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Clonfeacle Parish Marriage Announcements, 1832-69

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Clonfeacle Parish Marriage Announcements, 1832-69
Marriages recorded in Clonfeacle Parish, Co. Tyrone, extracted from personal notices inserted in the LONDONDERRY SENTINEL & LONDONDERRY STANDARD

Transcribed & Compiled by Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia

October 20 1832

BROOKE-DONNELLY. On Wednesday week, at Moy Church, county Tyrone, THOMAS BROOKE, ESQ., of Loughesk, county Donegal, to SUSANNAH MARIA, third daughter of JOHN DONNELLY, ESQ., of Blackwatertown, county Armagh

September 5 1835

BURNSIDE-HENDERSON. On the 26th ult., at Moy Church, the REV. WILLIAM SMYTH BURNSIDE, assistant Chaplain of St. Patrick's Church, Newry, son of the late MATTHEW JAMES BURNSIDE, ESQ., of Corcreevy, county Tyrone, to ANNE, only daughter of the late JOHN HENDERSON, ESQ., of Grange, county Tyrone

November 17 1838

EYRE-RICHARDSON. On the 8th inst., at Benburb Church, by the Rev. Henry Kennedy, THOMAS EYRE, ESQ., of Benburb Castle, county Tyrone, to HESTER ELIZABETH, widow of the late REV. CHARLES RICHARDSON, of Moy

April 6 1839

KEARNEY-MAJOR. April 3, at Derrygortreavy Church, by the Rev. Alexander Major, the REV. MICHAEL NEVILLE KEARNEY, Curate of Caledon, to REBECCA, youngest daughter of the late ALEXANDER MAJOR, ESQ., Portstewart, county Derry

April 6 1839

PATTERSON-DONALDSON. On the 3rd inst., at Derrygortreavy Church, by the Rev. William Thompson, JAMES PATTERSON, ESQ., of Bark Hall, Letterkenny, county Donegal, to MISS DONALDSON, of Dungannon

June 8 1839

SPENCE-McKELL. On the 20th ult., by the Rev. John Armstrong, Wesleyan Minister, MR. ANDREW SPENCE, of Dungannon, to ELIZA, fourth daughter of the late MR JAMES McKELL, of Moy

November 2 1839

MUSSEN-HOBSON. On the 27th ult., in the Chapel of Ease, Moy, by the Rev. James Disney, THOMAS son of MR. J. MUSSEN, of Lisburn, to ELIZA, youngest daughter of the late MR. JOHN HOBSON, of Grange, county Tyrone

February 6 1841

CORRIGAN-SINCLAIR. On the 20th inst., in the Armagh Cathedral, by the Rev. Mr. Irwin, MR. SAMUEL CORRIGAN, Moss Spring, Moy, to MARGARET, only daughter of THOMAS SINCLAIR, ESQ., of Fairlawn

April 23 1842

CORRIGAN-HAMILTON. On the 13th inst., at the house of her father, by the Rev. John Holmes, Wesleyan Minister, JANE, daughter of MR. ROBERT CORRIGAN, Mosspring, Moy, to the REV. ROBERT HAMILTON, Wesleyan Minister, Pettigo

October 8 1842

SIMPSON-REGAN. On Tuesday, the 20th ult., in Moy Church, by the Rev. J. Leech, MR. J. SIMPSON, landsteward at the Argorey, to MISS JANE REGAN, of same Place

January 21 1843

BEWGLAS-HURST. January 10, by the Rev. Mr. Brown, of Moy, and at the house of the bride's brother, DR. HURST, Belfast, the REV. JAMES BEWGLAS, A.M., Minister of the Independent Church, to ELIZABETH BLACKMORE, daughter of MR. CHARLES HURST, Donaghadee

May 27 1843

LILBURN-MANN. On the 11th inst., at Derrygortreavy Church, by the Rev. A. Major, MR. THOMAS LILBURN, proprietor of the Ranfurly Arms Hotel, Dungannon, to ELIZA, daughter of DEAN MANN, ESQ., near Nine Mile House, county of Tyrone

November 29 1845

TIPPIN-WATSON. By License, on the 15th inst., by the District Registrar, at his office in Dungannon, MR. WILLIAM TIPPIN, to MISS FANNY WATSON, both of Moy

May 13 1848

KING-GERGUSON. On the 27th ult., at Burnside House, Hamilton, by the Rev. William Buchan, the REV. ANDREW KING, Minister of Free St. Stephen's, Glasgow, to MATILDA, fourth daughter of the late PATRICK FERGUSON, ESQ., Lisdermot House, Tyrone

