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Will - Abstracts of Wills
Dublin: Stationery Office, 1954

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Will - Abstracts of Wills
Dublin: Stationery Office, 1954

Transcribed & Compiled by

Transcriptions from the Registry of Deeds, Dublin :
Abstracts of Wills

Dublin: Stationery Office, 1954



"Full" = will registered in the testator's own words.

"Narrate" = will recorded in a 3rd person singular.

"Precise" = oftentimes a very short, brief will.

page # = the page number from the book transcribed from.

#'s left side of the name, end of will = the number in chronological order of registration.

1st date = date of signing the will.

1/2, 3/4 etc = length of the memorial, ex: 1 page or 1/2 page

2nd date = date of registration

#'s at the end = number of the will book, page and memorial.


Vol. 2

page 4

7 MOORE James, Mollaghmore, Parish of Aghalow Co. Tyrone

23 May 1746 Narrate 3/4 page 13 Oct 1746

His wife Sarah MOORE. his children, His daughter Sarah MOORE, his daughter Mary HORNER. James MOORE, Tulleybrick Co Armagh, and Richd Bryson, Garron, Parish of Clownish Co. Monaghan, exors. His house, estate and lands in Molloghmore.

Witnesses Robt. HUSSIE and Wm HENDERSON both of Mollaghmore Co. Tyrone, farmers, Arthur McGINNIS, English Schoolmaster.

Memorial witnessed by Arthur McGINNIS, John ERWIN, Glasslough Co. Monaghan, apothecary.

125, 79, 84272 Sarah MOORE (seal)

her mark

page 15

32 BURNSIDE John, Corcreevy Co. Tyrone

27 Feb 1747 Narrate 1/2 p. 12 May 1748

His brother Charles BURNSIDE exor. His brother Anthony BURNSIDE, John THOMPSON, Coothill exor. His estate known and called by the name of Corcreevy and also his house and tenement in Fivemiletown Co. Tyrone

Witnesses: Rev. Thomas HIGGINBOTHAM Fivemiletown, clerk, Mathew CALDWELL, Cron, Co. Fermanagh, farmer, Joseph JOHNSTON Corcreevy, Co. Tyrone, blacksmith and James REED Cavanaleck Co. Fermanagh, merchant. Memorial witnessed by: George LIVINGSTON Caldrum Co Tyrone, gent, James WADWORTH, Miletown Co. Monaghan gent.


132,64,88411 Charr.BURNSIDE (seal)


page 37

75 BROWN Hugh, Strabane Co. Tyrone, merchant

{date not recorded} narrate 3/4p. 14 Sept 1750

His son Wm. BROWN. His daughter Catherine BROWN. His niece Elizabeth PEARSON. His brother John BROWN. His niece Catherine STEWART.

Archibald CUNNINGHAM, Londonderry and Robert BARCLAY, Strabane Co. Tyrone, merchants, trustees and exors. 5 to poor of Parish of Camus. His real and personal estate. Witnesses: William Aughenleck, merchant, Samuel LAW Doctor of Physick, John McCOLLAGH, merchant, all of Strabane.

memorial witnessed by: John McCOLLAGH, Simeon ROUSE, Strabane, gent.


140, 472,96081 Will BROWN (seal)


page 59

121 HAMILTON, Cornet Archibald, Strabane, Co.Tyrone

25 May 1752 precis 1/2 p. 3 Feb 1753

Rev. William HAMILTON, clerk, Robert BARCLAY, and William DRUMMOND, merchants, all of Strabane and Rev. George GOWAN, prebendary of Parish of Inver. Diocese of Raphoe, trustees. His dwelling house in town of Strabane, and two parks near Strabane in Parish of Urney, purchased by James MILLET.

Witnesses: George McGHEE, clerk, John SPROULE, apothecary and Simon ROUSSE, attorney, all of Strabane. Memorial witnessed by: John SPROULE aged upward of thirty years, John PATERSON, Thos. BARCLAY, Strabane.


159, 201, 106549 Wm. HAMILTON (seal)

Robt. BARCLAY (seal)

Wm DRUMMOND (seal)


page 61

125 BURNSIDE Mathew, Corcreevy Co. Tyrone gent.

21 March 1753 Narrate 3/4 p. 16 April 1753

His wife and his mother. In case he died leaving no issue his real and personal estate to trustees for such issue or else subject to 10 to poor of Parish of Clogher in remainder to his brother Anthony BURNSIDE.

Lands of Corcreevy, house and tenement in Fivemiletown and his leaseholds of Ballyvadden and Drummackin. John BLACKER, Rachan, Co. Tyrone gent., and George BLACKER of Co. Armagh exors. Witnesses: Francis RUTLEDGE, Kilclay, merchant, Wm. BRATTON, Augher, innkeeper, John CHRISTELL, Ballyneigurragh, gent, all in Co. Tyrone. Memorial witnessed by: Francis RUTLEDGE, John CHRISTELL.


161, 59, 107571 Mathew BURNSIDE (seal)


page 62

128 KYLE William, Brackey, Co.Tyrone

22 Feb 1753 narrate 1p. 12 May 1753

To his sister’s son Robert McKELVEY the tenth part of the land and mill of Brackey for life and at his decease to his son Robert McKELVEY junior failing issue to the eldest son of David KYLE and his wife Elizabeth. One half of the tenth part of Brackey Mill and land which he purchased from John Boy KYLE to said David KYLE and his wife. said Elizabeth's brother, Robert McKELVEY. His beloved friends Robert McKELVEY, David KYLE, and John HAMILTON exors.

The millstone quarry in the estate of Lisline Co. Tyrone (Mr. JOHNSON to have 10/- per year. Witnesses: John ANDERSON Sixmilecross, farmer, Arthur KYLE, miller of Brackey, John McSORLEY, Derrigwater, farmer, Wm. EARLY, Brackey, farmer, all in Tyrone. Memorial witnessed by: James ANDERSON, Andrew CARMICHAEL clerk to Hugh CARMICHAEL of Spawmount, Co. Tyrone, gent.

