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Coagh Marriage Announcements 1840-69

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Coagh Marriage Announcements 1840-69
Marriages recorded in Coagh, Co. Tyrone, extracted from personal notices inserted in the LONDONDERRY SENTINEL & LONDONDERRY STANDARD

Transcribed & Compiled by Len Swindley

August 1 1840

On Friday, the 31st ult., at Trimra, by the Rev. John Stott, the REV. ROBERT HOLMES, Presbyterian Minister of Coagh, to JANE, third daughter of the late MR. DAVID KING

February 25 1843

On the 4th inst., at Drumads, by the Rev. Robert Holmes, Presbyterian Minister, Coagh, DAVID BELL, ESQ., of Windmill Place, to MISS ELIZA CATHERINE, only daughter of JOHN HAMILTON, ESQ., of Drumads

April 29 1843

On the 18th inst., in Coagh Church, by the Rev. V.D. Christian, MR. WILLIAM BURNS, of Omagh, to MARY ANNE, second daughter of the late MR. THOMAS WALSH, Templeplate[?] Cottage, county Monaghan

November 28 1851

On the 11th inst., at the Presbyterian Church, Ballygonney, by the Rev. Robert Holmes, JAMES DUFF, ESQ., Flood Lodge, Coagh, to MARY JANE, eldest daughter of the late WILLIAM HOGG, ESQ., Annahavil, Moneymore, county Derry

February 20 1852

On the 12th inst., at Coagh Presbyterian Church, JAMES McWHINNY, ESQ., Lakeview, Castledawson, to ISABELLA JANE CHARLES, eldest daughter of W. CHARLES, ESQ., Cookstown

November 28 1856

At the Presbyterian Church, Castledawson, on the 13th inst., by the Rev. Dr. Barnett, of Moneymore, ROBERT BRYSON, ESQ., of Coagh, to MARGARET, eldest daughter of the late DAVID McKEE, ESQ., of Green View, Castledawson

January 23 1857

On the 15th inst., at the Presbyterian Church, Strabane, by the Rev. Dr. Goudy, MR. THOMAS SMYTH, of the City of Dublin, youngest son of the late MR. SAMUEL SMYTH, of Coagh, to ISABELLA, second daughter of MR. AARON McINTIRE, of Cooleslin, county Donegal

June 5 1857

On the 23rd ult., at Cookstown, by the Rev. Mr. Wilson, Presbyterian Minister, JOSEPH ANDERSON, ESQ., of Ballymaguire, to SUSANNA, second daughter of the late MR. JOHN BELL, of Windmill Place, near Coagh, in county Tyrone

March 25 1859

March 15, in the Presbyterian Church, Glenwherry, by the Rev. T.Y. Killen, Ballykelly, brother of the bride, SAMUEL ELLISON EKIN, ESQ., Coagh, Moneymore, to JANE, daughter of the late EDWARD KILLEN, ESQ., Glenville

May 3 1864

April 27, at Lucan [Co. Dublin]Church, by the Rev. Charles Holt Ensell, ROBERT NEWTON, ESQ., Coagh, county Tyrone, to BESSIE, daughter of W.P. GEOGHEGAN, M.D., Lucan

November 18 1864

November 15, in the Reformed Presbyterian Church, Drumbolg, by the Rev. James A. Smith, MR. JAMES McKEOWN, Coagh, county Tyrone, to NANNIE, third daughter of MR. FREDERICK PATTERSON, Lislea, near Kilrea, county Derry

June 20 1865

June 14, at Ballygonney, Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. G. Macloskie, A.M., MR. WILLIAM McKEOWN, Coagh, to ELIZA, only daughter of MR. ROBERT NEIRIE, Littlebridge, county Derry

July 11 1865

June 28, at Tamlaght Church, by the Rev. Samuel Twigg, Rector, MR. JOHN HAMMERSLEY, Derrygarve, Castledawson, to MARY AMELIA, fourth daughter of MR. SWENARTON, Fairview House, Coagh

August 1 1865

July 25, in Ardboe Church, by the Rev. Dr. De Burg, Rector, MR. JAMES LESLIE, of Scregga, Fintona, to MATILDA, youngest daughter of HUGH WHITE, ESQ., Brookend, Coagh

August 11 1865

August 8, in the Second Presbyterian Church, Moneymore, by the Rev. Robert Holmes, assisted by the Rev. Mr. Sinclair, D. McKEEMAN, ESQ., of Garvagh, to MARY fourth daughter of the late SAMUEL CROOKS, ESQ., of Lower Coagh

November 21 1865

November 15, in Tamlaght Church, by the Rev. Samuel Twigg, Rector, MR. ROBERT BEATTY, of Mullaghorory, Coagh, to SARAH, youngest daughter of MR. ALEXANDER COOKE, of Tamlaght

September 20 1867

September 14, at St. Anne's Church, Belfast, MR. ROBERT DUFF, Belfast, to MARGARET JANE, daughter of MR. GEORGE FLEMING, Ballygonny, near Coagh, county Tyrone

November 5 1867

October 31, in the Parish Church, Tamlaght, Coagh, by the Rev. Samuel Twigg, Rector, MR. ROBERT McELVENA, Coagh, to MISS MARGARET CUSHLY, of the same Place

July 17 1868

July 14, in the First Presbyterian Meeting House, Garvagh, by the Rev. T. Magill, MR. JOHN SPEIRS, teacher, Coagh, to MARY ANN, second daughter of MR. JAMES CAMPBELL, Garvagh

June 4 1869

June 1, at the Presbyterian Church, Coagh, by the Rev. Robert Holmes, M.A., THOMAS TAYLOR, ESQ., of Ballydonnell, county Derry, to MARGARET, eldest daughter of MR. JOHN ELLIOT, Mullawhitra, Coagh, county Tyrone

December 14 1869

Dec. 9, in the First Presbyterian Church, Donaghadee [Co. Down], by the Rev. Dr. Bennett, Moneymore, ALEXANDER BECKETT, ESQ., M.D., to SARAH, daughter of the late JOHN ELKIN, ESQ., Coagh, county Tyrone

December 14 1869

Dec. 10, at Tamlaght Church, by the Rev. Edward O'Bryen Pratt, Kilkeel, county Down, ARMAR G. LOWRY, Captain, 8th, The King's Regiment, youngest son of CAPTAIN W. LOWRY, Drumreagh, county Tyrone, to MARGARET, youngest daughter of the late ROBERT NEWTON, ESQ., Coagh, county Tyrone

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