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Omagh Slater's Directory 1846

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Omagh Slater's Directory 1846

Transcribed & Submitted by
Mary Gouger

Omagh is a flourishing and respectable market town, the capital of the country of Tyrone, 109 miles n.n.w. from Dublin, 87 w. from Belfast, 34 s. from Londonderry, 20 s.s.e. from Strabane, 16 n.w. from Ballygawley, 10 s.s.e. from Newtown-Stewart, 9 n.e. from Dromore, 8 w.n.w. from Six-mile Cross, and the same distance east by south from Drumquin; situated on the northern verge of the barony of its name, on the road from Enniskillen to Coleraine, 25 miles n.n.e. from the former town, and 64 s. from the latter, and on the mail road from Dublin to Londonderry; at the confluence of the Camowen and the Drumragh streams, which, united, form the Strule river. The site of the town is a declivity, or rather a rapid slope, upon the side of one of the many sinuous vales by which the circumjacent country is intersected. The plan or outline of the town, may be figured by the letter Y; the main street being the stem; and its other two principal streets the superior branches of the letter. The main street is spacious, well-built and cheerful, but it descends the slope, on which the town stands, with such precipitous declination, as to be inconvenient for the passage of wheeled vehicles. At the lower end of the town, are the scattered remains of an ancient castle, supposed to have been erected about the end of he fourteenth, or beginning of the fifteenth century. It was the residence or seat of the chief or a district, whose name, or that of the castle, was Oigh-Maigh, by which appellation the town was formerly known. The castle, together with most part of the town, was destroyed by fire in 1743; the latter was rebuilt in a superior manner, but of the ancient seat of Omagh, nothing remains but detached fragments.
Omagh is now the most rising town in the county, and the population is rapidly increasing; for an inland town its business is very considerable, and few towns in Ireland can boast of more independent and wealthy merchants and tradesmen. Omagh is the central or market town, for an extensive linen trade; its corn business and general domestic retail trade, is comparatively large, and there are several branches in which much capital is employed. The tanning and leather trade is considerable; there are two banking establishments, and some good inns - the ’Abercorn Arms,’ being one of the best commercial, family and posting houses in the county. A newspaper is issued from the press of Omagh weekly - the ’Tyrone Constitution,’ a journal ably conducted, and largely patronized. In the district round, coal, freestone and limestone abound, while the five streams which flow past the town, might be rendered available to the propulsion of machinery of any magnitude and power; thus the advantages possessed by Omagh, for the prosecution of manufacturers, and the extension of its commerce, are peculiarly obvious. An act has passed the legislature for constructing a railway, between this town and Londonderry, and a company has been formed to carry another line from Omagh to Armagh, and thence to Dublin direct. In the immediate vicinity is Mountjoy Forest, perhaps one of the largest plantations in Ireland. Exclusive of the places of worship, the chief public buildings are - the county court-house, at the upper end of the main street, with its fine Grecian front, and columns of the Doric order; the county goal, an imposing and large castellated building; the infantry, cavalry, and police barracks; the county infirmary, fever hospital, and dispensary; the union workhouse, situated a short distance from the town, completed in 1812, will accommodate eight hundred poor; and the first admission was on the 24th August of that year. A district lunatic asylum is about to be erected in the vicinity of the poor house. The assizes for the county are held in Omagh, as are the courts of quarter session for the baronies of Omagh and Strabane, alternately with the town of Strabane; petty sessions are held monthly, and a court baron every third Thursday, before the seneschal, for the manor of Audleston. Omagh is the residence of a stipendiary magistrate; the head quarters of the county constabulary, and the depot of the north-west military district.
The parish church, situated at the north-west entrance of the town, is a neat stone structure, erected in the Grecian style of architecture, with a lofty tower and spire; it was erected in 1777, by the Mervyn family, and enlarged in 1820, with a north aisle and galleries. The Roman Catholic chapel, which serves for the union of Drumragh and Omagh is large and handsome. The other places of worship are two Presbyterian meeting-houses, and a Wesleyan methodist chapel. The charitable institutions, in addition to those already mentioned, are schools for both sexes, parochial, national, and for infants’; also a school, under the patronage of the Presbyterians. There are four convenient market places and shambles; the market, which is abundantly supplied with all kinds of provisions, is held on Saturday; and fairs are held on the first Tuesday in every month. The population of the town, in 1841, was 2,947; since that period the increase has amounted to full 500 or more, so that the town numbers at the least 3,050 inhabitants.


