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Ardstraw Parish Marriage Announcements 1814-39

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Ardstraw Parish Marriage Announcements 1814-39
Marriages recorded in Ardstraw Parish, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland, extracted from personal notices inserted in the STRABANE MORNING POST, LONDONDERRY JOURNAL, LONDONDERRY SENTINEL & LONDONDERRY STANDARD

Transcribed, Compiled & Submitted by Len Swindley, Melbourne, Australia

September 13 1814

HUNTER-MOORE. Married at Newtownstewart on the 9th inst, by the Rev. George Huston, JAMES HUNTER, ESQ., Surgeon, of Islington Green, near London, to MISS MOORE of Drumclamph

November 7 1815

LORD CHANCELLOR-BUTLER. On Thursday last, the 2d inst. was married by Special License, at Baron’s Court, the seat of the Marquis of Abercorn, the RIGHT HON. THE LORD CHANCELLOR OF IRELAND, to the HON. MISS BUTLER, sister of LORD CAHIR

April 27 1824

MAXWELL-McCAY. By the Rev. James Adams Thursday se’nnight, MR JOSEPH MAXWELL, of Drumlegagh, to MARGARET daughter of MR JOHN McCAY of Kilreal

May 18 1824

O’KANE-O’KANE. On Sunday the 9th inst. by the Rev. C. McCaffry, MR JOHN O’KANE of Newtownstewart, merchant, to SUSANNA O’KANE, eldest daughter of MR JAMES O’KANE, of Omagh

September 11 1827

AUCHINLECK-BURGOYNE. At Newtownstewart Church, on Wednesday the 5th September, instant, by the Rev. Richard H. Nash, ALEXANDER AUCHINLECK, ESQ. to MARGARET, daughter to SIR J. J. BURGOYNE, of Strabane

October 23 1827

KNOX-HUNTER. On Thursday last, by Rev. James Purss, MR DAVID KNOX of Ballaught, to ELIZA, eldest daughter of GEORGE HUNTER of Sion

January 20 1829

JACK-McFARLAND. By the Rev. Mathew Clarke on Tuesday last, MR JOHN JACK, of Meahey, to MARGARET, eldest daughter of MR PATRICK McFARLAND, of Dergbrough, Upper Badony

March 10 1829

QUIN-McHUGH. On Monday, the 2nd inst. MR JAMES QUIN, JUN. of Douglas, to BRIDGET, second daughter of MR ARTHUR McHUGH of Drumnabuoy, near Castlederg

January 5 1830

FAUSSETT-MATHEWSON. On Wednesday last, CHARLES FAUSSETT, ESQ. of Lisbofin [Co. Fermanagh], to MISS MATHEWSON, daughter of the late GALBRAITH MATHEWSON of Urblereagh, in this County

January 29 1831

GRAHAM-HOOD. On Friday evening last the 21st January, in the house of the young lady's father, by the Rev. Mr. Adams, MR. GRAHAM, of Newtownstewart, to MISS HOOD, eldest daughter of MR. HOOD, of Early Hill

May 21 1831

HARRISON-GASTON. On the 19th inst., in the Cathedral, Londonderry, by the Rev. Mr Seymour, MR HARRISON, of Newtownstewart, to MISS GASTON, daughter of MR GASTON, Buncrana [Co. Donegal]

May 21 1831

BARNWELL-GASTON. On the 19th inst., in the Cathedral, Londonderry, by the Rev. Mr. Seymour, MR. BARNWELL, of Newtownstewart, to MISS MARY ANNE GASTON, daughter of MR. GASTON, of Buncrana [Co. Donegal]

June 4 1831

McCAY-MAXWELL. At Castlederg, on Wednesday, the 1st of June, in the house of her brother, the Rev. Andrew Maxwell, by the Rev. James Adams, MR. ROBERT McCAY, of Kilrail, to ELIZABETH, only daughter of the late REV. ANDREW MAXWELL, of Drumlegagh, Parish of Ardstraw

June 18 1831

LOVE-McDONNELL. On the 8th inst., at the house of the Lady's mother, in Newtownstewart, by the Rev. Charles Adams, JAMES LOVE, ESQ., Surgeon of Termon Dispensary, county of Tyrone, to MISS MARY ANN McDONNELL

December 17 1831

JOHNSTON-HOPCROFT. On the 16th inst., by the Rev. Mr. Hughes, MR. JOHN JOHNSTON, to MISS JANE HOPCROFT, both of Newtownstewart

March 31 1832

FRASER-QUIGLEY. At the house of MRS CALDWELL, Lisnafin, near Newtownstewart, by the Rev. Mr. Martin, GEORGE FRASER, aged 69, to MISS QUIGLEY, aged 21. The happy bridegroom was just 10 days a widower, and is blind for a number of years past. Shortly after the ceremony was concluded, the happy pair set off to Drumahoe, the place of his own residence, and where we presume, they will spend their honeymoon

