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1847 Abercorns Tyrone Estate

Transcribed by Teena from the Londonderry Sentinel (note- only the Tyrone Estates recorded.)

Premiums Awarded on Abercorn’s County Tyrone Estates for Fencing, Furrow-draining and Turnips.

9 Jan. 1847

To John HUMPHREYS Esq. Agent on the Abercorn Estates

Sir – Having performed the task assigned us of adjudicating the premiums offered for competition by the most noble the Marquis of Abercorn to the tenantry on his Donegal and Tyrone estates, “for levelling old and making new fences, furrow-draining and growing turnip”, in addition to the list of successful competitors, we present you with the quantity of fences and drains made and turnip grown (in the Donegal estate), in each of the two years ending November 1845 and 1846 and the quantity of drains made and turnip grown, for same period, in the manors of Derrywoon, Strabane and Cloghogle in the Tyrone estate. The manor of Donelong cannot be correctly ascertained owing to a change of agriculturists, which is to be regretted, from the very considerable improvements that are going on in every townland.

The fences are generally well executed and disposed of in proportion to the number of acres in the farms, so as to suit a five or six course. The furrow-draining is done on the most approved principle. The advantages to be derived from these improvements seem now to be generally appreciated by the tenantry. The growing of turnips, that was a few years since confined to a few localities, is now extending itself in all directions. We rarely met with a badly cultivated lot and had much difficulty, in many cases, to decide the premiums. The swedish turnips we found a weightier crop than any of the other kinds, being the most valuable we would recommend their being more generally cultivated. It is to be regretted that several of the small farm tenants have not hitherto experienced the value that a crop of turnips would be to them. Guano with vegetable manure, or guano alone, retains its former high character. Now that the staple article of food, the potato, cannot be depended on and that a substitute is necessary, we would recommend for your consideration the propriety of encouraging the growing of carrots, parsnips, cabbages and beans, in addition to turnips and that the seeds required by the tenantry for these crops be procured by you from a respectable seed merchant. On our tour of inspection we were sorry to see several bad lots of turnips, grown from spurious seed. We cannot conclude without stating that it must be highly gratifying to his Lordship, as well as to you, his respected agent, to observe the increasing spirit for improvements that prevails amongst the tenantry. We are, Sir, your most obedient servants;

Donegal Estate
Robert ALEXANDER, Sandville
Harvey TAYLOR Creaghadoes

Tyrone Estate
Robert ALEXANDER, Sandville
Wm. BOAK, Ballylaw
George M’LAUGHLIN, Maughereagh
Strabane, 6th January, 1847

Manor of Donnelong

Levelling old and making New Fences;
1 Mrs PATRICK, Carrickatane, £1 10s.
2 Samuel GORMLEY Javanabrien <sic>, £1 5s.
3 Joseph M’CREA Gortmellen, 18s.
4 Joseph M’ELDOWNY, Coolmaughry, 13s.
5 Thomas GILMOUR, Cullion 9s.

1st Class
1 Robert ROULSTON Gortavey, £3
2 Mrs. M’LAUGHLIN, Maughereagh, £2
3 Robert SMITH, Ballybeeny, £1 10s.
4 Mrs. M’lNTIRE, Javanabready, £1
5 Thos. GILMOUR, Cullion, 10s.

2nd Class
1 John RANKIN, Creaghcor, £2 10s.
2 Matthew DAVIS, Ballyhether, £1 15s. 6d.
3 Andrew YOUNG, Casllemellan, £1 5s.
4 Alexander GEFFREY, Maughereagh, £1
5 Joshua HATRICK, Javanaclare, 15s.
6 John MOORHEAD, Coolmaughry, 10s.

1 Thomas RAMSAY, Gortmesson, £1 10s.
2 Samuel M’INTIRE Cloughbuoy, £1
3 Mrs. M’LAUGHLIN, Maughereagh, 15s
4 Samuel GORMLEY, Javanabrien, 12s. 6d.
5 Mrs M’lNTIRE, Javanabready, 10s
6 Wm. ANDERSON, ditto, 7s. 6d.

Manor of Cloghogle

Levelling Old and making New Fences;
1 Daniel M’CORMICK, Legnagalaplagh, £1 10s.
2 Hugh BROWN, Knocknahorna, £1
3 Bernard DIVIN, ditto, 15s.
4 Robert CRAIG, Ballyskeagh, 12s.
5 Patrick GALLAGHER, Bailee, 9s.
6 Chas. M’LAUGHLIN, Castletown, 7s. 6d.

Furrow Draining;
1st Class
1 J. KEE, Gortileck, £3
2 John M’CAY jun., ditto, £2
3 John M’CAY sen., do, £1
4 Robert Smith, Ballee, 15s.
5 Samuel GOURLEY, Artigarvan, 10s.

