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Householders Index - Clogher Parish

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Householders Index - Clogher Parish (Part 1)

Following information contributed by Vynette Sage


Clogher Parish - Part 2 (Evans - M'Connell)

Clogher Parish - Part 3 (M'Cool - Picken)

Clogher Parish - Part 4 (Pickin - Young)


In the Surname Index - G is for the number of times a surname appears on the Griffith's Valuation in that parish and the T is if the surname is on the Tithe Applotment Book for the parish


Griffith's Valuation Year 1860 - Tithe Applotment Book Year 1829
Adams G2 T Burson G T Culligan G
Aikens G2 T Burton T Cullinan G8 T
Alexander G7 T Busby G Cumberland G T
Allen G4 T Button G2 Cunningham G6 T
Amos G T Caffart T Curley T
Anderson G7 T Caffrey G T Curran G6 T
Annen G Cairnes G2 T Carry G T
Armstrong G13 T Caldwell G4 T Cuthberton G
Arnott G Callaghan G Dale G5 T
Arthur G2 T Callan T Dales G
Baily G6 T Campbell G25 T Dalton T
Baird G2 T Cannock G Daly G2 T
Ballard G Cannon G T Davidson G5
Bannon G2 T Carr G2 T Davis G2 T
Barber T Carroll G2 Davison G T
Barlow T Carruthers G Dawley G4 T
Barnett G6 T Carson G6 T Dawly G T
Barr G5 T Carson G6 T Dawson G T
Barton G T Carty T Dean T
Bates T Casey T Deery G2 T
Baxter G5 T Cassidy G3 T Delap G2
Beatty G7 T Caulfield G Dennis G3 T
Beck G Cavanagh T Denny G T
Bell G6 T Christie G Devin G
Best G T Clarke G6 T Devlin G5 T
Bingham G2 Clements G3 T Dickey G8 T
Birney G2 T Clengan G3 T Dillon T
Blackburne G4 Clifferty G Divine T
Blair G2 T Cockrane T Dogherty G2 T
Blakely G9 T Cole G2 T Doherty G13 T
Bloomer G Colgan G3 Domer G3
Bloomfield G3 T Collins G3 Donaghy G5 T
Blythe G4 T Commock G Donaldson G4 T
Bogue G5 T Conlan G3 T Donnelly G31 T
Boothe G Conley G T Donoghue G
Bourke T Connolly G9 T Donohoe G
Boyd G2 Connors G T Doogan G6 T
Boylan G2 T Cooke G5 T Dooris G T
Boyle G9 T Coote G Dorrish G T
Brackenridge G Corrigan G15 T Douglas G2
Brattin G3 T Cosgrave G2 T Downey T
Breadin G T Cotter T Doyle G2 T
Bredin G2 T Coulter G3 T Drogan G T
Breen G13 T Cowan G3 Drugan G2 T
Brennan G2 T Cowen G Drummond T
Brien G Coy G Dunbar G T
Bright T Coyle T Duncan G
Broomfield T Craig G Dunlop T
Brown G T Cranford G Durie G2 T
Browne G7 Crawford G3 T Durneen G4 T
Brownlee T Creery T Duroe G6 T
Bryans T Creighton G Dyne G
Buchanan G9 T Crookes G T Eagleson T
Buckley G T Crozier G2 T Easkin G
Bucy T Crumley G3 Early G2
Bunbury T Crumly G Eason T
Burke G T Culla T Edwards G T
Burns G Cullan G6 T Egan G2
Burnside G T Cullen G T Elliott G3 T
Burson G Cullenan G2 T Ellison G2  

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