April 28 1832

HOOD-LEARD. On the 26th inst., at the house of Mr. John Ross, Pubble, by the Rev. Mr. Adams, MR. NATHANIEL HOOD, JUN., to CATHERINE ANNE, eldest daughter of MR. JOHN LEARD, of Newtownstewart

June 16 1832

McELREA-MARSHALL. On the 8th inst., by the Rev. Mr. Alexander, WILLIAM McELREA, ESQ., of Lisnatunney, to MARY ANNE, eldest daughter of EDWARD MARSHALL, ESQ., of Drumnahoe

November 27 1832

NELSON-McINTIRE. On the 23d inst. by the Rev. Mathew Clarke of Ardstraw, the REV. MATHEW NELSON, Wesleyan Preacher to MISS JANE, second daughter of WM. McINTIRE, ESQ., Stone Falls

March 12 1833

ROSS-HOLMES. On Thursday last, by the Rev. James Gamble, MR GRAHAM ROSS, of Nt. Stewart, to MISS HOLMES, daughter of MR SAMUEL HOLMES, of this town [Strabane]

April 27 1833

McMULLAN-ADAMS. On the 11th inst., by the Rev. Robert Gilkey, MR. SAMUEL McMULLAN, M.D., of Newtownstewart to MARY ANNE, daughter of the REV. ROBERT ADAMS, of Calkill, Omagh

May 4 1833

McPHILIMEY-FULTON. On the 1st inst., by the Rev. Charles Hemphill, MR. JAMES McPHILIMEY, of Newtownstewart, to MARY ANNE, eldest daughter of MR. JAMES FULTON, Droit

July 13 1833

KNOX-HUSTON. On Thursday week, the 4th inst., by the Rev. A.P. Goudy, MR. GEORGE KNOX, of Stonewall, Parish of Ardstraw, to MARGARET, daughter of the late HUGH HUSTON, of Drumnabuoy

January 4 1834

KNOX-McKEE. At Magheracolton, by the Rev. Matthew Clarke, Presbyterian Minister of Ardstraw, on Friday last, MR. WILLIAM KNOX, of Ballaght, to MISS McKEE, daughter of MR. MATTHEW McKEE, of Magheracolton

April 26 1834

BROOKE-CLARKE. On the 16th inst., by the Rev. James Purss, MR. JAMES BROOKE, of Scarvahern, nephew of the REV. HUGH BROOKE, of Burt, to MARGARET, sister of the REV. MATTHEW CLARKE, of Ardstraw

July 12 1834

NASH-SCHOALES. July 7, at St. Peter's Church, Dublin, RICHARD WEST NASH, eldest son of the REV. DR. NASH, of Moyle House, county of Tyrone, to ELIZABETH, daughter of JOHN SCHOALES, ESQ., K.C., Fitzwilliam Square, [Dublin]

July 21 1834

PATRICK-PATRICK. On Thursday the 8th inst., by the Rev. Mathew Clarke, WILLIAM PATRICK, ESQ. of Lislafferty, to MISS PATRICK, daughter of MR JOSEPH PATRICK, of same place

October 25 1834

CATHER-MATHEWSON. In the Church of Newtownstewart, yesterday morning, by the Rev. William Hughes, MR. JOSEPH CATHER, of this City [Londonderry], to ROSEANNA, second daughter of LAVENS MATHEWSON, ESQ

November 15 1834

MARTIN-DICKEY. On Tuesday last, at the residence of her father, by the Rev. Andrew Maxwell, the REV. JOHN MARTIN, of Newtownstewart, to JANE, 2nd daughter of the REV. WILLIAM DICKEY, of Carnone [Co. Donegal]

December 6 1834

MATHEWSON-MATHEWSON. In Montreal, on the 29th October, by the Rev. Mr. Cheatley, MR. JAMES MATHEWSON, late of Newtownstewart, Ireland, to ELIZA, only daughter of MR. JOHN MATHEWSON, Montreal

December 6 1834

HOOD-ANDERSON. On Friday week, in Newtownstewart, by the Rev. Charles Adams, MR. SAMUEL HOOD, merchant, to MARY, daughter of MR. ANDERSON, both of Newtownstewart

December 6 1834

HEMPTON-DUNCAN. On Tuesday last, in the Church of Newtownstewart, by the Rev. W. Hughes, MR. SAMUEL HEMPTON, to MISS DUNCAN, both of Newtownstewart

May 12 1835

PARK-WILSON. At Carnkenny, on the 30th inst. MR JOHN PARK of this town [Strabane], to REBECCA, eldest daughter of WILLIAM WILSON, ESQ. of same place

