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Content added by Jim McKane

Name Birth / Death Submitted by
Aikins, James b.1819, d.1904 Bruce F. Aikins
Allison, Andrew b.1802, d.1866 Ellen Allison
Allison, George A. b.1844, d.1901 Ellen Allison
Allison, Hugh b.c.1807, d.1869 Ellen Allison
Allison, Sarah Margaret (Monteith) b.c.1813, d.1878 Ellen Allison
Allison, William b.c.1810, d.1867 Ellen Allison
Browne, Ellen d.1903 Judith Hayman
Browne, Margaret Elizabeth d.1942 Judith Hayman
Browne, Michael & Alice   Teena
Browne, Samuel d.1934 Judith Hayman
Buchanan, Andrew b.1826, d.1903 Bill Buchanan
Buchanan, Andrew & Jane b.1790, d.1847; b.c.1794, d.1861 Bill Buchanan
Buchanan, Charles b.1817, d.1905 Bill Buchanan
Buchanan, James b.1823, d.1900 Bill Buchanan
Buchanan, John d.1912 Bill Buchanan
Buchanan, Robert b.1815, d.1868 Bill Buchanan
Buchanan, Samuel d.1912 Bill Buchanan
Buchanan, William b.1824, d.1885 Bill Buchanan
Caldwell, Mary (nee Moore) d.1907 Pat Hocker
Caldwell, Mary Jane b.1842, d.1923 Pat Hocker
Caldwell, Robert d. 1876 Pat Hocker
Caldwell, William b.1836, d.1883 Pat Hocker
Daly, John b.1814, d.1874 Karina Jonasson
Daly, Eleanor (Ellen) (nee McCleary / McLeary) b.1811, d.1889 Karina Jonasson
Dunion, Mary Ethel b.1920, d.1991 Leslie Atkinson
Ector, Isabella (nee Moore) d.1890 Pat Hocker
Givan, John d.1865 Pearl Saunders
Gormley, Mary d.1916 Claire K
Gormly, James R. Y. d.1903 Susan Saphire
Holmes, Valentine d.1870 Annie Crenshaw
Kyle, Jeremiah b. 1791, d.1867 Annie Crenshaw
Longan, John b.1772, d.1906 Bill Longan
Longan, Nancy (Cummings) d.1852 Bill Longan
Marshall, Ellen d.1908 Judith Hayman
Marshall, Frederick Samuel d.1919 Judith Hayman
Marshall, James d.1908 Judith Hayman
Marshall, Margaret F. d.1929 Judith Hayman
McCallum, Archibald b.1796, d.1844 Bill Buchanan
McCallum, Mary b.1827, d.1899 Bill Buchanan
McCullagh, John d. 1917 Claire K
McFadden, Daniel d. 1897 Pat Hocker
McFadden, Margaret (nee Moore) d. 1896 Pat Hocker
McGarvey, Patrick J. d.1911 Claire K
McKenna, Susannah b.1831, d.1890 Patricia Coogan
McNulty, Bernard b.1820 Michael Ruddy
McSwegan, Patrick d.1912 Claire K
Mellon, Edward b.1819, d.1906 Susan Kurth
Mitchel, Mary Ann (Allison) b.1840, d.1906 Ellen Allison
Moore, James b.1834, d.1906 Pat Hocker
Moore, Robert b.1833, d.1910 Kyle Condon
Nelson, Margaret (Allison) b.1847, d.1915 Ellen Allison
Pettigrew, James b.1713, d.1784 Charlie Weaver
Pettigrew, James b.1738, d.1779 Charlie Weaver
Pettigrew, John b.1736, d.1806 Charlie Weaver
Pettigrew, Martha b.1734, d.1796 Charlie Weaver
Pettigrew, Mary Ann (Cochran) b.1713, d.1786 Charlie Weaver
Pettigrew, Rachel b.1732, d. 1754 Charlie Weaver
Quinn, Ann b. 1847, d. 1916 Sandra Miller Quinn
Quinn, Daniel b.1862, d. 1926 Sandra Miller Quinn
Quinn, John b.1845, d. 1927 Sandra Miller Quinn
Rice, Edward d. 1761 Annie Crenshaw
Rutledge, Marvin b.1841, d.1918 Mary Rains
Rutledge, William b.c.1808, d. 1873 Mary Rains
Sweeney, Edward d. 1885 Pearl Saunders
Sweeney, Margaret d.1875 Pearl Saunders
Sweeney, Patrick d.1902 Pearl Saunders
Sweeney, William d.1867 Pearl Saunders
Thomas, Sarah Ann (Allison) b.1842, d.1925 Ellen Allison
Watson, Frances (Fanny) b.1808, d.1890 Bill Buchanan
Watson, Jane (Buchanan) b.1836, d.1917 Bill Buchanan
Wright, John d.1848 Pearl Saunders
Wright, Jane d.1854 Pearl Saunders
Wright, William d.1864 Pearl Saunders
Wright, John d.1875 Pearl Saunders
Name Birth / Death Submitted by
Carbray (aka Carbery/Carberry), Terrence Patrick b.1808; d.1897 Lynn Ayres
Carbray (aka Carbery/Carberry), Catherine (nee Donnelly) b.1807; d. 1892 Lynn Ayres
Carbray (aka Carbery/Carberry), Margaret b.1839; d.1882 Lynn Ayres
Carbray/Carbery/Carberry, Niall/Neill "John" b.c.1810; d.1886 Lynn Ayres
Carbray (aka Carbery/Carberry), Patrick b.1840; d.1920 Lynn Ayres
Carbray (aka Carbery/Carberry), Edward b.1841; d.1921 Lynn Ayres
Charles, Andrew b.1782; d.1873 Jennifer Ham
Charles, Dr. Richard b.1800; d.1863 Jennifer Ham
Clements, Agnes Crooks (Drummond) b.1921; d.2012 Eileen Hamlin
Davidson, Martha (Mulholland) b.1834; d.1916 Brook Davis
Graham, Charles b.1877; d.1965 Robert Graham
Hazlett, Andrew b.1810; d.1884 Kim Mills
Hazlett, Andrew b.1850; d.1894 Kim Mills
Hazlett, John b.1855; d. 1875 Kim Mills
Hazlett, Margaret Ann b.1851; d.1905 Kim Mills
Hazlett, Martha (nee Kane/Cain) b.1832; d.1903 Kim Mills
Hazlett, Rebecca b.1850; d.1898 Kim Mills
Howard, James b.c.1831; d.1904 Sharon Marconi
Ferguson, Annie b.1855; d.1937 Sandra Hass
Ferguson, Fanny b.1861; d.1912 Sandra Hass
Ferguson, Maria b.1860; d.1953 Sandra Hass
Hughes (nee McAleer), Anne Jane b.1861 Roseanne Barbeau
Hunter, Elizabeth Jane (nee Hunter) b.1853; d.1948 Linda Andres
Hunter, William b.1828; d.1891 Linda Andres
Johnston, Warden b.1875; d.1968 Tom Ross
McAleer, Bernard b.1867; d.1916 Roseanne Barbeau
McAleer, Bridget b.1876 Roseanne Barbeau
McAleer (nee McRory), Catherine b.1836; d.1897 Roseanne Barbeau
McAleer, Hugh b.1836; d.1912 Roseanne Barbeau
McAleer, Hugh William b.1863; d.1940 Roseanne Barbeau
McAleer, Joseph b.1873 Roseanne Barbeau
McAleer, Patrick Henry b.1871; d.1892 Roseanne Barbeau
McAleer, William b.1868 Roseanne Barbeau
McCusker (nee McAleer), Margaret b.1870 Roseanne Barbeau
McKee, James b.1852; d.1895 Charlene McKee
McKee, Mary Ann (nee Mccrystle) b.1847; d.1920 Charlene McKee
Roach, Isaac Newton unknown Todd Dulaney
Sheerin (Sherrin), John b.c.1827; d. 1851 W. Sherrin
Wright, James b.1839 Dennis Wright
Name Birth / Death Submitted by
Atchison, Annie b.1830; d.1915 Len Swindley
Brown, Henry b.c.1798; d.1865 Barbara Macgillivray
Brown, Mary (nee Conway) b.1869; d. 1909 Jane Conway
Carnwath, James b.1823; d.1885 Phil Matthews
Carnwath, Rose Eliza (nee Kyle) b.1834; d.1901 Phil Matthews
Conway, Francis James b.1864; d.1946 Jane Conway
Conway, John P. b.1862; d.1932 Jane Conway 
Conway, Patrick b.1871; d.1906 Jane Conway 
Conway, Unity (nee McGlinn) b.c.1840; d.1918 Jane Conway 
Fair, Andrew b.1824; d.1877 Jane Teskey
Fair, Richard b.c.1825; d.1908 Jane Teskey
Flanagan, Margaret (married 1st Button; 2nd Rogers) b.1832; d.1913 Pat Button
Gordon, William James b.1905; d.1978 Evelynn Cartwright
Hadden, Alfred b.1888; d.1967 Rob Dickinson
Hadden, Fanny b.1882; d.1939 Rob Dickinson
Hadden, Hans b.1897; d.1962 Rob Dickinson
Hadden, John b.1883; d.c.1962 Rob Dickinson
Hadden, Walter b.1893; d.1974 Rob Dickinson
Hadden, William James b.1885; d.1940 Rob Dickinson
Hemphill, James b.c.1844; d.1904 Graham Madsen
Hemphill, Johnston b.c.1879; d.1915 Graham Madsen
Hemphill, Robert b.c.1833; d.1907 Graham Madsen
Hillier (Atchison), Annie b.1830; d.1915 Len Swindley
Jack, Andrew b.c.1850; d.1909 Cassie Kelly
Jack, Robert Nelson b.c.1853; d.1892 Cassie Kelly
Johnstone, Katie (nee MacDougall) b.1876; d.1949 Norah Glaus
Keys, Josiah b.1829; d.1933 Len Swindley
Matthews, William J. b.1866; d.1930 Phil Matthews
McConnell, Mary Ann (nee O'Neill) b.1842; d.1915 Ruth Creech
McGarrity, Catherine b.1868; d.1951 Ann Donnelly
McGarrity, Margaret b.1875; d.1932 Ann Donnelly
McMahon, Sir Charles b.1824, d.1891 Len Swindley
McManass, Mary b.c.1833; d.1896 Sue Wegener
McSorley, Thomas b.c.1828 Len Swindley
Murphy, Ann (nee Loughran) d.1864 Allison
Murphy, Edward b.1797; d. 1857 Allison
Pollock, Elizabeth(nee Crawford) b.1890; d.1918 Michael Kelly
Reaney, Susan b.1863; d. 1916 Bev Salisbury
Redpath, Hamilton b.c.1803; d.1839 Phil Matthews
Sloan, Major W. J. b.c.1831; d.1916 Len Swindley
Sterrett, Eliza b.1853; d.1934 Collin Udell
Starrett, James b.c.1810; d.1889 Collin Udell
Sterrett, Jane (Dunn) b.1808; d.1886 Collin Udell
Sterrett, Margaret b.1855; d.1934 Collin Udell
Sterrett, Samuel William b.1859; d.1932 Collin Udell
Sterrett, Sarah b.1848; d.1934 Collin Udell
Wright, James b.1839; d.1911 Dennis Wright
Wright, Andrew b.1842; d.1929 Dennis Wright
Name Birth / Death Submitted by
Crabbe, Benjamin b.c.1842; d.1864 Dave Mitchell
Dunn, William Andrew (photo) b.1887; d.1955 Leanne Weber
Eades, Roberta Georgina (McConaghy) b.1921; d.2015 John McConaghy
Finnegan, Elizabeth (Bunting) b.1889; d.1984 Dennis Wright
Hamilton, John b.1837; d.1925 Jill DaSilva
Hamilton, Rev. John George b.1867; d.1925 Jill DaSilva
Luge, Irene Olive (Simpson) b.1920; d.2015 Teena
Maneely, Esther W. b.1903; d.1991 Dennis Wright
Maneely, Isabella (White) b.1866; d.1930 Dennis Wright
Maneely, William b.1864; d. between 1930-40 Dennis Wright
McMaster, Alexander b.c.1851; d.1926 Pat Sum
McMaster, Annie (O'Donnell) d.1915 Pat Sum
McMaster, George b.c.1849; d.1933 Pat Sum
Mullan, William James b.1837; d. 1867 Mary Skipworth
Spence, David Thompson b.1924; d.1991 Dennis Wright
Spence, George Maneely b.1905; d.aft 1929 Dennis Wright
Spence, Sarah Jane (Frizell) b.1906; d.1995 Dennis Wright
Wright, James b.1839; d.1911 Dennis Wright
Wright, Sarah A. (Baxter) b.1849; d.1924 Dennis Wright

