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Immigrants to New England from Ireland
Surnames A-D

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Immigrants to New England from Ireland
Surnames A-D

Transcribed by Kathryn

From the book, "Immigrants to New England from Ireland".
By Ethel Stanwood Bolton of Shirley, Massachusetts 1931.
Originally published by The Essex Institute Salem Massachusetts, 1931.
*more notes on publishing.
Names of all who seem to have come from Ireland.
Please read the Preface as it explains the contents.

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Surnames A-D
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Adams, Robert, of Londonderry, N. H.; came before 1730.-Coll. Me. Hist. Soc., Vol. II, p. 24.

Adams, William of Londonderry, N.Y., from Ireland, cir. 1719-1721; said to have been born in Argyleshire; m. Mary --------; d. Oct. 7, 1775, aet. 61; Children: James, Jonathan, Samuel, William, David; Samuel moved to Boothbay; William had a brother James; d. Nov 1, 1761 at 72.- Parker's London-derry, p. 254, and Greene's Boothbay, p. 487

Aiken, Edward, of Londonderry, N.H.; from Ireland, 1720; b. 1660 ; m. Barbara Edwards; Children: Nathaniel, James, William; d. 1747 in Londonderry. -- Parker's Londonderry, p. 255, Whiton's Antrim, p. 52, Bedford, P. 279, Secomb's Amherst, p. 487.

Aiken, James of Londonderry, N.H.; from Ireland , cir. 1720; son of Edward; m. Jean Cochran, 1725; Children: John,

James, Elizabeth, one son and two daughters. - Vital Records of Londonderry, Parker's Londonderry, P. 256

Aiken, John, of Chester, N. H. ; from Ireland , cir. 1724; b. 1689; m. -----------Karr; Children: John, James, Margaret, Martha, Jane, Elizabeth, Mary; d. 1750. - Chase's Chester, p. 462.

Aikin, Nathaniel, of Londonderry, N.H. from Ireland, cir. 1720; son of Edward; m. Margaret Cochran, 1726; Children: Edward, John, James, Thomas, William. - Parker's Londonderry. p. 256, Vital Records of Londonderry.

Aiken, Samuel, of Chester, N.H. ; from Ireland, cir. 1736; brother of John; m. ----------- Young; Children; William, James , Peter, Sarah, Samuel. - Chase's Chester, p. 462

Aiken, William, of Londonderry, N.H. ; from Ireland, cir. 1720; son of Edwards; m. Janet Wilson, 1725; Children; Agnes, Edward, Mary, Jonathan, Martha, William. - Vital Records of Londonderry, Parker's Londonderry, p. 256.

Alexander, James of Windham, N.H.; from Ireland; brother of John and Alexander; m. Mary --------- ; Children: Agnes, Joseph; d. 1731 -Morrison's Windham, p. 305

Alexander, James of Pelham, Mass.; from Ireland, before 1738.-- Parmenter's Pelham, p. 17

Alexander, John, of Londonderry, N.H.; from Ireland; brother of James; Children: Robert, James, Ann; d. 1763 - Morris's Windham, p. 305

Alexander, John, of Worcester, Mass.; from Ireland, before 1733. -Perry's Scotch-Irish, p.14 , Parmenter's Pelham, p. 17.

Alexander, Randall, of Lononderry, N. H.; from County Antrim, Ireland, 1718; m. Janet ---------; Children: Robert, Mary, Isabel, David, John, Samuel, William, Isabel; petitioner to Shute. - Parker's Londonderry. p. 44, Morrison's Windham. N. H., p. 305.

Alexander, William, of Lunenburg, Mass.; from Ireland, before 1743; m. Elizabeth Bradley, 1743; Children: John, Franice, William. -Lunenberg Records, pp. 233, 272.

Alexander, William of Deerfield, Mass: from Londonderry, 1765 (?); warned out of Deerfield, 1765; Children: John, Gin, Lydia. -Sheldon's Deerfield, Vol. 2, p.8

Alld, William, of Peterborough, N.H.; from Ireland; b. 1723; m. Lettuce --------; Children: John, Benjamin, Jenny, Samuel; d. 1805, aged 82.-Smith's Peterborough, pt. 2, pp.7,8

Allen, Andrew, Boston; from Virginia to Cape Ann, to Billerica, to Boston; warned out May 3 1708 -Boston Rec. Com. Vol. 11 p.72

Allen, George, Boston, Mass.; from Ireland, with Captain Dennis Nov. 1719 -Boston Record Com Vol. 13 p.64

Allen, Humpherey, Boston, Mass.; 1730; late from New York; convicted of stealing. -Court of Sessions of the peace p. 298.

Allen, Margaret, of Boston Mass.; 1722; from Ireland, 1717; John Langdon of Boston Innholder paid 18 for 4 years service.-Court of Sessions of the Peace, 1715-18,Vol. I,p.184

Allen,, Richard, of Boston, Mass; from England ; has opened a brew-house here, 1791. ---Centinel, May 1791

Allen, Robert, Boston, Mass; from Ireland, with Captain Dennis, Nov 1719 -Boston Record Com.Vol.13 p.64

Allison, Samuel, of Londonderry, N.H.; from Ireland (?), 1718. -Parker's Londonderry, p.44

Amory, Thomas, of Boston, Mass.; From Limerick to So. Carolina and Boston, 1721.-Cullen's Irish in Boston, p.53

Anderson, Allen, of Londonderry, N.H.; from Ireland, cir. 1718; d. without issue. -Parker's Londonderry, p. 259

Anderson, Archibald, of Warren, Maine; from Bannock-burn Scotland, 1753 m. Anne Malcolm; Children James, Archibald, John Samuel; d. 1783. -Eaton's Warren, pp. 85, 120, 122, 375.

Anderson, Jacob, of Freeport, Maine; from Dungannon, Ulster County, Ireland, cir. 1710; Child: Jacob. -Wheeler's Brunswick, p.827.

Anderson, James, of Londonderry, N.H.; from Ireland, cir. 1718; Children: Samuel, Robert, James, Thomas, David, Jane, Nancy.Parker's Londonderry, pp. 307, 398, Morrison's Windham, N.H. p. 308

Anderson, John, of Londonderry, N.H.; from north of Ireland, cir.1725; Children: John, James, Robert, Jane. -Parker's Londonderry, p.260, Morrison's Windham, M.H.p.307

Anderson, John, of Danbury, Conn.; "from the parish of Dunfarm by Lime (Dumfermline?) in ye Shire of Feife in North Britton:; will, probated March 6, 1940, mentions mother, Margaret Henderson; sister, Elizabeth Anderson. -Bailey's Danbury, p.15

Anderson, Joseph, of New Boston,N.H.; from England, 17--; m. Margaret Foster. -Cogswell's Henniker, N.H.

Anderson, Thomas, of Chester, N.H.; from Ireland cir. 1745; m. Jean Craige; Children: William, Joseph, John, Thomas, Agnes, Joseph, Allen, Samuel, Margaret, David; d.1804 -Chase's Chester, p.464

Anderson, William, of Deerfield, Mass; from Dunfermline, Scotland in 1758; m. Abigail Hitchcock of Brimfield; Children: William, Solomon, John, Sarah, Fanny, William. Fanny; d. 1810 -Sheldon's Deerfield, Vol. 2 p.30

Andrews, John, of Boston, Mass; from Ireland, with Captain Dennis, Nov 1719. -Boston Record Commission, Vol. 13, p.64

Andrews, Rev. Samuel; from England to New England Oct 8, 1761, (sailing)-Money Book 48-155, Emigrant Ministers to America. p.11

Annan, David, of Peterborough, N.H.; from Cupar of Fife, Scotland; b. 1754: son of John; m. Sarah Smith; Children: Sarah, David S., John Mary, Robert, James , Jane, Amelia; d. 1802, in Ireland. -Parker's Londonderry, p. 188, Smith's Peterborough, pt. 2, p. 14

Anthoine, Nicholas, of Marblehead, Mass.; from Isle of Jersey, cir. 1750; m. 1. Anne Hawkes, Dec 3, 1755; m. 2. Rebekah LeGrow; Children: Anna, John, Rachel, Nicholas. -Marblehead Vital Records, Cochran's Antrim, p. 341

Arbuckle, --------, of Merrimack, N.H.; from Ireland, before 1748; Children: William, Sarah, and a daughter. -Secomb's Amherst, NH p.485

Archibald, John, Londonderry, N.H.; from Ireland, before 1730; m. Margaret -------; Children: Robert, Elenor, Elizabeth, John, James. -Coll. Me. Hist. Cod., Vol. 11, Vital Records of Londonderry.

Armington, George, lately arrived in Boston from Ireland, 1718, ship "St. George Merchant,: George Brown Commander. -Court of Sessions of the Peace, 1715-18 Vol. 2, p. 213.

Babbidge, James, of North Yarmouth, Maine; from Uffculme, Devonshire, England, before 1730; B. 1697; Son of James and Prudence. -N.E. Hist

Badger George; from Island of Jersey, husbandman; b. abt 1718,Volunteer against West Indies 1740 -Colonial Wars 1799.

Bage, James, Boston, Mass; butcher; from England, 1716; warned out, BRC

Bailey, Thomas; clerk from England 1712 EMA

Baker, George, Boston;upholsterer; from London, England 1699, S CofCP

Baker, James, Boston; from Great Britain 1713; warned out June 9 1714 BRC

Baker, John, Concord; from Bristol England 1720 m. Elizabeth ------, -Haywood's

Baker, John, of Waltham; from England 1738 removed to Killingly, C's Antrim

Balderson, Thomas; convict assigned to Apthorp and Hancock, July 18, 1747. From Wm. Cookson of Hull.

