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ARDSTRAW WILLS. Ardstraw Parish, Co. Tyrone

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Transcribed by Len Swindley

Calendar of Wills in the Diocese of Derry 1612-1858 relating to Ardstraw Parish, Co. Tyrone and transcribed from Ardstraw: Historical Survey of a Parish 1600-1900 – John H. Gebbie (Strule Press, Omagh, 1968)

Between 1538-1858 the Church of Ireland was responsible for the probating of wills. Almost all originals were destroyed in the fire at the Four Courts, Dublin in 1922, however indexes have fortunately survived.

Name Townland Parish Date of Probate Comment
Adams, James Goland Ardstraw 1798  
Adams, Jane Goland Ardstraw 1800  
Adams, Arthur Aldoghill Ardstraw 1830  
Adams, George Aldoghill Ardstraw 1857  
Alexander, Joseph Crewe Ardstraw 1806  
Alexander, Joseph Greenfield Ardstraw 1834  
Allen, Andrew Tyrmegan Ardstraw 1796  
Allen, Charles Crew Ardstraw 1871  
Allen (or Allin), George Ardstraw Ardstraw 1741  
Anderson, Alexander Carnkenny Ardstraw 1772  
Anderson, James Killstrol Ardstraw 1748  
Arnell, Arthur Newtownstewart   1772  
Barber (or – bar), Matthew Newtownstewart   1835  
Barnewell, Violet Newtownstewart   1852  
Barr (or Bar), William Ergenagh Ardstraw 1802  
Barton, Mrs Sidney Newtownstewart   1835  
Barton, Thomas Newtownstewart   1766  
Beatty, Mathew Kilrail Ardstraw 1777  
Beatty, William Claremore Ardstraw 1833  
Blaire (or Blair), John Barklis Ardstraw 1750  
Boggs, Samuel Lurganboy Ardstraw 1799  
Borland, Robert Pubble Ardstraw 1819  
Buchanan (or Buquennan), Robert Astaya (?)   1623  
Caldwell, David Pubble Ardstraw 1809  
Caldwell, James Drumclamph Ardstraw 1755  
Caldwell, James Derrygoon Ardstraw 1786  
Caldwell, Robert Upper Meaghey Ardstraw 1727  
Caldwell, Robert Belnalene Ardstraw 1800  
Caldwell, Robert Clare, Backhill Ardstraw 1840  
Callender, William Clady Ardstraw 1780 (non cupative i.e. orally given)
Campbell, John Urblereagh Ardstraw 1763  
Camble (alias McJunkine), Agnes Urblereagh Ardstraw 1766  
Camble, Moses Killen Ardstraw 1752  
Carr, James Kilstroll Ardstraw 1766  
Carr, William Golan Ardstraw 1736  
Carson, James Ardstraw (village)   1753  
Carson, John Drumclamph Ardstraw 1848  
Carson, Samuel Drumclamph Ardstraw 1787  
Chambers, James Carnkenny Ardstraw 1814  
Clark, William Milltown Ardstraw 1812  
Cleark (or Clark), William Gillagoulie Ardstraw 1741  
Colhoun, William Glengush Ardstraw 1833  
Conway, Manasses (or Manus) Duntage Ardstraw 1809  
Cordiner, James Urbell (?)   1702  
Craford, John Ardstraw (village)   1702  
Craig, David Ballyfolliart Ardstraw 1837  
Craig, David Erganaught Ardstraw 1849  
Craig, Jane Erganaught Ardstraw 1849  
Crawford, Samuel Maghericolton Ardstraw 1805  
Cuming, James Ardstraw (village) Ardstraw 1753  
Cuming, John Maghricoulton Ardstraw 1766  
Cummin, Ann Maghricoulton Ardstraw 1829  
Cummin, Elizabeth Maghricoulton Ardstraw 1795  
Cunningham, Robert Maghrecregan Ardstraw 1752  
Cunningham, Robert Claudy Holiday Ardstraw 1801  
Cunningham, William Parks Ardstraw 1779  
Cunningham, Mathew Crue Ardstraw 1741  
Cunningham, William Cladyhill Ardstraw 1826  
Dean, Josias Meachey Ardstraw 1768  
Dean, William Ardstraw (village)   1780  
Dick, David Ardstraw (village)   1753  
Dick, James Bunderg Ardstraw 1779  
Doyle, Francis Kilstrole Ardstraw 1808  
Drew, David Deer Park Ardstraw 1834  
Eakin, George Puble Ardstraw 1803  
Eakin, John Newtownstewart
