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Newry Commercial Telegraph (microfilm)

Transcribed & Compiled by Alison Causton

The following article was transcribed from the

Newry Commercial Telegraph (microfilm)

by permission of The British Library. This reprint is intended *SOLELY* for the non-commercial use of family historians, with the sincere hope that someone may find the content useful.

Transcribed by Alison Causton

25 May 1813
On the 12th inst. by the Rev. James Cunningham, Mr. James Morrow, of Caledon, officer of excise, to Sarah, daughter of the late Mr. Gilbert Kirker, of Belfast.

1 Jan 1828
WHEREAS, on Sunday the 12th day of August last, about the hour of Two o'Clock in the afternoon, a Mob of at least Fifty Persons, well supplied with fire-arms, and provided with crow-bars, and such  instruments, came to the Townland of TULLY, in the Parish of LANGFIELD, and in the County of TYRONE, and levelled to the ground a Dwelling House  thereon, the property of CHAS. SPROULE, sen., of GRANNAN, in the said  County, the mason work of which had just been completed, and destroyed all the timber, &c. used in building the same ; and when CHARLES SPROULE, jun. son of the above, for whom the House was intended, appeared, several Shots were fired at him, by individuals of this party, and with difficulty, he succeeded in escaping.

Now We, the undersigned, holding in abhorrence such atrocious villainy, and perfectly convinced that if the Perpetrators shall (in this case) be suffe red to escape with impunity, there will neither be safety for the Persons or the Property of any Individuals, residing in the exposed situations in this part of the Country, who may happen to become obnoxious to any of the Party (we mean  Rockites), of which these ruffians are supposed to be members, do hereby offer a reward of

Three Hundred Pounds Sterling,

Payable in proportion to the Sums respectively an- nexed to our Names, to any Person or Persons who shall, within Twelve Calendar Months from the date hereof, give Information against, and afterwards prosecute in Conviction, any  considerable number of the Principals or Accessories engaged in this  nefarious transaction ; And we also, in like manner, off the Sum of

Fifty Pounds Sterling,

for such private Information, within the same time, and with strictest secrecy observed, as shall lead to the Conviction of any considerable number as aforesaid.

Application to be made to JAMES GALBRAITH, of JAMES WILSON, Esqrs. ;or to Chief Constable DUFF, all of Omagh; or to ANDREW SPROULE, ofGrannan .--

Dated this 21st day of December, 1827.

[Here follows the List of Subscribers, with the Sums opposite their respectivenames, amounting in all to the Sum of £785.]
Dublin Castle, 21st Dec. 1827.

The LORD LIEUTENANT for the better apprehending and bringing to Justice, the Persons concerned in the Outrage Committed on CHAS. SPROULE, jun. is pleased hereby to promise His Majesty's most gracious Pardon to any of them (except the Person who fired the Shots), who shall, within Six Months from the date here- of, discover his Accomplices, so as they, or any of them,
be convicted.
Given at His Majesty's Castle of Dublin, the 21st day of December, 1827.
By His Excellency's Command,
596 WM. LAMB

11 Jan 1828
On the 8th inst. at the residence of the lady's father, by the Rev. Jas. Wilson, of Leacompher, Mr. RICHARD TENER, of the Bank of Ireland Office, Newry, to MARY, eldest daughter of Mr. David Brown, of Donaghmore, County Tyrone, merchant.