160, 380, 17930 David KYLE (seal)


page 65

133 MERVYN James alias RICHARDSON (heretofore called James RICHARDSON) Castlehill, Co. Tyrone Esq.

7 April 1753 Narrate 1 1/2p. 14 Aug 1753

His wife Ann MERVYN. His daughter Letitia. testators three brothers St. George, Galbraith and Erskin RICHARDSON. His kinsman David RYND, Derryvollan, Co. Fermanagh Esq. His kinsman David RICHARDSON of Drum, Co. Tyrone. His kinsman Thos. GOODLETT, Derrygalley Co. Tyrone Esq., Andrew KNOX, Prehen, Co. Londonderry, and Wm. WRAY Ards, Co. Donegal Esq. trustees.

Springtown, Aughnacarney, McKinley, Aghamintall {Aghamilkin}, McKenna (1), Coragh, Carnamucklin Black, Carnamucklin Murphy, Durnesiove {?Dernaseer}, Derrycloony, Dernasell, Derrydruman, Lisgorran, Cavan, Tully, Cullamore, Lisbane, Analochan, Ballygreenhill, Altnaveagh, Aghadara, Ballymacan, Corr, Calbell, Tullingar (2), Derryclea, Aghadaragh, Lungs, Mullans, Mullaghmorebuchan, Bellclagan {?Belnaclogh, parish Clogher}, Statmore {?Stratigore, Parish Donacavey}, Talymore, {?Tamlagh}, Caldrum, the Lough, castle, and parks of Augher and Killaney, the corn mill etc of Augher, his moiety of the customs of Augher: rents out of Bellnageragh, Kinclay, and Doris {?Doras} moiety of advowson of the church of Ballanasagart, and the reversion of Castlehill after his wife's death, in Co. Tyrone his estate in manor Favor Royal in said county, Oughirad {?Oughterard}, Skreen, Glennon, Lisgannon {? Lisgorran} Lisnalloy, Sheergram {Sheerigrim}, Gortrush, Mullaghbane, Clonemullan, Munalboy, Golan, the mill thereof, Camderry, Straduff, Cavanaca (3), Gortmore, Kilmore, Lisnamallaght, {?Lisnamaghery}, Highland Hill, tenement in town of Omagh formerly in possession of Rev. Mr. MAXWELL, rent out of lands of Attaghmore, his moiety of mill of Omagh and the Barclay park Co. Tyrone. Lands of Naul otherwise Snowtown, the mill of Naul, Burington otherwise Bodington, Mooresides, Kenroestown, Dardistown, and Cloghan, Co. Meath. His mansion house and demesne of Castlehill and part of the lands of Carr and the lands called the Castle and Castleyard thereunto adjoining.


1 McKenna might be the townland of Mackenny, Parish Kildress

2 Possibly Tullygare in Parish of Derryloran, though the majority of the other townlands mentioned are in Clogher Baroney and Parish.

3 possibly Cavanacaw in Parish of Drumragh but note that there is a townland called Cavanacark in Clogher Parish.

Witnesses: Ralph SAMPSON, Dublin merchant, Thomas GLEDSTANES Ferdross Co Tyrone Esq. Charles DAVIS, Dublin gent.

Memorial witnessed by: Ralph SAMPSON, Bernard KANE, Dublin gent.

163, 319, 109436 Ann MERVYN (seal)


page 91

185 McCAUSLAND Oliver Strabane Co Tyrone

19 Dec 1753 Narrate 1 1/4p. 5 Feb 1756

reciting deed of settlement of part of his real estate in 1744 provision made thereby for his wife Jane McCAUSLAND. His younger children Margaret, Oliver, Allice, and Ann Jane. His eldest son John McCAUSLAND. Rev. Robert SPENCE, Donaghmore Co. Donegal clerk and Alderman James DUNN Dublin, trustees. His dwelling house in Strabane. Witnesses Sam'l MOORE Londonderry, Doctor of Physick, Rev. Victor FERGUSON, and Simeon ROUSE, both of Strabane.

Memorial witnessed by: Simeon ROUSE, Rev. Chas. REA Donaghmore clerk.

181, 62, 119823 Robt. SPENCE (seal)


page 96

196 COLHOUN William Strabane Co Tyrone Esq.

26 Aug 1756 Narrate 1p. 17 Nov 1756.

His wife Patience COLHOUN. James COLHOUN second son of Rev. Alexr. COLHOUN of Ballyhallachan Co. Tyrone, clerk. Alexr. COLHOUN third son of Alexr. COLHOUN the elder. Chas. USSHER, Dublin Esq. and Wm. STEWART, Newtownstewart, Co Tyrone gent, trustees.

lands in Garvachullen {Garvaghhullion} Laught Upper and Lower, Scraghey Upper and Lower, Cross, Ballinree and Tullymuck and Duntague {Duntiege}, Classmullagh and Lisnacreaght mill, all in Co. Tyrone. The house wherein Wm. MAXWELL Esq. now dwells and part of his own dwelling house which he purchased from John GORDON deceased, both in Strabane. Lands in Drumragh Co Tyrone. Aghamore, Meencaragh, meencloghore, Killmore Upper and Lower, part of Coolnacrumiagh Co Tyrone, Knockigarran, Co. Donegal.

Witnesses: John SPROULL, apothecary and Thos. PARKISON, merchant both of Strabane. Richard COWAN Lifford Co Donegal agent. Memorial witnessed by: Richard COWAN, James McMUNN, Dublin yeoman.

185, 190, 122690 Chas. USSHER (seal)


page 117

241 SPENCE Robert Strabane Co Tyrone Esq.

15 Feb 1759 Narrate 1 1/2 p. 6 June 1759

His wife Hannah SPENCE. His issue then living by his said wife only one son John SPENCE. Connolly McCAUSLAND, Fruithill Co Londonderry Esq. and testators brother-in-law Robert McCLINTOCK trustees. His nephew Nixon STEVENSON, Robt. GRIFFITH son of Anthy. GRIFFITH of Strabane merchant. All his real and personal estate. Witnesses John SPROULL apothecary, Robert PORTER merchant, Simeon ROUSE merchant all of Strabane. Memorial witnessed by: John SPROULL, Robert PORTER.

201, 184, 132380 Hanna SPENCE (seal)


page 133

270 STEWART William Newtownstewart Co Tyrone Esq.

14 Dec 1750 Narrate 1 1/2 p. 3 Feb 1761

His wife Mary STEWART. His eldest son John STEWART. His second son Nicholas STEWART. His youngest son Charles STEWART, under 21 years. William EADIE, Killydart Co Tyrone gent, trustee. Ballykelly, Manor of Newtownstewart Co Tyrone. Mulholland's field and Carrigan's in said manor. The house therein testator dwelt in Newtownstewart and Bog Park and Deer Park part of his freehold. Tan house park, field and Printy's field in said manor. Legland in said manor. Witnesses: Jane LANE spinster and Rev. PELISSER both of Newtownstewart (1) and Richard COWAN, Lifford, Co. Donegal. Memorial witnessed by Jane LANE, Peter PELISSER, Richard COWAN.

