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1830 Co. Antrim News

County Antrim Assizes & News of 1830

19 Jan. 1830
Committed by the police Magistrate of Belfast, to Carrickfergus Gaol, for trial at next Assizes, Thomas HEALY and John HERRITY, charged with stealing and having in their possession a large quantity of union cloth and diaper, the property Frederick W. HAYS Esq., of Seapatrick, Co. Down.

23 Mar. 1830

Carrickfergus Grand Jury;

Nicholas Delacherois CROMMELIN Esq. Foreman
Richard DOBBS
Thomas B. ADAIR
Wm. Wallace LEGG
William TRAIL
Sir Stephen MAY
Samuel ALLEN
Alexander M’NEILE
Richard M’GENIS Jr. High sheriff
James MOORE Jr. sub sheriff

None of the prisoners who were found guilty received their sentence.

Petit Jury;
Robert GRIMSHAW Foreman
Charles LEPPER
George M’FEAR
Robert ALLEN

James M’MULLIN for stealing 20 yards of printed calico and a shawl piece from the warehouse of Messrs. M’KEOWN and MONCRIEFF at Belfast on 19 Aug. last.

Daniel M’KEOWN sworn- on 19th Aug. last a man and woman came into his ware-room to purchase some calico – witness went out to his dinner but left his apprentice to show the goods – while the boy was showing the goods a tall man came in to prices some of the articles – the boy had occasion to take the man and woman into another ware-room to look at the goods and left the tall man in the ware-room he had quitted – when witness came back from dinner and he went in search of the man and woman – he overtook the woman who was going into a provision shop; when she dropped a bundle which contained one half of the shawl piece and part of a piece of calico and took her into custody the other ‘part’ of the shawl piece was found next day in Mr. GILBERT’S, a pawn-broker

William GILBERT pawnbroker – on 20th August last, prisoner called at his office with some goods to pawn and witness gave him 12s. 6d. on them – the goods were afterwards claimed by Mr. M’KEOWN as his property

No evidence appearing that prisoner had stolen the goods- he was acquitted

After the trial Mr GILBERT applied to his Lordship, to know if he would have to give up the goods without receiving the sum he had advanced them, when his Lordship said that the owner must certainly get his goods again.

Mary GALOONY for stealing a piece of calico from the ware-room of Messrs. M’KEOWN and MONCRIEFF and also for receiving the same knowing it to have been stolen.

Mr. M’KEOWN gave similar evidence as on the forgoing trial

Robert HAVERON keeps a provision shop in Belfast on 19th Aug. prisoner came into his shop and wanted to buy a ham. Shortly after Mr. M’KEOWN came in, witness saw prisoner drop a parcel, which he lifted and gave to Mr. M’KEOWN who said it had been stolen from him.

The Jury found the prisoner guilty of the felony, but acquitted her of receiving the goods

Arthur O’BRIEN, Wm. M’SORLEY, Mary FOY and Ann M’ILROY for stealing a cloak and sundry articles the property of James DRAIN at Belfast on 6 Nov. Last. It appeared from the evidence of the prosecutor who keeps a public house in Smithfield that prisoners went into his house and called for some drinks and while the servant was downstairs, took the opportunity of going into an adjoining room and stealing the goods after the prisoners left the house – got a constable to go in search of them – all found guilty.

Margaret M’ILROY and Elizabeth MARTIN for stealing 2 gold rings and other articles the property of W. H. PEEL at Belfast on 3 Feb. last – Guilty

Mary WHITESIDE for stealing a piece of calico the property of A. H. THORNTON at Belfast on 8 January. last – Guilty

Margaret SMITH for stealing a piece of shalloon the property of Thomas CHIRMSIDE at Belfast on 1 Oct. last – Guilty

Ellen O’NEILL for stealing money and bank notes the property of W. M’CORMICK of Belfast 25 Sept. last – not guilty

James ROBINSON and Ross M’MAHON for having in their possession last 2 Sept. a bank of Ireland 30s note knowing it to be forged. passed the note for drinks at Archibald M’DONALD’S at Ballycastle

ROBINSON guilty; M’MAHON not guilty

Patrick BYRNE and Edward BOYLE for stealing a hat, shirt and portmanteau the property of Thomas RICHARDSON at Belfast on 18 Dec. last

BYRNE guilty- BOYLE not guilty

Robert PLATT for stealing from off the cart of John PRICE in Belfast a web of cord the property of Robert PATTERSON Newtonards, on 15 December last – guilty

James O’HARA for stealing a piece of linen from the bleach-green William ORR Esq. Falls, on the 22 Jan. last – not guilty

Charles and Catharine CAMPBELL for stealing a shirt and other articles the property of Henry OGLE, of Dubbs-land on 25 February- Charles CAMPBELL guilty, the other acquitted

Mary Ann PHILLIPS for stealing various articles the property of Eliza THOMPSON on 8 October last at Belfast – Guilty

John WILEY on 15 February last for stealing a pocket book the property of John GILBERT at Larne and also for stealing other articles the property of J. M’KIBBEN – Guilty.