12 February 1828
County of Tyrone.
THE DWELLING HOUSE and LANDS of KILMEAKm (late the residence of WILLIAM MURRAY, Esq. deceased,) handsomely situated, and within three minutes of the Town of Dungannon.
This is a most desirable residence for a Country Gentleman, being so contiguous to one of the best Market Towns in the North of Ireland, enjoying the advantages of a well established Classical School, at present conducted by  the Rev. MORTIMER O¹SULLIVAN, and in the immediate vicinity of the Collieries of DRUMGLASS and COAL ISLAND. The DWELLING HOUSE is large and commodious, with suitable OFFICES, all in perfect Order, with an excellent GARDEN, enclosed with a Wall, and well Stocked. The GROUNDS contain about 84 Acres of excellent quality, and in a high state of Cultivation,  having an abundance of LIME-STONE and SPRING WATER, and are held by Lease for Lives Renewable for Ever.
The Purchasher can be accommodated with an adjoining FARM, containing  21A. 0R. 4P. held by Lease for One Life, at the small Yearly Rent of £25 11s. 0d.
If the above Premises shall not be disposed of by PRIVATE SALE, they will be SOLD BY PUBLIC AUCTION, in DUNGANNON, of which due Notice will be given. Immediate possession may be had.
Particulars may be known on application (if by letter, post-paid,) to ANDREW NEWTON, Solicitor, DUNGANNON ; or at 22, Capel street, DUBLIN ; or to Mr. ROBERT SMITH, DUNGANNON will receive Proposals, and agree with a Purchaser.

19 February 1828
On WEDNESDAY, 27th instant, SUNDRY GOODS, the property of the late JONATHAN HOGG, consisting of HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, House Linen, China, Glass and Earthenware ; and Horses, Cattle, &c., Wheat and Oats, in Stack, Hay, Potatoes, Turf, Two Jaunting Cars and Gig, with Farming Utensils ; also a Cloth Press, and some old Bleaching Machinery, &c. &c.Sale to commence at ELEVEN o¹Clock each day, and continue till all are Disposed of.
N. B. Saddle or Harness, or would make an excellent Hunter. Terms Duty. REDFORD, 2d Month, (Feb.) 18, 1828.

29 February 1828
On 19th inst. in the Church of Caledon [Co Tyrone], GEORGE RANKIN, Esq. of Enniskillen [Co Fermanagh], Solicitor, to JANE ELIZA, only daughter of the late Mr. John Cochrane, of same place, merchant.

29 February 1828
County of Longford, at Longford, Wednesday, 5th March.
Cavan, at Cavan, Saturday, 8th.
Fermanagh, at Enniskillen, Thursday, 13th.
Tyrone, at Omagh, Monday, 17th.
Donegal, at Lifford, Friday, 21st.
City and County of Londonderry, at Londonderry, Tuesday, 25th.
Justices,- Hon. Baron M¹Clelland,, Hon. Justice Johnson,
Registers,- William Crozier, Esq., William Lewis, Esq.

3 March 1828
THE INTEREST in the LEASE to be SOLD BY AUCTION, on FRIDAY the 14thof MARCH, 1828. It consists of a small, neat HOUSE, with requisite Offices, ORCHARD, GARDEN, and 20 English Acres of Meadow, Pasture, and Arable LAND ; held under the Right Hon. the Earl of CALEDON for 2 Lives and 21 Years (14 of which are unexpired), at the Annual Rent of £21 9s. 6d. sterling. The Land is in good condition, and on it and on the House and Premises have been expended upwards of £300.
The Sale to commence at TWELVE o¹Clock, and the Purchaser to pay the King¹s Duty. Terms or approved Security at 6 and 12 months. May be seen daily from 11 to 2 o¹Clock.

3 March 1828
At his house, in Tamnamore, Co. Tyrone, RICHARD LLOYD, Esq., deservedly regretted by a numerous circle of highly respectable friends.

7 March 1828
On the 27th ult., in Bellaghy Church [Co Derry], by the Rev. Thomas Spotswood, Rector of Ballyscullion, Mr. H. CAULFIELD HAZLETON, of Dungannon [Co Tyrone], to ISABELLA, youngest daughter of the late Hugh Drake, Esq. 1st Lieut. Royal Navy, Bellaghy.