Bales, William, Wilton, NH from Wales; impressed, deserted at Salem, Mass. LPW

Balloch, James of Cornish, N.H. from Scotland, 1796 m. Sarah Chase of Cornish

Banister, Samuel; from London 1716,with Mad Banister; merchant BRC

Banum, James, from -------; with Capt. Gerrish, warned out 1974 BRC P.8

Barbour, James of Portland, ME; from Ireland , 1718; son of John, Sr.; m. -------Gibbs, widow; Children: Andrew, Mary. -Smith's and Deans's Journal p. 57

Barbour, John Sr. of Portland, Me; from Ireland, in 1718; Children: John, James, Hugh; drowned Jan 19, 1719. -Smith's and Dean's Journal, p. 57.

Barbour, John, of Portland, Maine; from Ireland, in 1716 or 1717; son of John Barbour, q. v.; Children: Adam, Mary, Anne, Hannah. -Smith's and Dean's Journal, p.57, Willis's Portland, p.788

Barbour, Matthew, of Western, now Warren, Me; also of Westfield and Pelham, Mass., m. 1726-7 Mrs. Mary (Gray) Blair, widow of William; Children; Mary, Robert, Sarah, Lydia. -Leavitt's Blair Family, p. 139

Barbour, Robert, of Weston and Worcester, Mass; from Ireland in 1718; b. Parish of Koppro, Co. Tyrone, Ireland; m. in Weston, Feb 26, 1725-6, Sarah Gray of Worcester; she b. 1704, Co. Tyrone; d. June -, 1790; Children: James, Elizabeth, Sarah, John, Matthew; d. Sept. 27, 1769, at Worcester, aged 68; a clothier; Robert is said to have had a brother Hezekiah of Westfield. -Lincoln's Worcester, p. 49, E. D. Barbour's notes.

Barclay, Andrew, from Scotland cir 1764 -Thomas's History of Printing Vol2 p.230

Barclay, William, from England 1703; clerk. -Emigrant Ministers America p.12 P.9

Barnes, John, of Concord; from England, 1730 b.1708, m. ------Heselton, of Boston, soldier at Quebec; d. 1762, at Quebec -Ancient Wethersfield, p.46

Barnes, Robert, from England With Capt. Eves, Dec 1716; butcher, warned out 1717

Barnet, James, Boston; from Ireland, in ship Elizabeth; warned Nov. 3, 1719. -Boston Rec. Com., Vol. 13, p. 63

Barnet, John, of Londonderry, N.H.; from County Antrim, Ireland, 1719; schoolmaster; m. Joan Seaford, 1721 -Parker's Londonderry, pp. 44, 90 Williamson's Belfast, p. 91.

Barns, Mark, of Providence, R.I.; from Waterford, Ireland, cir. 1775. -Murray's Irish Rhode Islanders, p. 33

Barr, Gabriel, of Nutfield, N.H.; from Ireland, cir. 1720; and unmarried after a courtship of forty years. -History of Bedford, N.H., p. 864, 100th Anniversary of Bedford, p. 289

Barr, James of Londonderry, N.H. and Goffstown, N.H.; from Ireland, cir. 1720; b. 1705 in Ballymoney; d. 1798; Children: John, Sarah, James, Samuel, Molly; d. May 1, 1788. -History of Bedford, pp. 864, 865, Hadley's Goffstown, p.26, 100th Anniversary of Bedford, p. 289

Barr, James of New Ispwich, NH; from Kilbrachan, Renfrewshire, Scotland cir 1733; b. 1752, m. 1783 Molly Cummings, b 1764 Children#14: -Chandler and Lee's N.I. P.10

Barr, John; from Ballymoney, County Antrim, Ireland, cir. 1720; m. Jean ------, d. Nov 11, 1737, in 66 years of her age & "17 years in this land"; he was in the Siege of Londonderry, Ireland, 1688-9. -History of Bedford, N.H. p.863., 100th Anniversary of Bedford, p. 289

Barr, Samuel, of Londonderry, N.H.; from Ireland, cir. 1720; m. ------: Child: Jean, b. Jan 4, 1744; m. Daniel Hall, of Chester, N.H.; moderator, Selectman, 1741-2; Representative and 1761-1767 Colonel of the Regiment. -100th Anniversary of Bedford, p. 289

Barron, Elias, of Concord and Surry, N.H. ["Barnes"]; from Ireland, cir. 1750; brother of William. -Kingsbury's Surry, P. 437

Barron, Oliver; from Ireland, cir.1750; brother of William.-Kingsbury's Surry, p. 437

Barron, William, of Concord, Mass., Keene, and Surry, N.H.; m. Isabel Larrabee, of Lunenburg, 1753; d. 1770; daughter of Samuel Larrabee; m. 2. Tabitha Williams, 1770; d. 1775; m. 3. Jemima -------; b. 1739; Children: Lucy, Isabel, Marion, William, Bethuel, Bethany, Leonard; d. 1796 -Kingsbury's Surry, P. 437

Bartlett, Henry, Of Marlborough, Mass; from Wales. -Reed's Rutland, p108

Bartley, Robert, M. D., of Londonderry, N.H.; form Armagh;, Ireland, cir. 1790; educated at Dublin University and Edinburgh; Children: Hugh, John McC., Robert, Nancy McC.; d. 1820 -Parker's Londonderry, p.215. Morrison's Windham N,H. p324

Batley, John, of Worcester, Mass.; from Ireland, in 1718; there was a Nathaniel, of Dedham, in 1730 -Lincoln's Worcester, p.49.

Bartheleme, Claudius, of Derby, Conn; from France, cir 1750b1734; m. Susanna Plumb, daughter of Samuel; Child: #10 -Orcutt's, Derby Conn.m, p.694 P.11

Basker, Joseph, Boston, Mass; from Bristol, England, b/f 1715; wool comber; came in the Marlborough: Galley; Samuel Peard, master asks for his liberty. -C of SP1715

Bas, Joseph, of Dresden, Me; from France. -Hugue-nots in Dresden, p18

Batterson, George, of Fairfield, Conn.; from Scotland; m. Mary Oysterbanks, Child: George -American Ancestry, Vol 3 p.4

Batteson, James; clockmaker, Boston; from Pennsylvania, 1707; warned out. -BRC

Beard, Andrew, of New Boston, N.H.; from Ireland, in 1766; Child: Joseph; d. 1798 aged 88. -Cogswell's New Boston, p. 380

Beath, John, Boothbay, Maine; from Derry, Ireland, cir. 1718; son of Walter; m. Margaret Fullerton, 1739, d. Oct. 13, 1818; Children: Margery, Joseph, Elizabeth, Mary, Margaret; d. Dec 9 1798 -Greene's Boothbay, p. 498

Beath, Walter, of Lunenburg, Mass, and Boothbay, Me; from Derry, Ireland, in 1718; b. in Derry or Tyrone, 1681; Children: John, b. 1710, Jeremiah; d. June 11, 1759, aged 79; his sister Jennet m. Wm. Fullerton, Sr. -Greene's Boothbay, p. 497, Maine Hist. Soc. Coll., 2d Series, Vol 9, p.289.

Beckett, Giles, of Bradford, Vt; from England 1774, (Yorkshire): -McKeen's Bradford

Bell, Aaron, Boston; from Ireland on ship "Elizabeth: warned out Nov. 3, 1719; farmer. -Boston Record Co., Vol 13, p. 63 P.12

Bell, John, of Londonderry, N.H.; from Ireland, cir. 1719; b. 1679, at Ballymoney; probably son of Matthew; m. Elizabeth Todd, abt. 1712; daughter James and Rachel Todd; Children: Letitia, Naomi, Samuel, Elizabeth, Mary,

John; d. July 8, 1943, abt. 64 yrs of age. -Morrisons's Windham, p. 336, Chase's Chester, p. 468, Codman's Francistown, p. 515, Boston Evening Transcript, Feb 20, 1907, Parker's Londonderry, p. 262

Bell, John of Bedford, N.H.; from Ireland cir. 1736; wife, Katherine ---------; b. 1697, d. 1746; Children: Mary, John, Joseph, Susanna; d. Feb 28, 1763 -100th Anniversary of Bedford, p. 291

Bell, John, of Bedford, N.H.; from Ireland, in 1739, with his mother; son of John and Katherine Bell; b. 1732, in Ireland; m. 1. Jane Carr; m. 2. Sarah Bell, of Londonderry, N.H.; Children: Joseph, John, Rachel, Susanna, Mary and six others who died in infancy. -History of Bedford, p. 869

Bell, Joseph, of Bedford and Halifax, Mass; came from Ireland, 1739; son of John and Katherine Bell; b. in Ireland. -History of Bedford, N.H. p. 869

Bell, Thomas, of Noddle's Island, Mass.; from Ireland, 1718. -Cullen's Irish in Boston, p. 51.

Bell, William, of Chester, N.H.; from Scotland before 1780; b. Paisley, Scotland; m. Beatress Barr of Glasgow; Children: William, George, Elizabeth; d. 1817 -Chase's Chester p. 471

Benner, Henry, of Broad Bay, Maine; from Germany, before 1760-Miller's Waldboro

Berkeley, George, of Newport, R. I.; from Kilkenny, Ireland, 1729 -Murray's Irish Rhode Islanders, p. 29

Berry, Edward,Boston; from London, 1766; removed to N.Y. -Thomas's Hist of Print

Berry, William, of Boston, Mass.; from Ireland; "Printer of Painted Paper"; living with Dr. Nazro. -Boston Rec. Com., Vol. 15, p. 69P.13

Bethell, Jarvice, Boston; from Ireland by way of Newfoundland, Aug 1714; wife; admitted an inhabitant. -Boston Rec. Co. Vol. 11 p. 220

Betton, James, Windham; Scotland before 1753;b.1728 m. Elizabeth Dickey, M'sH

Betty, John, Worcester, Mass; weaver; d. intestate, 1748; m. Rebecca -------; bondsman William Crawford "Physician," John McKinstrey, witness. -Worcester Probate.