Letters  from DUBLIN and all parts of the SOUTH OF IRELAND, also from ENGLAND and SCOTLAND, arrive every morning at half-past sever, and are dispatched every afternoon at five. --Letters from LONDONDERRY and the Nowth arriver every afternoon at twenty minutes before five and evening (Sunday excepted) at half-past eight, and are dispatched every morning at six and (Sunday excepted) at ten minutes before eight.
Letters from ENNISKILLEN arrive every afternoon at ten minutes past four and are dispatched every morning at twenty minutes past eight. --Letters from DUNGANNON arrive every forenoon at a quarter before twelve, and are dispatched at a quarter past twelve.

Gentry and Clergy.
Alexander James F. Esq. Main st
Armstrong Rev. Archbd. Clogherney
Arnold Rev. John, Kivlan
Auchinleck Daniel, Esq. Crevanagh
Black Rev. John, Gilly-gooley
Buchanan John Blacker, Esq. (Sub-sheriff) Main st
Cook Rev, Daniel, Doogery
Coulson Robt. D. Esq. Gortmoor
Crawford Mrs. Rebecca, New st
Galbraith Saml. Esq J.P. Clanabogan
Gilkey Rev. David, Aughuamoyle
Graham Rev. Andrew, Seskinore
Greer James, Esq. Main st
Hamilton Rev. John, Cross roads
Hill Capt. George, J.P. Lislimaahan
Houston Houston Irwin, Esq Ballyhallighan
Houston rev John, Ballinahatty
Houston Thos. Esq. J.P. Coneywarren
Kelly Rev. Francis, Drybridge st
Lowry Rev James, J.P. Somerset
M’Bride Rev. Edward, Drybridge st
M’Clintock Rev John, Dergmoney
M’Clintock Sameul, Esq. Seskinore Lodge
Mitchell Rev. Josias, Mullaghmoore
Molloy Rev William, Church st
Montgomery N.M. Esq Main st
Orr Jos,. Esq. (coroner), Lisnamallard
Porter rev John, Creevin
Quin Rev. Francis, Main st
Scott Charles, Esq. J.P. Stranghroy
Stack George H. Esq (barrister), Church st & 21 Summer hill, Dublin
Stack Rev Thomas J.P. Church st
Stack rev. Thos Lindsay, Church st
Vesey Samuel, Esq. J.P. (deputy-lieutenant), Denabar Lodge
Wade George, Esq. Drybridge st
White David, Esq. Lisanally
White Mrs. Mary Main st
Young Rev. Arthur, Somerset

Academies and Schools.
Brown George, Church st
Charity School, Irishtown--Martha Aiken, mistress
Dobbin Thomas (classical), Parade
Infants’ School, Main st--maria Coombs, mistress
M’Ardle James, Drybridge st
M’Keown Charlotte, Parade
M’Keown John, Parade
National School, Gortmoore--John O’Birnie, master; Mary Ann Haley, mistress
Parochial School, Church st--William John Young, master
Presbyterian School, Dromore road--Samuel Caskey, master
Whyte Selina (boarding and day), Drybridge street

(See also Fire, &c. Office Agents.)
Blair Daniel (ship), Main st
Brown George, (sewed muslin), Irishtown
Denny Henry (mail coach) Drybridge st
Irwin James (land), Church st

M’Adam John (&druggist), Main st
Robinson Joseph, Main st
Trenar Francis, Main st
White James, Main st

Green Hames, Jun. (and registrar of marriages), Main st
Martin Thomas, Brooke St
Quin James, Diamond
Stack Richard, Church street, and 21 Summer hill, Dublin
Wilson James, Church st
Wilson John, Gortmoore