7 March 1828
The Caledon Branch of the North West Farming Society of Ireland held its fifth annual ploughing match in a field of Mr. Joseph Irwin, Dian, on Thursday the  28th ult. The Judges appointed upon the occasion were Messrs. John Vogan, Benjamin Oliver, and Alexander Pringle whose knowledge in that department could not easily be excelled. 12 ploughs were on the field by 11 o¹clock, but owing to others that had entered not having made their appearance, they detained longer than usual, and at 12 o¹clock those 12 started in very fine style, the signal being given by the sound of a bugle from the Band of the Royal Tyrone Militia, who attended upon the occasion, dressed in their state uniforms, and helped much to enliven the scene, by playing many appropriate tunes while the struggle was going on between the different competit ors. At 20 minutes past two the different ploughmen had finished their respective lots, in general, in a very masterly style. The Judges then proceeded to execute theirtask, which was no easy matter ; the successful candidates had finished their  work in such a manner, that lots had actually to be cast in two cases, it being impossible for the Judges otherwise to decide. We observed on the field, during the contest, the worthy Baronet, Sir James M. Stronge, William Irwin, Mount Irwin, Esq., and many other members of the Tynan Branch. The day being fine the field was crowded with spectators, among whom were a number  of very handsome females.

About half past 5 the Society, about 40 in number, sat down to a most excellent dinner, provided with every delicacy of the season, in Taylor¹s Inn, Caledon. It was served up in Mr. Taylor¹s best style ; and too much praise cannot be given to him, for his exertions upon this, as well as every similar occasion. Captain Lodge, in the absence of Earl Caledon, was called to the Chair ; William Alexander, Esq. acted as Croupier. The cloth being removed, the following toasts were given ; and to each of which, the following tunes were played by  the band, who was in attendance in an adjoining room :--

The King. Clarence and the Navy. and the Army. It was then directed that the Secretary should read out the manner in which the prizes had been adjudged. 1st, to Mr. Hoey, of Dian. 2d, to Mr. Irwin, of Dian.3d, to Mr. Pringle, of Killenaul.4th, to Mr. Carrol, of Cavinboy. The Caledon Branch was then given. Plough. The Successful Candidates. Unsuccessful Candidates. The Judge of the day. Mr. Vogan returned thanks in  a neat and appropriate speech. Earl Caledon. Stewart¹s March. Countess of
Caledon. Hardwick¹s March. Lord Alexander. Step. Lord Lieutenant andProsperity to Ireland.

Patrick¹s Day.
Many other toasts were drunk upon the occasion, and the party all separated about 12 o¹clock, highly pleased with the amusement of the day and the  entertainments of the evening.

11 March 1828
REFORMATION SOCIETY. Reformation Society took place at Omagh [Co Tyrone] on Tuesday last, according to appointment, and the Chair was taken by the High Sheriff at twelve o¹clock. The speakers on the Protestant side were, the Rev. Mr. Ahill, Captain Gordon, Rev. Mr. Tombs, and Rev. Gideon Ouseley, Methodist Irish Missionary. The chair was also addressed in turn by three Roman Catholic Priests, who requested that the meeting should be adjourned till next day at twelve o¹clock, when the business of the Society was to have been proceeded with. The majority of the persons who attended were Roman Catholics, who listened with the greatest attention, and all separated in the most peaceable and orderly manner.

Captains Gordon and Vernon have proceeded from Omagh [Co Tyrone] to Derry, where they are to hold a meeting and form a Branch of the Reformation Society on Tuesday. They will hold a similar meeting in Ballyme na on the 18th. They will be in Belfast on the 25th ; and in Downpatrick on the first of April.

18 March 1828
On the 28th ult., Edward Caulfield, Esq., son to Lieutenant-Colonel James Caulfield, Loy-house, County Tyrone, completed his 21st year ; in consequence of which event, the town of Stewartstown was most splendidly and tastefully illuminated. On the above occasion, a feeling of the most intense interest was excited, and extended to all the inhabitants, each vicing [sic] with the other in manifesting a regard, long and sincerely cherished, for that highly respectable young gentleman.

21 March 1828
On the 7th inst. in St. Mary¹s Church, Dublin, by the Rev. M. White, JAMES GORDON SIMPSON, of the County of Tyrone, Esq. to SARAH, second daughter of Adam Boyd, of Henry street, Dublin, Esq.

On the 11th inst., by the Rev. Robert Henry, in the Church of St. Martin¹s,  Portadown, JOHN ROBINSON, Esq., Surgeon, to HANNAH, eldest daughter of Richard Sheppard, of Stewartstown, Esq.

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