Photographs kindly donated by Colin McCallum


Looking up Scotch St. towards the Market Square, The photorapher turned round and took the Windmill Hill.

Windmill Hill is a continuation of Scotch St. Dungannon, Scotch St. runs from the Market Square in the centre of Dgn down to the position where the photograph was taken. The fellow taking the photograph turned round a took the Windmill Hill. It was called this name as there was a windmill on the hill at the foot of the "Windmill Hill". There is a tunnel right down Scotch St. & the Windmill Hill from the the O'Neill Castle on Castle Hill. The old castle is behind the buildings at the top of Market Square, behind the old Ulster Bank & Police Barracks.


Photographs kindly donated by Robert Alexander

Scotch Street, Dungannon


Howard Terrace, Dungannon


The Square, Dungannon


Church Street, Dungannon


Dungannon Market


Royal School, Dungannon


Northland House


War Memorial


Entrance to Ranfurley Park, Dungannon

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