Crown Court Mar. 24th

William LOGAN for stealing a firken of butter the property of Mr John BLACK Belfast. Guilty.

Michael LATIN for stealing a coat and trowsers the property of Hugh SMITH both men lodged at Margaret M’DERMOT’S house in Caddel’s entry Belfast – Guilty

Thomas HALEY for stealing a great number of pieces of union cloth (cotton and linen) the property of Mr. F. W HAYES near Banbridge on 5 January. the articles were bleaching at Mr. LAW’S green – guilty

Matthew BENNET for stealing a waistcoat and pair of trowsers, the property of John SULLIVAN – guilty

Ellen FLYNN for stealing wearing apparel the property of Dorothy GOOLD or GOULD the younger, stated that her mother had taken in the prisoner for motives of humanity- when she took an opportunity of going off with a cloak, several shifts, stockings &c. She was taken in a day or two after- Guilty

John LENNON for stealing a mare the property of Wm. M’ILROY who lives near Dungannon on the night of 25 Oct. The mare found in Ballymena- Guilty sentence of death recorded

Ann JOHNSTON for stealing. £1 15s. from Owen CAMPBELL at Belfast – Not Guilty

Jane M’CORMICK for stealing a quilt and carpet the property of Jane GILLESPIE Belfast, on 3rd inst. articles found with Mr. CINNAMON pawnbroker. – Guilty.

Catharine M’SPEDDIN for stealing gloves, stockings &c. the property of Richd. KIRWAN Belfast – guilty

Mary Ann DEVLIN for stealing money, the property of Thos. PENDLETON in Belfast on the 13th inst. – Guilty

William FARRELL for stealing 6s. of silver the property of John LINDSAY on 18 Aug. The prosecutor who stated himself to be a poor pedlar boy was in a public house in Ballymena when the prisoner came in and by slight of hand tried to ease him of the 6s. under pretence of obtaining silver coined in the year 1818. – guilty

James M’ALEESE for feloniously cutting down some ash trees on the lands of William SHERIFF Ballymastoskerty – guilty

John MOLLOY for stealing a gelding the property of Mr. Robert BOYD Belfast on 20 Jan. – Guilty.

Robert CRAWFORD for stealing a roll of tobacco the property of Wm. MORAN at Ballyconolly near Ballymena 19 Dec.- Guilty.

Wm. MARSHALL and Catharine BURNS for stealing various articles the property of Robert M’ANALLY and Wm. M’KENNA

Wm. M’KENNA – is servant to Mr. Isaac HARDY in September last he was left in charge of his master’s house, at Ringings Point, near Belfast, the family being at bathing-quarters at Newcastle, when on the morning of Sunday the 6th witness discovered that several articles had been stolen from one of the rooms of the housel a chest belonging to Robert M’ANALLY his fellow-servant had been taken out of the house and plundered of its contents – went immediately to Belfast and informed Mr HARDY.

Robt. M’ANALLY- servant to Mr Hardy; when he went Belfast he found the prisoners in custody in the Police Office – he identified a coat, trowsers, a pair of stockings, a gold ring and several other things, his property, which had been found upon them and which had been left by witness locked up in his box when he went to Newcastle.

Stewart BEGGS police Officer gave witness and prisoners were found guilty

6 Apr. 1830 Execution at Carrickfergus

On Wednesday, Jane GRAHAM expiated her crime by the forfeiture of her own life, at the usual place of execution at Carrickfergus. Immediately after her conviction on Monday, she was placed in the condemned cell, where she confessed having been guilty of the murder of helpless, grandchild and said that the sentence was just, that she deserved death, and was willing suffer. Ever since her incarceration she listened with great attention to the religious instruction of Rev. Mr. REID, Presbyterian clergyman. She thanked God she had been imprisoned, as her mind in consequence had been, she said, relieved of an overwhelming burden. At quarter past twelve Wednesday, the necessary preparations being completed, the drop fell, and this wretched woman was ushered into eternity. She was dreadfully convulsed; ten minutes having elapsed before animation fled. After hanging three quarters of an hour, the body was cut down and placed in a coffin and conveyed to the County infirmary, where, pursuant to the sentence, it will be publicly dissected.