May 30 1835

ARMSTRONG-HUEY. On the 20th inst., by the Rev. A. Maxwell, Drumleggah, the REV. J. ARMSTRONG, of Castlederg, to MISS HUEY, daughter of MR. R. HUEY, JUNR., of Erganagh, and niece to SURGEON HUEY, of the 14th Light Dragoons, and the REV. W. LOVE, Golan

June 6 1835

HUNTER-HUSTON. On the 7th ult., by the Rev. Thomas Kernaghan, MR. JOHN HUNTER, Lisleen, to CATHERINE HUSTON, third daughter of the late MR. EZEKIEL HUSTON, Bolought

January 2 1836

BROWN-McFARLAND. On the 12th ult., MR. ALEXANDER BROWN, of Magheracrigan, to ISABELLA JANE, daughter of MR. JOHN McFARLAND, of Concess

May 7 1836

LOVE-DUNCAN. On the 21st ult., by the Rev. John Armstrong, at the house of her father, THOMAS LOVE, ESQ., of Listemore, to MISS JANE, second daughter of GEORGE DUNCAN, ESQ., of Lurganbuoy, county Tyrone

January 30 1836

ROSS-BORLAND. On the 26th inst., by the Rev. Mr. Hamilton, Cross Roads, near Omagh, MR. GRAHAM ROSS, merchant, Newtownstewart, to MISS MARGARET BORLAND, eldest daughter of MR. ROBERT BORLAND, of Gortnacre

April 2 1836

ROSS-ROSS. On the 29th ult., at the residence of her father, by the Rev. Charles Adams, of Newtownstewart, MR. JAMES ROSS, merchant, Newtownstewart, to ANNE, eldest daughter of MR. JOHN ROSS, of Pubble

December 20 1836

DONNELL-McKEE. Married on Thursday last at Magheracolton, MR THOMAS DONNELL of Woodend, to ELIZA, daughter of MATTHEW McKEE, of said place

December 27 1836

PATTERSON-TODD. Married at Glengush by the Rev. Matthew Clarke, MR JOHN PATTERSON of Ballybogan [Co. Donegal], to MARGARET, daughter of ROBERT TODD, ESQ., Glengush

October 28 1837

SMITH-McNEIL. On the 19th inst., in Omagh Church, by the Rev. Mr. Moore, MR. CHARLES SMITH, of Mountjoy Forest, to ELIZABETH, daughter of MR. A. McNEIL, of Newtownstewart

May 12 1838

PRATT-COLHOUN. May 1, in Cappagh Church, by the Rev. Charles Crossle, THOMAS PRATT, ESQ., of Newtownstewart, in the county of Tyrone, to REBECCA JONES, second daughter of ALEXANDER WILLIAM COLHOUN, ESQ., of Crosh House, same county

July 11 1838

HAMILTON-SPEER. Married on the 3rd inst, by the Rev. Mr. Gilkie of Omagh, the REV. JOHN HAMILTON, Presbyterian Minister of Cappagh, Crossroads, Mountjoy Forest, to MARY, sixth daughter of MR WILLIAM SPEER of Crawfordstown, near Castlederg

February 23 1839

SMYTH-McFEETERS. On Wednesday, 20th inst., by the Rev. F. Little, MR. ANDREW SMYTH, of Deerpark, to ISABELLA, youngest daughter of MR. WILLIAM McFEETERS, of Newtownstewart

March 30 1839

PATTON-CLARK. On Thursday 28th inst., at the Waterside Hotel, Londonderry, by the Rev. James Denham, SIDNEY ELIZA, third daughter of MR. NATHANIEL PATTON, Newtownstewart, to MATHEW CLARK, merchant, Coleraine [Co. Londonderry]

July 27 1839

WATERS-FORD. At Rose Cottage, near Strabane, on Wednesday last, by the Rev. Mr. Devitt, MR. JAMES WATERS, of Knockrow, to MARGARET, second daughter of MR. JOHN FORD, of Rose Cottage

August 10 1839

HAMILTON-BABBINGTON. At Inver Church [Co. Donegal], on Thursday 1st August, by the Rev. Alexander Montgomery, DOCTOR HAMILTON, of Newtownstewart, to PATRICIA, youngest daughter of MURRAY BABINGTON, ESQ., Bonny Glenn [Co. Donegal]

August 31 1839

LATIMER-DUDGEON. On the 20th inst., by the Rev. F. Little, Newtownstewart, the REV. JOHN LATIMER, of Ballynahatty, to ELIZA, youngest daughter of the late WILLIAM DUDGEON, ESQ., of the same Place

August 31 1839

ROSS-HOOD. On Tuesday last, by the Rev. Mr. Adams, Newtownstewart, MR. CHARLES ROSS, of Pubble, to MRS. HOOD, of Lisnatony ; what makes it worthy of remark, is this that it is the fifth time the bridegroom has appeared at the altar of hymen, and the third time with the bride, and that their joint ages at the present amount to 185

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