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1846 Slaters Directory Clones, Newtownbutler and Neighbourhood

The Diamond, Clones
Creator: H. Allison & Co. Date: c.1910 Public Records Office of Northern Ireland PRONI
Ref: D2886/W/Portrait/53
The Diamond, Clones, County Monaghan

1846 Slater’s Directory Clones, Newtownbutler and Neighbourhood, County Monaghan

Clones is a market town and a parish, the latter partly in the barony of Clonkelly, county of Fermanagh and partly in the baronies of Monaghan and Dartry county of Monaghan; 76 miles N.N.W. From Dublin; 23 E. S. E. From Enniskillen; 16 N. From Cavan; 13 N.E from Belturbet; 12½ S.S.W.. from Monaghan and 11 N. by W. from Cootehill; situated at the western verge of Monaghan county and at the intersection of the road from Monaghan to Belturbet, with that from Enniskillen to Shercock. The ancient name of this place was Cluan-Innis, i.e., the “Island of Retreat,” it having formerly been surrounded by water and more recently it was called Cloanish, or Cloneish. An abbey was founded here in the early part of the 6th century, by Saint Tigernach, or Tierney; the manor of the abbey, still called Saint Tierney, is now the property of Sir Thomas Barrett LENNARD, Bart.

The town consists chiefly of 5 streets, which converge toward the marketplace, a spacious triangular area, called the Diamond, on the west side of which stands the market house, a handsome building, on which is cut in stone, the arms of the DACRE family. In the northern angle of the same area is an ancient market cross consisting of a shaft, 12 feet in height, supported on a flight of steps; both the pillar and its top are sculptured with figures in relief, and present, as a whole, an interesting relic of antiquity. Near the cross is the parish church and the Diamond contains also two of the principal hotels; an establishment of the northern Banking Company, and agency offices of the Patriotic and Standard Assurance Companies. The trade of the place is principally retail; but there is a considerable iron foundry at Stone Bridge, in which are manufactured spades, shovels and other agricultural implements and in the neighbourhood are extensive corn mills. Petty sessions are held every alternate Friday; a court for the manor of Saint Tierney, by the seneschal, for the recovery of debts under £2; and courts also for the manors of Rodea and Shannick.

The parish church before mentioned as situated in the marketplace, is a handsome structure, with a square tower, containing a clock and bell. In the Roman Catholic divisions this parish forms 2 benefices- East Clones and West Clones; there are chapels at Clones and Drumsword for the former and at Roslea and Magherarney for the latter: the chapel at Roslea is a spacious building erected in 1824, with a bell-tower and beautiful alter.

The other places of worship are a chapel each for the Methodists and Primitive Methodists, a Presbyterian meeting-house at Stone Bridge, 2 miles from Clones. The benevolent institutions comprise a dispensary, a fever hospital, and a union workhouse; and the educational are national and infants schools and one established by the Church Education Society. There are many remains of ancient buildings in the neighbourhood of Clones. On the south side of the town, leading to Cootehill, are the ruins of its ancient abbey; and near it are the walls of a small chapel, encompassed by an ancient burial ground. On the same road is another old cemetery, in which are many curiously sculptured memorials; and one of those ancient round towers, so mysterious in their origin, yet so frequently met with. The market is held on Thursday and the fairs on the last Thursday in every month. The parish of Clones, which is very extensive, contained in 1841, 23,506 inhabitants and the town of Clones 2,877 of that number.

Newtown-Butler is a small post town, in the parish of Galloon, barony of Coole, county of Fermanagh, nearly 6 miles W. by S. from Clones, on the road to Enniskillen. The town consists of two streets, in one of which is a courthouse, with bridewell attached. The principal branch of business is a tobacco and snuff manufacture conducted on an extensive scale, by Mr. CLARKE. The church of the parish, which is situated in the town, is a neat building, with a square tower and the Roman Catholic chapel is spacious. The Wesleyan and Primitive Methodists have each a place of worship and there is a subscription school and a dispensary. This place confers the inferior title of baron upon the family of BUTLER, Earls of Lanesborough and it was once the seat of that family, of whose mansion no vestige can now be traced. A market is entitled to be held on Friday. Fairs January 11th, February 14th, May 12th, June 13th, July 11th, September 12th, October 10th, November 14th and December 12th. Galloon parish contained in 1841 – 7,807 inhabitants and Newtown-Butler, 541, of that number.

Post Office Fermanagh street, Clones
Benjamin THOMPSON Post-Master

Letters from Dublin and all parts of the South of Ireland, also from England, arrive every morning at seven and are despatched every evening at half-past five. Letters from Belfast and the North of Ireland, also from Scotland, arrive every morning at four and are despatched every evening at half past eight. Letters from Enniskillen and the West of Ireland arrive every evening at half-past eight and are despatched every morning at four.