June 9 1849

HOBSON-PILLAR. On the 30th ult., at the Friends' Meeting House, Grange, county Tyrone, MR. BENJAMIN HOBSON, merchant, Belfast, to ELIZABETH, youngest daughter of the late JAMES PILLAR, Culkerin, Moy, county Tyrone

September 14 1849

WYLIE-VERNER. On the 31st August, at Milltown Church, near Verner's Bridge, county Armagh, by the Rev. Charles Crosslie, MR. WILLIAM WYLIE, of Derryfubble, near Benburb, county Tyrone, to ELIZABETH, eldest daughter of MR. THOMAS VERNER, Derryane, county Armagh

November 2 1849

DOBBIN-DONNELLY. October 25, at Benburb, county Tyrone, LEONARD HENRY DOBBIN, ESQ., of Hackney, near Charlemont, son of LEONARD H. DOBBIN, ESQ., formerly of the 1st Royal Regiment, to MARY ANNE, only child of the late PATRICK DONNELLY, ESQ., of Blackwatertown, county Armagh

February 22 1850

GREER-KNOX. February 14th, at Lorrha Church, by the Rev. Marcus McCausland, HENRY HARPUR GREER, Captain, 68th Light Infantry, eldest son of JOSEPH HENRY HARPUR GREER, The Grange, county Tyrone, to AGNES ISABELLA, youngest daughter of the VEN. THE ARCHDEACON OF KILLALOE, and granddaughter of the late HON. THE LORD BISHOP OF LIMERICK

October 24 1851

NEILL-MALLIN. On the 15th inst., in Moy Church, county Tyrone, by the Rev. Richard Wrightson, MR. JOHN NEILL, Belfast, to ELIZABETH HARRIETT, youngest daughter of the late REV. JOHN MALLIN, Primitive Wesleyan Minister

August 6 1852

DWYER-McKELL. On the 30th July, in the Wesleyan Chapel, Dungannon, by the Rev. John Armstrong, the REV. JOHN DWYER, to FRANCES MARIA, youngest daughter of the late MR. JAMES McKELL, of Moy, county Tyrone

April 29 1853

HAMILTON-RICHARDSON. April 20, at Longcrew Church, by the Rev. Thomas O'Rorke, Vicar of Longcrew, the REV. JAMES A. HAMILTON, M.A., to CHARLOTTE ELIZABETH, third daughter of the late CHARLES RICHARDSON, ESQ., of Annagh House, county Tyrone, formerly Major in the 86th Regiment

May 13 1853

WATSON-MONTGOMERY. On the 5th inst., at Benburb, by the Rev. Hugh Montgomery, brother to the bride, the REV. HUGH WATSON, Castlewellan [Co. Down], to MISS MONTGOMERY

April 9 1858

MAXWELL-SHORT. On the 26th ult., in Moy Church, by the Rev. Edward Short, Newcastle on Tyne, brother of the bride, MR. JAMES MAXWELL, merchant, Dungannon, to ELIZA, eldest daughter of MR. WILLIAM SHORT, Moy

July 9 1858

McCOY-REID. On the 23rd ult., in the Presbyterian Church, Eglish, by the Rev. David G. Smyth, MR. SAMUEL McCOY, Glasslough, county Monaghan, to MARY, youngest daughter of MR. JAMES REID, Mossmore, county Tyrone

March 30 1860

OLIVER-RICHARDSON. On the 22nd March, in Monkstown Church [Co. Dublin], by the Rev. J.A. Hamilton, A.M., brother in law of the bride, RICHARD OLIVER, ESQ., of Brookville, Kilanane, county Limerick, to JANE, the youngest daughter of the late MAJOR RICHARDSON, 86th Regiment, of Annagh, Aughnacloy, in the county of Tyrone

June 15 1860

WAKEFIELD-RICHARDSON. -On the 6th June, at Friends' Meeting House, Grange, George Edward Fox, of Kingsbridge, Devonshire, to JANE WAKEFIELD, the eldest daughter of JAMES G. RICHARDSON, of Trew Mount, county Tyrone

October 19 1860

TWIBELL-DIX (HAMILTON). October 10, in Moy Church, by the Rev. T.J. Smyth, assisted by the Rev. R. Wrightson, the REV WILLIAM TWIBILL, to JANE, relict of the late REV. WILLIAM DIX, and daughter of the late REV. ARCHIBALD HAMILTON, of Mount Barnard, county Tyrone

