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Gallon Townlands, Ardstraw Parish - 1834

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Gallon Townlands, Ardstraw Parish - 1834

Transcribed by Brian Magaoidh

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NOTE: Gallon is a group of townlands in Ardstraw parish, just outside Newtownstewart, populated by native Irish. This survey is a tithe substitute and is useful as a number of the listed tenants do not appear in the Ardstraw tithe applotment book.


William John Bradley (Guildhall Press 2000, ISBN.0946451575)

The Farmers paying tithes for land in Gallon Upper, Gallon Lower and Gallon Sessiagh for 1834 were as follows:

Gallon Upper:

E & O Quinn & McCrystal & Devlin (Meenatumigan)
Patrick (sen), Patrick (jr) & M Devlin (Meenaheap)
John, Manus, Neal (sen) Neal (jr) & Js McColgan
Charles McColgan (Aghnahassan)
James & John McAnelly (Aghnahassan)
A McAnelly & John Brogan (Aghnahassan)
F McLaughlin, John McCrory, B Devlin
B McCulla, James and Ann Kelly (Aghnaglarig)
Michael, Owen and James McGarvey
Ed and Michael Hagan (Aghnaglarig)
Michael, Neil (sen), Neil (jr) McNamee (Crockatore)
Brine, Ellen, Owen (sen), Owen (jr) James, Charles & Bernard McNamee (Crockatore)
Neal. Oen, Dennis, David McNamee, Hugh McCurristel (Magherabrick)

Gallon Lower:

Dennis Morris
Phil Quinn and C Brogan
P Quinn, A Brogan, William Cassidy
Henry & Chas Bradley & James McConnell
James Hutchinson
John McLaughlin
Daniel and James McLaughlin
John, Thomas, James, Wm & Chas Hutchinson

Gallon Sessiagh:

John Morris and Denis McNally
Ed Quinn and James Morris
Ed Quinn
Charles Devlin
James McAleer
Edward and Owen Quinn
Widow Morris and Thomas McMenamin
Dennis Morris
John Bradley and Brine Morris
Denis Morris

John Bradley (p.44-45)

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