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Bready Reformed Presbyterian Church, Donagheady Parish Marriages from 1847

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Bready Reformed Presbyterian Church, Donagheady Parish Marriages
From 1847

Transcribed by Faye Logue

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The marriages 1847 to 1852 were taken from LDS microfilms of the Strabane District Registration marriage books and are thought to have been in Bready Reformed Presbyterian Church

Date Name Age Condition Occupation Residence Father's Name Profession 1st Witness 2nd Witness

04/11/47 James ARMSTRONG Full Bachelor Farmer Menaghill William Armstrong Farmer John Cunningham Charles Morrison

Sarah McNEILY Minor Spinster
Magheramason William McNeily Farmer

16/05/48 Samuel STEWART 20 Bachelor Farmer Dergalt, parish of Camus Ezekiel Stewart Farmer James B. Stewart Andrew T. Hamilton

Eliz. McKINLEY Full Spinster
Desertoan, parish of Glendermott Thomas McKinley Farmer

17/08/48 John MOOREHEAD Full Bachelor Labourer Coolmaghery, parish of Donagheady Andrew Moorehead Farmer Robert Mathers Emily Rees

Ann HALL Full Widow Farmer Tully, parish of Glendermott John Hall Farmer

27/09/48 Joseph McELDOWNEY Full Bachelor Farmer Coolmaghery Thomas McEldowney Farmer Samuel Mitchell Michael McIntyre

Letitia GORMLEY Full Spinster
Killymallaght, parish of Glendermott Jared Gormley Farmer

01/11/49 Joseph DICKSON 20
Labourer Artigarvan Andrew Dickson Weaver James Cunningham John Roulston

Louisa FITZPATRICK Full Spinster Servant Artigarvan Thomas Fitzpatrick Farmer

31/08/52 Charles CAMPBELL Full Bachelor Labourer Ballymagorry, Milltown, parish of Leck William Campbell Dealer William Colhoun Francis Colhoun

Margaret DIXON Full Spinster
Ballymagorry, Milltown, parish of Leck Andrew Dixon Weaver

03/11/52 Robert WATSON Full Bachelor Farmer Clady Blair, parish of Ardstraw William Watson Farmer Alexander Brown Samuel Kee

Letitia KEE Full Spinster
Gortileck, parish of Donagheady Robert Kee Farmer

03/06/58 Robert McKINLAY

Killymallaght, parish of Glendermott



03/06/58 Adam HASTINGS




13/11/60 Robert HANNAH Full Bachelor Farmer Rosnagallagh, parish of Glendermott John Hannah Farmer William Muirhead Thomas Hall

Sarah Anne STEVENSON Full Spinster
Magheramason, parish of Donagheady Robert Stevenson Farmer

19/12/60 Thomas McELDOWNEY Full Bachelor Farmer Tamnaclare Thomas McEldowney Farmer Thomas Matthews John Anderson

Eliza CUNNINGHAM Full Spinster
Tamnabready John Cunningham Farmer

18/08/64 James HENERY Full Bachelor Farmer Ruskey, Donagheady Joseph Henery Farmer James Lindsay John A. Marshall

Margaret MARSHALL Full Spinster
Craigtown, Parish of Glendermott David Marshall Farmer

23/09/64 James TROAN Full Bachelor Farmer Tirkernaghan, Parish of Donagheady James Troan, Deceased Farmer John Williams John J. Stevenson

Catherine SEMPLE Full Spinster
Cullion, Parish of Donagheady John Semple Farmer

18/10/66 John STEVENSON Full Bachelor Carpenter Lifford, Co Donegal John Stevenson Carpenter Robert Stevenson Robert Watson

Lucinda KINCADE Full Spinster
Ulster Place, Strabane Thomas Kincade Farmer

Married in the Loughmulvin Meeting House according to the Reformed Presbyterian Church. Registered Certificate

Entry cross marked with the following words: Inserted here by mistake. To be found correctly entered in the Register Books of Mulvin Reformed
Presbyterian Church. District of Strabane. No. 7 - Page 2. Entry 8

01/06/71 Robt. STEVENSON Full Bachelor Farmer Ballylaw, Parish of Leckpatrick Robert Stevenson, dead Farmer Stephen Hall Mary A. Crawford

