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Householders Index - Clogher Parish

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Householders Index - Clogher Parish (Part 2)

Following information contributed by Vynette Sage

Clogher Parish - Part 1 (Adams -Ellison)

Clogher Parish - Part 2 (Evans - M'Connell)

Clogher Parish - Part 4 (Pickin - Young)


In the Surname Index - G is for the number of times a surname appears on the Griffith's Valuation in that parish and the T is if the surname is on the Tithe Applotment Book for the parish


Griffith's Valuation Year 1860 - Tithe Applotment Book Year 1829
M'Cool G M'Keever G2 T Menall G2
M'Coole G M'Kegney G4 T Miller G2 T
M'Cormack G T M'Kenna G54 T Milligan G4
M'Cort G M'Kenny G Mills G8 Y
M'Court G T M'Keown G T Minall G
M'Cowman G M'Kernan T Mitchell G4 T
M'Coy G9 T M'Kerr G Mitchelltree T
M'Cracken G T M'Kimm G2 T Moane G T
M'Cramley T M'Kinley G T Moffett G4 T
M'Crea G3 T M'Knight G T Monaghan G
M'Creanor G T M'Laren G4 Montgomery G7 T
M'Crorken G M'Loughlin G5 T Moore G11 T
M'Crory G T M'Magh G2 T Moran T
M'Cullagh G2 T M'Mahon G3 T Morison G
M'Cullan G4 T M'Manus G3 T Morissey G
M'Cullian G2 T M'Master G5 T Morrison G4 T
M'Cusker G6 T M'Mullen G3 Morrow G T
M'Cutcheon G2 T M'Murrity G Morton G
M'Daid G M'Nally G2 T Mosley G
M'Dermott G12 T MacNamee G T Mossey G T
M'Donald G M'Naul G2 T Moutray G2
M'Donnell G4 T M'Neely T Moynagh G10 T
M'Dowall G T M'Neill G Muldoon G2 T
M'Dowell G2 T M'Nelis G Mullan G T
M'Elgrew T M'Niece G Mullen G6 T
M'Elhinny T M'Nogher T Mulligan G12 T
M'Ellenborough G M'Nulty G T Mullin G2
M'Elmeel G T MacRory G2 T Mullins G3
M'Elrath G T M'Quade G T Mulloy T
M'Elroy G31 T M'Shane G T Mulrean G T
M'Elwain T M'Sorley G4 T Mulreen G T
M'Entire G M'William G Mulryan G T
M'Fetridge T M'Williams G9 T Murdock T
M'Gahey G MacArtney T Murphy G6 T
M'Garr G MacKin G Murray T
M'Garry G3 Magahy G Naun G2
M'Gartland T Magee G T Nawn G
M'Gaugy T Maginly G T Neehan T
M'Geary G T Maginn G31 T Neely G6 T
M'Gee G Maginnise G T Neill G T
M'Geraghty G2 T Magowan T Neilly G T
M'Ginley T Maguinness G T Neilson T
M'Ginn G T Maguire G6 T Nelson G7 T
M'Ginness G Maguirke G Nevins G
M'Girr G21 T Mahony G Nicholl G
M'Glinchy G T Malcomson G Nixon G2 T
M'Glone G T Malighan G Noble T
M'Golrick T Mallen G T Norris T
M'Gonnell T Mallon G T Nugent G3 T
M'Govern G5 T Malloy T O'Neill G2 T
M'Gratty T Markey G T Orr G6 T
M'Gregor T Marley G3 T Owens G16 T
M'Groty T Marshall G4 T Palmer T
M'Guiggan G2 T Martin G6 T Parker G
M'Guinness G3 T Marley T Patten G T
M'Guire G7 T Maude G Patterson G5 T
M'Guirk G Maxwell G3 T Pattison G2
M'Gunnell G Mayne G5 T Paul T
M'Holland G T Means T Pauly G
M'Ilmee G Meally G2 Peebles G T
M'Ilroy G5 Meegin G9 Perry T
M'Ininly G Meehan G13 T Phayr G
MacKay G Megan T Phillips G T
M'Kearney G11 Mellon G5 Picken G

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