Beverage, ----, of Warren, from Scotland 1753 -Eaton's Warren

Bill, Thomas, Boston; from New York; warned April 27, 1724 -BRC

Billow, John, of Boston; from Ireland, 1717; in ship "Alexander," Thomas Spencer; he was "an inform person," "sickley man ver Poor who came from Barbadoes" with Capt. Thomas Spencer. - Boston Rec. com., Vol 13 p. 41,

Court of Sessions of the Peace, 1715-18, Vol 2 p.199, Suffolk Court Files 12463

Bird, Andrew, Warren; from Scotland 1753; M. ----Hawthorne: Jane, Agnes, Alexander; removed to Cushing; killed by a tree. -Eaton's Warren pp85, 122, 377

Bishop, James, of ---, R. I.; from Dublin, Ireland, before 1775. -Murray's Irish R.I p28

Bishop, Richard, Boston, Mass; from Brooklyn, April 21 1727; warned out July 11 -Suffolk Court Files, 20510

Black, John, of Barre, Mass, and Chesterfield N.H.; from Ireland, Oct 1740; b. Jan 29 1730, in Ireland; m. Isabella Moore, Nov 27 1760, b. Rutland, March 4 1741; Children: William, Margaret. -Randall's Chesterfield N.H. p229, Kingsbury's Surry, p.455

Black, Josiah, of Kettery, Me.; probably from Ireland. -Saco Valley Families, p. 465

Black, Samuel of Boston Mass; from Ballylin, Donegal, Ireland; mariner; m. Elizabeth Fulton; d. before 1752. -Goldthwaite Records, Ms. Boston Athenaeum.

Blair, Abraham, of Worchester, Mass; and Londonderry, N..; from Aghadowey, Ireland in 1718: children: David, Hannah, Sarah, Lydia, Jennet, Mary; in defense of Londonderry 1689; he was an uncle of Robert Blair of Worcester. -Lincoln's Worcester, p. 49, Leavitt's Blair Family. p. 147

Blair, John of Londonderry, N.H.; from Ireland in ship "Elizabeth; warned from Boston, Nov 8 1719; son of David and brother of James; m. Jennett (McCloud?); children: William, b. 1726; Ann, b 1727-8, Elizabeth, b. 1731, son, b 17345, David b. 1737, Margaret, b. 1738, Robert, b. 1741; will probated Oct 30 1754 -Cogwell's New Boston. p. 352, Boston REc. Com Vol 13 p.63, Leavitt's Blair Family p151

Blair, Robert, of Worcester, Mass; from Ireland before 1733; b. at Aghadowey about 1683; m. Isabella, daughter of David Rankin; Children; Matthew, David b. 1708+9, John, Sarah, Dolly, William, James, Robert, Elizabeth, Mary, Joseph; he was a nephew of Abraham Blair of Londonderry and brother of William of Shrewsbury; d. in Worcester, Oct 14 1774. -Perry's Scotch-Irish, Leavitt's Blair Family. p 22, 29

Blair, William of Framingham and Shrewsbury, Mass; from Aghadowey, Ireland, 1718; elder brother of Robert Blair of Worcester, and nephew of Abraham Blair; m. Mary, sister of William Gray of Worcester: Children: William John Robert, Elizabeth, Mary, Samuel b. 1724; d. in Framingham and bur. Aug 23 1724 -Leavitt's Blair Family. p. 139. p.15

Blancher, Nicholas, Boston Mass; from North Carolina, with Christopher Tilden; tenants of Dr. Josias Byles; "wife and 3 or 4 children" -BRC Vol 15 p 55

Blare, Elizabeth, daughter of David Blair, from Ireland, Aug 17 1718; sister of John, James and Rachel; if the granddaughter of Abraham Blair she had returned to Ireland before 1733. -Leavitt's Blair Fam. p150, Suffolk Court Files 142620, Cullen's Irish in Boston p51, Boston Rec Com Vol 13 p46

Blaire, Lieutenant James, of Londonderry N.H.; from Ireland, Aug 17 1718; son of David Blair; m. Isabella -------: Children, James, David b 1729, Alexander b. 1731, Rebecca, Margaret; James Blare of Nutfield warned from Boston Jan. 23, 1723; will probated Feb. 26 1745-6. -Leavitt's Blair Fam. p151, Suffolk C.F. 12620, Cullen's Irish in B. p 51, Boston Rec Com Vol 13 p46

Blare, Rachel, from Ireland, Aug 17 1718; daughter of David and sister of John, James, Elizabeth; m. probably Robert Love of Boston. -Leavitt's Blair Fam. p150, Suffolk C. F. 12620, Cullen's Irish in B. p51, BRC Vol 13 p46

Blazo, William, of Epsom, N.H.; from France. -Curtis's Epsom NH p1

Blencoe, Richard; from London to Boston on the ship :Mary Ann,: 1774; husbandman, aet. 25, :for employment." -N.E. Hist. Gen Reg., Vols 62-64

Boggs, Samuel, of Warren, Me.; from Ireland, 1753; m. Anna -----; Children: William, John, Samuel, Anne, Mary, dau.: d. 1783. -Eaton's Warren pp378,379P.16

Boies, James, of Milton, Mass; from Ireland; b. 1702; m. 1 ----; m. 2 Elizabeth Smith, daughter of Jeremiah, 1759; Chil: Jeremiah Smith; l. July 11 1798. -Teele's Milton p 397

Bohonon, Andrew of Salisbury N.H. from S Bolster, Isaac from E.

Bolton, Agnes, of Palmer, Mass; from Ireland b. 1728; m. Hugh Smith, son of James; 1754; Children: Elizabeth, Joseph, Matthew, Elihu, Agnes, Mary, John;d. 1805 -Temple's Palmer 535

Bolton, Dr. Hugh, of Colrain, Mass.; from Tamlaght O'Crilly, Ireland, cir 1730; m. Elizabeth Patterson, sisiter in law of Jerome Bonaparte; Children; Hugh, Matthew, John, Nancy, Joseph; d. June 8, 1772, aged 85. Ms. owned byC.K. Bolton.

Bolton, Thomas, of Gorhanm, Me.; from Tamlaght O'Crilly, Ireland, cir. 1720 m. Mary (McLellan) Craige; Children: William, Mary, Martha, Agnes; d. before 1788. age 90. -McLellan's Gorham 404

Bolton, William, of Windham, N.H.; from Tamlaght O'Crilly, Ireland; m. Elizabeth --------; Children: John, David, James, Grizel, Agnes; d. Apr 221755 (?), aged 73. -Morrison's Windham 347

Bolton, according to the will of Samuel Bolton of Tamlaght O'Crilly, HugThomas and William were his brothers. - Ms. owned by CK Bolton

Bolton, William of Reading Mass; from Ireland, 1718; warned from Andover Jan 30 1718-9; m. Elizabeth White, 1720; Children: William, John; d. 1725. -Bolton Genealogy, pp4-6; Andover Vital Records; Reading Vital Records

Bond, Robert, Portsmouth NH from Saint Mary Oferey, m. Mercy Ham 1722

Bone, Stephen, Boston Mass; from Canada 1736, baker; a deserting soldier given liberty to tarry by His Excellency the Governor. -Boston Record Com

Bonner, James, Boston Mass from Virginia b/4 1710 m. Eliza Dillarock, Jan 3 1711; "Forebid by ye sd Philip Dillarock. -Boston RE. C.

Boothby, Henry, of Kettery, ME; from Ireland 1720; Children: Tomas, Samuel, James; perhaps moved to Scarborough, Me -Saco Valley Fam.. ; Bourne's Wells & Benebunk

Boothby, Thomas of Wells, ME; from Ireland by way of Halifax, b/4 1720; m. -------; Children: Richard, John and Henry. -Saco Valley Fam.

Borland, John of boothbay, Me; from Ireland abt. 1778; b. Ireland 1752; m. Mrs. Sarah Campbell; Children: Sally John Samuel James Polly Betsey C.; d. at Damariscotta Mills, 1814 -Green's Boothbay

Bothwell [Bothell], Alexander of Rutland, Mass; from Ireland, Nov 1719, with Captain Dennis; m. ---; (church members); Children: Alexander, m. Margaret Kennedy, Feb 20 1734-5; Elijah. Vital Records of Rutland

Bowen, Peter, Boston Mass; (?) "from Engd in ye Allen" 1716 in May last with Capt. Timo Asten; warned out July (?) Suffolk Files 10961

Boyce, John, of Londonderry, NH; from Londonderry Ireland; Child Samuel -Lyford's Canterbury, NH

Boyd, Adam of New England; from Ballymoney, Ireland, in 1723; b. 1692; M. Janet Craighead; Children: Margaret, John, Janet, Agnes, Thomas, Mary, Adam, Andrew, Hannah, Elizabeth, Samuel; removed to Delaware and Pennsylvania; d. 1768. -Sprague's Annals of the American Pulpit, Vol 3, Craighead Family, p6

Boyd, Rev. Alexander, of Georgetown, ME; 1748; educated at Glasgow University, preached at Palmer for a time 1748. -Sprague's Annals of American Pulpit, Vol 3; Green's Boothbay, p177

Boyd, Andrew, of East Greenwich, R.I.; (perhaps two Andrews) ; from Antrim, Ireland, before 1775. -Murray's Irish Rhode Islanders, p31

Boyd, Archibald, of Palmer, Mass; from north of Ireland; in Palmer 1742 -Temple's Palmer p126