Robert Moore was born in Tyrone county, Ireland, March 13, 1833.  September 12, 1854, he was married to Christiana Moore who died August 29, 1899.  He came to the United States in December, 1854, locating first in Ohio.  In 1868 he came to Leavenworth, Kansas and in 1872 he removed to Elk county where he resided until his death, which occurred February 21, 1910 at six o'clock a.m.
  Before he left his native land he made a profession of faith and united with the Presbyterian church, uniting with the same denomination in Ohio.  A few years after coming here he helped to organize and build the United Presbyterian church the first church in Howard, in which he held membership as long as it existed.
  About eight years ago he became afflicted with the dreaded disease, cancer.  His suffering was intense most of the time, but he seldom complained and never made any unnecessary trouble, patiently trusting and waiting for the summons to come.
  He was the father of seven children, three of whom died in childhood.  He leaves two daughters, Mrs. T. M. Carter and Mrs. W. P. Heisler, two sons, Robert and John and a daughter-in-law who lived with and cared for him in his sufferings, 10 grandchildren, 1 great grand child, 2 brothers and a large circle of relatives and friends to mourn his death.
  The funeral services were held at the Presbyterian church Tuesday afternoon conducted by the pastor, Rev. J. E. Deggendorf, and the remains were interred in Grace Lawn cemetery, Elk county, Kansas


Submitted by Bill Buchanan at genealogistbuchanan[at]gmail.com

The family of Andrew and Jane Buchanan of Learmore townland, Tyrone, Ireland. Andrew was born about 1790 and died in 1847 in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. Jane (maiden name probably McNeilands, Long, or Young) born about 1794, died Jun 1861 Donegal, Perth County, Ontario, Canada:

Robert Buchanan, christened 20 Apr 1815 Derg Parish Church, Castlederg, Tyrone, Ireland; died 22 May 1868 in Elma Township, Perth County, Ontario, Canada

Charles Buchanan, christened 26 May 1817 Derg Parish Church, Castlederg, Tyrone, Ireland; died 13 Jan 1905 Elma Township, Perth County, Ontario, Canada

James Buchanan born 1823 of Learmore townland, Tyrone, Ireland died 8 Apr 1900 Neepawa, Manitoba, Canada

William Buchanan christened 28 Mar 1824 Derg Parish Church, Castlederg, Tyrone, Ireland, died 3 Oct 1885 Elma Township, Perth County, Ontario, Canada

Andrew Buchanan born 1826 of Binnawooda townland, Tyrone, Ireland, died 11 Feb 1903 in Neepawa, Manitoba, Canada

John Buchanan of Binnawooda townland, Tyrone, Ireland died 15 Feb 1909 in Langford Municipality, Manitoba, Canada

Samuel Buchanan of Binnawooda Townland, Tyrone, Ireland, died 25 Dec 1912 in Neepawa, Manitoba, Canada

Jane (Buchanan) Watson born 27 Feb 1836 Omagh, Tyrone, Ireland, died 24 May 1917 Riding Mountain, Manitoba, Canada 

And on my wife's side:

Mary McCallum born 22 Dec 1827 Newtownstewart, Tyrone, Ireland, died 3 Nov 1889 Durham, Grey, Ontario, Canada

Archibald McCallum born 1796 Crosh, Newtownstewart, Tyrone, Ireland, died 7 Oct 1844 Vaughn Twp, York Co., Ontario, Canada [Mary's father]

Frances (Fanny) Watson born 1808 Newtownstewart, Tyrone, Ireland, died 25 Oct 1890 Priceville, Ontario, Canada [Mary's mother]


Submitted by Mary Rains at mchrains[at]yahoo.com

William Rutledge is buried in the Mt. Albert (York Co., Ontario) Methodist Pioneer Cemetery. His tombstone reads "In memory of William Rutledge (something illegible), d. March 24, 1873, 65 years, Native of Tyrone Ireland."


His son, my great-grandfather, Marvin Rutledge b. Nov. 1841 is buried in the Holt Free Methodist Cemetery (Holt Ontario). His obituary in the Newmarket Era 1918, read:  At General Hospital, Toronto, on Jan. 3rd, 1918, Marvin Rutledge in his 78th year. Interred at Holt on Sunday. Six nephews were pall-bearers, namely: William and Alex of Newmarket; Leslie of Cookstown; Marvin and Guy on the homestead. Deceased was just a week in the hospital. He was well known and highly respected in the Twp. of East Gwillimbury.


Submitted by Annie Crenshaw - anniecrenshaw[at]centurytel.net
A genealogical and personal history of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Volume 1
by William Watts Hart Davis, John Woolf Jordan, 1905; page 506

"Hon. Hampton W. Rice was born in Solesbury township, Buck county, on the old Rice homestead, March 24, 1844, the son of Samuel H. and Anne (Livezey) Rice, both natives of that township. Edward Rice, ancestor of the Rice family of Bucks county, was a native of the parish of Killaman, county Tyrone, Ireland, from whence he emigrated to America, bringing with him a certificate from the rector and church wardens of the parish, dated June 12, 1736. He settled in Buckingham ...[and] ... resided on this farm until his death in 1761. His wife was Elizabeth  -------  .... She died in Buckingham in 1814."


Submitted by Pat Caldwell Hocker - p.hocker[at]shaw.ca

William Caldwell, bap 25 Dec 1836 Omagh 2nd Presbyterian Church.  He died 14 Aug 1883 in Durham, Grey County, Ontario, Canada of "Heart Disease".  His occupation was "Shoemaker."  Source: Grey County Record of Deaths, number 005524.


Glenelg, Grey County, Ontario, Daniel McFadden died in 1897 at age 87 years; also his wife, Margaret Moore died June 28, 1896 at age 94 years.  Natives of Tyrone, Ireland.  (Source: Farm Lanes of Bentinck, 1850-2000, p. 701).  I infer from this that Margaret's sister, Mary Moore and her husband, Robert Caldwell, were also natives of Tyrone (see also the baptisms of William and Catherine Ann Caldwell, 1836 and 1838, at Omagh 2nd Presbyterian Church).  From Farm Lanes of Bentinck, p. 708:  "Robert R. H. Caldwell died April 1, 1876 at age 61 years...also his wife Mary Moore died March 15, 1907 at age 95 years."


Death, 8 Aug 1890 in Glenelg, Grey County, Ontario, Canada of Isabella Moore, born in County Tyrone, wife of James Ector.  (Source: Farm Lanes of Bentinck, 1850-2000, p.716)


Death, 9 Feb 1906 in Glenelg, Grey County, Ontario of James Moore, born in County Tyrone, husband of Esther Brown.  (Source: Farm Lanes of Bentinck, 1850-2000, p. 726.  The 1901 census of Glenelg lists James Moore's birthdate as 1 March 1834 and his year of emigration to Canada, 1855).


Birth of Mary Jane Caldwell, daughter of Robert Caldwell and Mary Moore, 1842, Co. Tyrone. Died: 24 May 1923, Bentinck Twp., Grey County, Ontario, Canada.  Source: Death Certificate (Informant - brother, Thomas, born Ontario).  Robert and Mary Caldwell, with their son, William, and daughter,  emigrated to Ontario, Canada after the birth of Mary Jane, eventually settling in Bentinck Twp., Grey County where they had a farm.  Robert was a shoe-maker in the town of Durham, Ontario at the time they purchased the farm property, 7 Jan 1876 (Source: Land Record No. 1864, Bentinck Twp, Grey County, Ontario, Canada).  He lived only three months after purchasing the property (see above).


McCullagh -Jan. 18, 1917, John McCullagh, son of the late Francis and Mary McCullagh, of Garvagh Gortin, County Tyrone, Ireland, and nephew of the late Father J. McCullagh, P.P. of Malin Head, County Donegal, Ireland. Relatives and friends are invited to attend funeral, on Monday morning, at 9.30 o'clock, from his late residence, 1510 N. Thirteenth st. Solemn high requiem mass at St. Malachy's Church, at 11 A.M. Interment Holy Cross Cemetery. Auto funeral.  From The Philadelphia Inquirer, Monday Morning, January 22, 1917, p. 7, col. 1


John Quinn: (son of Denis and Jane McKervey Quinn), b. 20 March 1845, Dullaghan, Dromore; d. 29 Apr 1927; Bur. St. Patrick’s Cemetery, Lowell, MA. John sailed from Liverpool, arrived in Boston 14 May 1865, and settled in Lowell, MA. He married Margaret O’Brien on 28 Apr 1881. Margaret was born in Ireland and had immigrated to Lowell with her parents, Michael and Mary McGinnis O’Brien, and siblings. John and Margaret had 5 children: Mary, Catherine, Elizabeth, John, and Joseph. Margaret died 19 Mar 1893, followed by I year old Joseph on 22 Jul 1893. Elizabeth “Lilly”, died 22 Oct 1901 at age 16. All were buried in St. Patrick’s Cemetery, Lowell. John Quinn died 29 Apr 1927 and was buried with Margaret and their children. Daughter, Mary, never married. Descendants of John and Margaret through son, John, and daughter, Catherine, can be found in MA, NH, PA, and throughout the USA.

Daniel Quinn, (son of Denis and Jane McKervey Quinn) b. 7 May 1862, Dullaghan, Dromore; d. 2 Aug 1926; Bur. St. Patrick’s Cemetery, Lowell, MA. Daniel sailed from Liverpool, arrived in Boston 16 May 1878, and joined his brother, John, in Lowell. He married Mary McCabe, 19 Jul 1885. Mary was born in Ireland and was the daughter of James and Mary McCabe. Although Daniel and Mary had 6 children, only two, William and Rose, lived beyond infancy. Since Rose never married, and William and his wife had no children, there are no descendants of Daniel and Mary .

Ann Quinn, (daughter of Denis and Jane McKervey Quinn) b. abt. 1847, Dullaghan, Dromore; d. 22 Aug 1916; Bur. St. Patrick’s Cemetery, Lowell MA. Details of Ann’s arrival in Lowell are unknown. However, it is known that Ann and James had at least 4 children: James, Charles, John, and Jane. Ann and James lived in Lowell and then Boston. Her obituary suggests descendants may be alive today, but are unknown to us.


McSWEGAN - 9th inst. PATRICK, husband of Susan McSwegan (nee Crosson), of County Tyrone, Ireland. Relatives and friends, also Court Marion, No. 274, F. of A. invited to funeral Sat. 8.30 A.M., residence 924 N. 45th st. Solemn requiem mass Our Mother of Sorrows 10 A.M. Interment Holy Cross. From The Philadelphia Inquirer, Thursday Morning, July 11, 1912, page 7, col. 5


McGARVEY - On July 25, 1911, PATRICK J., husband of Mary McGarvey and son of the late James and Susan McGarvey of Glencheill, [sic] Co. Tyrone, Ireland. Relatives and friends are invited to attend funeral, on Saturday morning, at 8.30 o'clock, from his late residence, 2440 S. 13th st. Solemn requiem mass at the Epiphany Church, at 10 o'clock precisely. Interment at Holy Cross Cemetery. From The Philadelphia Inquirer [Philadelphia, PA, USA], Thursday Morning, July 27, 1911, page 7, col. 6


GORMLEY - Anniversary solemn requiem mass, Feb. 5, 1916, at St. Ann's Church, Lehigh ave. and Memphis st., Phila., at 9 A.M. for late MARY GORMLEY, of parish of Clogher, County Tyrone, Ireland, and mother of Revs. Michael H. and Daniel Gormley. Relatives and friends are invited to attend. From The Philadelphia Inquirer [Philadelphia, PA, USA], Thursday Morning, February 3, 1916, page 14, col. 4


Bernard McNulty born in County Tyrone in 1820 and immigrated to the United States in 1851. Bernard married first Mary Sexton from County Limerick in November 20, 1862 in Hyde Park, Wabasha County Minnesota, but Mary and John, their first child, died in January of 1866. Bernard married secondly Alice McPike from County Tyrone in St Matthews RC Church in Shullsburg, Lafayette County, Wisconsin June 18, 1866. They had seven children in Oakwood Township in Wabasha County, Minnesota: Mary B (1867-1942), Katherine Lauretta (1868-1936), Anna Victoria (1869-1963), Hugh John (1871-1940), Thomas Patrick (1873-187?), Alice Bridget (1874-1944), Sarah Theresa (1876-1909). Bernard and Alice may have been born in Dromore, County Tyrone, Ireland and they are both buried in St Patrick's Cemetery, West Albany, Wabasha County, Minnesota.  