(non cupative)
Edwards, James Garvetagh Ardstraw 1847  
Entreken, James Mountain Farm,
Big Milltown
Ardstraw 1764  
Finley, Alexander Maghricoulton Ardstraw 1771  
Finley, Robert Ardstraw (village)   1769  
Fleming, James Pubble, Co. Tyrone   1726  
Forbes, Alexander Church Farm Ardstraw 1801  
Fulton, Andrew Newtownstewart   1723  
Fulton, John Belltany Cappagh 1723  
Fulton, John Belltany Cappagh 1834  
Fulton (alias Galbraith), Sarah Whitehouse Ardstraw 1824  
Galbreath, Andrew Straleterdelan Ardstraw 1738  
Galbraith (or Galbrath), Thomas Whitehouse Ardstraw 1822  
Gay, Charles Newtownstewart   1753  
Gibson, Alexander Grange Ardstraw 1796  
Gilkesson, John Bellaght Ardstraw 1859  
Glenn, James Boyturn Ardstraw 1747  
Graham, Arthur Ballyfolliart Ardstraw 1740  
Giffict, James Newtownstewart   1770  
Grives, William Burnaught Ardstraw 1748  
Halyday, Samuel Altaclady Ardstraw 1733  
Hamilton, Alexander Listinny Ardstraw 1727  
Hamilton, Gaun Lisnatenny Ardstraw 1825  
Hamilton, James Newtownstewart   1806  
Hamilton, James (Lieut. of Marines) Newtownstewart   1808  
Hamilton, William Lisnatony Ardstraw 1762  
Hanna, Jane Cavandoragh Ardstraw 1737  
Hay, Thomas Ardstraw (village)   1758  
Hays, Samuel Tiveny Ardstraw 1823  
Henderson, Robert Ardstraw (village)   1751  
Henderson, Samuel Magheracrigan Ardstraw 1798  
Hill, James Drumnahoe Ardstraw 1808  
Hill, Robert Bruckless Ardstraw 1821  
Hindman, Samuel Ardstraw (village)   1780  
Hood, John Knockrow Ardstraw 1752  
Hood, Robert Knockro Ardstraw 1770  
Hood, Samuel Knockrow Ardstraw 1738  
Hood, Samuel Lisnafin Ardstraw 1781  
Hood, Samuel Castletown Ardstraw 1804  
Hood, William Knockroe Ardstraw 1754  
Hood, William Lisnafin Ardstraw 1776  
Houston, Christopher Lisnafin Ardstraw 1814  
Houston, James Killen Ardstraw 1774  
Huey, James Lower Ergenagh Ardstraw 1760  
Hunter, John Killstrall Ardstraw 1811  
Hunter, Mary Glenknock Ardstraw 1788  
Hunter, Robert Newtownstewart   1721  
Hunter, Robert Crue Ardstraw 1795  
Hunter, Robert Beagh Ardstraw 1852  
Houston, John Carnkenny Ardstraw 1761  
Hutchinson, George Newtownstewart   1804  
Hutchinson, James Strawletterdallon Ardstraw 1818  
Irvine, James Deer Park Ardstraw 1803  
Irvine, Rebecca Deer Park Ardstraw 1818  
Irvine, Sarah Newtownstewart   1834  
Irvine, John Urblereagh Ardstraw 1772  
Jack, John Meachy Ardstraw 1832  
Jack, Patrick Meachy Ardstraw 1758  
Jack, Robert Glengush Ardstraw 1788  
Jamison, Robert Barons Court, Co. Tyrone   1795  
Johnston, Andrew Clady Ardstraw 1805  
Johnston, Arthur Clare Ardstraw 1736  
Johnston, John Newtownstewart   1723  
Johnston, Margaret Lisleen Ardstraw 1731  
Jordan, Mary Newtownstewart (con cupative)   1687  
Jorden (or Jarden), James Beltony Cappagh 1793  
Kelly, David Strawhulter Ardstraw 1830  
Kelso, Hugh Camcoran Ardstraw 1797  
Kelso, John Maghricregn Ardstraw 1711e  
Kelso, Robert (tanner) Maghrycregan Ardstraw 1770  
Kerr (or Carr), James Adstraw (villiage)   1766  
Kerr, John Kerr, John Ardstraw 1753  
Kerr, John Aughasesy Ardstraw 1785  
Kerr, John Aughasessey Ardstraw 1811  
Kerr, Patrick Stranameagh Ardstraw 1779  
Kerr, Patrick Milltown   1849  
Kerr, Robert Stranameagh Ardstraw 1753  
Kerr, Thomas Carnkenny Ardstraw 1767  
Kinkead, John Island McHugh Ardstraw 1782  
Kinkead, Joseph Burnaghs Ardstraw 1751  
Law, Michael Ardstraw (village)   1748  
Leech, George Tiveny Ardstraw 1757  
Leech, William Ardstraw (village)   1746  