Boyd, George, of Boothbay, Me; from Ireland 1750; b. County Antrim, Ireland; M. Margaret ---, 1765; Children: Thomas; George W.; a brother of Samuel of Bristol, and Thomas of Boothbay. -Greene's Boothbay, p504

Boyd, James, of Bristol, Maine and Worcester, Mass; m. Jean ---; Children: Samuel, John, James, Andrews, Margaret, William, Thomas, Joseph, Eliza. -Boston Evening Transcript; Worcester V.R. p31

Boyd, Samuel, of Bristol, Me; from Ireland, 1750; b. County Antrim, Ireland; m. ---; Children: Thomas, called "the Surveyor" to distinguish him; brother of Thomas and George of Boothbay. -Greene's Boothbay p504

Boyd, Thomas, of Boothbay, ME; from Ireland 1750; b. parish of Dunt -- and town of Bu-foot, County Antrim, 1732; m. 1758; Child: Adam, of Back Narrows; d. 1792; a brother of Samuel of Bristol and George of Boothbay. -Greene's Boothbay

Boyd, Rev. William, from Ireland in 1718; returned 1719 (?); son of -----Boyd of Dungiven, Derry. -Leavitt's Blair Fam. p24

Boyd, Capt. William, of Londonderry, N.H.; from Ireland in 1719; m. Alice Hunter; Children: Joseph, William Isaac, John , Alice, James; d. 1789, aged 70; he brought over fourteen ship-loads of Scotch-Irish. -Cochran's Antrim, p371

Boydell, John, of Boston, Mass; 1716: d. 1739.-Thomas's History of Print Vol2 Boyes, William, of Rehoboth, Mass; aged 19 in 1724; servant of john Lym (?) of Rehoboth; runaway. -News-Letter, Feb, 27 1724

Bradford, James, Boston, Mass; from New York; warned out August 31 1723. -Boston Rec.Com. Vol 13

Bradford, John, Portsmouth, N.H. b/4 1718; m. Dorcas Hudson, 1718 -N.E. Hist V23

Branch, James, Boston, Mass; from New York; warned out 1723 -Boston R.C. Vol11

Breakenridge, James, of Palmer, Mass; from Ireland July 16 1727 ; B. Scotland 1696; moved to Ireland; m. Sarah ----, 1720, d. Nov 17 1773, aet 79; Children: James*, William*, Francis (d. on voyage), Francis, Sarah, Esther, George, Margaret; d. April 5 1767; aet. 72; James, Jr., settled in Ky. and was the ancestor of politicians. -Temple's Palmer, p415 *Members Provincial Congress, 1775p. 22

Brest, Mary, Boston, Mass; from New York; warned out July 11 1727. -Suffolk Court Files 20510

Brewster, Isaac of Londonderry, N.H.; from Ireland; Child: James. -Cochran's Francestown p 541

Briard, John, Portsmouth, N.H.; from"Santelin in South Hamshier: before 1726 m. Agnis Leby, 1726 -N.E. Hist Vol 24

Brickhead, William, 1716; upholsterer. Boston Rec. Com. Vol 29

Brinley, Francis, of Roxbury, Mass; 1710; m/ Deborah Lyde, 1718; daughter of Edward and Catherine Lyde of Boston; Temple's Framingham p484 p23

Brison, John of Warren Maine; 1753: no male children. -Eaton's Warren, pp85

Brithune, Elizabeth, of Boston; "from New York six months since,: 1733; warned out Feb 10 -Boston Rec Com v.13

Broderick, Thomas, : b/4 1720; int. m. Sarah Breens, 1708. -Boston Rec Com V28

Bromley, James, Boston, Mass.; from Ireland b/4 1720; int. m. Mary Boyce Sept 24 1720 ; forbid by Samuel Boyce, her father. - Boston Rec Com V. 28

Brook, Edward, Portsmouth, N.H.; from Ramsgate, St. L. Parish, m. Catherine Tobey, 1735. -N.E. Hist Vol. 25

Brouse, James of Boston, Mass. felt maker; admitted an inhabitant Nov 1727 -Boston Rec. Com Vol 13

Brown, Mrs.; to Boston on the "Boston Packet" to settle, 1774; lady aged 30.-N. E. Hist Vol 63

Brown, Rev. Arthur, of Providence. F. I.; from England 1729; B. Drogheda, Ireland, 1697, son of Rev. John B. Brown. -Emigrant Ministers to America p.17

Brown, David, of North Bridgewater; from Ireland 1740; m. Janet Miller (m. 2 Simon Griffin) ;Children: Ann, John, James, Elizabeth, Ann John, James; d. Apr 9 1753. -Kingsman's North Bridgewater PP 456

Brown, James, Boston Mass before 1717; int. m. Elizabeth Skinner, July 8 1717 -Boston Rec Com Vol 28

Brown John , Boston Mass; " a mariner stranger," 1709; int. m. Susana Rich, Oct 28 1709. -Boston Rec Com Vol 28

Brown, John, of Warren Maine; S 1753; said to have been killed by Indians. -Eaton's Warren PP. 85 122

Brown, Richard of Boston, Mass; cuttler; admitted an inhabitant, and liberty to open a shop, &c. Aug. 3, 1728; m. Sarah Seadon, 1732 -Boston Rec Com Vol 13

Brown, Matthew, of Palmer Mass; from Ireland; b. 1676; Children: Thomas, William, Robert, James; d. 1766 Aged 80 -Temple's Palmer 412

Brown, Samuel, Middleborough, Mass, and Oxford Maine; b/4 1775; m. Ruth, daughter Josiah and Mary Dean of Taunton, Mass: Children: Celia, Anna, Esther, Samuel, Clarissa, Henry, Jacob Dean, Ruth Dean, Mary Staples, John, Leonard, Cyrus. -Annals of Oxford, Mass p 148

Brown, Timothy, Boston, Mass; "a sick man that came from St. Martin's, belonging to Ireland, sent to the alms-house on the ProvinceCharge." -Boston Rec Com Vol 13

Brown, Walter, Boston, Mass Aug 1715; barber; warned out in Oct. -Suffolk Court Files 12463

Browning, James of Rutland, Mass; came from Ireland cir 1720; b. in Scotland, g. s.; m. Elizabeth --- in Rutland June 1720; Children: William, Elizabeth, James, Trustram, Margaret, Joseph, Mary, John, Samuel, Martha; d. Feb 3 1749 aged 77 -Hyde's History of Brimfield p 380

Browning, John of Rutland, Mass from Ireland b/4 1740; m. --- ;, Reed's Rutland p 82

Burk, Tobias, of --, R. I.; from Limerick, Ireland; b. cir 1755 -Murray's Irish p29

Burkmar m. Mary --, Burne m. Martha Beal,

Burns, George, of Milford, Mass; from Ireland 1736; b. 1734 son of John SR/ (be;below); m. Jane McQuaid, d. Nov 30 1814; Children: Anna, Sarah, Susannah, Hannah, Jemima, Esther, Elizabeth; d. March 7 1805. --Ramsdell & Colburns p 609

Burns, John, of Hudson and Milford, N H; from Londonderry, Ireland, 1736; born in Sctlnd cir 1701, son of Thomas Y Margaret (Leslie) Burns; came with wife and three children; Children: Mary, John, George, Jane, Betsy, Thomas, Martha, Sarah. -N. H. Genealogies p 312

Burns, John, Milford, N.H. from Londonderry, Ireland 1736; b. March 28, 1732, son of John (above) m. Elizabeth Jones, 1761, daughter of Jonathan & Elizabeth Jones of Wilmington, Mass. D. April 26 1782; Children: John, Daniel, Elizabeth, Moses, Joseph, Mary, Joshua; d. Jan 16 1825 .- Ramsdell & Colburn's Milford p 608

Burns, John of Bedford N.H. from Londonderry, Ireland 1740 ; m. 1.----, d.July 9 1745, aet. 21, no children; m. 2. Anna McQuisten of Litchfield; Children Robert, Margaret, William, Ann James, Sarah, Elizabeth, John; d.March 26 1788. aet 77 -100th Anniversary of Bedford p 193

Burnside, --- of Londonderry, N.H. from Ireland 1719 -Lincoln's Worchester, p 201

Burton, Benjamin of Cushing, Me., from Ireland; m. Alice Lewis; Children;Rebecca, Agnes, Mary, Alice, Benjamin, John, Sarah, Elizabeth, Thomas, William Jane; d. March 20 1763 -Eaton Warren p 381

Burton, Mary, Boston, Mass; from Ireland with Capt. John Carrell, 1736; admitted. - Boston Rec Com vol 15

Burvell, m. Mary Moore,

Butler, Jonathan, of Saybrook, Comm; from Ireland before 1726; b. abt 1700; m. Temperance Buckingham 1726; Children Ezekiel of Branford; d. 1760, age 60 -Amer.Ances. Vol 3 p7

Cabot, George of Boston, Mass; from ST. Heliers cir. 1700; bapt. 10 Feb 1677; son of Francis and Susanne (Gouchy); m. Abigail Marston of Salem, Daughter of Benjamin; d. 9 Oct 1709; Children: Abigail, Marston; d. 1717 -Ms. in possession of George C. Cabot

Cabot, John, of Salem, Mass; cir 1700; bapt. 7 April 1680, son of Francis and Susanne (Gouchy); m. Anna Orne, daughter of Joseph, 29 Oct 1702, d. 1772 aet 94; Children: Susanne, John, Esther, Mary, Ann, Margaret, Elizabeth, Francis, Joseph; d. 7 June 1742, in Salem. -Ms. in possession of George C. Cabot Cakle, Roger, came with Alexander Ralston 1773.-Wyman's Charlestown p163

Calder, R m. Hanah Lawrence 1720

Calderwood, James of Londonderry, J.H.; from Londonderry, Ireland, Nov 1725; m. Margaret --; Children: Jane b. Ireland, John Robert. -Eaton's Warren, Me.p514

Calderwood, John of Vinal Haven, & Warren, Me; from Ireland, 1725; b. Ireland Feb 15 1725; son of James; parents settled in Londonderry N.H.; m. Elizabeth McCordy; Children: Thomas, Jesse, and eleven others; d. 1808 -100th Anniversary Vinal Have p18

Caldwell, William of Worcester, Mass; from Ireland in 1718; in defense of Londonderry 1689; church member in Worcester 1733. -Lincoln's Worcester p49; Per's Scotch-Irish p14 Callwell, Alexander, Portsmouth N.H. from Clough, County Antrim, b/4 1741; m. Margaret McGregor of Londonderry, N.H. at Portsmouth Nov 4 1741. -N.E. Hist. Gen Reg. Vol 27

Calwell, Hannah. See James Wason.