Kyle, Jeremiah - Inscription on a shaft in the Old Methodist cemetery in Christiansburg, Virginia:

Jeremiah Kyle
son of William and Margaret
born in Tyrone county, Ireland
October 1791
died Dec. 5, 1867
[in Christiansburg, Virginia]

Jeremiah Kyle's brothers and sisters were James, Robert, and John; Mrs. McCauslin; Mrs. Gibbony of Wytheville and Mrs. Baldwin of East Radford [according to this web site, appears to be names from an obituary].

Source: http://kylepounds.org/aboutme/kylefamilyhistory.html

See also for genealogical data on Jeremiah Kyle:
A partial history of the Kyle, Kile, Coyle family in America: with some Scotch, Irish, and English background by Orville Merton Kile (Waverly Press, 1958)


James Aikins, born County Tyrone Feb 14, 1819, died Toronto, Ontario, Canada June 21, 1904. At this time, nothing is known about his life in County Tyrone prior to his departure. What is known is that he emigrated to Canada in 1846 and stayed in Halifax until 1847 when he permanently moved to Toronto. Early on, he entered the Wood and Coal business which he operated until his death nearly 60 years later. On November 3, 1859, he married Eliza Jane Whitesides, who was born in Ontario but whose parents had emigrated from County Sligo, Templeboy Parish. She was 21 years his junior, and they proceeded to have 10 children, one stillborn. The other 9 lived into adulthood and pursued various careers. His obituary indicated that “he belonged to the old volunteer fire brigade (of Toronto), was a member of the Orangemen, and an honorary member of the Irish Protestant Benevolent Society, to which society he belonged since its organization, and in which he took a personal interest. In religion he was an Anglican, and in politics a Conservative.“


Susannah McKenna, born 1831 in County Tyrone, married Michael Bradley in 1850 in Tynemouth, South Shields, Durham, England.  They had nine children.  Michael died in 1874.  Susannah married James Holland in 1880 in Newcastle, England.  She died in 1890 and is buried in Gateshead, Durham, England.


EDWARD MELLON WAS THE OLDEST SURVIVOR OF LADY ELGIN DISASTER. Edward Mellon the oldest survivor of the Lady Elgin disaster died yesterday at the home of his daughter Mrs. John F Griebel ? 11th street at the age of 85 years. Mr Mellon was for over thirty years constable of the 4th ward and he has also held positions in the tax commissioners office and as a paving inspector. He had retired from active work several years ago and had been ill for some time as a result of a stroke of paralysis. Mr Mellon was a member of the union guard which made the excursion on the Lady Elgin. He made his escape from the doomed boat on a raft and was in the water forty-eight hours before he succeeded in landing at Winetka five miles from the disaster. His family cherishes a letter written by him shortly afterward in which he relates his experiences. Born in Newton Steward, County Tyrone Ireland June 7 1819. Edward Mellon came to this country when he was 14 years of age. He was married in Newark New Jersey to Miss Annie Talbot who died 37 years ago and came to Milwaukee to reside in 1855. He leaves two daughters, Miss Eliza Mellon and Mrs John F Griebel of this city and three sons Edward J of Waukesha Bernard of Cudahy and James P. of Milwaukee. The funeral will be held from Gesu church Monday morning at 8 o clock. [from the Milwaukee Sentinal, Milwaukee Wisconsin]


John Longan, son of Owen Longan of Tulleywhisker, age 36, died 11 Oct 1809 in Williamsport, Lycoming, Pennsylvania USA. John was born 16 Nov 1772 in Tullywhisker, Ireland and married Nancy Cummings 05 May 1796 in Tulleywhisker, Ireland. His son, Samuel, was born 4 May 1797. His family arrived in New Castle Delaware America on 2 Sep 1797. The following spring they moved to Williamsport, Lycoming, Pennsylvania, USA. He is survived by his wife Nancy and seven children; Samuel, Jean, Eleanor, John, James, Thomas, Cummings.


Nancy (Cummings) Longan died 7 Apr 1852 in Williamsport, Lycoming, Pennsylvania,USA.

The following is a transcription of a photograph of a page written by Samuel Longan. "A D 1826 January 1st Samuel Longan's age 28 years 8 months and 4 days. Born May 4th 1797 in Ireland, Tyrone county, Parish of Orney, village of Tillawhisker. My Father John Longan son of Owen Longan was born November 16th 1772. Married my Mother, whose maiden name was Nancy Cummings. She was born in the spring of 1773. They were married on Friday, May 5th 1796. My birth was May 4th 1797. Embarked for America in the ship General Washington, Captain George Steel, at London Derry about the first of June. Set sail in about three weeks after and landed in America at New Castle, State of Delaware September 2nd 1797 after a passage of 6 weeks and 6 days. We proceeded the same day to Wilmington. Remained at the mills in the house with Alexa Cocheran until March following in the course of the preceding winter I received a severe burn on my face, Mother set me in a small chair before the fire while she went to the door on looking back she discovered me lying with my face in the fire when she lifted me up she found I was badly burned which has left a mark quite visible to this day."

Buried in the First Hillsborough United Church Cemetery, Albert County, New Brunswick:

"In memory of JOHN WRIGHT, died January 12, 1848, age 78 years.  Native of Ireland.  County Tyrone.  Stewartstown.  JANE, his wife died June 21, 1854, age 81 years".

"WILLIAM WRIGHT died November 3, 1864, age 59 years.  Native of Ireland".

"In memory of JOHN WRIGHT died May 23, 1875, age 77 years.  Native of Ireland.  County Tyrone, Stuartstown".

(Note:  Different spelling of town but probably the same place.  It appears as though John, who died 1875 is no doubt a son of John and Jane)

In Dundonald Cemetery, Belfast. James and Frederick both born in Omagh. The grave next door has two of James daughters, also born in Omagh.

In Loving Memory of. James Marshall, formerly of Omagh who died 20th July 1908 aged 81 years. Also of his wife Ellen who died 2nd Oct 1908. And their eldest son, Frederick Samuel, loved husband of Margaret F. Marshall, who died 14th Dec 1919. Margaret F. Marshall, died 31st January 1929. Resting.

Browne. Erected by Samuel Browne in affectionate remembrance of his wife, Ellen, who departed this life 13th January, 1903 aged 43 years. Samuel Browne died 4th May 1934. Margaret Elizabeth Browne. Died 6th April 1942.

Buried St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Cemetery, Kentville, Kings County, Nova Scotia:
Edward Sweeney, Died January 8, 1885 at 73 years.
Margaret Sweeney, Died May 15, 1875 at 67 years
William Sweeney, Died July 25, 1867, at 35 years
[Note: Edward and Margaret were husband and wife, but there are two separate stones side by side. William has a separate stone. William and Edward were brothers. All born Co. Tyrone]


Buried Woodlawn Roman Catholic Cemetery, Woodlawn, Kings County, Nova Scotia:
Patrick Sweeney, Died November 1, 1902 age 81 years
[Note: Patrick was a brother of Edward and William Sweeney mentioned above. Born Co. Tyrone]


Buried Grafton Covenanter Cemetery, Grafton, Kings County, Nova Scotia:
John Givan, A native of the County of Tyrone, Ireland, Died August 10, 1865 aged 72 years


All the following were born in Co. Tyrone -
William Allison b.c. 1810 - d. 1867 S. Woodslee, Essex County, Ontario
Sarah Margaret Monteith Allison b.c. 1813-d. Dec. 27, 1878 S. Woodslee, Essex County, Ontario
Their children: Mary Ann Allison Mitchel b. 1840 - d. Jan. 26, 1906 Essex County, Ontario
                 Sarah Ann Allison Thomas b. 1842 - May 5, 1925 Port Robinson, Ontario
                 George A. Allison b. Apr. 2 1844 - d. June 30, 1901 Essex County, Ontario
                  Margaret Allison Nelson b. 1847 - d. Mar. 25,1915 Essex County, Ontario
Hugh Allison b.c. 1807 - d. June 6, 1869 buried Albuna Cemetery, Essex County, Ontario
Andrew Allison b. 1802 - d. Dec 2, 1866 buried Streetsville Cemetery, Streetsville/Mississauga, Ontario


James R. Y. Gormly, the son of Hugh and Margaret Gormly, is buried in Calvary Cemetery in Queens, New York. He was quite proud of his Tyrone roots

From the NY Herald May 6, 1903 "Gormly on Tuesday May 5 at his residence on Foster Avenue, Parkville, L.I. JAMES beloved husband of Mary J and father of James R and Dr. John L. J. Gormly, native of County Tyrone, Ireland". From the NY Times Archives Online "James Gormly native of County Tyrone died May 5, 1903.

John and Eleanor (Ellen) Daly, were from Strabane, County Tyrone, according to their immigration records. They were Government Bounty immigrants brought to Port Phillip in the colony of New South Wales (Australia) on 21 January 1840 by Mr John Marshall of London, on the colonial secretary's authority of his agents in Sydney. They came out on the ship "John Bull". John's age was given as 24 and Ellen's as 25. He was listed as a labourer; she a nursemaid. Neither could read or write. He was Roman Catholic, she was Protestant.

John's death certificate in 1874 says he died in the Borough of Brunswick, County Bourke, Victoria (this is now a suburb in Melbourne called West Brunswick). His occupation was farmer and Daly's farm is mentioned in local newspapers in Brunswick in the 1890s. There is a street named for the Daly family (Daly Street) in West Brunswick and is where the family home was situated. John died at 8:30pm on 21 April 1874, age 60 years. This gives a birth year of about 1813-1814. According to the death certificate, with information provided by John's son, John James Daly, John's parents were John Daly, a farmer, and Elizabeth Daly, maiden name Flanagan. John was buried in the Melbourne General Cemetery on 23 April 1874. He'd been in the colony 33 years.

John Daly was married to Eleanor at St Columb's (Parish/District) in Co. Derry on 1 Oct 1839 (marriage record shows inferred date and month) in Londonderry, Ireland at the age of 26. She was 28. Eleanor's maiden name was shown as McCleary - her parents were James M'Cleary, a book binder, and Elizabeth, maiden name Anderson. She was born in 1811 in Londonderry, according to her death certificate (which then differs from the immigration record). Eleanor died at 1:45pm on 20 September 1889, age 78 years. She was buried in the Melbourne General Cemetery with her husband on 22 September 1889 in the Roman Catholic Compartment Q, Grave no. 169. She was a colonist of 49 years.

John and Eleanor had four children, all born in Brunswick, Victoria - Daniel (no known dates), Isabella (b1845), Elizabeth (1847-1907) and John James (1848-1931).

