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History of the Two Ulster Manors

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The History of the Two Ulster Manors of Finagh, Co. Tyrone and Coole, otherwise Manor Atkinson, Co. Fermanagh, and of their owners.

Author - Lord Belmore, pub.Longmans, Green & Co London 1881

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CHAPTER I - The Manor of Finagh County Tyrone It's early history- The Earl and Countess of Castlehaven- Sir Pierce CROSBYE- Sir William USSHER and John USSHER- Hugh, Lord Glenawly, and his family pg 1

CHAPTER II - James, John and Robert LOWRY, SEN. 1665-1729 Their families - Purchasers of land - Robert LOWRY's acquistion of the Manor of Finagh - His will pg 16

CHAPTER III - Robert LOWRY, the younger 1729-1764 His marriage settlement - he divides the advowson of Termonmaquirk with Viscount Tyrone - his secondmarriage - Elected M.P. for Strabane - his will- and death pg 23

CHAPTER IV - Galbraith LOWRY, sometime LOWRY-CORRY 1729-1769 His marriage and children - specimens of leases - His purchases of land - cases and opinions of Mr. AnthonyMALONE and Mr. GRATTAN - Election memoranda, &c.- his will.... pg 29

CHAPTER V - Armar LOWRY CORRY 1769-1779 The Gentleman's Recreations - His receipt for George CANNING's Poems - his election to parliament- The division on pensions- His first marriage - Lady Margaret CORRY - His sister mary's death - His mother's death by which he united the family estates pg 42


CHAPTER VI - Manor Coole, otherwise Manor Atknison in Co. Fermanagh Introductory, A.D 1609-13 ..... pg 48

CHAPTER VII- Captain Roger ATKINSON 1602-1641 His history- and patent of Castlecoole - description of the estate - Fee-Farm lease of Agharynagh to Zachary RAMPAYNE - new patent on defective title - and license to alienate - Sale of Castlecoole and Shannath to Arthur CHAMPION ...... pg 59

CHAPTER VIII -Arthur & John CHAMPION & Henry GILBERT 1640-1655 Murder of Arthur CHAMPION - deposition of his widow - She remarries Henry GILBERT - who conveys the estates to Emery HILL in trust - sale of Castlecoole Estates to john CORRY in 1655..... pg 98

CHAPTER IX - John CORRY 1655-1681 His token- Receipt for purchase money Castlecoole - defect in title-compromises pg 103

CHAPTER X- James CORRY 1681-1688 James CORRY's marriage with Sarah ANKETILL - his family- his wife's early death - his purchases of land Deed of settlement of 1679 between his father and himself - his purchase of John RAMPAYNE's interest in the fee-farm of Agharenagh - further purchases of land - proposed second marriage with Miss Lucia MERVYN ... .. pg 113

CHAPTER XI- James CORRY- continued 1689-1690 Siege of Enniskillen - burning of Castlecoole- two grants to Captain CORRY - one of them the Manor of Inseloghgease, made - but subsequently cancelled - Compensations to Captain CORRY for hislosses during the war defended........ pg 126

CHAPTER XII -James CORRY continued 1691-1718 James CORRY's second marriage - and subsequent separation from his wife - Appointed to be Colonel of Horse Militia - Elected M.P. for Remanagh - Elected a Burgess of Enniskillen - Appointeda Deputy Governor of Fermanagh - purchaes an estate in Co. Longford - and property in Queen's St.Dublin - marriage of Rebecca CORRY to Mr. MOUTRAY - of John CORRY to Sarah LESLIE -his marriage settlement - blank commissions for Col. Corry's regiment- marriage of Elizabeth CORRY and Mr. AUCHINLECH - the fire at Enniskillen - Col. CORRY appointed the Governor of Fermanagh - The Duke of Ormonde - Col. CORRY included in the commission of Array - his deerpark - furtherpurchase in Dublin - Family deeds - his will - his death- pg 141

