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Killeter Presbyterian Church
AKA Maghernageeragh Meeting House
Marriages 1839-1845

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Killeter Presbyterian Church
AKA Maghernageeragh Meeting House
Termonamongan Parish, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland
Marriages 1839-1845

Transcribed by
Kathleen Caldwell
4th June 2019
Shared with permission by Sheena McClure

Transcriber's notes: These marriages are recorded in the Church's Baptismal Book and have been difficult to transcribe. Throughout I kept to the original spelling. If there was a doubt I put a question mark.

"Register of Marriages kept by Joseph Love of the Killeter Congregation"
From the 26th July 1839

These Marriage records were found within the Church's Baptismal Book. To view the Baptisms, click here.

Date Groom Where from Bride Where from
13 Sept Wm Buchanan Binn Mary Scott Binn
9 Oct Henry McCann (policeman) Isabella Lecky Killeter
7 Mar Thomas Monteith Edenreagh Eliz’h Weldon Edenreagh
7 Mar David Hunter Garvetagh Eliz’h Robb Lislaird
20 Mar James Glendinning Rushindoo or bane, Fermanagh Mary Andrews Magherakeel
19 Apr Hugh Lecky Lure Margret Scott Binn
22 Apr John Caldwell Maghernageeragh Mary Caldwell Maghernageeragh
22 Apr Francy Percy Ayrshire Margret Monteith Dreenan
24 June Saml Harpur Glenarle? Letitia Harpur -
10 Aug Rich’d Graham Nr Donegal Jane Hamilton Meenbog
27Aug James Gault (policeman) Mary Robinson Nr Donegal
21 Jan James Watson Inchenny Jane Watson Aghalunny
23 Apr John Robb Lislaird Martha Robb Lislaird
May John Logue Killen Jane Rankin -
28 May Wm Brien Aghnahoo Miss Wallace Same [Aghnahoo]
31 Oct John Campbell Edenreagh Mrs? McCutcheon Edenreagh
4 Nov John Bustard Laught Cath’ne Carson Laught
18 Aug ---- Scott Binn ----- Scott Binn
27 Sep George Smyth Upper Cavan Mary Caldwell Scralea
2 Nov Robert Kerr Garvetagh Mary McCollum? Carnoughter
2 Nov Henry Gibson Carlane? Ann Stinson Gortnagullion
(Present Mr Lindsay)
8 Mar Chas Buchanan Binn Nancy Porter Culchducky? [Coolcreaghy?]
30? May Thos Speers Muckle Eliza Jane Harper Muckle
1? July Andrew Hamilton Ganvahan Martha Graham Creeduff
? Nov Tommy Semple Edenreagh Miss Cooper Aghnahoo
2 Nov Wm Denniston Maghernageeragh Eliza Baxter Lislaird
16 Dec George Hunter Lisnacloon Mary Hawky Maghernageeragh
30 Jan Robt Mather? Ardmore Mary Anne Love Ardmore
10 Feb Wm Semple Glassmullagh Rhoda Hamilton Glassmullagh
27 Mar Thomas Emery Edenreagh Margaret Johnston Edenreagh
27 Mar James Irwin Knock Mary Thompson Carndreen
31 Mar Thomas Andrews Magherakeel Sarah Clarke Island
31 Mar Thomas Simpson Killen Sarah Stewart? Clare

“New Act April 1845”

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