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Surnames Mc Immigrants to New England from Ireland

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Immigrants to New England from Ireland
Surnames Mc

Transcribed by Kathryn

From the book, "Immigrants to New England from Ireland".
By Ethel Stanwood Bolton of Shirley, Massachusetts 1931.
Originally published by The Essex Institute Salem Massachusetts, 1931.
*more notes on publishing.
Names of all who seem to have come from Ireland.
Please read the Preface as it explains the contents.

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Surnames Mc
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McClery, John, Boston, Mass.; in Boston, before 1743; m. Mary Wire, Dec 15, 1743; m.2 ? Sarah Campbell, Jan 1, 1750. Boston Rec Com, Vol 28 p340

McClery, Samuel, Boston, Mass.; in Boston, before 1744; m. Elizabeth Foster, Sept 25,1744.-Boston Rec.Com.,Vol 28, p240

Macclewain, __, of Rutland, Mass.; from ___; m. ___ Blair. Reed's Rutland, p120

Macclewain, Jane, of Rutland, Mass; from Leicester, Mass; m. George Smith, June 9. 1752, and had issue; her "parents and four of their children drowned in the passage." Reed's Rutland, p 120. Rutland Vital Records, p164

McClintock, James of Marblehead, Mass; m. Margaret ___; Child: William, b. Marblehead, Aug 30, 1724. -Marblehead Vital Records, Vol 1 p328

McClintock, John, of Worcester, Mass; from Londonderry, Ireland, in 1718; laborer; d. insolvent and intestate, 1746. -Lincoln's Worcester, p49, Wall's Reminiscences of Worcester p128

McClintock, Thomas of Palmer, Mass; from Blandford; Children: William,Thomas, Sarah, James, Joseph, Margaret, John, Homer, Margaret David.-Temple's Palmer, p 511 Palmer Vital Records. P 53

McClintock, William of Medford , Mass (also McClintin); from Ireland 1730;b. in Scotland; m. 1 ___, m. 2. ___, m. 3.____, m. 4. ____; Children:William, Samuel, and 17 others, of these two were perhaps Aaron and Rachel;d. May 28, 1770. -Rambles in Portsmouth, Vol 2 p160, Hill's Rambles about Greenland, p 215.

McClure, David, of Chester and Candia, N.H.; from Edinburgh, Scotland, cir.1720. And from Londonderry, Ireland 1740; m. Martha Glyn or Martha Glenn,d.in a snowstorm,1770; Children: David, James, Martha, Mary, Elizabeth; d.cir 1762 in a snowstorm.-Chase's Chester, p 559, Hadley's Goffstown p296,Cochran's Antrim p592, Eaton's Candia p89, McClure Family p164

McClure, Richard, Hillsborough, N.H.:; from Ireland, 1727 Child: robert, Q.V. - Brown's Hillsborough, p 383

McClure, Robert of Hillsborough, N.Y.; from Ireland, 1727: b. 1718, son of Richard McClure above; m. Martha Rogers; Children : James, Robert, Thomas, Peggy Martha, Mary, John; d. cir 1817, ages 99. Brown's Hillsborough, N.H. p 383, Drummond's James Rogers of Londonderry, Merrill's Ackworth p242

McClure, Samuel, of Boston, Mass; from Ireland, 1728-9; son of John McClure; b. near Londonderry; said to have come over with William McClintock; Children: Jane, David, Anna, Samuel, Margaret, John. -Stiles Ancient Wndsor Vol 2 p475, Diary of David McClure, The Mc Clure, Family p 160

Maccane, George, Boston Mass; in Boston, before 1727; m. Jane Callwell, Jan 25 1727 -Boston Rec Com Vol; 28 p139

McCobb, James, of Phipsburg (then Georgetown), Me.; from Ireland, before1737; b. 1710 in Londonderry, Ireland; m. 1. Beatrice Rogers, dau. George Rogers, Dec 1, 1737, d. 1772; Children: John, Isabella, George, Samuel,James, Beatrice, Thomas, Margaret, Frances, Anna; m. 2. Mrs. Hannah Nickels Miller, 1774; Children: Molly, Jeney, Thomas; m. 3. Mrs. Mary Langdon Storer Hill. -Drum-Rogers Family of Georgetown, Georgetown Vital Records, p20.

McCobb, Samuel, of Boothbay, Me; from Ireland, 1730; b.Fireland, 1707; m.Mary ___, about 1738-9, d. Dec 28 1801, aet 81, Children: William, John,James, Jean, Frances, Mary, Samuel; d. Feb I, 1791. -Green'es Boothbay, p570

McCollester, Archibald, of Rutland, Mass; From Ireland, before 1734; m. Mary Hamilton, March 26 1734, in rutland. -Rutland Vital Records p 164

McColley, Alexander, from Ireland, laborer, before 1740; b. cir. 1705; volunteer against the West Indies, 1740. -Colonial Wars 1899 McColley, James of Hillsborough, N.H.; from Ireland, cir. 1737; b. 1709; brother of Alexander McColley; m. Margaret Moore; Children: Margaret, John, James, John and James (twins), William, John, Hugh, Alexander, Nathaniel; d. May 4, 1749. Brown's Hillsborough, N.H.; p384

McColloch, James of Pelham, Mass; from Ireland, before 1738, probably son of Alexander McColloch; d. July 10 1759. -Parmenter's Pelham p 17

MacCollock, Thomas, Boston Mass; in Boston before, 1727; m. Abigail Neland, Jan 25 1727.-Boston Rec Com Vol 28 p139

McCollum Alexander, of Londonderry, N.H.; from Londonderry, Ireland, cir.1730; m. Janet__; Children: Alexander, Thomas, Jean, Robert, Archibald,John, Janet. _Parker's Londonderry p283, Merrill's Ackworth p244

McConkey, Alexander, of Worcester, Mass; from Ireland in 1718; in Dec 1722 bought 57 acres; m. Margaret ___; Children: Alexander, William. -Parmenter's Pelham p 17, Worcester Vital Records p 172

McConkey, John of Worcester, Mass; from Londonderry, Ireland in 1718; m.Mary ___; Children: Alexander, William. -Lincoldn's Worcester p49, Wall's Reminiscences of Worcester p 128

McCoy, Alexander of Windham N.H. cir 1721; Children: John, Jane. -Morrison's Windham p 629

McCraken, Samuel, of Worcester, Mass; m. Lettice Carlisle, of Lunenburg, Dec 8 1762; Children: David, Samuel, David, Sarah, John, Joseph, David, Luke. -Lunenburg Records pp 235, 255

McCrie, See Crie

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