Post Office Newtown-Butler
Elinor Ann CLARKE, Post-Mistress

Letters from Dublin, Belfast and all parts of Ireland except the West, also from England and Scotland, arrive every morning at half past eight and are despatched every evening at twenty minutes before four. Letters from Enniskillen and the West of Ireland arrive every evening at half-past seven and are despatched every morning at five.

Gentry and Clergy
BRADY John Esq. Diamond
COCHRANE Miss Ann, Whitehall st.
COCHRANE William Esq., Drumard
CROWE Charles Esq. J. P., Farmhill
CRUMLY Miss, Diamond
CROZIER John Esq., Gortra
ELLIS Nicholas Esq., Lisnarow
FITZGERALD Mrs. Eliz., Whitehall st.
FORSTER William Esq., J.P.
GEORGE Miss Mary, Cara st.
HUDSON Rev. John, Newtown-Butler
HUGHES Rev. John, Newtown-Butler
JACKSON James Esq., Clincom
M’ANALLY Rev. Thos. Newtown-Butler
M’CLINTOCK W. B. Captain R.N., J. P., Highgate
M’MILLAN Rev. Gibson, Cara st.
M’MURRAY Mrs. Jane, Whitehall st.
MADDEN Mrs. Hilton
MAGINNIS the Very Rev. Francis D.D., Clonkeen Lodge
MOOREHEAD Samuel Esq. J. P., Fermanagh st.
MURRAY Andrew A. Esq. J. P., (high sheriff), Looghoona
PARR John George Esq., Diamond
PHILIPS Thomas Esq. J. P., Aughafin
PRATT Mrs. Mary, Whitehall st.
RICHARDSON Joseph Esq. J. P., Summer hill
ROPER the Very Rev. Henry, Glebe House
SCOTT Rev. James, Clonkeen Lodge
SHEGOG George Esq., Munelly
SMITH David Esq. J. P. Lake View
TOTTENHAM Rev. Henry, Newtown Butler
WELSH Rev Charles, Diamond
WHITE Rev. William, Granshaw

Academies and schools
Church Education Society’s School, Newtown-Butler – Alex POTTS, master, Mary Ann POTTS, mistress
Church Education, Cara st – William POQUIN, master
HARDY Eliza, Whitehall st.
Infants School, Cara St. – Martha PORTER, mistress
MAGINNIS Arthur, Monaghan st
National School, Pound-hill – Thomas COSGROVE, master; Cath. COSGROVE, mistress
WHITE Rev. Wm. (classical academy) Whitehall st.

CLARKE William (to the Ulster Canal Carrying Co.) Canal Stores, Cara st.

Agricultural Implement manufacturer
BENSON Samuel, Stone Bridge

DUDGEON Alexander, Whitehall st.
SCOTT Ralph & Richard, Whitehall st.
SKELTON Francis, Newtown-Butler

BRADY William, Fermanagh st.
CLERKIN John, Analore st.
DONNELLY Peter, Diamond
GRAYDON James, Fermanagh st.
KEATING William, Fermanagh st.
M’DONALD John, Analore st
M’GUINES Thomas, Diamond
M’KEANYJohn, Analore st.
MORRISON Jeremiah, Diamond
THOMPSON William, Fermanagh st.

Northern banking Company (Branch), Diamond (drawn on Glyn, Halifax & Co. London) Mr. John BRADY, manager

BRAMSTON John, Cara st.
HARRINGTON William, Monaghan st.
KEON Luke, Fermanagh st.
LYNCH Bernard, Analore st.
M’CABE Patrick, Abbey lane
M’KENNA Philip, Analore st.
MONAGHAN William, Whitehall st.
FORBES Peters, Newtown-Butler

Boot and shoemakers
ALLEBY John, Fermanagh st.
GALLAGHER Henry, Cara st.
HUGHES Arthur, Cara st.
MILLER Joseph, Cara st.
MORGAN Robert, Cara st.
PORTER Joseph, Cara st.
SHIELS Francis, Analore st.

BROAGAN John, Analore st.
GRAHAM Charles, Fermanagh st.
LEGHORN John, Analore st.
M’ILROY William, Analore st.
MAGOOD John, Fermanagh st.
MONAGHAN Patrick, Analore st.
MORRIS Patrick, Analore st.
OWENS Michael Analore st

Butter merchants
RENNICK Andrew, Drumcrew
TURNER James, Pound-hill

Carpenters and Cart Makers
GALLAGHER Francis, Analore st.
HAND Patrick, Swift’s row
JONDAN (JORDAN?) Robert, Analore st.
KERR William, Whitehall st.
M’MAHON Hugh, Abbey lane
MULARKY Bernard, Whitehall st.
MULHOLLAND Francis, Cara st.