Calwell, John Portsmouth, N.H.; from Ireland before 1741, b. at Clough, County Antrim; m. Isabel Wasson of the same County, in Portsmouth, March 20, 1735. -N.E. Hist Gen Reg Vol 25

Campbell, Alexander, of Danville N.H. ; from Ireland 1728; b. Ulster, Ireland; Child: Annas. -Cogswell's Henniker, p 478

Campbell, Alexander of Georgetown, ME; Sctlnd 1729; m. Frances Drummond. -Wheeler's Brunswick p 840

Campbell, Archibald, of Oxford, Mass; from --- 1750; Children: Alexander, Edward R. -Randall's Chesterfield p 240

Campbell, Daniel, of Rutland, Mass: from Sctlnd 1716: killed March 8 1744, by Edward Fitzpatrick, an employee. -Reed's Rutland, p 183

Campbell, David

Campbell, Elizabeth of Boston 1716 with her mother and fur daughters, in snow "Amity" -Boston Rec Com Vol 29

Campbell, Henry, of Londonderry, M.H.; from Londonderry, Ireland 1733; b. 1697; m. Martha Black; Children: William, Samuel, James , John, Henry, Daniel and a daughter; d. 1785 aged 88. -Secomb's Amherst, p 526

Campbell, Hugh of New Salem m. Margaret Kelso

Campbell, James of Londonderry, N.H. from Ulster, Ireland, in ship Elizabeth; warned from Boston Nov 3 1719; b. about 1690 in Ulster, son of William of Campbelltown, Argyleshire, and Londonderry, Ireland; m. in Ireland Jane or Jennet Humphrey; Children: John, William, James, Elizabeth; James had a brother Samuel; James moved to Cherry Valley, N.Y. in 1741 -Alexander's Alexander Family

Campbell, John, of Boston; sent back to Ireland, old and disabled, in the brigantine "Friends Adventure,: Jan 12 1769. -Boston Rec Com

Campbell, John Gillis of Boston m.. Jeannette Baird Eaton's Warrren p412

Campbell, Patrick, b/4 1711; m. Susanna Griffen 1711 -Boston Rec Com Vol 28

Campbell, Robert, of New London, Conn; from Ireland cir. 1719; b. in Ulster, Ireland, 1673; m. Janet, d. 1729; Children: Charles and Five others; d. 1725. -Hadley's Goffstown, N.H. p 173

Campbell, Robert of Townsend, Mass, and Londonderry, N.H.; from Ireland, b/4 1730; m. Elizabeth Waugh; Child: Robert; d. 1792 -Cogswell's New Boston, p. 412; Documentary History of Maine, p 24

Campbell, Robert, of New Ipswich, N.H. b/4 1760; m. (?) 2, Margaret --;d. 1810, aet 51 years; Children: Caleb and probably others; d. after 1791. -Chandler and Lee's New Ipswich, p 289; New Ipswich Epitaphs Ms.m, p 27

Canell, Philip of Portland, Pearsontown and Standish, Me.: b/4 1770; m. Jane--; Children: Nancy, Thomas, Philip, Jane, Joseph, Ellen; d. 1824 aet 81 years. -Saco Valley Families, p 127; McLellan's Gorham, p 422.

Cargil, David of Londonderry, N.H. [called David Calgik]; from north of Ireland, 1718; selectman at Londonderry 1719. -Supplement to Morrison's windham p64

Cargill, James of Mendon Mass; clothier; will probated Nov 7 1753; m.Sarah --; Children: Mary Arnold, Benjamin,Chloe [m. a Gilson], Lucy, James; [Seth Arnold exr.]. -Worcester Probate.

Carleton, Joseph m. Abigail Osgood, Carlisle, Carlo, Carlor,

Carnot, John Londonderry, N.H.; from Londonderry, Ireland, before March 17 1730. -Doumentary Hist of Maine, Vol. 11

Carpenter, Samuel, m. Martha Smallage 1715, Carr, see also Karr, Carr, Thomas m. Elizabeth Clay 1715, Carson, John m. Mary Livingston, Carson William m. Issable Johnson of Lydborough, Carswell,

Carter, James b/4 1740; ropemaker; b. cir. 1697; volunteer against the West Indies 1740 -Colonial WArs, 1899.

Carter, Miles from Ireland, tanner, b/4 1740; b. cir. 1700; volunteer against the West Indies, 1740. -Colonial Wars, 1899.

Carty, Francis, Boston, Mass; from Dublin on the ship "Globe," 1717; "Irish seaman." "of about 18 years, being a slender man, full of freckles in his Face, wears his own Curled Bushy Brown hair". -Boston News Letter Sept. 30-Oct 7 1717

Caruless, Nathaniel, Boston, Mass; arrived from Northern Ireland, 1718, in the ship "William" Robert Montgomery, master; wife and four children. -Court of Sessions of the Peace.

Casey, John, of Groton, Mass; from Ireland, cooper, about 21 in 1754; he ran away from his master John Blair of Groton. -Boston Evening Post Oct 7 1754.

Castner, Caswell, Cates m. Deborah Cobb at Cape Elizabeth 1745, Cavaler, Cearl, Chandler, Chandler m. Elizabeth Lucy of Portsmouth 1714, Chisiel, John, of Worcester, Mass from Ireland before 1733. -Perry's Scotch-Irish p 14

Christie, Jesse, of Londonderry, N.H.; from Ireland b/4 1727; m. --; m. 2. Mary --; Children: Peter, George, -Hadley's Goffstown, p 85

Christie, Peter, of Londonderry, N.H.; from Ireland b/4 1727; b 1710 Ireland, son of Jesse; m. Jane Moer of Londonderry Child: Jesse, -Hadley's p85

Church, m. Mary Stevens 1732, Chute, Cilly, Cinae, Honora, Boston, Mass; from Ireland w/ Captain John Carrell, 1736; wife of Dinish Cinae; Children: James, Peter; admitted Sept 18 1736 -Boston Rec Com Vol 15

Claggett m. Lettice Mitchel 1729, Claridge m. Tabitha Mitchell 1718,

Clark, Archibald, of Londonderry N.H.; from Ireland b/4 1730 -Documentary History of Maine Vol 11

Clark, James of Londonderry and Windham, N.H.; from Ireland b/4 1730; m. ---; Children; John, Matthew, Eleanor, Samuel, George. -Morrison's Windham p 377

Clark, James of Rutland Mass; from Ireland in 1718; m. Mary --; Children: George, John and five more; killed Aug 3 1724, "an oldish man." -Lincoln's Worcester, p 49

Clark, John of Worcester and Colrain, Mass; from Ireland 1718 or 1719; m. Agnes Adams; Children: Jane, Matthew, Thomas, John, James, William, Samuel, Elizabeth, George; will probated 1750; d. in South Hadley, Mass. -McClellan's Colrain p66; Wall's Reminiscences of Worcester, p 128

Clark, John of Rutland, Mass from Ireland before 1726; John Clark "a North Brittain" of Rutland warned from Boston July 15 1726; m. Mary Mclein Feb 26 1730; Children: Elizabeth, Isabell, James. -Perry's Scotch-Irish p14

Clark, Joseph, of Worcester, Mass; from Ireland b/4 1733; ml Sarah --; Children: Joseph, Sarah (m. Jerathneel Wilder), Mary (m. William Stone), Easter (m. Solomon Bixby), Priscilla (m. Aaron Wilder); d. betw. Dec 1767 and June 11 1772 -Perry's Scotch-Irish

Clark, Matthew of Worcester, Mass and Londonderry, N.H.; from Ireland b/4 1733; m. Jennette --; Children: Jane, john, Alexander, Agnes. -Perry's Scotch-Irish

Clark, Matthew, of Lancaster, Mass; from Ireland b/r 1740; "Matthew Clark and wife in communion with the Irish Church in Worcester. Probably son of John of Worcester; m. Elizabeth ---; Children James, Mary, Elizabeth, Matthew, William, Mary John, Daniel, Sarah; d. July 9 1761/ -Lancaster Vital Records pp 285

Clark, Rev. Matthew of Londonderry, N.H.; form Ireland cir. 1729; second minister in Londonderry; m. Mrs. James McGregor, Jan 9 1733, in Boston; d. Jan 25 1735, aged 76. -Parker's Londonderry, p 137

Clark, Moses, . 1720 Emigrant Ministers p20

Clark Robert of Londonderry, N.H.; from Ireland cir 1725; m. Letitia Cockran; Children: William, John, Samuel, Ninian, Jane, Letitia, Agnes, Elizabeth; d. 1775 -Parker's Londonderry p265