207, 487, 138073 Mary STEWART (seal)


(1) probably Rev. John PELISSER, rector of Ardstraw 1753-81. (Betham shows him as brother of Rev. Peter PELISSER.


page 135

274 SPROULE Thomas Strabane Co Tyrone

2 April 1759 Precis 1/2 p. 14 April 1761

His wife Mary SPROULE. His 3 sons James SPROULE, Samuel SPROULE and John SPROULE. His freehold lands of Altamullan, Minacheeran and Pollygerrybane, Co Tyrone. Witnesses: Thomas SHORT, merchant, Patrick WILSON gent. and John McCOLLAGH, merchant all of Strabane. Memorial witnessed by: Thomas SHORT, John McCOLLAGH.

210, 262, 138802 Jas. Sproule (seal )

Sam Sproule (seal)

John Sproule (seal)


page 148

300 GRAHAM John, Strabane Co. Tyrone

25 Feb 1745/46 Narrate 1/2 p. 11 Nov 1762

His son John GRAHAM exor. His son Francis GRAHAM. His son Thomas GRAHAM. To his daughter Jean 10 to be disposed to her family. John COLHOUNE Strabane exor. His real and personal estate. Witnesses: James KNOX, Walter PARRY, and Allan CAMPBELL all of Strabane Co Tyrone. Memorial witnessed by; said Allan CAMPBELL, John THOMPSON, Strabane Public Notary

218, 447, 144285 John GRAHAM (seal)


page 152

308 BELL Dr. George, Bellsgrove Co. Tyrone Doctor of Physick

29 June 1739 Full 2 1/2 p. 11 May 1763

My eldest son John BELL. A deed of settlement made on my intermarriage with Martha EWING deceased, his mother. My other younger children Samuel BELL, Barbara BELL, Anna BELL, Eliza BELL and Martha BELL (all unmarried and under 21 years of age). George BELL, Armagh merchant and William DELAP, Dublin merchant exors. My real estate in Co. Tyrone. Witnesses: Clotwothy O'NEILL late of Shane's Castle Co. Antrim deceased, John GORDON Belfast Co. Antrim merchant, Alexander YOUNG, late of Belfast, merchant deceased. Memorial witnessed by: Michael DUFFY, James DOBBIN, both of Dublin gents.

225, 334, 146434 Samuel BELL (seal)


page 205

415 CAULFIELD Rev and Hon. Charles, Dublin clerk, late of Castlestewart Co. Tyrone

9 Jan 1765 3 3/4 pp 9 July 1768

To be buried in church of Armagh, Co. Armagh. My eldest son James CAULFIED exor. My daughter Ann MOORE, her mother Mary MOORE. My second son Thos. CAULFIELD. My fouth son John CAULFIELD. My dau. Grace CAULFIELD (unmarried and under 21 years), her sister, Ann MOORE. My third son Charles CAULFIELD, exor.

Stephen BOOKER, my servant. Mrs. UNDERWOOD. debt of 100 due by Major John MORRIS to be given to poor of parish of Donaghenry and 30 to poor of parishes of Ardboe {Arboe} and Donaghenry. Accounts etc. in hands of Geo. CAMPBELL attorney and his father John CAMPBELL. Duplicate copy of my will lodged in hands of Annesly STEWART Dublin Esq. 20 to Incorporated Society for promoting Protestant charter schools in this Kingdom. Real estate purchased by my brother Staples and me from Alexr- Earl of Antrim in Barony Kilconway Co. Antrim; all other my real estate in counties Antrim and Tyrone and elsewhere. The estate of Castlestewart which I am seized of under the will of John HOUSTON Esq. deceased a settlement made between the Rev. Thomas STAPLES clerk and Grace STAPLES (1) otherwise HOUSTON, his wife, me the testator and Alice my late deceased wife. (2).

Witnesses: Andrew CARMICHAEL, H. CARMICHAEL, John ROSE. Memorial witnessed by: David BROGHILL and Thomas ARMSTRONG both of Dublin , writing clerks.

265, 94, 171632 Jas CAULFIELD (seal)


page 215

433 FERGUSON Andrew, Strabane Co Tyrone gent

6 Aug 1769 Narrate 1 p. 30 Aug 1769

To his friend George BUCHANAN apothecary in Strabane lands etc. in and near city of Londonderry formerly occupied and possessed by the testator's late father from the London Society. A suit then depended between John HAMILTON esq. Counsellor at law and the testator relative to the last will of testators late aunt Mrs. Dorcas FERGUSON. Witnesses: William ORR merchant, William CAMPBELL innholder, John McCO ?AGH, merchant, all of Strabane. Memorial witnessed by William ORR, John McCOLLAGH


276, 277, 177260 Geo. BUCHANAN (seal)


page 233

466 SINCLAIR John, Holyhill parish of Leckpatrick Co Tyrone

6 Feb 1770 Full 1p. 20 April 1771

My wife Elizabeth SINCLAIR. To my son William SINCLAIR the quarter land of Argry, parish of Lifford Co. Donegal as settled upon him at his marriage by deed between his elder brother James SINCLAIR since deceased and me. My son George SINCLAIR (under 21 years). John James PERRY, second son of George PERRY of Mullaghmore. Exors. my wife Elizabeth, John HAMILTON of Strabane Esq. Samuel PERRY Mullaghmore Esq. and Mr George BUCHANAN Strabane apothecary. Andrew KNOX to "inspect into the conduct of my son George" lands of Holyhill and Kenachan. Legfordrummin [?Ligfordrum or Douglas], Beaghs and Knockaniller. My house and demesne of Holyhill. Witnesses: James STEVENSON Esq. Robt. PORTER merchant both of Strabane, Robert ORR, Gallony, farmer, both of Co Tyrone. Memorial witnessed by: Robert ORR, Gallony, Thomas BUCHANAN Strabane gent.