BROWNE Michael Joseph October 07, 1931 - January 31, 2009 - Passed away suddenly at Royal Columbian Hospital, New Westminster BC Canada after lengthy illness with COPD. Born in Montreal, Quebec, moved to BC late 1960's. Predeceased by parents, Michael and Alice Browne, Burnaby, BC both born in Co Tyrone, Ireland, also brothers: Sean Browne and Leo Browne. Lovingly remembered by wife of 31 years, Esther Browne (Morris), son, Brian Browne/Kersten Grady, brother, Frank Browne/Sylvia, sister,Patricia Galliford, Wayne Mitchell, Udo Kenklies/Anna and numerous nieces, nephews. Visitation Sunday, February 8, 2009, 2:00 - 4:00 pm with Celebration of Life Monday, February 9, 2009, 1:00 pm, followed by Interment at Forest Lawn Funeral Home (3789 Royal Oak Ave.Burnaby ). Memorial Mass, February 11, 2009, 7:30 pm at St. Michael's Parish, at 9387 Holmes Street, Burnaby, B.C., celebrant Rev.Rossi. Published in the Vancouver Sun and/or The Province on 2/6/2009

Sept. 6, 1870 - The Philadelphia Inquirer newspaper Death Notices "HOLMES - At Dungannon, County Tyrone, Ireland, on the 13th ult., Valentine HOLMES, Esq., formerly for many years a merchant and resident of the city of Philadelphia; well known and highly esteemed by many friends and acquaintances."

Ship passenger lists show that Valentine Holms, age 20, merchant, origin Great Britain, arrived at the port of New York in 1820 on the ship "Robert Burns" from Londonderry, Ireland. He was naturalized in Philadelphia in 1832. The 1850 Philadelphia, PA census shows Valentine Holms, 40, merchant, born Ireland; and Glasgow Holms, 20, merchant, born Ireland, in a large household of different individuals ("Butler's House" operated by Samuel Harrison).

The book, "History of the Friendly Sons of St. Patrick and of the Hibernian Society for the Relief of Emigrants from Ireland, March 17, 1771-March 17, 1892" by John Hugh Campbell (viewable on Google Books), has excellent short biographies of Valentine Holmes -- who served as U.S. Consul at Dublin, Ireland -- and his brother John, who were born in Strabane (Co. Tyrone). The articles also mention their father JOHN HOLMES, said to be a native of "Buncrana, Ireland" (which is in Co. Donegal).

Martha PETTIGREW, born 1734 at Crilly House, Aughnacloy, died 10 April 1796, Wilkes Co. North Carolina. Married c1755 in PA, John WITHERSPOON [c1725-1778 Wilkes NC]. Issue: David [1758 PA-1828 SC]; Thomas [1760 PA-1790 NC]; James [1762 PA - 1790 NC]; John [1763 PA - 1839 TN]; Mary [1764 NC - 1856 GA]; Flora [1766 NC-? NC or TN]; Martha [1771 NC-1855 NC]; Nancy [1774 NC-1856 NC]; Jane [1775 NC-? KY]; Elizabeth [1777 NC-?].

James PETTIGREW III, born 16 April 1713, Crilly House, Aughnacloy, died 24 Dec 1784, Abbeville, South Carolina. Married to Mary Ann COCHRAN, born October 1713, The Grange, Moy, died 24 Sept 1786, Abbeville SC. Daughter of George and Rachel HIGGINBOTHAM COCHRAN. Issue: Rachel [1732 Crilly - left there to look after grandmother, sent for in 1754 but died at sea]; Martha 1734(see above); John [1736 Crilly - 1806 SC]; James IV [1738 Crilly - 1779 GA]; Charles [1743 PA - 1807 NC first Episcopal Bishop of NC]; Mary COCHRAN [1745 PA - 1798 SC, she married James VERNER [1725 Co Tyrone - 1798 SC]; George [1746 PA-1818 MO]; Jean [1750 PA - 1838 GA]; Ebenezer [1751 PA-1795 SC]; Elizabeth [1751 AP-1779 SC]; Nancy [1756 VA - 1779 SC]; William [1758 VA - 1837 SC, father of James L who changed name back to the French PETIGRU, a SC lawyer, legislator, staunch Unionist].

Mary Ethel Dunnion born 14 Aug 1920, Strabane Workhouse, Co. Tyrone, died Birmingham, West Midlands, England 1991

Warden Johnston was born October 17, 1875, Clogher, County Tyrone, Ireland. Warden died Mimico, Ontario, Canada 26 Feb., 1968 at age 92. He served with Canadian Army during WW1 became the Mimico Station Master for the Grand Trunk Railway. Mimico is now part of Toronto.



Article appears on page 304 of the original book and page 488 in the downloaded PDF version.

The book was published by J. H. Beers & Co 1903: Chicago. The author of the book is Meginness, John Franklin 1827-1899.

Book Title: Biographical Annals of Lancaster County Pennsylvania.

[Accessed online: 15/07/2012 by Jennifer Ham, Australia; email jha54463@bigpond.net.au]

The following story is transcribed as per the grammar at the time of publication; hence the grammatical errors that appear.


In a life that was prolonged beyond the allotted period of existence, Mr. Charles won and retained the respect of acquaintances and associates. It was his privilege to witnes the development of our nation during the most eventful era of its history. His earlier recollections were associated with the country as an infant republic, its possibilities unknown, its destiny unforeseen. When he was an old man, and shut off largely from intercourse with others through deafness and failing sight, he was wont to dwell upon events connected with the far-distant past, and used to tell his children how, as a boy, he had shaken hands with George Washington, who had told him to be “a good boy”, and had hoped God's blessing would rest upon him.

The life of Andrew Charles began in County Tyrone, Ireland, May 6, 1782, and closed in Strasburg, Lancaster county, April 4, 1873, his body being laid to rest in the Strasburg cemetery in the midst of surroundings so familiar to him. His parents, William and Jane (Charles) Charles, were natives of Ireland, the former being a farmer all through his active life. In the family were the following children, all now deceased: John; Andrew; Hannah; Mrs. Charles Earlie, of Ireland; Catherine, Mrs. Wilson, who died in Virginia; and Mrs. Jane Hayes, of Pittsburg, Pa. While the family were Irish-born, they were of English extraction, and the genealogy is traced back to three brothers, of whom one left England for Ireland, another went to Scotland, and the third settled in Germany.

Accompanied by a brother and two sisters, Andrew Charles came to the United States in 1794 and settled in Philadelphia, where he soon began an apprenticeship to the cabinet-maker's trade. Owing to an epidemic of yellow fever when he was twenty-one years of age, he left his home city and afterward made his borne in Lancaster for a time, thence going to Lititz, where he followed his trade a few years. A later location was at Strasburg, where he not only followed his trade but also built up an important business in the sale of furniture and under- taker's supplies. For forty years he suffered the inconvenience of deafness, but prosecuted his work with diligence, notwithstanding this affliction. However, when finally blindness came to him five years prior to his death, he relinquished his connection with business. During his younger years he was an active citizen, an enthusiastic worker in the Democratic party, and for many times served both as burgess and as a member of the borough council. In religion he adhered to the Episcopal doctrines, and fraternally was connected with the Masons.

Before the days of railroads, Mr. Charles rode on horseback to Lancaster to be married and there the ceremony was performed which united him with Margaret Ferguson. They became the parents of the following named children: Robert F., deceased; Jane A., Mrs. Henry Hunter, deceased; Harriet, who was born in Strasburg, Aug. 18, 1813, and now makes her home in Lancaster; William, who died while in the army; John, who died in infancy; Amanda, Mrs. Charles Mellinger, of Columbia, Pa.; Margaret, who was born June 15, 1823, in Strasburg, and now resides with her sister Harriet in Lancaster; John A., who married Anna E. Bart, and is now deceased; and Adeline, who died in girlhood.
In I847 Miss Harriet Charles opened a millinery store in Strasburg, and this she conducted until 1882, when she and her sister removed to Columbia to make their home with a married sister, but after seventeen months they removed to their present home in Lancaster. Although her father accumulated little, Miss Charles was enabled to surround his old age with the comforts of life as a result of her own industrious efforts, and at the same time she accumulated sufficient to provide for herself and sister so that now, in their advancing years, they are comfortably and pleasantly situated. Their friends are many in the county where they have always lived.



The following story is transcribed as per the grammar at the time of publication; hence the grammatical errors that appear. Article appears on pages 217-218 of the original book and pages 233-234 in the downloaded PDF version.


[Source: John S. Minard, _Allegany County and its People. A Centennial Memorial History of Allegany County, New York._, (Alfred, N.Y., W. A. Fergusson & Co., 1896), p. 217-218] - Not in Copyright - Accessed online - http://archive.org/details/alleganycountyit00mina

Accessed online: 15/07/2012 by Jennifer Ham, Australia; email jha54463@bigpond.net.au]


The settlement of Dr. RICHARD CHARLES in Angelica in 1825 marked an era in the history of the medical profession in the county. He was so long, so generally and so favorably known by the many Alleganians to whom he became endeared by numberless acts of kindness, professionally and otherwise, that an extended sketch will be given. It is said that in hundreds of cases he made long journeys to visit families of poor pioneers, without the hope of fee or reward. His ears were never deaf to the appeals of the suffering, nor his eyes closed to the visible wants of his fellow men. For nearly half a century he was a successful practitioner, and an ornament to the profession. Had he been less liberal and kind hearted he might have amassed great wealth. His generous impulses prompted him to extend his aid and influence in support of those whom he deemed his friends and twice he was compelled to commence the world anew, his means becoming exhausted in the payment of demands not his own, for which he had become holden. It was a satisfaction to his friends to know that notwithstanding these reverses his declining years were blessed with a competence. He was one of the founders, always a communicant, and for a long time a vestryman and warden of St. Paul's Church at Angelica. His death left a great void in the ranks of the profession. "Dr. Richard CHARLES, M. D. * was a native of Belfast, Ireland, born May 24, 1800. He received his professional education at the medical departments of Dublin, Glasgow and New York City universities he took the degree of Doctor of Medicine at Glasgow, and his attendance at lectures in New York City was for the purpose of studying the idiom of disease in this country, as well as to acquire the practice adapted to their treatment. He had experience in hospital practice before coming to this country. He was surgeon of the vessel that brought him to Quebec in 1821. From Quebec he came to Buffalo, where he was taken sick with a protracted and dangerous fever, and, upon his recovery, he settled in Almond, and practiced in company with Dr. BURNHAM and afterwards with Dr. Asal E. DAVIDSON. After three years passed in these co-partnerships, he removed to Angelica in 1825 and took the practice of Dr. Southwick. He remained in Angelica until his death in 1863 at 63 years of age. From the superiority of his professional acquirements he gained a large and extended practice, often being called to Buffalo to treat difficult cases of disease, and as far east as Elmira and Bath and to other neighboring and distance places in Western New York. His superior education and professional skill was a generally acknowledged fact. In his addresses and manners he was a typical gentleman of the old school. He was a courageous and truthful practitioner, and had the admiration and confidence of his patients, as well as of the general public. He was a strong adherent of the code of ethics governing the moral conduct of his confreres to each other and to their patients, thereby maintaining a high standard for the scientific and philanthropic profession. He was a member of New York State Medical Society. He experienced the strong physique and determined purpose, he was equal to the hard labor and dangers besetting men in the period of primitive forests, when the road ways admitted of transportation on horseback only. He lived to see his adopted county of Allegany one of the foremost grazing counties in the state and an influential power in state and general politics, and several academies and a university of learning, dying at Angelica, April 24, 1863."

(* By J. S. Jamison, M.D.)

Isaac Newton Roach, born County Tyrone, died the 3rd day of the Siege of Knoxville (Tennessee), 18 November, 1863 (American Civil War). Corporal, 45th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, Company I Grand Army of the Republic (*Union). Buried Knoxville National Cemetery, Knoxville, Tennessee. He was married to Mary Elizabeth Ward, children: Oliver Todd Roach and Alice Elizabeth Roach. He came to America with two brothers, both of which returned to Ireland, he was of the Clan O'Niel. He was my great, great grandfather.

John Sheerin (Sherrin) was born in County Tyrone abt. 1827, the son of John Sherrin and Jane Lawry. He married Julia McCarty (spelled McCarthy on the certificate) 3 June 1851 in New Orleans and died in New Orleans in August 1859 about age 32. When he signed his son's birth certificate, he spelled his last name as Sherrin. His marriage certificate has Sheerin. Julia's children spelled it McCarty in her obituary. They had two children - John James and Mary Jeannie.

James Howard was born in Co. Tyrone c.1831. He married Margaret O'Neil c.1850 and died in Irvine, Ayrshire, Scotland in 1904.