Catherine HALL Full Spinster
Tully, Parish of Glendermott Robert Hall, alive Farmer

15/02/72 James BUCHANAN Full Bachelor Farmer Craigtown, Parish of Glendermott Stephen Buchanan, dead Farmer A. T???? Letitia Marshall

Sarah Anne SEMPLE Full Spinster
Cullion, Parish of Donagheady John Semple, dead Farmer

11/06/72 William McINTYRE Full Bachelor Farmer Ballynabuoy, Parish of Donagheady William McIntyre, dead Farmer William Moore Tillie Jane Moore

Ellen SEMPLE Full Spinster
Cullion, Parish of Donagheady John Semple, dead Farmer

19/11/72 Andrew GORDON Full Bachelor Mason Killyclooney, Parish of Donagheady John Gordon, dead Farmer Robert Buchanan Susannah McEldowney

Hannah GORMLEY Full Spinster
Killymallagh, Parish of Glendermott James Gormley, dead Farmer

05/06/73 William John STEVENSON Full Bachelor Farmer Magheramason Robert Stevenson, dead Farmer Robert Hall Annie M. Armstrong

Elizabeth McNEILY Full Spinster
Magheramason William McNeily, dead Farmer

04/11/73 David LOVE Full Bachelor Farmer Lismurphy, Parish of Macosquin George Love, alive Farmer John James Love Martha Armstrong

Annie Margaret ARMSTRONG Full Spinster
Menaghill, Parish of Donagheady James Armstrong, alive Farmer

06/01/74 James DOWNY Full Bachelor Farmer Ardmore, Parish of Donagheady William Downy, dead Farmer James Mathers Mary Hall

Catherine WALLACE Full Spinster
Cullion, Parish of Donagheady John Wallace, alive Farmer

11/02/75 William TADLEY Full Bachelor Black Smith Burndennet, Parish of Donagheady James Tadley, alive Millwright Robert Nixon Margaret Anne Doherty

Mary Hall NIXON Full Spinster
Cullion, Parish of Donagheady John Nixon, alive Black Smith

17/02/76 John James LOVE Full Bachelor Farmer Cooley, Parish of Donagheady George Love, alive Farmer Lindsay Love Anne Mathers

Mary Jane MATHERS Full Spinster
Ardmore, Parish of Donagheady Robt. Mathers. alive Farmer

19/04/77 David STRAWBRIDGE 21 Bachelor Labourer Gortin, Parish of Glendermott Hugh Strawbridge, alive Labourer James Moorhead William J. Strawbridge

Catherine MOORHEAD 21 Spinster
Bready, Parish of Donagheady James Moorhead, alive Labourer

31/05/78 William OSBORNE Full Bachelor Farmer Menaghill, Parish of Donagheady Joseph Osborne, dead Farmer William Britton Sarah Osborne

Rachel OSBORNE Full Spinster
Menaghill, Parish of Donagheady James Osborne, dead Farmer

18/06/80 James GALBRAITH Full Bachelor Farmer Coolermoney William Galbraith, dead Farmer Joseph Galbraith Jane Hall

Margaret HALL Full Spinster
Upper Tully Edward Hall, alive Farmer

03/08/81 Robert Knox KERR Full Bachelor Farmer Ansley Park, Clonevan, Co. Wexford Alexander Kerr, alive Farmer Robert Alexander Eliza Jane Moorhead

Rebecca ALEXANDER Full Spinster
Maghereagh, Parish of Donagheady Joseph Alexander, dead Farmer

05/01/82 Robert McCREA Full Bachelor Farmer Eden, Parish of Donagheady James McCrea, dead Farmer William Stevenson Susan Sayers

Isabella SAYERS Full Spinster
Ballybeeney, Parish of Donagheady John Sayers, alive Farmer

23/08/83 Joseph MOORHEAD Full Bachelor Farmer Coolmeghery, Parish of Donagheady Robert Moorhead, alive Farmer William James Moorhead Rebecca Eliza Armstrong

Sarah Jane ARMSTRONG Full Spinster
Magheramason, Parish of Donagheady James Armstrong, alive Farmer