286, 151, 185663 Eliza SINCLAIR (seal)


page 296

602 LIGGAT George Tullyblety parish Aghaloo Co Tyrone

14 May 1754 Narrate 1 p. 20 Aug 1779

His wife Susanna LIGGAT. His son George LIGGAT, George LIGGAT son to testaors son William deceased. James LIGGAT son to William. His son David LIGGAT. His son Robert LIGGAT. His son Samuel LIGGAT. His son James LIGGAT. His son John LIGGAT. John MARSHALL his son-in-law. His son-in-law Joseph CRAIG. Thomas MOTHERWELL, Glendavagh, Alex. BROWN, Drumcain and David JOHNSTON of same exors. His farm of Tullyblety. Witnesses: Joseph BELL, Tullyblety, John STELL, Glendavagh, John WILSON Rahaghy, all Co. Tyrone farmers. Memorial witnessed by: Joseph BELL, David JOHNSTON, Camdon Co Tyrone gent.

322, 377, 219419 Jno. LIGGAT his mark

John LIGGAT one of the sons and devisee in said will named.

page 334

677 DUNLAP John, Strabane saddler.

10 Feb 1780 Precise 1/2p. 3 June 1782

His wife. his son Gabriel. bequests to Robert RUTHERFORD, William IRWIN. His son John then in America. Said William IRVINE and Archibald ALLEN exors. houses and premises in Strabane. Witnesses: John COOPER, James O'DONNELL, Gabriel DUNLAP, all of Strabane gents. Memorial witnessed by: John COOPER, Anthony GRIFFITH Strabane gent.

352, 95, 236767 William IRVINE (seal)


Vol 1

page 121

287 FENTON John, Urney Co Tyrone farmer

8 Aug 1721 Narrate 3/4 p. 24 Sept 1723

His wife. His eldest son James FENTON, son William and youngest son John FENTON. His daughter Elenor FENTON. His daughter Jennett FENTON. Rev William HOLMES (or HOMES) and Mr John LOVE exors.

Lyslap [Lislap Co Tyrone], Lurgan, Buey [Lurgenboy Co Tyrone], Glencory and Gortgranathan [?Gortgranagh], in Newtownstewart. Witnesses; William HOLMES, John HOLMES, and William HOLMES, all of Peacock Bank, B. Strabane, Co. Tyrone. Memorial witnessed by: John HOLMES, Peacock Bank, Co. Tyrone gent. James HOOD, Dublin gent.

41, 22, 24270 John FENTON (seal)


page 133

314 MARTIN Robert, Rackeragh Co Tyrone

24 Mar 1715 Precis 1/2 p. 16 Nov 1724

Wife Margaret MARTIN als. CHARLETON then enceinte. Brother John MARTIN. His sister Mary. His father John MARTIN of Grange and Wm. MARTIN of Aghnadollow, exors. The sessiough of Ackeragh, B. Omagh, Co Tyrone. Sessiaghnabrockagh, said B. and County. Witnesses: Andrew DUNCAN, Glennan, B. Omagh Co. Tyrone, Robert WHITE of Sessighnabrockagh Co Tyrone. Memorial witnessed by: Andrew DUNCAN, James BRATTAN of Newbridge Co. Monaghan gent.

43, 64, 27383 John MARTIN (seal)


page 166

391 WHITSITT Joseph, Grange parish of Clonfecle Co Tyrone

26 Apr 1728 Narrate 1/2 p. 2 Nov 1728

His only son Wm. WHITSITT exor. His daughter Elizabeth and her husband. His brother John WHITSITT. Jos. son of John. Jos. GRAVES son to his sister Mary. Brother John GRAVES and Michael CROSS exors. Lands of Grange and Sheloran and his houses etc. (left by his father) in and about Dungannon, all in Co Tyrone. Freehold of Mullnacash, Co. Monaghan, Dungorman [?Co. Tyrone], now in possession of his daughter Elizabeth and her husband. Witnesses: William DUNBARR, Lewis WALSH, Donnell McDONNELL, all of Dungannon Co. Tyrone. Memorial witnessed by: Wm. DUNBARR, Andrew CHARLETON, Dublin gent.

37, 379, 8960 William WHITSITT (seal)


page 232

538 BABINGTON William, Strabane Co Tyrone Esq.

16 June 1735 Narrate 3/4 p. 22 Sept 1736

His wife Catherine BABINGTON. lands whereof he was then seized or to come to him in right of his late father, or as heir at law of his late brother Henry BABINGTON of Kilmacrenan Co. Donegal. His brrother Ralph BABINGTON. His brother Thomas BABINGTON. His brother Richard BABINGTON. Jno. JOHNSON clerk, John St. CLARE Esq. and said Thomas BABINGTON exors. town and lands of Trenemullan. B Raphoe Co Donegal, Corry, parish of Clandevadogg, Co. Donegal. lands of Urney Co Tyrone (leasehold). His dwelling house, interest or freehold in town of Strabane. Witnesses: Wm. JOHNSON and attorney at Court of Exchequer in Ireland, dwells at Finglas Bridge Co. Dublin. Henry TEGGART, now at London listed in the First Troop of Horse Guards at Westminster, Hugh CARR, menial servant to the testator now dwells at Clandevadoge Co. Donegal. Memorial witnessed by said Wm. JOHNSON, Wm CARTER clerk to Thos. BRADISH attorney of Court of Exchequer, dwells in Patrick St. Dublin

86, 84, 59392 Kath. BABINGTON (seal)


page 237

551 HOUSTON John, Castle Stewart Co Tyrone

13 Jan 1734 Full 3/4 p. 12 May 1737

To be buried in the parish of Donaghhenry. My sister Alice HOUSTON als Alice CAULFIELD. My sister Jane HOUSTON. My sister Grace HOUSTON. My sister Elizabeth HOUSTON als. Elizabeth SCOTT. My cousin Wm. HOUSTON. Wm. McCAUSLAND, Mrs Elinor JOHNSTON. 50 to poor of parish of Donoughhenry. Rev and Hon. Chas. CAULFIELD and Wm. McCAUSLAND attorney at Dublin exors.