Clark, Samuel, of Brunswick, Me; from Ireland b/4 1739; m. probably in Boston Martha --; also from Ireland. -Wheeler's Brunswick p 830 Clark, Thomas, of Boston Mass; b/4 1764; shop at the south side of the Court House. -Boston Rec Com Vol 13

Clark, William, Boston Mass; from New York, with wife and 3 children; warned Aug 12 1724 -Boston Rec Vol 13

Clark, William of Boston Mass; from London brush maker

Clarke, Edward m. Christian Buskby, widow 1725

Clarrick, William of Deerfield 1745; captured off Louisburg and sent to Boston -Sheldon's Deerfield Vol2

Clayland, Mrs. Elizabeth, Peterboro, N.H.; "Thomas Little m. Susanna Wallace, daughter of Willaim and Elizabeth; Elizabeth Clayland was Susanna's grandmother; she came from Ireland with the Wallaces and was buried at Peterborough, Smith's p 133

Clayton, William m. Margaret Clap 1714

Clendenin, Archibald, of Londonderry N.H.; from county Antrim, Ireland, 1718, one of the sixteen original settlers. -Parkker's Londonderry p 44; Williamson's Belfast, p 92

Clinton, Francis, of Boston, Mass; from Ireland 1730; joyner. -Cullen's Irish in Boston p54

Clouse m. Ann Elizabeth

Clyde, Daniel, of Windham N.H.; from Ireland 1730; joyner; admitted inhabitant of Boston, September 9 1730; b. 1683, Clydesdale, Scotland; m. Esther Rankin; Children; Joseph, Hugh, John, Daniel, Ann, Samuel, Mary, Nancy, Agnes; d June 1753 -Morrison's Windham. p380

Clyde, Hugh of Windham N.H.; b. Ireland 1724; son of Daniel; m. Sarah --; Children: Joseph et als; d. 1800, in Windham -Haywards Filsum p 288

Coad m. Mary Woodcock of Dedham 1714

Coan, John Boston Mass; butcher, with wife and child from Philadelphia by land, 1717 warned out Dec 1717 -Boston Rec Com Vol 13


Cochran, James, of Topsham, Maine; from Londonderry, Ireland, 1720; m. Letitia Patten; Children Thomas, Peter, Molly and on other ; d. soon after arrival. Cogwell's New Boston p 356

Cochran, James of Amerst N.H.; from Belfast, Ireland, b/4 1744; Children: Jonathan (?), Robert (?), John; Secomb's Amherst [539

Cochran, John of Brundswich Maine ; from Ireland 1717; m. Lily Kilgore; Children: James, Joseph, Thomas, Nathaniel, Samuel, Elizabeth, Susannah, Cogwell's 363

Cochran, John of Wndham N.H.; from Londonderry, Ireland cir 1719; b. 1707; m. Jennie McKeen, 1734; Children: John, Isaac, James , Elizabeth, Mary; d. 1788 -Morrison's p 393

Cochran, John, Portsmouth, N.H.; from Dunbo, Londonderry, Ireland, b/4 1731; m. Issabella Smith, also of Dunbo in Portsmouth, 1731 N.E. Hist Gen Reg Vol 25

Cochran, John Ninian, of Francestown, N.H.; from Ireland cir 1775; Children James, William and others. Cochran's p 588

Cochran, Thomas, of New Boston, N.H. ;from Londonderry, Ireland, Cir 1720; b. Londonderry, cir 1703; son of James q.v.; m. Jennet Adams; d. June 7 1784, aet 76; Children: James, John, Robert, Peter, Thomas, Letitia, Elizabeth; d. Nov 20 1791;aet 89; -Cogwell's New Boston, pp356

Cochran, William Londonderry, N.H. from Ireland before March 17 1730; m. Elizabeth MacKertney, Nov 26 1730; Documentary Hist of Main Vol 11

Cockle, John, British soldier & deserter, 1775; impressed; Child Polly

Cocks, Philip, Portsmouth, N.H.; from "Dratwitch," b/4 1722 m. Jane Carter 1722

Cod, Jenry of AMherst, N.H.; from Ireland cir 1744; m. Sarah Wilkins of Middletown Mass. Children Henry, Sarah, -Secomb's p 540.

Coffeen, Michael, of Topsfield, Lunenburg,and Winchendon, Mass; from Ireland; b. b/4 1718; b. Lydia; Children: John, Elizer, Lydia, Amone, Henry, Daniel, Abigail, Priscilla; d. Winchendon. -Stern's Rindge, N.H. P 178

Coffiram, William Boston Mass; from Ireland on the ship "Elizabeth" ; warned out Nov 3 1719; Boston Rec Com vol 13

Cojan, "Mr. Laughlin" Boston, Mass; "an Irish seaman, being sickly, a slender man of about 26 years old, with his own Brown Hair"; came on the ship "Globe" from Dublin, 1717 -News Letter, Sept 30-Oct 7, 1717

Cole, Phebe, at Boston Mass; with her four children :Imported into this Town in November last [1735] from New York by Capt. Griffeth.: -Boston Rec Com Vol 13

Cole, R m. Abigail Tenny 1715

Cole, Thomas of Boston, Mass; victualer; admitted an inhabitant with liberty to open a ship 1727 -Boston Rec Com Vol 13

Comb; J m. Dorothy Davis 1712

Conn, George, of Harvard Mass; from Ulster about 1720; b. cir. 1716; son of John; m. Mary --; D. May 19 1783 aet 70 yrs; Children: Anne, John, George, Andrew, Rosanna, Elizabeth, Mary, Margaret, Thomas; d. Feb 21 1796 aet 80. NE Hist. GEn Reg Jan 1927 pp27

Connan, Philip from Ireland before 1746; husbandman; b. cir 1716; volunteer against the West Indies, 1740 -Colonial Wars, 1899

Connor, Charles, Boston Mass.; with wife and child, from Philadelphia, 1732; warned out Sept 18, "bin in Boston Six weekes." -Boston Rec Com Vol 13

Cook, Mark Portsmouth, N.H.; from Virginia, b/4 1740; b. York, Va.; m. Sarah Maddin From Limerick, Ireland, in Portsmouth, Dec 1740 N.E. Hist. Gen Reg Vol 27

Cooper, Boice, of Warren, Maine; form Ireland, dir 1740; m. Katherine Kellyhorn; m. 2. Lydia North; Children: Boice, Elizabeth, Catherine; d. 1795 aet 75. Eaton's Warren p384

Copley, Richard, of Boston Mass; from County Clare, Ireland, 1737 m. Mary Singleton; Child: John Singleton, the portrait painter, father of Lord Lyndhurst; d. 1737. -Cullen's Irish in Boston p 190

Cotter, Darby from Ireland, b/4 1740; laborer; b. cir. 1702; volunteer against the West Indies, 1740. -Colonial Wars, 1899

Cotton , m. Elizabeth Mann

Couch, m. Elsie Rowell; m. 2. Mrs. Mary Webster; m. 3. Mrs. Muzzey

Cow, Peter Portsmouth, N.H.; from Jersey, b/4 1735; m. Mary Long Nov 4 1735. -N.E. Hist. Gen Reg Vol; 25

Cowan, Ephraim, of Worcester and Pelham, Mass; from Ireland, b/4 1738. -Parmenter's Pelham, pp 17

Cowdin, Thomas, Lunenburg and North Worcester, Mass; from Ireland, 1728 b. 1720, son of James; m. Experience Gray of Worcester, 1748; d. 1760; m. 2. Hannah Craig of Rutland, 1761 d. 1822; Children: Thomas, Experience, Hannah, Joseph, Angier, Daniel, James; d. 1792 -Fitchburg Hist. Coc. 1897-8, p 14-38

Cowdin, James of Westminster, Mass; from G.B.; m. Mary, dau. John Pearson of Rowley, Mass 1757; d. March 1813 aet 83: Children: John, Sarah, Mehitable, David, James, Mary , Rebecca, Nathan, Rhoda, Joel, Pearson; d. Apr 1801 -Heywood's Westminster p590

Cowes, James Warned out 1726

Crafts, Lydia, Roxbury, Mass; "Thomas Bedonah, a negro man belonging to Roxbury and Lydia his wife, formerly Lydia Crafts, an Englishwoman, presented for fornications before marriage, 1704 -Court of Sessions of Peace, 1702-12

Criag, Alexander of Chester N.H. ; from Ireland 1724 or 5; Children: Alexander, ANdrew, Agnes d, d. in 1750 -Chase's Chester o 496

Craig, Hugh of Gorham, and Windham, Maine; from Ireland , 1729 or 1730; m. Elizabeth Warren in Falmouth, Nov 11 1749; d. 1810 aet83; Children: Betty, Mary, Thomas, Rebecca, John, Jane, Hugh, Martha; d. March 19 1977 aet 54, -Lewis's Gorham, pp 404

Craig, John, of Boston Mass; from Ireland cir. 1730; m. (?) Rachel Clark, April 8 1740, at Boston -McLellan's Gorham p 404

Craig, Mary (McLellan) of Gorham and Windham, Me; from Ireland, 1729-30; sister of Hugh McLellan of Gorham, Me. and James McLellan of Saco, Me; m. 1. ----- Craig; Children: Jane, Hugh, (stepson John of Boston) m. 2. Thomas Bolton in Boston, d. cir 1788; Children William, Martha, Mary, she d. cir 1788 aet 89 -Lewis's Gorham pp 404

Craige, Robert of Chester N.H.; from Ieland cir 1736; m. Margaret Crossett; child: "Thomas; d. 1790 .-Chase's Chester p 497

Craighead, Rev Thomas, of Freetown, Mass; came fro Donegal, Ireland, in 1715; son of the Rev. Robert Craighead of Londonderry, Ireland; m. Margaret ---; Children: Thomas, Andrew, Alexander, John, Jane; d. April 1739 Newville, Pa - Craighead Family p 35 -40 et seq.

