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Caledon Ploughing Match 1829

Transcribed by Jane from The Newry Telegraph Tuesday, February 17, 1829.

Caledon Branch of the North West Farming Society

Photo courtesy Martin McAlinden “Taken between Caledon and Aughnacloy, Co. Tyrone with north Co. Monaghan beyond.”

Caledon Ploughing Match.

On the 12th inst., this respectable Branch of the North West Farming Society held its annual Ploughing Match in a large field belonging to Alexander PRINGLE, Esq., in the vicinity of Caledon. About 12 o’clock, twelve well-equipped ploughs started, by sound of bugle; the soldiers of the Caledon Staff were stationed through the field, in order to keep the immense crowd from impeding or annoying the ploughmen; the band of the Staff was also in attendance, and played during the time the field was occupied in the contest.

The day was very favourable, and a great number of respectable females graced the field with their presence. The arrangements altogether seemed to give general satisfaction to every well-wisher of the Agricultural interest.

The following are only a few of the persons of distinction that our Correspondent observed on the field, namely — The Earl of Caledon, Sir James STRONG, Bart., Acheson ST. GEORGE, Esq., Captain JOHNSON, Rev. Charles ALEXANDER, Leonard DOBBIN, Esq., H. L. PRENTICE, Esq., William M’WILLIAMS, Esq. The Judges appointed on the occasion were Acheson ST. GEORGE, Esq., Captain JOHNSON and William M’WILLIAMS, Esq.

After the business of the day was ended, at 6 o’clock in the evening, between 50 and 60 Gentlemen and Farmers sat down to a most splendid dinner, provided by Mr. TAYLOR, the innkeeper, whose great exertions, to make the company comfortable, must have been noticed by every person present. Lord CALEDON presided, and Henry L. PRENTICE, Esq., acted as croupier. The cloth being removed, his Lordship gave the following toasts from the Chair; the band played, in an adjoining apartment, all the evening.

“The King,” four times four — tune, God save the King.

“The Duke of Clarence and the rest of the Royal Family” — Rule Britannia.

“The Lord Justices, and prosperity to Ireland” — Patrick’s Day.

“Lord HILL and the Army” — British Genadiers.

“Lord MELVILLE and the Navy” — Britons strike home.

“The Lord Bishop of Derry, and prosperity to the North West Farming Society” — Speed the Plough.

“Prosperity to the Caledon Branch of the North West Farming Society” — Lord Caledon’s March.

Here the Noble Chairman called on the Judges to read their decision respecting the Prizes; when the following was awarded —

First Prize, to Mr. IRWIN’s Ploughman.

Second do., to Doctor CROZIER’s do.

Third do., to Mr E. TAYLOR’s do.

Toast — “The Judges of the day.”

A. ST. GEORGE, Esq., returned thanks.

“The Successful Candidates” –Paddy O’Carrol.

Doctor CROZIER returned thanks.

“The Unsuccessful Candidates, and better prosperity to them next year” — Nae luck about the house.

Alex. PRINGLE, Esq., returned thanks.

Mr. PRENTICE begged to propose the health of Lord Caledon, the President of this prosperous Branch, which was received with loud applause — Short life to Step-Mothers.

Lord CALEDON returned thanks in a speech of considerable length.

“Captain GOLDING, the Vice-President of the Society.”

Captain G. returned thanks.

“The Committee of Caledon Branch.”

Mr. DOWLING returned thanks.

“Sir James STRONG, and the Tynan Branch of the North East Farming Society.”

Sir James returned thanks, and begged to propose “The health of Mr. KNOX, and prosperity to the Caledon Mills.” — Dusty Miller

Mr. KNOX returned thanks.

At this period of the evening, Mr. PRENTICE, the respected croupier, good humouredly volunteered a song, composed expressly for the occasion, and which was received with applause.

“Leonard DOBBIN, Esq., and the Linen Trade of Ireland” — Linen Weaver.

Mr. DOBBIN returned thanks.

A Gentleman asked liberty to give “Mr. PRENTICE’s health and the Tenants of the Caledon estate,” which was drunk with great applause.. — None such.

Mr. PRENTICE returned thanks for the honor done to him. He said he was almost an entire stranger to them; but hoped that the tenantry of the Caledon estate would always find him ready to promote their best interests, as far as lay in his power.

Mr. James OLIVER gave
“The Town and Trade of Caledon” — Home, sweet home.

“Success to Armagh Branch of the North East Farming Society” — Barley Corn.

Mr. DOBBIN returned thanks.

“The Glasslough Branch” — Off she goes.

Mr. MURDOCH returned thanks.

Mr. PRINGLE proposed “The health of Lady Caledon.”

Lord C. returned thanks.

“The health of Lord ALEXANDER” — Conquering Hero.

Lord CALEDON returned thanks.

“Horn, Corn, Wool and Yarn.”

“Rev. Charles ALEXANDER.” — Mr. ALEXANDER returned thanks.

“Wm. John ALEXANDER, Esq.,” by Mr. DOWLING. Mr. ALEXANDER returned thanks.

“Breeding, in all its branches” “Live and let live,” &c. &c.

A few minutes before 11 o’clock the Noble Earl retired, accompanied by several Gentlemen. Mr. PRENTICE was then called to the Chair, and the hilarity of the company was kept up till an early hour.