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County of Tyrone Assizes, Omagh and News Stories. 31 July 1840

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County of Tyrone Assizes, Omagh and News Stories
As reported in the "Belfast News Letter"
Friday 31 July 1840

Transcribed and submitted by
Rob Doragh
From the "Belfast News Letter"
Friday 31 July 1840


RIBBONISM.- Thomas MORROW was indicted for having belonged to a certain illegal society, and for having in his possession certain documents which he could not account for. After a long trial, the Jury brought in a verdict of guilty.

Michael M'LOUGHLIN, of Dromore, was indicted for a similar offence, but it not having been satisfactorily proved to the Jury that he was acting in the capacity of a member of the society since 24th August last, he was acquitted.

[ An article on Ribbonism can be found at https://en.wikipedia.org/Ribbonism ]


PETIT JURY.- Messrs. David DENNY John MATHEWS, George BOOT, Wm. LOVE, Miller BARBOUR, Wm. SCOTT, James LOVE, James KYLE, John ORR, John GIVEN, John ORR, and John M'FARLAND.

Daniel GRAY, for stealing a promissory not, value 1, at Cookstown, the property of Samuel M'MENAMY. - Acquitted.

Peggy MARTIN, for the murder of her male child, at Aughlish, by throwing it into a vessel of boiling water, by which it was scalded to death. Some witnesses were examined, and the Jury decided that the prisoner was an idiot, and consequently not accountable for her actions.- His Lordship directed the prisoner to be sent to the Derry Lunatic Asylum.

John KELLY, for stealing a ewe sheep, the property of James EARLY - Not guilty.

Robert CAHOON, for stealing a number of bank notes, at Aughnacloy, on the 29th April, the property of Catherine MONAGHAN.- Guilty; 12 months' imprisonment, at hard labour.

Another John KELLY, for a malicious assault on Charles M'KENNA, at Omagh, on the 2d of May last.- Guilty; 6 months imprisonment, at hard labour.

Robert BURNET, John BURNET, Robert BURNET, the younger, and Rebecca BURNET, for a riot, and for assaulting James O'HARA, on 3d March at Omagh.- Guilty; John to be imprisoned 12 months; Robert (younger,) 3 months; Rebecca, 4 months. Robert (the elder,) was acquitted.

Peter M'CULLAGH, indicted for a rape. The trial was postponed at the instance of the Crown, there being a great number of other persons being implicated, and only one (the prisoner) being in custody.

William HUNTER, for cow stealing. The cattle were stolen from where they were grazing, and afterwards found in the possession of the prisoner in Aughnacloy.- Guilty.


This morning, the town of Omagh was thrown into a state of considerable agitation by the fact that the Gaol had been broken the previous night, or at an early hour that morning, and two of the prisoners had effected their escape. They had first broken through roof the cell in which they were confined, and then by making a hole in the roof of the Gaol, and forming their blankets into a kind of rope to descend by, made good their escape before the matter was discovered. A third was on the roof, but was captured before he could get off. The police, of course, were on the alert, but, up to the hour we left, without success. Hunter, who was convicted on the previous evening of cow stealing, was one of those who effected their escape.

A number of road traverses were this morning disposed of, and the assizes terminated.- Newry Telegraph.

WANTON AND ATROCIOUS OUTRAGE.- We understand that a few nights since, about an acre of potatoes, the property of the Rev. Francis GERVAIS, near Augher in the county of Tyrone, was destroyed by some malicious depredators. An outrage of this sort has not before happened in this part of the country.- Derry Journal.

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