25 Jun. 1830
Committed by the police magistrate of Belfast, to Carrickfergus gaol, for trial next summer assizes Robert ROSS, charged with passing a forged Bill of Exchange

16 Jul. 1830
-Daniel SHIELDS, out-pensioner from 57th Foot, at 1s. 4¾d. per day, residing in Lisburn district, has been committed to Carrickfergus Gaol, charged with forging sundry documents with a view of obtaining some pension due to an out pensioner of Greenwich Hospital, named W. HOLLINGER deceased.

– William THOMPSON, pensioner, from the 6th Dragoons, at 9d. per day, has been struck off the pension list, in consequence of his having been convicted of bigamy at the late County Antrim assizes. The Crown lawyers having stated their opinion that bigamy being felony, any pensioner convicted thereof forfeits his pension.

Monday 2 Aug. 1830 Carrickfergus

Jane M’DOWELL for stealing a pocket-book at Ballymena on 26 June last, property of John MARTIN – Guilty

John SHEALS for having a forged 30s. note of the Bank of Ireland in his possession, knowing it to be forged- Guilty

Samuel HYNDMAN for uttering a forged note of the Commercial Bank Belfast at Bushmills on 10 Nov. last – Not guilty.

Margaret RICHARDSON for having a forged note of the Bank of Ireland in her possession at Belfast – Guilty

Samuel CLARKE, a little boy about 12 years of age for stealing money on 5 June last at Larne the property of Hugh M’WILLIAM – Guilty

John BANNAN for having a forged 30s. note of the Bank of Ireland in his possession on 13th April last at Belfast – not guilty

John BURNS for stealing a silver watch on 16 March at Ballyrobert, the property of Andrew SPEAR Guilty

Daniel SHEALS for forging a pensioner’s certificate at Lisburn on the 20 April last and for uttering the same – Guilty

Bridget DOHERTY for uttering a base half-crown on 4 May last, at Lisburn – Guilty

Hugh MORGAN for having a forged note of Bank of of Ireland in his possession at Belfast on 12 April last – Guilty

Robert ABBOTT and Edward BEATTY for a robbery on the person of James RICE at Lisburn on 14 April last – Guilty

Thos. CREELIS, Elizabeth ADAIR and Margaret PRATT were discharged by Proclamation.

County Town of Carrickfergus Grand Jury;
Peter KIRK Foreman
Joshua RICE
William MARTIN
George P. PRICE
Nathaniel BLAIR
Robert HANLY
William WALKER
Samuel HAY
John M’CANCE, – sheriff
John CAMPBELL, – sheriff

Enniskillen Assizes Grand Jury;

Lord Viscount CORRY Foreman
Sir Henry BROOKE Bart.
William D’ARCY
Lieut.-Col. MADDEN
William BARTON
William TENENT
Hamilton IRVINE
Richard DANE
Michael JONES
Joseph M’GUIRE
A. F. CRAWFORD Esq. High-Sheriff.


20 Jan. 1830
– On the 15th inst., in St. Andrew’s Church, Dublin, by the Rev. James Nevin, John LEGG jun. of Carrickfergus, to Margaret, widow of John CARLETON Esq. of Lisburn

Thomas VAUGHAN Esq. principal Officer of Customs a t Carrickfergus, to Mary, eldest daughter of David FORSYTH Esq. of Drumahoe, Co. Antrim.

16 Mar. 1830
On the 17th ultimo, by the Rev. Jas. S. Reid, Carrickfergus, Mr. William SMYTH Jun. of Milltown, (S?-bridge) to Miss Elizabeth BURT,  Carrickfergus

18 May 1830
On Saturday in St. Mary’s Church Dublin John WILSON Esq. of Slate-house, near Carrickfergus, to Ellen fourth daughter of Mr. S. NELSON of Carrickfergus, merchant.


5 Mar. 1830
At Carrickfergus on Saturday last, aged 71 years, Letitia relict of the late Mr. Robert McGOWAN, esteemed and regretted by an extensive circle of friends and acquaintances

9 Apr. 1830
At Ardglass, on the 25th ult., Mr. Alexander NELSON, surgeon, eldest son of Mr. Samuel NELSON of Carrickfergus.

22 Oct. 1830
At Carrickfergus, on the 28th of Sept. in the 58th year of his age, Mr. Hugh CUNNINGHAM.

30 Nov. 1830
On the 22nd inst. at her house in Carrickfergus, Mrs Mary MACNEVIN, relict of the late Captain MACNEVIN, 4th Royal Veteran Battalion.

Transcribed by Teena from the Belfast Newsletter & the Newry Telegraph