October 11 1861

WRIGHT-STEVENSON. October 3, in the Parish Church of Clonfeacle, county Tyrone, by the father of the bride, WALTER FOLLET WRIGHT, 4th Regiment Madras Native Infantry, fourth son of COLONEL GEORGE WRIGHT, late Madras Army, to ADELAIDE ROSALIE, fourth daughter of the REV. JOSEPH STEVENSON, Incumbent of Clonfeacle

March 14 1862

EYRE-MONSARRAT. March 11, at Trinity Church, Rathmines, by the REV. HENRY MONSARRAT, M.A., Curate of Cheltenham, uncle of the bride, EDWARD, eldest son of the late THOMAS EYRE, of Benburb Castle, county Tyrone, to MARION, daughter of NICHOLAS W. MONSARRAT, ESQ., of Summerhill, and Milltown House, county Dublin

May 2 1862

STEVENSON-CARDOVE. March 1, at St. Thomas's Church, Madras, by the Venerable the Archdeacon of Madras, KENLIS FERGUS STEVENSON, Lieutenant 43rd Regiment, M.N.I., eldest son of the REV. JOSEPH STEVENSON, Rector of Clonfeacle, county Tyrone, to MARGARET, youngest daughter of B. CARDOVE, ESQ., Municipal Commissioner

August 15 1862

HUTTON-GREER. August 6, in St. George's Parish Church, Dublin, by the Rev. Thomas Twigg, Vicar of Swords, assisted by the Rev. D.A. Browne, Curate of St. George's, EDWARD HUTTON, ESQ., M.D., 5 Merrion Square South, to MARIA, third daughter of MAJOR GREER, D.L., and J.P., Grange, county Tyrone, and 18 Gardiner's Place, Dublin

September 19 1862

CLARK-CLARK. September 10, in the Presbyterian Church, Sixmilecross, by the Rev. William Thomas Junk, MR. ANDREW CLARK, of Nottingham, to MATILDA, the eldest daughter of MR. JOHN CLARK, Beragh, county Tyrone

September 4 1863

WOODS-CHARLES. June 15, at Skipton, Australia, by the Rev. T.W. Whan, MITCHELL WOODS, ESQ., son of CHARLES WOODS, ESQ., Moygashel, Dungannon, to MISS MARGARET CHARLES, only daughter of the late ALEXANDER CHARLES, ESQ., shipowner, Greenock, Scotland

October 16 1863

GREER-FITZGERALD. On the 13th October, in St. Stephen's Church, Dublin, by the Rev. Thomas Hamblin Porter, D.D., Rector of Desertcreight, county of Tyrone, assisted by the Rev. Dominick A. Brown, of Little George's, Dublin, THOMAS H. GREER, ESQ., R.A., of 8 Mount Street Crescent, Dublin, the youngest son of the late MAJOR JOSEPH GREER, of Grange, D.L., and J.P., to GERALDINE ELIZABETH BLENNERHASSETT FITZGERALD, the eldest daughter of the KNIGHT OF GLINN, Glinn Castle, county of Limerick

December 11 1863

EBBITT-IRWIN. December 8, at Wesleyan Chapel, Moy, by the Rev. John Dwyer, Dungannon, WILLIAM EBBITT, ESQ., Kingstown, to LETITIA, eighth daughter of the late MR. JOSEPH IRWIN, Dungannon

February 26 1864

CANE-STEVENSON. February 23, at Leixlip Church, by the father of the bride, ARTHUR BERESFORD CANE, ESQ., of Collinstown, county Dublin, to ELIZA, eldest daughter of the REV. JOSEPH STEVENSON, Rector of Clonfeacle, county Tyrone

October 4 1864

MURDOCH-MOLYNEUX. On the 29th September, in the First Presbyterian Church, Armagh, by the Rev. Jackson Smyth, ROBERT MURDOCH, ESQ., Moy, to JANE, second daughter of MR. WILLIAM MOLYNEAUX, Killead, county Antrim

August 11 1865

McKENZIE-BEATTIE. August 4, at Kingstown Wesleyan Church, by the Rev. J.D. Powell, MR. JAMES McKENZIE, of Benburb, county Tyrone, to LIZZIE, eldest daughter of MR. WILLIAM BEATTIE, of Holywood, county Down

November 28 1865

HANNA-CLARKE. November 24, at Moy Church, by the Rev. Richard Wrightson, MR. WILLIAM HANNA, to ELLEN, eldest daughter of MR. JOHN CLARKE, Dungannon