2nd Class
1 Chas. DONNELL, Ballee, £2
2 Robert GLEN, Tullyard, £1 5s.
3 Robert KEE, Gortileck, 17s. 6d.
4 Wm. GLEN, ditto, 12s. 6d.
5 Edward M’GONIGLE, Legavitta, 5s.

3rd Class
1 John CALHOUN, Cloughcorr, £1 10s.
2 Patrick GALLAGHER, Ballee, £1
3 Hugh BROWN, Knocknahorna, 10s.
4 Jno. GALLAGHER, Ballee, 5s.
5 Jno. SCOTT, Ballymagorry, 2s. 6d.

1 Thomas BARNHILL, Backfence, £1
2 Wm. SIGGARSON, Artigarvan, 17s 6d.
3 Edward DIVIN, Woodend, 15s.
4 Rev. M. CHAMBERS, Artigarvan, 12s. 6d.
5 William WHITE, Pollockstown, 10s.
6 Robert MILLER, Ballylaw, 7s. 6d.
7 Hugh BROWN, Knocknahorna, 5s.
8 Charles DONNELL, Ballee, 4s
9 James MILLER, Ballylaw, 2s. 6d.

Manor of Strabane

Levelling Old and making New Fences;
1 Hugh STEWART Liskey, £1 10s
2 James PARK, Drumahoe, £1
3 William RAMSAY, Ballyfoliard, 15s.
4 Joseph STEWART, Erganagh, 12s.
5 Bernard QUIGLEY, Elagh, 9s.
6 Wm. PORTER, Erganagh, 7s 6d.

Furrow Draining;
1st Class
1 J. Brown, Liskey, £3
2 Jas. FULTON, Drumahoe, £2
3 W. CRAIG, Ballyfoliard, £1
4 Mrs. HOOD, Carrigolan, 15s.
6 Mrs. POLLOCK, Fyefin, 10s.

2nd Class
1 Wm. MOOREHEAD, Ballymullerty, £2
2 Samuel LOVE, Listymore, £1 5s.
3 Robert SMITH, Glengush, 17s. 6d.
4 James HILL jun., Ballymullerty, 12s. 6d.
5 George KNOX, Stoneyfalls, 5s.

3rd Class
1 James LITTLE, Bunbeg, £1 10s.
2 Josias IRWIN, Elagh, £1
3 Mrs. HAMILTON, Bunbeg, 10s.
4 James ARTHUR, Drumahoe, 5s.
5 Andrew ORR, Priestsessagh, 2s. 6d.

1 Natt. THOMPSON, Edymore,  £1
2 James WOODS, Glentimon, 17s. 6d.
3 Hugh STEWART, Liskey, 15s.
4 Wm. SEMPLE, Glenglush, 12s. 6d.
5 Thomas BROWN, Drumnabuoy, 10s.
6 Wm. EAKIN, Edymore, 7s. 6d.
7 Hugh PATTON, 5s.
8 Wm. ROBINSON, Erganagh, 4s.
9 Joseph STEWART Erganagh, 2s. 6d.

Manor of Derrywoon

Levelling old and making New Fences;
1 Mrs. WATSON, Keasdy, £1 10s.
2 Oliver STEWART, Envaugh, £1
3 Wm. KILPATRICK, Boyturn, 15s.
4 Joseph MAXWELL, Drumlegagh, 12s.
5 Thomas M’TAGGART, Mullaghroy, 9s.
6 John SMITH Carndorragh, 7s. 6d.

Furrow Drains;
1st Class
1 Samuel WATSON, Keasdy, £3
2 Joseph GAILEY, Magheraloch, £2
3 John SMITH, Carndoragh,  £1
4 James STEWART, Boyturn, 15s.
5 Oliver STEWART, Enveagh, 10s.

2nd Class
1 James HUEY, Drumclamph, £2
2 Widow O’BRIEN, Keasdy,  £1 5s.
3 John WASON, Keasdy, 17s. 6d.
4 David M’FARLAND, Aughacessy, 12s. 6d.
5 Wm. YOUNG, Archill, 5s.

3rd Class
1 Andrew WHITE, Derrywoon, £1 10s.
2 John FYFFE, Derrywoon, £1
3 John HAMILTON, Ballinalone, 10s.
4 Alexander M’LAUGHLIN, Ballyrennan, 5s.
5 Alexander M’GUIRE, Ballyrennan, 2s. 6d.

1 John DOAK, Derrywoon,  £1
2 Wm. FAIRLEY, Drumclamph, 17s. 8d.
3 Andrew WHYTE, Derrywoon, 15s.
4 John FYFFE, Derrywoon, 12s. 6d.
5 Matthew WHITE, Magheraloch, 10s.
6 Samuel WATSON, Keasdy, 7s. 6d.
7 Hugh MOORE, Drumclamph, 5s
8 Wm. YOUNG, Archill, 4s.
9 John SCOTT, Drumclamph, 2s. 6d.