Terrence Patrick CARBRAY (aka Carbery/Carberry), son of Edward Carbray and Margaret O'Neill, born 1808 in Carrickcastle (now Carrycastle), Parish of Eglish, Co. Tyrone; died December 24, 1897 Sillery, Quebec, buried Dec 26, 1897 St-Patrick's Cemetery, Sillery, Quebec. Terrence was married to Catherine Donnelly. Arrived in Quebec City in 1844.

Catherine (nee DONNELLY) Carbray (aka Carbery/Carberry), , born 1807, Co. Tyrone , died January 25, 1892, Sillery, Quebec, buried Dec 28, 1892 St-Patrick's Cemetery, Sillery, Quebec. Arrived in Quebec City in 1844.
Inscription on headstone: In memory of Catherine Donnelly, wife of Terrence P Carbray, a native of Co. Tyrone, Ireland, died January 25, 1892. Aged 85 years.
Also her husband, Terrence Carbray, a native of Co. Tyrone, Ireland, died December 24, 1897, aged 89 years. May their souls rest in peace.
Terrence and Catherine Carbray (aka Carbery/Carberry) had the following children:
1) Margaret, born about 1839 in Co. Tyrone, died October 26, 1882, Sillery, Quebec, buried October 28, St-Patrick's Cemetery, Sillery, Quebec. Margaret married Thomas Larkin, September 1st, 1863 in Sillery, Quebec (St-Colomb). Arrived in Quebec City in 1844.
2) Patrick, born November 9, 1840 in Co. Tyrone, died July 15, 1920, Sillery, Quebec, buried July 17, St-Patrick's Cemetery, Sillery, Quebec. Patrick married Mary Sinjohn, June 16, 1863 in Quebec City, Quebec. Arrived in Quebec City in 1844.
3) Edward, October 26, 1841 in Co. Tyrone, died 22 May 1921, Sillery, Quebec, buried May 24, St-Patrick's Cemetery, Sillery, Quebec. Edward married Margaret Keating, November 16, 1863 in Sillery, Quebec (St-Colomb). Arrived in Quebec City in 1844.
4) John, born June 16, 1844 in Quebec City, died August 30, 1907, Quebec Ctiy. John was married (1) Bridget Conway Oct 1, 1872 in Quebec City and, (2) Sarah Latimer Nov 18, 1902 in Montreal, Quebec.
5) Mary Jane, born July 29, 1846 in Quebec City, died April 6, 1932 in Montreal, Quebec. Mary Jane married Thomas Gaffery, January 6, 1881 in Sillery, Quebec.
6) James, born Feb. 13, 1852 in Quebec City, died James married Margaret Maud Livingstone June 1, 1897 in Sillery, Quebec.
7) Thomas, born Oct. 11, 1855 in Quebec City and died 1939 in He never married.
8) Hugh, born Sep 29, 1857 in Quebec City and died March 16, 1928 in Quebec City. He married Anne Boutin, January 15, 1889 in Quebec City, Quebec.

Niall/Neill "John" Carbray/Carbery/Carberry, son of Edward Carbery and Margaret O'Neill and brother of Terence Patrick, born about 1810 in Carrickcastle/Carrycastle, Parish of Eglish, Co. Tyrone. He arrived in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada before September 1833. He married Catherine Connolly September 3, 1833 in Quebec City. He died December 5, 1886 in Montreal, Quebec, buried in St-Patrick's Cemetery, Sillery (Quebec City), Quebec.   Son Felix went on to be a Quebec politician and successful businessman.
Niall John and Catherine had the following children:
1) Margaret, born 1836 in Quebec City, died March 30, 1875 in Quebec City, buried in St-Patrick's Cemetery, Sillery, Quebec. She married Patrick McCormick, May 2, 1854 in Quebec City.
2) Felix, born December 22, 1835 in Quebec City, died December 20, 1907 in Sillery, Quebec, buried St-Patrick's Cemetery, Sillery. He married (1) Margaret Carbery, May 2, 1854 in Quebec City, (2) Bridget Carbery (Margaret's sister) on 25 Oct 1902 in Manhatten, New York City, New York.
3) John, born April 28, 1838 in Quebec City, died January 16, 1917 in Chicago, Illinois. He married Sophie Lavoie July 30, 1861 in Quebec City.
4) Mary Ann, December 7, 1839 in Quebec City, died May 29, 1892 in Quebec City. She married John Crilly, July 8, 1862 in Ste-Foy, Quebec.
5) James, born July 18, 1841 in Quebec City and presumably died after 1910 in Chicago, Ill, He married Mary Conners, November 23, 1864 in Ste-Foy, Quebec.
6) Catherine "Kate", was born September 20, 1843 in Quebec City and died December 1924 in Montreal, Quebec. She married Michael McCready, November 6, 1867 in Montreal, Quebec.
7) Eliza, born March 18, 1845 in Quebec City, and died December 11, 1876 in Montreal, Quebec. She was known as Sister Catherine of the Notre-Dame Congregation of nuns.
8) Edward, born March 29, 1847 in Quebec City and died January 23, 1897 in Montreal, Quebec. He married Mary Potts June 25, 1883 in Montreal, Quebec.
9) Bridget, born February 22, 1849 in Quebec City and died September 29, 1908 in Fort Erie, Welland, Ontario. She married William Hunt, July 29, 1889 in Montreal, Quebec.
10) Matilda, born August 4, 1851 in Quebec City and died March 8, 1932 in Montreal, Quebec. She married Bernard Campbell, June 9, 1877 in Quebec City.

William Hunter, born 1828 in Co. Tyrone; died 14 June 1891 and was buried in Waltham, Illinois. He was survived by his wife Elizabeth Jane Hunter (nee Hunter) who was born in Co. Tyrone 11 October 1853; died 12 December 1948 and was buried in Waltham, Illinois.

Fanny Ferguson born 23 June 1861, Loughry, Tyrone, died Mt. Morgan, Queensland, 15 June 1912, buried Mt. Morgan Cemetery, married Lowry McClelland, 28 April 1880, (at the residence of Mr and Mrs John Brisbin, Stanwell, (near Rockhampton), Queensland.

Also, Fanny's sister, Maria Ferguson, born 01 May 1860, Cookstown, Tyrone, died 01 August 1953, Rockhampton, Queensland, buried South Rockhampton Cemetery, married Henry Bull, born Whaplode, via Spalding, Lincoln, England 28 May 1959, died Rockhampton, 14 January 1926 on 14 September 1881, Rockhampton.

Annie Ferguson, eldest sister of Maria and Fanny, born 14 June 1855, Loughry, Tyrone, married John Brisbin, born 2 August 1852, in Tyrone, about 1878 - the Brisbins emigrated to Australia in February 1879 on board the Scottish Lassie. Annie died 17 Ocotber 1937, and John 1 November 1925, both in Yeppoon, near Rockhampton. Maria and Fanny emigrated to Australia in December, 1878, on the Scottish Hero, and Lowry emigrated in 1877 on the Saraca. He was born in Ahoghill, Antrim, 4 June 1856, and died 24 June 1924, and is buried in the Mt Morgan Cemetery. Mt Morgan is also near Rockhampton.

It is possible that a fourth sister of these girls also came to Australia, but I have not been able to find any record of her. Other sisters were: Catherine, born 5 December 1857; Elizabeth Jane, born 13 March 1863; and Mary Jane, born Cookstown, 8 July 1864. There were also six brothers, at least three of whom went to the United States.

Andrew Hazlett, born abt 1810 in County Tyrone, died 17 July 1884 Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. Son of Jacob Hazlett, husband of Martha Kane. Andrew immigrated 17 May 1875 on board the ship State of Louisiana, docking in New York.

Martha Hazlett (nee Kane/Cain), born abt 1832, died 18 Feb 1903 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. Immigrated 17 May 1875 on board the ship State of Louisiana, docking in New York. Wife of Andrew Hazlett, daughter of Daniel Kane and Margaret Hazlett. Buried in the Cambridge Cemetery, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Margaret Ann Hazlett, born abt 1851 County Tyrone, to parents Andrew Hazlett and Martha Kane. Immigrated 15 Apr 1872 on board the ship Australia, docking in New York. Died 6 March 1905 from pneumonia in the Cambridge Hospital, Cambridge, Massachusetts. Buried in the Cambridge Cemetery.

John Hazlett, born abt 1855 to parents Andrew Hazlett and Martha Kane. Died 30 Nov 1875 Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

Andrew Hazlett, born abt 1862 to parents Andrew Hazlett and Martha Kane. Immigrated 17 May 1875 on board the ship State of Louisiana, docking in New York. Husband of Emma Olilson. Lived in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Died 9 Jan 1894 in the County poor house, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. Buried in the Salt Lake City Cemetery, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.

Rebecca Hazlett, born abt 1850 to parents Andrew Hazlett and Martha Kane. Immigrated 15 Apr 1872 on board the ship Australia, docking in New York. Wife of John Doherty, married 9 May 1867 in Starbane, County Tyrone. Died 17 March 1898 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Buried in Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Arlington, Massachusetts, USA.

Martha Davidson, daughter of Robert Davidson and Elizabeth Margaret (Mulholland) born June 24, 1834 at Derrygortanae, died Mar 3, 1916 in Houston, MN, USA. Married John A. Anderson 1853, had two daughters, Ann Eliza and Amanda, one son, Arthur Hale, husband and one son died 1860 and she remarried Orson Hempstead, Houston MN 1862

Agnes Crooks Clements (nee Drummond)- Passed away peacefully at the General and Marine Hospital, Collingwood on Sunday, September 2, 2012 with family and friends at her side. Born in Ballymena, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland on October 6, 1921 to the late David and Thomasina Drummond. Pre-deceased by her beloved husband the Reverend Alexander (Sandy) Clements. Agnes was the dearly loved and loving mother of David (Marie), Brian (Betty) and Joan. She will always be remembered for her wonderful caring concern for her grandchildren, Andrea (Jeff), Julie (Trevor), David Daniel (Sharon), Jennifer (Hon) and Rosemary (Jef) and her great grandchildren, Emily, Alexander, Zachary, Lucas, Morgan and Ryan. Agnes will be sorely missed by all of her family and friends. A special heartfelt thanks to Dr. Scott Houston and staff at the General and Marine Hospital. Visitation will be held on Wednesday, September 5, 2012 at Lynn-Stone Funeral Home, 15 Yonge St. S. Elmvale, from 6:30 pm - 9 pm. A funeral service will take place on Thursday, September 6, 2012 at Mansfield Presbyterian Church, 936572 Airport Rd, Mansfield at 1 pm with visitation one hour prior to service. Lynn-Stone Funeral Home, 15 Yonge Street South, Elmvale, Ontario. Memorial donations to the Collingwood General and Marine Hospital or the charity of your choice would be appreciated.

James Wright was born at Brigh, Co. Tyrone in Dec. 1839. He had siblings Andrew b. 21 Feb 1842 and William b. 13 Oct 1848. Their father was also James but none of the birth records mention the mother's name. James Jr. emigrated to the USA in 1859 to live in Elizabeth, NJ, where he died. He married Mary Tulley Parsons b.1855 in Scotland and had four children one of which was my grandfather Albert James Wright.

McAleer, Hugh: b.1836, Ireland; d.October 6, 1897, 3062 Reese Street, Philadelphia, Pa

Immigration: December 11, 1886, Ship Bolivia, into New York

Cause of Death: Cirrhosis of Liver

Burial: October 9, 1897, Holy Cross Cemetery, Philadelphia, PA

McAleer, Catherine McRory: b.August 1836, Co. Tyrone; d. February 16, 1912, 900 North 66th Street, Philadelphia, PA

Immigration: December 11, 1886, Ship Bolivia, into New York

Cause of Death: Bronchi Pneumonia

Burial: February 20, 1912, Holy Cross Cemetery, Philadelphia, PA

Children of Hugh and Catherine known to have immigrated to U.S.:

Hughes (nee McAleer), Anne Jane: b.1861, Newtownstewart, Co. Tyrone; d. ?

