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1894 Highest Cess-Payers, Co. Tyrone

4 May 1894

Note: At each location is included the following statement –

at the hour of 11 o’clock in the morning and from thence until 6 o’clock in the evening, before the Magistrates then and there assembled and number not exceeding six, of the following highest cess-payers of said Barony, to be then and there selected by ballot and appointed pursuant to the said Act.

Presentment sessions previous to summer assizes 1894 Under the Act 6 and 7 Wm. IV., chap. 116, and 7 Wm. IV., chap. 2.

At Clogher, for the Barony Clogher, Monday, 14th May.

Mr. George MILLS, Carntall More Clogher
Thomas BARNETT, Ballagh, Clogher
William MAXWELL, Roughan Augher
John L. PATTERSON, Knockonny, Ballygawley
Robert CLEMENTS, Blackfort, Fintona
David MONCRIEFF, Fintona
Joseph SMITH, Carron, Ballynasaggart P. O. Ballygawley
John COWAN, Mullaghmore, Fivemiletown
Andrew LENDRUM, Cullinane, Fivemiletown
T. ARMSTRONG, Artclea, Fivemiletown
Patrick EARLY, Clonally, Ballygawley
Charles F. MOUTRAY Esq., Crew (Lough Emy) Emyvale

At Caledon, for the Barony of Lower Dungannon on Tuesday, 15th May.

Mr. David BARBER, Mullaghmore East, Caledon
Charles A. PRINGLE, Killynaul, Dynan, Caledon
Hugh MARTIN Crilly, Aughnacloy
William DONNELLEY, Ramakit, Caledon
Charles M’KENNA, Caledon
Joseph Frazer, Drumcarn, Aughnacloy
William George BELL, Tullybleety, Aughnacloy
Robert MONTGOMERY, Garvey, Aughnacloy
John SIMPSON, Eskragh, Aughnacloy
William BRATTY, Skey, Aughnacloy
Francis M’KEOWN, Mullintor, Caledon
Thomas BROWN, Tonnaghlane, Caledon

At Cookstown, for the Barony of Upper Dungannon, on Thursday, 17th May.

Mr. Kennedy ELDER, Dromore, Stewartstown
Robert W. BELL, Mullaghwootragh, Coagh, Moneymore
Thomas HOGG, Tullydonnell, Artrea, Stewartstown
John KELLY, Cookstown
Samuel M’KINNEY, Cookstown
James ANDERSON, Cookstown
Walter CRAWFORD, Donaghrisk, Tullyhogue
Hugh HAMILTON, Gortfad, Rock
Richard R. CLUFF, Kildress, Cookstown
Bernard QUIN, Beaghmore. Cookstown
James M’FARLAND, Doons, Tulnacross, Cookstown
Michael M’QURK, Coolkeighan, Cookstown

Dungannon for the Barony of Middle Dungannon on Saturday, 19th May.

Frederick BARCOFT Esq., Stangmore, Dungannon
Mr. William PATTERSON, Drumgold, Moy
William KELSO, Ballybeg, Stewartstown
John STEWART, Letterclery, Stewartstown
William M’GAGHEY, Castlefarm, Stewartstown
James IRWIN, Derryvane, Dungannon
Alexander MOUTRAY, Killymoyle, Castlecaulfield
John GRAY, Scotch street, Dungannon
David LOUGHRAN, Church street, Dungannon
John B. ROBINSON, Derrymeen, Killyman,
William JACKSON, Mulnagore, Pomeroy
John J. CLARKE Esq., Gortgonis, Coalisland

At Gortin, for the Barony of Upper Strabane Monday, 21st May.

Mr. Samuel D. MATTHEWS, Lisnagirr, Omagh
James LYNCH, Carrigans, Omagh
William J. KYLE, Knockmoyle, Omagh
Daniel LIVINGSTON, Drumnakllly, Omagh
James LYONS, Corrinarry, Omagh
Alexander STEWART, Landahussy, Plumbridge
John M’FARLANE, (Armar), Leardin, Newtown-Stewart
Bernard M’CULLA, Glenrone, Plumbridge
John H. M’KELVEY, Dunbunraver, Gortin
William BROWN, Crockatanty, Gortin
John DELIN, Fallagh, Gortin

At Castlederg, for the Barony of West Omagh, on Wednesday, 23rd May.

Mr. Kyle YOUNG, Goland Sproule, Castlederg
John M’CAY, Froughlough (?) Castlederg
John CALDWELL, Kilrail Lower, Castlederg
William PORTER, Ballylenan Mercer, Castlederg
Charles CLARKE, Aghyaran, Killeter
Samuel ROBB, Lislaird, Castlederg
Andrew GORDON, Killowen, Drumquin
John HAMILTON, Drumquin
George HUGHEY, Altamullan, Augheyarren, Castlederg
Andrew M’CAY Unshenagh, Drumquin
Robert BUSTARD, Augheyarran, Castlederg

At Strabane, for the Barony of Lower Strabane, on Friday, 25th May.

James DICK, Knockaniller, Newtownstewart
David AIKEN, Mulvin, Victoria Bridge
Archibald ANDERSON, Camus, Victoria Bridge
William HARPUR, Milltown, Strabane
Edward DUNCAN, Strabane
Andrew BAIRD, Aughtermoy
James CLARKE, Lisdivin, Donamanagh
C. ROSS, Woodend, Strabane
William M’COMB, Ballyskeagh, Strabane
George A. HAMILTON, Ballycolman, Strabane
William SMYTH, Gallony, Strabane
David BAIRD, Inchaney, Strabane

At Omagh, for the Barony of East Omagh and county at large, on Tuesday, 29th May.

Mr. Robert CLEMENTS, Greenmount, Beragh
Thomas WILSON, Ranelly, Omagh
William BRIEN, Glengeen, Trillick
John WATSON, Mullaghmena, Omagh
George WHITE, Rylands, Omagh
William HOUSTON, Omagh
Robert YOUNG, Tattymullmonagh, Fintona
Pierce ARNOLD, Coolesker, Beragh
Francis OWENS, Derroar, Beragh
Andrew BUCHANAN, Deroran, Omagh
Hugh JOHNSTON, Attaghmore, Fintona
William DUDGEON, Mullaghmore, Omagh

transcribed by Teena from the Tyrone Constitution