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1776 Ulster Prisoners in Canada

List of Ulster-American prisoners in Canada released on parole by the British in 1776.

Compiled by Teena, with our Thanks to DIPPAM (Documenting Ireland, Parliament, People and Migration)

N.B. – Only prisoners from Ireland have been noted here although T3699 includes others.

“We, whose Names are underwritten, do hereby Solemnly promise and Engage to His Excellency General Carleton, not to say or do any thin ther His Majesty’s Commander in Chief in America shall please to direct, in Testimony whereof we have hereunto set our Names at Quebec.”

(the following dated 9 August 1776)

Name / Province / County / Town

William JORDAN, X his mark, Ireland, Down, Drumore (Dromore?)

John DAVISON, X his mark, Ulster, Monaghan, Glentaburt

John BAILY, Ulster, Fermanagh, Inniskilling (Enniskillen)

John TAYLOR, Ulster, Fermanagh, Inniskilling (Enniskillen)

John FOSTER, Ulster Antrim, Billy

William BLEAD, Ulster, Derry, (Munamore?)

Adam MARTIN, Ulster, Derry, (L—-n?)

Isaac MARTIN, Ulster, Antrim, Billy

(-eli-?) McELHERAN, Ulster, Derry, Tarmanana

Lowry MEALY, Ulster, Donnigal, (Donegal?) Rifough

Abraham (?), Ulster, Antrim, Glenarm

Robert AGNEW, Ulster, Antrim, Thiluater

Robert LEE, X his mark, Ulster, Terrone (Tyrone?), Benburb

Slenney SCOTT, Ulster, Antrim, Billimanar

Edward? DENNY?, Ulster, Donegal, Clath—–?

John HAGSEED?, Ulster, Donegal, Tubaugh

James DIXON X his mark, Ulster, Down, (N-lough-b—kly?)

William DOCHORTY, X his mark, Ulster, Donegal, Hillagordon

Hugh McCLEAN, X his mark, Ulster, Donegal, Ballinafa

Thos. JOHNSTON, X his mark, Ulster, Tirroan (Tyrone?), Ballandary

William MacDONELL, X his mark, Ulster, Derry, Tammimore

Thos. DAVIS, X his mark, Ulster, Down, Bellenonie

John CORES?, Ulster, Down, Grayboure

John (-ONEER-E-?), Ulster, Fermanagh, Inniskilling (Enniskillen)

Euan DAVIS, X his mark, Ulster, Turrone (Tyrone?), Cookstown

Thomas MITCHELL, Ulster, Derry, –a—face ?

William WILSON, Ulster, Antrim, Ballimanagh

John ARMAGH, X his mark, Ulster, Donegal, Blanket Beck

James KENNEDY, X his mark, Ulster, Armagh, Acton

Charles SLONE, Ulster, Antrim, Ballamony

William CAMPBELL, X his mark, Ulster- Londonderry, Mac—-?

Patrick DOYLE, X his mark, Ulster, Down, Loughdoin, (Loughdoo?)

Michael McCONNELL, X his, mark, Ulster, Donegal, Rufough

George KILPATRICK, Ulster, Down, Ballinahinch

Peter MELLON, Ulster, Tyrone, Glisson

William HALEDAY, Ulster, Derry, Mc–askie

Daniel McCORMACK, Ulster, Cavan, Ball-borough

Hugh SIVENEY, X his mark, Ulster, Derry, Derry

William BOYD, Ulster, Antrim, Ballimamanagh

Samuel HESLET, Ulster, Derry, Derry

Michel BARKER, X his mark, Ulster, Monahon (Monaghan?), Ti-avenny?

NB – Five of the foregoing were left at Quebec