Immigration: 1872. Lived in Philadelphia, PA

Marriage: 1889 to Adam Hughes

Murray, Hugh William: b.October 1863, Newtownstewart, Co. Tyrone; d.April 3, 1940, Philadelphia, PA

Immigration: 1885. Lived in Philadelphia, PA

Burial: April 1940, Holy Cross Cemetery, Philadelphia, PA

Marriage: June 1, 1896, Philadelphia, PA to Rose Ann Murray

McAleer, Bernard: b.February 17, 1867, Newtownstewart, Co. Tyrone; d.August 3, 1916, 2340 Harlan Street, Phila., PA

Immigration: 1886. Lived in Philadelphia, PA

Burial: August 7, 1916, Holy Cross Cemetery, Philadelphia, PA

Marriage: 1880, Philadelphia, PA to Annie McDade

McAleer, William: b.June 16, 1868, Newtownstewart, Co. Tyrone; d.?

Immigration: December 11, 1886, Ship Bolivia, into New York.

Lived in Philadelphia, PA

Marriage: December 6, 1910, Philadelphia, PA to Isabella “Bella” Murray

McCusker (nee McAleer), Margaret: b.April 44, 1870, Newtownstewart, Co. Tyrone; d.?

Immigration: December 11, 1886, Ship Bolivia, into New York.

Lived in Philadelphia, PA

Marriage: 1896, Philadelphia, PA to James McCusker

McAleer, Patrick Henry: b.November 19, 1871, Newtownstewart, Co. Tyrone; d.September 13, 1892, 2712 North 2nd St. Philadelphia, Pa

Immigration: December 11, 1886, Ship Bolivia, into New York

Cause of Death: Acc. Poisoning from Corrosive ? taken in mistake for whisky

Burial: September 16, 1892, Holy Cross Cemetery, Philadelphia, PA

McAleer, Joseph: b.September 16, 1873, Newtownstewart, Co. Tyrone; d.?

Immigration: December 11, 1886, Ship Bolivia, into New York

McAleer, Bridget: b.September 16, 1876, Newtownstewart, Co. Tyrone; d.?

Immigration: December 11, 1886, Ship Bolivia, into New York

James McKee was born about 1852-3 in County Tyrone, Ireland and died about 1895 in Cumberland, RI, USA, age about 43. Religion: Roman Catholic. Parents William McKee and Jane(surname unknown). Occupation: weaver. Immigrated to USA Dec 15, 1870, NYC. Settled in Cumberland, RI. Naturalized Sep 20, 1886.

(According to a www.rootsireland.ie Civil Marriage Record of Nov 7, 1848, his parents were possibly William McKee (born about 1826) and Jane Dinning or Denning (born about 1828) from Stewartstown, parish Donaghendry, County Tyrone. His address is listed as Killymurphy, and hers as Stewartstown. His father is listed as William McKee with occupation farmer, and hers is Henery Dinning or Denning with occupation shoe maker. But I have no proof that this Civil Marriage Record is of my Great Great Grandparents.)

Mary Ann McKee (nee Mccrystle) was born about 1847 (possibly in County Tyrone) and died in 1920 in Cumberland, RI, USA, age about 72. Parents John and Ann Mccrystle, both born in Ireland.

Marriage Jan 13, 1874, Cumberland, RI, USA. James was age 22, Mary Ann age 27. They had eight children, all born in Cumberland: William H. McKee in 1874, James Joseph in 1876 (my grandfather), Sarah J in 1877, Thomas Francis in 1880, John in 1881, George in 1883, Mary E in 1884, and Robert in 1886. All their children died in Cumberland, RI, USA.

Charles Graham was born June 26, 1877 Mullaghmoyle, Stewartstown, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland, the son of Hugh Graham and Mary Ann Larmour. Birth Certificate, Obituary, Photo He died 25 Mar 1965 Carbon, Division No. 5, Alberta, Canada. His siblings were John b. 1867, Jane b. 1870, William b. 1865, Samuel b. 1872, d. 1945 (Buried Olds, Division No. 6, Alberta, Canada), Robert b. 1873, and James b. 1875. To the best of my knowledge they were all born at the same location. The only family member I know that stayed in Ireland was Jane who married Robert Battersby born 1850.

Walter Hadden was born 4 Feb. 4, 1893 in Dunmacmay, Co. Tyrone. He died May 9 1974 in Willowdale (now Toronto) Ontario, Canada. Walter was the fifth of six children of William Hadden and Emily Watson, and was also my Grandfather. His parents were farmers and the property was known as May Mount on the border of Tyrone and Monaghan. Walter had one sister and 4 brothers. Two of the brothers became Presbyterian Ministers. When Walter's father died in 1922, the farm passed into his name. He emigrated to Canada in 1927, leaving the farm behind because he could no longer manage it by himself. The two older brothers had emigrated to Boston by this time. After trying various things, he secured work at Donland's Dairy, Toronto. He worked there until his retirement in 1962. He and his wife Isobel, built a house on Ellerslie Ave. The place took him 4 years to build. Weekdays he worked at the dairy, but on the weekend he worked as a gardener for several large estates in the area. Somehow, between all the work he was able to not only build a house but to have a family. He had 2 daughters, Joy and Jean. His house in Willowdale was on a large property and contained an apple orchard, grape vines, potato patch (of course) and just about any other fruit or vegetable you can think of. I was lucky in that we lived with him until he died in 1974. He was a kind gentle man. He worked hard, was active in Cooke's Presbyterian Church, was a great father and grandfather, and he is missed by all that knew him.

Walter's siblings were:

Fanny Hadden, the oldest child, was born Co. Tyrone 1882 and died Kilrea, Coleraine 1939. She never married and when Walter Emigrated to Canada she went to live with her younger brother, Rev. Hans Hadden in Kilrea. She is buried in the First Presbyterian Church Cemetery.

John Hadden was born Co. Tyrone 1883 and died in Boston, Massachusetts abt 1962.  The second child of William and Emily, he emigrated to the United States in the early 1900's where he worked as a chef at the Boston Sanatorium his entire life. He was a quiet, friendly man. He never married. It is kind of sad that in some of his letters home he states that leaving Ireland was a mistake.

William James Hadden was born Co. Tyrone 1885 and died in Boston, Massachusetts 1940. The third child of William and Emily, little is known of him except that he emigrated to the USA at some point and settled in Boston. He died as a younger man, being only 55 when he passed.

Alfred Hadden was born Co. Tyrone 1888 and died Allora, Queensland, Australia. The fourth Child of William and Emily. He had tuberculosis as a child and it is believed only one lung worked. He became a Presbyterian Minister but left Ireland for health reasons. He emigrated first to the USA and preached in Denver, Colorado. Eventually, he moved on to Allora, Queensland Australia. He rose through the ranks and in 1950 became Moderator of the church. He never married, but he did travel. He took a 5 month holiday visiting England, Ireland, Canada, the USA and then back to Australia - quite a journey in the 1930's.

Hans Hadden was born Co. Tyrone 1897 and died Kilrea, Coleraine 1962. He was the sixth child of William and Emily. He became an Presbyterian minister and presided over the congregation of Kilrea First Presbyterian from 1922 until his retirement in 1950. He married and had one child Peter.

Richard Fair born c. 1825 in Lord Caledon’s Estate, Co. Tyrone; died 16 Feb 1908, Rothsay, Maryborough, Wellington County, Ontario, Canada. He married Hessy Powell in 1852 in Ontario, Canada. They had 4 sons Robert 1851, George 1855, William 1857, John 1864 and one daughter Eliza Jane1860.

Andrew Fair born 2 Nov 1824 Co. Tyrone; died 1 Jan 1877, Petrolia, Ontario, Canada. He married abt 1945 in Ireland Eliza Margaret Cowan, born 13 May 1826 in Drumhillery, Tynan, Co. Armagh; died 10 Jun 1892 Robert St., Petrolia, Ontario, Canada. They had 14 children: 9 sons Robert born 1841 in Ireland; the others in Canada - John 1846,William 1847, Joseph 1853, George 1858, Samuel 1860, Thomas 1863, Richard 1865, Andrew 1868 and 5 daughters - Margaret 1850, Sarah 1854, Jane 1859, Eliza 1866, Annie 1870. More Info in Article - Photo of Andrew & Eliza

Richard and Andrew had brothers James in 1830’s, John abt 1835, Alexander abt 1850, Mary abt 1830 who may have been born in Co. Fermanagh.

Margaret Flanagan, (July 29 1832-February 27 1913) was born at Russell Town (a subdenomination of Largybeg townland adjoining the Deer Park of Baronscourt, the seat of the Dukes of Abercorn), located in the western half of Ardstraw Parish, Co. Tyrone; daughter of Owen Flanagan (mother’s name unknown). Admitted to Strabane workhouse during the Great Famine (1845-50). Emigrated to Adelaide, South Australia, November 1848 on the “Roman Emperor” which carried 200 Famine orphan girls from workhouses across Ireland. The Irish Female Orphan Scheme had been devised at the Parliament of Westminster, London in an attempt to alleviate overcrowding in the workhouses of Ireland and address the shortage of domestic and agricultural servants and the male-female imbalance in the Australian colonies. Some 5,000 Irish girls were sent to Australia 1848-50, being generally unwelcomed by the colonial population.

Aged 16 years, Margaret married William Button March 7, 1850 at St Stephen’s Anglican Church, Willunga, South Australia. Issue: Hannah, William Bly, James, Daniel, John, Sarah, Joseph Bly and Owen (1850-1866). William visited the Victorian gold fields at the time of the rush, and returned within a year with 800 sovereigns and eventually purchased 80 acres at Willunga.

William Button died in 1866. Margaret remarried Stephen Rogers at Sellick’s Hill in 1877 and son George was born 1878. At the time of her death at Minlaton, South Australia in 1913, Margaret could proudly claim 79 grandchildren and several great-grandchildren in South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales. Much of this data has been extracted from her obituary published in the “The Register”, March 7 1913.

KATIE JOHNSTONE - nee MACDOUGALL - Christened Catherine Mary MacDougal, was born 1876 in Omagh, Co. Tyrone. Died 1949 and is buried in the Boksburg Cemetery, Gauteng, South Africa. Headstone Photo
She travelled to Boksburg, South Africa in 1906 with a: Margaret Cowan from Armagh Co.Armagh, b.1840; d.1922 who is buried in the family plot in Boksburg South Africa.
In 1908, Katie MacDougall married my grandfather James Chalmers Johnstone in Boksburg, SA.
James Chalmers Johnstone was born Cootehill, Co. Cavan 1875. Moved to Boksburg, South Africa in 1901. Died 1938 and is buried in the Boksburg Cemetery, Gauteng, South Africa.

Andrew Jack born Carnkenny, Ardstraw, Co. Tyrone 1850 married Millicent Ann KEMP on 8 Dec1881 at Terang, Victoria, Australia. After the death of Millicent he married Isabella Jane FRY at Murtoa in 1902. He died at Murtoa, Victoria, Australia on 18 Dec 1909.
Dr. Robert Nelson Jack, his brother born 1853 Carnkenny, Ardstraw, Co Tyrone, married Emily Eliza BEETCHENOW on 2 Dec 1884 at Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia. He died 1 Apr 1892 at Stawell, Victoria, Australia.

Catherine McGarrity (March 21, 1868-February 6, 1951), (1947 photo) my great-grandmother, was the third of 8 children born to Michael McGarrity and Sarah Anne Hughes in Inishative, County Tyrone. The others were Mary, John, Sarah Anne, Patrick, Michael, Margaret (November 19, 1875 -July 14, 1932) and James. Their births were registered in Omagh East, Termonmaguirk.
Catherine first married Thomas Nealis, who died January 6, 1890 in New York City, leaving her with daughter Mary Ann (1889) and son Thomas who would be born in May 1890. In 1892, Catherine married William L Donnelly, a butcher, my great grandfather.
Catherine and William lived in Harrison, Hudson County, New Jersey. Catherine and William had 6 children: William Aloysius (1893), Catherine (1894), Sarah Lauretta (1896), Patrick James (1897), Margaret (1898) and Paul (1905).
Margaret McGarrity, Catherine’s youngest sister, later joined her sister in New Jersey. They are buried together in Holy Cross Cemetery, North Arlington, Bergen County, New Jersey. Headstone

William J. Matthews, b. 08 Dec 1866, Co. Tyrone, Ireland; d. 26 May 1930; Age 63 Yrs 5 Months, 18 Days; S/O Abraham Matthews and Maria Bingham; Husband of Maria Grant, Irishtown, New Brunswick, Canada. Place of death – Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada. Buried in Elmwood Cemetery, Moncton. Cause of death - carcinoma of prostate and hemorrhage. Occupation – baker.