Casey James, Main st
Diven Edward, Main st
Elliot William, Main st
Gorman Charles, Drybridge st
Johnston James, Main st
Johnston John, Main st
Kelly John, Main st
Lunny Christopher, Main st
M’Conkey John, New st
M’Creery William, Diamond
M’Ginn Michael, Main st
Teague Henry, Main st

Provincial Bank of Ireland )Branch), Main street-- (draws on Spooner, Attwoods’
& Co. London)--Mr. Jas. F. Alexander, manager
Ulster Banking Co. (Branch), Main st--(draw on Prescott, Grote & Co. London)--
Mr. Nathaniel M. Montgomery, manager

Armstrong Thomas, Drybridge st
Loon Patrick, Brooke st
M’Cutchin George, Market st
M’Cutchin Joseph, Main st
M’Goldrick Michael, Church st
Bookseller & Stationer.
Nelis John (and perfumer, patent medicine vender, and circulating library), Main st

Boot and Shoe Makers.
Burke John, Bridge lane
Campbell John, Main st
Carleton James, Church st
Christie Thomas, Drybridge st
Logue Edward, Drybridge st
M’Caffery John, Drybridge st
M’Caffery Patrick, Drybridge st
Nelson William, Bridge lane

Scott Wm. (and contractor), Main st

in the Shambles.
Burnett John M’Golrick Patk.
Connor Hugh M’Ivers John
M’Anauiter C. Mallon James
M’Bride Patrick Mallon Patrick
M’ Garvey Patrick Paul John
M’Glinsay James Paul Miles
M’Golrick James Quin Thomas

Cabinet Makers and Upholsterers.
Houston John, Main st
Kyle James, Church st

Hunter Thomas, Irishtown
Kirk Andrew, Brooke st
M’Caggery John, Main st
M’Gaughay Andrew, Main st
Maguire Bernard, Brooke st
Maguire Daniel, Drybridge st
Maguire James, Gortmoore
Maguire Patrick, Brooke st

China, Glass & Earthen Ware Dealers.
Carson Joseph, Main st
Elliot William, Main st
Galagher, William, Main st
Love James, Diamond
M’Aleer Patrick (glass), Diamond
M’Creery William, Diamond

Coach and Car Makers.
Doyle Peter, Main st
Jones Thomas, Drybridge st

For taking affidavits.
Buchanan James (and special bail), Main st.
M‘Kenny John (and master extraordinary in chancery and clerk of
petty sessions), Main st

Allen James, Main st
Elliot William, Main st

Gray William, Bridge lane
Kelly James, Drybridge st
M’Kenna John, Main st
M’Philimy James, Church st

Fire, &c. Office Agents.
Alliance, James F. Alexander, Main st
Britich Commercial (life), James Greer, jun. Main st
Cattle and Agricultural, John Nelis, Main street
Standard (life), James Scott, Main st

Alcorn Nathaniell, Main st
Allen James, Main st
Bradley Robert, Main st
Carson Joseph, Main st
Casey James, Main st
Conahan James, Drybridge st
Delahoyde Thomas, Diamond
Devlin Mary, Main st
Devlin Terence, Drybridge st
Donelly John, Drybridge st
Elliot William, Main st
Fox Patrick, Main st
Given John, Diamond
Hamilton Thomas, Main st
Jarvey Archibald Hunter, Drybridge st
Johnston James, Main st
Johnston John, Main st
Johnston William, Drybridge st
Kelly John, Main st
Kieran James, Main st
King John & William, Diamond
Love, James, Diamond
Love Sarah, Main st
M’Adam John, Main st
M’Aleer Patrick, Diamond
M’Conkey John, New st
M’Creery William, Diamond
M’Ginn Michael, Main st
M’Grew James, Main st
Jehan Francis, Main st
Orr John, Main st
Patterson Andrew, Main st
Rafferty James, Main st
Shields John, Bridge lane
Teague Henry, Main st