Craigue, w. m. Esther Adams 1787

Cramy, Dennis of Boston Mass; a wigmaker form Ireland, b/r 1730; admitted an inhabitant and to open a shop, Dec 11 1730 -Bost Rec Com Vol 13

Cranch, R. m. Mary, Daughter of the Rev William Smith of Wymough 1762

Crawford, Aaron,of Rutland, Mass; from Ireland, before 1721; b. about 1677; m. Agnes---; d. Dec 10 1760 aet 82; Children: Alexander, Samuel, Martha, Mary, Moses; Brother-in-law, Samuel Orr of Pennsylvania; d. Aub 6 1754 aet 77 [will]. -Reed's Rutland p 82; Monumental Descriptions pp 8,9

Crawford, John of Rutland Mass; from Ireland with Captain Dennis, Nov 1719; warned out of Boston Jan 1720; m. Isabell --; Children: Margaret, John; tythingman, 1722. -Reed's Rutland, p 82

Crawford, John of Stirling, Me; from Scot. 1717

Crawford, Robert, of Worcester and Royalston, Mass; from Ireland in 1718; m. Elizabeth Leitch of Lunenburg, Jan 13 1763; warned from Boston, 1724; Children: Elizabeth, William, James, Reuben, John Green, Joseph Warren, Manasses, Robert; d. betw. June and Oct 1785; [will]. -Lincoln's Worcester, p49

Crawford, William of Chester N.H.; from Ireland, cir 1730; m. Mary Graham; m. 2. Jean --;Children: Robert, William, John. -Chase's Chester, p 498

Crawford, Dr. William of Worcester, Mass; m. Martha --; Children: Robert, John;William, Joseph, Elizbeth, Mary, Margaret, Sarah; grandson, William Crawford; brother, John Crawford; will probated June 6 1761. -Worcester Probate Records, Series A 14036

Creighton, David of Waldoboro, Me; see also Criton; from Ireland;; m. --; Children: Abraham, Samuel, David; d 1744, killed by Indians. -Eaton's Thomaston, p 190

Creste, John, Boston Mass; from Ireland with Captain Dennis, Nov 1719; warned out 1720. -Boston Records Com Vol 13

Christy, John Boston Mass b4 1717; m. Elizabeth Bishop 1717 Boston Rec Com

Cristy, Captain John, of Windham, N.H.; from Scotland or IReland; cir 1746;m. Elizabeth--; 2. Jane--; 3. Mary--; Children: Elizabeth, Moses; d. 1766 -Morrison's Windham, p 409

Criton, Johm of Boston; see also Creighton; from Ireland 1719

Crolley, Anne, Boston Mass; b/4 1718; int. m. Philip Alman, Feb 1719 Boston Rec

Combey, Andrew, Convict assigned to Apthorp and Hancock, July 18 1747; from Wm. Cookson of Hull. Combie, Benjamin of Rowley Mass and Chester N.H.; form Ballymore, Ireland; half-brother of John; m. Rebecca Davis of Ipswich, May 6 1741; Children: Moses, Amos, and nine others. -Chase's Chester, p500

Croner, Rev. Fredieric, of Waldoboro, Me; m. Mary Ulmer

Crook, Thomas, of Falmouth, Maine; from Ireland, 1719 -Mass Resolves, 1719-20

Crosbey, John, Boston Mass; before 1711; int.m. Esther Palmer, Jan 1 1712 Boston Rec Com Vol 28

Cross, John, Boston Mass; b/4 1717; int. m. Martha Morris July 12 1717. Boston R

Cross, William Portsmouth N.H. b4 1715; m. Abigail Briard, Jan , 1716-N.E. Hist

Crossett, James of Chester, N.H. ; from Ireland cir 1736; m. --Young, "sister of Aiken's wife"; Children: James, John. -Chase's Chester, pp. 500

Crossett, Mrs. Martha (Hamilton), from Ireland in 1716; Children: John, Archibald, William, all of Pelham, Robert of Rutland. -Rutland Vital Rec. p 127.

Crou, William, of --R.I.: from County Waterford, Ireland; b. cir 1755-Murray's Irish Rhode Islanders, p 29.

Cuckerson, Thomas, Boston: in the ship "London", 1744 aged 17, "gentleman" for pleasure. -M.E. Hist Gen Vol 63

Cummins, Mr. Thomas, of Lancaster, Mass; from Ireland; died March 24 1784.-Lancaster Vital Records p 329

Cunningham, James of Rutland, Me; from Ireland in 1737; b. County Derry, Ireland in 1713; m. Mary ---,d. Dec 29 1821 aet 91; d. Feb 20 1786, aged 73. -Rutland Vital Records p 221

Currill, John Boston Mass 1719; int. m. Sarah Wye, March 31 1719; forbid by Sarah Wye. -Boston Rec Vol 28

Curtice, William, baker, Boston Mass; with Captain Pitts; 1706 warned out Oct 8 1706 -Boston Rec Com Vol 11

Cuscadin, Alexander, of Boston from Londonderry, Ireland; d. April 16 1811 aged 26 years. -Copps Hill Burying Ground, Gravestone.

Cutlove, William, Boston distiller; b/4 1715; warned out May 1715. Boston R.C. Vol 28

Cutton, John, Boston, Mass from Barbadoes, before 1712; int. n. Mary Needham, Oct 9 1712. -Boston Rec Comm Vol 11

Dalbee, Richard, Boston Mass; fisherman, with wife and two children, with John Webber, Nov 1717; warned out Dec 9 1717. -Boston Rec.. Com Vol. 13

Dalton, Edward, to New England in the :Venus," 1774, taylor aged 28, "to settle." -N.e. Hist. Gen. Reg Vol. 63

Danielson, John, of Brimfield, Mass;m. Margaret Mighill, 1727; Children: John, Nathaniel, Margaret, Timothy, Mary, Sarah. Hyde's Brimfield, pp 393

Darrah, Robert, of Litchfield, N.H.; from Ireland, 1738; m. 1. J--- McKean; m. 2. --- Blood; Children: Elizabeth, Robert, John, James, Polly, Peggy, Jane, Naomi, David, Samuel. -100th anniv of Bedford, p 297

Darrance, Samuel, of Johnstowne, Conn; believed to have sailed to America from Belfast, 1719; entered Glasgow 1709; licensed Dunbarton, Scotland, 1719. Ulster Journal of Archael, Vol. 3

Davenport, Fancis, of Boston Mass; before 1708; int. m. Martha Newberry, June 2 1708 -Boston Rec. Com Vol. 28.

Davidson, John of Boston Mass; from Ireland, before 1769; a weaver. -Deed of Belfast, Maine.

Davidson, William, of Woburn and Tewsbury, Mass; from Menemore, Ireland, 1728; b. Menemore, Ireland ; m. 1. Mary Alexander, d 1738 in Woburn; m. 2. Margaret McCartney; Children: Robert, Nathaniel, William, John George, Elizabeth, Jane; Alexander, Francis, Mary, Peggy; d. 1757 in Tewksbury. -Morrison's Windham. p 423, Merrill's Ackworth, p 206

Davidson, Rev. William, of Londonderry, N.H.; from Ireland; University graduate of Scotland; m. Frances (Cummings) Thompson in 1733; Children: two sons and two daughters; d. 1791, aged 77 -Parker's Londonderry, p 159

Davis, Jane, widow, Boston, Mass; from Ireland in the ship "Elizabeth"; warned from Boston, Nov 3 1719. -Boston Rec. Com Vol. 13

Davis, John, Portsmouth, M.H. before 1718; m. Mary Gooding of Nechowanuck, in Portsmouth, Oct 1718-+ N.E. Hist. Vol. 23

Davison, John, of Peterborough, N.H.; from Ireland. -Smith's Peterborough, p 50.

Davison, Thomas, of Peterborough, N.H.; from Ireland; b 1722; m. Anna Wright, 1757, daughter of Matthew, d. 1723; Children: Thomas, Charles, Mary, Sarah, William, Betsy, John, Robert, Anna, Hannah; d. 1823, aged 88. -Smith's P. pp. 50

Dawley, James, Boston, Mass; "an Irishman from Lisbon,: may 3 1727; warned out July 11 (return), 1727.-Suffolk Court Files 20510

Decamp, David of Charlestown, N.H.; a soldier, who deserted in New Jersey and m. in New Jersey; he and his wife came on foot to Charlestown, N.H., bringing with them the first "wineapple" tree to Charlestown: Children: Mary, Deborah, John, David. -Sanderson's Charlestown, N.H. p 324

De Langloiserie, Louis Hector Piot, Boston Mass; b/4 1740 int. M. Esther Bridge, 1740- Boston Rec. Com Vol. 28

Dempsey, Thomas, of Kennebunk Port, Me; from Ireland; m. 1.--; m. 2. -- Wildes, widow of Nathaniel Wildes; Children: Margaret, Hephzibah; d. b/4 1775. -Bradbury's Dennebunk Port, p 238.

Denio, Aaron of Deerfield, Mass; b. Dec 26 1704, at Boucherville, P.Q.; m. Anna Combs, dau. John and Elizabeth Coombs of Northampton, July 8 1730, living in 1759, "very old"; Children: Aaron, Anna, Joseph, Seth, Abigail, Eli, Baptist, Sarah, Elizabeth, Dorothy, Sebarah, Solomon; d. April 5 1774, at Deerfield, Mass -Denio Gen. 1926

Denman, Peter, Boston, Mass; with Capt. Wentworth, May 1710; silversmith; warned out. -Boston Rec. Com Vol. 11

Densmore, Samuel, from Ireland, before 17410; husbandman; b. cir. 1721; volunteer against the West Indies, 1740. -Colonial Wars, 1899.