(sorry- I've misplaced the page the rest of this will is transcribed on)



page 239

555 HOUSTON Jane, Caste Stewart Co. Tyrone now in Dublin, spinster

9 May 1737 full 1 p. 15 June 1737

My sister Alice CAULFIELD al HOUSTON. My sister Grace Staples als. HOUSTON. 600 to be given to and amongst my sister Elizabeth SCOTT's children. Hon. and Rev. Charles CAULFIELD, Rev. Thomas STAPLES and William McCAUSLAND Dublin gent. exors. Legacy to poor of parish of Donaghenry. My real and personal estate. My right and interest of and to the advowson or roght of presentation of the parish church of Donaghenry and all other parishes, rectories or vicarages. Witnesses: Hans BAILIE merchant, George HOUSTON, Dublin gent. Edward STERLING Dublin scrivener. Memorial witnessed by: Edward STERLING, James HOOD, Dublin gent.

88, 11, 61371 Wm. McCAUSLAND (seal)


page 255

589 EDWARDS Hugh, Castlegor Co Tyrone Esq.

12 Oct 1737 narrate 1 1/2 p. 2 March 1738

His wife Ann EDWARDS. His eldest daughter Olivia EDWARDS. His daughters Jane and Elizabeth. His brother Thomas EDWARDS. trustees: Henry CARY Dungiven Co. Londonderry Esq. Rowley HILL Wallworth, said county Esq. Hen. MERVYN, Trelick Co. Tyrone Esq., Wm. HAMILTON Dunnemanagh, Robt. STEUART, Steuart HALL and James RICHARDSON, Springtown, all in said county. All his manors, lands, tenements and hereditaments in county of Tyrone and elsewhere. His house of Castlegore with the demesnes and farm thereunto belonging. His lease of Ballylannes. Witnesses: Robert CROSS merchant, Samuel EWING, merchant, Charles McMANUS gent. all of Londonderry. Memorial witnessed by: Peter HAMILTON and Bartholomew DELANDRE, Dublin gents.

94, 163, 65772 Tho. EDWARDS (seal)



submitted by Bill Hazelton

The Last Will and Testament of: Frederick Hazelton of Bogbane, dated 18 Feb.1864:- pages 415/16. "In the name of God Amen. I, Fredrick Hazelton of Bogbawn in the County of Tyrone, being weak of body but of sound memory. Blessed be God, do this eighteenth day of February in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty-four, make and publish this my last will and Testament in manner following, that is to say,
First - I leave and bequeath to my nephew Dawson Abraham HAZELTON all that farm or tenement being in the townlands of Laughy and Myroe and County of Tyrone aforesaid now in possession of the said Dawson Abraham HAZELTON, John Leslie, David Stewart and James Marze; I leave also the said Dawson Abraham Hazelton all that farm or tenament being in the townland of Bogbawn and County of Tyrone aforesaid, now in possession of the said Dawson Abraham Hazelton, Sarah Martial, William Martial, William McKown, Thomas Fulerton, Alexander McDonald, and myself on conditions that the said Dawson Abraham Hazelton pays to his dawter Elener HAZELTON the sum of Ten pounds sterling, anualy to be paid of said lands in Bogbawn. I do also leave and bequeath to my nephew Fredrick Hazxelton of Syloran and County of Tyrone aforesaid the sum of Twenty-five pounds sterling, to be paid off the said properties abovementioned. I also will and bequeath to the aforesaid Dawson Abraham Hazelton all money now due me by Promisary notes or otherways on conditions that the said Dawson Abraham Hazelton pay to my nephew Fredrick Hazelton's twin sons, Fredrick and Dawson, the sum of Five pounds sterling each. I also will and beqeath to my brother, Thomas Hazelton, the sum of Five pounds sterling, to be paid out of the foresaid money now due me, and I make and ordain my nephew Dawson Abraham Hazeltonof Bogbawn and also my nephew Fredrick Hazelton of Syloran both in said County of Tyrone my executors of this my last Will and Testament, in trust for the intent and purposes in this my Will contained, in witnes whereof I the said Fredrick Hazelton have to this my last Will and Testament set my hand and
Seal the day and year first above written. (18 Feb.1864)
Signed, sealed and delivered by the said Fredrick Hazelton as and for
his last Will in the presence of us:
(sgd) Anthony Dilworth
John Clarke. Will proved 19th Day February 1867 - Probate Book, p

Submitted by Bill Hazelton Memphis,TN,USA

PRONI. "Will and Codicil of Wm. Heazelton, County Tyrone.
SOURCE D 592/7: Obtained From Lt. Col. J.R.H. Greaves, c/o Messrs.J. & T.M.
Greaves Ltd., Conway St., Belfast.
ARCHIVE The Public Record Office, Northern Ireland.
KEYS #SERIAL=9512124 #
Document added by LT, 08:12:95. IMAGES TRANSCRIPT
A copy of Wm. [William?] Heazeltons will. I Wm.[William?] Heazelton of Cohannon in the County Tyrone do make this my last will & testament Hereby Revoking all former will or wills by me at any time made First I leave Divine and bequeath all my [trinkets?] and Chatell property of every kind whatever which I now possess or may be entitled to now or thereafter. To my friends Joseph Williams of Grange and John Greeves of Burmagh both in the County Tyrone Whom I hereby appoint & Constitute my Trustees & Executors of this my last will & testament in Trust Nevertheless to and for the [Users?]
instructs Trusts & [purposes?] herein after mentioned, first I desire my just debts to be paid, secondly I have land bequeath to my nephew Joseph with my trusted property in [Culnagrew?] he the said Joseph paying the following annuity of Legasy [legacy?]. To my wife Mary Heazelton, the sum of 30 a year [according?] to the Settlement I have made on [her?] at our seperation [separation?] To my Sister Rachel twenty pounds to my sister phiby [Phoebe?] Armstrong 20 pounds to my cousin Ann Greeves daughter of
John Greeves fifty pounds to my Executors & Trustees the sum of ten pounds each, and I further leave to my Nephew Joseph Webb the Remainder of any Chatell property after the [Within?] [Named?] Just Debts Legaseys [legacies?] and annuity is paid I place Every Trust and Confidence on the said - Joseph Williams and John Greeves my trustees and Executors [herein?] before named in [witness?] whereof I have put my hand and seal this 24th day of August 1809. Signed in the presence of Wm.Cardwell Wm. [William?]
Heazelton R Trimmon John Frazer Whereas I have bequeathed my farm of [Culnagrew?] to my nephew Joseph [Webb] Moore hinder the above restrictions bond in [Pace?] he should [Die?] without lawfull [Issue?], my will is that it should go to my sister [Susanna?] [Dacy?] loss of Her Children such as the [they?] may think proper they have last will and testament given under my hand and seal this 27th of August 1809 [Nine?] signed in the presence of Jn [John?] Shaw James [Neller?] Wm. [William?] Heazelton Sarah Shaw Jnr Joseph Wm. [William?] & Jno [John?] Greeves Extrs [Executors?] in this will
(Renounced) And Susanna [Douglass?] Sister to Wm. [William?] Heazelton Decd Deceased?], [Administered?] to the will [being?] [Rendering?] Legatee in place of Joseph Webb Who Died without Isue [issue?].". Trustee and Executor of William Heazelton's will (also related).




