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Bankrupts in Ireland 1839

Transcribed by Jane from Perry’s Bankrupt Gazette Saturday, 23 March 1839.

Notices under Bankrupts in Ireland

Meetings at the Ct. Bkptcy, Four Courts, Inn’s-quay.

Gazette – March 5, 1839.

COULTER, John, of Dublin, apothecary; 1st April, twelve, Court Bkptcy. – Audit

FORDE, Thomas James, of Dublin, tea dealer; 1st April, twelve, Ct. Bkptcy. – Audit

Gazette – March 8, 1839.

COLLIER, Michael Murphy, of Dublin, button manufacturer; 2d April, one, Ct. Bkptcy. – Audit

CURRY, William and John CURRY, timber merchants, Dublin, 12th April, twelve, to audit, and 13th April, twelve, Court Bkptcy. div.

MACKEY, James, of Ballyards, linen merchant; 8th April, twelve, Ct. Bkptcy. – Audit

Partnerships Dissolved in Ireland

Gazette – March 8, 1839.

WALPOLE, Thomas S. and Edward WALPOLE, linen drapers, Dublin, 8th March – Debts by Edward WALPOLE

Insolvents in Ireland


Insolvent Debtors’ Court-office, No. 3, Lower Ormond-quay. Court-office, Lower Ormond-quay, 27th March, ten.

LAURENCE Samuel, sen. of Dublin, tallow chandler

PRICE William Charles, of Dublin, general agent

Court-office, Lower Ormond-quay, 30th March, ten.

CHAMBERS Hugh, of Drogheda, gent.

RODGERS John, of Sixmile-cross, grocer and haberdasher

ROWE Richard Radford, of Dublin, esq.


Omagh, 2d March, nine.

NERRIE Nichols, of Drummullan, sealmaster

PARKER James, of Cookstown, labourer

PERRY James, of Cess, farmer

QUIN Bernard, of Coalisland, wheelwright

QUINN Patrick, of Donagmore, weaver

QUINN James, of Skinbuoy, line merchant

SEMPLE George, of Garvetagh, gent.

SHEALS Patrick, of Aughnacloy, pensioner

STEVENSON Joseph, of Dungannon, tailor

STEWART William, of Killymore, farmer

TRIMBLE James, of Cohannon, labourer

WHITE James, of Fivemiletown, labourer

YOUNG Richard, of Cohannon, weaver

Monaghan, 4th March, nine.

BEGAN Daniel, of Derontony, labourer

BOWES James, jun. of Newbliss, yeoman

CAMPBELL Alexander, of Cormurphy, labourer

COERIGAN Daniel, of Lisnigney, farmer

CORRIGAN Thomas, of Lisergton, carrier

GORDON John, of Kilnaclay, farmer

HUGHES Anne, of Skerry, Armagh, widow

JOHNSTON James, of Shelvins, farmer

LEECH James, of Monaghan, pensioner

MAGOVREN Philip, of Lisabuck, carpenter

MURRAY Laurence, of Clones, innkeeper

REILLY Robert, of Clones, innkeeper

RODDY John, of Clones, gent.

ROONEY Thomas, of Clones, labourer

SHARRY Patrick, of Cargahlisnarney, farmer

SHERRY James, of Killevean, farmer

WHITSETT Mary, of Mullaghmonagh, widow

WOODS James, of Corratolven, yarn dealer

Tralee, 5th March, ten.

FULLER William, of Ballyameentrant, gent.

GRIFFIN Michael, of Ballybane, gent.

MURPHY John, of Listowel, nailor

O’CONNELL Geoffrey, of Ardmaning, gent.

O’SULLIVAN Eugene, of Tralee, clerk

SHEEHAN Mary, of Tralee, shopkeeper

SULLIVAN James, of Gurtlickey, farmer

SULLIVAN Patrick, of Knockalegan, labourer

SULLIVAN Timothy, of Lismangane, farmer

Armagh, 5th March, nine,

ALLEN Barnet, of Teersogue, weaver

ALLEN William, of Kilmore, weaver

ANDERSON, David, of College-hall, farmer

ART John, of Kinego, weaver

BEST George, of Tanderagee, carpenter

BOYD Hugh, of Bottle-hill, dealer

CAMPBELL Henry, of Crenagh, weaver

CANE Michael, of Armagh, pensioner

CAREY David, of Tanderagee, innkeeper

CARROLL James, of Hallsmill, tailor

DENNISON Thomas, of Kinaghan, baker

DONALDSON William Moore, of Claghay, farmer

DORAN James, of Caledon, grocer

DOUGAN Barnard, of Lurgan, merchant

DUFFY Patrick, of Kiloony, farmer

FEGAN John, of Armagh, labourer

FULLERTON Edward, of Lurgan, nailor

GREER William, of Cordrain, grocer

JOHNSTON Leonard, of Ballymorran, farmer

KIRKPATRICK John, of Kilmore, weaver

LOUNSDALE Moses, of Kilmore, weaver

M’ALLIN James, of Knockaconney, dealer

M’ARTHUR Alexander, of Armagh, shoemaker

M’CONVILL Patrick, of Markethill, dealer

M’DONALD Patrick, of Drumorgan, weaver

MARLEY Bridget, of Drumfergus, widow

MULLEN John, of Blackwatertown, nailor

MURPHY Bridget, of Cloveneden, widow

MURTAGH Terence, of Newtown Hamilton, brogue maker

O’NEILL Bernard, of Armagh, butcher

QUINN John, of Cullyhanna, farmer

SHERRY Owen, Aughnalough, farmer

WARNOCK Samuel, of Armagh, labourer

Cork, 8th March, ten.

AHERNE Patrick, of Carduggan, farmer

BAKER Jeremiah, of Donaghmore, pensioner

BRIEN William, of Cork, labourer

BROWN William, of Youghal, yeoman

BROWN Nicholas, of Castlepook, farmer

BROWN Patrick, of Cork, spirit dealer and grocer

BRYAN, Maurice, of Ballybane, labourer

CRISPEY Charles, of Cleaghbeg, yeoman

CALLAGHAN Owen, of Cork, broker

CASEY James, of Balleny Curry, seedsman

CONNOR Mathew, of Cork, labourer

COOKE James M. esq. of Macroom, shopkeeper

CROWLEY Bartholomew, of Abelard, labourer

CROWLEY Thomas, of Toher, yeoman

DEMPSEY Daniel, of Ballymackeane, farmer

DESMOND Patrick, of Cork, labourer

EVERIT Joseph, of Dunmanway, spirit dealer

FITZ GERALD Michael, of Myles, farmer

FLAHIVAN Edmond, of Castleredmond, labourer

GALLIVAN Edmond, of Cork, publican

GILLMAN Stephen, of Barley-hill, yeoman

HALES Richard, of Kilworth, clerk

HALLINAN Daniel, of Kinsale, publican

HART Richard, of Cork, painter

HEGARTY Willian, of Cork, clerk

HERLIHY Cornelius, of Ballywilliam, farmer

HENNESSY Jeremiah, of Killblafar, yeoman

HOGAN Mary, of Doungourney, widow

HOGAN William, of Cork whitesmith

KELLIHER John, of Kilberruth, farmer

KELLIHER Daniel, of Kilberruth, farmer

KELLIHER Denis, of Kilberruth, farmer

KENNEDY Edmond, of Cork, baker

LIDDY Joseph, of Cork, slater

LOMBARD Timothy, of Fermoy, shopkeeper

LYONS Peter, of Cork, slater