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Householders Index - Kilskerry Parish

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Householders Index - Kilskerry Parish (Part 2)

Following information contributed by  Ed Duff 

In the Surname Index - G is for the number of times a surname appears on the Griffith's Valuation in that parish and the T is if the surname is on the Tithe Applotment Book for the parish


Kilskeery Parish - Part 1 (Aiken - M'Carney)

Kilskeery Parish - Part 2 (M'Carran - Wray)


Griffith's Valuation Year 1860 - Tithe Applotment Book Years 1826

Name GV TA Name GV TA Name GV TA
M'Carran G3 T M'Keever G3 O'Kean G
M'Cartney G M'Kenna T O'Neill G13 T
M'Carvell T M'Keogh G2 T Orr T
M'Caughey T M'Kervey G Osborne T
M'Clean G T M'Keogh G2 T Ovens G
M'Colgan G3 T M'Key T Owens G
M'Connell G7 T M'Lisken T Pacely G2
M'Cormack G T M'Loon T Paisley G
M'Cormick G T M'Loughlin G13 T Parker G
M'Cort G M'Lunny G Pennycuick G
M'Cosgrave G M'Mahon G14 T Phair G
M'Coaker G11 T M'Manseny T Phare G
M'Court G3 T M'Manus G4 T Philips T
M'Coy G T M'Menamin G Piper T
M'Crane G2 M'Mullen G2 T Porter G6 T
M'Crea G2 M'Mulkin G2 Potters T
M'Creery G T M'Nabb G3 T Prescott G
M'Cugan (or) M'Nally G Pursely G2 T
M'Cussen T M'Namee G4 T Quin G2 T
M'Cullagh G T M'Nulty G4 T Quinn G2 T
M'Culgan T M'Quaid G43 T Ramsay T
M'Cullen G2 M'Sherry T Ray G T
M'Currin G2 T M'Sorley G14 T Reed G T
M'Cusker G2 T M'Taggey G Reilly G4 T
M'Cussen (or) M'Quaid G43 T Rinchey G2
M'Cugan T MacArtney T Robinson G10 T
M'Daniel T Magee G4 T Ross T
M'Dermott G2 Maginn G Rutledge G11 T
M'Donagh G2 T Maguire G11 T Scallen G T
M'Donnell G Malogue T Scoales T
M'Dunne G T Martin G4 T Seery G
M'Ellholm T Masterson G4 T Shannon G
M'Elroy G2 T Maxwell G5 T Sharkey G
M'Faggy G10 T Meldrem G Sheeran G3 T
M'Farland G19 T Meldrum G Sheerin G T
M'Gahy G Mennagh G T Sheila G5 T
M'Garry (or) T Moffett G3 T Sherrard G3 T
M'Garvey T Mohn G Slack G T
M'Geehan T Monaghan G7 T Slevin G T
M'Geese G Montgomery G2 T Smith G4 T
M'Ghee T Moor T Somerville G4 T
M'Ginn G T Moran T Spratt G3
M'Ginty T Morris G7 T Sproule G2
M'Girr G5 T Morrison G2 T Starr G
M'Glinchy G8 T Morrow G2 T Stewart G3 T
M'Glynn T Mosgrove G T Storey G T
M'Goldrick G4 Mulhern T Stutt G T
M'Golrick G T Mulholland G Sweeney G2
M'Gorman T Mulrean G T Swift G4 T
M'Gorrisy T Munsey G Teague G12 T
M'Grade G17 T Murphey T Thompson G22 T
M'Grane T Musgrave G5 T Tierney G2
M'Grath G2 T Musgrove G T Tolan T
M'Grorty T Murphy G9 Traynor G8
M'Grory T Myles G Trimble T
M'Gryan T Namee G T Walker G T
M'Guiggan G T Nelson G2 T Wallace G T
M'Guire G6 T Nethercott G Watkin G T
M'Gurran G2 T Neville G5 T White T
M'Gurrin G4 Nixon G2 T Wiley G5 T
M'Holland G Nugent G3 T Wilkin G
M'Hugh G O'Brien G3 Wilson G7 T
M'Ilroy G T O'Donnell G7 T Woods G9 T
M'Irvine G18 O'Hara G2 Wray G2

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