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Born In Co. Tyrone Married in Scotland

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Born In Co. Tyrone Married in Scotland

Transcribed by Various Co Tyrone Researchersa

Dumfriesshire Scotland

Fox Charles Maxwell of Ballyconnell, Co. Cavan, Banks Wilhelmina Emily of Beltrim, Tyrone 26 Jul 1847. at Gretna Hall  

Lenox James. of Darilone, Cookstown, Tyrone  Sewell Ann of C. Carl. 17 May 1829. at Gretna Hall  

M'Quire Francis of Mannoy, Tyrone Dougherty Betty Bridget of M. Carl. 15 Oct 1846.  

Tommy Patrick of Kilvagan, W. Meath, I. Hallon Margaret. of Killoman, Tyrone 08 Nov 1847 at Gretna Hall  

Morrison Robert of St Cuthbert's, Midlothian. M'Claughlan Mary of Fintaner,(Fintona) Tyrone 27 Jul 1838 Gretna Hall  

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