(See also Linen & Woollen Drapers.)
Alcorn Eliza, Main st
Burns Samuel, Main st
Clements John, Main st.
Johnston William, Drybridge st
King Ann, Main st
Love Sarah, Main st
M’Kenny Jane, Main st
Thorpe Esther, Main st

(See also Spirit & Porter Dealers)
Abercorn Arms (and commercial, family and posting establishments),
John Harkin, Main street
Buchanan James (private), Main st
White Hart (and commercial and posting house), Elizabeth Greer, Main st

Ironmongers and Hardwaremen.
Houston John, Diamond
Kieran James, Main st
Love James, Diamond
Patterson Andrew, Main st
Scott William (and manufacturer of field and lawn gates, grates, locks, &c.), Main st

Leather Sellers.
Alcorn Nathaniel, Main st
Fox Patrick, Main st
M’Aleer Owen, Bridge lane
M’Alister John, Main st
M’Grew James (wholesale), Main st
Orr John (wholesale), Main st

Linen & Woollen Drapers.
Booth George, Main st
Coll Thomas, Bridge lane
Kelly Patrick & John, Diamond
M’Farland John, Main st
M’Knight Joseph, Main st
Moran John Myles, Main st
Moss Edward, Main st
O’Kane Jane, Main st
Scott James, Main st
Scott William, Main st
Smith Terence, Main st

Milliners & Dress Makrs.
Alcorn Eliza, Main st
Gorman Margaret, Brooke st
King Ann, Main street
Love Sarah, Main st
Thorpe Esther, Main st

Tyrone Constitution, Main st--(Friday)--John Nelis, proprietor, editor and publisher
Painters & Glaziers.
Hacket John, Drybridge st
M’Master Robert, Drybridge st
White George, Irishtown

M’Master Charles, Main st
Teague Patrick, Main st

Physicians & Surgeons.
Hamilton John, Drybridge st
Hamilton John, jun.M.D., Drybridge st
Maxwell Edwin S. New st
Maxwell Joseph, M.D. Main st
Robinson Joseph, Main st
White James M.D., Main st
Wilson Stewart, M.D. Gortmoore

Jones Anthony, Drybridge st
Scott William (and Brazier), Main st

Nelis John, Main st
Saddlers and Harness Makers.
Jeffrey Alexander, Main st
Kane Patrick, Main st
M’Corkell George, Main st
M’Farland Patrick, Main st

Spirit & Porter Dealers.
Carter William, New st
Charlton Robert, Main st
Conroy James, Main st
Conway William, Black Lion, Main st
Devlin Mary, Main st
Fox Patrick, Main st
Hamilton Thomas, Main st
Holmes Robert, Diamond
Johnston James, Main st
Kelly John, Main st
Kelly Michael, Main st
M’Aleer Owen, Bridge lane
M’Aleer Owen, jun, Bridge lane
M’Ginis Neal, Main st
M’Guigan Mary, Main st
M’Kinney Andrew, Main st
Maguire Anne, Gortmoore
O’Brien Hugh, Diamond
Orr Ann, King’s Arms, Main st
Taggart Michael, Drybridge st

Straw Bonnet Makers.
Bell Ellen, Main st
Johnston Ellen, Main st
M’Farland Margaret, Main st

See Physicians and Surgeons

Campbell Michael, Drybridge st
Fernan John, Bridge lane
Gallaher Arthur, Main st
Hilly Patrick, Church st
Robinson John, Bridge lane
Sherry Charles, Main st

Tallow Chandlers.
Elliot William, Main st
M’Creery William, Diamond

Alcorn Nathaniel, Main st
Fox Patrick, Main st
Orr John, Main st

Timber Merchants.
Meahan Francis, Main st
Scott William (and slate, lead and Roman cement), Main st

Tobacco Manufacturers.
Meahan Francis, Main st
Moss Edward, Main st

Watch & Clock Makers.
Bell Dawson, Main st
M’Farland john, Main st

Donelly Hamilton, Drybridge st
M’Devitt Michael, Main st
Wine & Spirit Merchants.
Blair Daniel, Main st
Boyle Anne, Main st
Denny David, Diamond
Donnelly John, Main st
Hamilton Thomas, Main st
M’Alleer Bernard, Diamond

Woollen Drapers.
See Linen and Woollen Drapers.