Leitch, Gilbert Belnalone Ardstraw 1800  
Leitch, James Tievany Ardstraw 1808  
Leitch, Robert Magheracolton   1842  
Lindsay, Thomas Kilstroll Ardstraw 1829  
Litch, James Listymore Ardstraw 1754  
Litch, John Listymore Ardstraw 1749  
Litch, Robert Listymore Ardstraw 1736  
Litle, Alexander Lisnafin Ardstraw 1835 (Lodged)
Loove, Robert Ballifoliard Ardstraw 1758  
Love, Andrew Thomas Crew Ardstraw 1837  
Love, David Milltown Ardstraw 1845  
Love, James Fyfin Ardstraw 1789  
Love, John Kilstroll Ardstraw 1762  
Love, Robert Kilstroll Ardstraw 1769  
Love, Thomas Crew Ardstraw 1834  
Love, William Scarvagheran Ardstraw 1748  
Love, William Crew Ardstraw 1753  
McAtagart, Michael Dunteague Ardstraw 1845  
McCanney, John Tullymuck Ardstraw 1799  
McCausland, James Ardstraw (village)   1754  
McCay, Martha Magheracreggan Ardstraw 1822  
McClean, William Drumnahoe Ardstraw 1801  
McClear, James Moyle Ardstraw 1840  
McClellan, Alexander Grange Ardstraw 1775  
McClellan, John Newtownstewart   1746  
McCollow (McCollom?), Edward Knockroe Ardstraw 1848  
McConmee, Cormick Douglas Ardstraw 1734  
McCrossan, Bernard Legland Ardstraw 1826  
McCrossan, Bryan Legland Ardstraw 1807  
McCrossan, John Legland Ardstraw 1805  
McDonald, John Glassmullagh Ardstraw 1755  
McDonnell, John Glassmullagh Ardstraw 1783  
McElrea, John Glenknock Ardstraw 1784  
McElrea, William Strawletterdallon Ardstraw 1797  
McFarland, Andrew Liscable   1830  
McFarland, Duncan Aldonchall (Altdoghal)   1750  
McFarland, George
and others at
Luranbui (Lurganboy)
McFeeters, David Newtownstewart   1856  
McFettresh, Jennet Leragh Ardstraw 1766 widow
McGarvey, Andrew Newtownstewart   1854  
McGuire, Charles Legabury (Lurganbuoy?) Cappagh 1810  
McHugh, William Drumnabeg Ardstraw 1800  
McKean, Walter Liscable Badoney 1739 (farmer)
McLaughlin, James Ardstraw (village)   1826  
McLaughlin, John Lower Gallon   1855  
McNally, Daniel Newtownstewart   1829  
McNamee, Bryan Killydart Ardstraw 1755  
McNamee, James Dregish   1790  
McSorley, Rose Newtownstewart   1822  
McSorley, Redmond Ardstraw (village)   1762  
McSwigan, Philip Newtownstewart   1797  
Marshall, John Newtownstewart   1815  
Marshall, Samuel Crosh Ardstraw 1819  
Marshall, Samuel Newtownstewart   1827  
Martin, William Ardstraw (village)   1850  
Mathews, Charles Bunderg Ardstraw 1759  
Mathewson, Gilbert Ardstraw (village)   1747  
Mathewson, Gilbert Urblereagh Ardstraw 1806  
Mathewson, John Upper Church Ardstraw 1774  
Mathison, Thomas Urblereagh Ardstraw 1783  
Matthewson, John Carnkenny Ardstraw 1797  
Matthewson, Robert Burnaghs Ardstraw 1795  
Monagh, Hugh Killahog Ardstraw 1757  
Miller, Andrew Beags Ardstraw 1809  
Miller, James Ardstraw (village)   1756  
Miller, James Knockrow Ardstraw 1805  
Miller, John Grange, Co. Tyrone   1744  
Miller, Thomas Knockrow, Co. Tyrone   1782  
Mitchell, George Stonewalls Ardstraw 1791  
Mitchell, Thomas Boyturn Ardstraw 1747  
Montieth, Stewart Largybeg Ardstraw 1800  
Montgomerie, James, (Lieut.) Ardstraw (village)   1618  
Moor, Andrew Killen Ardstraw 1807  
Moore, Alexander Claday Heleday Ardstraw 1798  
Moore, John Pubble Ardstraw 1769  
Moore, William Killstrole Ardstraw 1771  
Moore, William Killstrole Ardstraw 1793  
Morris, Roger Strawletterdalon Ardstraw 1783  
Mulholland (or Mulhalon), John Newtownstewart   1723  
Mulholland, Elizabeth Newtownstewart   1735  
Mullen, Anne Newtownstewart   1829  