22/11/88 David McELDOWNEY Full Bachelor Farmer Tullycleneagh, Co. Tyrone Joseph McEldowney Farmer William Gallagher Maggie McClure

Isabella McCLURE Full Spinster
Cloughogle, Parish of Donagheady David McClure Farmer

19/12/89 John Gault McDONNELL Full Bachelor Farmer Ballymacran, Parish of Tamlagh Finlagan Samuel McDonnell Farmer Thos. Wray E. J. McDonnell

Margaret Elizabeth LOVE 19 Spinster
Bready, Parish of Donagheady Victor Love Farmer

19/04/92 James COLHOUN Full Widower Labourer Drumgaughty William Colhoun Labourer John Colhoun Eliza Colhoun

Ann Jane MOORHEAD Full Spinster
Bready James Moorhead Labourer

18/08/92 William MOORE Full Bachelor Farmer Churchlands William Moore Farmer John M. Crawford Maggie Crawford

Elizabeth NORTH Full Spinster
Breen William North Farmer

05/07/94 William DOHERTY Full Bachelor Farm Labourer Tirkeeviney, Parish of Glendermott William Doherty Labourer Joseph McDermott Matilda Jane Lynch

Martha McCOURT Full Spinster Farm Labourer Magheramason, Parish of Donagheady Martha McCourt Labourer

01/10/95 Robt. HENDERSON Full Widower Farmer Moyagh, Parish of Donagheady Robt. Armstrong Farmer David Marshall Robert J. Dunl???

Letitia MARSHALL Full Spinster Farmer's Daughter Ballinabuoy, same parish Thos. Marshall Farmer

25/06/96 Thomas BOND Full Bachelor Cord??? Fawney, Donemana Thomas Bond Labourer William Doherty Sara Love

Matilda Jane LYNCH Full Spinster House Keeper Magheramason Robert Lynch Labourer

28/12/98 William FULTON Full Bachelor Farmer Edymore, Parish of Camus John Fulton Farmer Samuel Fulton Lizzie Stevenson

Ballylaw, Leckpatrick Robert Stevenson Farmer

17/06/02 Thomas H. STUTT Full Bachelor Railway Checker 12 Mountjoy St, Londonderry John Stutt Railway Gauger David Marshall Jeannie Mitchell

Jeannie MARSHALL Full Spinster
Ballinabuoy, Co. Tyrone Thomas Marshall Farmer

13/02/07 Thomas B. RANKIN Full Bachelor Farmer Cloughfin Josias Rankin Farmer Robert Geo. Rankin Mary Jane Fulton

Elizabeth Isobel STEVENSON Full Spinster
Killymallaght Robert Stevenson Farmer

22/11/09 Robert GALBRAITH Full Widower Farmer Tyrkernaghan, Parish of Donagheady Robert Galbraith Farmer Lizzie E. Throne Cassie Allen

Anna Margaret THRONE Full Spinster
Tyrkernaghan, Parish of Donagheady James Throne Farmer

10/08/11 John THRONE Full Bachelor Farmer Bready, Parish of Donagheady, Co. Tyrone James Trone (sic) Farmer Wm. McIntyre Bessie McIntyre

Elizabeth Ann BUCHANAN Full Spinster
Craigtown, Parish of Glendermott, Co. Derry James Buchanan Farmer

29/06/20 John HAMILTON Full Bachelor Labourer Cloughogle, Co. Tyrone Robert Hamilton, dead Labourer Thomas McGovern Mary A. Hamilton

Mary Jane McGOVERN Full Spinster
Bready, Co. Tyrone, Parish of Donagheady Robert McGovern, dead Labourer

27/12/26 William James HAMILTON 22 yrs Bachelor Grocer Bready, Strabane Robert or William James Hamilton Grocer Thomas McGovern Mary Jane Hamilton

Annie McGOVERN 24 yrs Spinster
Bready, Strabane Robert McGovern, dead Labourer

11/09/29 James Sloan McKELVEY 28 Bachelor Medical Practitioner Saintfield, Co. Down Robert John McKelvey Schoolteacher George N. Robson Eleanor Bates

Martha Smyth MOORHEAD 26 Spinster
Bready, Strabane Joseph Moorhead Farmer

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