Breakey John, supervisor of excise, New st
Buchanan Jas. deputy crown clerk, Main st
Barns Wm. Linen manufacturer, Parade
Gracie Archibald, accountant in the Provincial Bank, Main st
Johnston James F. architect, Diamond
Mullally John, auctioneer, Bridge st
Pauley John, clothes broker, Main st
Rowan Frederick J. county surveyor, Lisnamallard
Scott Wm. inspector of weights & measures, Main st
Skelton John, gun maker, Main st

Public Institutions, Offices, &c.
Places of Worship,And Their Ministers.
Parish Church, Church st--Rev John B. Chapman, rector; Rev Thomas L. Stack, curate.
Roman Catholic Chapel, Brooke st--Rev Francis Quin, parish priest; Rev Edward
McBride & Rev Francis Kelly, curates.
Presbyterian Meeting House, Irishtown--Rev John Arnold, minister.
Presbyterian Meeting House, Dromore road--Reverend Josias Mitchell, minister.
Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Church street--Rev. William Molloy, minister.
Infirmary, Main street.
Treasurer -- James F. Alexander, Esq.
Resident Physician and Surgeon -- Joseph Maxwell.
Apothecary -- James White.
Secretary -- John M’Kenny.
Matron -- Mary Laughlin.
Fever Hospital, Meeting-House Hill
Surgeon -- John Manilton, jun, M.D.
Secretary -- Joseph M’Kinght.
House Steward -- George Mallon.
Nurse -- Matilda Mallon.
Union Workhouse, Lisnamallard.
Master -- Robert Tener.
Matron -- Elizabeth Tener.
Surgeon -- James White, M.D.
Clerk to the Board of Guardians and Returning Officer -- Joseph M’Knight.
County Gaol, Gortmoore.
Local Inspector -- Rev. Saml. Geo. Rogers.
Governor -- Alexander Campbell.
Protestant Chaplain -- Rev. Samuel George Rogers.
Roman Catholic Chaplain -- Rev. Francis Quin.
Presbyterian Chaplain -- Rev. David Gilkey
Matron -- Jane Lynch.
Barrack, Gortmoore -- Patrick M’Namee, barrack sergeant.
Constabulary Station, Main street -- George Wade, inspector; Pultney Murray,
Corn Market -- Robert Mains, weigh master, Brooke st
Court House, Main st -- John M’Farland, keeper.
Dispensary, Drybridge street -- John Hamilton, jun. M.D. surgeon
Excise Ofice, ath the Abercorn Arms.
Petty Session Office, Main street -- John M’Kenny, clerk
Stamp Office, Main street -- George Buchanan, distributer.

Coaches and Cars.
To DUBLIN, by the conveyances to Drogheda, then by Railway..

To DROGHEDA, the Royal Mail (from Londonderry), calls at the White Hart, every
afternoon at half-past four-- and the Victoria, from the Abercorn Arms Hotel, every
Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning, at six; both go thro’ Ballygawley,
Aughnacloy, Monaghen, Castle-Blayney, Carrickmacross and Arder.

To DUNGANNON, a Mail Car, from James Buchanan’s every day at quarter past twelve;
goes through Sixmile-cross, Pomeroy and Dunaghmore.

To ENNISKILLEN, a Mail Car, from James Buchanan’s, every morning at half-past
eight--and a Car, from the Abercorn Arms, every morning (Sunday excepted) at six;
both go through Fiutons, Trillick and Ballinamallard.

To LONDONDERRY, the Royal Mail (from Drogheda), calls at the White Hart, every
morning at twenty-five minutes before eight-- and the Royal Mail, from the Abercorn
Arms, every morning (Sunday excepted), at six; both go through Newtown-Stewart and

Between DUBLIN, BELFAST, LONDONDERRY and the intermediate places; pass
through Omagh.

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