CHAPTER XIII -John CORRY 1718-1726 John CORRY's marriage with sarah LESLIE - her own estate- Mattymount and the Wells - John CORRY elected M.P. for Enniskillen - Colonel of Militia - articles for a race meeting - Receives another commission as Colonel in 1715 - Elected M.P. for Fermanagh - marriage of Rebecca AUCHINLECH - John CORRY exchanges Kilsallagh and Derryharney in Magherstephana for Largy in Tirkennedy - Margaret AUCHINLECH's marriage - lease of Killyreagh and Killybar to Mr. CRAWFORD - his estate map - his will - his death ...... pg 165

CHAPTER XIV- Leslie CORRY 1726-1741 Leslie's account with Margetson ARMAR - lines on Castlecoole - family deeds - marriages of Mary with Margetson ARMAR - and Martha with Edmund LESLIE - Leslie's will - and early death - A letter to his mother - Edmund and Martha LESLIE assume the name CORRY- their childs death in 1743- martha dies in 1759 - and Edmund in 1764 or 1765 - The Newtownlimavaddy election of 1765-A Longford rent roll... pg 180

CHAPTER XV - Margetson ARMAR 1741-1773 inherits the Antrim Estate - Is owner of the Blessingbourne Estate - his family history - rentals and memoranda - Mr. Thompson's poem- Dr. Dunkins letters to Lord Chesterfield and Mr. ARMAR - Mr. FINLAY's poems- {Aedisapud Enniskillen?}- Mr. ARMAR's other papers - letters of the LordJustices to the Duke of Newcastle, Prime Minister - Judgment of Lord Chancellor, Lord Bowes inLord Ely's case - Mr ARMAR purchases Sir Ralph GORE's church lands estate -his will & death ...... pg 193

CHAPTER XVI - Mary ARMAR 1773-1774 Her sale of the church land lease to Armar Lowry-Corry - her will - death of Miss mary Lowry-Corry- Mrs. Armar's death.... pg 243

CHAPTER XVII Sarah Lowry Corry 1759 and 1774-1779 her succesion to the estates-her Dublin & Longford property-her will and death.pg 250


CHAPTER XVIII - Armar Lowry Corry (Lord Belmore) 1779-1802 his second marriage - he is created a Baron of Ireland - dealings with the property - enlargement of Castlecoole demesne - created a Viscount - the present house built - his third marriage - his son comes of age and is elected M.P for Tyrone - Lord Belmore created an Earl - Opposes the Union in Parliament - extracts from the "Lords Journals" - Lord Belmore's sudden death at Bath.... pg 257

CHAPTER XIX - Somerset, Second Earl Belmore As Lord Corry moves the address in 1798 - subsequently opposes the Union - Colonel of the Tyrone Miltia - his marriage in 1800 - his family - succeeds his father in 1802- his journey to Egypt and the Holy land - Lord Corry elected M.P. for Fermanagh in 1823 - The Hon. Henry Corry elected M.P. for in 1825 - Lord Belmore appointed Governor-in-Chief of Jamaica in 1826 - Lord Corry seconds the address in 1829 - subsequently votes against Catholic Emancipation - Mr Corry's marriage in 1830 - his family - Lord Corry's marriage in 1834 - Lord Belmore's sale of the Longford and part of the Fermanagh estates in 1839 - his death in 1841.... pg 275

CHAPTER XX- Amar Third Lord Belmore 1841-1845 Lord belmore's improvements at Castlecoole - his death - Encumbered estates court sales - sale of Corballintacken owing to a supposed mistake - Re-adjustment of rentals on the estates in my possesion - death of Juliana , Countess of Belmore - and of Louisa Countess of Sandwich - death of the Rt. Hon. Henry Corry..... pg 284

CHAPTER XXI Concluding remarks Rules of the Plantation - Rise in the Value of land caused mainly by the fall in the value of money - social habits of the seventeenth century - Estate rules - Fee-farms and long leases - waste lands .. pg 289

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