James Carnwath, born Strabane, Co. Tyrone 23 December 1823, ( Son of James Carnwath and Nancy Wray ), came to New Brunswick c 1848, died 02 March 1885 Riverside, Albert Co., New Brunswick, Canada. Buried, Hopewell Hill Cemetery, Albert Co, New Brunswick. Married Rose Eliza Kyle 02 Sept 1854 at Hopewell, N.B.
Rose Eliza Carnwath, (nee Kyle), born Omagah, Co. Tyrone 17 Dec 1834, died 19 Sept 1901. Buried with her husband James Carnwath, Hopewell Hill Cemetery, Albert Co., New Brunswick, Canada. Came to St John, N.B. 1849.

William James Gordon - Funeral services were held Monday, May 22 [1978] for William James (Jimmy) Gordon, of 312 Talbot Street West, Blenheim, who died May 18, in St. Joseph’s Hospital, Chatham. Mr. Gordon was born in 1905 at Aughnacloy, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland, the son of David and Agnes Gordon. He was a brother of David of Philadelphia, George (deceased), Samuel of Blenheim, Norman, twin sister Annie, Ellie Johnston, Agnes Lee all of Ireland, and Ruth (deceased). He is survived by his wife Frances (Walker); a son, David, of Chatham; a daughter, Evelynn Cartwright, of Wheatley; one grandson, five grand-daughters, and one great-grandson. Mr. Gordon was a grocer in Blenheim for 41 years, founder of the Gordon chain of stores, mayor of Blenheim, 1942 to 1943, deacon at Blenheim Baptist Church and lay preacher throughout southwestern Ontario. Blenheim News-Tribune, Wed., May 24, 1978 Page 26

The Hemphill family in Lancefield, Victoria, Australia - Three young sons of James and Mary(nee Russell) Hemphill who left their home in Castlederg, Co. Tyrone to try their luck in Australia, were among the earliest settlers in the Romsey, Lancefield and Rochford districts, about 30 miles from Melbourne. Two other siblings Wallace and Mary, also from Tyrone went to the USA in 1857.

ROBERT HEMPHILL – Died on the 5th February 1907, at East Melbourne, Robert Hemphill (late of Lancefield), the dearly beloved husband of Annie Hemphill, aged 74 years (A colonist of 50 years). Robert at twenty four was the first to arrive in Australia in 1857 along with his wife Mary Hamilton and son John from Laght. They took up land in Monument Road, Rochford because its excellent soils reminded him of his native Castlederg. Robert had twelve children by his first wife Mary Hamilton and four by his second Annie Chisholm Orr; He spent much of his time buying up district properties for his offspring and clearing the land.

JOHNSTON HEMPHILL –Died on the 21st June 1915, at Lancefield, Johnstone Hemphill, loving father of Wallace, James, Robert, Joseph, Jane and Mrs. E. Parks, Romsey, aged 79 years. Johnston Hemphill arrived in 1859 at the age of twenty two, he worked for a time at Sunbury with Robert, before he too moved to the Lancefield district in 1869 and settled in Rochford on a one hundred and eighteen acre property called Cream Hill. In 1900 he was granted a patent with Frederick Gale, an engineer of Lancefield, for an Invention for "Improvements in the System of Sowing, Manuring, and Harrowing in combination with Ploughing, and in Attachments to Ploughs for Conducting Certain of these Operations Simultaneously with Ploughing,"

JAMES HEMPHILL – Died on the 2nd August 1904, at his late residence, Rochford, James Hemphill, aged 60. James, the third Hemphill son to migrate to Australia with his wife Violet and two children in 1866, also made his way to Lancefield. He rented a cottage in Boundary Road not far from Cook’s Smiddy for a time before buying four hundred acres on the Rocky Range Road.

JOSIAH KEYS, born 1829 Donemana, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland. Parents: JOSEPH KEYS, farmer, and unknown CRAIG. Married ISABELLA ALEXANDER at Philadelphia, 1852, parents: JAMES ALEXANDER and MARY (nee MITCHELL). Died March 2 1933, aged 103 years at Toiro, New Zealand

My great grandmother was Sarah Sterrett, born 1848 in Silverbrook, Tyrone, Ireland. Her parents were James Starrett (son of Samuel Starrett) and Jane Dunn. James was baptized 14 November 1810 in Glendermott, Londonderry, but by 1845 he lived in Tirkernaghan, Donaghedy, Tyrone. He was a farmer and married Jane Dunn on 30 July 1846 in Donagheady Church of Ireland, Donaghedy Parish, Strabane, Tyrone. According to the 1855 Griffith’s Valuation, he owned a 102-acre farm in Tirkernaghan. His wife, Jane Dunn, was born in 1808 in Glenagoorland, Tyrone, the daughter of Noble or Nobel Dunn (Noble’s name is spelled both ways on Jane’s marriage record).

James and Jane (Dunn) Starrett (who became Sterrett when they moved to Australia) had 5 kids – the first, James, died young, but here is info on the rest:

Sarah Sterrett: born 1848 in Silverbrook, Tyrone, Ireland; married Thomas McCall in Australia, 17 September 1867 in Carlton, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia; died 16 August 1934 in Essendon, Bourke, Victoria, Australia

Eliza Sterrett: born 1853 in Tyrone, Ireland; married Charles Wells in Chewton, Victoria, Australia 14 April 1873; died 30 April 1939 in Moonee Ponds, Victoria, Australia.

Margaret Sterrett: born 1855 in Tyrone; married Francis Edmond Upson in Taradale, Victoria, Australia in 1871; died 16 May, 1934 in Moonee Ponds, Victoria, Australia.

Samuel William Sterrett; born 1859 in Tyrone; married Ann Ferguson Ogilvie in Victoria, Australia in 1887; died 1932 in Fairfield, Victoria, Australia.

James and Jane (Dunn) Sterrett emigrated from Tyrone to Australia in 1863, taking all of their children with them. James continued to be a farmer, settling with Jane at Coliban Farm in Taradale, Victoria, Australia. He died 21 August 1889, and she died 5 May, 1886 – both in Taradale.

My great grandmother, Sarah Sterrett and her husband, Thomas McCall, had many children, among them my maternal grandfather Oswald Walter Samuel McCall, who married Florence May Jones. He was a Congregational minister of note, and they emigrated from Australia to the USA in 1921 with their 3 girls in tow.

Henry Brown, born c. 1798-1800, Kilskerry Parish, Co. Tyrone, married 1825 to Jane Armstrong in Magheraculmoney Parish, Co. Fermanagh. Their first son, William, baptised Oct. 1826 in Kilskeery Parish, Makenny Townland. They emigrated to Canada and the next child, William Armstrong Brown was born 1832 in Montreal, Quebec. The family moved to Cornwall, Stormont County, then to Etobicoke, (Toronto), York Co. and finally to Collingwood. Henry died in Collingwood, Simcoe Co., Ontario, Canada on 9 Jul 1865.

Mary McManass, born c.1833-35, Co. Tyrone; d. 02Aug1896 Gawler River, South Australia. Mary was one of the Irish Famine Orphans to Adelaide, South Australia, from Castlederg, Co. Tyrone aboard the Roman Emperor in 1848. She is listed on this website as such and is included in the Australian memorial for Irish Famine Orphans. The marriage record shows her father as Bernard when she married Edmund Parham 12Apr1857 Gawler, South Australia. They had 9 children, their third child being Samuel James Parham, my great grandfather.

Elizabeth Pollock (nee Crawford) born 27 Oct. 1890 Lislea, Clogher Parish, Tyrone, the daughter of John Crawford and  Isabella McKay; Married James Pollock of Meenavoy, Stranorlar Parish, Donegal; Died in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 24 Aug. 1918; Buried at Mount Moriah Cemetery 28 Aug. 1918.

Obituary - Philadelphia Inquirer - Wednesday, 28 August 1918 – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
POLLOCK- Aug. 24. ELIZABETH, wife of late James Pollock. Relatives and friends are invited to attend funeral. 5039 Ogden St. (50th St. and Westminster Ave.). Int. Mt. Moriah Cem. Remains may be viewed Tues. eve: Auto service. (Note: The approximate location of the cemetery is 5027 Westminster Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19131 which intersects with N. 50th St. nearby.)

Hamilton Redpath - To the memory of Hamilton Redpath, a native of Tyrone County, Ireland; died January 20, 1839, aged 36 Years; also his son Robert Redpath, died January 20, 1838, aged 4 years. Headstone in Harvey Methodist Cemetery , 1818 Hwy 915, Albert County, New Brunswick.

Edward Murphy of Donaghmore Parish, Co. Tyrone, was born abt 1797 and died 29 Apr 1857 in New York City. Edward married Ann Loughran, (b: unknown, d: 4 May 1864) of Killeeshil Parish, Co. Tyrone, on 20 Jan 1818 at the Tullyallen Mass House. It's possible they lived in Killylevin or Finulagh.

Edward, Ann and their children (all born in Ireland) Andrew, James, Edward, May (wife of Michael Stautue?), Ann, Michael, Neil, and Rose Ann, emigrated to the United States in 1848 on the ship Ashburton (according to the New York Emigrant Savings Bank record books); (Andrew in 1841, on the ship Harvest). They settled in Manhattan, New York, New York, 314 W. 27th Street. Edward and wife Ann are buried in Calvary Cemetery, Woodside, Queens, New York.

Son Michael and wife Rose (nee: Rogers) are buried in Old St. Raymond's in the Bronx, New York.

Edward's brother Andrew emigrated to New York in July 1833 via Quebec on the ship Sylvanus from Belfast. Andrew married Ann (nee: Murphy). Andrew is buried at Calvary Cemetery, Woodside, Queens, New York.

James Wright was born 18 Dec 1839 Presbyterian, Brigh, Co. Tyrone. James died 15 July 1911 and is buried in the Civil War Veterans Cemetery in Hillside Cemetery in Hillside, New Jersey. Photo at County Tyrone Gravestone Photo Project

Mary Ann McConnell (nee O'Neill) born Feb 1842 Killygonlan Townland Tyrone d. 14 Oct 1915 Wilmington, New Castle Co, Delaware, buried in Cathedral Cemetery, Wilmington.

ESCAPED CONVICT: In yesterday’s [Victorian] Government Gazette a reward of £6 has been offered for the apprehension of THOMAS McSORLEY, a convict, who effected his escape on the 10th ult. from the woodcutting gang belonging to the Pentridge [Coburg, Melbourne] Stockade The following particulars are appended to the proclamation of reward - THOMAS McSORLEY is a native of Tyrone, in Ireland, 5 ft 5½in. high, swarthy, has dark brown hair and grey eyes, and is 28 years of age. He is a gardener. Marks; scars on left eyebrow and left cheek, burn mark outside right arm, lower part, scar on the tip of right forefinger and the first joint of the second finger of the right hand, blue mark inside of left arm, lower part scar on the palm of the left hand near the wrist, large boil mark under the right side of the breast, large boil mark above the navel, boil mark on the cap of the right knee, two burn marks below the left knee outside, cut inside left shin He arrived at Adelaide [South Australia], 1863, on board the ship “California”, and was convicted at Ballaarat on the 21st July, 1865, of wounding with intent. Further particulars -He was transported from Ireland in 1845,to Van Diemen’s Land [Tasmania] per Radcliffe, was in the police at Port Esperance and Westbury, V D L., and also in the police force at Ballaarat or Castlemaine, and shot a man for not showing his license for which he received a sentence of three or six months He has since been living at Mr. Dewey's, farmer about nine miles from Port Fairy, next to Mr. McGuire's station and is supposed to have gone there again When last seen he was in the vicinity of the Caledonian gold fields. From “The Argus” [Melbourne, Australia] 2 Feb 1856

Sir Charles McMahon, who was superintendent of police in 1853 and afterwards commissioner, died in Melbourne on Friday night. Through a disagreement in 1858 with Sir John O'Shannassy, Chief Secretary, the deceased resigned and was elected as a member of West Bourke, holding the seat nearly 20 years. In 1871 he was elected Speaker. He was knighted in 1875 Sir Charles, in his day, was considered one of the handsomest men in the British Army. The deceased was born at Omagh, county Tyrone, Ireland, in 1824 came to Australia early in the fifties, and settled in Melbourne. In 1871 he was elected Speaker, which position he held for several years, and in 1886 he finally retired from political life. His funeral to the Church of England cemetery took place on Sunday, and was largely attended by leading men.