BOYLE Johnston, Fermanagh st.
COSGROVE Peter, Fermanagh st.
GRAY Johnston, Pound-hill
M’AVENY Patrick, Fermanagh st.
SWIFT Richard, Pound-hill

Corn Merchants
CLARKE Andrew, Whitehall st.
CLARKE James (and flour and meal), Whitehall Street
DOUGLAS William & Co., Rooskey
MOORE M. & E., Analore

Earthenware Dealers
JOHNSTON James, Newtown-Butler
THOMPSON William, Fermanagh st.

Fire and Office Agents
Patriotic (fire) John BRADY, Diamond
Standard (life) John BRADY, Diamond

ADAMS Lucy, Newtown-Butler
ANNESLEY John, Diamond
ARGUE Andrew, Fermanagh st.
AVERALL Theophilus, Fermanagh st.
BEATTY Joseph, Newtown-Butler
BRADY William, Fermanagh st.
BURNSIDE Archibald, Fermanagh st.
CLARKE Andrew, Whitehall st.
CLARKE Samuel, Newtown-Butler
COURTNEY James, Diamond
DONNELLY Peter, Diamond
ELLIOTT George, Cara st.
FITZGERALD Francis, Diamond
JOHNSTON James, (and coal & timber merchant), Newtown-Butler
KEATING William, Fermanagh st.
KEENAN James, Fermanagh st.
M’MAHON Bernard, Fermanagh st.
MORRISON Jeremiah, Diamond
O’CONNOR Owen, Diamond
THOMPSON William, Fermanagh st.

Inns and Hotels (See also Spirit Dealers)
Dacre Arms, Hugh M’MAHON, Diamond
King Arms, Hugh SHIELDS, Diamond
Lanesborough Arms, Philip REILLY, Newtown-Butler

BENSON Samuel, (and spade & shovel manufacturer), Stone Bridge

Iron-monger and Hardware-men
BURNSIDE Archibald, Fermanagh st.
CLARKE Andrew, Whitehall st.
FITZGERALD Francis, Diamond
JOHNSTON James, (and coal & timber merchant), Newtown-Butler
WHITELAW William, Diamond

Leather Sellers
BEATTY Joseph, Newtown-Butler
BRADY William, Fermanagh st.
FITZGERALD Francis, Diamond
KEENAN James, Fermanagh st.

Linen Drapers and Haberdashers, marked thus * are also Woollen-Drapers
ADAMS Lucy, Newtown-Butler
BRADY William, Fermanagh st.
CLARKE Andrew, Whitehall st.
CLARKE Charlotte, Fermanagh st.
CLARKE Elinor Ann, Newtown-Butler
COURTNEY James, Diamond
DONNELLY Peter, Diamond *
ELLIOTT George, Cara st.
FARQUHAR Robert, Diamond
JOHNSTON James, Newtown-Butler
M’COY May Ann, Diamond *
M’ELROY Michael, Diamond *
M’ENERNEY John, Diamond
SHEGOG Mary Ann, Diamond
SHEIL Edward Fermanagh st. *
THOMPSON Andrew, Diamond
WHITELAW William, Diamond *

Master Extra-Ordinary in Chancery
BRADY John, (and commissioner for taking affidavits in the Four Courts, Dublin), Diamond

DOUGLAS William & Co., Rooskey
HAMILTON John, Mullanavanoy
MOORE M. & E., Analore Mills

Milliners and Dressmakers
CLARKE Charlotte, Fermanagh st.
GRAYDON Amina, Fermanagh st.
WRIGHT Jane, Whitehall st.

Painters and Glaziers
BLAKELY William, Diamond
DUNN Thomas, Cara st.
FRASER John, Newtown-Butler
GRAHAM Francis, Fermanagh st.
HETHERINGTON James, Cara st.

Physicians and Surgeons marked thus * are also Apothecaries
FITZGERALD James, Newtown-Butler
HOSKINS Joshua Thomas, Diamond *
HURST James Taylor M. D., Diamond
MURPHY Joseph, Fermanagh st.
RIDDALL John, M.D., Diamond *
THOMPSON William Marshall M. D., Newtown-Butler

Provision Merchant
RENNICK Andrew, Drumcrew

Saddlers and Harness Makers
CUNNINGHAM Robert, Fermanagh st.
DUFFY Philip, Cara st.
STINSON James, Diamond

