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Copyright & Mission Statement

This is the original Rootsweb Community based web-site, composed of like-minded researcher's for all things genealogical & historical in County Tyrone. (Currently - Northern Ireland and historically - Ireland.)

This site contains Area Information, B/M/D's, Biographies, Burial & Cemetery transcriptions, Census', Church records, Descriptions, Lists, Maps, Newspaper Announcements, Photographs, and much, much more!

Completely free to use for your personal research! We will never ask you for money!

Care to become involved? let us know! Come & join us on the Rootsweb List of the same name CoTyroneIreland Rootsweb Mail List

The Official Website of the Co. Tyrone Mail List was developed in 2003. It was created by members of the rootsweb mail list, who as volunteers transcribed and posted content to this site as a way to assist each other with genealogical research. It is a non-profit, educational website.

Submitters retain full copyright and ownership rights of their original data.

The content on this website is for your general information. The volunteers and webmasters don't endorse, or guarantee the accuracy of any content on this site. We strongly recommend you double check any sources provided, or seek similar sources.

This website contains material which was submitted by volunteers. As such this content can freely be used by researchers of genealogy, history and other similar topics.

The copyright intention of this publicly contributed to website falls under the spirit of a Harmony Contribution Agreement.
Harmony Contribution Agreement:
Rather than the copyright being assigned to, with the spirit of a Harmony CA, "the contributor gives permission to use their contributions in the form of posting it publicly to share with other like-minded people. The contributor continues to own the copyright in the contribution, with full rights to re-use, re-distribute, and continue modifying the contributed data, allowing them to also share that contribution with other projects.

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