Federation Index, Victorian Registry of Birth, Deaths & Marriages, Melbourne 1888-1901 - Charles McMahon, born Co. Tyrone, died at East Melbourne, 1891, aged 67. Parents: William McMahon & unknown Shair

Susan Reaney was b. Circa 1863, Co. Tyrone; married in Australia 20/7/1887 at age 23 and died 6/5/1916 aged 68 on gravestone or 58 showing on death certificate Sydney Australia

CONWAY, Unity (nee McGLINN) - Born around 1840 in Co. Tyrone to Hugh McGlinn, Ireland, died 9 May 1918 in Forward Township, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. She was buried 11 May 1918 in Calvary Cemetery, the parish cemetery for Transfiguration Church (Roman Catholic) in Monongahela, Allegheny, Pennsylvania. Unity was the widow of Patrick CONWAY, a game warden. They married 19 July 1857 at Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church in Plumbridge, Co Tyrone. She immigrated to Pennsylvania around 1882, after the death of her husband. 

CONWAY, John P - Born Jan 1862 in Plumbridge, Co. Tyrone to Patrick Conway and Unity McGlinn, died 4 June 1932 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, buried Calvary Cemetery (Roman Catholic), Pittsburgh, PA. John P CONWAY immigrated to the US about 1880, and married Anne KELLY in Pittsburgh in 1885. He worked in the steel mills for 50 years. He was survived by his children Una REYNOLDS, John George, Joseph John and Mary OHARE, and predeceased by his wife Anne, who died 23 MAR 1921, and his daughters Anne Marie and Ester.

CONWAY, Patrick - Born 22 Dec 1871 in Co. Tyrone to Patrick Conway and Unity McGlinn, died 02 June 1906 in Philadelphia, PA of tuberculosis. Buried in Holy Cross Cemetery (Roman Catholic), Yeadon, PA. Patrick immigrated to the US in 1882. He married Agnes in 1898, who died between 1900-1906. Patrick was survived by his mother, Unity Conway (nee McGLINN) and his son James. Following the death of Patrick, Unity and her grandson, James, moved to Forward Township, Allegheny County, PA to live with her daughter Ann WILLIAMS (nee CONWAY).

CONWAY, Francis James (Frank) - Born 02 May 1864, Plumbridge, Co. Tyrone to Patrick Conway and Unity McGlinn, Died 5 July 1946 in Clairton, Allegheny County, PA, buried in Holy Name Cemetery, Duquesne, Pennsylvania. Frank came to the US in 1881, and worked in the steel mills his entire career. He married Elizabeth DONAHUE born between 1872-1879, died 30 Dec 1948. Frank was survived by his children Lester B, Elizabeth, Helen and Margaret. His son, Frank W, died in 1919.

Brown, Mary (nee CONWAY) - Born 16 May 1869, in Plumbridge, Tyrone, Northern Ireland to Patrick Conway and Unity McGlinn. She died in Philadelphia 24 December, 1909 3 months after she was accidently shot by her husband, William Brown. Mary is buried in the Holy Cross Cemetery in Yeadon, PA (Section Q, Range 4, Lot 22, Grave 3).

“Sydney Morning Herald” December 22, 1916
MAJOR W. J. SLOAN, V.D., one of Maitland's oldest residents, and one of the last surviving members of the Australian Volunteer Company, formed in 1860, died at his residence in High Street, last evening, aged 85 years, after a short illness. The late Major Sloan was in his day a splendid rifle shot, and won many trophies. He was a member of the Irish team which won an International contest in Sydney in 1872, and also in the team which carried off the State championship belt in 1865. He was a native of STRABANE IN NORTH IRELAND, and had been a resident of Maitland for 77 years. He leaves a widow, two sons, and one daughter.

“Maitland Daily Mercury” December 21, 1916
The funeral of the late Major W. J. Sloan, V.D., took place this morning and was very largely attended. The chief mourners were: MESSRS. W. J. SLOAN, JUN., and JAMES SLOAN (sons) and MR. J. C. McCLELLAND (cousin) Major Nash was present representing the military authorities. The interment was made in the Presbyterian portion of the East Maitland cemetery; the Revs. J. Leggatt and Alex. Smith officiating at the graveside. A large number of messages of sympathy and floral tributes were received by the bereaved family

Andrew Wright Born 21 Feb 1842 Brigh Presbyterian, Tyrone, Ireland (Ballynafeagh) Buried 4 Oct 1929 Ashland City Cemetery, Ashland, Cass, Illinois USA [brother of James Wright above]

George McMaster was born c.1849 in Co. Tyrone. He was the son of James McMaster and Jane McMaster. George married Annie Jane O'Donnell in Omagh on 14 May 1868. Annie was the daughter of Hamilton Lewis O'Donnell and Emma (or Emily) Jane Todd. George and Annie emigrated to Australia in 1868 or 1869 and initially settled in the Geelong, Victoria, area. Annie died in Shepparton, Victoria on 28 December 1915 and George died in Bunbartha, Victoria on 29 September 1933.

Alexander McMaster, George's brother, was born c.1851 in Co. Tyrone. He also emigrated to Australia where he married Eleanor Blackburn. Alexander died in Deniliquin, NSW on 5 January 1926.

LUGE Irene Olive (Nee Simpson) On the morning of Sept. 5th, 2015, Olive passed away peacefully at her home off West Bay Street. She was born on Dec. 10th, 1920 in the small country town of Dungannon, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland. She had a happy childhood with her two brothers and three sisters. Her family owned the local newspaper, The Tyrone Courier, which was printed once per week. In 1938, she met her future husband, George Howard Kluge, who had moved to Northern Ireland to become a director of Stevenson and Son Limited, manufacturers of "Moygashel" Irish Linen. They fell in love and were married Dec. 26, 1939, and remained happily together for sixty-five years, until George passed away in 2005. In 1952, they emigrated to The Bahamas by boat with three young children, and very soon felt at home. She enjoyed tennis, the beach, reading, sewing, playing the piano, and recently her Sudoku puzzles. Sadly, Olive was predeceased by her sons Howard (1955) and John (2005), and her daughters Rosamund (1984) and Suzanne (2005). Her passing leaves a big gap in the lives of those who knew and loved her. She is sadly missed by her son, Evan. Also grandson, Matthew Herbert and his wife Candi and great grandson Anthony; granddaughter Jennifer Eiland and great granddaughter Madeline and great grandson Beckham; granddaughter Jessica Surovek and her husband Clay and great granddaughter Chelsea and great grandsons Brady and Coley; granddaughter Julia Roach and her husband Josh and great granddaughter Olive and great granddaughter Ivy, who will arrive in October. Olive was interned on 9th September 2015 privately at Lakeview Memorial Gardens with her beloved husband George, and overlooking her son John's grave. Friends who wish may make a donation to The Bahamas Humane Society, P.O. Box N242, or to Amanda Lightbourn to help with her animal rescue work in Olive's name. Special thanks to her wonderful and loving caregivers Bhina, Ian and Christa; to Dr. Ian Kelly and Dr. Patricia Forte for their care and attention; to her friends Astrid Algreen and Steven Mackey for their visits; and to Bethel Brothers Morticians for their kind assistance in our time of need. The Tribune The Bahamas

Roberta Georgina Eades, widow of Fredrick William Eades and eldest daughter of John McConaghy & Catherine McConnell of Sion Mills, Co.Tyrone.
Roberta Georgina (Georgie) was born on 5 December 1921 in Sion Mills and at she died on 15 May 2015 the age of 94.
Her husband, a member of the Worcestershire Regiment was encamped at Herdman’s Mill in Sion Mills and they were married in Strabane Registry Office on 4 October 1941. Georgie continued to live in Sion Mills until her husband was demobilised at the end of WWII after which she went to live in England. From the Kidderminster Shuttle, England

Maneely, William - b.1864, Ballynafeagh; d. between 1930-40, Greenwich, CT, USA

Maneely, Isabella (nee White) - b.1866, Ballynafeagh; d.1930, Greenwich, CT, USA

Maneely, Esther W. - b.2 Dec 1903, Ballynafeagh; d.2 Mar 1991, Greenwich, CT, USA

Spence, George Maneely - b.1905, Corkhill; d.aft 1929, Canada

Spence, Sarah Jane (Frizell) - b.25 Feb 1906, Knocknagore; d.1995, Yukon, Canada

Spence, David Thompson - b.25 Feb 1924, Dungannon; d.3 May 1991, Ontario, Canada

Wright, Sarah A. (Baxter) - b.5 May 1849, Tyrone; d.28 Sep 1924, Jacksonville, IL, USA

Finnegan, Elizabeth (Bunting) - b.24 Feb 1889, Gortagowen; d.Sep 1984, Bronx, NY, USA

Wright, James - b.18 Dec 1839, Ballynafeagh; d.7 Dec 1911, Elizabeth, NJ, USA

William Andrew Dunn was born 19 March 1887 in Co. Tyrone to Andrew and Isabella (née Love) Dunn. William's grandfather was Andrew Dunn "the Miller" of Mossfield. William immigrated to Australia. I never found his passage but he was still in Ireland's 1911 census. He married Helen "Nellie" Herbert in 1916 in Katanning, Western Australia. They took up farming in that area. They had four children; Helen Isabel 1917-1988, Marie Deidre 1919-1947, William Andrew Herbert Dunn 1920-2010 and Wilma Grace 1924-1998. My Mother "Glenys" is the daughter to Marie. She lives in the US due to marrying an American sailor. William and Nellie Herbert separated ways. The last I could find of him was he resided In Geraldton West Australia and worked on the railway. He died in 1955. I traveled to Western Australia to meet all my family in 2015. Their are many descendants of William Through out Australia and the USA.

CRABBE - Lost in the wreck of H.M.S. Racehorse, near Chefoo Cape [Bay of Lung-mun, about 12 miles to the east of Chofooo (modern Yantai), China], on November 4, 1864, aged 22 years, Richard, youngest son of the late Benjamin Crabbe, Esq., of Strabane, Ireland. His loss is deeply felt by his relatives and friends, by whom he was much esteemed. Source: Manchester Courier and Lancashire General Advertiser, Saturday 14 January 1865 page 12, column 6 DEATHS. The British Newspaper Archive - Also listed on Strabane Deaths

Mullan, William James, Army Medical Service, born 21 January 1837 at Dungannon, County Tyrone, eldest son of Robert Mullan of Dungannon; LRCSI 1857; joined the Army Medical Service 1857 as staff assistant surgeon with the 81st Foot; staff surgeon 1859; retired on half pay 1863; died 20 February 1867 at Rye, Sussex [England]. [Coleraine Chronicle 2 March 1867 (d); Med Dir Peterkin and Johnston (1968)]

Source: A Directory of Ulster Doctors who qualified before 1901, Vol 2 R.S.J. Clarke

John HAMILTON, born 1837, Ballygawley, Co Tyrone, died 27 Jun 1925, Milford, Co Armagh Schoolmaster, Principal. John's second son, Rev. John George HAMILTON born 3 Jan 1867, Milford, Co Armagh, died 4 Nov 1925, Belfast, Co Antrim/Down? Presbyterian Minister Milford, Co. Armagh; Islington, Liverpool, England; Dromore, Co Tyrone where he became seriously ill, released from ministerial duties, went to Belfast nursing home for surgery. It was determined the operation would be unsuccessful and he died within a week. Click to view full obits

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