Spirit and Porter Dealers
ANNESLEY John, Diamond
BYRNE Rose, Fermanagh St.
CLARKE Patrick, Newtown-Butler
COSGROVE Catherine, Fermanagh St.
COURTNEY James, Diamond
EVANS Samuel, Newtown-Butler
GILLESPIE Robert, Fermanagh st.
GOGGINS William, Newtown-Butler
IRWIN Robert Fermanagh st.
KEATING William, Fermanagh st.
KEENAN James Fermanagh st.
KEON Michael, Cara st.
M’CONNELL William Analore St.
M’KEANY John, Analore st.
MURRAY Lawrence, Analorest
MURRAY Philip, Whitehall st.
O’CONNOR Owen, Diamond
PURDY Richard, Monaghan St.
REYNOLDS Theas, Cara St.
STORY Richard, Cara st.
THOMSON James, Whitehall St.
TIERNEY Thomas, Newtown-Butler

Straw Bonnet Makers
BUCHANAN Margaret, Fermanagh St.
CAMERON Jane, Cara St.
CLARKE Charlotte, Fermanagh St.
COSGROVE Sally, Fermanagh St.

Surveyors – Land
CORRIGAN Edward, Newtown-Butler
FITZGERALD Thomas, Whitehalls
LOUGH Jas., (and valuator of estate), Diamond
SMITH Philip, Swift’s row

BOYLE John, Swift’s row
DEVANY Hugh, Whitehall St.
MARTIN John, Cara St.
RUTLEDGE Lawrence, Newtown Butler

Tallow Chandlers
DONNELLY Peter, Diamond
FITZGERALD Francis, (and soap boiler), Diamond

Tobacco and Snuff manufacturer
CLARKE Samuel, Newtown-Butler

Watch and clock Makers
FARQUHAR Robert, Diamond
ROBINSON Joseph, Whitehall St.

ANDREWS David, gun and whitesmith, Cara street
ARNOLD George, accountant in the Northern Bank, Whitehall street
GILIAN Wm., Clothes-broker, Fermanagh St.
LEGHORN John, tanner, Analore St
M’MAHON Patrick, farmer (aged 101), Carne
MORROW Samuel, reed maker, Whitehall St.
QUINN Patrick, road contractor, Newtown Butler
QUINN Patrick, tin-plate worker, Cara St.
SMITH John, coach & car maker, Cara St.
SMITH Nancy, confectioner, Whitehall St.
STINSON Wm. excise officer, Whitehall St.
SWEENEY Francis, pawnbroker, Pound-hill
SYME James, brewer, Analore St.
THOMPSON & SYME, maltsters, Analore St.
WELSH Saml., Whitesmith, Fermanagh St.
WHITE Daniel, tin plate worker, Cara St.
WILSON James, printer, Whitehall St.
WOODS Stanley, clothes-broker, Fermanagh St.

Places of Worship
Parish Church Diamond – very Rev. Henry ROPER, rector and Rev. Charles WELSH curate
Parish Church Newtown-Butler – Rev. Henry TOTTENHAM, rector and Rev. John HUDSON, curate
Roman Catholic Chapel Pound-hill – Rev. Francis MAGINNIS, parish priest, Rev. James GARTLAND and Rev. James SCOTT, curates
Roman Catholic Chapel Newtown-Butler – Rev. James CLARKE, parish priest; Rev. John HUGHES and Rev. Thomas M’ANALLY, curates.
Presbyterian meeting House Stone Bridge – Rev. William WHITE, minister.
Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Cara street – ministers various
Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Newtown-Butler – ministers various
Primitive Methodist Chapel, Whitehall street – ministers various
Primitive Methodist Chapel, Newtown-Butler – ministers various

Public Institutions, &c
Bible Depository, Cara st – William POQUIN, depositor
Constabulary Station Diamond – Robert FASSETT, sub-inspector; Thomas ROBINSON, lead constable; Archibald ROWLEY, constable
Constabulary Station, Newtown-Butler – Francis M’KINLEY, constable
Court House, Whitehall street
Dispensary, Diamond – James T. HURST M.D. surgeon
Dispensary, Newtown Butler -William M. THOMPSON M.D. Surgeon
Excise Office at the Dacre Arms Hotel, Diamond
Fever Hospital, Clinford – James T. HURST M. D. surgeon; Betsy CLARK, matron
Stamp Office, Fermanagh st. – Archibald BURNSIDE, sub-distributer
Town Hall, Market House, Diamond
Ulster canal carrying Company office and Stores Cara street – William CLARKE, agent
Union Work-house – Wm MONTGOMERY, master; Ann MONTGOMERY, matron James T. HURST M.D. surgeon; George SHEGOG, clerk to the guardians; Richard BUTLER, schoolmaster; Elizabeth MONTGOMERY, schoolmistress