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Householders Index - Kilskerry Parish

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Householders Index - Kilskerry Parish (Part 1)

Following information contributed by Ed Duff 

In the Surname Index - G is for the number of times a surname appears on the Griffith's Valuation in that parish and the T is if the surname is on the Tithe Applotment Book for the parish


Kilskeery Parish - Part 1 (Aiken - M'Carney)

Kilskeery Parish - Part 2 (M'Carran - Wray)

Griffith's Valuation Year 1860 - Tithe Applotment Book Years 1826

Name GV TA Name GV TA Name GV TA
Aiken G5 T Cotton T Greene G2
Aikens G T Coulten G5 Grey G8 T
Alexander G8 T Coulter G T Guttery T
Allen G4 T Couter G Hall G2 T
Amberson T Cowan G T Hamilton G6 T
Anderson G Coyle G2 Haran G T
Archdall G3 T Craden G Healy G T
Armstrong G32 T Crean G T Henderson G6 T
Ball T Crane G4 T Hetherington G2 T
Bamford G2 T Crawford G2 T Hilliard G T
Bannon G2 T Creighton G Hollam G2
Barnett T Crozier G2 T Hollern G
Barrett G T Cumisky G T Hood G2 T
Barton G Cunningham G Hughes G
Becom G7 T Curry G3 Hume G3 T
Beatty G7 T Daly G Hunter G7
Bell G D'Arcy G Hurst G T
Bird G4 T Daveah (Or) Hynes G
Blacker G Daveat T Irvine G19 T
Bleakley G11 T Daviny T Jameson T
Bleakney G2 Davis T Jobb T
Bowker G Dinning G Johnson T
Boyle G Dolier T Johnston G2 T
Braden G2 Donnelly G9 T Jones T
Bradley G T Dooriah G3 Junkin G2 T
Brady T Doran G8 T Kane G
Bratten G Doyle G4 Keely G
Breaden G3 T Duncan G Keenan G8 T
Breartney T Durnin G T Keernan G
Breen G Eaton G4 T Kelly G20 T
Brennan G Edwards T Kennedy G2 T
Brewster G3 Elliott G9 T Kenwick G
Brien G14 T Emerson G2 Keown T
Brown G T Everton G Keom G T
Browne G14 T Fair T Kerr G4 T
Brunt G11 T Farmer G2 T Keys T
Buchanan G3 T Farry G T Kidney T
Burke G Fee T Kiernan G T
Burn G T Ferris G Kilpatrick T
Burnett T Fields T King T
Callaghan G T Fife G2 T Laird T
Callon T Fleming G4 T Lambert G
Campbell G5 T Fodigan T Laurenson G
Carney G Folan T Lavens T
Carran G2 Forster T Lee G T
Carroll G4 Forsythe G Lendrum G T
Carson T Foster G Lindsay G T
Cassidy G3 T Frazer G Little G4 T
Caulfield G3 Frith G Logan G
Chambers G2 Funston G14 T Long G T
Chapman G T Fyffe G2 Love T
Charleton G4 Gallagher G38 T Lynn T
Cheney G T Gardiner G T M'Ahasher ? T
Clarke G3 T Gault G4 T M'Aleer G10 T
Clifford G Gavan T M'Aloon G8 T
Clinning G Gehan G M'Anispick G2 T
Cluff G2 T Geraghty G M'Brearty T
Colgan G2 Geran T M'Bride G11 T
Comiskey G T Gevis G2 M'Brien G20 T
Conlan G3 T Gilmore G M'Cabe G
Connigan G T Girvans T M'Caffrey G4 T
Connolly G2 T Goen T M'Cahey G
Cooper T Gorman G9 T M'Cahy G15 T
Corr G5 T Gormly G6 T M'Callion G2
Corrigan G T Grade G6 M'Cann G26 T
Corrigin G5 T Graham G5 T M'Canny T
Corrikan T Grainger G T M'Canon T
Cosgrove T Gray G T M'Carney G2 T

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