extracts from the book

"Memorials of the Earl of Stirling and of the house of Alexander" by Charles Rogers, 1877


Archibald ALEXANDER descended from Archibald of Ballybigley, settled at Ratteen in the parish of Taghboyne, and his son Andrew, purchased a small estate in Crew, parish of Ardstraw. Andrew married Fanny LOCKHART and had 6 sons. Andrew is bur. in the Ardstraw parish Churchyard and his tombstone reads "Here lyeth the body of Andrew Alexander who departed this life March the 5th 1779 aged 73 years."

children of Andrew & Fanny

1) William 2nd son , married had 1 dau.

2) Samuel 3rd son married had 3 sons, 1 dau.

3) Hugh 4th son purchased land in Donagheady

4) Andrew purchased land in Donemana

5) Thomas emigrated to America

6) Joseph- eldest married Isabella WAUCHOPE and they had 5 sons -Charles b 27 Sept 1797, Andrew (b 1799), Thomas, (b 1800), Joseph (b 1802), James (b 1804)



Andrew ALEXANDER Presbyterian minister at Urney executed his will 14 Oct. 1807 and died the following year. To his wife Elizabeth KNOX he bequeathed "and undisputable right to the rents of Ballymanan in the parish of Donaghmore,and the county of Donegal. mentioned also his dau. Elizabeth ALEXANDER, unmarried and his married dau. Martha M'CONECHY, and her children.


Thomas ALEXANDER of the town of Lisslimnaghan parish of Cappagh Co. Tyr. executed his will 1 Oct 1783, died soon afterwards. He bequeathed his farm to his wife Isabella, and Archibald ALEXANDER is named as a legatee.


Jacob ALEXANDER aquired lands at Greenville parish of Ardstraw and died 7 June 1822 aged 78, tombstone in Ardstraw Churchyard. By his wife Jane EAKIN, he had a son Joseph and a dau. Jane who died 17 Oct 1822. Joseph married Isabella TURNER and had a son John George. Joseph died in 1834 and his will was proved 12 Dec 1834 and he leaves an annuity to his wife from the lands of Bittany in the parish of Ardstraw. he mentions John George as a minor.

In the churchyard of Ardstraw John George ALEXANDER's tombstone reads "Erected as a tribute to the memory of the late Jacob Alexander, Esq. of Greenville and his family by Francis O'NEILL executor of the late John George ALEXANDER Esq. pursuant to the directions of his will May 1864. Also the body of John ALEXANDER who departed this life the 20th day of January 1866 aged 86 years."


Joseph ALEXANDER (son of an ALEXANDER from the County of Kent) rented the farm of Magheragh parish of Donagheady and died in 1781. He had sons Robert & James and dau.'s Elizabeth & Martha. In his will dated 21 Nov 1781 he bequeaths the lease on the farm to Robert. To James 100, to Elizabeth 100, and to Martha and her husband Arthur KELLY 20. To sister Martha he bequeaths 2 guineas and to brother Thomas, his body clothes.

James the 2nd son of Joseph, rented the farm at Gortinesson near Strabane, and had 2 sons Robert & John and dau. Elizabeth who married John ALEXANDER.

Robert succeeded his father in the lease of Gortinesson, and had a son Robert.




12 Feb 1674 Will of Arthur NEWBURGH.

Executrix his wife Ann NEWBURGH, to whom he left all his property and directs her ‘to take to her assistances some of our near relations to wit the Right Rev Mr James DOWNHAM dean of Ardmagh, her lovong father, to compute what my estate may be worth,” and after computation to consider what ‘she may be able to give a portion unto Lettice, Ann and Jean NEWBURGH my daughters and thereof to make a cleer estate for my son William.

Proved by Ann NEWBURGH widow 15 May 1675


12 June 1760 Will of Rev. William HAMILTON of Strabane.

mentions sister Letitia HAMILTON, sons Rev. John HAMILTON, Thomas HAMILTON, Sir Patrick HAMILTON, Knight, Alderman of the city of Dublin, daughters Jane HAMILTON married to .......MACGHEE, grandson John HAMILTON and grand-daughter, Catherine YOUNG.

Proved by Sir Patrick HAMILTON of the city of Dublin Knt. 17 July 1765.


8 July 1763 Will of Letitia HAMILTON

mentions niece Lettice CANFIELD sisters Jones and Ann GODREY, nephew John HAMILTON and his two younger sons “now in America” nieces Catherine, Lettice and Jane YOUNG and niece MACGHEE.

prove 8 Oct 1766


27 July 1709 will of Ann NEWBURGH of Killeter Co. Tyrone widow

mentions her second daughter Ann CARY, the younger sons of her daughter Jane HAMILTON, Ann HAMILTON, eldest daughter of her daughter Jane. Isabella and Lettice HAMILTON, sisters of Ann; grandson Brockwell PERROTT and Ann HAMILTON his sister, William HAMILTON eldest son of daughter Jane; son-in-law Patrcik HAMILTON. She directs payment of the expense of levying a fine and of the conveyance of lands of her daughter Jane and Patrick and their son William, to George HAMILTON of Coleraine. mentions her daughter Lettice.

Proved 28 May 1712


Trinity Term 1709- Fine levied by George HAMILTON Esq. Patrick HAMILTON Esq, and Jane his wife, William HAMILTON clerk and Ann NEWBURGH afeecting the lands of Omagh, Blyths Park, Barley Park, Lannegye, Cornamuklo, fferreagh, Camy at Crevangan in Barony de Omagh et com Tyrone.


Easter Term 1715 fine levied. George STEWART against Patrick HAMILTON of Killeter in the Co. of Tyrone Esq and Jane his wife; William HAMILTON of Londonderry clerk, the eldest son and heir apparent and Angel his wife, affecting the lands of Ferreagh, Cornamuckle, Loghamuck, Camy and crevanagh in the Barony of Magh Co. Tyrone.



