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Born Co. Tyrone; Married Canada
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Transcribed by Various Co Tyrone Researchers


Grey County, Ontario

Sarah Brown born Co Tyrone Ire Age 21 born abt 1850 parents James & Rebecca Brown
Spouse Samuel Queen Age 26 born abt 1845 in Co Tyrone Ire parents Thomas & Jane Queen
Marriage Date: 11 Apr 1871

LDS # 1030057  Halton Co Ontario Canada

James Armstrong born Tyrone County, Ire address Nelson Township Age 22 born abt 1838  Father Archibald Mother Jane Simpson
Spouse  Isabella Orr Age 20 born abt 1840 born Tyrone County Ire address Trafalgar Township  Father Alexander Mother Agnes Stewart
Marriage Date: 15 Nov 1860  

Simcoe County Ontario

Eliza Ann Adams Birth Dalton Victoria  Age 16  Birth Year: abt 1867  parents Fredeick Adams &  Matilda Adams
Spouse  Isaac Ellis Age 25  Birth Year: abt 1858 in Tyrone Ire. parents James Ellis & Martha Ellis
Marriage Date: 9 May 1883

York County Ontario marriages

Jane Knox b Tyrone Ireland abt 1827   Age 45  parents James Knox & Margaret Knox
Spouse Name: Patrick Moore b Tyrone Ireland  abt 1825  parents Cunningham Moore & Margaret Moore
Marriage Date: 10 Oct 1872  

John McKnight b Co Tyrone Ireland  abt 1855 Age 24 parents Joseph McKnight & Mary McKnight
Spouse Martha Wiley b Co Tyrone Ireland abt 1856  Age 23  parents John & Jane Wiley
Marriage Date: 11 Apr 1879

Charles Caldwell born W Tyrone Ire Age 27 born abt 1861 parents Matthew & Catharine Caldwell
Spouse  Martha Jane Kyle Age 25 born abt 1863 in Co Tyrone Ire parents William John & Mary Jane Kyle
Marriage Date: 7 Jun 1888  

Walter Black born CoTyrone Ire Age 25 born abt 1865  Parents James & Jane Black
Spouse  Anne McFarlane  Age 27  born abt 1863 born County Tyrone Ire  parents William & Ann McFarlane
Marriage Date 8 Jan 1890  

Elizabeth Campell born Co Tyrone Ire abt 1871 Age 20 parents William Campell & Elizabeth Smith
Spouse  Joseph McFarland born Co Tyrone Ire abt 1870 Age 21 parents Wm McFarland & Ann Cunningham
Marriage Date: 12 Nov 1891  

Samuel McFarlane b C Tyrone Ire abt 1862  Age 29  parents John McFarlane & Jane McFarlane
Spouse Mary Roulston b Co Tyrone Ireland abt 1867  Age 24  parents William Roulston & Mary Roulston
Marriage Date: 19 Mar 1891

Rebecca Henderson born Co of Tyrone Ire abt 1868  Age 24 parents  Andrew Henderson & Catherine Booth
Spouse  George Robert McFarland born Tyrone Ire abt 1866  Age 26 parents William McFarland & Ann Cunningham  
Marriage Date 5 Oct 1892  

Thomas Coulter born Tyrone Ire abt 1860  Age 33  parents John & Mary A Henderson Coulter
Spouse Kathleen McKercher born Tyrone Ire abt 1870 Age 23 parents Hamilton McKercher & Isabella Hoy
Marriage Date 11 Oct 1893  

Isabella Noble b Tyrone Ire abt 1869 Age 25  parents Robert Noble & Jane Noble
Spouse  George Alex McKeon b Tyrone Ireland  abt 1872 Age 22  parents James & Jane McKeon
Marriage Date 20 Jun 1894  

Sara Irvine b Co Tyrone abt 1870  Age 24 parents John Irvine & Maggie Blair
Spouse  Isaac Jeffs b Co Tyrone Ireland abt 1867 Age 27 parents Isaac Jeffs & Ellen McKenzie
Marriage Date: 4 Apr 1894  

