half protestants, and one half R. Catholics. A number of witnesses were examined after which the jury returned a verdict that COLLIVAN died of a gun shot wound fired by the police in their own defence.

13 May 1830 marriage
May 12th in St. Thomas’ Church by Rev. H. IRWIN of Sandford Church Morgan GALBRAITH Esq. of Macken Co. Cavan to Miss Elizabeth KILDAHL of Lower Gardiner Street

28 May 1830 death
In the prime of life, W. K. NESBITT of Heath Lodge County Cavan

15 June 1830 – death
On the 3rd instant at Carrig Hill Co. Cavan, Marcia wife of James BAILLIE Esq.

6 July 1830 deaths
– On Thursday last at Erne-Hill Co. Cavan, Catherine 2nd daughter of George M. KNIPE in her 16th year
– At Grenville Co. Cavan Ellen, wife of P. THORNTON (?) Esq.
– On the 19th the 38th year of her age Jane, wife of Abraham HARTLEY., of Countenan near Stradone Co. Cavan

15 July 1830 – sale of lands

Michael TRACY & others plaintiffs
Ralph HINDS Esq. & others defendant
Pursuant to an order made in this cause bearing date the 18th of July, 1829. I will, on Monday the 19th day July instant, at the hour of 1 o’clock in the afternoon, at my chambers on the (Lons?) quay, Dublin, set and let, for the term of 7 years, pending this cause, all that and those, that part of the lands of Nedd, in the pleadings mentioned, situate the County of Cavan, containing 14 Acres, thereabouts, as late in the possession of Francis MACKEN’S under tenants, being the premises in said order mentioned.

Dated this 5th day of July, 1830
William HENN
the tenant to take out leases and enter into security by recognizance with 2 sureties for the payment of the rent. For particulars apply Mr. Moses NETTERFIELD the Receiver, Ballyconnell; Messrs. Nathaniel and Richard MONTGOMERY, his Solicitors, 10, Dominick-street, Dublin.

16 July 1830 death
July 6, at Crohan, near Killishandra, in the County Cavan, in the 56th year of his age, Thomas FITZPATRICK Esq.

30 Jul. 1830 Co. Cavan Assizes

Grand Jury sworn; Alexander SAUNDERSON Esq., Foreman
Henry MAXWELL Esq.
Sir William YOUNG Bart.
William HUMPHREYS jun.
Theophilus E. Lucas CLEMENTS
Harvey PRATT
Charles James ADAMS
Richard BELL
John Charles TATLOW
Richard YOUNG
Andrew BELL
H. B. Wilson SLATOR
Andrew Bell BOOTHE

There were about 50 persons for trial, but there was not any very serious case, with the exception of Mr. GOODFELLOW’S, the postmaster of Killeshandra, for taking money out of letters in his office.

10 Aug. 1830
died – On the 28th ultimo, John HASSARD Esq. of Bawnboy, Co. Cavan. He was returning home from attending his duties as a grand juror at Cavan assizes, when a fall from his horse was the occasion of the melancholy event, which it is our painful duty to record.

24 Aug. 1830 Co. Cavan Assizes – Caution to Sportsmen

Christopher HARMAN Gent., v. Henry BLANKHORN Esq. This was an action brought by the plaintiff, the eldest son and principal support of a large and highly respectable family, residing near Ballyhaise, in the County of Cavan, for compensation for the loss of the sight of both his eyes, occasioned by the plaintiff having negligently and without having observed due caution, discharged at a snipe, his fowling-piece, the contents of which lodged in plaintiff’s eyes. The defence relied upon by the defendant’s counsel was, that the action could not maintained in point of law, and supposing the court to be of a contrary opinion, that the defendant (who had already contributed to defray part of the plaintiff’s expenses for medical advice) was, from his circumstances, unable to pay excessive damages. Baron PENEFATHER having been of opinion that due caution had not been observed, charged the jury, who found a verdict for the plaintiff. Damages £200 and 6d. costs.

10 Sept. 1830
– The body of a man named Robert ANDERSON was found murdered on the lands of Drumkilla, County Cavan, on the 22d ult.; his skull was fractured in various places with some blunt instrument.
– Two women named Alley and Sarah OLIVER are now lying in Bailiboro’, dangerously ill from the ill-treatment they received at Muff.

12 Oct. 1830 deaths
– On the 1st inst. at his father’s residence, Omard, County Cavan, Richard WILTON, Esq. aged 26 years
– At Barrackapore near Calcutta on the 18th March Major Jas. FLEMING commanding the 38th Regiment N.I. son of the late Thomas FLEMING of castle Cosby Co. Cavan who was for many years assistant Barrister for the County of Leitrim

2 Nov. 1830
married – On the 27th ult. In Friends’ Meeting-House, Cootehill, county Cavan, John TOLERTON, merchant, Dublin, to MARY CREETH of the former place.
died – On the 24th ult. aged 17 years, Mr. John GOSSELIN 2nd son of Mr. Thomas GOSSELIN Esq. of Drumrora House Co. Cavan

24 Nov. 1830 death
At Killmure, county Cavan, George Frederick BELL Esq.

extracted, transcribed and compiled by Teena from the Belfast Newsletter, Dublin Evening Packet, Newry Telegraph, Saunders Newsletter