January 19 1866

GREEVES-McREYNOLDS. On the 15th January, at Coalisland Church, by the Rev. W.J.M. Young, Incumbent, WILLIAM GREEVES, ESQ., eldest son of the late WILLIAM GREEVES, ESQ., of Grange Farm, Moy, to MARY, youngest daughter of the late WILLIAM McREYNOLDS, ESQ., of Kingsmill, Ardtrea, Stewartstown, county Tyrone

July 13 1866

GARNETT-BLACK. At Friends’ Meeting House, Waterford, MR. EDWARD GARNETT, of Newtown, to ANNIE, daughter of HENRY and RUTH BLACK, of Grange, county Tyrone

November 23 1866

STEVENSON-DOBBIE. On the 12th September, at All Saints' Church, Coonoor, Neilgherry Hills, India, by the Rev. C. Rhenius, Chaplain of Coonoor, KENLIS FERGUS STEVENSON, ESQ., Lieutenant H.M.'s 14th Regiment, M.N.I., the eldest son of the REV. J. STEVENSON, Clonfeacle, county Tyrone, to ANNIE AGATHA SHEDDON, the eldest daughter of COLONEL GEORGE STAPLE DOBBIE, Commandant H.M. 14th Regiment, N.I.

October 28 1867

BELL-PROCTOR. October 18, at Drumcree church [Co. Armagh], by the Rev. G. Hunt, MR. THOMAS BELL, Derrycreevy, county Tyrone, to MISS MARGARET PROCTOR, Canagola Beg, county Armagh

February 18 1868

BLOOMER-REID. February 11, in the Eglish Presbyterian Church, by the Rev. David G. Smith, MR. THOMAS BLOOMER, of Drain, to MISS GRACE REID, of Cadian, both of the county Tyrone

March 10 1868

WILSON-McDONALD. March 4, at Killyman Parish Church, by the Rev. James Disney, Rector, WILLIAM, sixth son of the late JOHN WILSON, ESQ., Roan Mill, Coalisland, to MARY LOUISA, eldest daughter of JOHN McDONALD, ESQ., Cohannon House, Moy, county Tyrone

April 28 1868

QUINN-GOODWIN. April 21, at St. Malachi's Roman Catholic Church, Belfast, by the Rev. Geoffrey Brennan, Adm., MR. HUGH QUINN, Belfast, to ROSE A., youngest daughter of CHARLES GOODWIN, ESQ., Moy, county Tyrone

May 1 1868

HUTTON-GREER. April 29, at St. Peter's Church, Dublin, by the Rev. D.E. Browne, DARNTON HUTTON, ESQ., of Wester Hout, Haarlem [Netherlands], to ANNA, daughter of the late JOSEPH GREER, ESQ., D.L., J.P., the Grange, county Tyrone

May 15 1868

GIBSON-JOHNSON. May 7, at Howth Church, by the Rev. Edward Johnson, brother of the bride, ROBERT E. GIBSON, ESQ., Ballinakill. Westmeath, to MARGARET, youngest daughter of the late GALBRAITH JOHNSON, ESQ., of Moy, county Tyrone

December 18 1868

BURTON-DAVIDSON. December 10, at Annaghmore Church, by the Rev. John Blackburn Kane, Incumbent, JOHN BURTON, Lakeview Lodge, Lisnacroy, Benburb, to ELIZA JANE, eldest daughter of THOMAS DAVIDSON, Ardress, Loughgall, county Armagh

May 7 1869

CALLWELL-SMITH. May 4, at Benburb, county Tyrone, by the Rev. Joseph Stevenson, Rector, MR. JOHN CALLWELL, merchant, Glasgow, to MINNIE JANE, daughter of THOMAS SMITH, ESQ., of Garvagh

September 3 1869

BARCROFT-PIKE. August 25, at the Friends’ Meeting House, Grange, JONATHAN HOGG BARCROFT, fifth son of the late JOHN PIM BARCROFT, of Stangmore House, county Tyrone, to MARGARET, second daughter of RICHARD PIKE, Beechgrove, county Tyrone

October 22 1869

BALL-AGNEW. October 13, in the Parish Church, Moy, county Tyrone, by the Rev. H.B. Carter, Incumbent, MR. WILLIAM BALL, Limerick, to MARY LOWRY, seventh daughter of the late MR. THOMAS AGNEW, Dungannon

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