Mina Campell born Carntell Co Tyrone Ire abt 1890 Age 22 parents James Campell & Eliza Jane Thompson
Spouse  Thomas John Robinson born Fivemiletown Co Tyrone Ire  abt 1888  Age 24  parents William Robinson & Ellen Forster
Marriage Date: 30 Apr 1912  

John Joseph Irwin b Tyrone Ireland abt 1889 Age 24 parents  Henry Irwin& Annie Richardson
Spouse Rachel Waddell b Tyrone Ireland abt 1889 Age 24 parents William Waddell &  Eliza Anderson
Marriage Date: 15 Nov 1913  

Jean Arbuckle born Co Tyrone Ire Age 25 born abt 1891 parents Samuel Arbuckle & Mary Lindsay
Spouse James Robinson Age 30  born abt 1886 born Co Tyrone Ire  parents Joseph Robinson Mother Rebecca Monteith
Marriage Date: 20 Mar 1916   

Mary Cardwell born Gortfad? Tyrone Ire abt 1886 Age 30 Father Robert Cardwell Mother Elizabeth Black
Spouse  Richard William Cliff Eccles born Kildress Tyrone Ire abt 1887 Age: 29 parents: William J & Martha Cluff Eccles
Marriage Date: 6 Sep 1916  

Lizzie Matilda Clarke born Tyrone Ire abt 1888  Age 29 parents Joseph Clarke &Mary Ritchie
Spouse  John James Kyle born Tyrone Ire abt 1887 Age 30 parents Joseph Kyle  &  Catherine Blancy
Marriage Date: 19 Apr 1917  

Fred Stanley Arnot Dickson born Tyrone Ire abt 1893 Age 21  parents John Stewart  Dickinson & Annie (Black) Dickson
Spouse  Annie Kyttle born Tyrone Ire abt 1891Age 23 parents  Edward Kyttle & Mary Jane (Loftin) Kyttle
Marriage Date: 3 Oct 1914  

Sarah Ann MacAllister b  Tyrone Ireland  abt 1886 Age 28 parents William MacAllister & Isabella MacGaughey
Spouse  James MacKerrighan b Tyrone Ireland abt 1872Age 42 parents John MacKerrighan & Sarah Graham
Marriage Date: 2 Oct 1914  

John MacArtney b BallyGawley Tyrone Ireland  abt 1877 Age 37 parents James MacArtney & Marjorie Carson
Spouse  Margaret McMullan b Augher Co Tyrone abt 1885 Age 29 parents William McMullan & Catherine Miller
Marriage Date: 30 Sep 1914  

James Mallon bTyrone Ireland abt 1892 Age 24 parents Francis Mallon & Margaret Bradley
Spouse  Agnes Smith b Tyrone Ireland abt 1895 Age 21 parents Michael Smith & Mary McCoran
Marriage Date: 8 Jun 1916  

Mary O'Connor  Co Tyrone Ire abt 1886  Age 30 parents James O'Connor & Alice Boyle
Spouse  Patrick Boley b  Tyrone Ireland abt 1887 Age 29 parents Millard Boley & Minnie Foster
Marriage Date: 19 Oct 1916  

John James Kyle b Tyrone Ire abt 1887  Age 30 parents Joseph Kyle & Catherine Clancy
Spouse  Lizzie Matilda Clarke b Tyrone Ireland  abt 1888  Age 29  parents Joseph Clarke & Mary Ritchie
Marriage Date: 19 Apr 1917  

Rebecca Livingstone b Tyrone Ire abt 1891 Age 27 parents Samuel Livingstone & Sarah Hamilton
Spouse  Hugh Sproule b Tyrone Ire abt 1890 Age 28 parents William John Sproule & Matilda Porter Sproule
Marriage Date: 19 Oct 1918

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