DeSenne, Boston, Mass; before 1713; int. m. Ann Chardon, April 29 1714.-Boston Rec. Comm. Vol. 28

Dewind, Francis, Boston Mass; before 1719; int. m. Katherin Hart, Dec 8 1719 -Boston Rec. Comm. Vol. 28

Dick, Thomas, of Pelham, Mass.; from Ireland: before 1738. -Parmenter's Pelham, P 17.

Dickey, David, of Chester, N.H.; from (prob.) Ireland; m. Isabella --; Children: John, David. Chase's Chester, P 503.

Dickey, John, of Londonderry, N.H.; from Londonderry, Ireland 1729; m. Margaret ---; Child: Adam. -Merrill's Ackworth p 209

Dickey, John of Warren, Maine; from Stirling 1753; b. 1730; m. Nancy Patten; Children: John, William, Waldo, James, Margaret, David; d. April 4 1800, aged 70. -Eaton's Warren p 85

Dike, Samuel, of Hamilton and North Bridgewater, Mass; b. June 14 1722; weaver; m. Mary Perkins, d. Dec. 25, 1816; Children: Samuel, Anthony, John, Mary, Sarah, Anna, Abigail, Nathaniel, Veren; d. Oct 22 1800, aged 79.-Kingman's North Bridgewater p 488.

Dinsmoor, Thomas of Bedford Mass, and Hollis, N.H.; from Ireland, before 1725; weaver; m. Hannah --; Children: Abram, Abel. -Amer. Ances. Vol 3

Dinsmore, David of Chester, N.H.; from Londonderry, Ireland, cir 1745; b. 1714; m. Widow Elizabeth Kennedy, d. 1807 aet. 97; Children: Samuel, James, David, Thomas, Arthur, Robert, Mary. -Chase's Chester p 510 1926 Ed.

Dinsmore, John, of Londonderry, N.H.; from Bally Wattick, Ireland, (Belly Waitche) County Antrim; mason by trade; m. --; Children: Robert Elizabeth, John; d. 1741 aet 99 years. -Cochran's Francestown, p 629

Dishill, John, Boston, Mass; from Maryland, before 1734; int. m. Elizabeth Linehan, April 25 1734.-Boston Rec Com Vol 28

Ditty, Francis, Portsmouth, N.H.; from Windbird, Dorsetshire (?), before 1715; m. Elizabeth Furber, May 26 1715. -N.E. Hist Gen Vol 24

Divers, William Portsmouth, N.H.; from Crediton, before 1725; m. Sarah Nason, Aug 18 1725.-Boston Rec Com Vol 13

Dix, Samuel, of Boston Mass; (?) 1730; wigmaker ; admitted an inhabitant and to open a shop, Dec 16 1730. -Boston Record Com Vol 13

Doak, James, Boston, Mass; from Virginia; warned out July 17 1725 -Boston Rec C.

Dods, Thomas, Boston, Mass; before 1712; int. m. Elinor Black, Dec 130 1712 BRC

Doke or Doak, Robert, [Londonderry, N.H.]; from Ireland in ship "Elizabeth" ; warned, Nov 3 1719; proprietor of Londonderry, 1722. -Boston Rec Com Vol 13

Doherty, Michael, of Providence, R.I.; from Donegal, Ireland, cir. 1777; b. cir. 1755. -Murray's Irish R. Is. p 35

Domett, Captain Joseph, of Boston Mass; before 1743; b. 1720; m. Ann ---; Children: John, Joseph, Philobeth, Ann, George (Christ Church, Salem St. Boston); d. 1762. -Contributed by Miss Winifred L. Holman.

Doolinty, Philip, of ----, R.I.; from Kilkenny, Ireland, before 1775; b. cire. 1753. -Murray's Irish Rhode Islanders, p 29

Douglas, John, of Middleborough, Mass; cir 1707; kidnapped and brought to Boston aet 12; b. cir. 1695; m. Eunice Rattliff; Children: Elijah, John, George; d. Nov 12 1795, aged 90. -Amer. Ances., Vol 3, Larned's Windham Co. Comr. Vol II

Downe, John, from Dublin, Ireland, cordwainer, before 1740; b. cir. 1601; volunteer against the West Indies, 1740 -Colonial Wars 1899. Downes, Edward, of Canton, Mass; from ---- cir. 1724; m. Ruth Puffer 1724; Children: Ruth, Sarah, Hannah, Miriam, Abigail, Edward. -Cochran's Francistown, p 641.

Drew, see also Drue

4 Drews listed

Driscoll, Catherine, Boston; from Ireland in ship "Catherine," Capt. Robert Waters; spinster - accepted. -Boston Rec.Com Vol 15 Driscoll, Cornelius, of Providence, R.I. ; from Kinsale, County Cork, Ireland, before 1781. -Murray's Irish R.I. p 34

Driskill, Daniel, Boston Mass; before 1714; int. m. Abigail Waters, 1714 -Boston R.C.

Drought, Robert, Portsmouth, N.H.; from King's Co. Ireland, b4 1733; m. Elizabeth Hinds Oct 8 1733. -N.E. Hist. Gen. p 120

Drue, Valentine,Boston Mass ; b/4 1721; int. m. Elizabeth Stevens 1721-Boston R.C.

Drummond, Patrick, of Bath, Me; son of Alexander who came with family in 1729; he had many children: lived in Phippsburg, see gave stone there. Reed's Bath p 316

Dudley, John Boston, Mass; from South Carolina, with --- Pitts, July 8 1719; warned out July 24 1719. Boston Rec Com Vol 13

Dunbar, Col David, of Pemaquid, Me;from Ireland 1729; Sagadahoc territory. -Green's Boothbay p 109

Duncan, George, of Londonderry, N.H. ; from Ireland cir 1740; son of George Duncan of Ireland; m. j. --; m. 2. Margaret Cross; Children: John, George, William, Robert, Abraham, Esther, James. Parker's Londonderry p 269

Duncan, George of Londonderry N.H.; from Ireland cir 1740; b. cir 1720-25; son of George and Margaret (Cross); m. Letitia Bell; Children: John, George, James, Josiah, Elizabeth, Letitia; d. 1780-5 aet cir. 70. -Parker's Londonderry p 270

Duncan, John, of Worcester, Mass (also called Dunkin); from Ireland in 1718; Children: Simeon, John, Samuel, Daniel, a daughter; son-in-law James Hawes, weaver; will probated Feb 5 1739/40.-Worcester Probate Records

Duncan, John of Londonderry, N.H.; from Ireland, cir 1740; b. before 1720; son of George and ----- Duncan (above) ; m. Rachel Todd; Children: John, George, Abraham, William, James, Naomi, Polly, Rachel, Rosanna. -Parker's Londonderry p. 270

Dunco, William, Boston Mass; from Ireland with Captain Dennis, Nov 1719; farmer. -Boston Rec Com Vol 13

Dundas, James, Salem, Mass; before 1762; m. Elenor Shaddock of Marblehead, Nov 13 1762. -Salem Vital Records Vol 4

Dunlap, Alexander, of Deering and Windham N.H.; before 1740; Child: Samuel G. -Little's Weare, N.H.

Dunlap, Archibald, of Chester N.H.; from Ireland, before 1741; m. Martha Neal, daughter Joseph, of Chester, 1741; children: Joseph, James, John, Mary, William, Sarah, Samuel, Martha. -Hadley's Goffstown. p 131

Dunlap, Robert of Palmer, Mass; from the North of Ireland in 1718; Grantee, 1733, "Had pitched earlier"; "Robert Dunlap, with his wife & four children are come into this Town from Springfield, were to go over to Capt. Temple's at Noddle's Island the next day" Jan. 22 1735. -Boston Rec Com Vol 13

Dunlap, Robert of Topsham Maine; from Ireland, cir 1730; Children: John, Jane, Margaret. -Wheeler's Brunswick, p 832

Dunlap, Rev. Robert, of Brunswick, Maine; from County Antrim, Ireland in 1736; b. Aug 1715, in Barilla, Antrim, son of John and Jane Dunlap; m. Jane Allison; Children: John, Elizabeth, Samuel, Robert, Hugh, Jane; d. June 26 1776. -Wheeler's Brunswick. p 832

Dunlop, William Boston Mass; from Ireland, before 1713; int. m. Sarah Boon, late of Great Britain Jan. 1 1714. -Boston Rec Com Vol 28

Dunn, Edward, of Shirley Mass; from Belfast Ireland, before 1788; m. Mary, Alexander, Nancy, Andrew; d. June 8 1796. -Middlesex Probate Series A 4475

Dunning, Andrew of Brunswick, Maine; from Ashburton in 1717, landed at Georgetown; m. Susan Bond; Children: William, David , Andrew, Robert, James, David deposed in 1767, that on or about 1718, he came to Boston in vessel with Andrew McFadden. -Wheeler's Brunswick p 832

Dunsmore, "old father," member of the church in Ireland of which Mr. Clark of Westfield was pastor (Kilrea); received in full communion at the church in Lancaster, Mass. -Lancaster, Mass, Vital Records p 285 Durrell, Philip, of Kennebunk Port, Me; from Guernsey, cir. 1700; Children: Philip , Benjamin, John, Rachel, Susan, Elizabeth, Lydia, Sarah, and one other, -Bradbury's Kennebunkport. p 241

Dyer, John Henry, Boston Mass; before 1751; a cooper near the South Market House. -Boston Gazette, July 1751

Dyer Thomas, Boston Mass before 1714; int. M. Elias. Proctor Dec 9 1714. -Boston Rec. Com Vol. 28

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