Murray, James Ardstraw (village)   1776  
Neilson, John Urblereagh Ardstraw 1748  
Neilson, Mathew (gent.) Carnkenny Ardstraw 1790  
Neilson, John Deerpark Ardstraw 1778  
Neilson, John Carnkenny Ardstraw 1846  
O’Kane, Francis Ballyrannan Ardstraw 1807  
O’Kane, Thomas Tullymuck Ardstraw 1804  
O’Louney, Cormick Dunteague Ardstraw 1836  
Orr, Francis Kilstroll Ardstraw 1797  
Orr, Francis Shannamugh Ardstraw 1750  
Paton, John Newtownstewart   1854  
Paton, Martha Carnkenny Ardstraw 1777 (widow of John Patton)
Patrick, Samuel Lislafferty Ardstraw 1800  
Patrick, Thomas Ardstraw (village)   1821  
Patrick, Nathan Seen Urney 1786  
Patrick, William   Urney 1752 (farmer)
Pelissier, Patience Strabane [Camus] 1762 (wife of the Rector of Ardstraw)
Picken, John Birnaghs Ardstraw 1812  
Pollock, John Listimore Ardstraw 1813  
name place Ardstraw date  
Pollock, Andrew Spamount Ardstraw 1798 (linen draper)
Pollock, Gabriel Liscrivah Ardstraw 1761  
Porter, John Magheracregan Ardstraw 1828  
Quin, Edmond Newtownstewart   1743  
Ramsay, William Killin Ardstraw 1729  
Rea, Mathew Brocklas Ardstraw 1758  
Rea, Samuel Magheracolton Ardstraw 1814  
Riddle, John (carpenter) Newtownstewart   1832  
Robertson, William Ardstraw (village)   1723  
Robertson, William Tieveny Ardstraw 1810  
Robinson, Andrew Newtownstewart   1805  
Ross, John Purple Ardstraw 1752  
Russell, Arthur Killen Ardstraw 1794  
Russell, James Carnkenny Ardstraw 1806  
Russell, Matthew Carnkenny Ardstraw 1803  
Russell, Robert Killen Ardstraw 1761  
Russell, Robert Teveny Ardstraw 1775 (farmer)
Sayers, Henry Killydart Ardstraw 1762  
Scott, John Meaghey Ardstraw 1733  
Scott, Thomas Drumnaho Ardstraw 1760  
Scott, William Gortanagan Cappagh 1753e  
Seaton, William Carncorn Ardstraw 1774  
Semple, George Lisnacreight Ardstraw 1851  
Sim, Andrew Milltown Ardstraw 1741  
Simpson, George Newtownstewart   1809  
Smyth, John Millbrook Ardstraw 1846  
Spreuel (or Spreull), Robert Drumnabeigh Ardstraw 1734  
Sproule, Charles Racally Ardstraw 1816  
Steel, John Magherycolton Ardstraw 1807  
Stevenson, James (senior) Caroncoran Ardstraw 1776  
Stewart, Catherine Killemore Ardstraw 1811  
Stewart, Patrick (gent.) Puble Ardstraw 1633  
Stuart (alias Rippey), Mary Ardstraw (village)   1815  
Stuart, Mathew Drumclamph Ardstraw 1833  
Tagart, Patrick Magherycolton Ardstraw 1740  
Tagert, William Lislaferty, Co. Tyrone   1792  
Thompson, James Island McHugh Ardstraw 1774  
Thompson, James Skinbuoy Ardstraw 1803  
Thomson, George Newtownstewart   1783  
Turner, Thomas Strahulter Ardstraw 1711  
Walls, Mathew Dunrain Ardstraw 1813  
Walsh, Andrew Magherocolton Ardstraw 1781  
Watson, David Tiveny Ardstraw 1801  
Watson, James Moyle Ardstraw 1791 (farmer)
Watson, Robert Lisnacreight, Co. Tyrone   1792  
Watson, Robert Killydart Ardstraw 1856  
Watson, William Lisnacreight Ardstraw 1833  
Watson, William Lisnacreight Ardstraw 1852  
Wauchob, Andrew Strabane Camus 1846  
Wauchob, Andrew (senior) Castlefin [Co. Donegal] [Donaghmore] 1818  
Waughob, James Fyfinn Urney 1769  
Wachob, Matthew Urney   1823  
Wachup, Samuel Kinkit   1765 (farmer)
White, John (senior) Cloghogall Ardstraw 1739  
White, John Birnaghs Ardstraw 1799 (farmer)
White, Samuel Lurganboy Cappagh 1805  
White, William Newtownstewart   1847  
Williams, John Newtownstewart   1852  
Wright, Alexander Newtownstewart   1855  
Young, Hugh Scarvehirn Ardstraw 1732  

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