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6 Jun. 1843 News of the Day

With our Thanks to Jane who transcribed the following.

The Newry Telegraph June 6, 1843

The Repeal Meeting at Camlough

On Sunday last, this meeting took place. We understand that about three thousand persons were present; one-third women and young girls. The males were chiefly freize-coated turf-cutters, &c., from the County Louth. Shortly after 2 o’clock, a carriage – a very “seedy” affair, with horses ‘epropos’ – from Dransfield’s Hotel, Newry, reached the place of meeting. In it were seated Mr. O’Neill DAUNT, and Mr. James Gregory QUIN, publican and grocer. This vehicle was followed by several hack jaunting-cars filled
with occupants. Then came our neighbour of Heath-hall, the DE SEAVER, at the head of his frieze-clad tenantry. He officiated as Chairman, but sadly lacked something to rest upon, there being no seat for his use. The persons on the platform were principally shopkeepers, butchers, &c., from this town. Among them were: – Messrs. P. M’PARLAN; P. MURPHY, tanner; M. DOWNEY, butcher; D. BRANNIGAN, clerk in The Examiner office; John KEARNEY, publican; W.H. CORDNER, watchmaker; — SAVAGE,
apothecary; Dr. STARKEY; Priest BRENNAN; James FERGUSON, tanner, with a car full of females; — M’CABE, pawnbroker, &c.. Mr. SEAVER briefly addressed the meeting, on assuming the office of “Chairman”. The other speakers were Messrs. O’Neill DAUNT, M. CARSWELL, and —CONWAY. The
speeches were of the ordinary description, abounding with complaints of the “tyranny of the Saxon Government”, and their unfair dealings towards Roman Catholics &c. We are informed that (probably for very satisfactory reasons) Mr. O’N. DAUNT said that ” he would live on dry potatoes rather than give any of his money towards the revenue”. After about three hours had been occupied with speeches, the meeting separated. A troop of the 3d Dragoons, with two Officers, and a number of Police, under Capt.
SETON, S.I., were in attendance to prevent the loyal inhabitants of the village being disturbed. They were under the orders of Mr. H. W. ROWAN, R.M., and Mr. M. SINGLETON, R.M.

Accident –

On Saturday last (being the market day), a horse and cart was disloading at the market-house of Clogher, when the animal took fright, and ran off through the crowd, knocking down a woman, and the wheel of the cart passed over her head. She lies in a very precarious state.

Burglary at Portadown –

On the night of Wednesday last, the house of Mr. HAMMOND, of the Excise
department, was entered by robbers, who carried off a number of articles. Part of the property has been discovered, through the exertions of the Constabulary; but the perpetrators of the outrage have not yet been aprehended. [from Northern Whig]

Killylea Fair, County of Armagh –

We understand from a Correspondent that this village can now boast
of having one of the best fairs for fat cattle in the North of Ireland. Mr. WISE, land-steward to the Earl of Caledon, sold three fat beasts in the last fair held on the 26th ult., for the sum of £67, to that respectable butcher, Mr. DONNELLY, of Armagh. Last year Mr. WISE sold four beasts to Mr. M’PARLAND, in the April fair of Killylea, for £84, and soon after, one beast to Mr. TWYFORD, at £23, 10s. Six of those beasts were 3 years’ old bullocks, and the last, at £23, 10s., was only 2 years’ old. All of them were bred
and fed by the Earl of Caledon.


On the 23rd ult., the lady of James PAKENHAM, Esq., D’Olier-street, Dublin, of a daughter.

On the 31st ultimo, the lady of the Rev. G. F. KNOX, Shamrock Vale, County Antrim, of a daughter.

On the 26th ult., at Cookstown, the lady of Robert MILLER, jun., Esq., of a daughter.


On the 2d instant, at the house of the bride’s father, by the Rev. _________ Boreland, Mr. Thomas WILSON, jun., of Drumgoliff, near Caledon, to Anne, eldest daughter of Mr. Robert JACKSON, of Ballymagarney, near Loughgall.

On the 30th ult., by the Rev. Henry Simpson, Saintfield, Mr. John TODD, merchant, Downpatrick, to Margaret, only daughter of the late Rev. James PHILLIPS, Glasgow.

On the 30th ultimo, at Letterkenny, by the Rev. John Olphert, John MACARTNEY Esq., Barrister-at-Law, to Margaret, third daughter of the late Charles COLHOUN Esq., of Letterkenny, Co. Donegal.


On the 22d May, aged 66 years, William ARMSTRONG, Esq., Cooleran, Tempo, County Fermanagh.

On the 29th ult., of fever, at the Royal Hospital of Chelsea, Mrs. Henry LE BLANC, wife of Colonel Le Blanc, and sister to J. M’CLINTOCK, Esq., Drumcar, Co. Louth.