Extracts from

The Washington ancestry and records of the McClain, Johnson and forty other colonial American families. by Charles A Hoppin published in Greenfield Ohio 1932


1702- John CRAWFORD of Ardstraw died and left a will.

1703 - will proved of John SINCLAIR Rector of Leckpatrick at the time of the seige of Derry{filed at Four Courts Dublin Perogative court}

1729- William ROSS of Strabane will proved.

1730 -John SINCLAIR of Caledon Tyrone will proved

1740- will proved of Arthur GRAHAM of Ardstraw Parish.

1749- Henry CRAWFORD married Eleanor ROSS at Clogher.

1749- Andrew ROSS of Killoon Co. Tyrone left will in the Derry Diocesan Court.

1752- will proved of Hugh DUGLASS of Strabane.

1752- of John SINCLAIR dated

7 Apr 1759 -Joseph ROSS of Strabane, merchant- will dated proved in Diocesan Court Londonderry. (will names wife Anne, son William ROSS my house in Strabane at age of 21 years. with remainder to the child now expected by my wife. daughters Catherine & Anne, nephew Joseph ROSS, brother Aaron ROSS)

16 April 1759- election of churchwardens of Gilbert MATHEWSON and James SINCLAIR

1759 -William SINCLAIR of Derrycollop weaver bond filed 1759

1770- Oliver CRAWFORD died testate at Omagh.

1772 -Samuel SINCLAIR of Moyer Tyrone will proved

1776 -William SINCLAIR bond filed Diocese of Derry

Oct 1782- St. Clair ROSS born near Newtown Stewart. (died Ripley Ohio USA 1872)

1792 -Alexander SINCLAIR will proved Diocese of Derry

1793- Hugh GRAHAM and Elizabeth ROSS married at Clogher Parish.

1797 -John SINKLER of Tavense Tyrone will proved

13 Apr 1801 -bap. Andrew ROSS son of Crawford ROSS of Lisnatenny.

Protestant Episcopal Church of Ardstraw registers of B/M/D's

29 Jan 1744- bap William ROSS son of David Ross.

2 Oct 1807- bap John James son of John ROSS of Newtown Stewart.

1807- William SINLAR of Lobby will (Diocese of Derry)

5 Feb 1808- bap George son of George EAKINS of Newtown Stewart.

2 July 1808- bap Anne dau. of Samuel ROSS of Pubble (1 mile north of Newtown Stewart).

1808- will , Samuel SINCLAIR of Ballinascreen

1808 George SINCLAIR of Markethill will diocese of Armagh

1 Mar 1812- bap William son of Daniel SINCLAIR of Killydaw, Ardstraw Church

1812- will of Sarah SINCLAIR (wife of George) of Markethill filed in Diocese of Armagh


Between Feb 1917 and 15 Sept. 1918 , Mr. L.W.ROSS of Cincinnati Oh. says.....

"My grandfather, St. Clair ROSS, told me that his grandfather was John ROSS who married Margaret CRAWFORD; that they had 3 sons, David ROSS, Oliver ROSS (the father of St. Clair ROSS), and John ROSS, who remained in Newtown Stewart Co. Tyrone. The ROSS's lived on a farm about 6 miles north of Newtown Stewart on the river at a small place called Sion. I am sure that the family were all farmers, never tradesmen. John ROSS father of the emigrant Oliver ROSS, sold the farm at Sion and moved nearer to Newtown Stewart."

There was in 1920 the will of only 1 person bearing any of these names ( Larimer, David, Owen and Donald ROSS), in the probate records of the Diocese of Derry. The will of David ROSS alderman of the city of Londonderry, proved 1776.


1771-Will of Robert ROSS of Donaghmore Co. Donegal (his connection with Tyrone is that he owned a house at Strabane).

{Four Courts Dublin Ire. Wills for the Diocese of Derry. Proved at the district registry in the city of Londonderry}

"In the name of God Amen. The twentieth day of Jenuary one thousand seven and fifty nine being sick of body But sound of memorey do mak and ordain this my last will and testement as folouth viz I leave my soul to God and my body intarrd at the church of Churchminester at the discration of my executors 2ndly I leave my wife Agness CULBERTSON otherwise ROSS the one half of hir dwellinghous as she shall chus togither with hir garden and one cows graising free and one barrall of shilling and one half barrall and one hundred of turf cut woon and drawn by Oliver and Andrew if she should chus to live seprat from Andey every year during her life togither with the third part of all my goods and chattls; and sole heire and to have the deviding of what clos is in this hous and to have the rents of the hous of Straban during her life if Robert dos not com home.

3dly I leave my son James twenty shillings ster and one old pot. 4thly I leave my son Samuel ROSS the third of my lands as he now possesses and one English shilling. 5thly I leave my son Oliver the third part of my land stockt and sown as usuall. 6thly I leave my daughter Betey thirtey punds star. 7thly I leave my daughter Margret one pound ten shillings. 8thly I leave John WILLSON one shilling star together with the remainder of his portion that is yet unepaid. 9thly I leave my sone Robert ROSS ten pounds of the hous in Straban providing he coms hom and is in want otherwise to be sould and eqully devided betwixt my three sons Samuel Oliver and Andrew. Roberts want to be judged by my executors the said hous not to be sold untill after their mothers death.

10thly I leave my son Andrew the full third part of my land stocked and sown as usell; but is to live with his mother so long as she shall think prober to stay or live with him. 11thly I order if aney of my children now unmarried shall dispose of themselves in marriage unregolair; or without the consent of executors that their part shall be eqully devided as my executors shall think proper. 12thly I order that if aney of my sons shall mak a seall of their lands that the others brothers shall have the preference.

13thly I order if Samuel or Oliver or Andrew shall dye without ishew that that part shall be devided equally to the other too and lastly I constitute and apoynt James ROSS and Hugh FULTON and Jas CULBERTSON and Agnes my wife executors to see this my last will and testament put in execution given under my hand and seal the day and yeare above written


Robert "R" ROSS


witnesses present Jas CULBERTSON John WILLSON Hugh FULTON

The above will was proved in common form of law and probat therof granted to Jas CULBERTSON and Jas ROSS exors saving ye right of the widdow, they being first duly sworn this day 25th 1771 May


Burial yard of Protestant Episcopal Church at Newtown Stewart Parish of Ardstraw

"Here lyeth the body of Oliver Ross who departed this life November 6th 1800 aged 42 years. Also his wife Elizabeth Ross who died 23rd June 1835 aged 75 years."


Will of John ROSS of Killoon Parish Ballyclog Co. Tyrone dated 8 Feb 1772 proved in the Perogative court 28th March 1772

...bequeaths five shillings to son Joseph ROSS, the same to Arthur WHITSETT, to my daughter Sarah ROSS to Margaret TILL, to daughter Mary HENRY and grandson John HENRY (the heir to the real estate)


{Four Courts Dublin, Wills of Derry Diocese proved at Londonderry}

Will of John ROSS of Pubble, parish of Ardstraw 1752

I John ROSS of Puple in the parish of Ardstra and County Tyrone being weak in Body but Perfite in my memory and my Reason to make this my last will and laying aside all other wills and doe leave my affects as follows viz first I give my sowl to God who give it to me and next I order my body to be buried in the church yard of Newtown Stewart and I do order and leave seven pounds to burie me which is due me by Jonathan LOVE, Henry AGOAN Robert SPRUEL Archibald HOOD and my son David and doe leave to James FERGUSON my son in law nine ginnie and to his daughter Eloner two ews and one pot with apeace out of ye lipe of it and one pair of blankets to Eloner FERGUSON and I do leave Mary ROSS daughter to my son David ROSS four sheep and four sheep to my daughter Mary ROSS and one half of my woll to my said daughter mary ROSS and six beets of flax to my said daughter Mary ROSS and the rest of my flax to Prudance ROSS daughter to my son David and what other plension in the house belonging to me I order it to be divided equally betwixt my daughter Mary ROSS and my grand daughter Prudance ROSS daughter to my son David and my brown bull I do leave to my grandson David ROSS son to my son David and I do leave my son David ROSS and James BOYD of Newtown Stewart my whole and sole executors given under my hand and seal this twenty first day of November 1750.




signed and sealed and delivered in the presents of Wm FLEMING John HAMILTON John NOBLE.

The within will was proved in common form at Derry 15 February 1752 and the execution committed to David ROSS the other exor renouncing.


Vandergrift Manuscript mentioned in this book as a resource

Oliver ROSS born 13 February 1753 died 27 March 1827 married Elleanor St. CLAIR had first -twin boys James and John died in infancy, dau's Mary then Margaret, St. Clair ROSS born 20 Aug 1782.


will of Anne SINCLAR dated 24 March 1721 proved 29 Oct 1728 Perogative Court Four Courts Dublin

Anne SINCLAIR of Straben in the County of Tyrone widow.....my body to be buried in the Church of Leck in the place where my late dear husband was buried (in case I shall happen to die at Strabane) .....To my grandson Galbraith LOWRY son of Robert LOWRY Esqr...... to my grandaughter Ann SINCLAIR daughter of James SINCLAIR late of Strabane deceased...... to my grandson John SINCLAIR......to my daughter Isabell HAMILTON and her husband Claud HAMILTON of Strabane esqr.....to Robert LOWRY Senior esqr.......& Robert LOWRY junior gent both of Agherin Co. Tyrone


Will of John SINCLAIR of Holyhill Co. Tyrone Esq.

dated 6 Feb 1770, proved 3 May 1771 Perogative Court of Ireland.


Will of James SINCLAIR late of Strabane

dated 23 April 1718 proved 7 April 1719 in the Derry Diocesan Court,

bequeaths to wife Elizabeth SINCLAIR....my son John SINCLAIR....my sisters Ann LOWRY wife of Robert LOWRY and Isabel HAMILTON wife of Claud HAMILTON Esqr., to my daughters Angell, Ann, lettice, and Isabel.

- John was a minor the 4 daughters under the age of 17.


Will of Samuel SINCLAIR pf Strabane Co. Tyrone

dated August 1743 proved in Derry Diocesan Court 1743

names....my brother William SINCLAIR....to my eldest son Alexander SINCLAIR all my freeholds in Strabane {and elsewhere}....to my second son John SINCLAIR freeholds in Omagh, Clamperknow, and the lease of Bullycolman....to my youngest son Samuel SINCLAIR the Bishops lease of Cames....to my eldest daughter Catherine, wife of Cornett St. George STEVENSON....to my youngest daughter Rebecca Sinclair 200 pounds, more as marriage portion if she marry with consent of exors.

{son John SINCLAIR died at Ballycolman Tyrone leaving a will dated 8 Oct 1779 proved Londonderry by his widow Ann 13 April 1773.}


will of George EAKINS of Newtown Stewart, late of Orange, dated 13 December 1789 proved 25 March 1790 in the Perogative Court at Dublin,

bequeaths to Jane, wife of Alexander SINCLAIR a house in Newtown Stewart, and a farm in the townland of Urbleragh, to John son of John EAKINS a tenement in Newtown Stewart called “Sterling’s tenement” and a farm in Gramp, to Alexander EAKINS a tenement in Newtown Stewart and a farm in Lissap; to Elizabeth and Isabella EAKINS 100 pounds each, to Charles EAKINS 12 pounds yearly for life; residue to the executor Jacob ALEXANDER; witnesses Samuel EWING, Charles SPROULE, Robert KERR.


Declaration of Trust by John BARCLAY of Strabane Co. Tyrone, that he holds certain lands in Strabane in trust for Rev. Andrew Thomas HAMILTON of Donagheady. dated 16 Nov 1785 (transcript of Memorial vol 369 page 449 # 249,037)


Deed from Robert BARCLAY and Andrew CARSON of Strabane, merchants and others, of certain lands in Longfield Parish, Co. Tyrone dated 22 May 1740 ( Transcript to Memorial Vol 100 page 354 # 70,771)


Deed from John BARCLAY of Strabane Co. Tyrone Esquire to William LAW of Edenmore and James JOHNSTON of Stranlar both in Co. Donegal, gentlemen of certain lands used by said John BARCLAY as a bleach green and bounded on the East by the bleach green of Joseph BARCLAY, on the West, etc, etc Witnesses George BARCLAY of Stranolar dated 14 Feb 1786 (transcript of Memorial Vol 380 p 112 # 252, 964)



Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania Wills USA 1813

"Remarks: SMITH, JAMES. Phila. merchant.
Dec 07 1813. Feb. 23 1814. 5.207.
All Estate to father-- WILLIAM SMITH
of Peacock Bank, Parish of URNEY & Co of Tyrone Kingdom of Ireland.


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